Thankfully, this is the last day of this whole political race. We can get back to non-political drama which is much more fun.

So, who knows the story behind the bannings of:









These ladies were pretty outspoken in recent weeks in News & Current Events, now they’re gone. Who else am I missing?

  1. iloveflatcake says:

    cdsareforme was also banned. She was on an entirely different level, though. Good riddance!

  2. I forgot my screen name...woops says:

    wait….so if you outwardly are not an obama supporter they ban you??

  3. not tellin says:

    JDT is a huge obama supporter, so is pinkflamingos77 and they were both banned. cdsareforme was a fucking twat… and while I’m a democrat, i only recently removed JDT from my iggy list, then she gets banned, lol. But i really figured it was only a matter of time before quite a few of them were banned…. bukawww was only recently banned? why did i think she was banned a long time ago?

  4. Arthur Dent says:

    Most of it started with JDT abd Bukaww being banned. The others were banned for talking about them being banned basically. Except cdsareforme, which I saw coming for a long time. Some of it is talked about in the long Mookie comment section.

    You are also missing Sunnie_skys and pariah1.

  5. yada yada says:

    cdsareforme was a little bitch, glad to see her go. Sunnie skys just couldn’t take it any longer, and let her tongue get the better of her.

  6. werd says:

    check the mookie 400+ comments craziness. ADizzle and I were all over that shit.

    It was a historic election. A black man got elected president, and DS hit an all new high of number of bannings in a 48 hour period *eye roll*

  7. Arthur Dent says:

    Holy poo. This thread has only been up for about two hours, and already has over 1200 views.

  8. JustPeachy says:

    Oh seriously now? Oh wah ppl voted for him just because hes black. It couldnt possibly be because we didn’t want a threepeat of GWB politics nor the fact that McCain is senile. No Obama only won because he is black not because he was the better candidate of the two.
    Seriously grow the fuck up and get over it. You don’t like it? MOVE!

  9. downy says:

    Who said Obama only won because he is black? I see the OP said that many people voted for him only because he is black. That is not the same as saying he won only because he is black.

    Peach, maybe you should turn on the TV because it is true. You are from Michigan…it happened there. I am sure lots of people voted for Obama because of his ideals. Great…but that doesn’t erase the fact that not everyone who voted for him knew what he even stood for IYKWIM. I am not sure who annoys me more, the people that voted for Obama because he is black, the people that voted for McCain because his running mate is a women or the people that voted for Obama because they don’t like Bush. To each their own…I guess.

  10. downy says:

    Also, I am sure that quite a few people voted for McCain because Obama is black. That annoys me too. I feel that our responsibility is to vote on the issues and nothing else.

  11. notmeatall says:

    Iamawahm is banned now too for her “I’ll probably get banned post. I JUST missed getting a screen shot

  12. E says:

    #11 what was her post about? I missed it all together.

  13. bin. says:

    Blacks are going to take over the world, create “black only” restaurants and bathrooms, and Obama is going to allow all the terrorists into the country to take over.

    He is also the antichrist, and has brainwashed people into believing he is good so he can rule and kill everyone with his amazing mind powers.

    Also, it’s not her fault she feels this, it’s her daughters teacher??

    she’s a fucking nutcase.

    The whole time I was reading the post I had a picture of Obama/Michelle in my head doing the “pinky and the brain” thing… “what are we going to do tonight?”
    “the same thing we do every night…”

    fucking insanity.

  14. Madre says:

    thank god she was banned

  15. txnanny says:

    “The whole time I was reading the post I had a picture of Obama/Michelle in my head doing the “pinky and the brain” thing… “what are we going to do tonight?”
    “the same thing we do every night…”

    OMGosh!!! I’m dying laughing over here…I grew up watching Pinky and The Brain!

  16. itsraininghere says:

    I just thought that it was ironic that a woman was claiming that ppl were not voting based on the issues, when she clearly had absolutely no idea what Obama actually thinks, or what he’s actually said, or what he will actually do.

    ugh. ppl need to realize that you vote based on YOUR beliefs, and YOUR opinions, and those aren’t the same as everyone else. I look at McCain/Palin and wonder how anyone could ever vote for them, then I remember that, oh yea, this is all going through my filters, and there’s a reason that Americans have a choice.

  17. Frazzled says:

    Does everyone not realize that Obama was not elected by just the black people of America. Exit polls indicated that he led white, non-college grad male vote, not McCain. Yes, he garnered most of the black vote but he was supported by all Americans, not just black, white, tan, whatever.

