Things that make you go… hmmm….

Posted: September 4, 2008 by DSDM2 in Just Drama
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Any one else see something wrong here? 6 posts, no pics, too good to be true prices, and I bolded the kicker for me. (Oh, and this isn’t her only listing either.)

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SOLD – please remove – 12 BumGenius AIO One-Size – VERY gently used

4 blue, 4 green, 4 white BumGenius One Size AIO’s including the diaper doublers. Very gently used. Only one of the white AIO’s has a very small stain on the stuffer!

I will email a picture if you are interested!

$70 + shipping.

Accepting payments through paypal only.

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Re: 12 BumGenius AIO One-Size – VERY gently used

Well… I’m getting rid of them because cloth diapering is not for us. I’ve had 2 people pull out on me on buying them (not from diaperswappers obviously) and they take up a LOT of room. If I need to up my price then so be it. We bought a 2 packs of 6 from for 200 or so. Not being a diaper expert, I don’t know how much they resale for. So if I need to sell them for more…. good to know.

I was told by other diaper friends that these kind are called all in ones… if they’re not then my bad. They have inserts that adjust just like the diapers. So I guess that’s technically a two-in-one… but everyone I’ve met calls them all in ones!

Anyway. I can’t put a picture up because I don’t have at least 10 posts. But I’m not going to have 10 posts because I’m not into cloth diapering… just trying to get rid of these diapers!

  1. whoopee says:

    Wait. What?

  2. Madre says:

    who would buy those?

  3. Mamageek says:

    Hahaha what? She can’t make herself come up with TEN posts so she can sell $100+ worth of diapers?


  4. me says:

    I love it when someone with no posts hops right into selling and the only bites are from other newbies. SCAM!!!

    ps- another scam in the making…

    check out her posts.

  5. not tellin says:

    huh, i almost sold to pamperedshell! She pelted me with question after question, had me take more pics of the dipes and such, and then i never heard from her again, lol. Obnoxious? Yes. Did i peg her for a scammer? Nope sure didnt!

  6. twatwaffletuesday says:

    I am not concerned with the fact she called them AIO’s, then said stuffers and inserts. The way it sounds she just doesnt know the terminology. She mentioned someone told her they were an AIO. I am concerned with the fact she cant come up with 4 more posts to post pics.

  7. sassy1 says:

    here’s 10 ideas for posts for her to get her …

    #1 I am special and don’t need 10 posts
    #2 I have diaperz to sale
    #3 I haz no clue what kindz they really are and have no pics because i don’t have enough posts
    #4 I’z not a scammer
    #5 I’m half way to pics
    #6 I no longer cloth diaperz thats why i am selling them
    #7 and thats also why i can’t come up with 10 posts
    #8 I promise I’z not a scammer
    #9 If you pay I promise they’ll be in the mail 😉

    Whateva lady, get real.

  8. cdmd1023 says:

    #7 lol. that link is good too! wow.

  9. AshleyB says:

    WOW…seems kinda scamy (or stupid)

  10. Shopaholic ~ Thats me! says:

    Dang…why is she selling so many nice dipes, and B why are her only posts selling dipes? hmmmm (pampered whatever)

  11. Kaymadmom says:

    Eh…who knows. I had a momma sell me 32 brand new MEOS and 6 MEAF covers for $85.

  12. DSDM2 says:

    Notice that this isn’t in the scammer section b/c I’m not sure it is. But, it does make you go… hmmm…

    anyone else remember that song? “Things that make you go hmmm.hmmm..hmmm… things that make you go hmmm…”

  13. MajKitab says:


    What is up with that? I only checked out the 1st page, but is she buying and selling berryplushes? Then buying more?

  14. MajKitab says:

    Ohhh.. Looks lIke I needed to actually open the threads, I see now.

    What a Bitch.

  15. dixieleigh070 says:

    okay is nobody looking at her join date of july 2006 and going hmm to the how the hell cant she get ten posts if shes been there two years!!!!

  16. DSDM2 says:

    How is she “new” to CDing after being there 2 years? hmmm…

  17. Crystal says:

    IDK I joined several months before i posted and sold quite a bit before I ever posted any where else. I never intended to make friends at diaperswappers just buy, sell and trade. IDK I guess I give people the benefit of the doubt and it has not failed me yet and I have well over 100 transactions there.

  18. JustPeachy says:

    Maybe she joined for another reason. I know when I joined DS I was not into cding and I had only joined because of the babywearing FSOT section.

