Lipstick Vibrators? Oh, the horror!

Posted: November 23, 2008 by THE Drama Mama in Just Drama
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Parenting Magazine advertising vibrators

I wanted to get word out that Parenting Magazine choose to advertise and promote vibrators in their November issue. I am totally disgusted by this. It was on a page where they show Mom’s must haves with new equipment or other baby related things. But this time, their Mom’s must have was a vibrator shaped like a tube of lipstick. I am frustrated enough that I canceled my subscription. I don’t want this kind of smut in my house and would love for anyone else to contact Parenting magazine to let them know the same. I can’t believe this is the direction they are choosing to take their magazine. Unbelievable…
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Re: Parenting Magazine advertising vibrators

I have to agree with all of the above. We are adults, after all, and can express that as we choose in the privacy of our own homes.

BUT This was in a parenting magazine people! What on earth does this have to do with parenting?! I too found it offensive in that context. Sexuality has nothing to do with our children. And it shouldn’t. AND why would someone need a vibrator shaped like lipstick or nailpolish anyway? Are some people in the habit of leaving vibrators on the coffee table for small children to see and inquire about?

It is smut. It’s smut because it has no business in that type of a magazine. I’m not surprised though. I noticed there was an article a few issues back about mast3rbat1on. Totally unnecessary. I find Parenting and Parent both to be a lot of bad advice and promotion of vaccines. I hardly read them anymore and won’t be renewing my subscriptions.

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Re: Parenting Magazine advertising vibrators

Wow….I am really in the minority here. I still do not believe that it should have been in Parenting. I would like to react to some of the responses that this has generated.

In regards to women’s s3xuality, I agree that all too often once you become a Mom, you are assumed to no longer be a s3xual being. I very much enjoy my s3x life with my husband, and it is very much a part of who I am. On the other hand, I would be just as taken aback if there were an advertisement in the books section of the magazine that was focused on how to improve my s3x life with my husband. What my husband and I do in private has nothing to do with my relationship with my daughter. I expect Parenting to be about how we are raising our kids, not about my s3x life.

As for the comments about “there is nothing shameful about being s3xual – I mean we all have kids right so we had to have done it at some point”. Last I checked my daughter came from having s3x with my husband, not from using a vibrator. Just because I choose not to use a vibrator, does not mean that I am not a s3xual being or having fun.

As for the usage of the word smut, I should have probably used the word indecent as in “offending against generally accepted standards of propriety or good taste”. My assumption was that this was against what would generally be accepted. As I said earlier, I am realizing I must be in the minority.

Who knew someone could find a lipstick vibrator so offensive.

  1. bin. says:

    I swear being offended is like a hobby around there.

  2. JustPeachy says:

    Im not offended but the OP is right and it has no place in a parenting magazine. I’m sure other parents outside of DS found it highly inappropriate as well.

  3. givepeasachance says:

    -Being offended is like a game there. Who can out Oh-em-gee that last person.
    -#2-WTH? I’ll take all the headless demented looking fairies please! Can you ship that priority? I *need* those beauties stat!

  4. Madre says:

    The magazine has talked about sex before. Why are people up in arms b/c they advertise a very innocent looking toy? It’s awesome b/c sooooo many moms out there use them.

  5. AshleyB says:

    I still don’t see the big deal with Parents having a vib in their magazine. So they are promoting a healthy sex life? Who cares?! Should we protest them next for advertising Pampers, Enfamil or the other countless things people don’t agree with?!

  6. yada yada says:

    Sounds like the OP needs a good vibrator herself.

  7. o4eduk8ed says:

    #7… lmao

  8. Deanner03 says:

    I personally think OP is just being a prude. It’s not in my KIDS magazines, after all! Sexuality is an issue for PARENTS. I think it fits well!

  9. werd says:

    duh, didn’t you guys know? After you become a parent, you aren’t allowed to pleasure yourself, or even have an O EVER AGAIN.


    I’M SERIOUS!!!

  10. Madre says:

    #10 wish I would’ve known that before I went to the sex store last night. Oops.

  11. Angie says:

    Moms who are sexual beings. The horror.

  12. Erin says:

    #7, lol.

    #9- ITA.

  13. just_sayin says:

    This was my favorite part:

    “Sexuality has nothing to do with our children.”

    My kids just fell from heaven. No sex involved at all. Nope, none at all…

  14. Ashley says:

    LMAO @#14

  15. werd says:

    LOL #14!

  16. Bloo♥ says:

    The thread is gone now to bad it looked like a real doozy.

