korourke 10-05-2008 05:12 PM

Anyone know what ‘happened’ to diapertraders? My website is missing!
Sam at Diapertraders customized my HC store and we added a few additional pages linking to the store which was hosted on her servers.

Well the site has been down for days (I get a “Forbidden” message from the web that I don’t have access to that page) and so are my store pages :banghead:

Anyone know anything about this?

Has diapertraders gone belly up?

Thanks for any tidbits of info you may have to share…


Opinion: this is a blessing in disguise.

  1. twatwaffletuesday says:

    I think someone needs to find a new host. I hope they have a backup of their graphics and such so they dont have to start over from scratch.

  2. cdmd1023 says:

    wait, they had sam do their hc for them? what?

  3. DSDM2 says:

    Lesson Learned.

  4. Tide says:

    Isn’t this one of Sam’s sites? It’s still up….


  5. DSDM2 says:

    yup, that is hers. Looks like she left up her money making sites and took down the others…

    I wonder if it is an attempt to play a “woe me” I’m broke card?

  6. bin. says:

    meh. I kind of hope they DO have to start all over.

  7. JustAMama says:

    korourke.. isn’t that the mama from Inspired By Finn?? Wow, that stinks. I hope everything works out okay for her 😦

  8. Sarah says:

    Note to self: Don’t click that link just because you’re curious, especially if you’re on your husband’s laptop, since admin HAS NOT fixed the virus problem!


  9. jeruco says:

    I went to DS and my computer gave me a warning of viruses. I guess I will stay away still.

  10. theboardbitch says:

    in my opinion… it is a blessing to the internet world in general.

  11. liljoeysmom says:

    I received an email from DT a few weeks ago begging me to come back and post. I had registered a long time ago but never posted so it must of been a mass email to all the inactive accounts. So happy to see it’s gone!

  12. Kali Ma says:

    I’ve never even been to DT. Probably a good thing considering what I’ve heard of that place.

  13. DSDM2 says:

    12, IMO you should consider yourself blessed 🙂

  14. mysterymommy says:

    I wonder how long it will be before she starts a new one with a slew of unsuspecting victims.

  15. DSDM2 says:

    So how many SNs was it? 3? 4? 5?

  16. Me, MySelf and I says:

    Well, I think that http://hyenacart.com/BugabooBabies/ is on my Do NOT BST list now.

    There is no way she would run a co-op without googling the company… she had to know a little bit about Sam and http://www.diapertraders.com

    Her posts on that link are just a bit “off” or something… another guilt by association.

  17. thewhiteninja says:

    WTF what are they waiting on with that virus thing?? Fix it already!

  18. DSDM2 says:

    #17 if you got hit again, let them know, they disabled all ads I think…

  19. notmeatall says:


    Really? Now you are holding it against people who USED to be members of DS?

    Please make sure everyone you associate with is perfect so you are never judged by those whom you know.

  20. DSDM2 says:

    #19, guilt by association is real. And happens.

    I happen to agree with #16.

  21. DSDM2 says:

    #19, aren’t you the same person who defended DT in the past? Hmmm. Not a good pattern for you.

  22. theboardbitch says:

    #16, you CHOOSE to hang around with known scammers, we CHOOSE not to do business with you… lay down with dogs, get fleas… fact of life

  23. bored says:

    I love how some people on here remember EVERYTHING about people on DS and DT and all that! its awesome! if i ever need to know something about someone I will ask here! LOL even people under “annoymous” screen names, can’t get by you!

    i’m lucky if I remember to brush my hair everyday. i’m glad someone is keeping up with everything we all need to know

  24. theboardbitch says:

    wait.. that was to #19 not #16… long day, my brain is fried

  25. werd says:

    what is diapertraders??

  26. DSDM2 says:

    A website known for scamming. Click on THIS link for more info about them.

  27. werd says:

    holy crap! good riddance!!

  28. Tide says:

    wonder if you can find Sam here. I see this is where smidge is now


  29. DSDM2 says:

    So far DS found:


  30. Stacy says:

    #28, that website appears to have been inactive for a while?? who knows what is going on there…

  31. Tide says:

    #29 – so far………does that mean she could have more on DS??