    The gathering in Chicago clearly indicated that he crossed all lines from black, white, hispanic, male, female, young, old. People like the idiot you are talking about who keep harping on “people only voted for him because he is black” are sore losers with no solid argument for their loss.

    I myself voted for Chuck Baldwin and when it comes down to it, John McCain’s arms are way to short to be president of the United States.

  18. notmeatall says:

    #12 it was all about how we were going to go back to segregation and whites would be discriminated against and Blah Blah Blah. (and what #13 said)

  19. JustPeachy says:

    downy, and thats exactly why I voted for neither McCain nor Obama. Michigan has felt the economic crisis earlier then most of the country due to the fact our automotive plants have been suffering for the past few years. McCain was no better then Bush IMO and Obama wasn’t clear on what he intended to do due to the fact he was too busy bickering. Hence a vote for Bob Barr who was clear on what he intended to do to alleviate the economic strain that is facing the working class people.
    Above all I am just grateful that McCain didn’t win.

  20. spoofer says:

    Wasn’t it mentioned here a little while ago that Juan was hanging around news and current events more lately? Perhaps there was an underlying intention – to seek out the next round of banishments. How fun. Talk about running a personal interest forum.

  21. AshleyB says:

    #13, that is NUTS. I hope DS gets rid of all the loonies! WOW. We voted for Obama (white college student female, and white non college grad male) but wouldn’t be freaking out like everyone is if McCain won…though, I love the mental pic of Michelle & Barack doing the Pinky & the Brain thing!!

  22. JustPeachy says:

    Apparently alot of ppl on that thread have their heads up their asses. Obama couldn’t possibly fuck this country up anymore then GWB did and it seriously pisses me off when ppl say things like this poster.

  23. thewhiteninja says:

    cdsareforme and bukawww were just total dumbasses. Pinkflamingos just couldn’t hold her tongue any longer to all the freaks. She’s good people.

    EmilyAnne86 needs to go too. She reminds me of cdsareforme and they are both from NC. hmmmm….

  24. JustPeachy says:

    twn for once we are finally on the same page. Im reading this stupid thread and I see tons of ppl who are obviously stupid and blind enough to believe the conspiracy theory that BO is the antichrist. Someone needs to FFS those ladies some tinfoil hats PRONTO.

  25. iloveflatcake says:

    Hoping the banhammer falls on Anna1345 soon. Are all the crazies SAHMs who fill out surveys all day?

  26. notmeatall says:

    for real drama try the prop 8 thread. Apparently people are gay because they are stupid and don’t know better.

  27. werd says:

    and its SHUT DOWNNNNN!!

  28. Erin says:

    What I liked best were the ones saying they were going to start stocking piling their weapons! Umm, yeah…

  29. Arthur Dent says:

    #26-No no, from what I gathered in that thread, they are gay because they want to have sex with animals. Penguins and monkeys to be exact.

  30. AshleyB says:

    #29 Really?! Penguins? I HATE ignorant people!

  31. thewhiteninja says:

    oh yeah anna1345 is a major dunce too.

  32. Stacey says:

    holy crap. There are some CRAZY people out there!

  33. matildasmum says:

    Yes. Anna can suck it.

  34. yada yada says:

    Oh yeah, Anna1345 is a fuckin whacko.. all it would take is a littttle baiting to get her banned.

  35. meeooww says:

    I was lucky enough to be at Grant Park last night and I can tell you the love in the air was amazing. It was truly a united moment, black, white, gay, straight, young, old, everyone cheering and hugging. It was so wonderful.

    I hope they come to realize that he is OUR president. If McCain was the best choice, he would have won. To say that people who voted for Obama did so just to see a black man win is pure ignorance.

    McCain bowed out gracefully.. Now take after him, and start showing some support for a man who wants to give you a better US of A.

  36. Arthur Dent says:

    Hmm, BananaBread24 was banned, after only posting 8 posts. Was it someone else under an assumed name? Here is the link to her myspace page, although it’s private so you can’t see anything.

    BananaBread24 are you here? Can you tell me who you are to assuage my curiosity?

