Or is she just a liar and scammer?


I’m tired of this! I’m tired of a particular wahm pretending she’s not receiving my messages on here, by email, and on hyena cart. It’s pretty darn ironic that out of three different ways of messaging none of my messages are being received. I’m tired of being told that due to family or personal circumstances I must wait longer because she is way behind, yet I see some of the very items I requested via custom being sold on her hyena cart. I’m tired of her hyena cart being stocked regularly when she is in fact so far behind on customs. I’m tired of being nice and not leaving negative feedback because I’m way over the allotted paypal claim period and I feel if I offend her I will lose my money. I’m tired of shady wahms giving other wahms a bad name.

If you can’t keep up with the work load stop taking customs and stop making excuses about your situation and pretending that none of the messaging systems work for you. Stop ignoring me!


After being told that this particular wahm is ill and I will have to wait longer for her relatives to finish up her orders I asked for a refund. Ignored. Contacted hyena Cart admin and asked yet again for another refund. Left feedback and finally received a reply. It seems MY money has already been spent on copays and so I am being denied a refund because of their financial situation, but alas I’m still seeing her cart being stocked and ppl are still receiving their orders. This just sucks!

UPDATE 10/07/2008:

I have received a few PMs and direct emails from the JAR report from mamas who went through a similar experience with this wahm. I was really struggling between feeling guilty about pushing the issue and angry because I thought she was lying about everything. The mamas that messaged me ended up leaving feedback because they felt sorry for her situation and some were afraid of retaliatory action. I completely understand the position they were in but I just wanted to tell everyone please please leave appropriate feedback no matter what the circumstances. You can still leave positive feedback if you truly believe there is something going on out of the wahm’s control, but at least mention that it took months to receive the item, or whatever the situation maybe. You can leave constructive criticism that would help other customers tremendously and not be offensive to the wahm. I would not have purchased from this wahm had I known the true feedback history. I’m going to make sure the next customer makes an informed decision before purchasing. I’m also hoping by lighting a fire under her others will receive their purchases quickly and in good condition.

As for my situation I’m going to give her exactly one week from the date of the last email she sent me… if my complete order is not to me or is incorrect in any way I’m taking legal action. I’ve heard enough to know that something fishy is going on and I’m not going to be stepped on any longer.

Here are her excuses starting in July:


Excuse #1

Originally Posted by StacyW
I am a bit behind on orders this week. My husband is having intestinal bleeding and there have been ER visits and Dr’s visits all week to determine the cause. I am getting caught up but if you have any questions please let me know, I check PM’s often!!

Excuse #2

Originally Posted by StacyW
Edited for updates:

If you have ordered from me and haven’t received your order yet, please keep an eye here on my main Wares post. I will update there as orders are going out. I am nursing a broken foot and while orders are going out they are going slower than usual. 12 orders are going out Monday!!

Thanks for your patience

Excuse #3

Originally Posted by StacyW

I have had a rather serious medical complication come up (Contact me if you want details). I will stepping back from DiaperSwappers for now, but will continue on with the HyenaCart and Congo and plan to back at full speed soon.

I am shipping many orders this weekend, and I have my sister and mom helping me get the rest of the orders completed. All HyenaCart orders will be going out along with DS orders this weekend.

My email is reklaws@comcast.net and that is honestly the best way to get contact with me right now.

I will be slow at answering for the next day or two due a procedure that I am having done on Friday 9-26. Please send good vibes my way.

What do you think? Should the buyer be more paitent? Or is this a little excessive and… well… fishy?

Here is the Juicy Apple Report, Reply, and Update:

Bad Apple Little Green Elephant (Diaper Swappers username StacyW)

Posted by: “theleachfamily”

Mon Oct 6, 2008 4:47 pm (PDT)

Name of business: Little Green Elephant (Hyena Cart)

Name of business owner/buyer/trader(first and last): Stacy Walker

E-mail address: reklaws@comcast.net

Date ordered: July 18, 2008

Purchase price: $108.50

Products purchased: Custom order of unpaper towels, wipes, and family

Estimated turn around time: I was on a customs list but it was a short
list and we are talking about small squares of cloth here. I’d say 3
weeks max.

Actual Turn around time: Have not received items or refund… it’s
been nearly three months

After no communication for weeks I was preparing to file a PP claim
but then I received an email from Stacy saying my order would be
shipped out within 10 days.. pushing me over the allotted time to file
a claim.

Two weeks later I still hadn’t received my items so I emailed her
numerous times. She finally emailed me stating that she wasn’t
receiving PMs on DS or emails and that she had broken her foot so I
would have to wait longer to receive my items.

I waited again then sent her more emails. A week later she emailed me
back stating that my order was almost finished and she would ship it
out immediately. Then she asked me if I could list what I had
purchased and how many of each item.

Another couple weeks passed and her husband emails me stating that
Stacy is ill and they don’t know when she will be better but her mom
and sister are taking over her orders. I will have to wait until they
are able to work on them.

At that point I copied all my paypal transaction info and sent it to
them requesting a refund. Days passed no response. I go to her hyena
cart and email her there again asking for a refund and letting her
know that i will take legal action if necessary. Still no response. In
the meantime other customers have received their orders and her cart
is regularly stocked, some of the items on her cart are part of what I
ordered in my custom. She has not officially refused a refund, she is
just claiming that she doesn’t receive PMs or emails therefore must
not be receiving my requests. Right!


Re: Bad Apple Little Green Elephant (Diaper Swappers username StacyW

Posted by: “Walkers”

Mon Oct 6, 2008 10:12 pm (PDT)

I don’t know if this is the right place to respond to this, however I feel like I need to address this.

I haven’t been online consistently for over a week and my husband has been checking my emails. Anyway, Tara has been emailed with a resolution to this situation, and it should be done. Tara placed a huge order with me, and I had told her the turn around time would be longer than usual. My normal turn around is 2-4 weeks. I have tried to have excellent customer service and answer emails promptly, but as will all families things come up.

As most of my customers know, I was recently diagnosed with a serious illness as a result of my broken ankle earlier in the summer, and have gotten way behind on orders due to treatments, etc. My mom and my sister are helping me to fill these orders right now. I honestly am swamped right now, because I closed a co-op less than 10 days before the diagnosis.

Any of my customers that may be concerned where there order is, are free to email me at reklaws@comcast.net This is not the way I do business and my excellent feedback on DS and on my HC can attest to this.


