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Elena”sMom Posted:
WWYD, WAHM sent package to wrong address

OK, so I got some custom fitteds from a WAHM. I waited a long time and was happy to get them before my DD was PL’d. One snapped the elastic in one leg after the first use.
I sent that one and 5 others with bum elastic back for repairs. They were delivered to the WAHM on September 8th. She estimated 4 weeks turnaround time, which was fine because I was in the middle of moving ( I moved on Sept 12th).
When I sent the e-mail to customer service listing the dipes and the issues with them I included my new address, my e-mail address, and my phone number.
I included a typed letter in with my package, again listing which dipes they were and also included my new address, e-mail, phone, etc.
My PayPal account was updated with all of my new info before I even moved.
My old address was listed nowhere on or in anything.

So, on November 6th ( 8 weeks after the WAHM received the diapers) the repaired diapers were delivered to my old address. I have no idea why they were delivered there because I was very clear that they were to be shipped to my new address.
I contacted the WAHM customer service and was told that the WAHM wanted to “wait a while” before doing anything because sometimes it takes a long time for forwarded packages to arrive (assuming, of course, that my home’s new owners did actually put them back in the box to forward). I asked how long and was told sometimes it takes months. I contacted my old PO and they told me 7-10 days. Assuming the package was put right back out to be forwarded, it has been a month already.

I’m pissed. My DD is almost fully potty trained so even if I were to get the diapers today they would be of little or no use to me.

I do not feel that I am responsible in any part for the mix-up, but I am at a loss for what to do.

What should I do? And what do you think is the fair thing for the WAHM to do?
2 of the dipes are very HTF fabrics and probably irreplaceable. I am out over $150, but have no recourse through PP or anything because so much time has passed since I actually paid for them.

Any advice is much appreciated

I moved over 500 miles, so cruising by my old house is not an option. Also I talked to the local PO and they were going to ask the driver if he picked up a package that was put back out to forward. I have not heard back from them, but they did not see that it had been rescanned or anything.


Re: WWYD, WAHM sent package to wrong address

I asked the WAHM to to give me a date, at which time, we would consider the package lost. Hoping that at that date, if the package still had not shown up at my new home, that we could decide on the appropriate way to proceed.
Well, it has been a full week since I asked…and I have not received a response
I understand the possibility of a mix-up, but now I really feel like I am being blown off. This stinks.


  1. AshleyB says:

    Sounds like a Mutt to me!

  2. JustPeachy says:

    It is Mutts. I posted this one the yahoo group but I remember OP was hoping to get her mutt customs before her dd PLed.

  3. Rika says:

    took exactly 10 weeks to get mine. im not surprised.

  4. werd says:

    jesus, what kind of elastic does she use?! I’ve never had a problem with elastic – I use lastin. wow.

  5. o4eduk8ed says:

    Man, that sucks. I have been fortunate with the few mutts I have to not have had any problems.

  6. JustPeachy says:

    me too #5. I had one that the elastic started to go but never went.

  7. haha says:

    Michelle got a batch of bum elastic from her supplier and had a LOT of diapers have elastic issues. CS was a total joke getting it replaced.

  8. Rika says:

    we don’t happen to know the dates of the crap elastic do we? would be awfully nice to know if I purchased one during those dates so I can expect to find someone to fix it since she apparently is not.

  9. Nosey Neighbour says:

    I think the majority of my mutts were bought during the “bum elastic” days then.

  10. whoopee says:

    I had 5 Mutts and had snapped elastic in 4 of them. I don’t own Mutts anymore. I ended up practically giving them away because CS sucked, I got no response and I couldn’t fix the damn elastic myself. Not a cheap way to learn.

  11. haha says:

    I bought my diaper in July and seriously within 3 washes the leg elastic (just one side) was totally gone. It took 6 weeks for me to get a replacement diaper.

    So I’m guessing it’s Julish diapers?

  12. Angie says:

    Its unfortunate that mamas keep buying from a wahm with proven bad customer service. Has there been honest.factual feedback left somewhere for transactions like these?

  13. People need to be leaving honest feedback. I’m sick of all the whining and crying about how bad a WAHM is when she’s still got glowing feedback.

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