Seriously? Does she need her own “The Drama of Mookie Doodle” blog? I mean come on…


For anyone in transactions with Rembran she is in the hospital with ruptured ovarian cysts. She is supposed to be discharged today and hopefully she can return any messages within the next few days.

I’m not too savvy with the messaging system here so if you need to reach her in an extreme emergency you can email me -her husband- at and I’ll pass the message on to her asap.

If it’s not an emergency I’m sure she will be able to help you in a few days.

thanks- kldavis

  1. Arthur Dent says:

    Biggest. Eyeroll. Ever.

    You know I saw someone recommending her so highly the other day. I literally snorted out loud.

  2. dippy says:

    i dont normally respond but i do read every other day, i cannot believe that people still buy from her yet her bad rep is everywhere.. ??????????

  3. liljoeysmom says:

    Who is still buying from her? There is a Juicy Apple report on her at least twice a month!

  4. Mud says:

    So just how many cysts ruptured? I mean, why would they rupture simultaneously?
    Sounds fishy or at least exaggerated to me. Poor WAHMs who do get sick are all being tarnished by the dead relatives and life threatening illnesses of the others.

  5. nosy nelly says:

    I’m still waiting on her end of a trade from the SPRING ($50 in tarts for 2 YYMN shorties). She said she’d sent them priority back in mid-September, so I PMd her the other day and said “Well, I guess they’re not coming. Thanks so much” – and she “MOST CERTAINLY DID” send them, but still no tracking number…. 😦

    I’ll chalk it up to a loss in a couple more weeks (international shipping CAN get stuck for stupid reasons) and then go to JA and WAHM Feedback on DS and HC.

  6. Janna says:

    lmao……why are people still buying from her????

  7. dippy says:

    no idea why people still buy, but there are posts on aol boards saying they have been burned, maybe they feel sorry for her being so sick?
    who knows..

  8. Frazzled says:

    I see a JAP on her at least twice a month. How is it that she only has 1 negative on DS? Are that many people “afraid” to leave negative? There have got to be more mamma’s on DS who have been scammed by her.

  9. Frazzled says:

    I am sorry…I meant JAR…It totally looks like I made a racial slur. Not intended. JAR, JAR, JAR

  10. werd says:

    wow. seriously all these ididots make me ashamed to be a WAHM. and I’m new – no wonder I’m not getting any business. fucking schmucks.

  11. bored says:

    isn’t there a MackieDoodle designs wahm? i thought she made Mai tei’s. hmmm.. maybe not.

  12. AshleyB says:

    Really?! ANYONE is doing business with her still! Wow.

  13. Arthur Dent says:

    How’s this for weird? Juan posted a normal seeming post in the news section. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him just post before. It’s usually all admin crap. Is he trying to make himself look more human? I for one am not going to fall for it.

  14. Crazy Mama says:

    She’s got a buddy on the AOL boards defending her now @@ Seems Jen can’t manage to send out her paid orders, but she can send out tarts to replace “crappy” ones from other WAHMs?

  15. Arthur Dent says:

    #13-you should have warned me that I was going to need popcorn for that one. I have a package in the cabinet and everything.

    I love that the backing up involves the excuses “She lets me read all her email, so I know what’s really said”, and “Hey, you paid a low price, so what did you expect”. LMAO that those are supposed to be points in defense of Jen.

  16. Crazy Mama says:

    LMAO that those are supposed to be points in defense of Jen.

    LOL, I know! “You get what you paid for” isn’t helping here. Going by what her “friend” is saying, she charged a low price because she admits to doing crappy work?

  17. Arthur Dent says:

    Another aside-Juan is posting all over the News section today at DS. WTF?

  18. Arthur Dent says:

    That was long. I have to admit I stopped reading it after a few paragraphs. My brain was threatening to jump ship.

  19. Crazy Mama says:

    #18, here’s a summary.

    Who is MsGranola? I don’t know her! Why is everyone mad? I’ll be good. I’ll make things right. My HC got hacked, yes, that’s what happened. Karen couldn’t help me. Who is Granola? How can I find out? OMG help meeeeeee! I’ll fix everything, just email me. I ❤ my customers. Why do you hate me?

  20. Sunny says:

    When the News & Current Events first started Juan used to post on it a lot. Guess he’s just getting back into old habits.

  21. JustPeachy says:

    #9 Yes there is a macky doodle designs and she used to make mei tais. She is NOTHING like Jenn at all. I know her personally and from another board I belong to and she rocks my socks 😀

  22. Anisa's Momma says:

    I think people shouldnt have to be afraid of being banned for leaving negative feedback.
    I have just made my first 3 purchases from DS 2 weeks ago. Out of those 3 transactions, 1 mom actually sent me my products!
    Both the moms who didnt send me anything have wonderful feedback! I sent them both messages today, one read the message and didnt reply, and the other hasnt logged in yet today 😦
    HopefullyI will get my items, I had to switch to sposies almost full time because DD only has 2 diapers that fit her 😦

  23. jale says:

    what did this WAHM do? im confused as to what she did as scamming.

  24. Lostouthere says:

    What hasn’t she done to scam people. That is the question to ask.

  25. Just Because says:

    In the hospital with ruptured ovarian cysts… please… not in this day in age with everyone watching the bottom dollar! I’ve had surgery twice to remove grapefruit sized ovarian cysts under general anesthesia and they barely kept me two days after leaving me with large vertical incisions which required 4 to 6 week recovery time.

    It is really beginning to disgust me that WAHMS claim illnesses, hospitalizations and the like the moment they get called out. Own your screw ups and life will work much better… mamas can be pretty understanding if they know what is going on.

    It’s hard enough to WAHM these days with scammers and piss poor quality wannabes… there are actually WAHMs who in part work from home because they deal with chronic and debilitating illnesses each and every day. Each and every damn day!

  26. bored says:

    #24 peach…yeah i think we are members of that same board she is on. I wanted to get a MT from her, but she took a break or somthing and quit making them so i never did get one from her.

  27. Crazy Mama says:

    Jale, sign up for the Juicy Apple Report if you’re not already a member and search the messages for her name. She’s had a few reports just in the past month, and they go back a year or so. She stole raffle money, failed to ship items, threatened people with legal action for leaving poor feedback, it goes on and on. I wonder if the mod on JAR can add her other shop name to all of her reports so no one mistakenly shops there not knowing it’s her.

  28. itsraininghere says:

    So, totally unrelated topic, but what’s up with the whole thrift store crankypants drama? I guess the original thread is gone, and the shorter thread is kind of, well. . . sparse.

  29. Arthur Dent says:

    #31-I don’t know. From what I remember, it was:

    OP:My sister got me crankypants at a thrift store!

    Replies: ZOMG!

    OP:Oh, they aren’t really them, they are instead, Crankiepants.

    Replies: Aw, it’s ok, they are still longies for cheap, woo! Can we see pictures?


    Replies: *waiting*

    OP:Battery died, sorry!

    Replies: *still waiting*

    OP:Lost my camera cord, sorry!

    Replies:*still waiting* Hey just buy one, they are cheap

    OP:Can’t buy one, we are the poorest people evar.

    Replies: *go way off topic while waiting*

    OP: Still looking for the cord!

    Replies: *finally start to get suspicious*

    OP: *drops off the face of the planet*

    Replies: *go way off topic again*

    OP: Sorry, I have to delete all my pictures and all our online info, we’re being stalked.

    Replies: . . . . . .

  30. Crazy Mama says:

    I was wondering if she ever posted pics of the thrift store Crankies. I had a feeling it was all BS to get attention, talking about putting one up for sale just to get more people interested @@

  31. jeruco says:

    That thread was weird. All the sudden she is being stalked and her kids names and things need to be erased by her DH on the computer.
    My DH wouldnt come onto DS and erase all my posts. Why didnt she do it herself?
    Also, her username is her kids names. lol

    That is just one weird turn of events on that thread.

  32. I forgot my screen name...woops says:

    The longer thread got to be quite fun…for me at least 🙂

  33. sassy1 says:

    yeah that thread got shut down, what a bunch of shit.

    So, she claimed she was being stalked? or was she butt hurt because people called her out for talking shit and not backing it up? LOL

  34. JustPeachy says:

    #29 she stopped making them after she was asked to wholesale to other stores from what she told me. I was so happy for her when she told me but then she found out the cost of insurance and realized what could happen if one of her MTs malfunctioned.
    Are you a PW member?

  35. itsraininghere says:

    freakin’ weird. i love the recap tho. thanks!

  36. bored says:

    #37 yep. april board. “newmommy”

  37. JustPeachy says:

    #39 now I know who you are 😉 Its me Jeni the drama queen of course 😛

  38. JustPeachy says:

    And back on topic somewhat I knew that whole CPs thread was a load of shit. Its one of those typical attention whore posts that we always see on DS.

  39. werd says:

    LOL @ the recap!

  40. mamapixie says:

    TyandCheymommy is a freak, a full out freak. I spotted her awhile ago, she was all over the FFS board, getting every diaper she could(I almost sent some to her too, but she took too long to pay, in retrospect I’m glad I didn’t sell to her) and then she started trying to sell(yes, sell, not FFS) all the crap she got, and couldn’t even figure out how to post pictures properly. All of her posts seemed like she was a trainwreck waiting to happen. Looks like I was right in my thinking.

