You know what the worst part is? It isn’t just her, it is everyone who bought from this wahm.

I ASSume you ladies know who it is? Don’t make me tell you… ok since you all already know, is the selling thread.

An expensive learning experience or?…

I hate to even be posting this, but I’m really not sure if this is a transaction that needs to be ‘adjusted’ or if this is just an expensive learning experience.

On 8-16 I pm’d a WAHM to fill her last custom slot. The listing was for 12 custom dipes & doublers. Buyer picks outer fabric. They are os diapers and the price was listed as $1XX (under $200) just to try & keep this post vague. Shipping & dc were included in the price.
I asked what her turn around time was & for her pp addy.
She pm’d me back stating a turn around of 2 weeks from payment & that dipes would be cut within 2 days after payment. But that it might not take that long since she does XX/day and she may actually be able to have them out in a little over a week. (quoted specific day/ 8-25)

I pm’d her back asking to be put on the list & letting her know I’d send PP as soon as I chose my prints. I also asked specifically if all the fabric in her gallery was up to date.

That evening she responded that yes her gallery was up to date & that she also had XX print *which i didn’t choose, so it doesn’t matter*. She stated that she would begin once she got payment.

It took me until the next day to pick fabrics & send payment.. picking 12 fabrics was no easy task and I actually photo edited a pic for her, combining all the fabrics I wanted since they weren’t actually named/numbered in her gallery which made it hard for me to convey which ones I wanted. In the pic, I made big #2’s on 3 prints with this note attached:

“I’ve marked 3 prints with a #2, I would like a duplicate of these and would LOVE it if you could make the inners -dark- on the ‘second’ ones (if for the black & white *_*__* or the smaller *_*_* the inner is dark on both, that’s ok, too! although, a pink/hot pink inner on that black/white *_*_* would be cute for my girlie!) It was so hard to choose prints that I decided to do a second round of my favorites and dye them to switch things up a bit!”

She responded that she’d keep me updated & to feel free to message her if I need to. She’d try to get them out asap.

I pm’d her to check in, as there was a possibility that my dipes had gone out on the 25th, per her original pm. She had been updating her thread with pics of finished work & momma’s names, but mine never did show up on there.. not my name as a placeholder or any of my dipes.
She pm’d back saying she was ‘just about to message’ me….
She stated that all my dipes were cut except for the microfiber, b/c she had ran out of that but ordered more on the 20th. The company didn’t ship it for 7 days after she ordered (27, so the day before) but that it should be there by the 1st. She apologized and stated she could throw in some wipes with my order if I wanted.

I pm’d her back to thank her for letting me know…. and to ask if we could sub hemp fleece *which was avail on her thread as an upgrade* b/c we done use cloth dipes
I recognized that there was an additional cost on her thread to do this, and asked that if that amount would be more than the value of the wipes she was going to include, that I’d be happy to pp her the difference if she’d let me know the cost…especially if subbing would mean that my dipes might get shipped Tuesday rather than started Tuesday.

She pm’d to tell me she’d check her supply & lmk in the morning.

She pm’d me stating she couldn’t recall if she had let me know about the mf/hemp issue, but that she’d been able to use mf on all my dipes. She also told me that she had just notice that one of my prints had been cut upside down and that she tried to correct it but couldn’t & didn’t have any more of that fabric. She had one of this print that was correct, but needed me to choose an alt print so she could get the dipes out the next day.
I pm’d her back immediately upon recpt & let her know my choice.

She pm’s me with the info that she & her kids are sick and that she didn’t ship. She’s sorry but she’ll ship them tomorrow.

I pm’d her back sympathizing and threw in a comment that if the upside down dipe somehow made it in the box for a bakers’ dozen, we wouldn’t be offended….

She pm’s back to thank me for being understanding, and tells me that she can’t include the upside down one, bc it was only cut, not sewn, but that she could throw in XXX diaper instead.

I returned her pm, saying that would be really nice, not necessary, but really nice since older dd really liked that print. I let her know that the reason I was so anxious was b/c our stash is small and I have a few things I need to let go of, but I’m waiting to get these dipes before I can.

I pm’d her b/c of the upcoming weekend.. to see if the dipes had gone out yet.

She replied saying they hadn’t b/c she’d had to help a family member run errands and that she hadn’t had time. She stated they’d go out that day.

I pm’d b/c her thread had been updated (I’m still not on there, though) and asked if they had indeed gone out & for a d/c #.

She replied that they had gone out in a flat rate box but that my dc # was in the car her dh took to work that day & she’d pm me with it when he got home. and, oh, btw: “couple of the doublers don’t match because when she got to my order she didnt realize she was almost out of that fabric so they are a little different in size and everything. she said she really tries and make the doublers not to catch to poo but for additional absorbancy so in that aspect they will work fine. just not all matching.”

