OK, who did it?

  1. IndieBambino says:

    omg that is so true!! Supposedly she’s the one who banned me last night, but I really dont have a clue why, because I couldnt get in to check my pm from her LOL

  2. umm huh?! says:

    yay, you got it!!!
    i dont know, i wish i knew

  3. prairiegirl says:

    lol wow is it still there?

  4. prairiegirl says:

    damn, I wish I knew who

  5. umm huh?! says:

    nope, its deleted

  6. Ashley says:


  7. Sarah says:

    Someone spoke the truth and DS deleted it…shocking!

  8. Ashley says:

    I’m glad someone told the truth!

  9. umm huh?! says:

    why were you banned? you were there in the morning and gone at night.

    btw did you know that your hc page is still up in your siggy? lol
    i think you need to email an admin and start asking some questions

  10. Sarah says:

    Yes, indie, what happened? They are on a banning power trip right now. I can’t even count how many mamas have been banned in the last week or so.

  11. o4eduk8ed says:

    Man, I love this site.

  12. illrememberthisname says:

    that is AMAZING! I love it!

  13. Angie says:

    Indie: This is what it says at DS.

    Banned for excessive strikes and WAHM bashing

  14. Ashley says:

    I got banned for outing a scammer in a PM

  15. Sarah says:

    I got banned for inviting my friends to a “competing” site.

  16. umm huh?! says:

    # 13
    what?! wahm bashing?!
    outing a scammer in a pm? i thought pm were private?

  17. Ashley says:

    They are gonna keep it up until no one’s left

  18. Ashley says:


    Apparently not!

  19. Sarah says:

    PM’s are most definitely not private! Take it off of DS unless you want big brother watching/reading.

  20. duggarlady88 says:

    I’m just jealous because she has A/C and I’d rather spend my money on $100 dipes.

  21. who cares says:

    seriously? they read our pms?

  22. theboardbitch says:

    whom ever did it obviously knows Tara well….

  23. who cares says:

    When did tara become a mod again? I thought she stepped down. I need to pay better attention.

  24. duggarlady88 says:

    Ya don’t have to know her well to know she’s a major asskissing bitch.

    That is all.

  25. Ashley says:

    She needs to step down again

  26. pony says:

    Love it!
    I agree

  27. The Annoyed One says:

    very nice handling of the spanish bashing thread. way to go tara for agreeing with the discriminating douchebag!

  28. pony says:

    this one???

    I just noticed that myself.
    Way to have the last (*cough* racist) word and then lock it.

  29. the mom says:

    wow, it was locked yet my post some how got posted…weird!

  30. pony says:

    OT…my little monster is disturbing. It’s a crab eating a weiner???

  31. indiebambino says:

    Yeah, I think they banned me because she read my pm’s outing Michelle from Mutt and her bad customer service — which I did not do on public forum, but via pm (only think I can think of — and for the record, I had only one strike, and that was for a complete misunderstanding that I got screwed over on, and that was months ago)– guess they read those too! Funny thing is that I got no email, no explanation of why I was banned, just got an email from 5lilpiggies telling me I was banned and asking why and then I checked, and sure enough I couldnt log on — guess I’m a “wahm Basher” — whatever, they’ve been wanting to do it for a long time because I’ve been questioning their censorship of other mamas.

  32. minimouth says:

    I knew who you where talking about from you saying you were purging her diapers from your stash.

  33. AshleyB says:

    That’s total BS that they are banning so many mama’s! And, I don’t see it as WAHM bashing if the WAHM in question has terrible c/s! It’s warning others not to do transactions with them! BLECH! BTW, if your in a transaction w/a mama that has been banned…what is the protocol on that?

  34. barbles says:

    I didn’t have any strikes nor did I do anything but I got banned for something someone who sits next to me did. They are idiots. Point blank. Men with PMS who run a diapering board.

  35. IndieBambino says:

    Its funny, I think the thing I will miss the most about DS is the stalking threads, helping eachother out and groaning or celebrating about our booty. What made it nice for me was a select group of mamas who really made my nap-time free time an enjoyable chat. Que Sera! There’s always HC 🙂

  36. the mom says:

    that sucks, its so wrong for them to read the pms.

  37. the mom says:

    what did ZandiCo do to get banned?

    why are the gn threads being locked?

