#1.) Use a poly envelope or a box, NOT PAPER to ship a diaper. Paper envelopes go through the machines. Poly is sorted by hand.

#2.) The SELLER is responsible for items that are not packaged correctly

#3.) The SELLER is responsible for insurance. It doesn’t matter how many disclaimers he/she uses.


Re: Well, there goes $40 bucks! Posted by: Lisa-Rachelle

I have been having the worst experiences with the post office this past two weeks. Between them misplacing a package I sent out, then my mail carrier delivering some of my stuff to a different house….

But today I nearly cried.

I have been waiting SO anxiously for my beautiful Charm School Goodmama. When I saw the mail guy put an envelope in my box I knew that was it! I went down there immediately and what do I discover?

An empty envelope.

Torn on the edge and NADA in it. And some idiot at the PO actually wrote “Improper packaging” on it marker. Well DUH you dingbat! Thanks for taking the time to state that Captain Obvious.

Ive never had this particular situation happen before. $38 bucks, right down the pooper.

Oh, it just keeps getting more interesting ALL the time.

Ha it gets better!

So, I call up the Postmaster at our local PO (Ive talked to her about 6 times already this past week) and here is what she tells me about this particular problem.

Basically, they arent responsible. It’s not their duty to ensure items are packaged properly and securely. That when you chose to utilize their services, you acknowledge that they are ONLY responsible for the services you actually pay for. Meaning that in this instance, they were only required to deliver the package….which they did. Essentially, Im SOL that the diaper fell out….not their problem.
She asked if it had insurance, which it didnt.
So, my option is to file a claim. The two kickers is that they only reimburse up to $20, and it takes up to 180 days to be notified of their decision whether they’ll do it or not. Plus I have to provide a reciept for the item with my signature and the sellers signature….along with the reciept and original packaging.


Ok, here are a couple pics. I will not post ones that expose my address or the sellers name/address…


Well, she wont refund me minus shipping. She doesnt feel it was her fault whatsoever.


  1. givepeasachance says:

    dumb dumb dumb. Polymailers are even cheaper than the paper ones. Why even take the risk? I hope the buyer makes the seller refund at least part of it.

  2. maree9304 says:

    I admit I used to ship diapers in paper envelopes. I didn’t know any better! I had no idea they went through a machine. But with that said, I used to tape those bitches up. I would tape up all the seams, and sometimes tape around the middle, just in case. Thank goodness, none of them were ever damaged but I wouldn’t take that risk now.

  3. downy says:

    I always though packages were machine sorted or hand sorted based on size not necessarily packaging material. A GM is too big to fit through the machine and should have been sorted by hand. My PO lady showed me the template. She could barely squeeze a pocket diaper with no insert through the template. I wonder what the PO really did to the diaper…

  4. downy says:

    darn typo…I meant “I always thought”

  5. mamapixie says:

    It doesn’t take much to recycle polymailers, bubble envelopes, etc. Although I know there are some buyers out there that are offended by recycling shipping materials.

  6. Ashley says:

    i would never send a diaper in a mailer like that. Seller’s fault IMO

  7. Lisa_m says:

    I think maybe someone at the PO stole it because on the outside, the seller wrote what it was. Not the best idea, IMO. I think the seller should refund, at least half.

  8. A says:

    Yes, I’m sure postal workers are all digging through packages in hopes of finding goodmama diapers. Riiight. Outside of the diapering/hyena world, no one cares about goodmamas (or any other diaper)

    I’d like to see a picture of the postal mark claiming it was improper packing. The few times I’ve received something damaged it has come in a plastic usps envelope with some sort of explanation, not just an empty envelope showing up. How do we know she didn’t just take the diaper out herself and then claim this happened? I don’t really see how either side can prove who is at fault.

  9. boredboredbored says:

    without insurance she is just screwed. always, always, always get insurance!
    and i seriously doubt a postal worker would steal it. only a handful of poeple even know what a goodmama is, and even less than that even want one or care about them.
    imo…its the sellers fault for using bad packaging but she should only be responsible for 1/2 a refund.