I pm’d asking for the dc #… again.
She pm’d back with it.

I got my dipes this week. They are really cute (print wise, which is why I picked them, lol…) but:

These are the doublers-

Very skinny & very much different sizes, some are too short to catch even pee…

I tried them on DD and some seemed to cit better than others, but I didn’t think much of it, they’re all the same dipe, right?
Well, yes & no.. there’s about a 2 inch difference between the front panel of the ‘smallest’ dipe and the front panel of the ‘largest’ dipe.. but they’re all supposed to be the same size/os

After my initial wash & dry, they began to do this:

This was evidently fixed prior to being sent:

What can I do? I tried to be patient b/c we REALLY need these dipes. I let her know in my 1st pm that these would double our stash. I feel bad b/c after I ordered, she changed her per dozen price (higher) and I feel like since she included the ‘extra’ dipe, I should just leave well enough alone..

On the other hand, besides the flaws above, my requests for dark inners on the ‘duplicate’ dipes wasn’t really honored.. the print that she said was messed up, well the 1 dipe i got in that print is seamed together in the crotch to ‘flip’ the print, though it’s not done on any of the other dipes with ‘one way’ print…some dipes feel really ‘full/fluffy’ like there’s more in them.. and seem to be more absorbent than others that it seems like dd pees right through…some snaps/stitching are ‘off’.. it looks like she just rushed right through. Thing is, other momma’s have gotten dipes & rave about them.. but I really think it’s b/c they’ve only ordered 1-2 and there isn’t such a quality difference as there is between these 12/13….

I really don’t want to return them..b/c we need them and they are super cute on the outside… I’m already out my time.. & doubt I’ll find another wahm with a deal that even comes close to what I paid, which for us was alot to begin with.

What can I do?????? She pm’d me to check that I had gotten them, but hasn’t left me feedback as a buyer yet.. I haven’t returned her pm b/c I really don’t know what to say –or ask for…


Re: An expensive learning experience or?…

re: news…

i’ve tried not to post even though it’s been a really good outlet for me & it’s been good to hear that i’m not being overly picky…

this is all part of the reason it is taking me so long to get stated on MY wahm thread (cloth grocery bags)… i would love to have my product as close to ready as it can be before i even test. during testing, i hope to get constructive feedback, fix what i need to & proceed with a great product. i’ll ask my testers to load these to the hilt, wash them more than you’d think necessary *throw them in with regular loads, whatever* etc to work out kinks. I want my bags to stack up nicely and not show obvious differences in identical sizes… etc.. I’m asking a lot of myself & my products, but that’s why people buy on here… I personally would rather support a ‘small business’/wahm than to buy from a large company… I think a lot of us know that we might be able to get ‘cheaper’ elsewhere, but knowing that you’re buying from another momma (* the unique products here*) keep you coming back..


i’m really not sure where we’re at…
i have a problem with paying for 1st quality dipes & ending up with what would be considered 2nds at best.. or ‘mended’ dipes… I just don’t think it’s fair.
I’ve stated my reasons more than once about why I’m worried to allow them to be ‘fixed’ or ‘replaced’….
so, we haven’t really made any progress….


Re: An expensive learning experience or?…

Originally Posted by mikoto127 View Post
At this point with no progress, I would just PM a mod and have them mediate. That is nuts though. You should have a full refund + return shipping, as those are NOT usable if they came apart like that after one wash!!

I have… which is why I’m not saying much on here.. apparently the mods have been discussing ‘us’ & offered mediation.. I’ve never done that, but after I asked about it, it seems that their is a sort of waiting list & a ‘room’ (thread?) for it that only admins have access to.

I really don’t want either of us to feel badly about the transaction when it’s all said & done… but like I’ve said over & over… I paid for NEW FIRST QUALITY DIPES. I should NOT have to settle for partially new/partially mended dipes. By the time the ‘replacement’ ones get to me, my time to file w/pp is up, so if for some reason they’re no better, I’m still .

I can MORE than understand her side of this, but it’s not like it was one dipe out of the dozen… it’s not like there was the one hole and that was the only problem… it’s not one short snap in… or one measured wrong.

Even aside from the fraying. Aside from the hole. Aside from the sewing coming out….. forgetting about the 2inch difference between dipes…

The snaps themselves on the outsides that you can SEE are off. They are not lined up correctly and are not placed in a consistent manner on the dipes.

The snap ins should have been scrapped & I should have gotten a message DURING production that they would be done away with & extra layers added inside. It should not have been an after thought included in the message with my dc#.