  38. James says:

    I am banned because of supposible repeated DS bashing. I didn’t get an email or anything though, Bella emailed and told me. I think they’ve got some vendetta against the GM mama’s

  39. James says:

    They must’ve read my PM’s because I was talking to someone awhile back about an issue I had with some strikes I got, so apparently those were bashing. That’s a stretch though, because I’m pretty sure I deleted those, I think they’re just makin shit up 🙂

  40. AshleyB says:

    And, all banned mama’s…there is also Cafemom to chat on, and a few cloth diapering threads there as well…and everyone should make a “Banned from DS” group! It is terrible that they read PM’s though…I thought that was against their rules!

  41. carolyn says:

    Indie, is that Michelle from Muttiquin (sp?)? Cause I had some bad customer service from her too but I didn’t bother saying anything because she’s so popular.

  42. Ashley says:

    GM threads are going down because they are banning everyone that frequents them…just what they wanted to happen

  43. prairiegirl says:

    lots of ppl have had horrible a CS from michelle. IDK why she stays so popular. I wont buy from her anymore or own any of her diapers

  44. thewhiteninja says:

    All the banned folks shoud check out Sybermoms, no banning ever, no deleting of threads and no editing is allowed. They even have a small CD forum where we have been talking about the DS crazies for a while. A thick skin is a must though.

  45. Littlewoman says:

    I think it’s sad that DS is banning all of these posters while blatantly ignoring scammers and WAHMs with shitty products and CS. And I must admit, Taraboom-whatever her name is the only mod that has ever contacted me, about pretty petty things (siggy too long…that was a formatting error, and having non-diaper products in my “diaper lots” thread). And she was snarky about it. If the mods spent half the time they spend reporting silly things like this on tracking down scammers or posting our WAHM feedback, DS would be a much better place!

  46. GMLovah! #1 Fan says:

    New post:

    ” Moms_Solitaire_Team
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    Blueberry sale! Buy 2 Get 2 Free is on again!
    Now that I have you attention, this website is equal to a Nazi concentration camp, you are not allowed any of your God given and American Given rights, including
    -freedom of speech
    -the right to a fair trial, here you are guilty until proven innocent, and then still guilty
    -they violate our privacy and WILL go through your entire Inbox looking for a reason to ban you, and even if they can’t find one *POOF* you’re gone anyway.

    Here they encourage scammers by not allowing anyone to ask or tell who is scamming who, and ban those of us with established feedback and multiple posts.

    They allow the bashing of individuals without interference but as soon as a WAHM is mentioned, BAM theres a strike.

    There are other sites! DiaperPin, for example.

    Lee and Juan are MONEY-HUNGRY closet fags while Tara is a backstabbing corner whore.

    And Ajane is a GM snob who gives everyone else a bad name, the ****in brown-noser.
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    Re: Blueberry sale! Buy 2 Get 2 Free is on again!

    I love how they bumped it after a couple minutes, LMAO

  47. matildasmum says:

    Oh that’s absurd.

    Seriously? i love DS – and it’s “drama” is one reason. If it upsets someone so much that they feel their “rights” have been trampled *wha wha wha* then go the fuck away. Seems pretty easy to me.

    I also don’t think that mods have banning rights, do they?

  48. Ashley says:

    I am pretty sure mods do have banning rights….I am also glad someone posted this

  49. matildasmum says:

    Any DS mod (or former DS mod) want to confirm or deny that?

  50. Ashley says:

    If they can read everyone’s PERSONAL PM’S then I would think banning would be a part of the job too

  51. Shopaholic ~ Thats me! says:

    Did anyone see this? I dont know how to take screen shots. It was there and gone pretty damn fast!

    “Blueberry sale! Buy 2 Get 2 Free is on again!


    Now that I have you attention, this website is equal to a Nazi concentration camp, you are not allowed any of your God given and American Given rights, including
    -freedom of speech
    -the right to a fair trial, here you are guilty until proven innocent, and then still guilty
    -they violate our privacy and WILL go through your entire Inbox looking for a reason to ban you, and even if they can’t find one *POOF* you’re gone anyway.

    Here they encourage scammers by not allowing anyone to ask or tell who is scamming who, and ban those of us with established feedback and multiple posts.

    They allow the bashing of individuals without interference but as soon as a WAHM is mentioned, BAM theres a strike.

    There are other sites! DiaperPin, for example.

    Lee and Juan are MONEY-HUNGRY closet fags while Tara is a backstabbing corner whore.

    And Ajane is a GM snob who gives everyone else a bad name, the ****in brown-noser.”

  52. duggarlady88 says:

    MatildasMum, quit being such a brown noser..You’re about as bad as Tara. Get out of the mods ass. Don’t be jealous that they have the powah.