  32. haha says:

    the cloth diaper site was started by Angie of BBB aka mum2corbie or whathaveyou. Not surprised it’s dead.

  33. kaitlyn says:

    I just tried to get on DS and my Norton had to block a “High Risk” threat. I hadn’t even logged in yet. FYI.

  34. DSDM2 says:

    31, yup, in my opinion, she could.

  35. The ORIGINAL Just Me says:

    same here #12!

  36. notmeatall says:

    Nope I never defended DT but I DID defend some REALLY GREAT Moms there that you people were lumping in a “scammers” because they happened to be members there.

    I can’t defend what Sam did but I see no reason to ruin the businesses of every Mom who was ever a member there. I seem to recall that some of YOU were members there. Does that make you all scammers too?

  37. DSDM2 says:

    We didn’t say members. It was Mods and Admin.

    You have defended DT in more than one place… You seem to carry that special… what shall I call it…

    Troll Quality?

  38. Jale says:

    #11- thats funny because i hadnt posted in such a long time i got banned for no reason forever. I have never BST on DT or anything… im glad its gone.

  39. DSDM2 says:

    Oh ladies, DT is back, but other sites aren’t.

  40. 4NobleTruths says:

    #39 – I was just about to post that! There are already posts from mamas that have been waiting forever for refunds.

  41. Tide says:

    #40 – I sure do hope those mamas dont get banned for complaining

  42. DSDM2 says:

    As a guest, when looking at http://www.diapertraders.com , the co-op section is totally gone now. Before you could at least see it there, but marked as private.

  43. Tide says:

    #42- yup, it looks to be gone. Its my OPINION she is deleting, hiding, covering up everything that happened recentleyto lure in new unsuspecting members

  44. Me, Myself, and I says:

    Actually the Co-Op stuff isn’t deleted, not yet anyhow, just taken off the list. If you go to the actual page, it is still there. You can see the list not signed in, but you have to sign in to see the posts.


    There are some people who are PISSED off.

    Ironically, a scammer has been scammed and is looking for Sam in 2 different threads.

  45. DSDM2 says:

    Hey everyone. I’m not sure what’s happening with DT. It’s been down for ever. Sam’s nowhere to be found, I’m out $400 in trainers with nothing to show for. I’m worried all my friends here will be lost if DT goes away again. I’ve found another little forum to chat on that seems to be drama free. If y’all wanna take this thread over there email me and I’ll link ya.

    Where’s my $443.30 Sam???????

    Remember the 25 trainers I sent you? It wasn’t a donation for your “moms” diaper barn.

  46. Pls remove your FOOT from my ASS Sam says:

    #38 your no longer banned. Everyone that’s ever been banned on DT is no longer banned. Sam’s been logged into DT but not saying a word, not answering PM’s, nothing. It’s like she wants DT to implode. :/

  47. DSDM2 says:

    #47 That is because (IN MY OPINION) She want’s to try to say people harmed her “business”. My guess is that she will try to sue everyone who JAs her.

  48. The Bored Bitch says:


    This shit just writes itself.

  49. Pls remove your FOOT from my ASS Sam says:

    #48 I’d love to see her try it. Really, I welcome it. Come on Sammypooh, where’s my cease and desist order? Do you REALLY wanna take us ALL on? You don’t think the laws apply to you too? Do you think California Welfare wouldn’t be interested to know you DO infect have an income, a pretty hefty one by their standards, from all your coops and scams and google adds. Are you claiming all this on your taxes? You ARE aware that coops need to be claimed on your taxes, even if you don’t profit. Right, your aware of this I am sure. YOU don’t think a few little birds won’t take a few moments to call all this in? We have the screen shots, the saved PMs, the saved IM’s, the paypal receipts. You don’t think we’re not gathering all this up, comparing notes and pissed off enough to take this as far the law will go?

    Seriously now, you underestimate the furry of a mama who’s had food stolen off her child’s plate. Nice that you can pay your rent and buy cigs with our advertising/coop money. Meanwhile our business and personal pp accounts are negatively effected and our own children loose out. As loooooong as Scammypooh has cigs and gas for her hooptymobile. ;(

    Sam, I KNOW you read this shit, you can’t help it, your a drama whore. So listen up babe. You screwed the wrong chicas this time. We aren’t going to go boo hoo to our hubby’s and let this go. We aren’t going to just chalk it up to a lesson learned. Your the type of “WAHM” that makes everyone so freaking gun shy and flip out as soon as a transaction hits a bump. Well meaning WAHM’s can’t have even a minor slip up without ending up coined a scammer and it’s Freeloaders like you that have ruined it for the masses.