—– Original Message —–
From: theleachfamily
To: JuicyAppleReport@yahoogroups.com
Sent: Monday, October 06, 2008 7:25 PM
Subject: ~Juicy Apple Report~ Bad Apple Little Green Elephant (Diaper Swappers username StacyW)

Name of business: Little Green Elephant (Hyena Cart)



Bad Apple Little Green Elephant (Diaper Swappers username StacyW) UP

Posted by: “theleachfamily”

Mon Oct 6, 2008 10:12 pm (PDT)

I have officially been refused a refund, this is an email I just
received from Stacy’s husband:

“just out of curiosity, is your order the owl towels and plain wipes?
if so, that order looks like it is ready to go, and i can have my
mother in law take care of it. i would like to refund, but we are
struggling financially due to stacy’s copays and i am trying to get it
all figured out with the orders.”

It seems as though my money has already been spent before receiving my
order. I’ve heard the, it’s ready to go excuse before and I’m not
buying it.

  1. tntdynomite says:

    Wow!! I would be furious!! Fo’ Real!

  2. cdmd1023 says:

    3 months is way to long, I would have demanded a refund after that 4 week mark.

  3. IndieBambino says:

    I think the root of the problem is that WAHM’s often think they can do much more than they actually have time for because the money is so attractive and some need it very badly. This is another case of both sides getting the crap end of the stick. I dont doubt that she’s ill, but she should have given all of her customers the option of refunds as soon as she knew that she would be out of commission. This is another problem with many wahm run businesses, many moms just dont have the business training right off the bat that they need to have a successful customer service driven business. Not that this cant be learned, and many wahm businesses run like a dream, but all too often there are cases like this where the wahm isnt putting her customers ahead of her profits.

  4. bin. says:

    Seriously. Why do people seem to think they can just start up a business because they have a sewing machine and a pair of scissors?

    As the daughter of two small business owners(one a full time artist/creator) I wish people could just understand what an undertaking a business truly is.

    I wouldn’t really care except for the fact that you soon start to hear more and more stories of “I want to go to a reliable “big box name”, or “I shopped from a small business online ad got scammed”. And these people get defended to the ends of the earth it seems, creating a bad name for the 90% majority honest hard ass workers.

  5. yeahthat says:

    I have had the same problem with Stacy and she told me she would refund me when she got some paypal and that was weeks ago.

  6. eeek says:

    I’m lucky that I’ve never run into it, but if someone was screwing me around like that I’d do a PP dispute before the 45 days, no matter what they said about it. You can always fix it later, if they do get you stuff.

  7. Yup says:

    I’m still scratching my head about this one. She was posting here in early September and the JAR showed the sale date of July 19th. Now we all want to be compassionate, but it doesn’t add up.

  8. What a wanker says:

    What irritates the shit out of me is that she has this going on, has a coop on Cruncy Coop that she hasn’t delivered on and people have begun questioning her, getting the same “I’m sick” answers, she is continuing to stock her store and offer customs AND she just started another coop through Crunchy Coop, can someone say “take a friggin break until you get it together, if you are THAT sick you should probably stop until you are better!! HELLO!

    As a WAHM this just pisses me off. Seriously, I work my ass off, and have for years, to give a great product and great customer service and this kind of BS keeps happening around me and I thing all WAHM businesses are suffering because of this.

  9. cdmd1023 says:

    what a wanker- what store do you have?

  10. bored says:

    its people like her that give WAHM like me a bad name. seriously…that is just BAD customer service! she should have been refunded ages ago, and if it were me i would have thrown in something free just for all the trouble!

  11. What a wanker says:


    I’d rather not say, it seems if you are even a little involved in drama, or have an opinion about anything, it affects business also, so I prefer to remain anonymous.

  12. Erin says:

    I like Stacy and have ordered a few things from her in the past. All great quality. I am one of a few testers for some “gift bags” that I will probably never see, at least not in time for the holidays(that I’ve already paid for, but it’s way past 45 days). It saddens me when good WAHMs get in over their heads and can’t/won’t admit it and make it right with their customers, give excuse after excuse. Running a business is HARD work and it takes a special kind of person to be able to handle working at home and family commitments.

  13. cdmd1023 says:

    wanker-no prob, I understand 🙂

  14. downy says:

    I wish people would stop feeling sorry for everyone and their brother. File a darn dispute before your time is up and put the ball in PP’s court. Why are people so afraid of filing with PP? “Oh, I will just wait and see another week” is getting very tiring to hear in conjunction with “oh and then it was too late”. Come on people, protect yourself a little bit!!

  15. Mud says:

    Well mid-September she was planning on contributing to the Spotted Box:

    A free shipping sale end of Sept:

    More September Stocking:

    I buy being sick and being delayed, and I buy being in over your head~ but when you have spent your order money and have to keep selling in order to make refund money and never get the orders done… not good.
    She has rubbed me the wrong way since day one, though, coming into HC. And her HC cart has a ‘what customers say’ button and a link to DS feedback elsewhere, so clearly she has concerns about pushing her positive feedback~ those things are both unusual for HC. And while she flogs those she says nothing about Etsy where she claims to have been a long time seller (notunder this store name, though?).
    I don’t know, all in all, she has been one to watch

  16. notmeatall says:

    This is sad, I have bought a number of things from Stacy and LOVE her wipes. I hope she makes good on all her deals soon, until now she has been a very good WAHM to deal with.

  17. AshleyB says:

    I think it’s just WAHM in over her head. She should have had an ongiong physical list to look at and SEE when it was growing out of hand, and if she had she could have stopped then. And, don’t spend the $$ until the item goes OUT. I hope everyone stuck in this situation gets their stuff and/or refunds 😦

  18. AshleyB says:

    **oops…I meant ongoing, not ongiong

  19. jeruco says:

    speaking of WHAMs not doing great things:

    A WHAM, in so many words, has bribed people to keep her popularity of her diapers by having “groupies” constantly post threads about diapers. The bribes came in the form of not having to stalk her diapers.
    They say its a diaper that is talked about a lot on “the other board” aka.. DS.
    By they say i mean people in that thead posted above.

  20. JustPeachy says:

    #19 I posted that in the about me part of the blog to see if anyone could figure out exactly who it is. I am thinking possibly Stinky Couture as she is the only one whose popularity dies down for a few weeks then a rave comes out and bam shes highly stalked. Don’t quote me on that though.

  21. JustPeachy says:

    Sorry not the about me I meant the about this blog section.

  22. cdmd1023 says:

    I really want to know!!!

  23. Stacy says:

    I debated on whether to answer here, but I feel like I need to. I am not here to make excuses or bash anyone.

    I am in over my head, and readily admit to that.

    I got a serious DX a few days after closing the crunchy co-op and have not taken on any customs since. I am trying to complete the co-op (the new co-op is my mom’s as she does all the produce bags, etc.) so I can have surgery to correct my illness. My family has stepped in to help, and the things that are on my HC are only things my mother has made that are in stock and will ship next day as promised.

