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Returning unused yarn?

I need some insight and input, since I dont know how this is really supposed to work.

I sent some beautiful yarn off to be knitted into longies. I love the knitter I worked with…she was very very nice through the whole process!

We received our longies last week…..but not the leftover yarn. I sent 10oz. (each skein was 5oz, I sent two) and the longies only consumed about 6.5oz to complete.

I was a little baffled. It was rather expensive yarn at $23 per skein; and I had planned to stash it away and maybe work towards a scrappy hat or mittens for winter.
So, a little embarassed, I sent an email to her and just inquired as politely as possible about the remaining yarn. That was 4 days ago and she still hasn’t replied to me.

What is proper ettiquette? For those that knit, do you keep the leftovers? Is that just how it normally works?



Ok…I just checked my e-mail and see she replied late last night.

*snipped from email*

“im sorry there is some confusion about the yarn remnant. typically in the past i have kept any unused yarn unless i was asked to return it by the client. i dont really understand how you can be upset when it was your decision to ask for the yarn to be sent back to you with your longies; and why did you wait for a week to email me about this? i did not receive any emails before this one. i can return your yarn to you, but i will ask that you cover mailing costs, please.”

Uh….hmmm. Ok.

Yesterday, 10:52 PM #73
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Re: Returning unused yarn?

11/19 (evening email)

…..”i am letting you know i am mailing your yarn tomorrow. hopefully there wont be any hard feelings over this situation. i think there was just a mistake and i need to make my policies more clear for the sake of my business and my customers. i apologize for the inconvenience and please inform me when the yarn has arrived to you. thank you.”

So, it APPEARS things are going to turn out ok…though Im still foggy on who she is placing blame on at this point? All I want is my stinkin yarn back….and I DO intend to leave correct feedback.

Im thinking she’s seen this thread, since I didnt email her yet today and she suddenly volunteers to mail back my yarn without argument.

I LOVE DS mamas

I’m going to go out on a limb and ASSume this WAHM is NOT a scammer, but anyone know who it is?


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Re: Returning unused yarn?

Well…I just dont know what to make of this now.

She sent the yarn back, wound in kindof a kidney shaped ball…but its all crimpy looking and tangled.


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Re: Returning unused yarn?

Oh, at this point, its just getting almost sitcom funny. After these responses I wrote her an email. Here is what I said….

Hi ******,

“I received my returned yarn today with my regular mail. When I opened it; the condition of the yarn wasn’t in the condition I was expecting. It was poorly wound and appeared very crinkled and fuzzy.
I consulted several members of the Diaper Swappers board about this, many of whom knit themselves, and they have given me good reason to believe that this yarn has been knit and since been undone before being mailed back to me.
If this truly is the case, I am sincerely disappointed and feel upset that something I paid for was first not returned as it should have been, but that it was used for something other than what I paid for it to be.

Please clarify this situation as quickly as possible. Thank you.”

And when we got home from Trader Joe’s a while ago; this is the response I received.

“…i am not sure what level of expertise these people you are talking to have but nothing has happened with your remnant. maybe the post office was careless with the package and that is why it came to you looking not so perfect. i have had that happen with yarn roving before. they are not always careful. i do take my work seriousley and would not have been selling something made with your yarn when i was supposed to be mailing it. please do not accuse me of things i did not do. i dont know what more you are wanting. the most i can do is refund your mailing cost even though it was not in my control how the postal office handles there mailed items.
you can tell me what you feel is fair.”

I guess we could bat it around back and fourth forever. Shes going to say she didnt, Im going to say she did. At this point I don’t expect her to admit to having made any errors whatsoever…it’s clear that she finds her practices acceptable!
I am still absolutely BLOWN AWAY that I have these beautiful longies, that were done without hassle and in such a short time only to have THESE WEIRD ISSUES afterwards. STRANGE.
I dont know that Im going to persue it anymore with her. I have my yarn, and while I do think based on what you mamas have explained to me (thank you all!!!) that she used it for something, I have it back…and looking at it, I think it can still be used. Thats what matters most for me in the small sense.

But I will ABSOLUTELY be leaving appropriate feedback, both on her store and in the feedback forum. I am already trying to come up with a diplomatic approach to explaining the situation without being bitter and snarky.

  1. tongue biter says:

    I have never done a yymn but it seems like an honest mix up to me. Is this really that big of a deal?

  2. Kate says:

    I don’t know who this is, but why would you assume that you can keep 4oz of yarn that is not yours. A remnant is a string that can’t be used. 4oz is a normal skein! Come on now! And then placing blame on the buyer and telling her to pay for it to be sent back that is very poor CS. The Appropriate answer was “Sorry I must have forgot to send it back it will be in the mail”.
    So not cool.

  3. DSDM2 says:

    #1 Yes, it is a really big deal. That is $20 worth of yarn or more in some cases. I have never had a WAHM keep my yarn, even smaller pieces. I have some cute hats they made with the remnants too.

  4. DramaBore says:

    The WAHM should have at least ASKED if she wanted the yarn. Even if she didn’t know better, it seems strange to think that you deserve to keep it. And she was rude to the customer, too.

  5. tongue biter says:

    #3 aaahhh. I didn’t realize. I’ve never bought wool yarn or done a yymn before. The learning curve continues….