    Plus, Anyone Who Types Likes This Deserves Freak Status.

  41. Frazzled says:

    #43…You know…a supersweet DS WAHM is also on CM and she donated a whole bunch of diapers to TyandCheymommy after she gave a sob story post about needing diapers and being poor and having 6 kids (some step) and her youngest with CP. It bugged me because I saw he selling stuff on DS all the time. I even offered to pay the shipping for her stuff from the WAHM.

    It is disgusting to beg for freebies and then start selling stuff AND talk about your DH buying bows (not cheap), etc.

  42. JustPeachy says:

    That’s exactly why I never trust the sob stories. People will say anything to get free stuff.

  43. Yup says:

    Not that she needs more to prove her pathetic need for attention…

  44. Yup says:

    And 2-days prior her loving hubby was giving her $400 for a wonderful new BG stash

  45. mamapixie says:

    See, exactly. I had her pegged as one of “those” posters months ago. If there’s one thing I’ve figured out, after almost 10 years of using messageboards, it’s to spot the trainwrecks with almost 100% accuracy.

  46. Jess says:

    God I wish people would do research before they buy. Mookie is such a scammer, and I do believe she has a mental illness, or two… She needs help, for her, her husband and her boys. She disgusts me.

  47. JustPeachy says:

    Wow! Sounds like someone is spoiled much. My dh would quit speaking to me if I forced him to work in order to save a few dipes. But then I’ve already said the day I start selling dipes to pay bills is the day I stop participating on cd forums.

  48. itsraininghere says:

    blech. a little too dramarific for my taste.

    anyone see the JAR on The Sample Cake? Talk about dramarific. . .

  49. ABCDEFG says:

    There was a whole lot of fun in the GM thread today. People got banned, the thread was shut down, mods arrived on the scene.
    Mostly it was because of the staking of Woollybottoms. But that’s drama within itself.

  50. DSDM2 says:

    Really? Do tell. Send Screen Shots if you have them 🙂

  51. Crazy Mama says:

    Oh no, I missed more GM drama? So sad. I’m horribly bored tonight, too.

    Anywho, I was just looking around on HC and saw that Yettebums was once again on the Hyena list. Do you ladies mass together and snicker at her on a regular basis? How does she keep getting on there?

  52. eeek says:

    what do you mean by hyena list? The featured shops are people who paid $5 for 24 hrs… is that what you mean?

  53. Crazy Mama says:

    If you look at the stocking calendar, in the left collumn there’s a list that says “Where are the Hyenas?” and it shows the stores with the most viewers at the moment. I keep seeing her on there.

  54. ABCDEFG says:

    Sadly I have no screen shots. There was a huge blow up about the whole woollybottoms stockings, how people are stalking for other people *gasp*. I believe most of it started in the WB yahoo groups. I missed the end of the thread when I went to do something else, but I believe there might have been a mod lurking since someone was going on about the strike they had earlier in the day. I wouldn’t be surprised.

  55. eeek says:

    Ahhh, where are the hyenas. That is FREQUENTLY influenced by things like a JAR, a crappy review, or any other sort of controversy. Hell, *I* click on those shops when I see some drama, and everyone else does too. It’s just where everyone ended up for a minute, then the followers had to see what they were missing so they clicked too. Sometimes you can see shops which have been inactive for a year, or shops which have never even been set up.

    I do like the feature, overall, though- good to know what’s up.

  56. JustPeachy says:

    #57 I knew it was going to spill over onto DS soon. Some jackass pissed alot of ppl off by putting a ton of stuff in their cart then never checking out and Shannon’s site gives you 45 minutes to pay.

  57. ABCDEFG says:

    Peachy (I miss you on DS, we never talked but I seem to run in the same circles you did): Apparently when you put stuff in the cart, even if you delete it from the cart it’s still locked up for 45 minutes. Hopefully Shannon will be able to work out the bugs.

  58. JustPeachy says:

    #60 Awwwww thanks! I had no idea that it locked it up for that long. I just assumed someone was being an asshole and put stuff in their cart and never took it out.

  59. Just Because says:

    How did we miss this? Didn’t Angie say she was selling locally and wholesaling in the DT post? Why would she be selling her inventory then?

  60. Arthur Dent says:

    #61-I didn’t see the thread, but apparently she posted something about the Rothschilds taking over the world, and had links to back it up, and one led to an anti-semitic site. MamaLove is one of the resident conspiracy theorists on DS. She’s kind of like that old uncle at the family reunions that’s kooky, but every puts up with because they love them.

    The subject has kind of blown up again on this thread:

  61. Sarah says:

    Damn you Arthur Dent…you made me waste the last hour reading the Current Events forum. LOL

    And your cranky thread recap kicked ass

    You’re my new fave poster on here 😀

  62. liljoeysmom says:

    Thanks Arthur Dent! I thought it might have been a new conspiracy thread of hers I missed.

  63. notmeatall says:

    Anyone know why JDT got banned?

  64. mamapajama says:

    anyone know anything about Hippy/Diaper Dust? I ordered from her HC a month ago and I have no diaper dust and she hasn’t responded to any of my emails or pms.

  65. JustAMama says:

    #67 oh I don’t know.. possibly for existing? That seems to be all it takes these days.. haha

  66. DSDM2 says:

    JDT is gone? wow… I need to check in on DS, lol.

  67. Sarah says:

    Does anyone have a list of who all was banned in this latest round?

  68. Crazy Mama says:

    #72- That woman is a moron. I bet she tries to file with PP even though she’s in the wrong here.

  69. matildasmum says:

    Damn. I liked JDT.

  70. JustPeachy says:

    #73 I wouldn’t put it past her. Im just glad the buyer got caught in her attempt to scam.

  71. Crazy Mama says:

    Peachy, what makes you think she’s attempting to scam versus just being stupid? Not arguing with you, just curious 🙂 I can see how it would work as a scam, though.

  72. justjess2330 says:

    First posting here, but speaking of the bannings….who in the world requests to be banned?

  73. Arthur Dent says:

    #76-Probably because those two things so often go hand in hand.

  74. JustPeachy says:

    #76 first time I say stupidity. The second time then its obviously a scam of some sort. The seller already got the money and its pretty apparently the buyer didn’t expect it to go that way and is fumbling around to get that money back.

  75. Crazy Mama says:

    Hmm, she’s done this before? I wonder who the poor mama is that sold to her this time.

  76. That Daddy says:

    #67, it says JDT got “Banned for harassing a member via pm”

  77. Frazzled says:

    Who is JDT?

  78. Arthur Dent says:

    #81-Chick who sells the Trolley Dollys.

  79. Sarah says:

    IMO, JDT had strong opinions and voiced them…DS doesn’t like that in its members.

  80. Sarah says:

    unless you’re a mod 😉

  81. cdmd1023 says:

    I thought cranky knockoffs was a no no?

  82. cdmd1023 says:

    not sure if this was posted, I tried a min ago.

    is this allowed?

  83. JustPeachy says:

    Watch your back ladies as DS is no longer doing warnings and its at the mods discretion to ban you regardless of how many strikes you have.

  84. Sarah says:


    Yeah, I was banned back in August w/o any warnings or strikes. And for an offense that their rules states should just receive a strike.

  85. GMLovah! #1 Fan says:

    Does anyone know who they’re talking about here?

  86. JustPeachy says:

    I believe it was the scammer that was selling Berry Plushes.

  87. JustPeachy says:

    Or perhaps its mycrunchykids?

  88. sheepthrills says:

    Was it that isobelle_gavynsmommy??

  89. TL says:

    #85 thats what happened to me, I had one warning and then banned and it really wasn’t that bad what I said. But when I got my “warning” the mod basically said that if I said did anything again I’d be banned, I mentioned that there was the three strike rule. and she linked to the rules (which by the way made no mention of what she had said?) and said the mods can ban who ever they want they don’t need to do the three strikes. So here I sit now banned lol. In all honesty I’d been pushing the limit on getting banned for a while and they didn’t do anything, but then I say one thing that wasn’t even bashing or anything (and not against the rules either) and I get banned. Stupid DS. I”m amazed that they are still standing, seriously, eventually they’re gonna ban almost everyone?

  90. notmeatall says:

    I like JDT a lot. She made conversations interesting

  91. werd says:

    #87 – cdmd1023. Stop being a pot-stirring assmunch and STFU. I saw you on BG, stop being a gigantic douchebag by posting stupid shit about knock offs. Aren’t you the same one who was all freaking out about Poo Pockets and GMs?

    Twat. Go do something usefull with your spam.

  92. cdmd1023 says:

    werd- no, i could care less about gms.

  93. werd says:

    then stop being a douche and quit spamming. no one cares.

  94. Jale says:

    #99- did they delete it? its not there.

    oh and OT but stay away from 281Lucinda on Ebay- the twit scammed me out of $2.75 for a freakin hairbow for my DD. Who the crap scams someone out of $2.75? She gave PP a fake DC and of course they ruled in my favor.

    anwyay, back to topic.

  95. mysterymommy says:

    #99 hahahahaha

    Calgary SHAM!!!