    I have kept great communication with the mama that filed the JAR. She knew her order would take a while, because ALL of the fabric for her order had to be custom ordered. I would also like to note that she is a banned mama on DS back under a new user name.

    I have not closed my HC because I don’t want my customers to freak, thinking that I took their money and won’t deliver, as from past feedback you can see that I am normally very quick to ship and answer emails. I have been undergoing radiation and have been spending time in bed to recover. So hubby has been trying to keep up with communication as well as have my sis and mom catch up on the sewing for me.

    I am not in hiding, and anyone who would like to contact me regarding more details of my family life, or info about the whereabouts of your order, please do. My email is in the original post but here it is again: reklaws@comcast.net I will answer as promptly as possible.

    I am doing the best that I can, and I want to thank those that have sent me healing vibes and kind words of encouragement.

  24. JustPeachy says:

    While I understand things happen. However that mama has every right to be pissed especially since you told her you would not refund her. If you can’t make good on an order in a timely fashion then you should refund your customers. And also its not the best idea to spend money that you haven’t technically earned.

  25. JustPeachy says:

    And cdmd me too. I feel this need to be validated or mistaken. I’m nosy like that 🙂

  26. Stacy says:

    I totally agree that she has every right to be pissed, however in her email to me she stated she wanted her items or a refund. Her items are ready to go and will be shipped. I am just waiting for confirmation from her that this is an acceptable solution. Normally money wouldn’t be an issue but right now I am looking at meds that are costing me in the ballpark of $300/week and we are not rich…..

  27. DSDM2 says:

    From the OP on the ds thread:
    “As for my situation I’m going to give her exactly one week from the date of the last email she sent me… if my complete order is not to me or is incorrect in any way I’m taking legal action. I’ve heard enough to know that something fishy is going on and I’m not going to be stepped on any longer.”

    So WTF are you waiting for?

    I’m sorry you are sick, but you have NO sympathy from me for running your business poorly, you lied to your customers. There are no excuses for that. All you have to do is refund everyone immediately, problem solved. That money IS NOT YOURS until your customers are happy.

    And I would have your mom start her own company. It makes you both look bad.

  28. Stacy says:

    Actually she never gave me one week. The first time I saw about the one week thing is when she posted that in the JAR.

  29. Stacy says:

    and I really don’t want sympathy, i came here and admitted my mistakes…..I fucked up and am trying to fix it…..

  30. DSDM2 says:

    Then just refund her like she asked… And refund EVERYONE who is missing their order.

  31. DSDM2 says:

    Peachy, I’m looking into it, but there really isn’t much to go after yet.

  32. DSDM2 says:

    Stacy, nothing excuses the fact that you LIED.

    That is something that is undeniably wrong. You should have told her right away that it wasn’t ready, but you didn’t want to refund her. You wanted her to have to wait b/c you spent the money.

    Illness or not, that is wrong. It is OCTOBER. She ordered in JULY. There is not an excuse in the world big enough for that kind of “mistake”.

    IMO it isn’t a “mistake” if it is intentional.

  33. JustPeachy says:

    Thanks DSDM2:).
    And Stacy you wouldn’t be in this financial bind with customers if you hadn’t spent the money before the items had gotten to her. Thats just common sense.

  34. jeruco says:

    Not sure why you said this” I would also like to note that she is a banned mama on DS back under a new user name”

    Are you attempting to make her look bad? WHo cares?
    There are lots of good people banned from DS.
    I am not, but i know there are lots on here.
    That statement was just a low blow that will only make you look bad.

  35. DSDM2 says:


    From: JuicyAppleReport@yahoogroups.com [mailto:JuicyAppleReport@yahoogroups.com]On Behalf Of aprileeann
    Sent: Wednesday, October 08, 2008 5:14 AM
    To: JuicyAppleReport@yahoogroups.com
    Subject: ~Juicy Apple Report~ Bad Apple: Buddha Belly Baby (Etsy), Little Green Elephant (HC), StacyW (DS)

    Email Address: reklaws@comcast.net

    Date Ordered: Order of in-stock wipes placed on 6/23/08.

    Products purchased: 3 sets of in-stock wipes. These were not custom. They were listed as already made in Stacy’s Etsy store.

    Price paid: $24.00PPD

    Estimated turn around time: I thought that her Etsy policy stated in-stock wipes would ship within 2 business days, but her store is gone now.

    Actual turn around time: I received the in-stock wipes after 35 days. I ordered on 6/23/08, and Stacy’s Etsy shop indicated that the wipes had been shipped. After I emailed Stacy on 7/9/08, Stacy promised to ship by 7/14/08. Stacy said that the delay in shipping was due to family medical problems. Shortly after this, Stacy left a message on the Answering Machine on DS. I did not hear back from Stacy, so I emailed her on 7/22/08 to ask if she had been able to ship the wipes. Stacy did not answer my email even though she was on DS, so I opened a Paypal dispute that evening. I asked for a refund or a DC#. Stacy emailed me through the Paypal resolution center with a DC# asking if she could mail the wipes by 5:00pm on 7/24/08. I told her that was fine. Stacy emailed me when the wipes were shipped on 7/24/08 as promised and again when the DC# showed that the wipes had been delivered on 7/28/08. I told her that the wipes looked very nice. After using the wipes a few weeks, I left detailed feedback on Stacy’s Etsy store. I rate the transaction as neutral because of the excessive delay in shipping in-stock wipes. Stacy emailed me back saying that she was surprised by my feedback. I would have understood that Stacy was dealing with overwhelming family difficulties which caused delayed shipping if she had not been constantly bumping her DS WHAM thread. If you have time to bump your thread and update specials to promote your business, then you probably have time to email paid customers telling them! to anti cipate a delay or to offer refunds.

    What the product as expected? Mostly.

    If not, why? The wipes are sewn well and have held up well. The sherpa wipes are synthetic and not cottony-soft like my sherpa wipes from other WAHMs.

    Did you contact ther person about the problems: I did contact Stacy via email and the Paypal dispute process to try to get the wipes shipped.

    If so, how did they attempt to resolve? Stacy did not offer a discount or anything else to make up for taking 31 days to ship in-stock wipes. She did eventually ship the wipes.

    Would you do business with again? No.

    Today’s date: 10/7/08

  36. yeahthat says:

    Hi Stacy just wondering why you are asking people to email you and you still havn’t emailed me back. My order was placed in May and I have gotten nothing, I want my money back.

  37. EmmJay says:

    Ugh, add me to the mama’s waiting… sheesh.

  38. maree9304 says:

    “I have not closed my HC because I don’t want my customers to freak,”

    A little late, don’t ya think, Stacy? Why don’t you temporarily close so you can catch up on orders? What good is it going to do you and your customers if you keep it open and they place orders with someone who still hasn’t sent out an order from May (post 36)! That is ridiculous!