  6. cdmd1023 says:

    I always get yarn back, even if its a tiny bit, you shouldnt keep whats yours.

  7. cdmd1023 says:

    whats NOT YOURS^

  8. bored says:

    wow. i can’t believe she would keep the yarn. what nerve! I have NEVER kept any yarn left over from my YYMN slots. if there is a lot left over i usually volunteer to make them a matching hat or something if they want, or i just mail it all back. wow.

  9. sam says:

    I guess I don’t understand why the wahm would think she can keep the yarn, the customer is sending their OWN yarn and paying you to knit them into something. The wahm was a bit rude, she stated her policies weren’t clear later, and she should pay shipping herself. Poor CS, but glad she is sending it back to the customer though.

  10. Myla says:

    I always and forever send it back. I’d never in my mind think to keep it unless they said, please, keep it. Especially not an entire skeins worth. You paid me to knit, not to keep my yarn.

  11. What a Wanker says:

    Does anyone know who the WAHM is? I would love to know for future reference.

  12. Stacey says:

    I had a very popular wahm keep yarn and I know she had at least a few ounces left over (it was DD Goldfish!!). I never mentioned it, but I thought it was absurd. I can’t imagine why a wahm would even think it would be okay. So odd…

  13. OhReally says:

    That’s totally absurd and the wahm was RUDE in her original reply. I have had many customers send me fabric for diapers (many time they order it from the fabric store and have it sent to me) and it never would have occurred to me NOT to send the leftovers back to the customer. Ridiculous.

  14. What a Wanker says:

    #12 Stacey
    You really should have contacted the WAHM about it. It could have been an honest mistake.

  15. need a new name says:

    ok so do we know who this WAHM is yet? Sounds like she was using the yarn and frogged it before sending it back.

  16. Kate says:

    Still don’t know who this is but I am aghast at the way she sent it back. Obviously she had to frog it. Wrong Wrong Wrong. Hope she saw the thread and all the outraged knitters/crocheters.

  17. DramaBore says:

    I really want to know who this knitter is, because I sure as hell don’t want to buy from them!

  18. Crazy Mama says:

    Oh wow, I just read the update and that’s bad. Did I call it or what?

    I really want to know who this WAHM is. I think she should pay for the yarn sending it back in the fashion she did.

  19. JustPeachy says:

    Why is that no one seems to want reveal who she is? She must be a regular poster on DS or more popular WAHM cus thats the only time I’ve ever seen ppl walk on eggshells about a bad transaction.

  20. Crazy Mama says:

    I agree, Peach. I don’t get it, just out her already =/

  21. DSDM2 says:

    I don’t know who it is… I have no issue outting.

  22. JustAMama says:

    I agree, the one and only time I’ve sent yarn for a YYMN spot, the package came back with the longies, the leftover yarn (still intact as the loose-wound “guts” of the original skein), plus a little bit of the knitter’s own PW that she’d used for trim – so I could mix that and my leftovers for an accessory.
    Seems like the right thing to do – I hate people who feel entitled to things that don’t belong to them.

  23. Lisa says:

    Hello everyone. I the person who originally posted on DS about this particular situation. I had NO IDEA it was here also (I had a DS member urge me to come here).

    This is a touchy situation for me. I actually asked Mods on DS to please lock or delete the thread, which they refused to do. I feel that I took so much of my frustration and turned it into what could well destroy a WAHM.
    The more I think about her; the more I chose to give her the benefit of the doubt. I know for a fact that she has seen the replies to my post on Diaper Swappers…so she is well aware (even though she did not express to me her feelings about it) that her practices are not the proper protocol for what she does. She also refunded me for the yarn leftovers I received in poor condition.

    Reflecting on the whole transaction start to finish, I factor it all in. She was easy to work with, understood exactly what I envisioned for the longies I ordered, knit quickly and flawlessly and gave me updates and good communication. The end of it (from the return of the longies to present) was indeed sticky and there were some tensions being exchanged. However, perhaps she really DID feel that she was doing “right” with keeping the leftover yarn. I made assumptions; as we are all guilty of doing; but unless I know that I am correct what business do I have shouting out “she knew it was wrong and did it on purpose!”. Bottom line is that I know we are all human and we all make mistakes.

    Does this mean I am all warm and fuzzy inside? Not really. But she has been given an “education” by reading the thoughts and opinions of other WAHM’s and customers; and I did leave APPROPRIATE (not rude, lash-back bitter) feedback on her HC store. However, that is the extent I feel comfortable with.
    She is not a member of DS that I am aware of, so I think her business should remain in the domain of the HC community. I always check the feedback of stores when ordering custom items (which, might I add, were all positive for her when I checked back in October) and I would caution everyone else to do the same.

    Maybe it’s just the holidays….but I don’t feel comfortable straight out bad-mouthing a WAHM more than I already have. But what has been said can’t be undone at this point.

    Thank you all for your concern.


  24. JustPeachy says:

    Did you include in your feedback that she kept your yarn until you said something and that she wanted you to pay shipping back on it? Did you also include the yarn you received back had been frogged? Because if not then your fb is not accurate and puts others at risk of buying from her and going thru the same stuff.

  25. JustPeachy says:

    Well if that knit happens chick is the one who did it apparently the OP didnt leave feedback on her HC or on the hc forums.

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