These are just 2 very obvious issues that should have been fixed before I ever got the diapers. The diaper that is mended should have been remade or partially refunded, as it had an issue before it even left her hands, which she couldn’t have fixed without thinking “hey, there’s xxxxx wrong with this dipe, let me sew it up”…

ugh. I need sleep.
this is just silly at this point.
I have been crystal clear in my communication from the get go. I have asked for a refund at least twice now in pm’s & since you’ve been reading the thread, you know that’s what’s right, regardless of your pp balance…
it’s what you’d expect if it were your purchase, it shouldn’t have to be begged for.

honest to blog.

  1. DSIsLikeAnEtchASketch says:


    you might want to read this now… before it vanishes.. b/c honestly, it’s about as bitchy as i get.. & even with my sunshine & rainbows, ds will probably eat it:

  2. DSDM2 says:

    editing to add it 😉

  3. DSIsLikeAnEtchASketch says:

    i REALLY am going to bed, lol….
    but if i have to go through paypal to get my refund, i don’t give a damn what they say about “buyer pays to ship back”

    i’ll either send ’em freakin parcel post /media mail or send em back COD…. what a joke…

    this whole mess is just out of hand…

    &…. are there really more than just me/the one other mom who posted pics on my thread????

    if so, i will let go of my sunshine & rainbows… and fill PP on her 1st thing in the a.m….. like.. the ‘when i wake up’ a.m. ;o)

  4. DSDM2 says:

    You will have to say the name and let me know for sure, but I’m 99.9% sure there are a few others 😉

    Out her already!

  5. DSIsLikeAnEtchASketch says:

    oh, i thought i handled that on the other entry about mookiedoodlewhatever….. *whom she raved about if i’m correct!?!?*



    check her posts.

    she recently bought some Komen (?) books in a coop.

    I’m too nice to post the names, but I bet you’ll get a kick out of them… *evil grin*

    wonder if they’re for her kids…..? :oX

  6. Speaking from experience, filing with paypal at this point isn’t going to do you much good. They do not cover the quality of the product or customer satisfaction. They only deal with non receipt. She only needs to provide the dc showing it was delivered.
    Even if paypal did anything if she doesn’t have anything in paypal, they will send you an email saying they found in your favor BUT there isn’t any money to recover so you’re screwed.
    It sucks all around.

  7. AshleyB says:

    If *I* didn’t get my refund, I would make sure to leave appropriate FB, with a link to the pic (I always click links in people’s FB), and make sure whenever someone posts a thread “can I see your baby in a XX diap” to post pics of my baby in this ratty falling apart diap, or just a pic of the diap as is. And, I’m not impressed by Chunki Bunz. It annoys me to no end that her & her mom BOTH make diap’s, with different patterns, under the same one HC name…I bought some wipes from her a while ago, and they came 4×4 size (suppose to be “standard size”, I was a noob) and she posted she has clearance wipes–but has YET TO POST THEM!
    **sorry for my rant on her, I know this is about the mama’s being screwed by her**

  8. AshleyB says:

    Uh…anyone else notice who has a Hyena Cart open?

  9. umm anisa says:

    build a diaper is also still open

  10. DSIsLikeAnEtchASketch says:

    i pm’d her a new one.. well.. as bitchy as i can muster with my ‘there’s good in everyone’ sunshine & rainbows self…

    we’ll see what’s next.

  11. Crazy Mama Lisa says:

    All I’ve got to say is DAMN! Those are some awful diapers. I figured out who she was by looking through your old posts. You seemed so excited for them to get there, what a let down =( I really hope she does the right thing and refunds your money. There is no way in hell that she didn’t notice how bad those were before she sent them. They should have been remade and the bad ones FFS’ed to mamas in need. Those diapers rank up there with the fugly Gators longies. Maybe those two can do a collab! 😉

  12. DSIsLikeAnEtchASketch says:

    i’m gonna spit.

    i just got some stragglers out of the wash..

    & d@mned if there aren’t more holes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    GOT to go to work..but i’ll be back later….

  13. Jess says:

    Oh heck no, those dipes are just plain awful. I would be spitting fire. I’m so sorry you are dealing with that crap!!!

  14. Christine says:

    That stinks!
    Make sure you do a bad apple report on her.

  15. Christine says:

    Is this the WAHM? If so, kind of ironic, don’t you think?

  16. Crazy Mama Lisa says:

    LoL Christine, karma is a bitch! Cruel, cruel irony. Perhaps now she’ll understand why the OP wants a refund on HER diapers? Maybe someone should clue her in… Although I’m sure she’s reading this thread already.

  17. DSDM2 says:

    LOL, reading that whole thread, it seems like she is trolling for business.