  39. Yup says:

    Everyone loves a train wreck. Stacy, if you medical issues where/are THAT serious why continue to bump your thread through the ENTIRE months of both August and September. That’s 8+ weeks spent advertising online.
    Your “medical” stuff started on 8/6

    The next week you’re advertising a 1-2 turnaround for instock wipes on 8/13 and 3 week turnaround on customs

    So everything should have shipped by 9/3 RIGHT? You’re big medical tragedy wasn’t posted until 9/25
    http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showpost.php?p=4127564&postcount=1 , 4 pages of happy bumps and chit-chatting with new customers in the meantime.

    On the first JAR it showed purchase date of JULY 18th. That’s 3 weeks before you had your first poor me medical post. Your excuse is you had to order fabric? I’m sorry, Joann.com takes 10-days to ship MAX. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out where you suppliers are 🙂 Your business is shady, you should have already refunded anyone waiting before 8/25.

  40. Frazzled says:

    Two comments…First, Someone might want to look into the correlation between being a WAH diaper making mom and major illness because it seems to mysteriously strike a large number of them when they suddenly fall behind and stop shipping out their orders. I’m sorry if you really have a serious illness but with you and every WAHM, the excuses of broken limbs, heart problems and horrible illnesses get old, especially when you continue to stock your store.

    Secondly, the other new JAR regarding ButtChic.com…does anyone else think that sounds like the name of a porn site and not a diaper site. Icky name…seriously! I would like to commend Amie on her thorough record keeping skills.

  41. jeruco says:

    My thoughts:
    I do feel bad for anyone who receives a bad diagnosis. Its the worst thing that can happen aside from a loss in the family.

    That being said I am starting to think she kept taking orders to get money to pay for these copays or whatever her husband says they need the money for. Obviously its spent. Obviously they needed it. I guess one way to get money is to keep taking orders.

    Also, if Stacy’s mom is the one doing new listings ect.. on the HC, why doesnt her mom fill all the orders that are obviously months old. People are looking for thier products and instead her mom is listing new orders? That doesnt seem right and things just arn not adding up here.

  42. Rika says:

    You want to fix your mistake? Refund everyone and let them know you of the situation. If your relatives are so nice to try to list new orders, they may be nice enough to loan you the money you’ve taken from your customers. Leave a message on your storefront and close up til you’re well. Don’t keep taking and spending people’s money without providing a product, and then hope they will understand your situation. That’s so scammy. My bank account isn’t for you to take loans from.

  43. JustWondering says:

    Could someone give me the link to Juicy Apple? I had a bad transaction with Butt Chic once and would love to read that report. Thanks!

  44. Psychotic Mom says:

    #39 Amie was very detailed in her rebuttal. I would never have had all that documented info!

  45. Tara says:

    Well I just wanted to say Thank You Stacy for getting me banned again when the first banning was pure BS. Just because ppl get banned for the dumbest reasons over there thanks to Psycho Nazi Lee doesn’t mean we are all horrible scammers. I find it disgusting that wahm’s who rip ppl off are never ever banned from DS yet ppl who truly don’t deserve to be banned are. Since we are playing dirty here I will let everyone know this all started when I was banned. Stacy stopped communicating with me after I told her about the banning, leading me to believe she was going to pull one over because she thought I didn’t know the name of her cart and I didn’t have access to my PMs to prove my purchase. I also believe that is why she said my order would be shipped out within 10 days because she knew it would push me past the allotted time to file a paypal claim. She in fact did not respond to me until I hunted her hyena cart down and emailed her from there. At that point, after I had emailed her at least 10 times, she claimed this was the first email she had received. Hmmm great communication, I think not! I also want to note that every single message from her has been short and un-apologetic in the slightest bit. I have every single email and I am more than willing to forward them to anyone to prove my point. I re-joined DS to insure that I would receive my products and it’s a damn good thing I did or nobody would be finding out about her right now and everyone including myself would be out money.

    Just to let everyone know, I left a non-emotional feedback for Stacy on DS and it was NEVER APPROVED! That’s right, I left the same exact facts that I left on JAR but for some reason the mods at DS decided it shouldn’t be posted. Does that make you feel safe over there, the fact that they are hiding feedback from you? I received 5 different PMs on DS after I posted the JAR report from other customers who are either still waiting for their purchases made months ago or those who wanted to leave bad feedback but felt sorry for Stacy and left good feedback. One mama said she was filing a claim against Stacy at that very moment. I also received 3 emails from prior customers via the JAR report and one of them claimed Stacy had her banned and majorly lied and scammed over there at DS. So I’m not surprised that I too am now banned.

    Stacy I wanted to deal with this civilly, I just wanted my freakin products. I told you we had been having some financial difficulties and that is we had been switching to all cloth to save some money. I kept emailing you telling you that I needed the items or I would have to go somewhere else, that I couldn’t afford right now to purchase that much cloth from someone else. Why did you keep saying that they would be shipped out immediately if they weren’t even finished? You even asked me to list the items and amounts that I had purchased. I believe you did that because you thought I had forgotten what my order was since I didn’t have access to my PMs. I think you were trying to snake out of the correct order amounts. Well Stacy, I DO know how many of each item I ordered and I did write it all down so if it’s not here in a matter of days, all accounted for, and in good workmanship quality I will go to the police. You live in Lafayette, I live in Granger…. I am within a few hours driving distance from you. I grew up around that area, and I know my way around there. I have no problem doing what it takes to get justice in this. You cannot steal my money. You say you aren’t rich… yeah I get that. I’m not rich either, so don’t spend my freakin money until you are able to provide me with my purchase.

    As far as the custom order goes, yeah she’s right she had to order birdseye diaper fabric for me to make up 40 pieces of family cloth, but when I was communicating with her on DS she had already put the order in before I had paid… or at least that’s what she said. Then she was PMing me twice a freakin day about paying her the whole amount right away. I started feeling uncomfortable at that point wondering why she was so desperate for my money. The owl fabric for my kitchen cloth was already on her list of available fabrics. Even if she had to custom order both types of fabric I can assure you it didn’t cost $108.50 so some of my money should be left over for refund. So why isn’t there available money Stacy? Is it because you were robbing Peter to pay Paul?

    I’m not going to email you again to say YES STACY I WANT MY ORDER. It’s pretty damn clear over the course of three months that I want my order. As a matter of fact you should have had it shipped that very day that I asked for a refund, since I was refused a refund, and you should have had it sent overnight or something to make up for my wait. I’m tired of being so nice to ppl and getting walked all over because of it, but no more. If it takes being a bitch to get ppl to treat me with respect than I guess that’s what I’m going to have to be.

    I don’t think the police are going to care about your medical bills or financial situation. They are going to see you for what you are.. a thief! Make it right Stacy, if you truly are apologetic, make it right!