  37. Arthur Dent says:

    Duh Arthur Dent, HERE is the link to the myspace:

  38. Frazzled says:

    Well, I posted this info on CM after some ignorant, racist twit posted saying that no white people voted for BO. By the time I finished and hit the dandy send button the post had been locked. Apparently the wanted to save the twit from the inevitable thrashing. So, without further ado…proof that white people like BO also (disclaimer: I voted third party but I hate ignorance regardless).

    Exit Poll voting from CNN:
    White Males – 41% for Obama
    White Females – 46% for Obama
    18-29 yr. old white – 54%
    White College Grads – 47%
    White Dems – 85%
    White Repubs – 8%

    It is completely ignorant for anyone to think that only black people voted for him. I could see the love at Grant Park and regardless of who you voted for it was an amazing moment in history.

  39. Madre says:

    Since black people make up 12% of the population, it would’ve been impossible for Obama to win if those were the only votes :\

  40. momofdivas says:

    #23 I agree and she needs to take Shannonchristy’smom with her.

  41. thewhiteninja says:

    I know the freaks keep popping up left and right. LOL

  42. not tellin says:

    emilyanne86 is a fucking psycho. I wanted to reach through the screen and kiss her or something… that would kill the hateful gay bashing bible toting bitch.

  43. Christine says:

    I can’t believe that Anna1345 has not been banned.

  44. Nicki says:

    It wouldn’t matter if Obama was white or black. He is a democrat and our nation is craving a liberal leader right now. I voted third party, but I’m disgusted when I hear lies and digs about McCain being “senile” or Palin being a greedy slut. Peachy, I’ve enjoyed your banning the most. Hope it stays that way. *sarcastic thumbs up smilie*

  45. I forgot my screen name...woops says:

    Hey who put up[ the statistics…put up the ones for minorities now…I want to see how many of them voted for obama verses Mccain. yeaaa

    It peas me off that its all hoooray our first black president, I dont care. Stop making it about his skin color and lets focus on his political stance, and for those reasons as a military wife and family I voted for Mccain.

  46. I forgot my screen name...woops says:

    The ONLY reason Im glad Mccain didnt win is because Palin seemed so oblivious to what her job would be as vice president (insert blonde flipping hair here). It makes me mad, that while I too hated GWB, that Obama did so much oh Mccain IS Bush. And those presidential debates infuriated me watching obama tap dance around and not answer any of the questions that mccain would ask him.

  47. yada yada says:

    Forgotten screen name- guess your gonna half to get over it, or move.

  48. Janna says:

    by me there was so much voter fraud…..people were arrested for going into th highschools on monday am and having any black student fill out a form and sign a sheet saying they are 18 year old and then they were allowed to vote on Tuesday….and they were told in the exit poll to say they did not choose their vote b/c of race. If everyone wants to take the race card out then tell the friggin media….to me it was about race. hell the utube video from howard stern interviews even showed that……hopefully regardless of the color of skin of the Pres the US will change for the better……only time will tell.

  49. JustPeachy says:

    Nicki shut it. Obviously you have had your head shoved up your ass for the past 6 months otherwise you would’ve seen it too. Most noteably McCain referring to Obama as “That one” and oh lets see what else is there the time he was caught ON CAMERA sticking his tongue out at Obama. There is other things that escape me now but that doesn’t scream senility to anyone else?

  50. matildasmum says:

    Senility? Nah. Cranky old coot? Yup.

  51. Arthur Dent says:

    Ashleybelle is finally even getting on my nerves. And I am a pretty laid back individual.

  52. mysterymommy says:

    #51 mine too

  53. Arthur Dent says:

    “I’m not trying to be uppity or over critical”

    Well, Ashleybelle, you failed.

  54. Arthur Dent says:

    I almost spit pepsi all over my computer screen. No one has responded to her since she said her last statement, and now she says this:

    “I am logging off.. I can’t believe that a picture of some angry, killing machine robot, paralelled to the Pope is funny and “positive” for Christians.”

  55. mysterymommy says:

    I was going to tell her bye, bye but didn’t want to push my luck. A lot of my posts have been deleted this last week. OOPS!

  56. Arthur Dent says:

    Do you think it would be too much if I responded with “Don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out?”

  57. mysterymommy says:

    it might be. 🙂

  58. Arthur Dent says:

    Oh. . .my. . .word. She is comparing the robot picture with racism. And there was something about a picture of Obama gunning down fetuses?

    I’m a bit speechless.

  59. Erin says:

    I had to leave. The stupidity was killing me and I was about to get myself banned by saying something.