  10. The Original Ashley says:

    Um, a diaper wouldn’t fit through that size hole.

  11. The Original Ashley says:

    nm. The pics look differnet here. It looks like someone ripped open the tape.

  12. Myla says:

    Just out of curiosity, how is it the seller’s responsibility to insure the item? It’s not my purchase and therefore not my problem if you choose not insure it. You have to pay for insurance from any large name brand company when you order, so why should it be any different for WAHMs?

  13. DSDM2 says:

    #12, according to PP, it is the sellers responsibility to ensure that the item gets to the buyer.

  14. psychotic mom says:

    Well *technically* according to paypal it is the sellers responsibility that something with DC gets to the buyer. You could ship an empty envelope to a buyer and as long as you have a dc number, paypal considers it delivered. They do not deal with the condition of the items or if the items were in the envelope.
    Ultimately it is the BUYER’S responsibility to insure what they are buying.

  15. DSDM2 says:

    If you aren’t willing to eat the cost as the seller, insure it. If the package is labeled by the PO as poorly packaged, PP will side with the buyer.

    Insurance protects the seller.

  16. Nicki says:

    I think it is the seller’s responsibility to provide insurance, but it is all up to the buyer. After a package leaves my hands, it is NOT in my control. Saying that, I tape that puppy up pretty well. Who puts a $38 dipe in a paper envelope…seriously. I would venture to say it is equally both their fault. They should split the loss cost.

  17. jale says:

    im no expert here but that looks like if you tried to open the package/rip the tape… not that a machine ate it. As far as who is responsible, im not sure. In one sense id say the seller because she didnt package it well, but the buyer is because i know if i purchased a pricey dipe- id put insurance and anything else to protect it i could. She clearly didnt. Hopefully they can agree on something. I also agree with #12. 🙂

  18. Jess says:

    I would totally insure a 38 dollar diaper. If it wasn’t included, I would have added it once I bought it. If I really wanted the diaper that bad…or money back(after a million years) if it got lost, stolen, or never arrived.

  19. Kaymadmom says:

    I highly doubt anybody stole the diaper. I mail in paper envelopes all the time, but I tape the seams.

  20. DSDM2 says:

    #12 Big name companies also often replace lost packages. But they don’t have to worry about negative feedback :twocents:

  21. Molly says:

    I had this happen one time. I sent a package with two diapers in it to a Mama. It was a polymailer. I received the empty polymailer back about four days later with a note from the postal service that it was damaged and the contents were missing.

    I refunded the mama the total amount she had paid. I felt like it was totally my responsibility.

    Why should she eat the cost for someone else’s mistake when she paid for the diapers in good faith?

  22. hmmmm, says:

    Looks like she stole the diaper.. Post offices always put them in plastic saying how it was damaged. I would never trust it unless seeing that packaging.. I mean.. A diaper through that hole? YEAH RIGHT..

  23. hmmmm, says:

    Wow.. I am really off.. I totally looked at the pictures wrong..

    A diaper WOULD fit through that hole.. *rub eyes*

    I still would like to see the writing from the post office.. Ive had a damaged package & it was put into a plastic sleeve & had a damaged notice on it..

  24. DSDM2 says:

    22 and 23: I disagree. I have had it happen to packages sent to me. My PO just hand writes “improper packaging” on the package.

    My guess is that you are a “friend” of the seller or the seller herself.

    THE SELLER PACKAGED IT WRONG. There are a TON of threads on DS where this has happened, and it always comes back to the fact that the seller was WRONG.

  25. cdmd1023 says:

    this is why I love polymailers.

  26. liljoeysmom says:

    The buyer has no control over what the seller uses to send an item. As a seller you’re responsible for getting the item to the buyer not just to the post office. Seller should suck it up and refund the buyer 100%.

  27. sassy1 says:

    my post office will not deliver an opened package (so they claim)…

  28. The ORIGINAL Just Me says:

    ITA #26!

  29. Jennifer W says:

    I can see it being the buyers fault not purchasing insurance if the whole package was lost in the mail. But this is obviously the sellers fault for using the paper packaging. the buyer def deserves a refund.

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