    I also wanted to give a big ol thanks to DS for banning ppl for no good reason, and then putting them in the situation for ppl to get ripped off due to being banned. I am now in the middle of a transaction with another mama and have sent her items out already. I wouldn’t be surprised if she now freaks because I am banned and files a claim leaving me out the money and my items all because of DS! I’m beginning to think they are the true scammers here.


  46. Tara says:

    Post #39 “Two comments…First, Someone might want to look into the correlation between being a WAH diaper making mom and major illness because it seems to mysteriously strike a large number of them when they suddenly fall behind and stop shipping out their orders. I’m sorry if you really have a serious illness but with you and every WAHM, the excuses of broken limbs, heart problems and horrible illnesses get old, especially when you continue to stock your store.”

    This is so freakin true! I’m amazed at how so many wahms come down with horrid illnesses coincidentally around the time that business picks up. I’m sorry that I’ve lost compassion for Stacy, but honestly she had no compassion for me when I told her about our situation right now and how I really needed my items. My husband manages a small family owned business and the economy is shit right now… it’s affecting us too. I’m sorry I don’t have some horrible illness to make my story sound more horrific but I like to tell the truth. Switching to all cloth will save us about $50/wk. I’ve lost that much per week within the three months waiting for Stacy to provide me with my items. If I was a credit card company she’d be paying interest on this money… why does she get to hold my money for three months and now treat me like shit… im doing her a favor for God’s sake!

    I went through this before with a wahm who had/has cancer. The clothing she sent me was horrible. The seams didn’t match up, there were holes under the armpits, the measurements were wrong. I paid a lot of money and my kids have never worn these items. They are so bad I don’t think Goodwill will take them. But stupid sympathetic me didn’t complain, didn’t leave negative feedback because I felt sorry for her situation. This seems to be happening all too often with wahms and seriously it makes me want to stop doing business with any of them. I don’t want to have to be a jerk to get my items. I want wahms to have dignity and respect for themselves and their customers and provide quality products. Bad wahms you are really screwing over good wahms by making ppl nervous to purchase from them. Knock it the f off!

  47. tired mama says:

    Wow, I am so sorry Tara that this has happened to you. I’m shocked and appalled as a WAHM myself that someone would do this.

    I have a HC and am having a lot of health issues myself including surgeries, hospitalizations, and chemotherapy. I however stopped taking orders when this started and will only reopen when I can handle it at that time. Wow, I’m just in shock right now that someone would do that.

  48. Tara says:

    I also wanted to add that since you thought it appropriate to rat me out and get me banned again… even though you are bed ridden and can’t get to a computer (right), I will be finding more places to leave feedback for you. I had fully intended to wait for the items and give fair feedback on your HC as to the workmanship of the items but noting that it took too long to receive the items. I was still going to be nice to you, but since you seem to be so unrepentant here and retaliating against me on DS I will only be leaving negative feedback where ever I can. I’m also going to stay in contact with HC until my items are received. If you rip me off in this I will make sure your cart is removed.

    Don’t screw yourself over Stacy. You can still turn things around by apologizing to everyone who has been affected and either refunding their money or sending them their items today. If you are overwhelmed right now you need to take a break and close up shop until you are better. If you truly are sick this stress is only going to make your condition worse. Stop lying, apologize, and start over. Make ppl believe there is some good left in you, please!

  49. Tara says:

    OMG! Yet another mama speaks up about Stacy and she gets banned. This is BS to the max! I’m beginning to think Lee and DS is just as bad as Sammy and DT.


  50. Tara says:

    Never mind it’s gone :o(

  51. Stacy says:


    I didn’t get you banned. The only mention I made of it was when I mentioned it here. You are the one that chose to create a new user name and rejoin DS breaking the rules.

    As far as the DS feedback it is being posted because a mod PM’d me about it to give my side of the story before it was posted. They aren’t hiding it, they are going to post it, and I didn’t deny any of it. Tara, I have admitted that I have screwed this order up, and have tried to apologize. Trust me, if I had $100 laying around you would have it, because I am not interested in dealing with this. I know I have messed up…..

    You will have your items before the first of the week, I expect, because the package is going priority. My husband emailed you asking you to confirm your order, so that he could make sure it was all right, and you have yet to do that, so what I have as your order is what will be mailed.

    Today has been the first day in weeks that I haven’t had an appointment, and it is so nice to be home and have the energy to be online. I am just sad that I am spending it this way.

    I am sorry you don’t believe me about my illness, but I would be happy to share details and Dr’s names with you privately. Hell I will show you copay receipts if you want….I WISH I was lying about all of this.

  52. yeahthat says:

    What about me stacy, you told me that when you got paypal you would refund me?

  53. Stacy says:

    yeahthat, who are you, please email me. I am online now, and will be for about 20 more minutes…..

  54. Tara says:


    These are the last two emails I received from your address:

    This first one is from your husband in reply to my asking for a refund.

    “just out of curiosity, is your order the owl towels and plain wipes? if so, that order looks like it is ready to go, and i can have my mother in law take care of it. i would like to refund, but we are struggling financially due to stacy’s copays and i am trying to get it all figured out with the orders.”

    —– Original Message —–
    From: Tara Leach
    To: Walkers
    Sent: Sunday, October 05, 2008 1:37 PM
    Subject: Re: Comment on your shop

    ” Hi. I completely understand and hope for a speedy recovery for Stacy, but at this point I’m really going to have to ask for a refund. I placed my order in July and I need to find someone who can get something made up for me quickly. Things have been really tight around here for a while and that was the whole reason for switching over to cloth. I just don’t have the available funds to have someone else make another large order up for me while I’m waiting. I can’t wait any longer, I’m sorry. Here’s the paypal info and transaction number:”

    This is the second and final email from you:


    Chris just brought me the laptop and said he had emailed you but I wanted to touch base. I have your entire order done, and ready to go, but apparently didn’t get it out like I had thought. I think my mom is headed to the post office tomorrow or Wednesday for me, so it should go out then.

    I am so sorry, this is not how I do business.


    Why would I respond? You’ve refused my refund and just informed me that my order was complete and would be shipped out. It doesn’t seem I have a choice does it?

    What I don’t understand is why you say “I think my mom is headed to the post office tomorrow or Wednesday for me, so it should go out then.”

    You knew how long I’ve been waiting and how much I needed these items, why do you only think your mom is headed to the post office? Shouldn’t you make sure she is headed to the post office? And why in the world wouldn’t you make sure it was sent out that very minute. You expected me to wait two more days for my items and not be upset? I was especially upset because for months you had the owl unpaper towel on your HC in stock. That was my custom! I just noticed yesterday that it had been removed. I hear you saying sorry but I don’t see it. I feel my items should have been shipped immediately with the quickest possible method. I don’t mean to sound unreasonable but I’ve been incredibly patient this whole time and for some reason I’m being made out to be the bad guy here.

