First off: fix the grammar/learn to type, second: learn what you are paying for, third: get a freaking clue.
Originally Posted by AnnsMommy
Someone Posting in FSOT w/out a Site Supporter why am i paying for it?

a new mama with 4 posts is posting in fsot.
i thought that yo had to be a ds site supporter with that pics under your advatar to be able to post? its 4.50 a month and if we dont have to have that then why am i paying 4.50 when people can post for freee??

edited to say its just to get rid of ads and more pm space etc, i think you should have to be a site supporter to post in fsot this lady has 0 post and is trying to sale, i know no one will probably purchase from her but still, i think fsot posting should cost 1.99 monthly or if you are a site supporter it should be free


  1. liljoeysmom says:

    “why am I paying 4.50”

    Pretty much the only thing I agree with in her post! Site supporter is a waste of $$.

  2. JustPeachy says:

    I have to say her idea of having to pay to FSOT makes me wonder if that wouldn’t cut down on the amount of scammers.

  3. AshleyB says:

    Yeah…I usually want to know EXACTLY what & why I am paying…but not cool suggesting people pay for FSOT (don’t give Lee the idea)!

  4. itsraininghere says:

    I don’t think it would cut down on scammers.

    Think of all the scams on e-bay.

    Besides, I’m way more willing to pay to sell something if I’m making a killing on it, and the only way to do that would be to scam. Paying wouldn’t stop anything except ppl like me that use cd’s to save money, and use FSOT to help with that.

    Oh, and the idea of paying to trade something makes me laugh.

  5. GMLovah! #1 Fan says:

    Not the sharpest tool in the shed.

  6. bin. says:

    ok I feel for this woman because I’m sure this was terrrifying but reading this in parenting

    So this is to let everyone know to still have at least one hand on your DC while they are sitting on your shoulders.”

    well fucking duh woman? Please put your 2 year old on your shoulders and do’t fucking hold on to them and yeah, they’ll fall off.

  7. Rain Cloud says:

    Paying to use FSOT does not deter scammers. I know this from another site where you do have to pay to use FSOT.

    Geez, why is she in someone else business about how many posts they have? She must be a pot stirrer. :roll eyes:

  8. Erin says:

    What an idiot! DS is a FREE site, lady.

  9. trollin4friends says:

    i dont know why but i find it hilarious she suggests 1.99

    its like i can hear some infomercial in the background, “with just one ninety nine, yes thats one ninety nine, you too can have all the enjoyment of a high quality for sale or trade, yes thats right, i said one ninety nine folks!”

    (because 2 bucks would just be too much you know)

  10. Zosiasmama says:

    Did she not read anything before she decided to pay for a free site to find out what she was paying for??

    If ever Lee does decide to charge for FSOT..and I can totally see his money grubbing hands doing it, then will boom even more than it is. If any of you are sick of Lee and his crazy virus giving ads, bannings at the drop of a hat, his penchance for censorship or the over moderation, then join us at the coolest cloth board ever!

  11. spoofer says:

    On another site you have to have 100 posts to post in FSOT, you can view anytime, but can’t actually sell stuff until you hit 100. Sure it cuts WAY back on scammers, BUT, the FSOT board is very very very sssslllloooooww. And geez, post count doesn’t mean much anyway. Some people lurk forever and never post.

  12. Zukey says:

    Oh geez. What an idiot. Who the hell pays for a membership and doesn’t read what it’s for?!

    I’ve listed a ton of stuff on FSOT and have never and WILL never pay Lee a damn penny. First, he puts adds up all over the place to get money, then he runs a “support our poor little site” campaign to get more money, then he puts up MORE obnoxious adds to try to get even more money by making the adds go away if you pay him. What a money hungry dick head.

  13. Rika says:

    Poor Ann. Her mommy is easily suckered in has issues with reading comprehension.

  14. Jen says:

    Why didnt she READ the terms of being a Site supporter BEFORE paying for it?

    And hasnt she seen other people, with higher post counts, selling on FSOT?

    Hell, I’m a WAHM and would NEVER be a site supporter.

  15. AshleyB says:

    SO…I know this is drama of DS, but WTH is up with TotallyHer? I signed up, hated it & didn’t participate…and got an email today saying winners were announced. SO, checked it out, and checked out Lee’s profile! 3 of the winners are on Lee’s friends list (of which there are only 9 friends)!
    The URL for his profile there (on the friends tab)
    AND here are the winners:
    Pretty sleazy giving prizes to friends.

  16. Erin says:

    I’m actually suprised that ALL the winners weren’t Lee’s friends. Ewww.

  17. Jale says:

    i know no one will probably purchase from her but still

    Umm, ok. How does she know who will and wont buy from who? What a weirdo.

  18. Long time reader first time poster says:

    Wow, that’s really funny…Ann just got into it with one of my friends tonight, I told my friend not to worry about it, she’s a drama whore…I come over here 5 hours later and she’s on here…They never ban the right people…

  19. What a Wanker says:

    #18 I don’t think anyone here cares if Jenna can’t sell a diaper, do they? I wouldn’t buy a diaper from her if it were $3.

  20. noisybean says:

    OT, but TyandCheyMommy’s at it again with her $2 finds. LOL

  21. lianna says:

    AshleyB, I can honestly say that those who won prizes absolutely deserved it. Each post or comment on an article was one entry into the contest. 6 of the winners are in the top 11 posters for post counts.
    Hell, Angry Hippie didn’t even know till recently that Lee was a man.

  22. JustPeachy says:

    Lianna maybe they did deserve it but it sort of taints it when you realize they are close to someone like Lee and since we know Lee is a big enough asshole to do something like that.

  23. Jen says:

    #19 – god I really dislike kidpsychtobe. What a uppity, condescending bitch. I cant even begin to imagine the amount of damage, not good, she will do to the poor kids she wants to council.

  24. theinvisible says:

    How about spending $2 on a washcloth and a bar of soap?

  25. AshleyB says:

    theinvisible, I love it! lol!! And Lianna, while they may have deserved it…it still doesn’t come off that way when they are on Lee’s short list.

  26. Fitz says:

    Hi! I won a prize on totally her and I am on Lee’s ‘friend’ list. I got a request one day to be his friend, and accepted it. That’s it. It’s not like we are bffs and I text him all night long. I was actually surprised I won anything at all being a “BG” but yeah, I posted my ass off to win that $50. To imply that I won because I am Lee’s ‘friend’ amuses me.

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