Looks like Sam / Scamantha has really dug her hole deep this time… Some how DT drama is showing up all over DS lately.

Just an FYI, Please note that Diaper Traders (www.diapertraders.com) is sending out viruses. My opinion is that my Pop-Up blocker and Virus Software were working overtime after doing some research there this AM. Please don’t log in/visit over there unless you have the proper protection 😉


Originally Posted by mum2corbie
DT is not gone. Sam is just hiding till we all get board and shut up. For those effected by Sams Shadiness http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/scam_i_am/
I’m out $434.30, I know many others out even more. We need to work together to stop this, she clearly won’t stop on her own.
Originally Posted by 1orange23
Sam is the MOST FAMOUS scammer I’ve ever heard on DS, HC or other similar sites. I wonder how she can sleep at night.

IMO people have to buy online stuff with credit card paypal, not with funded. Let your credit card company chase her.

Originally Posted by Nikkis_Little_Ladies
What an embarrassement to the cloth diapering community, dang!

You said it Nikki! It doesn’t get much more embarrassing… oh wait… it DID! In the Juicy Apple Reports…

Name of business: Diaper Traders
Name of business owner/buyer/trader(first and last):Samantha Paige
E-mail address: unknown/she deleted them ALL
EBay user ID:N/A
Date ordered:July 8th, 2007
Products/services purchased: Web design for hyena cart Congo, personal web site design, 2 banner ad and 1 year of advertising on Diaper Traders (top and bottom and sponsoring a forum)
Price paid:$434 plus $9.30 shipping
Estimated turn around time: 2 weeks
Actual turn around time: NEVER
Was product as expected? Who knows, it’s invisible
If not why? She dropped off the face of the earth
Did you contact the person about the problem(s)?All her email addresses are deleted, her paypal account is closed,  even Diaper Traders was completely GONE for a long time, it is now back but she is no where to be found.
If so, how did they attempt to resolve? I’m looking into filing a police report and Internet fraud charges. I will do whatever it takes, legally, to get my $400+ back.
Would you do business with again? Only if I get hit with a stupid stick.
Today’s date: October, 11, 2008

Basically Sam approached me via yahoo instant messenger and asked me if I was interested in doing a trade for web work/advertising because she needed trainers for her daughter. I was very busy planning a big move but I saw it as a good investment so I agreed. We worked out the details and  on July 15th I posted pics of the trainers in a thread on diaper traders  http://www.diapertraders.com/vb/showthread.php?t=61635 (I deleted my DT photo album so the pic doesn’t show up now). I shipped the trainers to Sam on July 17th with tracking number http://trkcnfrm1.smi.usps.com/PTSInternetWeb/InterLabelInquiry.do?origTrackNum=9101150134711305716976 it was delivered to Sam July 21st 2008. I was dealing with my move and did not get back online until September 25th 2008. I have not had any contact with Sam at all. She has not answered PMs on DT, emails nor yahoo IM.  This transaction has cost me so much beyond the trainers themselves, I am just sick.

Name of business: DiaperTraders.com co-ops
Name of business owner/buyer/trader(first and last): Samantha Paige
(co-op host)
E-mail address: samantha@diapertraders.com (also uses
co-ops@diapertraders.com, spaige@surewest.net)
eBay user ID: N/A
Date ordered: Paid for items in the co-op on July 14th
Products/services purchased: This was a co-op run on her board,
DiaperTraders.com, for Bambu Kitchen items
Price paid: $523.69 USD
Estimated turn around time: As it was a co-op, there were no hard
dates, however, two weeks to get from the company and then would
expect the host to be able to ship within about a week.
Actual turn around time: To get to the host, there was a delay in
ordering which we weren’t informed of straight away and excuses as to
why the company couldn’t receive her order. It was over three weeks
before the company shipped (Aug 6) due to these delays. It was over
four weeks by the time it got to the host (Aug 13th). She then
promised to have things organized and shipped in the next couple of
days, only a few orders were.
I was promised again and again and again that my items would be
shipped. Mine is more complex as I’m international, I asked for a
quote for USPS w/ tracking and insurance due to the order size and was
suggested to go with UPS. UPS is a huge issue coming into Canada so we
agreed on her shipping to the board UPS store for me to pick-up. It
took over three weeks before it was shipped (Sept 4th).
Was product as expected? Mostly. The out-of-stock items weren’t there,
as expected, however, this is another issue as it was weeks before the
list of out-of-stock items was listed.
There were several other items missing as well for no particular
reason. As a result I was owed a refund for the items not received as
well as the shipping to host paid up front (20%) plus there was 5% of
the items received as shipping to the host was only 15%.
If not why?
Did you contact the person about the problem(s)? Many, many times,
through private messages and on diapertraders.com One thread after
another that discusses this and the issues I have, along with others,
has been deleted. If anyone starts to get upset about being out money
or items, the post or thread gets deleted.
If so, how did they attempt to resolve? I had a paypal claim in and
she got plain nasty about me trying to scam her. Paypal indicated she
could send money back to me while the claim was there, I called them
twice. She indicated that paypal told her they couldn’t. She accused
me of being the reason she couldn’t refund anyone else. There was just
over $37 in her account in the end, not even enough to reimburse me my
The overall communications skills through this entire thing were
pathetic. We got at best one sentence updates that left out the
details required. Many in addition to myself are out money still. If
we ask about refunds we’ve all been spoken to very unpleasantly.
Would you do business with again? No way in heck. This is so far
beyond ridiculous I don’t know what to day. I had participated in
quite a lot of co-ops on DiaperTraders run by other hosts and had
great experiences. I didn’t think twice about doing a co-op with Sam
since it was her site, boy was that a mistake.
Today’s date: October 10th