    Keep in mind that I don’t know you, I don’t know if you really are sick or not. If you are than I’m sorry but this is something that gets used often with wahms so I believe it is normal for me to be questioning your authenticity. I honestly felt after I told you I was banned that was the end of my order. You stopped communicating and when you did email me it was a week after I emailed you from your HC. I re-joinded DS so I could make sure I received my order. Had I not made light of this situation would I still be waiting for months for my purchase?

    I don’t mean to sound rude by I’m not going to respond to the email you just sent me. I’m not going to communicate via email with you any longer in case this needs to be taken a step further. Again I don’t know you, so I need to protect my tail end.

  55. Tara says:

    Stacy would you be willing to list my purchase items and how many of each so I can verify it is correct? Also could you please provide me with a delivery confirmation number? Since we are both in Indiana it shouldn’t take but two days at the most to get here.

  56. TL says:

    ok so I’m confused here stacy, she asked you for a refund and you’ve told her no, but say she needs to email you to confirm she still wants her order? So if she paid for it and you’re not refunding her is it not obvious then that yes of course she wants her order? I don’t see why you would be holding it back still? you’ve had plenty of time to send it out. And at what point do you get to hold her items saying “you need to email me first before I send them” seroiusly what the point? you’re sounding worse and worse as this goes on, I’d go ahead and send that with DC today and at least try and make a real effort do make it right rather than playing these dumb games.

  57. cdmd1023 says:

    wow, people really show their true colors here! Stacy, I dont know you or your HC but from what i read here I would not do business with you. Why oh why would you spend your pp before the items have arrived in the persons hands. I dont get it!!!! its just poor business. so all these items that your mom and sis are making and shipping, all those trips to the PO, why couldnt tara’s order go out then?

  58. cdmd1023 says:

    and all this time here typing, you couldnt get to the PO? you may be sick, but do you have legs? a car? a neighbor who can make a run for you? IM pretty sure you could find a way.

  59. JustPeachy says:

    Thats why you don’t do customs but rather in stock only.

  60. What a wanker says:

    Wow, she seriously doesn’t get it. It really doesn’t surprise me but wow.

    SEND the package out IMMEDATELY! Stop making excuses to not send it and just do it! For God’s sake woman, this is beyond ridiculous! Someone buy this chick a clue please.

  61. EmmJay says:

    And she may SAY to email her, but I’ve received no response *eyeroll*

  62. OhReally says:

    As a long time wahm with a spotless CS record, I would encourage customers to not only read reviews, but pay attention to the length of time in biz. For example, this store has been on HC since June 08.

    Along with other wahms that have posted in this thread, I’m incredibly sick of hearing stories about woman who think running a business consists of a $5 HC and a sewing machine (or pair of knitting needles or a dye kettle). There are a few women on HC and Etsy and elsewhere who have been busting our asses for years, have developed skills and talents, have sacrificed sleep and time with family, to create REAL businesses. You can Google our business names and find excellent references years old.

    It would be unfair to claim that new wahms can’t become good wahms. Obviously we all started out somewhere! But if money is tight, if you MUST get your items, if you can’t take even a small gamble, if you want to be assured of quality.. go with the LONG TIME tried and true. We’ve been sick, we’ve had funerals to go to, we’ve had difficult pregnancies, we’ve been through lay offs, we’ve experienced life and somehow (miraculously *eyesroll*) our businesses did not suffer. Why? Because we have treated it like more then five bucks and a dream. Because we didn’t treat our customers like our personal no interest loan brokers. Because we NEED the business to survive and prosper. We’ve actually invested something into it.

    Give new wahms a chance too if you can afford it. Leave appropriate feedback. You’re not doing the wahm or future customers any favors by being gentle or covering failures.

  63. Tara says:

    I asked on here for her to list my order and I emailed the request too just in case she missed it on here, but the only email I received back was from her husband who said she had gone to bed. I seriously think she lost my order and I’m positive that it will not be correct when it arrives. This whole thing makes me sick. If I’m not going to receive my whole correct order then I should be given a refund.

    I’m done buying from wahms unless they are extremely well known. This is BS!

  64. cdmd1023 says:

    I wouldnt not buy from unpopular wahms, I am just getting started and I can assure you this would NEVER happen with my store.

  65. crystal says:

    ok, I have a question. I’ve read a few different threads here that say that if you leave negative feedback on DS it often gets deleted? And I’ve also read about some long time WAHM’s that have iffy practices (good feedback, yet not always reliable)…so where can you go to find “true” feedback?I almost feel like I am bound to get ripped off if I keep doing transactions with WAHM’s, but I really would rather support WAHM’s.

    Tara, I sincerely hope you recieve your order and it is correct. That is just not fair:(

  66. Tara says:

    Post #65 Thank you. I hope so too.

    To answer your question about the feedback thing. DS did end up posting my feedback under the wahm feedback section. However, my thread that was posted up above in the transaction section was deleted. I can’t find it anyways, so I believe it’s gone. That was a better source of feedback imo then what they left and I don’t understand why it was removed.

    I’ve got to be honest, I think it all depends on the wahm and who she’s friends with. If she happens to be friends with a mod than it’s kiss your butt goodbye if you put anything negative down. I was almost sure this was going to happen if I spoke out but if I didn’t I know I would have never seen my items…. I’m still not 100% positive I will.

    I think Juicy Apple Report is a good place to leave feedback and I like how a few of the mamas on DS always come into the transaction threads and remind ppl to leave feedback there. It’s nice to leave true feedback somewhere without the fear of being banned.

  67. crystal says:

    what is a Juicy Apple report? I’m glad your feedback was posted. I do look at feedback before purchasing, but then I keep reading how neg. feedback is often deleted and I got a little nervous 🙂

  68. Mud says:

    Great post, ohreally.
    There is a world of difference between running a business and loving to create.

  69. Mud says:

    Great post, ohreally.
    There is a world of difference between running a business and loving to create.
    The WAHM in this thread says she came from Etsy but I can’t find the shop or the feedback, which makes me suspicious… unless I have the name wrong… because even an empty shop stays searchable~ so I’d love to get the right shop name, as that would provide further feedback, but I notice that on her HC and elsewhere, she makes no mention of it while flogging the DS feedback. Hmmm.

  70. crystal says:

    DSDM2 – thank you for the link.

  71. werd says:

    Tara, do you have an email address I can email you at? I’d likeo help you – I’m a WAHM and I can make you some of what you need, for free. This whole situation is so shitty, I can’t even begin to comprehend how you feel.

