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Cleaning out my working girl closet – small clothes and purse

I have a ton for sale:…localeid=en_US

All prices are listed as photo titles. All sizes are xs or small … a few size 4 pants.

Shipping is not included. I ship priority, which is usually $4.80. I will do combined shipping on items. Let me know which things you want so I can figure shipping.

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When I saw “working girl” I was sure she’d have some mini skirts, and spandex listed too. I think this is a title FAIL.

  1. mysterymommy says:


  2. Frazzled says:

    Yea really…where are the Hooker Boots?

  3. noisybean says:

    Oh I bought them already.

  4. Anisasmomma says:

    Oh my! Thats too funny!

  5. The Bored Bitch says:

    Loved that. LOL

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