354 responses about the viruses and counting… long-time members dropping like flies… what is that going to leave? Scammers?
Originally Posted by mommyof4es
I need Lee’s address to send my tech bill to him. This is flippin’ outrageous. 
Originally Posted by Juan M
I’m not so sure what is so outrageous about it. It’s a risk you take anytime you go to the internet and visit a site. This is not a planned attack or something we WANT to happen. Please keep us in mind on this too.

We are trying to get rid of whatever it is that got through the filters and comments like this are not helpful. It’s your choice to come to the site and we are doing everything possible to make it run as smoothly as we can.

Thank you for understanding.

Originally Posted by oliviab
I have spybot and run mcaffe! So when my comptuter completely shut down and wouldnt turn back on was indeed outrageous!! I had to pay $100 to get my comp fixed. Not everyone has that kind of money.I think the pp is just upset and to say it was your choice to come on is kinda mean.When I logged on sat i had no idea that you guys were fighting a virus or I wouldnt of logged on.Nothing was even mentioned about this on the forum until wed.Im sure The had It been mentioned sooner No one would of logged on at the risk of ruining there computer
Originally Posted by Juan M
Yep, I understand. We were not aware of a virus attack until our members began mentioning it.

What you need to know is that we have been receiving many PMs and comments attacking us for what is happening – blaming us as if it were our fault this happened. After so many comments, it starts to get annoying.

I know that shelling out $100 is a lot of money! I don’t even have it should I need to use it. But again, consider the cost we have of repairing the damage done to our servers and forum. Consider the hours we now have to spend reverting to the state we were at. People fail to realize that this probably affects the board owner, and admin a whole lot worse than the members.

I am sympathetic to what our community is going through and I would never in a million years consciously allow something like this to happen on purpose. So, forgive me for my mean comment and please have a little compassion for what we are dealing with at the moment.

  1. The Bored Bitch says:

    I call BS.
    It is my opinion that Lee has the funds to fix this quickly and efficiently. He chooses to drag it out while computer after computer is infected.

  2. Tara says:

    Lee knew about this problem months ago. I was having these same issues in the spring and when I pmed Lee about it he got incredibly defensive and suggested I clean up my own computer. He doesn’t want to take responsibility for anything he does. Most money hungry nazis don’t!

  3. Tara says:

    “He chooses to drag it out while computer after computer is infected.”

    Honestly I think it’s to everyone’s benefit that he does. Finally ppl will stop viewing him through rose colored glasses and maybe his site will completely fail. True snakes get exposed eventually. I just wish someone could start a site with as much popularity as his so I have another option to the FSOT forums. It seems like all the good stuff gets sold over there.

  4. What a wanker says:

    Come on, we all know that the only thing Lee cares about is the almighty $$$, why do you think he cares more about advertising so much than the members?

    I wonder, is it both regular members and site supporters being affected?

    I’m so glad I don’t go on there much anymore. I had a ton of viruses on 9/28. My AVG antivirus caught them. Have to wonder if that is where it came from.

  5. Erin says:

    Most times I visit there, I get a “worm intrusion” warning on my computer. Only seems to happen when I go to DS and not any other website. I’m a site supporter, which is almost over, thank goodness! I won’t be renewing that.

    I just love that he isn’t fixing what his “advertisers” have brough to the site. Doesn’t he get that by NOT fixing the problem, he will ruin one of his moneymakers?

  6. dazed says:

    I love how he never answered the original question…why didn’t they send out an email as soon as they knew there was a problem?

  7. Mommyof4Es says:

    I’ve deleted the link from my IE startup tabs. I for one will not be back (not like it matters anyway but whatever). A $150 bill for labor and $110 for a new hard drive when it couldn’t have come at a worse time. Damn moneygrubbing fuckers.

  8. JustPeachy says:

    As far as I know it is their fault right? I mean they didn’t take the ads down until they could investigate which one had the virus therefore its completely their fault. They also should’ve sent out a mass email warning people of this issue once they were made aware.
    We all knew Lee is a money grubbing whore and this just proves it.

  9. werd says:

    … fucker.

  10. trolltastic says:

    what a douche bag. sit around with your freaking thumb up your ass and just collect more money. i love how he doesn’t have $100. yeah effing right asshole.

  11. Tara says:

    Read this post: “Ok well I have had a few nasty things too. All from this site. Luckily for me my hubby is a wizz, he does this sorta stuff to make extra money. The virus is coming from a Right Media. Also sorry to say guys but it is coming from someone who has a way to come though an Admin on this hosting site. It is some very nasty stuff and I will let you know more as soon as hubby can crack the info and re trace the steps to find out exactly where and who this is coming from. Who ever it is really knows what they are doing. My hubby has to clean up every time I come here but he is getting more and more info everytime.”

    Someone is coming though as an admin and they can’t even figure it out? Maybe Lee should take some of that money he’s ripping off of ppl and invest in decent tech support. What a wanker!

  12. trolltastic says:

    that is utter BULLSHIT!
    seriously. what in the hell.
    is there any way that we can for sure be able to tell if the virus is gone? I know sometimes i get that anti-spy thing when i try to get on and luckily my computer has blocked these viruses.

  13. Angie says:

    I’m a site supporter and had one that looked a lot like an ad. Nothing since, though I haven’t had a lot of time to be online and at DS.

    They definitely need to deal with this. now.

  14. Mimi says:

    I can’t even get into DS anymore. The front page doesn’t load. Sounds like it’s a good thing though!