Name of business: Diaper Traders
Name of business owner/buyer/trader(first and last): Samantha
E-mail address: unknown
eBay user ID: unknown
Date ordered: I paid for items in a coop on July 17th
Products/services purchased: Bambu kitchen items through a coop
she hosted on her board.
Price paid: over $200
Estimated turn around time: I never received any items but she
claimed she mailed all of the packages from the coop around the
beginning of September.
Actual turn around time: I still haven't received anything.
Was product as expected? N/A
If not why? N/A
Did you contact the person about the problem(s)? I sent her
several Private Messages and she never responded until I
threatened to file a paypal claim. She then responded that she
would check my delivery confirmation number and would let me know
what she found out. I requested the DC # several times and she
never responded. I never heard from her again.
If so, how did they attempt to resolve? She never attempted to
resolve the problem. After she said she would check my delivery
confirmation number and get back to me, I never heard from her again.
Would you do business with again? NEVER
Today's date: 10/12/08

  1. Just Because says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t mum2corbie Angie of BearBottomBritches, who had her own Hyena Cart closed by Karen last year due to her own shotty and shady business practices?


    Kettle meet pot. How does it feel to be out your own money with a WAHM who fails to respond and has a gazillion and two excuses?

  2. DSDM2 says:

    #1 Yup, that is her.

    But I do have to say, there were a lot of innocent co-op mamas who say they were scammed too.

  3. AshleyB says:

    Really?! I thought EVERYONE has heard of her scamming…so unless you are totally a newbie, I don’t see WHY you would send $400 to someone online w/o doing 2 minutes worth of research!

  4. The Original Ashley says:

    #3, Apparently Angie felt protected under the Brotherhood of Scammers code- “Scam innocent people, not your fellow scammers.”

  5. werd says:

    what a friggen mess!!

  6. Me, MySelf, and I says:


    1. aminaked.com
    2. bigcashadvance.info
    3. teamquitter.com
    4. pornborg.org
    5. everybodygoto.com
    6. funadda.com
    7. guidestudent.com
    8. jenessabyers.com
    9. saotrang.com
    10. diapertraders.com
    11. wthell.com
    12. carollakin.com
    13. blogboutit.com
    14. slutbangers.biz
    15. unifiedmoms.com

    Her porn sites make a TON! I wonder if she is reporting that to the IRS?

  7. 4NobleTruths says:

    She has porn sites? LOL

  8. eeek says:

    #1, thank you, the first thing I thought was “As ye sow, so shall ye reap, baby” when I saw that. Why is this woman still AROUND?

    & #6, I don’t want to look at all that stuff (scared, lol), can you elaborate? She owns all those sites? Bunch of porn crap? niiiiice. Seriously, I’ve barely checked out DT over the years, but I know people have mentioned she’s on welfare? Seriously, that can be reported. Not that they’ll do anything but cut her off, but the less money goes in that scammer’s pocket the better. Does anyone know the state she’s in?

  9. DoodleBunz says:

    I just used my own website as an example on that search…my photography site, because I know where its hosted and some of the other things that may have come up…and voila…they did. Now, this IS NOT provided in Sam’s defense….what she has done/is doing is inexcusable…but feel free to take a look at http://www.websiteoutlook.com/www.dbimpressions.com

    My website is hosted by a site called SmugMug….as are several of the other sites listed under the same IP addy.

    But dddddaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnggggggggg, seriously, she’s still getting away with this stuff???? I feel rotten when an order is a couple DAYS later than I’ve estimated. I can’t imagine never delivering what people ordered!!!!!

  10. haha says:

    I find it hilarious that Angie made a website about Sam scamming people. Do as I say not as I do just a little bit.

  11. DSDM2 says:

    #8 you can click on the link at the top, it is safe.

    #9, She is her own host, no one else is hosting for her. 😉

  12. Me, MySelf, and I says:

    #8 She is in California.

    Those are all sites that she hosts according to what I have found. She actually has a LOT more than that. I think there is a comprehensive list on one of the other blogs here about her.