  53. Shopaholic ~ Thats me! says:

    oh shoot, sorry for the repeat

  54. ClownCarVagina88 says:

    I don’t know about you guys, but I am so jealous of your AC. That’s why I get you banned.

  55. matildasmum says:

    :laugh: Whatever you say, duggar. BTW – using the “tara card” as an insult won’t work on me. I have nothing bad to say about Tara. You’re more than welcome to keep trying though. This could be fun!

  56. duggarlady88 says:

    We all know why you have nothing to say about Tara….You’re the one giving her a reacharound while she’s on Lee and Juan.

  57. matildasmum says:

    Nope. Try again.

  58. Ashley says:

    Watch out Matildasmum…she may turn on you and ban you next 🙂

  59. duggarlady88 says:

    She’d never ban the only one who will eat at that Y.

  60. matildasmum says:

    HA! #58. I wouldn’t be shocked to know I was on the “list”.

  61. moms_solitaire_team says:

    matildasmom, brown is a GREAT color on you. really. But there’s something on your nose, yeah, right there, oh thats wierd it wont come off? hmmm.

  62. ClownCarVagina88 says:

    I’m gonna get you banned matildasmum. How dare you do the reach around on my seventh children’s fathers.

  63. Stephanie says:

    Mods cannot ban and mods cannot read PMs.

  64. Ashley says:

    Well someone read MY PM’s so someone can and is a snooping prick

  65. moms_solitaire_team says:

    bullshit they can’t, a mod just banned me

  66. What a wanker says:

    I have personally had several issues with Tara. I take them off board, but I have absolutely let her have a piece of my mind in PM’s. The OP is correct. Tara is a major bitch. Matildasmum, nothing bad to say about you, but you seriously must have blinders on. Tara should not be a mod. She doesn’t have the personality for it. She looks down on others and lets them know she does.

  67. GMLovah! #1 Fan says:

    So who all has been banned recently?

  68. moms_solitaire_team says:

    awwww poor stephanie, you must’ve been a low on the todem pole mod who they dont respect with any power. And you’re not even cool enough to hang out with the Cool Kids either. so sad.

  69. matildasmum says:

    I can understand why people would have problems with her. She is, as many of us are, very opinionated and outspoken.

    Of course, I can only speak for myself but she has always been nothing but kind to me. It’s a shame that there are those who feel the need to be so nasty and childish but hey – makes for good “drama”, right? 🙂

  70. Sarah says:

    “Mods cannot ban and mods cannot read PMs.”

    That’s their story and they’re sticking to it! lol

  71. Jonesy says:

    Good Grief. I get caught up in “real life” for a little bit and miss out on so much fun and drama.
    Indie, I’m sorry you are banned. I’ll miss you! And I was right there with you on that “annon” thread about BAD c/s. There is not one single Mutt in my stash!

  72. Kristen says:

    I’m a lurker, and also a DS member. I can’t believe what all is going on over there, that’s crazy. My views of DS have completely changed…and I will be selling off my few Mutts too after reading about their c/s.

  73. moms_solitaire_team says:

    Matildas mom, theres a first time for everything right?
    “Of course, I can only speak for myself “

  74. veganthug says:

    Wait.. what? Am I late on this? People being banned because of GM’s why?

    I never get on DS anymore.. damnit!

    Oh & sybermoms is great, got to love a site that you can curse & talk shit on. I think their only rule is never talk about kids, which is pretty much common sense.

  75. veganthug says:

    Oh & that Moms Solitaire Team was Zanico? I think you might have redeemed yourself a bit in my book.

  76. prairiegirl says:

    well I have never been contacted by any mod except tara and for her fuckup. she pmed me saying my thread had been pulled and put a link to the rules and I got a strike…..only problem was I didn’t do anything in that thread wrong at all, just started the thread, so I pmed her back asking about it saying i’m confused because I never bashed anyone at all, she sent me a VERY RUDE pm back telling me “you said, and I quote yada yada” I dont remember what she said I said lol. because I didn’t say it so I pm back that those words never came from me, them get a pm….oh i’m so sorry, you wernt the one who said it, it was another person. such a bitch

  77. mickee311 says:

    well, I got banned the other day…First strike was my “offensive” avi, which I promptly changed after said spanking. Second was for posting “spank, spank” and 3rd and final was while I was gone at the store, they kept reading and saw another post by me from BEFORE I got the slap or the comment, so they banned me for 3 months. Then, I woke up yesterday morning to a banned for life. At any rate, Tara is a huge bitch, anyone can see it by reading 98% of her posts. She is constantly being snarky and talking down on others like she is better than they are. *sigh* Some people….