  19. Jesse says:

    I’d be wary but sometimes people really don’t know much about the diapers they have, period. I once bought 3 brand new Bumkins AIO’s off of eBay for $15 plus a few bucks shipping, not even $20 total. Woohoo!

  20. Jesse says:

    #16 good call I thought the join date said 2008 not 2006. Need to clean my glasses lol.

  21. siriusmama says:

    Whoever she is she is hilarious
    “Ooooh my goodness. I guess I need to put out my life story on here to be a member.

    I joined 2 years ago because my husband and I were trying to have a baby and a friend told me about this website. . He ended up getting deployed… and then got blown up by an IED. That postponed our baby making plans for a while. We ended up having another baby this past February…. and tried cloth diapering for a month or so before we decided that we had had enough.

    Is that enough background for you? Or do you need my bra size and my weight, too?”
    Doesn’t sound like a scammer, just confused about what she is selling 🙂

  22. jamberry says:

    I almost sold to her too. She was asking question after question and wanted pics of everything she was interested retaken inside and out. I sent her my pp addy last night and then she logged off.
    I had no idea she was trying to scam I just thought she went into labor (because of her signature).

  23. Shopaholic ~ Thats me! says:

    i dont think shes funny. Blown up by an IED. What a crap story. Being a military wife I gasped when I first read that, but read on and just wanted to choke her 🙂

  24. alison says:

    this one is even iffy-er

    same type of dipe too… and people falling all over themselves to get ’em…

  25. veganthug says:

    So this lady called them AIO’s & got jumped on.. But the lady with 1 post & zip feedback sells them as AIO’s without a hitch…


  26. haha says:

    #25 not sure what you mean. The first lady was calling them AIO’s with inserts and the last lady was talking about the new BG OS AIO?? I’m confused.

  27. DSDM2 says:

    I missed the last one. It is equally shady to me. Meh, when will they learn?

  28. cdmd1023 says:

    so many newbies!

  29. haha says:

    did anyone see this thread??

    she wanted to leave this other mama negative feedback not because there was a problem with the transaction but because she didn’t get a thank you PM when the mama got the stuff.

  30. alison says:

    drat… she has edited away her insanity…

  31. kiki says:

    bwahahahaha. i saw that. a thank you would have been nice though since the items were free. jmo.

  32. Funneh says:

    #4: Check out pamperedshell’s latest feedback. There is also a thread about her in the Transaction Forum.

  33. veganthug says:

    I guess I didn’t realize the organics were AIO’s, I thought they were pockets also. Guess not..

    Either way, no FB, no buy. EVER!

  34. veganthug says:

    HOLY FUCK!! That lady from post #4 scammed for hundreds of dollars!! OMG!!

    Thats beyond wicked!

  35. sassy1 says:

    yep shes a scammer….at least they are onto her already.

  36. Frazzled says:
    I’m not familiar with this DS mama but why is everyone so sympathetic to someone who was obviously still trying to get new orders by bumping her thread while at the same time not filling orders already paid for? In addition, it seems as though she is refunding only those within the 45 day filing period on PP. Why sympathy for her and not other “scammers”.

    How do we determine who is a scammer and who is just a mom down on her luck?

  37. haha says:

    it was deleted…what was it?

  38. me says:

    It was a Transaction and Feedback post about being scammed by a WAHM. It got to the point where everyone knew who it was by feedback being left so I assume they deleted it for that or it got heated somehow.

    This is the WAHM in question

  39. Frazzled says:

    Are you serious? It was 6 pages or so long. It was about WAHM mylittleprincess34.

  40. Frazzled says:

    On the T&F thread everyone seemed to be sympathetic to her and her “situation” whatever that may be yet it was obvious by the timeline and the bumps on her own thread that she was taking orders and bumping her listing at the same time she was not filling existing orders. She also seemed, by the T&F thread, to be only refunding those who were still within the 45 days for a paypal dispute.

    Thoughts? Why is she not considered a scammer although her behavior is scammy? Is it because she had been around a long time? Look at her feedback and that is not even all of the negative, many have not posted feedback.

  41. matildasmum says:

    I didn’t get the “not a scammer” vibe from the thread at all. I got the “I’m pissed that I don’t have my diapers yet even though she has had family problems” vibe.

  42. haha says:

    I don’t like my monster

  43. tjsmommy says:


  44. veganthug says:

    Can we get something new? [:

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