  96. Arthur Dent says:

    #100-It’s not a thread, it’s the screen name of that person.

    Which leads me to a short rant. Ok, boys and girls, now we all know that there are many people out there who are work at home moms right? Right.

    Let’s say that together. Work at home mom. Now, take out the first letter of each word, and what do we get?


    Very good!

    It is not, like I see so many supposed professionals putting, “WHAM”. “Wham” is the sound a door makes after you slam it in a scorned lover’s face. It is not a career acronym. Unless you are, in fact, a pimp.

  97. Rika says:

    or you’re George Michael or Andrew Ridgeley

  98. Arthur Dent says:


    An example that just proves my point.

    With the pimp connotations, that post is highly entertaining.

  99. eeek says:

    werd re #96- just trying to understand, do you think that the poster is the owner of that store?

  100. cdmd1023 says:

    oh lord I am not the owner of that store, I was also confused by that statement.

  101. JustPeachy says:

    That drives me insane. Everytime someone screws it up and types wham I wanna scream.

  102. werd says:

    106 – no but I have seen her posting that stupid link to that store on various boards and sites being all like OMG CRANKY KNOCK OFFS and its getting SUPER irritating. She does this often from what I have heard…

  103. cdmd1023 says:

    or I only posted the link here…I did start a post on ds but did not once mention this HC.

  104. mysterymommy says:

    Seriously she makes me want to bash my head in…

  105. iloveflatcake says:

    Lookie lookie, TyAndCheyMommy found her USB cable. Haha!

  106. Frazzled says:

    Ditto #111. I had to comment on her new thread…and just outed myself.

  107. JustPeachy says:

    Who mysterymommy? Remember some of us are banned and can’t view user profiles.
    And speaking of drama did anyone see the answering machine forum?

  108. mysterymommy says:


    I’m this_mel_rocks. I’m fairly quiet.

  109. mysterymommy says:


    I just did too. 🙂

  110. cdmd1023 says:

    peach-you talking about the issues with stacyw? I didnt see anything overly interesting there.

  111. cdmd1023 says:

    did that really happen? what a nightmare!

  112. Madre says:

    My brain automatically tells me no. Where’d she get $$ for an abortion if she can’t afford a $17 birth certificate?

  113. sheepthrills says:

    #111-116, did your posts get deleted??

  114. iloveflatcake says:

    cdsareforme is banned! Thank frickin’ goodness. Anyone know what the final straw was?

  115. JustPeachy says:

    #120 that was my first thought as I know in my state an abortion runs around 400 to 500 bucks.

  116. cdmd1023 says:

    hmm… i though planned parenthood did them for free? either way, thats crazy and I really hope its not true.

  117. Madre says:

    ummm planned parenthood doesn’t do free abortions lmao. not even all planned parenthoods do abortions

  118. JustPeachy says:

    Planned Parenthood does nothing for free. They do offer discounts but I sincerely doubt that its cheap enough that she could “afford” it unless she worked out a payment plan. Still dumb decision to abort a child just because its not convenient to her to have a baby at this time.

  119. Arthur Dent says:

    #111/115-I totally knew that was you. 😀

  120. Madre says:

    i’m prochoice so that doesn’t bug me. IF she truly is homeless and all this shit then i can understand not wanting to bring a baby into the world. seemed like such a rash decision though. the story being off really bugs me. her husband kicked her out & was leaving her. well why did he kick her out if he was leaving? NO shelter will take her. BS. I actually called a few numbers other ladies posted to see if they’d “take me” & they all told me to come in. you can afford an abortion but not $17 to get her son’s birth certificate shipped express to her. either she’s stupid or lying…or both.

  121. Yup says:

    I wanna know how TyAndCheyMommy makes the big bucks a a SAHM. Her DH was just laid off yesterday and she’s hitting the diaper stores.

    Seriously, what the fuck is the point of all the blatant lies? I guess I should feel sorry for her ass since she has a 1 year old with cp that uses a wheelchair. Funny, I thought most kids where still in a stroller at that age.

  122. kiwi says:

    I totally call BS. There’s way too many holes in that story.

  123. Mud says:

    OT~ but isn’t the poster of #100, who made a recent AR an outstanding scammer/ bad buyer herself? Just asking… bird of 1985 or whatever…

  124. Zukey says:

    Yep. I noticed that in the JAR. Pot meet kettle.

  125. werd says:

    drama over TRICK OR TREATING!




  126. Erin says:

    #118, yep, I call her story false too. No way a shelter wouldn’t help her. Total BS that one.

  127. sheepthrills says:

    She’s got both herself and her little boy on a modeling website, and she’s showing logged in right now on his profile and ‘available to chat’!

    I guess that’s the foremost thing on your mind when you’ve just had an abortion and are shacking up with grandma?

  128. sheepthrills says:

    Oh and here’s her profile, just for fun.

  129. itsraininghere says:

    she’s a preschool teacher that like to pose just this side of naked and post it on public websites?

    i like how her 1yo is “willing” to model. I wonder if he’s “willing” to be as “flexible” as she is and try “anything.”

  130. werd says:


    yeah, that. Did she sit down and ASK her 1 year old if he was willing and he said “oh yeah, sure!”


  131. Frazzled says:

    Well…Tyra won’t be calling anytime soon so I hope she’s not living in her car waiting for her next big break.

  132. What a wanker says:

    #136-click on close up of pictures for that chick. It’s not “just this side of naked” It is naked and you can easily see them! Just go through each one! All the ones that say NA are still there.

    Click here

    and then click next and you can see the nudies.

    What a freak. That’s just ridiculous.

  133. Frazzled says:

    I feel like this chick is going to end up the subject of a lifetime movie after some weirdo convinces her he is going to make her a star and no one ever sees her again.

  134. Madre says:


  135. cdmd1023 says:

    what was the trick or treating thread? it seems to be gone.

  136. liljoeysmom says:

    Anyone see Taraboomdeea giving advice on how to post with respect for fellow members?

  137. Erin says:

    *snort. That was funny!

  138. werd says:

    Here’s my recap of the trick or treating thread:

    OP: wah wah wah my first candy-giving halloween was ruined by a bunch of adults toting 5 month olds. wah. there should be an age requirement for trick or treating (and she actually put) 2-12

    One poster: get over it. loser. everyone can have fun on halloween if they make the effort!

    Another poster: I agree. I hate teenagers. wah. screw you one poster!

    yet another poster: DS is retarded because stupid people get in arguments over trick or treating

    OP: wah wah etc. one poster get off my ass for complaining. I want a LAW against adults trick or treating, feel bad for me, etc.

    One Poster: wow get a life lady. Halloween rocks and everyone should be able to go.

    A bunch of offended mamas post about taking their 18 month olds, and the typical post martyr makes her post about selflessly denying candy offered to her as she made the rounds with her 5 month old.

    Another poster: I’m a miserable bitch, blah blah, bah humbug on Halloween and everyone except myself and OP is WRONG WRONG WRONG!

    OP: I’m going to backpedal sarcastically and garner more sympathy by saying I wish I had never posted this and I am so offended, wah wah etc.

    Typical mamas come swooping in to make OP feel better without letting it exaclty known what their real stance on the “issue” is.

    Another Poster, OP and One Poster go round and round flinging backhanded insults, quoting each other with that annoying bolding and arguing over the ethics of trick or treating.

    Me: YAWN. IGGY!

    el fin

  139. matildasmum says:

    Nice werd – but it’s still there. 🙂

  140. liljoeysmom says:

    What happened to the missing mamas post? I was in the middle of reading it, tried to go to page 2 and then it went poof.

  141. mamapajama says:

    I wondered how long that post would last

  142. JustPeachy says:

    Lame! The only thing that bugs me about t&t is when those stupid teeny boppers come up to the door.

  143. JustPeachy says:

    Anyone get a synopsis of the missing mama post?

  144. werd says:

    Another interpretation of the missing moms post:

    mom 1: I can’t believe JDT got banned!

    mom 2: omg what happened?

    mom 3: who knows what is going on?

    mom 4: omg JDT got banned, omg omg omg what happened?

    more moms: omg I can’t believe this, does anyone know what happened?

    another mom: omg bukaww got banned. what is going on at DS?

    *shock. horror. accusations. chagrin. genital herpes*

    Mod: you bitches is getting SHUT DOWNNNN!


    Mod: I’m gonna make a new thread that tells all you who ask about someone banned to STFU and look what it says in their siggy. STFU. kthanksbye

    the end

  145. liljoeysmom says:

    *clap clap* werd. I’ve got to learn to read faster.

    Too bad half of this round of banned members don’t have a reason listed in their siggy.

  146. Arthur Dent says:

    werd-I think you and I should get together, write loads of recaps, and fight crime on the side.

  147. sheepthrills says:

    Huh apparently my first post got eaten. Here is that leighi123’s son’s modeling page…when I looked at it this afternoon, it even showed her (him? LOL) as being online ‘available to chat’.

    Cause I guess that’s at the front of your mind when you’ve just gotten an abortion and are shacking up with grandma…

  148. JustPeachy says:

    What Bukaww got banned? What the hell did she do to get banned????

  149. Arthur Dent says:

    Another one bites the dust. pinkflamingos77 is now banned.