    Yes, she needs to claim that money as revenue for Child Support/Welfare/IRS/FoodStamps etc. If she doesn’t/hasn’t she could be required to pay back EVERYTHING over the last 2 years? I think. It might be longer or shorter depending on her area.

  13. Me, MySelf, and I says:

    And more…


    teamquitter.com has the IP address:
    We found 149 other sites hosted on the IP address

    15) affluentusa.com
    16) amianal.com
    17) amiasian.com
    1 aminaked.com
    19) aminakedornot.com
    20) annwvynsidhe.net
    21) anthonyorciuoli.com
    22) arreyadi.com.sa
    23) baanmo.com
    24) basesloadedforums.com
    25) betterbreedersboard.com
    26) calantar.com
    27) calantar.org
    2 cannedjam.com
    29) carollakin.com
    30) celebritydeathbeeper.com
    31) celebritydeathpool.com
    32) changemypage.com
    33) chatroomdivas.com
    34) chengyu.laoman.com
    35) christianflock.com
    36) climaxxxradio.info
    37) coconuthead.org
    3 cyberlat.com
    39) cyberlat.net
    40) cyberlatino.net
    41) deathbeeper.com
    42) deliverhope.com
    43) diaperscammers.com
    44) diapertraders.com
    45) direct2you.info
    46) elidasoft.com
    47) elkgrovemoms.com
    4 en.zhamanak.com
    49) enginefish.com
    50) enter-the-search-term.ifsmarketing.com
    51) everybodygoto.com
    52) feedcatch.feedshake.com
    53) fevdev.com
    54) fictionalstory.com
    55) fireflyacademy.org
    56) firstmilliondollarhomepage.com
    57) flyingmair.com
    5 flyingmproductions.com
    59) foundationtamara.org
    60) freestylemadness.com
    61) fuckable.tv
    62) funadda.com
    63) gotcashatm.com
    64) gotsit.com
    65) gushi.laoman.com
    66) handjerkerhelper.com
    67) helicopterwheels.com
    6 homefindingbook.com
    69) html.laoman.com
    70) infp.globalchatter.com
    71) irintech.com
    72) issa-omaha.org
    73) issa-omaha.org
    74) jacobsloc.com
    75) janetleroy.com
    76) jangna.com
    77) jeffamy.com
    7 jeffamy.com
    79) jeffamy.com
    80) jenessabyers.com
    81) kenken.cn
    82) lalaramswaroop.org
    83) lalaramswarup.com
    84) lalaramswarup.org
    85) lalarnta.com
    86) langerbooks.com
    87) lollipoplanewahms.com
    8 lordsclash.com
    89) maccowboys.com
    90) marialanger.com
    91) mariasguides.com
    92) medicalmalpracticezoo.com
    93) mireggaeton.com
    94) mpkvosangh.com
    95) mpkvosangh.com
    96) myinstantautoloan.com
    97) mylayoutsonline.com
    9 myranina.com
    99) myranina.com
    100) nakedbrowser.com
    101) nhanlife.com
    102) nyclubscene.com
    103) petersreviews.com
    104) plantforpeace.com
    105) postyourscores.com
    106) quejesedetodo.com
    107) ramcleaner.net
    108) ravinglacapital.net
    109) ravinglacapital.net
    110) reggaetonlayout.com
    111) richardfleigh.com
    112) robinhoweb.com
    113) rock.lviv.ua
    114) ru.zhamanak.com
    115) rxrescue.com
    116) sacmomforums.com
    117) scautoseats.com
    118) screwreading.com
    119) search-engine.ifsmarketing.com
    120) search-the-web.ifsmarketing.com
    121) shareyard.net
    122) slutbangers.biz
    123) spicylatingirls.com
    124) store.fireflyacademy.org
    125) studentjoint.com
    126) sunvalleyrattan.com
    127) superaddictivearcade.com
    128) surton.com
    129) swimatyourownrisk.com
    130) teamarticle.com
    131) teamquitter.com
    132) thainewszone.com
    133) thedailybackground.com
    134) theerce.com
    135) theflyingm.com
    136) todosmisperros.com
    137) top-paige.com
    138) umpbump.com
    139) upatreekennel.com
    140) ushatel.com
    141) wahmsworld.com
    142) webgoggles.com
    143) webproxy.laoman.com
    144) wickenburg-az.com
    145) wickenburgairport.com
    146) wordpressvqs.com
    147) wpvqs.com
    148) wthell.com
    149) zhamanak.com

  14. sara says:

    wow Sam is classy not only does she scam. she has porn sites also.

  15. Sarah says:

    Wait, wait, wait…so Sam owns all the sites listed in post #6??? Jenessa Byers was a little girl in my hometown who died of cancer (see website 8 in that list) Why in the hell would Sam own a website about her? Disturbing!

  16. Me, MySelf, and I says:

    Might own, but her IP hosts them all…

  17. Sarah says:

    Wow! I hope that she’s not making any money off of an 8 yr old who died of cancer. Talk about low!