  18. The Original Just Me says:

    Whoa! Even if I was a noob, I’d STILL see how bad those dipes are! Hope you get your refund mama!

  19. DSIsLikeAnEtchASketch says:

    #14, yes.
    If you’re looking at her posts, check out the books she just got in a coop. You’ll die.

    #15, if you’re speaking about the DS thread, yes, she’s been reading it.

    She pm’d me an earfull just now….
    Evidenty, my *hints* on there OUTED HER.. and there are ‘rules against that’.. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to follow my posts!!! geez..

    Oh, & her communication has been great & the ‘reason this is taking so long..’ in her opinion, is that I took 2 days to pm her back *while waiting on mods to help me* when she kept ignoring my ‘I WANT A REFUND’ PMs & responding with ‘so whatcha wanna do’ PMs!

    Even now she says ‘if you want a refund, that’s ok’…… Well refund me, then! I had even said: “I either need my full refund + shipping to you or you need to come up with a purchase price that reflects the quality of the diapers I have received and if we can agree on it, then you can refund me the difference.”
    Which she still hadn’t done when she pm’d me back… just said ‘we can do either’….


  20. mamapixie says:

    You know, everyone can say what they will about how they “only” support WAHM’s . But this advent of Hyenacart, congos, etc is giving us untalented hacks, and has turned me completely away from ever purchasing on Hyenacart, or even from any WAHM that hasn’t been around for at least a few years.

  21. DSIsLikeAnEtchASketch says:

    btw: i think we’re heading into mediation now.. though i don’t know what there is to mediate…

    so i’m not sure that i can talk on here..

    if i’m mia, i’ll be back when it’s all said & done…

  22. Crazy Mama Lisa says:

    I looked at the coop books earlier, that was a riot!

    ChunkiBunz Diaperz – $13.51 PAID
    My First Book of Tracing
    My First Book of Cutting
    My Book of Easy Crafts

  23. AshleyB says:

    #22, OMG! That is beyond hilarious! I think we should all send her “how to sew for dummies”

  24. DSIsLikeAnEtchASketch says:

    before i make my 1st mediation post, she says she’s been sewing her whole life…

    i mean.. my grandparents owned a sewing machine shop, the featherweight i use is once I’ve had since I was 5.. I’ve been sewing my whole life, too… but I’m no pro.. I sew what I need to. I learn to sew new things as I need to. Unless you’ve been sewing diapers for ‘your whole life’.. it’s no argument.

  25. Crazy Mama Lisa says:

    Etch a sketch…

    I saw that, too, on another one of her posts. She’s been sewing since she was 4!! =X I guess granny didn’t have the heart to correct her?

  26. DSIsLikeAnEtchASketch says:


    btw i’m not mediating anymore i don’t think…

    we’re doing a refund through a mod for purch price + shipping… figured it’s probably the best way to end it and actually get my $$ since SHE’s the one that said she spent it…

    do a chargeback on a mod & see what happens, ykwim?

    i am peeved though b.c this means another dipe hunt + i bought some fab at joanns *jolly roger waffle* to make dd a shirt, but now i wont have the dipe to match! i only managed to snag it b/c it was a remnant! :o(

    i really hope she either steps it up or practices & re-runs her testers…

  27. Crazy Mama Lisa says:

    Are you talking about the red fabric with the jolly roger in black with kind of a plaid design in the skulls? I know a WAHM who has it and can make you a prefold out of it. If you’re interested I’ll PM you her info on DS 😉

  28. MajKitab says:

    Yikes! Those are some terrible diapes.
    I’ve done business with this Mama before and she’s a big fat liar.

  29. DSIsLikeAnEtchASketch says:

    nope… just plain so plain white thermal jr’s…

    & a hot pink inner…

    i got enough of that thermal for an entire shirt & magenta/hot pink thermal to add long sleeves & make it look layered.. :o)
    my main issue now is just finding some more dipes that fit & aren’t too $$$…

  30. DSIsLikeAnEtchASketch says:

    ok, got the pm that the mod has the $$….

    JUST REALIZED before I posted this that the amt sent to the mod is $.02 short…


    or is there some mystery pp fee I’m clueless about???

    as it is, I’m eating $6 in fees, but offered to do it just to have this done with….

    but then to short me $.02???

  31. Zukey says:

    2 cents, huh? I’ve often given people my 2 cents, but I don’t believe I’ve ever kept someone’s 2 cents.

  32. DSIsLikeAnEtchASketch says:

    evidently it’s b/c she’s assuming i’ll ship through pp for a dc, w/a large box totaling $9.98. *though the total on the box i got was $10+, so she didn’t use this method evidently…*

    however.. b/c she didn’t send ME the $$ & it’s therefor not worth my effort to go through PP…

    i’ll be sending it via dhl for $2.20 less with a tracking # included & I won’t have to pay for it up front… plus it will still get there by Friday.