    Here’s the deal. Crawl out of the whole you’ve ever so gently buried your head into. Shake off the shit you have slathered yourself in, shower pls-I smell you all the way over here. THEN…carefully make your appearance on DT. TALK to ppl you owe money too. Start working little by little to pay them back. It will be HARD, tedious and stressful. But You HAVE to do it. You have to own up to your mistakes, I hate to bring this up, but you owe it to your off spring. What lessons are you teaching them? What good are you to them in jail? Really, your putting yourself in a bad way. It can be avoided. Just grow up and DEAL with this. I don’t care if you send me $5 a month, it shows good faith and that your not a piece of shit.

    If you can’t bring yourself to do the right thing, then don’t you dare whine n cry when the long arm of the law comes down on you for your actions. Please don’t force this with your silence and refusal to do the right thing, NO one really wants to see your family suffer. We just want your foot out of our asses.

    I will be reporting your actions to all the proper places this week if I don’t see you resurface ASAP and real solutions to this problem set in motion.

    Have a nice day…………..

  50. Tide says:

    everybody should be aware you can file in small claims court without a lawyer in your own state to recover funds lost. People do it all the time cause of Ebay scammers. It’s usually a minimum fee of no more than $30 and might be worth it for some. Maybe if somebody takes the first step and files it will light a fire under Sams ass to pay back all of the money owed

  51. Pls remove your FOOT from my ASS Sam says:

    Yes ma’am you are correct. And I will be looking into this myself Tuesday morning after I get kids to school and ship some packages at the PO. A fire we shall light.

  52. Me, Myself, and I says:


    So where is scarol the defender? (Raises eyebrow and clicks tounge). Did that personality disappear with the money?

    She asked for names of those Sam owed…

    I guess we figured out what she sees in Sam. Easy money.

  53. Tide says:

    wanted to add, if you win in small claims Sam will have to pay all filing fees you forked out. If she doesn’t show up you will win by defalt

  54. Me, Myself, and I says:

    Who the heck is Momof3 and why is she trying to keep DT going?

    Is she another of Sam’s personalities? Doesn’t she freaking get it?

  55. DSDM2 says:

    She must be one of http://www.diapertraders.com (Samantha Paige’s) butt munchers.

  56. Tide says:

    I think momof3 is shannyn (cog from BGs)

  57. DSDM2 says:

    hmmm. Birds of a feather.

    I noticed Carol and Dixie are MIA.

    Gotta love the “lay low and let it blow over” concept.

  58. Pls remove your FOOT from my ASS Sam says:

    Shannyn and Michele were demoted. I don’t think Sam has any friends left, except Scarol of course. Who’s silence speaks volumes to me. I don’t think she call pull off claiming to not know Sam’s a scammer anymore.

    In some states, law suits are negatively effected if you talk about it publicly before hand. Just a thought.

  59. Tide says:

    you can file a complaint with her states attorneys office. If they get enough they would have to do something


  60. Tide says:

    looks you can also file a complaint with the BBB


    or maybe you can file with the FTC too


    i cant think of anything else off the top of my head but i hope the mamas find a way to get there money back

  61. Pls remove your FOOT from my ASS Sam says:

    hmmmm Where’d Grandma Jackie’s Diaper Barn Go????


    You don’t have permission to access / on this server.

    Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
    Apache/1.3.33 Server at AppStuff Port 80

    Sure glad I never had time to “volunteer” my time to sew for this “charitable” organization.

    It always smelled fishy to me and I wasn’t sure why, instincts are a good thing.

  62. Me, Myself, and I says:

    Charities that go to Sam, so that she can sell them to others?

    Yeah, that whole thing is a crock.

  63. Pls remove your FOOT from my ASS Sam says:

    did i just get banned from Dt, again? Or are the forums gone for everyone?