  18. Me, MySelf, and I says:

    Low = Sam right?

  19. DSDM2 says:

    IMO, they are one and the same.

  20. eeek says:

    #12, I worked in welfare for a long time, sadly I’ve never seen anyone have to pay it back unless they still qualify. If someone doesn’t report some income, they have a % taken out of their ongoing checks to pay it back, if someone is a MASSIVE scammer their case just gets closed & they can’t re-apply for a while(year+). I’ve seen some sick stuff, rich landlords etc. stealing taxpayer money, getting free healthcare, but it can take years to find if someone’s self-employed.

    & welfare very possibly would have NO way of knowing about any income, even if she pays taxes on it- they use matches from the social security people, not the IRS, & they take people’s word on it if they don’t hear any different.

    The IRS, on the other hand, would make that beyotch pay it back, if she didn’t report it.

  21. eeek says:

    OK, & what rock did I just come out from under, I had NO idea someone could use the word F*CK in a site address. for real. I guess I thought there were some things that were slightly regulated, lol, like how you can’t have that on a license plate.


  22. just another lurker says:

    A fun way to look up who owns a website is at: http://www.networksolutions.com/whois/index.jsp . It is amazing the info you can find that way, email addresses, home addresses, phone numbers…… Some of those sites are hiding who owns them by using a proxy but some are for sure owned by Sam.

  23. Me, MySelf, and I says:

    DT is under a proxy, but Carol Lakin is not.

    I hope that some information on that public domain helps those scammed.


  24. The Bored Bitch says:

    Is DS leaving the info up? That would be sweet if they were.

  25. DSDM2 says:

    Last check it was still up:)

  26. sassy1 says:

    hmmm..a diaper trading board plus porn sites, that seems a bit contradictory to me!
    I hope she gets charges filed against her for her scammy ways.

    Doesn’t she usually have a buddy who pops over here to defend her from you meanie drama mamas? LOL.

  27. yestheyareallmine says:

    #26, that would be her lovah, Scare-ol (ka Carol Lakin).

  28. Amanda says:

    Looks like she owns Christian sites right along with the porn sites. Christian sites, porn sites, and CD sites……..yep, that’s classy.

  29. not tellin says:

    not to defend, but i used to own 2 porn sites, so just porn does not a bad person make. HOWEVER, i’ve never acted the way I’ve seen this person act around the web. I think the fact that she is, (In my OPINION,lol) a scammer, is what makes her a crappy person, not owning or hosting porn sites 🙂

  30. pls take your foot out of my ass sam says:

    Ya know, I just typed out this big fucking post and then deleted it. Then I rewrote it and it’s not much shorter. rofl

    Point is, I learned from my past mistakes. I have corrected everything I owed. I have taken a break and reevaluated and that crap won’t happen again. I’ve been slow to come back to this. I don’t give 2 shits if anyone on here likes me, agrees with me or buys from me. I know that my intentions have always been good, although misguided at times. I know that I have done what needs to be done to reevaluate things and make changes where needed. Most importantly I’ve taken care of my shit IRL.

    If anyone thinks I didn’t/don’t feel guilty for my mistakes, they are wrong. It is in my mind constantly and is my motivation to make sure I never send out an item that is less than perfect and that I always put my customers feelings and happiness first. I carry my cross heavily.

    Anyways, as far as Sam is concerned. I have heard all the rumors about her all along. By nature I just want to believe the good in everyone. I want give the benefit of the doubt. So when Sam explained away every issue that came up, I went for it, without question. I ignored that gut feeling that said ruuuuuuuuun, over and over because, frankly, I felt I owed her. When the shit hit the fan April/07 after my daughters birth and I was unable to finish the last of my orders, much less get on the raffle winners stuff, Sam was the only site owner that welcomed me openly and didn’t act like I was a miserable excuse for a human being for being in the situation I was in. So I ignored a lot of shit and let things go. However, if anyone noticed, I wasn’t very active most of this last year except in one thread where I chatted just with the mama’s I made friends with. I really wasn’t paying any attn to the coop section and I purposely stayed away from all signs of drama.

    I’m not willing to do that anymore. I wont enable her anymore. Not now that I realize the full extent of whom she owes and how it’s really hurt some super sweet mama’s that I really care about. I don’t want to believe Sam did this all on purpose, I’m not sure I am capable of just writing a human being off like that. So since Sam is talking to me now, I am working to lite a fire under her to get all the other mama’s taken care of. She says she is going to put money in her paypal as able and then paypal gets to issue the refunds in the order they chose. I tried to get her to at least post something publicly explaining what is up and at least issue an apology with an example of how she planes to rectify everything. But she says she won’t come back online, she will issue refunds but she can’t keep arguing with everyone. Sigh……..But I will not leave this be until all the other mama’s agree they’ve been refunded or got their goods.