  33. AshleyB says:

    $0.02?! That is insane. And, I wouldn’t eat the $6 in fee’s–I would have her eat that along with her crap diap’s!

  34. DSIsLikeAnEtchASketch says:

    as you can tell, i’m a doormat, i mean.. nice like that.

    it’s b/c i’m making her send the $ through a mod instead of hitting ‘refund’ b/c no, i don’t trust her….
    anyways, she’d probably jip me for my shipping $ anyway & only refund me.. so i’ll take what i can get.

  35. Me says:

    DSIsLikeAnEtchASketch Says:
    it’s b/c i’m making her send the $ through a mod instead of hitting ‘refund’ b/c no, i don’t trust her….

    Craaazy question – can someone actually scam/get money back after “refunding”? I thought once someone hit the “refund” button that it in fact “cancelled” the transaction?

  36. cdmd1023 says:

    whats with all the ass kissing on ds for this mama? lol

  37. McMamma38 says:

    OMG–those are some shity diapers!I’m so sorry this mama got these crappily sewn rags.Hugs!

  38. DSDM2 says:

    #37, I don’t know but her soaker is all wonkey in that photo too.

  39. cdmd1023 says:

    yeah, you can see its a little wonky

  40. cdmd1023 says:

    you know, im not into wahm bashing, I believe everyone will either eventually get it right or go out of business, its all a learning experience, but this wahm seems like, oh if I do minky and a decorative stitch then i can make non functioning diapers that fall apart in 1 wash.

    and im curious as to what kind of minky that is, looks more like fur to me.

    ok, now that my ice cream is soup….

  41. not tellin says:

    ya know, i can understand wanting to stand up for a friend, ya know? I do get that, but even these friends of hers have to admit thats SHITTY work. I can’t blame the buyer for not wanting replacements, who knows what kind of shape they will come in? Just fess up, say “im sorry, i fucked up. I forgot your order and realized it too late, so i rushed. How can I make this right, and still come out smelling like a rose?” just be honest, seriously.

  42. DSDM2 says:

    What the hell is that minky? It looks like $1 a yard material that pulls apart…

  43. cdmd1023 says:

    DSDM2-it looks like the “minky” they sell at walmart, very rough and thick and long, not plush and smooth like the real stuff.

  44. haha says:

    It almost looks like crap what’s the material…it’s not even minky but eyelash type stuff. Heck I don’t know the name. Isn’t there a difference between minkey and minky??

  45. JustPeachy says:

    It looks like the minky stuff they sell at Joann Fabrics.

  46. Crazy Mama Lisa says:

    #37, that’s a shame. I suppose none of them read this thread on DS. The OP is lucky hers has held up for as long as it has, but the people asking about the diapers are completely oblivious to what they’ll really get. Sad.

  47. DSIsLikeAnEtchASketch says:


    & the minkee/minky/whatever is really soft…& actually washed really well… the prints are cute.. really i have NO issues there…

    the problem is that with every wash I got more frays, more holes etc…. the ‘decorative’ stitching at the tops is all over the place and on mine it doesn’t even come down fully on one side (like one edge is correct but the opposite edge it stops 1/4in before the edge if that makes sense)

    the sewing is just not up to par.

    #35: to clarify a bit i guess, she would not *understandably* send my refund until she got her dipes. there’s no way in hell I was going to be out the dipes AND the $$ in the event that she wanted to screw me once she got the dipes.
    I’m willing to eat the $6 in fees over this to have a mod hold the $$, but what’s worse is that *someone* is now bitching about the fact that I’m shipping using a method other than usps… (b/c i have an acct so I won’t have to pay with $$ I don’t have since she didn’t refund me) AND I wanted a TRACKING #, NOT a dc #.. I want to know if this package farts/takes a break at starbucks/what she’s wearing when she opens the door to accept it ;o) so that I KNOW there’s no issue with it getting to her. Plus it’s guaranteed to be there by the end of the day Friday.. & yes it was cheaper than sending it usps… which is evidently pissing her off…. but I’m STILL technically LOSING $$ which she can’t seem to understand and is fussing about me making $.18 or some mess…
    I know that cdmd caught my snafu last night, lol… anyone else?
    I went to delete an interest thread where I had asked for pics of the dipes in action b4 I got mine.. and I put ‘delete’ for the title & BODY.. well, one person who replied (only last week, asking the same ?) showed the name of the store in the title… i ‘bumped’ it with the word DELETE, also.. thinking that if someone hovers over the thread, they won’t click it b/c all they see is delete/delete.. not like delete in the title then “this blah blah blah did such & such dee dee dee….” in the body…

    so it gets hit a bunch.. and people are posting ‘what did i miss??’ and all I wanted was for the stupid thing to get deleted.. so I was like “i wanted to see them. I got mine & saw them…. inside & out.” >;o)

    i had to report my own thread just to get it deleted, lol!!!