  60. iloveflatcake says:

    Anyone know who this was referring to?

  61. Yup says:


    I love how she forgets to disclose details in her posts. And normally I don’t give a shit what people resell things for, but that woman has won greedy bitch status in do not B/S/T list.

  62. DramaBore says:

    #61 – How much did those sell for originally? I thought they seemed a little high, but thought maybe it was to recoup shipping (Canadian shipping is a joke!). Though I’m sure that mama bought them when our dollar was high and would be making even more now that it has slumped!

  63. Nicki says:

    Peachy-Please take the time to look up “senile” along with a few other words like “douche hag”. None of your examples point to him as being senile. Better luck next time. Cranky is a good description of him, matiltasmum. 🙂

  64. I forgot my screen name...woops says:

    Anyone seen the $200 poop catcher?

  65. Arthur Dent says:

    #64-love the incorrect word usage.

    neigh=Mr. Ed

  66. Yup says:

    #64 Love the crap stains in the last pic. Is that what makes it worth more? And here I thought sunning those out before listing was the better way to go.

  67. I forgot my screen name...woops says:

    Never used by any of HER babies…if shes dumb enough to buy that damn thing for over $200 poop stains and all …I dont even have words.

  68. Erin says:

    Isn’t that seller Jonasmommy?

  69. DramaBore says:

    I don’t see the poop stains, but that chick sells everything for a high price!

  70. Erin says:

    I don’t think they look like poop stains, since they are on the front/top of the soaker. If you look at the snaps in the last picture, they look like there’s dirt/dust in them. I think the soaker is dirty.

  71. Nicki says:

    By the way, I love the title of this entry. Very Clever dramamama’s!

  72. thewhiteninja says:

    I’m a navy brat, former army vet, and current army wife and we all voted for Obama.

  73. thewhiteninja says:

    #38 I’m totally jealous you were there. On tv it looked great, I loved seeing the sea of diverse faces- even cheering for McCain during Obama’s speech. Definitely a contrast to McCain’s (excellent) speech where all I saw was a sea of sameness, and then to hear them continue to boo Obama when McCain spoke of him…. le sigh.

  74. AshleyB says:
    SO, what do you think of the title of this thread?

  75. iloveflatcake says:

    Good lord, get your own blog and STFU. If it gets deleted, here’s a recap:

    Anna1345: blah blah blah x 1000

  76. noisybean says:

    #74 Ummm she’s going on my D/N/B/S/T list immediately. That’s plain odd.

  77. noisybean says:

    Anyone know what this is about? Post # 17

  78. noisybean says:

    #75. O.M.G. I’ll be back in 2 and a half years after I’ve read it to comment on her post.

  79. Arthur Dent says:

    #75-I opened that, read once sentence, and then my brain said “If you read any more I am leaving you.” So I closed the window.

  80. I forgot my screen name...woops says:

    thats a good bedtime story. Ill read it when it gets closer………zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  81. thewhiteninja says:

    someone reply only saying:


  82. momofdivas says:

    The uber conservative Christians irk the daylights out of me and IMO are usually the most intolerant and hypocrital.

  83. Galgani says:

    #82- Generalize much?

  84. Galgani says:

    I’m seriously shocked that JDT and PinkFlamingos are banninated. Wow. We are polar opposites, politically speaking, but I respected both ladies. I’ll miss them.

  85. iloveflatcake says:

    #77, I wonder too. Looks like it involves “babyblue_sp” who my post #60 ended up being about.

  86. Erin says:

    :jawdrop: Someone actually bought that $200 GM!!! *shakes head*

  87. notmeatall says:

    sheleighya banned

  88. JustPeachy says:

    Main Entry:
    se·nile Listen to the pronunciation of senile
    \ˈsē-ˌnī(-ə)l also ˈse-\
    Latin senilis, from sen-, senex old, old man

    1: of, relating to, exhibiting, or characteristic of old age ; especially : exhibiting a loss of cognitive abilities (as memory) associated with old age2: approaching the end of a geological cycle of erosion

    You mean to tell me that he actually meant to refer to Obama as “That one”. I think not.
    And Nicki quit trying to act like you’re cool just because you came on the blog and decided to call me a few names. It really makes you look you are trying too hard.

  89. I forgot my screen name...woops says:

    *bows down to peachy’s cool factor*

    Sorry…just couldnt help myself, you opened that door.

  90. matildasmum says:

    shannonchristysmom GONE! Later, bitch!