    I am done with DT, I am done enabling Sam, I am only even in this little drama because i am a bleeding heart that can’t stand the idea of other mama’s not getting their stuff.money. I really don’t have time for all this but it’s important.

  31. Me, MySelf, and I says:

    #29 you are right, porn does NOT mean scammer.

    Stealing and lying does. (And otherwise being a twatwaffle doesn’t help Sam’s case.)

  32. A Mom says:

    Angie, you’re STILL enabling Sam. Stop communicating with her and proceed with the legal action. Trust me, if the situation were reversed, she wouldn’t help you.

    Sam is a big girl. If she’s searching for her BGP’s, let her find them by herself. Don’t re-associate yourself with a scammer when you’re trying to pull yourself OUT of that label!

    Really…WHAT are you thinking? Can’t change the past and the fact that you stuck your head in the sand on who/what she is. But you can change NOW and the actions you are taking NOW. LEARN from the past. She will USE you until you are no longer useful and then throw you away.

    And, duh…she opened you with open arms to her community because she was then (AND NOW) a SCAMMER and you were being called one. She knew that by bringing you in, it would deflect some of the attention off of what she was doing and, in my opinion, was probably looking for ways to set you up, since you already had a blemished past.

    Really Angie, if you’re sincere about trying to clear your name, stay away from Sam, in all ways. Quietly build your business back up and rise above her BS.

    Actions like these and statements like you’ve made are EXACTLY why they (scammers) keep coming back. Stop being the doormat!
    DSDM’s: I’m posting from work…that’s why different IP’s.

  33. werd says:

    Oh Angie STOP talking to her! She sounds like a manipulative bitch from what I read, and she sounds like she is trying to suck you back in! I am SO glad I just joined the online CDing community, I can’t begin to imagine dealing with such a horrible person!!

  34. haha says:

    Angie I’m not getting into it here but your poor me crap is disgusting. Although not near as disgusting as Sam is. Stop talking to her you know from experience being nice to someone that’s screwing you won’t get you anywhere but being screwed even harder.

  35. anonymous says:

    Angie, In my OPINION Sam is using you. She is feeding you the “poor me” card, I didn’t mean for this to happen, I’ll get the money, I’m going to sue everybody and so on….I bet shes even crying about how mean everybody is being to her. I call bullshit and if your smart, you will step back. It is my OPINION She is trying to play you to get into your yahoo group and get info about whose posting what. It’s no secret how good she is at pretending to be other people from her banned DS UNs. You are not a bleeding heart honey, you are being blind and going to go down with her. I will never buy from you again for associating yourself with her at this point by “working things out” after you were the one who was pushing everybody to press charges on her. I thought you actually changed until your recent post. I almost wonder if your in this with her or something…who knows….Sam will not stop with you enabling her and sticking up for her. I will not feel one bit sorry for you when she sticks it to you like she’s did to everybody else. How much do you want to bet Sam put you up to posting?? I know her kind all to well. I feel She needs to face criminal charges for ALL the things she has done to people including poor peanutsmommy. She had to of harassed her pretty bad or had Carol do it to push somebody over the emotional edge like that. We have seen Carols true colors on these posts so if she is in on it she needs to face charges to. Sam has taken money and ruined lives. She needs to be held accountible for EVERYTHING she has done.

  36. Tide says:

    Since Angie has taken on the responsibility of making sure all the moms get their refunds, does that mean she can be held liable if they dont?

  37. Just Because says:

    #2 I do very much feel for the innocent mamas. Though I will also admit to enjoying the fact that karma came around and bit Angie. Vindication at its finest… finally a scammer being scammed.

    #8 I’ve read, but not posted before this… Angie playing the “poor me” card was just too much!

    #30 :eyeroll: Carry my cross heavily… Bleeding heart… please I just threw up in my mouth a little bit! You will always be on my do not B/S/T list alongside a few others who have moved from one store name to another without a care for their customers… at least you didn’t buy new boobs. I do not buy one word of your redemption and work too damn hard for WAHMs like you to put us all in a shady light! Your selling days are over.

  38. Just Because says:

    And Sam may not be speaking now, but she will be back. We all know its true… them scammers just cannot stay away.

  39. Pls take your foot out of my ass sam says:

    I’m tired, been at the hospital all day with my son. I don’t fucking care about this anymore (so why am I here reading). I was stupid to even hope to get through to Sam, ugh. Sam says she’s got my site ready. Whatever, I don’t even care. I do wholesale/local sales mostly anyways.

    Knowing what I know now (even more fun info I learned today plus things Sam said directly to me the other day and I’m just today really fully grasping) I am just awestruck that real life can truly be this fucked up. I am tellin ya’ll now, everyone needs to do whatever reports/filing etc that fits their situation asap.

    Quite frankly, being involved with Sam is mentally draining and exhausting and I have no desire to torture myself further. She has been more of a time bandit than anyone I have ever met. More time is waisted on Sam drama than seems possible. I live with 3 special needs people and Sam still wears me out more. I can’t even fathome why I even give a shit? Why? WTF?