  78. Ashley says:

    She’s too high on her moderator horse to read and get onto the right person

  79. matildasmum says:

    Wait – so she did her “job”? Did she apologize for making a mistake? I confused as to why what she did was wrong?

  80. Kali Ma says:

    Sometimes I feel like a bitch for being such a stickler to the rules at the forums I admin at, then I read about the DS mods… at least I strive to be fair, at DS they are outright Board Nazis. To go through members pm boxes is especially fucked up.

  81. mickee311 says:

    Matilda’s–I was just saying that I got the banning for something that I stopped doing after I got slapped for it. It was like they saw my “spank, spank” comment, immediately PM’ed me, which I stopped talking about it, but they kept reading it and banned me. Yeah, I know that makes no sense. I just wish they would have gone by the time that passed AFTER said smack, then I wouldn’t be banned. It’s just upsetting.

  82. the mom says:

    hmm…I never had her bug me, just other mods about siggy rules, but i never got a strike for it. I was even pm’ed about spamming but no strike. Guess they just have bad days and take out on us.

  83. Ashley says:

    Well the one that banned me(pretty sure it was her) must have been PMS’ing out the ass!

  84. mickee311 says:

    Heh I feel like an ass now, my posts are awaiting moderation and I didn’t see that. Nice.

  85. prairiegirl says:

    yes she did apologize in the end so that was good. it was just that before then there was a few pm’s where she was very much a bitch to me and I kept saying I didn’t bash anyone, and still very rude and gave me a strike…had I not kept questioning her about the issue she never would have checked again and I would have had a strike for something I never did. it was the very rude pm’s before that that turned me off thats all

  86. indiebambino says:

    MatildasMum — I’ve always wondered why you were such an ass kisser and now I know why. You never fail to come to the defense of the truly stupid and small minded, you for one are not someone I will miss.

    Jonesy — I’ll miss you too! I just hope more people find out about the bad CS experiences with Michelle so she can get her act together.

    To everyone else — this blog is more fun than DS!!! I’ll have to check out CafeMom.

  87. Sarah says:

    IndieBambino…I think I love you! 😀

  88. matildasmum says:

    The feeling is likewise, indibambino! *smooch*

  89. AshleyB says:

    I’ll miss you indiebambino!! I’m on there, so hopefully I’ll see you there!! -mikoto127-

  90. The Bored Bitch says:

    Still pondering the words ‘snarky bitch’ coming from someone with Duggar in her user name.

  91. cassie says:

    matildasmum, it’s not “doing her ‘job'” that’s the issue, it’s the fact that she’s a total, demeaning, evil, snarky, bitchy, angry, bitter, holier-than-thou cuntmuffin about it all. mods are supposed to enforce the rules, not play God holding a magnifying glass over the small ant-people of the world. i’ve NEVER liked tara. i could care less about whether or not she’s nice to ME all the time or not. she treats other people like SHIT. that would speak even louder to me if she WAS nice to me but a total dick to everyone else. it’s fucked up. she’s fucked up. period.

  92. haha says:

    okay do spill the gossip with Michelle Mutt. I only have a few and have never had an issue with them??? Except for the tongesque babyshape but that’s a whole different issue.

  93. Shanmarie says:

    Haha, I dont personally have any experience with Mutts but I have read numerous reports of her not answering emails about diapers that were bought and never sent out. I know of one that had to send a basic threat of negative fb before she finally got an email saying that her diaper was being shipped. Mutt gave her a line of that her email inbox was full and she didnt get the email. Too bad the mama sent many emails thru different accounts and even joined the Mutt yahoo group and still didnt get answers. There are some other mamas that are still waiting on diapers they bought back in early July and havent heard a word about them. Like I said, I dont have any personal experience, but I can read and post about what I read.

  94. Ashley says:

    So…sorta off topic, but I think we should call crazy admin Tara TesticleTara!

  95. A says:

    I seriously doubt they are targeting the ‘gm mamas’ they deleted the post where backyardiganmom posted pictures showing all the defective goodmamas she’s received as well as other drama-ish gm posts. If they had it out for gm, they’d probably let those posts stay up for more than 30 seconds.

  96. Sarah says:

    Like the night-owls and the wagon-chatter threads before them, the gm thread is being targeted now.