  150. Arthur Dent says:

    155-Bukaww’s profile just says “multiple posts bashing DS”. It’s a 3 month ban. I guess she spoke against Big Brother, which is forbidden.

  151. Arthur Dent says:

    Ooh, look at me serial posting.

    How long before this thread is gone and any of the posters banned?

  152. sheepthrills says:

    Oh my hell. I’m a dork, and here’s the link for the THIRD time.

  153. Angie says:

    It’s DS bashing. I bet most of them at least gets a strike.

    Blog readers know to not use PMs either…

    Arthur Dent, want to place a guess when the thread will be gone? I give it until midnight tonight, CST. That’s in an hour and 20 minutes.

  154. Arthur Dent says:

    Wow, in record time, the thread I link poofed. I had my wits about me enough to get screen caps though!

  155. Angie says:

    I was wrong. Gone. lol.

  156. AshleyB says:

    Crazy! They really need to stop banning people for insane ass rules.

  157. Arthur Dent says:

    A Copy and Paste of the thread that was deleted. Because I am that awesome.

    pinkflamingos77 myspace address?

    sadieanne-She got banned today, does anyone have her myspace address?

    ceelynncee-I don’t have her MS addy but she is on totally her,she has a different username, pm me. There are a few other DS mamas there too. Sad.

    sunnie_skys-What??? This is getting rediculous!!

    neenahj-I have it, pm me.

    earthmamatobe-My word! Can someone PM me her UN at TH?

    Anna1345-OMG?!?!? She got Banned??? Oh my little pinkflamingo! I will miss her!

    kecmom-This concerns me. I truly don’t u/s why. Makes me feel like I’m walking on eggshells now.

    pariah1- [quote]What??? This is getting rediculous!![/quote] agree’d, i’ve got my mouth zipped. pretty soon they are gonna start banning people based on their CD prefrence.

  158. werd says:

    Psh YEAH Arthur Dent, with our powers combined, we could RULE THE WORLD!!

    and dammit you guys beat me to the Re:Pink Flamingos post. Ohhh that one is gonna be SOOOOO good, I can feel it!
    I’m stalking that one like a hyena on a pair of Woolybottoms, beeyotches!!!

  159. werd says:


    We Interrupt This Marriage To Bring You Football Season

    Join Date: Apr 2006
    Location: Jer-Z
    Posts: 9,591
    Ratings: 477
    Feedback: 100%
    My Mood: Re: Pinkflamingos and other things


    yes it is against the rules. but you are always welcome to pm one of the admins and we will help you or try to if we can

    First Rule… don’t talk about DS
    Second Rule… don’t talk about DS

    Third Rule… don’t talk about the banning system, banned members, or even THINK to ask about why your beloved member got banned!

  160. werd says:

    PS I think Arhur Dent and I should be hired as DSDM007 and DSDM 6969 because apparently neither one of us has much of a life and we has mad ninja reading skillz yoooooo!

  161. Arthur Dent says:

    Is that post gone already? I am a bit liquored up now and could have used the entertainment.

  162. notmeatall says:

    That did not take long

  163. werd says:

    nah they locked it

  164. Arthur Dent says:

    So, according to the rules in #168, DS is now Fight Club. That might actually be an improvement.

  165. werd says:

    lol you got it! I LOVE YOU!!

  166. werd says:

    SERIOUSLY we need a TDODS forum or chat or something!!!

  167. Arthur Dent says:

    Fo shizzle mah drizzle.

  168. AshleyB says:

    Hmm…DS is sounding more like Fight Club. But, is it more the book, or the movie (I liked the book more myself)

  169. werd says:

    hmmm, never read the book. in fact, I didn’t even know there was a book!

  170. werd says:

    ohhhhhh my aching rupturing baby makers!!

  171. Arthur Dent says:

    I need to fix myself another drink. And troll DS some more looking for anything worth reading.

  172. werd says:

    and a thread asking about the rash of bannings on DS gets locked, but the ToT thread with women ripping into each other about the acceptable age of trick or treating and ethics and morals and crap keeps going! wow.

  173. Arthur Dent says:

    I think the rich people thread is funny too.

    p.s.-getting another drink for myself was hazardous. I forgot I was wearing headphones attached to the computer when I stood up, tripped over my cat, stubbed my toe, and sat on my headphones when I came back.

  174. JustPeachy says:

    Of course it is going werd because its a stupid thread. Any posts speaking of things that actually matter normally goes *poof*

  175. JustPeachy says:

    Arthur Dent linky please! Im dying of boredom over here.

  176. werd says:

    LOL!! Lay off the booze!

  177. werd says:

    WTF kind of small business is she into for 250k a year – prostitution. what a schmuck

    *reading on*

  178. werd says:

    wah wah wah I only make $250k, I am so poor! DON’T PUNISH ME!! IT SUCKS BEING THIS POOR.


  179. Arthur Dent says:

    Oh no, it gets better. She starts whining that the multi-million dollar estate they’re inheriting will be taxed. Oh the unfairness of it all!

    p.s.-no I will not lay off the booze! I am still typing, so it’s all good.

  180. werd says:

    ugh that zsusana twat is SO irritating! I love how she’s all blah blah blah I’m a big bad lawyer I’m gonna throw links at you and type a 15,000 word response that everyone is going to look at and not want to read.

    And now feel sorry for me because I am going to high jack this fucking ridiculous thread because we make like a million dollars a year but we are so poor that we live in the bronx and I have student loans to pay and now I’m going to switch gears and play the martyr and say I’m not complianing but then I am going to sneakily complain. feel sorry for me. no, seriously, start posting responses that you fee my pain!!

  181. Arthur Dent says:

    A side note, I found this today and thought it fits in perfectly with DS right now.

  182. notmeatall says:

    WAHHHH we can’t go to hawaii…….wahhhhh

  183. werd says:


    dare you to post it, LOL! That is farking hilarious!

  184. Arthur Dent says:

    Oh don’t tempt me. I’ve had enough to drink that I am actually dancing in my computer chair to the music I’m listening to.

  185. werd says:

    teehee. I just seriously ate like 6 peanut butter cups. I’m one of THOSE moms… oh no where are the DS Trick or Treat police when you need them?!?!

  186. werd says:

    I’m bored. someone needs to do something stupid and get banned so i have something to read. seriously!

  187. Arthur Dent says:

    Pfft, I went through each of my kids’ bags, telling them I was checking for anything unsafe. Really I was pilfering for the good stuff.

  188. Arthur Dent says:

    werd-if you get super desperate, there’s always

    I just took a quiz about how good a friend I am. I scored a 60%, it said “You are a damaged bad person.”


  189. werd says:

    Your Score: 20%
    F is for Lamb

    It doesn’t add up, but it doesn’t have to when you’re Lamb. You are there for everyone to make fun of.


  190. Arthur Dent says:

    *pats* It’s ok werd. Not everyone can be a bad damaged person like me.

  191. Erin says:

    Oh, fur f*cks sake. She needs to get over herself!

  192. I forgot my screen name...woops says:

    Someone needs to smack her and bring her back to reality 😀

  193. Yup says:

    LMFAO, 1 response?

  194. liljoeysmom says:

    I missed all the fun and by time I woke up most of the threads had gone poof!

  195. JustPeachy says:

    Ok since when is a 1/4 of a million dollars not alot of money? I’d never have to worry about the bills if my dh made that much money.

  196. JustPeachy says:

    I think someone needs a brain so she can start to think for herself! If he likes playing with dolls uhhhhhhh LET HIM. And I really like 1orange23’s response.

  197. werd says:

    no, men shouldn’t play with dolls. or cook. or clean. or get up with screaming babies. or hold babies. don’t even TOUCH babies. and women should never be allowed to have orgasms too… that’s the man’s job!!!

    what a douche! I’m praying she will YAGE any time now. if it wasn’t so entertaining to watch her piss and moan and then post it here, I’d iggy.

  198. Frazzled says:

    I got a response from said mother about my post on her thread about what diapers to spend her money on. She explained to me how she gives to the needy and built her SIL’s stash for her, blah,blah, blah.

    She really is a case and as much time as she spends on DS talking about everything from being depressed to her son playing with dolls she surely could be caring for those 6 kids instead.

    She chaps my hide.

  199. werd says:

    and then there is this prime example of the callousness of our resident DS twats who love to “debate”

    hmmm… so a 13 year old girl apparently got raped and then was publicly stoned to death because of it. I have an idea! Let’s fling bible passages at each other and debate whether she deserved it or not. FUNNNN!

  200. thewhiteninja says:

    TFG anna1345, cdsforme, and bukawww got banned. They were some dumb asses.

    It sucks that sadieanne, JDT. sunnieskys, earthmama and pinkflamingos got banned though 😦

  201. Arthur Dent says:

    werd-I saw that. Obviously some people can’t see the point of a post, there in the hole they live in. Although I did enjoy watching the one poster have her butt handed to her.

  202. J says:

    What did JDT get banned for? Does anyone know?

    Was pinkflamingos the one who had the icon/avatar of face with duct tape over the mouth?

  203. Arthur Dent says:

    #212- Anna1345 is still around posting today. sadieanne and earthmamatobe’s profiles both don’t say anything about being banned either.