  64. 4NobleTruths says:

    If anybody is still online, go check out DT! LOL

  65. thisissumfunnyshyt says:

    Peanutsmommy wrote:

    … about a naive girl who got taken by a scammer. I really though Sam was my friend and that she cared. Until I crossed her second in command – then she made my life a living hell. She RUINED my business, got me banned and turned everyone against me. No big deal for some, but for someone struggling with bi polar disorder and anxiety/major depression, this was devastating. I ended up having a total emotional break down, and spending a good month in a half in a mental health rehab facility. Away from my family, away from my baby. I am doing better now, but I will never be the same and nothing will change what I went through.

    I hate you Sam. You are an evil bitch and I hope karma comes back to bite you in the ass. You ruined my business, and what little extra money I was able to make. We are struggling so much now, especially since my insurance didn’t cover all of my rehab costs. I hate you. You turned me against people who didn’t deserve it, and you manipulated my naivete the way you manipulated EVERYONE on this board. I feel terrible for the things I did in the name of DT.

    You are a horrible person and I have been waiting for so long to post this. I hope you get everything you have coming to you, and if I had the money, I’d fucking sue your ass for what you did to me and what I had to go through. I wish I had never met you or this shitty board. I wish I had never even started cloth diapering because that is what led me here.

    I hate your guts!

    I feel better now.

    and her siggy is the funniest

    fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, you’re cool, fuck you, I’m out!
    eat a dick up and hiccup!

  66. Pls remove your FOOT from my ASS Sam says:

    No stay off Dt. It’s now pop up haven and sending out viruses. I just spent a half hour cleaning up my computer.

    To bad, there was some good shit tonight. rofl

  67. JustPeachy says:

    Am I the only one who finds this post a bit ironic after the fact?


    Unfortunetly this is happening more and more. There are people on the net exaggerating and telling half truths for sympathy and money.

    I hope all these women get caught and thrown in jail!
    Please do not PM me if you are having issues please send all PMs to http://www.diapertraders.com/vb/member.php?u=1

  68. 4NobleTruths says:

    That’s ok, I copied most of it. BBL to post here for those who missed it!

  69. 4NobleTruths says:

    Registered User


    Scammy sammy, how does your garden grow?
    Scammy sammy, a man she shalt not blow.
    Open your mouth and spew out lies
    Then change your screen name and think you can hide.
    Scammy sammy oh where art thou?
    And by the way you’re an ugly cow.

  70. DSDM2 says:

    I just tried to check out DT, I highly suggest everyone stays off of it, there are some bad things going on as far as viruses.

  71. Pls remove your FOOT from my ASS Sam says:

    Sam yahoo IMed. She says the web work is half done (90 days after she got her end of the trade) and wants my passwords n stuff. Sigh…….

    I of course declined giving her that info.

  72. DSDM2 says:

    I’d only accept monetary reimbursement.

  73. Pls remove your FOOT from my ASS Sam says:

    #74, agreed.

    On a funnier note. DT is now infested with porn ads. ROFLMBO

    Stay far far away though, it’s tossing viruses out like mad.

  74. Tide says:

    found this, if enough people file a compalint they will investigate.


  75. thisissumfunnyshyt says:

    FYI -might want to beware of those still posting being Scammy’s followers

    -momof3 but it looks like she may be on to scammy

    Mods are
    -Earthmamatobe -asked to be removed

    and I think my computer got a virus from going there but wanted to warn those who think they can trust these people to beware

  76. Rumors says:

    Rumor has it Sam has hired an attorney. Anybody know who it is?

  77. DSDM2 says:

    Nope. All the threats have been empty thus far 🙂 TDM, our lawyer and I have had blissful silence on that front. 🙂

  78. pls take your foot out of my ass sam says:

    #80 thank you, appreciate any info to help the mama’s get their refunds.

    I did talk to Sam on the phone yesterday. We are working out an agreement to fix our trade. But I’m not going to be happy until the other mama’s are taken care of too. 🙂

  79. pls take your foot out of my ass sam says:

    If anyone has screen shots of that diaper barn website sam had, I’d really appreciate it. doing a little investigating. 😉

  80. pls take your foot out of my ass sam says:

    thanks for the start. anything else you can come up will be much appreciated.

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