  48. DSIsLikeAnEtchASketch says:

    oh yeah. that’s thanks to the thread above that I was talking about .. where I went to delete it.. & this momma comes in saying she doesn’t know what happened to mine but hers rock & she’s off to post a belated rave about it now….


  49. The Bored Bitch says:

    It looks like she skinned Muppets to make those diapers. Blech.

  50. DSIsLikeAnEtchASketch says:




    say it ain’t so!

  51. new here says:

    why does this wahm still have 100% fb???

  52. cdmd1023 says:

    lol, yeah, there is a good inch difference in wing length there.

  53. DSIsLikeAnEtchASketch says:

    as far as from me? it’s b/c i guess technically the transaction isn’t over yet…

    as far as anyone else w/issues? dunno.. i know at least 1 other momma is having issues though…

  54. Yup says:

    #49 OMG, that last post on that thread is hilarious. I want to reply, but I can’t. I have been watching to see if it gets a response from the OP 🙂

  55. Crazy Mama Lisa says:

    That post is too funny. That diaper is definately uneven, does the OP not see this? Also, does anyone notice the hair on the left wing? That just makes me shudder. Eww.

  56. DSIsLikeAnEtchASketch says:


    oh wait till you see the pieces of work in the wahm feedback area… once she gets the package & i get my $, I’m doing a full “non emotional” pictorial.

    I had other pics at first, but didn’t want to post since the prints may have been considered ‘outing’ or some such b.s….

    i have pics of uneven soakers, snaps for the lay in placed IN the soaker area (soaker*snap*end of soaker) on the actual dipe.. way crowded/super spaced/off center snaps.. just crap..

  57. Nosey Neighbour says:

    you girls are making me laugh on that thread!!!! can’t wait to see what the OP’s reply will be!!!!

  58. jeruco says:

    okay, so this poster
    thinks she super sly and she did a search for chunkibunz and she bumped all the old posts that had the word chunkibunz in it. I heard she is a friend. So, she is trying to make it look like everyone loves the diapers because of the other thread where the dipaer is being questioned.
    please people dont let her get away with this.

  59. Crazy Mama Lisa says:

    Wow, that thread (#49) is still up? I was sure DS would turn it into another edition of “It Got Deleted” by now. They’re slow today. Better for the consumers, though 😉

    And #60, doesn’t she know it’s bad for business to back a crappy wahm?

  60. DSIsLikeAnEtchASketch says:

    oh i’ll give her something to bump…


    i also noticed that the chick that bought the dozen (super…jennie something…)

    is in the mommas home state.. maybe a friend?

    dunno.. but you just wait till that package gets there tomorrow.. and i get my $$. then i can actually finish this mess.

    it is NOT fair that only ‘yay i heart my chunkibunz’ posts are getting bumped…

  61. Crazy Mama Lisa says:

    Her friends are only going to hurt her more by doing that. Unless she’s done some SERIOUS improvement on her diaper making skills, she’s just going to have a bunch of angry mamas demanding more refunds because her product quality leaves a LOT to be desired.

    IMO she should close up shop, work on making a better and more consistent product with a design that isn’t borrowed, and reopen with lots of testers. Then maybe she can move forward from this disaster and be a successful WAHM.

  62. DSIsLikeAnEtchASketch says:

    that’s fine.. I have a new siggy.

    if people want to find out the real deal about these diapers they will..or they’ll learn an expensive lesson

  63. Yup says:

    Wow, well guess you don’t have to worry about post #60 anymore. The raving Mama is banned now 🙂

  64. DSDM2 says:

    WOW! She is in the other congo isn’t she? BTW the banned member is the owner of Lil Out Laws

  65. jeruco says:

    #65 I think she got banned because she started a thread about ELLa Gena mama being banned last night. She posted saying it wasnt right ect…. I knew she would get banned for that. You cannot post that on DS and have a bunch of people saying the mods did something wrong. DS just doesnt like that kind of stuff. They wont allow it. LOL…
    I guess she wont be posting all her great raves and pics today of chunkibunz. All of her posts she bumped said she would post pics today.

  66. DSIsLikeAnEtchASketch says:

    lol when the one mom posted to the ‘rave’ about if they are OS or various sizes…

    i began a reply but then just shut the tab..

    i SO wanted to say
    ‘well, they’re sold as OS, but they are various sizes…’

  67. jeruco says:

    The thread is getting funny. Attempt at raves is showing major quality control.