  204. Arthur Dent says:

    pariah1 is banned though, probably from the thread I posted up in #164.

  205. werd says:

    I WISH earthmamatobe would gett permabanned. I HATE her. She’s superdouchealicious!!!

  206. thewhiteninja says:

    #214- ah I see. I misread a post above. Darnit! lol

  207. Arthur Dent says:

    whiteninja-You were right about sunnie_skys though, which I didn’t know about until I looked just now. I suspected she would be though.

  208. werd says:

    anyone find the idea of someone with the sn “Pariah” getting banned, extremely funny???

    teehee I do!!

  209. werd says:

    we need to make a ds drama yahoo group or something, seriously

  210. liljoeysmom says:

    I second a drama group!

  211. JustPeachy says:

    I’ll third the yahoo group. So again why did Bukaww get banned? I actually thought she was a pretty nice person.

  212. JustPeachy says:

    #211 the posts regarding the bible are exactly the reason I do not practice religion. That chick funda is an idiot anyways and is always into something dramalicious.

  213. werd says:

    okay okay twist my arm *off to make yahoo group*

    I’ll post an addy when I am done!

  214. werd says:

    ta da!!

    sorry DSDM’s but this place is too slow!!

  215. werd says:

    ta daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    sorry DSDM’s but this place is too slow!!

  216. werd says:

    wtf its not posting

  217. werd says:

  218. JustPeachy says:

    Rock on werd! I just joined.

  219. eeek says:

    #211- OMFG. The nasty little vibrate-y smiley after posting vile hatefulness posing as bible verses. YUCK. This is why I hang out on the computer, the urge to kick them is just so overwhelming if you meet a twat like that in person, but here I can just close the box & pretend they’re not real…. & hope to the gods they don’t vote….

  220. liljoeysmom says:

    I joined werd!

  221. Arthur Dent says:

    Trying to join the yahoo group, and it’s not letting me. It rejects all of my user name tries, or sends me to some “oops” page. Wankers.

  222. AshleyB says:


  223. mamapajama says:

    i got the oops page too.

  224. werd says:

    WEIRD,lemme check it out!

  225. JustPeachy says:

    #229 I noticed that too and it was all I could do was click the x and hope I didn’t send end up banging my head against a wall. I hate stupid ppl who blindly follow religion and quote inappropriate scripture.

  226. werd says:

    ADizzle, you have to join and be my co-founder!!!

  227. werd says:

    I dunno what’s up. Send me an email at dsdramallama@yahoo and I’ll send you an invite.

    ADizzle I want you to be my co-founder/admin/wtfever it is!!

  228. Frazzled says:

    I joined

  229. bin. says:

    Anyone else think there is way more to the story of miss “my ex stole my kids” on loss/grief?

  230. Arthur Dent says:


  231. bin. says:

    And honestly. I can’t get a job(even out of my house) because I need to devote myself to being a SAHM…

    but wait.
    I don’t have custody of my children.

    I just don’t have the energy to work, but as a mother it’s “my right” to stay home.

    And she doesn’t even see it.

  232. JustPeachy says:

    And I cannot believe ppl are stupid enough to think that there isnt something else going on in the home to warrant the whole debaucle. She is obviously not telling the whole story.

  233. Arthur Dent says:

    Reading this one and thinking “Oh, get over it already, it was dry cheerios!”

    I would have thought it was funny. Especially if the kid would have done it.

  234. JustPeachy says:

    And I don’t know about anyone else but you do what you have to to take care of your kids. It sounds like this woman is just making excuses.

  235. JustPeachy says:

    Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill A.D. Just goes to show ppl on DS need to learn to relax and not take everything so damn seriously.

  236. dirtyjim says:

    Reading this one and thinking “Oh, get over it already, it was dry cheerios!”

    I would have thought it was funny. Especially if the kid would have done it.

    Hello overreaction! I think some people will post anything for attention

  237. notmeatall says:

    #216 But tell us how you REALLY feel!

  238. notmeatall says:


    ON NO Not CHEERIOS!!!!!!!!!!

  239. Hayley says:

    How is that a train wreck? Because she is new and didn’t know? FFS the poor girl has some pretty big issues, be lucky it isn’t you.

  240. Frazzled says:

    #248…She is pretty damn dramatic. Lots of people have some pretty serious issues, the difference is that they don’t have to spill out into every single situation, explanation and issue.

    Come on…she sent one package and forgot DC, it hasn’t shown yet and she thinks “they” are going to come arrest her and take her to jail and her child will be left alone. Huh? That is drama, new member or not.

  241. JustPeachy says:

    She could’ve left out all that other stuff and just said what the problem was so obviously she was looking to garner sympathy.

  242. Frazzled says:

    I completely agree Peachy.

  243. Hayley says:

    Yeah she probably could have but maybe the issues I am talking about aren’t ones she has posted about, just more of an observation of her posting?

    Regardless she didn’t say she forgot DC, she straight out didn’t get it because she didn’t know to get it, and she said she read on DS that it was to protect the buyer.

    All I am saying is be glad she isn’t you 🙂

  244. Frazzled says:

    “All I am saying is be glad she isn’t you :)”

    No disagreements there but not because she has bigger issues than other people but because other people handle them better (which is probably what you were meaning).

  245. mysterymommy says:

    stash pics…!

    bio polar, multiple personalities…?

  246. mysterymommy says:

    omg stash pics!

    bi polar, multiple personalities maybe…?

  247. mysterymommy says:

    stash pics!

    bi polar, multiple personalities maybe…?

  248. mysterymommy says:

    why isn’t my post showing up…?

  249. itsraininghere says:

    thanks MysteryMommy!

    Nothing like everyone’s favorite drama whore to make me laugh in the morning.

    I like how she had to add that she’s using her cell phone to take the pics.

    Oh, and what was her wheelchair-bound 1yo doing while she arranged all of her diapers? and what were her children wearing when she took the pic? ugh. do you think her laid-off dh helped her lay out the diapers so pretty?


    oh, and thank you to the poster that pointed out the nakey pics. i nearly spit my coffee when i saw the one of whorish leigh-whatever with her twat all lit up. . . wtf?

  250. Yup says:

    Holy shit Mysterymommy, I just spit pop on my monitor when I saw the link. Now who is going to be the first to post to her thread? 🙂

  251. Yup says:

    And which ones where the donated dipes?

    Maybe she should update her avatar, I was the bitch that commented on how well her kid with cerebral palsy could sit up. She said it was an old pic and didn’t have a camera but she has since gotten much worse.

  252. indysteffanie says:

    #248 i agree…and ftr think she is lying about her premature child. i posted in that thread, actually. I have had 3 preemies, my youngest was a 29 weeker, with asthma and NEVER have i been told to follow the precautions she is talking about…crap, all i had to do in the nicu was wash my hands! lol

    OT…how do i send the person in charge an email? i wanted to send a link

  253. eeek says:

    #255- thank you for making me laugh! It’s always lovely when someone can be called on their shit without you even coming off bitchy, lol.

  254. Frazzled says:

    She pisses me off! In August she put her name in the pool for a FFS mini-stash from a mama on DS (although the post was on CM). This mama made her some new diapers and some of her wipes because she was so touched by her story of her daughter with CP and her ONE other child in diapers (not sure why she has 3 in diapers now). I do see the WAHM’s wipes in her photo but not her typical diapers. They are probably the ones she has listed as “unknown”.

    How do you go from begging for free diapers with a sad story in August to showing off your pics of your stash 2 months later? It pisses me off!

  255. givepeasachance says:

    I love how people are asking to see the cranky knock-offs. She probably thought that we would all forget that attention whoring post and move on.

  256. Frazzled says:

    This is a post from yesterday from TyandCheymommy on Cafemom:

    “I am really loosing it here… I need someone to talk to.

    My DH lost his job, and has been out “looking for a job” and spending all the money we don’t have… and just doing stupid things…

    I stay at home with our children… I have not had a chance to actually go out since April- when I was at the hospital with DD (she had surgery)… and my mother had the other kids.

    I just don’t know what to do- I feel like all I do is stay at home and take care of kids… I don’t even know what is going on in our “world”…

    My husband doesn’t let me put gas in my vehicle… I am not allowed to buy anything without asking… I am supposed to make sure they bills stay low (as in getting our dish shut off)… And I am supposed to stay home, be happy, and have the kids happy, and the house spotless when he finally decides to show up….

    I can’t do this anymore- All I can think about is the razor blade….

    I can’t talk to my husband- becuase he just thinks I am complaining… and I can’t go see a doctor or counclor- because DH doesn’t believe in it…

    What do I do… I need ways to keep myself from cutting… Please”

    Now she is a wannabe cutter!

  257. GMLovah! #1 Fan says:

    cell phone pics my ass! Can’t wait for those knockoff cranky pics!

  258. itsraininghere says:

    #262. . .AHAHAHHAHA holy crap, i haven’t laughed this much in a loooong time. . .

    “All I can think about is the razor blade….”

    OMG. . . seriously woman.

    In one of the posts linked above she was complaining about being depressed, and said that cd’s and ds doesn’t even make her happy anymore.