  15. Mamageek says:

    Oh yes, it is our choice to visit DS…and he should want us to. WE (well, we as a whole, because I don’t) pay THEM.


  16. Rain Cloud says:

    Wow just wow. I’ve been an original member here and knew when the site changed ownership to these guys that it would eventually fail. But to let personal computers be attacked without any kind of notification to the members? That is just dumb. We need to make our own site again!

  17. mamapixie says:

    So,the reason, besides having Firefox and adblock plus, that I haven’t been affected by this virus/spyware is because I don’t visit the front page, ever? I also adblocked the banner ad on the forums page ages ago, so I never see one.

  18. Real Diaper Talk says:

    Total BS. On another forum something similar happened. Know what the admins did? They shut the site down AND send out a mass email about the problem. They were even courteous enough to apologize and send another mass email once the problem was fixed.

  19. The Original Ashley says:

    Those fuckers. I will never go back there, no matter what they say. I can’t trust them (not like I ever did) but I also can’t afford to spend money on repairs to my computer. It’s just not worth going to that damn site anymore. There are better places to be than that effed up place.

  20. haha says:

    another one here that not only had my home computer fried but also my work computer. I’m so totally pissed that they didn’t notify anyone about this.

    AND that the origional response was Lee knows about this but is the only one working on it and won’t be back until Monday. assholes.

  21. meeooww says:

    Wow, that is truly disturbing. Seems like strange things are happening to a lot of sites. Just Mommies was recently hacked. Seems like the inter-world has gone bonkers!

  22. Me, Myself, and I says:

    Yeah, I am a LONG standing member there. But I am done. Apparently we are dropping like flies. There was someone who posted about how awful it is that no email has been sent. I agree 100%. Even if they are claiming that they JUST found out, it has been almost a WEEK and no email.

  23. AshleyB says:

    The whole thing is bullshyt. I got MUCH worse ads from their site than I get browsing free porn…and I’m a comp. whiz too. I posted a how-to clean your comp post over on DS that got buried…though an ADMIN should have been the one to post that, as that is the point of THEIR TECH SUPPORT. If I didn’t have open transactions going there, I would drop that site completely.

  24. Molly says:

    GAH! It got my computer too. $199.00 just for the labor and then an additional $100.00 to reload programs that were damaged.

    I want to send my bill to Lee.

  25. twatwaffletuesday says:

    I am not sure if its related or not, but I had a hard drive fail recently too. My dh said in all of his years of working with computers hes never had a hard drive fail. I dont know if it was just his first to fail, or if something greater killed it. We shall never know.

  26. thewhiteninja says:

    class- action suit?

  27. downy says:

    It is weird how some people are completely unaffected and browsing like normal. Then others have AV software going crazy but no damage. Still others actually need repairs to their computers. Strange!!

  28. cdmd1023 says:

    I had major pop ups then my computer was going nuts and shutting down, so $45 later for new spyware and the issue seems to be gone for me. i also never open the main page, i ave the diaper chatter and fsot bookmarked so I go right there.

  29. JustPeachy says:

    I had ad block and am running the free avast program and I haven’t had any issues. Then again I dont browse on DS for any length of time.
    I’d advise everyone to back up everything if they intend to keep going on DS as its cheaper and easier to just reformat your hard drive which IME takes care of most problems.

  30. mamapixie says:

    Yeah, I’ve had no issues, no warnings, nothing. Like I said, I just ran a virus scan yesterday, picked up nothing. Using Firefox(2.0017) with adblock plus. I also right click to permanently close down every ad as soon as I see one.

    If it weren’t for my local girls, I wouldn’t go there much anymore.

  31. AshleyB says:

    I never go to the main page either…I just go straight to my inbox while browsing, and go from there. And, I think everyone should invoice the PP address for becoming a site supporter (where else do you bill Lee at?)

  32. The Bored Bitch says:

    The way they respond reminds me of dealing with Spammy and Scarol.

    About the same level of maturity.

  33. JustPeachy says:

    Has anyone seen the new sister site? totallyher.com??????? And Lee is hosting it??? Oh where does it end!

  34. JustPeachy says:

    Oh and does anyone know of a good free spyware remover? I have tons of those stupid consumer tracking spyware shit on my comp and its too much for me to manually delete.

  35. haha says:

    The reason they won’t put out a mass email is the same reason they ban people for speaking out…it’s bad for sales and marketing. Why broadcast to everyone that there’s an issue? I mean heck Lee might loose a few thousand dollars that line the pants he wears during the day (and his coffin at night)

  36. whoopee says:

    Another reason why I’m glad that I use a Mac, no viruses. That said, I’m glad I read this before trying to log in from my mom’s computer or something-she’d kill me!

  37. AshleyB says:

    Peach, use Spybot, AdAware & Ccleaner. Between the 3, your comp will be a kagillion times cleaner & faster too.

  38. TL says:

    and this is the post from Lee about why there was no warning to DS’ers at all.

    “We were so busy with trying to solve the problem (it basically took all of John’s week to get to the bottom of this) and we never considered taking out the eral hours of time prep and send a mass email. That likely also would have caused greater concern than was necessary to the thousands of DSers that never knew there was a problem in the first place.”

  39. haha says:

    OMFG. he makes me sick. So since he didn’t have the time to send out a warning (or even close the site for a day with a note as to why) is he going to pay for all us that had issues? Hell no. fartbox.

  40. JustPeachy says:

    Oh and FWIW my spyware issues were completely unrelated to DS. Apparently I am a moron and it was just my cookies needed to be cleaned out.

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