We’ve added someone new.  Welcome to DSDM3!

  1. cdmd1023 says:


  2. DSDM2 says:

    Welcome to the blog DSDM3~

  3. umm anisa says:

    great. welcome

  4. tntdynomite says:

    Welcome DSDM3…..I am so envious!!

  5. haha says:


  6. AshleyB says:


  7. liljoeysmom says:


  8. The ORIGINAL Just Me says:


  9. Nicki says:

    Welcome! This blog is great. I was wary at first, but it’s really helpful and I thank you ladies for giving the scam reports…as well as the juicy stuff 🙂

  10. A Mom says:

    oooohhhh…does this mean there’s so much you had to take on another? woo-hoo…more to read. lol


  11. siriusmama says:

    Nice to “meet” you!
    OMG these threads are cracking me up lmao.
    I think Rumpy Cushions needs their own blog post, I mean really, shower curtains? Is that what WAHM diapers have come to?

  12. dsdm3 says:

    Thank you for the welcome everyone!

  13. Frazzled says:

    Welcome DSDM3!

    #13…momtowillie is TOTALLY Rumpycushion.

  14. not tellin says:

    welcome DSDM3! 🙂

  15. cdmd1023 says:

    #13 -clearly thats the wahm, how sad.

  16. rlsadc says:

    so now theres three of you eh

  17. umm anisa says:

    #13 it still says she is online as of 11:28 pm. lol, i thought she was banned?

  18. you don't know me says:

    #13 I was one of the idiots who purchased diapers from rumpycushions. I have the two emails that I got from her, but no diapers. She scammed quite a few people and many of us filed with paypal. Since there is no money in her paypal account, no one was able to get their money back, even though paypal sided with all of us.
    Also, her paypal name and company name don’t match up with her name or company name.
    Very shady.

  19. barbles says:


    LOL pimping your own diapers and pretending not to be yourself. How sad.

  20. cdmd1023 says:

    OMG thats her?!?!?!?!? thats so sad.

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