    Um. . . so you think that ppl go on ds because cd’s make us happy? i mean, really?. . .”OMG, if I didn’t have cd’s, my life would be hell and I would be soooo unhappy.”

    she needs all kinds of help.

  259. mysterymommy says:

    bi polar or multiple personalities anyone….?

  260. Frazzled says:

    Here is more from the same post. She got a whole 55 responses of sympathy:

    “I am pretty sure my DH has Bipolar- but he just won’t admit there is anythign wrong… he just keeps getting more upset…

    If I don’t have the house clean- I better be dying… my husband will go off the wall- and break things…

    He actually banned me from getting on cafemom… he said it is just a bunch of women complaining… but I figured out how to erase things so he doesn’t know I was on here…”

    “My husband has made it imposible for me to leave… I have no access to money… I have no place to go… and I have no way of staying here and kicking him out… because his grandmother technically owns the house…

    I am stuck and just have to figure out how to deal with it..”

    “Well I had a “stash” of money- almost had enough to fill up my suburban with gas so I could drive as far as it would take me and my children… but my DH found it- and took it… I have no friends around here- because DH hasn’t allowed it… my mom lives fairly close- but she is mad at me for all the things my DH has been doing… she won’t even talk to me about it..”

  261. mysterymommy says:

    multiple personalities or bipolar anyone?

  262. Frazzled says:

    Still more? Abused wife or drama whore. How come this contradicts what we see on DS? Where is she lying or is she lying on both?

    “So if I am going to leave- do I take all the kids… or just mine?? I have 7 kids here- 2 mine and his, 4 his, and 1 mine…. So should I just take my three… or all ??”

    “He drives us and goes in… I don’t get to take kids to dr by myslef…”

  263. Frazzled says:

    OMFG! She is more full of shit than I ever expected. I don’t know if you guys will be able to see this link or if the group is private. It was one of those trivial self-serving threads on CM about “show pics of your bathroom”. Scroll down on first page to see what TyandCheyMommy posted as her bathroom pics. Funny, doesn’t look handicap accessible. How stupid does she think people are? I am ROFLMAO

  264. GMLovah! #1 Fan says:

    Can’t see Frazzled. Can you right click and get the direct link to the pics and post them heer?

  265. dirtyjim says:

    sad. I hope she gets the help she clearly needs. I have seen too may women come and go on different forums, seeking attention anyway that they can.
    Lying to get free shit is pathetic, especially if she is lying about CP

  266. Frazzled says:

    Sorry…I can’t help it. It is a train wreck and I can’t look away. A post from August….

    “So I have this growth on my hip- that has made me go up in pants sizes by three- and is really painful. But my husband says to stop complaining about it- there is no need to see a doc. I am really worried- because I have been really sick lately… I mean like I have had the flu for two months now… It is the size of a baseball, and growing… I don’t know what to do. What do yall think? I hate to disobey my husband, but I am scared that I at least need it looked at by a doc before I find out later that it could have been taken care of early on.”

  267. dirtyjim says:

    sad. I hope she gets the help she clearly needs. I have seen too may women come and go on different forums, seeking attention anyway that they can.
    Lying to get freebies is pathetic, especially if she is lying about CP

  268. JustPeachy says:

    Frazzled its entirely possible that they havent made the bathroom so as Im assuming the child cant use the bathroom or that the child will never be able to use the bathroom. Also what doesnt make sense to me is why get a 1 yo a wheelchair? My little brother has CP too and my mom had him in a stroller until he outgrew it then he moved to a wheelchair(he couldn’t operate a wheelchair at all so no point in doing it any earlier).

  269. JustPeachy says:

    Ugh Frazzled that last thing you posted just makes me sick. I cannot stand when women who don’t stand up for themselves. Its pathetic.

  270. Frazzled says:

    The bathrooms she posted are totally fake. THey were c&p off a website. My cousin has CP too and she has never been in a wheelchair but rather a specially equipped stroller.

    I think much of her stories are BS to garner sympathy and attention and I don’t know the extent of the CP her daughter has. Like someone said, one day she is sitting up and the next day she is no longer able to.

  271. Frazzled says:

    Nice! In this post today she says she thinks she is pregnant.

    “So, my dh has been really depressed… and we haven’t had sex in more than three months now…. that being said- I am pretty sure I am pregnant (just haven’t bought the test yet, but all the signs are there)…. But I want sex… and he just seems so uninterested…

    Any ideas to “light his fire”???”

  272. Frazzled says:

    Last one – No wonder her hubby is depressed. She just told a group of women on CM about his lack of a penis:

    “Not to be mean or anything- BUT THANK GOD YOU HAVE A BIG GUY!!! My hubby is tiny- and I mean tiny… he does ok with it- but I really miss my ex’s penis…. just his penis…. Cause I mean big is better…”

  273. JustPeachy says:

    OMGOMGOMG NO FUCKING WAY!!!!!!! Why the hell would you post that??? The penis thing and oh we haven’t had sex but I think I’m pregnant is what Im referring to. This is sooooooooooooo fucking funny so keep it coming!

  274. mysterymommy says:

    I applied to the group just waiting for approval now.

  275. haha says:

    so seriously if your DH had a tiny penis would you really tell anyone? Hell I know I wouldn’t. That’s just horrible. I’m with Peachy…what else ya got!

  276. noisybean says:

    WTH is wrong with that woman?

    I hate my life, I’m so depressed, I want to cut myself, my husband hates me, I want to have sex with him….

  277. sassy1 says:


    THAT is some fucked up shit right there LMAO!!!

    Who the hell posts on a public board that their husband has an itty bitty manhood, and that you miss your ex’s penis!! what kind of a fucking moron is she for gods sake.

    Someone HAS to call this fruit loop out, please.
    Or at least egg her on so she’ll share more of her dramarific life …this has seriously made me crack up today.

    She needs meds….therapy, a roller coaster, and a straight jacket.

  278. bgirl98 says:

    Okay, I have never posted here, but I love to read all the drama. I have to comment on the diaper pics that were taken from a “cell phone”. I pulled up the exif info in Photoshop and they show that they were taken by a Kodak 3C10 camera, not a cell phone. The fake crankies don’t show any info, so I’m not sure on those. And I love how she says her phone doesn’t have a flash, but you can clearly see the flash in the first photo! I just had to mention that.

  279. matildasmum says:

    Anyone send her a link to the blog?

  280. noisybean says:

    OMG she posted pics of the fake crankies. What on earth!?

  281. noisybean says:

    She comments on how her cell phone doesn’t do that bad of a job at pics, yet she posts those of the crankies? Suspicious much?

  282. Yup says:

    I wonder how far she had to google back to find the pics of those Crankiepants.

  283. Arthur Dent says:

    What’s up with the “Cathy Adams” paper? Is that her name? So much from hiding from her stalker I guess.

  284. Arthur Dent says:

    Hrmm, the first “from” in my post should say “for”. The perfectionist in me could not just leave it like that without saying anything.

  285. downy says:

    Give me a break!! The first picture is so clear and then she gives us that crap. Yeah right!! I wonder where she stole those pictures from.

  286. Yup says:

    Here’s her photobucket. She spend some good time making them look fucked up. I love how all the other pics in her album are crystal clear. I imagine her 1 year old with cp must have broke her phone over nap-time.

  287. Yup says:

    What a dumb twat. Look at the full-screen version in her pb. The right side is what classic crankies should like. You can totally see where she cut and paste the left leg to make it look uneven. And I love the eraser job done to the eyes. She should start some WAHM wares for her photo editing.

  288. littlemama says:

    If she really did have those all along, why in the world would she wait sooooo long to post pics?

  289. mysterymommy says:

    my cat could cough up cuter longies. 😀

  290. noisybean says:

    Ha! Someone asked her what the Cathy Adams paper was and she said, “My name- my husband told me to put it there- to help show it is my pic…” WTF does that mean? I bet her online stalker is going to have loads of fun now. I know I am.

  291. Yup says:

    My kids are keeping busy playing with matches, so I’m working on photobucketing some crankiepants for you ladies. 🙂

  292. Frazzled says:

    More from CM…Her poor Hubby.

    “There are so many things that I at least sorta liked that my husband used to do- but now I can’t stand it… Yall have hit on a lot of them- but here is my list:

    After a long day of being hung on by kids- I just want to sit by myself and read my book or watch tv- yet that is when he is all over me, won’t leave me alone- so I always miss my show… oh and he will throw my book across the room- grrrr I take very good care of my books (all look brand new) and yet he just throws it across the room.

    He grabs me every chance he gets- EVEN IN FRONT OF MY PARENTS.

    He cooks like crud, yet tells everyone he is the greatest cook and I can’t boil water- excuse me…. I have 7 kids that say I cook just fine.

    He expects the house to be spotless when he gets home from work (ok never liked that one) but now that he is not working (got hurt in accident)… he does realize I have a lot to do during the day.

    His Driving.

    His singing- or lack there of.

    His kisses– I mean come on, you don’t make your tonge look like it is having a siezure to have a good kiss… grrr

    And last but not least- the way he thinks he is oh so much smarter than everyone in my family (I mean they are not briliant- but they are not idiots)”

  293. JustPeachy says:

    Sounds like someone chose the wrong husband. I honestly think she is being really disrespectful to her husband and if she has issues with him rather then spewing it all over the web, say it to his face.