    Stacy – SHAME ON YOU. You make all us unknown, struggling, HONEST WAHM’s have to deal with mistrust from buying mamas because of this crap you are pulling. You keep backpedaling to rationalize to yourself that you didn’t do anything wrong – YOU DID. You say you are sorry – YOU DON’T ACT IT. It’s like saying “I’m sorry, BUT…”

    HOW DARE you retaliate against someone that sent you over $100, by blowing them in at DS!! That is very scummy – did that make you feel better about yourself? How pathetic are you?

    I hope that the people who you screwed, file police reports against you. You DESERVE it. You show no remorse – being suddenly “ill” gives you the right to sit on your ass with honest people’s money in your hand, as you put them off with promises of shipment?? Wow, I wasn’t aware of that one. You SUCK!!!

  72. Tara says:

    Werd, thanks for the offer, that’s so sweet of you. :o)

    I just received a tracking number from Stacy so I’m going to wait and see if my items arrive. She sent it priority with signature confirmation so maybe she’s trying to make the best out of this situation. I really hope so.

  73. Mud says:

    So why are they all deleted? It is odd for someone to just up and close down a whole market where one was becoming established AND never mention nor use that experience in a specific way. And I have never heard of someone deleting an Etsy shop.
    I’d love to know more 🙂

  74. Yup says:

    #77 Because it’s really hard to claim you have spotless feedback and such excellent customer service when someone leaves a poor rating. Much better to just delete the whole store, then new customers are none the wiser. Stacy too much of a sly business woman to leave undesirable feedback out in the open 🙂

  75. JustPeachy says:

    werd that is by far the nicest thing I have ever seen on here. Kudos to you for making that offer.

  76. afternoondelight says:

    Add me to the list of those who have been waiting for my order since July. Only I’m another WAHM who did a trade with Stacy for a pretty good amount of my stuff – she’s promised time and time again that she would ship the things I ordered. It sucks, because I’m out the time it took to make the products, plus the cost of shipping to her. Oh, and she was the one who contacted me to make a trade. I wonder how many other WAHMs she’s done this to?

  77. mysterymommy says:

    Why is no one leaving negative feedback for StacyW on DS?

  78. DSDM2 says:

    #81 they are in WHAM wares…

    they should leave FB. But they are past 45days and hoping the items come b/c they are screwed.

  79. Frazzled says:

    Wow! Surely with everyone coming out of the woodwork with similar stories people will begin to see that this not the result of some sudden illness but rather a pattern of poor business practices and borderline scammy behavior.

  80. What a wanker says:

    A few people on Crunchy Coop have posted that paid for their shipping that was requested on 9/18 and have not received their items yet.

    More shipping totals got posted today

    Some still don’t have their shipping totals

    And yet, there is another thread for another coop for these items.

    Makes no sense to me. I can’t believe anyone would choose to join that coop

  81. mysterymommy says:

    #82 I noticed that it is posted in the WAHM feedback forum but her iTrader is still 100% positive. I hope that changes soon. Nothing is stopping people who don’t know about this site or the WAHM feedback forum from placing new orders. I don’t believe for one minute she has stopped taking them.

  82. afternoondelight says:

    I think it’s fear of never receiving ANYTHING if a negative is left that is motivating most people to NOT leave her negative feedback yet. I, for one, am guilty of that.

  83. Tara says:

    #86 that’s precisely why I waited so long to complain, but once I got the email from her husband I figured I wouldn’t see my purchase anyways, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt at that point. I would have left appropriate feedback on her DS profile but I was banned after I started a feedback thread in the wahm section. I’m sure it would have been deleted even if I had.

    People shouldn’t be afraid though, no matter how small your order is if she takes your money and doesn’t provide your order or a refund you can go down to the police station and file a fraud complaint. If enough ppl did this she would be put out of business for sure.

  84. Tara says:

    Also to add, that’s precisely why she’s getting away with it. She knows if you feel sorry for her and say nothing then she can take as long as she wants. If you let her know you are planning to take action by so and so date I guarantee that will light a fire underneath her.

  85. Erin says:

    Well, she’s on my Do Not BST list now.

    Tara, I’m so sorry you got banned again and I really hope you get your items and the order is right. Let us know!

  86. Tara says:

    Update: I received my order today. The majority of it is here but there are a few things missing and some of the quantities are wrong. At this point I’m just glad I received most of it. The workmanship looks great, it’s exactly what I was looking for. I just wish it was all here and had gotten to me sooner.

  87. EmmJay says:

    I’m glad you got yours. She told me mine would go out next week. *eyeroll* I’ll believe it if I see it

  88. Rika says:

    You are much more forgiving an nicer than I would be if I got my order this late only to discover items missing and incorrect quantities.

  89. new here says:

    crap! I’m glad I came here today because I purchased a tester set from this WAHM and haven’t received it yet. I believe I’m very close to my 45 days for filing with paypal…but it sounds like that’s a lost cause anyways 😦 I can’t afford to just toss $36 down the drain! I was going to use this stuff as christmas presents!

  90. DSDM2 says:

    FILE ANYHOW! And leave FB EVERYWHERE you can!

  91. new here says:

    I just did – ugh sucky!

  92. DSDM2 says:

    Leave DS feedback for her under I-Trader. She still has 100%.

  93. new here says:

    I just did – how’s that for outing who I am LOL

  94. DSDM2 says:

    LOL. You have my sympathy. She is full of SHIT. I hope you others will leave FB too. And on HC if you can.

  95. new here says:

    I didn’t buy from HC – it was just from her tester post on DS.

    Come one everyone – leave feedback – don’t make me the one lonely meany!

  96. mysterymommy says:

    #97 I hope others follow your lead in negative feedback.

  97. Tara says:

    I wasn’t able to file feedback on HC because the actual transaction took place first on DS. Now that I’m banned from DS I can’t leave feedback there either. Grrr!

    What’s itrader?

  98. What a wanker says:

    #101, you absolutely can leave feedback on HC for off HC transactions. You have to go into the forums and look for the “feedback for trades/Non-HC purchases” and find her feedback thread. Actually I just looked and she doesn’t have one, but you can start one yourself. There is a template in the “Review forum rules” sticky post at the beginning to use. These feedback ARE added to their feedback on their cart also! (at least I’m pretty sure they are)

  99. What a wanker says:

    I’m happy to report that she has cancelled her 2nd Crunchy Coop Co-op. At least she did something right.

  100. werd says:

    Tara, I am so happy that you at least got most of your order! Still sucks though.

  101. eeek says:

    Just chiming in to agree- here’s a link to leave FB for non-HC purchases.


    The more exposure the better, IMO.

  102. Erin says:

    Should I leave fb for my gift bag tester slot that has not been filled yet? I’ve never asked for a refund nor did I really keep up with it- I forgot about it until recently.