  17. Kris says:

    I don’t really see an issue- Parenting isn’t there for the kids, it’s for the… wait for it… PARENTS! I mean really, my kid has never touched a copy of Parenting, and I’d be squicked out if he *was reading it, if only because that’s where I get my super top secret tips on controlling him and that’s like reading the teacher’s edition! Seriously though, the magazine is *for parents, *about parents, and sexuality is a big issue for parents- as much as we’d like to think so at times, it’s NOT all about the kids all the time!

  18. AshleyB says:

    Bloo, it’s not gone. It was moved to Sensitive Topics, which is an opt in forum. You should read it! FUNNY! And 14, ITA!

  19. MajKitab says:

    Eh, the last thing I want to see is a lipstick-look-alike vibrator in my magazine for parenting. I can go to the head shop if I’m interested in checking stuff like that out.

    I think it’s completely innapropriate, but not offensive.

  20. Stacey says:

    oh please. It was in a parents magazine, not Nick Jr Magazine. What a prude, and I agree that the OP sounds like she could use one.

  21. momofdivas says:

    Someone posted the ad on ds and unless you read the ad you’d have no idea what it was,it looks like a tube of lipstick and a bottle of nail polish.
    It’s not smut,offensive or inappropriate.

  22. Kelolsen says:

    Parenting magazine is crap anyway. 🙂 Get MOthering. Much better. Anyway, if MOthering magazine was promoting a vibrator, it would be in the shape of tube of organic lipstick, right?

  23. MajKitab says:

    While I know it’s simply your opinion… you state it as fact that it’s not smut, offensive, or innapropiate.

    But indeed it is to some people.

    I’m far from a “prude”, but as I stated above, I don’t think vibrators for clitoris’ are appropriate ads in magazines that are subscribed to for parenting advice.

    Some people would find a vibrator for clitoris’ down right obscene (smut) in the setting of a parenting advice magazine.

    And yes, some people would be offended that they even had to be exposed to an ad for a clitoris vibrator when all they wanted was exposure to parenting advice.

    It’s very easy to see why it is not Okay to, some, people.

  24. Deanner03 says:


    #24-vibrators CERTAINLY have something to do with parenting! After a stressful day with my children, my BOB helps me relax. This is ESSENTIAL to coping, and thus good parenting! LOL

  25. haha says:

    #25. Glad I’m not the only one that names her vibrators (for a clitoris…like they could be for anything else)! And even more scandalous George (my clitoral vibrator) often joins in with my husband and I! LMAO

  26. bin. says:

    So 24, are other types of vibrators ok as long as they aren’t of the clitoral family? Not sure why you specified that so much. Your post really gives me the weird factor.

    I’m off to tell my hubby that his toy is ok to advertise in parenting magazines because it’s not clitoral-related. He will be so happy.

  27. MajKitab says:

    Yo bin.

    No reason for redundancy to give you a weird factor… Just stressing that it’s a sex toy, instead of some innocent simple *thing* shaped like lipstick. They might as well be advertising dildos.

  28. tongue biter says:

    Talk about weird factor! Now I am weirded out by your husband and his toy. blech.

  29. bin. says:

    Yes how terrible that a man should also have a happy sex life. My god. We eve have toys we use together! wow!

  30. Stacey says:

    I cannot believe what I’m reading. Are people really so uptight that a vibrator is offensive? Seriously? The best gift I can give my child is a happy parent. If using a vibrator makes me a happier person then why shouldn’t it be in a parenting magazine? Glad to see the editors of Parenting understand that who I am as a mother isn’t solely defined by the stroller I use or the way I choose to feed my kids. Get off your moral high horse and chill out.

    Off to cut out dh’s hands from every picture we have of him holding our children. I know he’s used those for personal gratification. What a creep.

  31. thewhiteninja says:

    Dude, where can I get one!?!

  32. A Mom says:

    They are worried because they think their children might pick it up and see that ad?

    1. Children won’t read the fine print (if they are old enough to read…my 16mo thinks she can read, but quite frankly she’d just tear up the mag) and therefore wont know it’s a vibrator and/or where it’s to be used.
    2. Most children don’t know what a clitoris is or what it does and by the time they are old enough to know, they could care less about reading your Parents/Parenting mags.

  33. tongue biter says:

    I am not offended by the vibrator in the magazine. I just thought it was funny that she called someone else’s post weird and then goes on to mention her husband’s sex toy. hahaha

    then to follow it up with #30. double blech.

  34. Scoop says:

    Shoot, where can I get one!?

  35. Scoop says:

    Ok, I read the thread and saw the pictures. I thought it was going to be a giant foot long lipstick with a bulging vein. Those are so cute! I want on for my purse. Sometimes I need something like that at work. I have a VERY stressful job! LOL!

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