  294. iloveflatcake says:

    Does TyAndCheyMommy not realize Photobucket lists the camera information for each photo? Her stash photo was taken by a “KODAK C310 DIGITAL CAMERA”. Some of her Crankie photos were also taken by a “KODAK C310 DIGITAL CAMERA”… and then edited.

  295. Arthur Dent says:

    The stupidity. It burns.

  296. noisybean says:

    She’s onto us. Suddenly her pictures are private. Hmm….

  297. liljoeysmom says:

    Her photobucket is private now

  298. Yup says:

    Here’s the original “unaltered” picture. I love how it was originally uploaded in 1024 x 768 and all the other subsequent pics where sized down to 240 x 180. I don’t have time to do an overlay, but it’s the exact same as a 6-12 CP. Crop the last 2 stripes, blur out some eyes and 3 teeth and viola $2 crankiepants.

  299. Arthur Dent says:

    You know, if you are worried about people “finding” you, then you should not use your same user name everywhere. It was quite easy to find where she lives, her age, the whole bit.

  300. littlemama says:

    ummmm…. Where is the picture with her name on it in the orginal?

  301. cdmd1023 says:

    I cant even handle those pics….wow

  302. noisybean says:

    #298 – yes. And did anyone notice that photo was taken January 4th, 2005?

  303. liljoeysmom says:

    The crop on the short leg is very obvious. She needs to work a bit harder on her photoshop skillz.

  304. cdmd1023 says:

    and the yellow lines? they just happen to only show up on the pants and not the whole pic? thats what we call cut and paste cut and paste cut and paste, so the resolution is so shitty you get lines.

  305. Mud says:

    ew. the tongue thing.

    And seriously if someone was making knock off Crankies would they forget eyeballs and teeth?

    dayum that is dumb

  306. mysterymommy says:

    her “story” keeps getting better and better.

  307. noisybean says:

    Its this EXACT picture. Just edited. Poorly. You can tell by the shadows on the waistband and cuff on the right side.

  308. Arthur Dent says:

    Egads noisybean, I think you’re right!

  309. Yup says:

    You’re quicker then I am #310. I was giving her more credit for figuring out how to photobucket the seed stitch in red. All the Peru/classics we’ve owned are green.

  310. iloveflatcake says:

    Is it possible that she printed off the picture #310 linked, did a little cut and paste, and then took her photos?

    This photo from her (now private) Photobucket just doesn’t look right…

  311. mysterymommy says:

    haha 😛

  312. Rika says:

    #313 eep maybe – white paper along the inside legs?

  313. Rika says:

    or she if she didnt print it and cut it out, she’s really bad at cutting photos out off of a white background…rofl

  314. givepeasachance says:

    I give her props. It takes a lot of time to peruse the interwebz to find a pic to then massacre in PB. She has A LOT of time on her hands.

  315. cdmd1023 says:

    and rather then hand writing yur name on a sticky note or something, she would take the time to print it out? nice try.

  316. noisybean says:

    Haha mystery, the resemblance is uncanny!

  317. cdmd1023 says:

    think about how easy it would have been to just admit you lied and your sis never found these, but she just had to create this huge mess for herself! another added to the do not b/s/t

  318. noisybean says:

    I know! Its such a stupid lie too. “Hi. I found fake crankypants for $2. Please be my friend.”

  319. cdmd1023 says:

    lol @ 321. pleeeease tell me, who in the world has this much time? does she really have kids? I cant imagine my kids allowing me to spend such great amounts of time writing out these elaborate stories. Im lucky if I cant write more then 3 words here!

  320. Michelle says:

    I wonder what she would come up with if someone asked for action shots. Dare I ask?

  321. Arthur Dent says:

    Oh didn’t you know? Having fake Crankies is THE ticket to the cool kids’ lunch table.

  322. Michelle says:

    LMBO, looks like someone beat me to it! I’m dying over here.

  323. Michelle says:

    Ok and OT, but what is with my monster? LOL

  324. cdmd1023 says:

    so those yellow lines…thats what my printer does when its low on ink. perhaps? maybe? I dunno, this chick just made my night!

    but for the record, I honestly am not at all a bitch, but I just couldnt walk away from this.

  325. noisybean says:

    ROTFL – Frankies! I can’t wait to see what she comes up with.

  326. cdmd1023 says:

    who wats to place some beds. I vote by 10pm her dh has had a freak out and all her posts must be erased.

  327. cdmd1023 says:

    bets not beds

  328. cdmd1023 says:

    could I be banned for my posts?

  329. cdmd1023 says:

    POOF! all gone.

  330. liljoeysmom says:

    There are a bunch of post gone from that thread already

  331. mysterymommy says:

    The mods deleted the questioning posts…

  332. cdmd1023 says:

    Guys, take your accusatory drama elsewhere. Whether you’re right or not, this thread is for this mama’s stash & not the other junk.
    No more posts re: the CPs or the thread will need to be closed.

    mods suck!

  333. Michelle says:

    Wow there went the whole thread.

  334. cdmd1023 says:

    she still mentions the fakeys, so someone could really ask again 🙂

  335. Madre says:

    my fault

  336. Madre says:

    oh i asked again…

  337. noisybean says:

    “Guys, take your accusatory drama elsewhere…”

    LOL. We did. kthanx.

    Any warnings issued?

  338. Madre says:

    not yet. i’m sure there’s one in my future

  339. DramaBore says:

    The mods have been deleting lots of posts lately! At least this time they aren’t just sticking up for popular members.

    I must say, those pics were totally whack!

  340. cdmd1023 says:

    none to me. not yet anyway. I have no use for ds though, so I could care less what they do.

  341. mysterymommy says:

    none for me either.

  342. Rika says:

    IMO she was asking for us to call her out. It’s in her original post: “I just wanted to share our stash… For some reason I feel something is missing- but just can’t seem to “track it down”…. ”

    I’m glad we all know about how many diaper pins she owns.

  343. noisybean says:

    Yup. Something’s missing alright….

  344. Frazzled says:

    Geez…look what I miss when I head out for a while.

    I fail to see how accusing her of being a liar is “drama”. Isn’t the real drama the freak who would sit in her house with her herd of kids erasing lines and shortening legs on a photo of some damn cranky pants and then post them, claiming that they were $2.00 fakes. I mean really, what kind of loon does that?

    She freaking stinks of drama all on her own. Nobody does that to her.

  345. itsraininghere says:

    so i missed some before it went poof. . . anyone care to fill me in?

    last i saw someone had mentioned that the pic might be edited. did little miss crazy ever respond?

  346. DramaBore says:

    Q about this forum: why do my posts always have to wait for moderation?

    346 – she was definitely begging for someone to call her out. That is what she does.

  347. Frazzled says:

    Everyone wave and say “Hi” to TyandCheymommy! She has been erasing Cafemom posts since the previous ones were posted.

    Don’t worry TyandCheymommy…I have the pictures of your fab bathrooms saved. Please, do tell who your contractor is…I must get hooked up with him for the same porcelain facilities in my home.

  348. cdmd1023 says:

    ooohhh bathroom pics! can I see?

  349. Frazzled says:

    Oh, of course…On a CM thread asking everyone to show pics of their bathrooms she posted this first one as “her and her hubbies bathroom”

    and this one as her “kids bathroom”.

    I fail to see how any sane person could think people would believe this….

  350. itsraininghere says:

    Maybe her dh remembered the stalker and freaked out again?

    (maybe he’s so threatened by the stalker because of his tiny penis?)

  351. Frazzled says:

    I reposted the bathroom pics but it is being “moderated” for some reason. It was in post #271. She claimed those were pics of her bathroom.

  352. Erin says:

    LMAO!! What a douche…

  353. mysterymommy says:

    Wow those bathrooms grew from a closet to a bedroom in size. Amazing!!!

  354. Arthur Dent says:

    #348-A recap, just for you.

    TyAndCheyMommy: Here’s my stash! Squee!

    Replies: Nice. Glad to see your camera seems to be working, can we see the fake Crankies now?

    TACM: Yeah sure!

    TACM: *posts such obviously fake photos, it’s stunning*


    Replies: So, um. . .can we see them on your child?

    Mods: SMACKDOWN!!!

  355. mysterymommy says:

    never mind my blonde is showing… hehe

  356. Frazzled says:

    Thanks for the recap.

    I would love to hear what she has to say. We have had all kinds of subjects of discussion show up here and ‘defend’ themselves. Since she has obviously been here, hence the sudden deletion of things all over CM, I really would like to hear what she has to say for the lying and drama whoreishness.

  357. noisybean says:

    Come out come out where ever you are!!!

  358. Arthur Dent says:

    I finally made it into the Yahoo group!

    *and there was much rejoicing*

  359. Yup says:

    Damn I missed the end of the thread.

  360. meeooww says:

    For some reason I haven’t been on here lately, but I’m glad I decided to view. I read every post, and wow wow wow!!

    First off, the lady in Reno with the abortion.. I lived in Nevada, there are no state taxes, so no state funded programs, no free condoms, no free pregnancy tests, nothing. Only from the Catholic churches, and they obviously don’t give abortions. So shes full of shit.