  103. DSDM2 says:

    You should, and file with PP.

  104. april says:

    Remember that sometimes Paypal will re-open disputes up to 90 days after purchase if enough people complain. If you all complain together, then you might get your money back.

  105. new here says:

    unless her paypal account is empty 😦 I’ve emailed her and opened a dispute with pp – no responses to either.

  106. Erin says:

    Argh, it’s been 46 days since I payed her! 😦

  107. jale says:

    her HC says this: Due to serious medical issues, Little Green Elephant has reduced the store to only what is in stock and ready to go. All in stock items will ship the following day!! We hope to be back and healthier soon!!

    and looks like things are still in stock… 😛 not cool lady– just ship the orders out already!

  108. jale says:

    im sorry i meant to also add on her HC theres no negative FB… fishy if you ask me.

  109. Tara says:

    #110 you should try to file anyways. I was going on three months and I filed. Like someone said above, if enough ppl make a stink with paypal they might take up the case.

  110. Tara says:

    I talked to Trista… I think that is her name at HC because I had emailed her a couple times seeing if there was something she could do to get Stacy to send my items or refund. Anyways, she said they can’t really do anything until a wahm has at least 3 negatives, then they start taking necessary action. I’m getting ready to leave a negative through that link someone posted above. If there are two more ppl who had an issue leave a negative and they will start looking into it. Even if you didn’t purchase directly from HC you can still leave feedback there.

  111. april says:

    I posted one yesterday. I don’t think it’s approved yet.

  112. JustPeachy says:

    O/Tish but I find it a bit dumb that CC was going to run a co-op on her items. I wish more co-ops would just stick to reputable businesses.

  113. R says:

    Totally a scammer. It’s just happened to way too many people.
    I placed a very simple order, 3 small items. It was well over 3 weeks. And they were only sent out after I started a thread on the DS transaction board asking if I should contact the WAHM (it was my first transaction problem and my post was actually about a different order). Stacy responded to me in a pretty snarky pm saying I should have contacted her. I was pretty unimpressed.

    I was told that a relative had died.

    I have to say, if she does in fact have cancer I’m very sorry for her. But after hearing saying posts about the broken foot, the dead relative, her husband’s intestinal bleeding and various other maladies I’m pretty convinced it’s all a crock. My mother has terminal cancer. We have been dealing with this for 3 years. I have a 16 year old brother who’s watching his mother die, a father who is watching the woman he has loved for almost 40 years fade away and a son who will never remember his grandmother so it really pisses me off when I even get an idea that someone is lying about cancer.

    I may be an atheist, but I promise you, if there is a hell someone who lies about that is going straight there.

  114. Yup says:

    Another what the fuck ds moment….wasn’t cloth junkie banned this summer? Ironically for supposedly create a second username to bash Stacy . But now she’s back, her old username vanished & same with her hyenacart.


  115. DSDM2 says:

    new update from Stacy W on the above DS thread:

    “Edited for updates:

    I have had a rather serious medical complication come up (Contact me if you want details). I will stepping back from DiaperSwappers for now, but will continue on with the HyenaCart and Congo and plan to back at full speed soon.

    I am shipping many orders this weekend, and I have my sister and mom helping me get the rest of the orders completed. All HyenaCart orders will be going out along with DS orders this weekend.

    My email is reklaws@comcast.net and that is honestly the best way to get contact with me right now.

    I will be slow at answering for the next day or two due a procedure that I am having done on Friday 9-26. Please send good vibes my way.

    I am still going slowly but orders are going out every couple of days. I found out a definitive date for my surgery (Nov, 26th) yesterday so that gives me a better idea of how things will be moving. I haven’t been checking in on DS, because every time I do my virus software goes nutty. Please email me (email is above) if you need to get ahold of me.”

  116. Yup says:

    So, just wondering….if Stacy is the one with the health issues why hasn’t her sister logged in since shit went down? She seemed to be so supportive of the biz, loved to give a good sis a friendly bump 🙂

  117. Christine says:

    I filed a PP claim on a transaction with StacyW today. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt, but she did not reply to my last email and she told me that my small order would ship out by now. I PM’d Harmony96 and she is putting me on the waiting list for mediation. She asked me for the names of other DS mamas who have pending transactions with StacyW they are trying to resolve. So, if anyone wants to PM Harmony96 and let her know your situation, she will compile a list.

    I feel bad if she indeed has cancer or other medical problems, but I ordered from her in response to an email she sent out on a co-op I am on. It stated that she was having medical problems and needed to earn some money. If she can’t complete the work, she should just give a refund.

  118. Erin says:

    Well, PP denied my claim(I knew they would). BUT, I am also on the waiting list for mediation on DS. We’ll see how that goes. Before all this started, I was planning on buying another sandwich wrap and more snack baggies from her. I really like her stuff and get tons of compliments on it!

    This is the 1st time this has ever happened to me and I’m just so disappointed. 😦

  119. Christine says:

    #122 – I feel the same way! I ordered from her one time before and I really liked her work (although even then I thought the turnaround time was not as quick as I would have expected.)

  120. new here says:

    I’ll go contact Harmony96 to get on that list. The only way Stacy would reply to me was when I opened the pp dispute. She said she would keep me updated and they would be out quickly – that was on the 14th of this month. Nothing since.

    This is my first transaction issue EVER and I’ve had a lot of transactions! 😦

  121. Tara says:

    To everyone who is out, set a date to take action and tell Stacy what that date is. If it’s two weeks or whenever, tell her, “You’ve got two weeks and I file fraud charges.” She seriously hauls ass after that.

  122. Tara says:

    Oh and please, everyone leave appropriate feedback on her HC. If the purchase was made through emails or DS then leave feedback here: http://hyenacart.com/phpbb/viewforum.php?f=21

    Seriously, if she gets enough bad feedback they will shut her down.

    I agree with the others about the workmanship, it’s awesome, I was even intending on placing another large order with her, but her customer service sucks. You draw customers in with a great product, but you keep them with outstanding customer service. If she can’t handle the business aspect of it then she shouldn’t be running a HC.

  123. Little Ole Me says:

    Anyone looking for a place to leave TRUE feedback that won’t be deleted is http://www.amomshideout.com

  124. AnotherIndyWAHM says:

    I just wanted to add that I also had an issue with an order with StacyW. I ordered some unpaper towels in July and didn’t end up getting them for well over a month after the order. She gave me the excuse of a broken foot, had to purchase material and finally provided me with a bogus DC#. I was trying to help another Indiana WAHM, boy was that a mistake. Eventually, after many threats, I did receive my items and they were beautiful. After reading the other issues with her, I absolutely would not recommend her to others. Too bad – her stuff was great! She even offered to sell stuff to my store wholesale!

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