  91. Yup says:

    #85 Wasn’t that the nut that was supposedly cruising the net from a homeless shelter?

  92. momofdivas says:

    ***shannonchristysmom GONE! Later, bitch!***

    Maybe there is a God. :p

  93. momofdivas says:

    I wonder which banned member Mamamia6848 is? LOL

  94. psycho mom says:

    #77 that is in reference to………those longies were sold on spots brand new. No drama there.
    Sugar Shack baby bought them. Made a diaper and sprefold to match those longies without giving any credit to who made the longies. Basically was trying to sell the set as HER work. until someone saw it and called her out on it. She wasn’t giving ANY credit to the wahm that made them. And didnt ask the wahm for permission to even sell them on her website. Which I guess *some* people believe once you buy things you can do what you want with them, even if that means you are claiming them as your own work.

  95. JustPeachy says:

    #87 LOL. Nah I’ll be the first to admit I’m a nerd and a bitch above all else. I just don’t like when people try so hard to start stuff.

  96. What a Wanker says:

    “Which I guess *some* people believe once you buy things you can do what you want with them, even if that means you are claiming them as your own work.”

    There’s a HUGE difference between buying something and selling it for more than you bought it for and buying something and reselling it as your own work. The first is just a matter of economics. The second-immoral, illegal and, oh yeah, fraudulent and corrupt. I’ve never heard anyone say that was acceptable.

  97. psycho mom says:

    #97 the *some* people was in reference to the wahm not anyone else. IMO it is ABSOLUTE bullshit for her to do that.

  98. What a Wanker says:

    Ahh-Okay! I thought you were talking about “other” people! LOL! I couldn’t believe we had that many insane people on DS!

  99. JustPeachy says:

    #100 I have no words.

  100. Rika says:

    wow. how are these people allowed to breed?

  101. JustPeachy says:

    Does no one read their posts before they hit submit anymore? I’ve seen more stupidity on DS this past month then I have since I joined a year ago.

  102. Deanner03 says:

    I agree, wholeheartedly, Peach. The shit’s getting deep on DS!

  103. Deanner03 says:

    He’s clearly just a troll, but I almost fell out of my chair when the dickhead insulted HippyDippymama

  104. Yup says:

    What was #100? It’s gone now.

  105. JustPeachy says:

    #104 someone named Cristina’s Husband compared Obama to Hitler due to the fact he plans to implement mandatory community service for middle school, high school, and college students as well as give incentives for the older generation and non students to do community service.

  106. JustPeachy says:
    This is a good read. I wonder if anyone stopped to think that as long as someone in their household is working and paying taxes that they don’t get to decide what is done with those taxes so the whole argument that the government shouldn’t spread the wealth is a moot point.

  107. trolltastic says:

    pinkflamingos77, GOOD, she was such a cunt.

  108. A Mom says:

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  109. Zosiasmama says:

    Yeah! Whet Mom said above. The new board is fanastic, friendly, and better yet, Lee-Free!!!

  110. DSDM2 says:

    #110 isn’t really a sponsor, lol, but we will have to check out your new site!

  111. Yup says:

    Hmmm, haven’t we heard this story already? Shitty products, delayed shipping, lots of excuses, WAHM keeps changing her story to get more sympathy….

    Apparently Turtletails quality & cs hasn’t made a lot of improvements since June.

  112. A Mom says:

    Thanx DSDM2! We hope to get an “honorable blog mention” here! We’re growing fast and trying to get our “Marketplace” thriving. This will help!

  113. Scoop says:

    I know some of the scoop behind why some of these women were banned. Here’s what I know for fact:

    JDT – she was already on warning for posting her views. Sent then sent a PM to Anna saying “I was offended by what you posted”. Anna reported it and JDT was banned – Anna was not.

    PinkFlamingos – was warned over and over about her “tone” and was ultimately banned for being “disrescpetful to mods”

    cdsareforme – over the top and rude posts

    SunnieSkies – was banned for “tone” and “comment”

    PugetSoundMama – is sunnyskies and got banned for coming back.

    There’s also a rumor a foot that the mods were told to do a “sweep” and site/ban people to calm things down on the News Current Event boards.

    Word on the street is that there is infighting and threats of banning one another among mods.

  114. People are banned for having opinions?

  115. Scoop says:

    As long as you’re super conservative then I think opinions are fine. Anything other than that = trouble.

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