    I’m just a mod on Scam I am and I shall be a silent one from now on, let the owners help everyone figure this out. I’m outie, if my website and banners magically appear GREAT. If not, fuck it. I’ll take the Karma hit as others have pointed out. Surely that evens me out, right. Shit.

  40. Funneh says:

    Off-topic, but check it out: a butthurt self-outing and Muttaqin Baby CS admitting to shitty seller practices all in one thread:


  41. cdmd1023 says:

    #40-good read, thanks for posting!

  42. bin. says:

    bah it’s gone. anyone have a screencap of whatever it was?

  43. i promise I am not kim says:

    jenna can be so annoying…and I actually agreed w/ kelli…remember all the times Jenna stalked and argued with Shabbychic’s posts? and she DOES always make a big deal (well she used to at least) about how other people price their diapering items…so what she did with the ebay thing was pretty crappy considering all the DS lectures she’s given about fairness and passing on a deal yadayadayada

  44. Funneh says:

    Dammit, I meant to get a screencap and then tended to a baby and forgot about it.

    Here’s the short version in case nobody caught one:

    Poster is annoyed by people who ask the seller to hold something, then back out of it with a lame excuse, then are seen posting on some other thread about just having paid for a custom (basically little white lies instead of just being honest and saying she didn’t want it anymore).

    kidpsych2be (also known as Mutt CS) comes in saying she sees no harm in little white lies and gives an example about auctioning a new Gap dress on Ebay that only went for .99 and telling the buyer that her daughter spilled paint on it so she wouldn’t have to give it up for so little. Lots of mamas tell her how shady that is (should have just started it higher if she wasn’t willing to sell it for that price, etc.) and she gets into a catfight of sorts with another WAHM who obviously has issues with her already.

    In the meantime, the mama whom the original post was about drops in, outs herself, and calls the mama who started the thread a liar a few times and tells anyone who tries to remind her that nobody would have known it was her if she hadn’t posted that they were OMG WRONG and how BAD these LIES made her FEEL.

    Total trainwreck. Infinite amusement. I’m sad it’s gone.

  45. sheepthrills says:

    One of our web-ninjas had to have caught it. I’ll be waiting impatiently!

  46. DSDM2 says:

    I have it 😉 So does DSDM3. We’ll get it up soon 😉

  47. Zukey says:

    What happened between Jenna and Meg? All I caught were the BFFs shooting rainbows and love out of their asses in the aftermath.

  48. JustPeachy says:

    Damn sleeping! I always miss the good shit. I wanna know more about this new thread. And can I just say I was a bit shocked when I found out today that kidpsyche2be was in fact the Jenna behind mutt cs?????? I thought she was peeved off at Michelle over that whole customs list and not shipping timely crap?

  49. cdmd1023 says:

    Peach-you never saw her siggy? or did she not change it till after you left.
    It was too funny.

  50. JustPeachy says:

    Kate no I didnt because I hadnt seen a post of hers the few times I went on DS since my banning. Thats just crazy!

  51. sheepthrills says:

    And now she’s posting in T&F for a mod because someone on DS is harassing her. LOL

  52. werd says:

    seriously this website is addictive. I NEED MORE DRAMA! My boss just yelled at me because he saw me on here… hehehe

  53. The Bored Bitch says:

    wonders what rainbows and love looks like shooting out of ones ass.

  54. Kellie says:

    I was SO hoping the Jenna thing would make it here. I wish I could have been more “out” about it, but you can read more about it here: I know it’s an old post, but to think that someone could go out of their way to trash someone and accuse them (me) of being a liar and being greedy (which was not the truth) and then admit straight out that she is a lying greedy bitch! What?

  55. Kellie says:


    The thread didn’t show up. Trying again. I just hope more people can see just how nasty this witch is.

  56. Kellie says:

    For those who don’t want to read all the comments:
    A. I bought a diaper from Jenna when I was trying to find a good diaper for my son
    B. Diaper did not have a soaker with it, I made a soaker for it.
    C. I sold all diapers that weren’t working for me, along with this one.
    D. Person I sold it to emailed me that she felt the diaper was not disclosed correctly. I apologized and asked what I could do to fix it for her. She asked for a $5 refund.
    E. I sent refund immediately and apologized again.
    F. Later, My buyer offered diaper on FSOT.
    G. JENNA, emailed my buyer to find out how much she had paid me for the diaper.
    H. Apparently I forgot how much I paid for it and I charged $10 more (actually getting $5 more) and so I became a lying greedy bitchy and Jenna decided to go all out on me harrassing me and saying some really nasty things to me because of it. None of what she thought happened was true though. I was very confused on why anyone would even THINK I would do that on purpose, I am not that kind of person at all.
    I. Yesterday it all become crystal clear. Jenna in fact ADMITS that she IS that kind of person herself and sees no problem with lying and being a greedy bitch herself. She full on admits to lying to a buyer on Ebay so she could relist the item and make more money than it sold for.