  68. jeruco says:

    how do you take a screen shot?

  69. JustPeachy says:

    Ctrl + print screen button then paste it into your paint program.

  70. DSIsLikeAnEtchASketch says:

    finally couldn’t take it anymore & replied to that BS rave…

    what CRAP.

  71. Yup says:

    I don’t think Sweetpea is doing her or her business any favors. Anyone notice the last several topics on scamming and crap WAHM’s have her name associated with them?

  72. DSIsLikeAnEtchASketch says:

    i’m waiting to see what that screen shot shows…

    btw: if you need another way to do it & you use firefox, you can download an addon called screengrab.. then you just have to right click the screen & can take a shot!

  73. jeruco says:

    #74 yeah I dont think I would shop with sweetpeaboutique after reading that thread. She is making herself and her business look, well, not so smart.

  74. cdmd1023 says:

    know what, screw ds, how dare they delete my posts so were not even close to bashing!! yeah, lets let a bunch of people by shitty made diapers because ds wont allow the truth.


  75. cdmd1023 says:

    that not so. oops!

  76. jeruco says:

    and poof most of its gone

  77. itsraininghere says:

    ugh. i’m late to the party.

    did anyone get the thread before they went nutso with the deleting?

  78. maree9304 says:

    “DS DOES ban people for stalking/harassment”

    nuh-uh, for real!? what DON’T they ban for?

  79. JustPeachy says:

    #82 apparently not scamming and being a shitty shady wahm

  80. Mud says:

    Sweet Pea was also called out for her copyright ripoffs in a rave thread started by (and posted to by only) her congo mates. She chose to ignore it and continue with the ripoffs/
    Not good news.

  81. crystal says:

    Dang, remind me never to do business with any of you. I try my hardest but i’d be afraid that you’d find some reason to bash me no matter what either for my product or for the people I know or the people I do business with. I understand the original posters complaint. She got crappy diapers and should get it resolved. The rest of you who decide to not only throw the original mom under the bus, but had to throw anyone associated with her under too, you have serious issues.

  82. JustPeachy says:

    #85 don’t be an idiot. It was suggested to said wahm that she should close up shop while she reworks her pattern because there are too many inconsistencies on sizing. Said wahm denied that there was any problems and is continuing to live in ignorance. Therefore since she can’t take good business advice then said wahm deserves to be thrown under the bus.
    Quality craftsmanship stands for itself and I highly doubt any of the other moms on here would bitch if something wasn’t as drastically off as said wahm.

  83. JustPeachy says:

    And are you speaking of the congo when you are saying we threw anyone associated with her under the bus? Because Im sorry I agree with most others when I say guilt by association. Most WAHMs have good business sense when they know one of their congo mates is a scammer/has unethical business practices they deal with it.

  84. JustPeachy says:

    Did you guys notice this thread?
    Surprised it hasnt been deleted yet

  85. DSIsLikeAnEtchASketch says:

    the reason that the others (sweetpea & taylormom) are getting ‘dragged under the bus’ is b/c they laid down in the middle of the road.

    taylormom searched for any post w/ chunkibunz in it and bumped them all saying how much she loved the dipes… if she really loved them this much, she wouldn’t wait until her ‘fave’ dipe was shown to be of less than satisfactory quality to rave about them & bump all the posts. she wasn’t doing anyone any favors by trying to bring more people to a wahm who is not accepting customs right now ans has a lot on her plate regardless of the quality of her work.

    sweetpea did the same thing. she came into a thread that I had edited to delete and then ‘thought out loud’ that she had never raved this wahm, and was going to run off & do just that. then she posts this thread showing a diaper with obvious issues and gets up in arms when mamas caught onto what she was doing…

    neither of those things speak well for your overall character…

  86. crystal says:

    Peachy, I agree that the original wahm should try to provide a more consistent quality product and also should refund the original poster for the poor craftsman ship on her order. I still do not agree to toss others under a bus…from what I see, it’s friends sticking up for other friends because they don’t want to see them get hurt…kind of like you are all doing except they didn’t criticize anyone else to get their point across. If I felt like it, I could start tossing your business names out there too as people with poor ethics because of how you treat others. Doesn’t matter if what I say because people believe what they read. I won’t do that because I truly want other wahms to be successful.I also believe that unless I have an issue with each of you PERSONALLY, that it isn’t fair for me to talk crap about you to give others a bad impression of you and your business.

  87. JustPeachy says:

    Sorry but from a business stand point, you don’t stick up for your friends. I know if I had a friend who was a wahm and she was having this many issues Id gently suggest she fix it rather then basically say nothing is wrong and further support her denial.
    Not everyone can be a wahm and the sooner these ladies realize it the better off they will be. I am so sick and tired of everyone on DS deciding hey I can sew a little bit, I think I’ll open a store.