    And the fake crankies, “frankies”, those look like she photo shopped them, printed them out from a printer that is clearly low on ink!

    And her stash pic is from a cell phone? Yeah..

  361. eeek says:

    Hi TyandCheymommy! Welcome to the epicenter of people who think you may be loony…. feel free to answer, some of the best stuff is when people do that! We WANT to know your side.

  362. bin. says:

    Which yahoo group, dsdrama group or another one? me=confused.

  363. Arthur Dent says:

    #363-If you’re asking me, then the drama group. If you aren’t talking to me, then I don’t know, and apparently am more full of myself than I thought. 😛

  364. I forgot my screen name...woops says:

    Why does this seem so far fetched.
    Wasnt it just last week she was asking for PLing advice?

  365. werd says:

    man you guys, I go to work for 12 hours and miss all this delicious drama!! *off to read*

  366. noisybean says:

    we’ve been at this for 12 hours!???

  367. What a wanker says:

    #365 Let me guess before opening…ummm.. my DD PLearned at 15 months (actually I just need to sell some diapers) so I’m going to post this tacky spam and try to not make it look tacky in the Extra Fluffy section. What a bunch of BS.

  368. I forgot my screen name...woops says:


  369. werd says:

    lol I went to work at 9 am and cam back at 9 pm, fed the baby, got her to sleep, took a shower and now it’s 11:30 and BAM drama explosion!!

  370. Arthur Dent says:

    werd-that’ll teach you to have a life outside the internet.

  371. Frazzled says:

    I’m off to bed ladies. Try to keep it low key tonight so I don’t have to catch up on a ton of stuff in the morning.

    Goodnight TyandCheyMommy….stay away from the Paint (since there was no way that was photoshop) for godsakes!

  372. eeek says:

    #365- either she’s trying to promote her FSOT or she’s a friggin’ moron. SHE will choose her LO can’t use diapers anymore, when the child has had what, 2 days of using the potty consistently after a week of PLing? At 15 months? Good luck with that & your extra 3 loads of wash a day. You’re gonna live in stinky couch land.

  373. I forgot my screen name...woops says:

    Did you see her last reply? I just want to smack her 😀

  374. JustPeachy says:

    How wrong of her to say she wont put her dd back in dipes if her dd regresses. Thats just wrong.

  375. E says:

    Peach I have to disagree. I’ve been pl’ing kids for a loooooong time and once we go to training pants they don’t go back in dipes, except for nap/night, even if they digress. We work through it, but they don’t go back into dipes.

  376. cdmd1023 says:

    I agree E. my son recently started having accidents, there is no way im putting him back in dipes after so long. 15 mo. is young, but not crazy early, some pt as soon as they can walk. I dont get the feeling she is spamming.

  377. JustPeachy says:

    Im not saying she should but if her dd “PLing” that quickly was a fluke then its wrong to not leave that option open. My youngest was “PLed” for a full week but then decided she wanted nothing to do with the toilet anymore. I continued to encourage the toilet but it got to the point where after two weeks of consistently trying she’d just pee in her trainers. I’d rather my dds butt be comfortable in a diaper then soggy in a trainer just because I want her to use the toilet.

  378. Frazzled says:

    But “E”…how old were your kids? Were they 15 months? Regression from 15 months is vastly different than regression from 20 months +. Even urine output goes down as age goes up.

  379. E says:

    379 the youngest Pl’d at 17m, but I should ETA that we don’t go full force no dipes until I’m sure they’re ready. The idea is to make them sucessful and a few times of showing interest at 15 doesn’t mean they’re ready to PL imo.

  380. I forgot my screen name...woops says:

    I think PLed is when they chose to go to the bathroom because they know they need to go, not when parent takes them to the bathroom every 12-20-30 minute to go so they dont have to change a dipe. My 2 cents. And Shes a snot 🙂

  381. Anisasmomma says:

    My mom had my sister and I potty trained by our first birthdays. Not unheard of. Cloth diapered babies actually potty train sooner than sposie babies because they can actually feel when they wet themselves where sposies hold in the moisture.

  382. I forgot my screen name...woops says:

    I sent a request 🙂 I dont get on myspace too often though

  383. mysterymommy says:

    I just figured we could use a space to let it all out. We get off topic in here and there everything is off topic. I hope you dont mind DSDM or DSDM2.

  384. TL says:

    this one looks promising too lol, isn’t she heard from every month or so about her dd?

  385. bin. says:

    She is seriously such a piece of trash. Ugh makes me sick.

    She tried to beat up the boyfriend in a public library for fucks sakes.

  386. noisybean says:

    Sounds like being a train wreck runs in the family.

  387. mysterymommy says:


    Its one issue after another with that family. UGG!

  388. iloveflatcake says:

    C’mon TyAndCheyMommy, isn’t it about time to post something ridiculously entertaining for today?

  389. E says:

    Has this one been visited yet? Little bit of deja vu?

  390. noisybean says:

    #410 she’s probably off photoshopping some pics.

  391. Rika says:

    or purchasing a new ink cartridge

  392. I forgot my screen name...woops says:

    dont forget camer cord that the name of escapes me right now

  393. I forgot my screen name...woops says:


    but wait she probably cant afford the gas to drive to go buy the new camera cord or ink cartridge

  394. Yup says:

    So are all the pretty diapers just for Cathy, her poor kids don’t even get to wear them?

  395. E says:

    gotta love the sposies, nice close up pics even. Of course it makes ‘since’ coming from her.

  396. cdmd1023 says:

    Yup-those are some awesome pics from a cell phone!

    no comment on the sposie, we use both at times.

  397. Frazzled says:

    #414…it’s not that she can’t afford it…her husband has her on lock and key and won’t let her leave the house without supervision. He also has a small penis, wants to have sex all the time, doesn’t want to have sex ever, has a massive bathroom is a lousy cook and is paranoid someone is going to find her so he made her put her name on the frankies post.

  398. yeahthat says:

    #418 I am almost pissing myself I am laughing so hard.

  399. noisybean says:

    #418 I just fell off my chair. LOL!

  400. E says:

    Can we revisit the leighi123 train wreck here

    Anyone else notice that her 1 year old baby is very mixed and her dh she’s been with for 5 years isn’t?

    Mom at the top and dad at the bottom
    and pic of baby

    or am I seeing something that’s not there?

  401. michele05 says:

    #368- Thank you for posting links to the bathroom pics. After looking at her “Children s Bathroom” photo I remembered seeing a photo very similar to that one not too long ago.

    Here is a link

  402. Arthur Dent says:

    #422- WIN.

  403. Jale says:

    #132– what difference does that make? are you talking about the paypal deal? were you involved? if not then i dont think you have much room to talk. something else? I was not banned for scamming, never have been. Have i made mistakes? yes.. BUT that doesnt mean i deserve somehow to be scammed. Youre darn right i made a JAR about the twit- should i not leave negative FB?

    pot meet your kettle…

  404. Jale says:

    on topic though: TyAndCheyMommy is a total nut case….

  405. Mud says:

    424~I didn’t make the pot/kettle comment.
    No, you don’t deserved to be scammed for $3 but it is ironic. I love irony.
    Room to talk? Lots of it 🙂

  406. Frazzled says:

    #421..I don’t see a mixed child in that picture, I think it is just you. My DH is Cherokee/Italian background and I am Italian background, both have dark hair and eyes and eyes and our oldest daughter is blonde and 100% my DH’s. You never know what is in your background.

  407. Rika says:

    #421 I don’t see a mixed baby. I guess he’d look more fair skinned if they used a flash.

  408. Jale says:

    i can say (since i do chacha) that shes not going to become a millionare by doing it. if shes an expeditor, shell only make .03 a question.

    what a dork.

  409. Frazzled says:

    I did my training yesterday with ChaCha but it only gave me expediter questions. I really would prefer to be a generalist but couldn’t figure out why I only received expediter Q’s. Any thoughts Jale?

    Seriously, if TyandChey got approved I would have to assume I will as well.

  410. A Mom says:

    If you’re sick of DS and all that goes on there, we’ve started a new home for Diaper Chat, Diaper Trading/Selling/Buying that is not overly moderated, where Scammers are NOT tolerated and the edit button is broken. No slimy ads or viruses either. Come see us at

    (DramaMamas: hope this is ok, tried to email you but it bounced back).

  411. jale says:

    Frazz, im not sure unless you failed the Generalist test. If you did and failed- theres no way for you to ever become a generalist. Now if you didnt take the test for a generalist than youll have to ask in the forum how to take it OR you can get in the KB and send FB to become a Generalist. Being an EX isnt that bad, quite easy, the pay just stinks.

  412. Frazzled says:

    Bite your tongue :). I have never failed a test in my life unless you count non-parametric statistics and 3 pregnancy tests. :). I have not take test and when I select to take the generalist test it gives me ex questions. I found some information on the site that they are not hiring generalists right now so that is likely the issue.

  413. justme says:

    Okay – back to original topic – Jenn’s a scammer

  414. mrstkeller says:

    Did anyone see this?

    Someone has a nanny apparently. . . . .

    (sorry. .I just read this whole thing. . whew. . and am a little late on board)

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