  57. sheepthrills says:

    Wow, interesting read. I’m not impressed with that WAHM and will be happy to avoid her like the plague! Too bad for Mutt that they have her on their payroll.

  58. DSDM2 says:

    Ladies/gents, we will have that blog up tonight, families come first 😉

  59. DSDM2 says:

    Meant to add keep an eye out for it 😉

  60. Jenna says:

    #57 – sad that you could read one little blurb from one person behind a computer that has posted on a drama blog and make a comment like that.

    I have absolutely no desire to rehash something that happened over 6 months ago. But I will say that if you’re going to make a comment like that, Kellie, better compare to apples to apples my dear.

    And you certainly come off a little desperate, a little sad, a super boring when you post this on a thread that absolutely nothing to do with me, you, the transaction regarding the overpriced SOS or the Transaction or hateful PM this started over again from.


  61. Kellie says:

    Jenna, First, it’s not one little blurb, there were a lot of comments on that entry including your admission of doing and saying some pretty stupid things, so hey, get some morals yo.

    You are apparently too dense to realize that you outright admitted to something you accused me of and made it sound like I was the devils spawn over it. Maybe you only accused me of it because you need to know that others are capable of your scumminess. I’m not, but you apparently would like to think so for whatever reason.

    Do me a favor, the next time you want to get stupid, and call someone a liar or a greedy bitch, you really need to look no further than your bathroom mirroe. You of all people had zero right to judge me and showed it 100% last night-which btw-is the only reason this is being brought up again. Now everyone can know just what you truly are if they don’t already….and methink many do.

  62. sheepthrills says:

    #60, oh I read more than one little blurb, but thanks anyway. Just so happens that that little blurb led me to a bunch more little blurbs, and this isn’t exactly the first time I’ve heard about your reputation either.
    There are so many fish in the WAHM sea, that I see no reason to do business with someone who can’t control their conduct 100% of the time. It’s not that hard. I also don’t think I’ll do business with a WAHM whose very own CS rep can’t display exemplary behavior in public.

  63. Anon says:

    All of you need to get lifes. “Yo.”

    You sound stupid, and pathetic.

  64. JustPeachy says:

    #62 I do have to agree with you. When you are a customer service rep for a WAHM biz it helps to not be so open about things that would be considered bad CS especially since the wahm she is working for has already taken a hit due to bad CS.

  65. DSDM2 says:

    #63, I wouldn’t throw stones…

    It should be “You sound stupid and pathetic.”

    There is only a comma if there is a list of three or more… yo.

  66. JustPeachy says:

    And furthermore its LIVES not LIFES

  67. Jenna says:

    Haha. This is ludicrous.

    Whatever happened between Kellie and I all that time ago has absolutely nothing to do with the position I hold now. # 62 you couldn’t possibly know what you’re talking about since Kellie has been holding this grudge for, like, months now. There are no “several little blurbs” because this reputation you speak of? Doesn’t exist. Ask most anyone and they will tell you I am kind and diplomatic. But hey….if it gives you some excitement in your life to make up stuff, cool. I’m down with that.

    And Peach, don’t even. It was you, several weeks later, that sent me a couple PMs apologizing for “sticking up for” Kellie in the first place. Don’t be such a follower. If you believe Kellie, that’s cool….but don’t change your story around to appease whoever will listen.

    Kellie – it’s entertaining to me that you hold such hostility for me over what? Calling you out? Get over it. It’s done and over with but you seem to carry around resentment and anger. You even pounced on the one tiny little thing that could almost (yet not quite) compare me to you. It’s creepy; like you’re stalking me. Stop it.

    You’re making yourself look worse by name calling, as well. Just let it go.

  68. werd says:



  69. werd says:

    I’m waiting for a midget in a tutu and a tranny brawl to ensue…

  70. Kellie says:

    This is great! Two nights in a row, you are on a roll Jenna! Thanks for the entertainment! It’s always fun to see someone try to justify her treatment of others by cutting them down even more.

    I haven’t carried anything, grudge or otherwise, in fact I totally forgot about it until your slip up last night. I’m really quite busy and don’t frequent DS, so even I find it weird that the thread I ended up in was that one. I can kind of understand why you might think I was trying to find something on you, but I can assure you, you are not at the top of my list of interests, or even close. My family and my work are important, you are a minuscule little piece of grain that entered my life.

    I just thought it was so ironic and hilarious that THIS was the person who decided to throw a stone. You don’t sound like a Christian, so let me explain. There is a part of the bible that says “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”

    Difference is, your statements against me? Pure unfounded allegations. You? Pure truth. And they are exactly the same thing. In all eyes but yours. You apparently think it’s not okay to lie and be a greedy bitch, well, unless you are the one doing it.