  88. crystal says:

    I guess that is where we are different. I’ll stand up for anyone who has done ME no wrong. For instance, say I bought something from you and we had an awesome transaction. I was happy with the product and all was right with the world…then you sent out a poor quality product to sallyjane. SallyJane goes and tells everyone how awful everything was. Who knows maybe the product you sent me wasn’t good either, but I’m new to CD (just an example) so I have no clue what it should look like. I would come and say how happy I was with you. And if things go the same way, I would be bashed for that?

    I realize not everyone should be making products and selling them, especially if they are not good quality items. I have VERY basic sewing skills, and would never try to sell anything I put together lol. But is this original person new? or is she going through a rough spot? Is there something going on that maybe she hasn’t shared that is distracting her? I know I am in the minority and try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

  89. JustAMama says:

    92 you have a good point – just because someone says they like the product doesn’t mean they’re sticking up for them, or that they are friends. It could just mean that they DID get a product they were happy with. (Imagine that.)
    I know taylormom posted her’s somewhere else (not DS, I think it was MySpace but not sure) and her’s did look good. So maybe chunkibunz or whatever has had a few good ones, and apparently a lot that were NOT so good. Just because someone got a good one doesn’t mean she’s defending the WAHM.
    I do know that the chunkibunz mom said something about having her house flooded and they were working on fixing it, maybe that is distracting her? Not that it’s an *excuse* for shoddy workmomship, but it may be a good **explanation**.

  90. crystal says:

    JustaMama, I’m glad you understood what I was trying to say *grin* sometimes my mind and my fingers don’t always get along when I’m trying to express myself 🙂 I just have a problem with the “guilt by association” that seems to be going on here 😦 And now that I put myself out here, I was afraid of the backlash that might head my way, but I guess that’s not as important to me.

    I also wanted to say that I am not all that familiar with Congo’s and how they work so I’m not sure what actions someone could take if a momma in the congo was putting out poor quality products.

  91. JustAMama says:

    Of course, I agree completely –
    I mean, I see the point in a sense, but on the other hand, I don’t think that anybody associated with a “bad apple”, so to speak, should be condemned along with them.
    I’m also not too familiar with congos, but from what I understand it is one HC store with multiple mini-stores within it. They all get paid separately and conduct their transactions separately. So (using the Animal Crackers congo as an example, since it’s a topic of discussion here) if Mookie Doodle were to be a bad WAHM, and the Mad Hatter were a good one, and Hooah Babies was a bad one, and Lil Outlaws was a good one, etc.. there’s nothing that should stop anybody from shopping with Mad Hatter or Lil Outlaws, since it’s not like the bad ones are handling the transaction, KWIM?
    I would also assume that if all the good WAHMs in that congo decided the “bad one” was dragging business down, they could all ask her to leave, though if she’s paying her rent they couldn’t “make” her.. ??

  92. crystal says:

    Thank you for explaining that to me. That’s what I was wondering.

  93. haha says:

    I’m guessing it’s bsrb? that’s the only one I can think of that has you purchase feedback slots if you didn’t buy through her store?? Which is really sad because she has great stuff

  94. haha says:

    nope not bsrb…not sure who it is then (thank god I would have been upset if it was Joyce she’s always been awesome to me!)

  95. JustPeachy says:

    So whos this latest naughty wahm? I want to know!

  96. JustPeachy says:

    It’s not Lindsay at RW is it? 😦

  97. mrstkeller says:

    Hmmm. . after looking at feedback. . could be. Sad if it is, I like Lindsay and her work.

  98. JustPeachy says:

    But that feedback that she had was from like 2 years ago. I am pretty sure thats who it is due to her recent announcement. Its sad though because she is a very nice wahm.

  99. JustAMama says:

    I think I’m out of the loop – what’s RW?

  100. JustPeachy says:

    Rainbow Waters
    I just knew it was bound to happen especially since she took on a co-op order of at most 200 items and then her customs list and stocking her store.

  101. JustAMama says:

    Oh ok.. I’ve heard that name once or twice but nothing about it. someone I should stay away from, eh?

  102. Madre says:

    This isn’t the first time I’ve heard about a horror story with a custom from RW.

  103. JustPeachy says:

    #106 Lindsay is so not like that. I normally would be the first to be like eh to hell with her but I really do believe that she just took on more than she can handle. Her items are extremely popular and I have a feeling that she did it just because she is trying to make everyone happy. I do not for one second think that Lindsay is anything like other popular wahms who get big then think to hell with the customer.

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