  71. Kellie says:

    Oh, just one thing more right now? Jenna, why is it that you have this thing about continuously trying to shut me up? Why are you so intent on feeling like you have the power and the right to tell me to stop. You did it in the first thread, you did it last night and again today. What are you so afraid of? You can keep going as long as you want, I don’t care. You can’t hurt me with your lies and allegations. You continually thinking you have any right to tell me that I have to stop is making you look like you are a controlling self involved person. I will stop when I’m ready, and I can tell you, I will more than likely let you have the last word, because honestly, I really don’t care about having the last word. But I will stop when I am ready, not because you think you have the right to tell me to.

  72. Jenna says:


    Okay – I am going to walk away from this now. It’s silly. I apologize for “trying to shut you up.” Maybe I was trying to save you from making a fool out of yourself? Or maybe you should think about how this will come off to your own customers? Well, regardless, I have no interest in playing along. I haven’t the time nor the patience.

    FWIW, no I am not Christian, but I certainly don’t need you, of all people, translating for me.

  73. Kellie says:

    Yes, I’m positive it was for my benefit.

  74. sheepthrills says:

    Methinks Jenna’s a little nervous about that screenshot getting posted on the blog later tonight.

    I wonder how many Mutt customer’s emails are not getting answered while she’s on here playing in the dramaz? (Yeah, you say you don’t have a reputation, but I’ve seen a few DS threads before they got deleted.)

  75. Seriously says:

    ROFL – for real!


  76. Erin says:

    Where’s that popcorn smilie when you need it?!

  77. bin. says:

    Three posts in this thread Jenna, and in all three, it’s ‘not worth your time” and you don’t want to “rehash” and it’s allll so long ago.

    Then stop fucking posting about it and shut the eff up.

  78. JustPeachy says:

    Jenna I didn’t say I am switching sides :). Things came out and I saw the situation between you and Kellie in a different light. Take my words as a friendly bit of advice if you will. Do not forget DS mamas NEVER forget things like that and it DOES affect their purchasing decisions. I have learned this well.

  79. Bloo♥ says:

    WOW Sam’s sites are Klassy, celebrity death pool, celebrity death beeper, disgusting.

  80. Zukey says:

    GAH! My popcorn is stale. 😉

  81. DSDM2 says:

    Sorry, getting to it. Lots going on at home 😉

  82. jale says:

    i agree with Peach on that thought– DS moms NEVER forget anything you do.. it follows you.

  83. Zukey says:

    Hey, no problem. I fed the stale stuff to the kids while they were playing with rocks in the middle of the street. I’m on my second batch of popcorn right now watching Amy Poehler try to bounce her baby out doing the Sarah Palin rap.

  84. Jess says:

    Pardon my French, but what a cunt. That is seriously the shittiest thing to do EVER. And to KEEP doing it. I’d beat her ass if she took my money…lol

  85. 4NobleTruths says:

    There’s another JA report against Scammy for the Bambu co-op.

  86. Dramawhoresezwhat? says:

    saweet!! Tranny brawl!!

    I’d just like to say that the Batgirls called this one MONTHS ago. We kicked Scammy Sammy to the curb at least a year ago.

    Also- nobody should trust Angie with ther money. period. Honestly It wouldnt surprise me if they were in on this together. Anyone who has lost money needs to call the authorities on their own accord. Do not trust someone else to do your job. That is how you got into this mess in the first place.

  87. Pls take your foot out of my ass says:

    #86-1st of all I can promise you Scammy Sammy is on my shit list and she should consider herself lucky I am to busy raising 4 kids on my own to go “say hello” to her all they over in Elk Grove. Her scamming days are not over, stupid trick can’t even lay low properly.

    **You know what I mean Sam, since we know your reading this and spinning your G*d damned wheels trying to figure your way out of this. Every time you open your mouth you dig yourself deeper and give ppl more ammo. (insert puking smilie)

    I am pretty sure there is only one other person more pissed at her than me and there is no way Scammy can flip this with us.

    2nd of all I am not doing anyones grunt work for them. I will gladly help anyone out that needs info, or to vent, but I can not and will not hold their hand.

    3rd I love how people throw these accusations around when 9/10ths of the time they have never even done business with me nor even talked to me one on one to know a single thing about me. But whatever, drama is oh so much more interesting than the truth.

    My transactions are all clear and I don’t have any fraud charges against me (unlike some ppl we all know and love to hate), so clearly your full of it.

  88. DSDM2 says:

    Looks like DT is down again. Nice.

  89. 4NobleTruths says:

    I think DT is finally dead.

  90. Tracy says:

    looks like Sammy has moved onto world of warcraft.
    Here’s some posts by her as forumrunt


    I assume she owns worldofwarcraftkids.com?

  91. DSDM2 says:

    We were never sued or anything, so I doubt she did much… her other sites were down, including inspiredbyfinn

    As a matter of fact, we haven’t had any contact since Scarol’s bullshit here months ago.

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