  97. The Original Ashley says:

    I guess it’s not a fun day at DS unless people’s panties are in a bunch and others are getting banned for no apparent reason. Why is it so hard to let people have a chit chat thread? Seriously. Shutting them down and telling people it’s a no no is no way to help foster community.

  98. A says:

    Were those threads really populated? (I’m not a huge ds’er) Is it possible it just seems like they are targeted because so many people post in there? The gm threads are the most popular threads on ds, right?

  99. Shanmarie says:

    A, they are hugely populated. Some of them went on for pages. I have my screen to show 40 posts per page and one of them is 7 pages long. Just for one day.

  100. A says:

    Ah, I get it. So they are not targeting gm specifically just the threads that are where everyone ends up posting/chatting all day. I agree; that does seem like a very weird way to run a community. Does anyone know why the post with the defective diapers didn’t make it here?

  101. Niblets says:

    It is a “strange” coincidence then, that a good chunk of the regular posters in that thread are now banned. I think far more people read or followed the thread than people who actually posted in it. Now many of the regulars are banned. Out of the hundreds and hundreds of women on ds, those handful of women were banned? Hmmm.

  102. A says:

    I misunderstood what people were saying at first.

  103. sara thats me. says:

    “Does anyone know why the post with the defective diapers didn’t make it here?”
    good question I was waiting for this to show up.

  104. umm huh?! says:

    wow, i am seriously thinking about leaving ds. i only came on to b/s/t with mamas after i heard about it on cafemom.

    i am still new to ds and i already have strikes and perm siggy ban.
    oh and matildasmum, take your tongue out of tara’s ass long enough to realize other mama’s who dont eat her pussy on command, have problems with her. not everyone licks her clit to stay on her good side

  105. umm huh?! says:

    # 95 maybe is it wahm bashing. maybe its showing the bs some companies/wahms send, instead of all of them have a clean record, you like the scammers

  106. matildasmum says:

    umm-asia or whatever your name is – clever. it’s really not that difficult to follow the rules – unless you’re a fucking motard.

  107. pony says:

    I’m not a fucking motard (as far as I know).
    I got a strike for the “Spanish in kindergarten” thread.
    Apparently you are not allowed to tell someone their racist comments are “racist comments”.
    I was also misquoted (luckily I copied the whole thread before it went *poof*) by the mod who PM’d me

    A snippet from the PM I got:
    “We are implementing a zero tolerance policy for posts with hateful/discriminatory/bigoted comments in them”

    I’ll get a one year ban next time.

    Whatthehey? It’s OK to make racist comments, but not OK to tell someone their comments sound a bit racist?

  108. Stephanie says:

    GM threads are not targeted. However, within those long threads (whether it’s GM chatter, mutt chatter, piddle poddle chatter, wagon chatter or night owl chatter), there are a LOT of rules being broken. Mainly spam, trading/selling items not in hand, and trading/selling outside of FSOT. People start chatting and become friends and forget about the rules. It makes it easier for people to scam, though.

    The rules are there for a reason-to keep it a safe place to b/s/t, for one. Mods are just enforcing/upholding rules. I’ve never seen a mod be bitchy or mean, but maybe it’s because I’m not mean to them. IDK.

  109. Ashley says:

    DS is biased…plain and simple

  110. Janna says:

    #98 It is hard to follow rules that change daily!!! You catch a mod that is PMSing and watch out!!! IMO they are all spineless whores.

  111. Ashley says:


    Get your head out of your ass and maybe you’ll see that the GM thread is targeted. WTH did they do wrong yesterday that they shut it down?

  112. Zukey says:

    What happened to the wagon chatters threads? I missed that.

  113. Sarah says:


    Could it be that you have a good relationship with the mods because you are one? Just a theory.

  114. E says:

    #104 Wagon chatter went poof one day when something stocked (Elbees maybe?) and mamas were splitting the orders in the thread. The whole thread got deleted and all the mamas starting chatting elsewhere.

  115. Sarah says:


    The wagon chat thread–including Ms. “we must follow the rules” Stephanie (post #100)–got in trouble for b/s/t-ing custom elbee slots. Funny, no?

  116. Zukey says:

    Ahh. I remember that drama now.

    OT, is there still a 4 line siggy rule?

  117. E says:

    afaik there’s still siggy limits. I had a blinky that was 50×153 once (limit is 50×150) and I got pm’d about it by a mod.

  118. Stephanie says:

    #107-yep, you’re right-we were shut down for splitting Elbees customs. No one is immune to the rules (or should be).

  119. Zukey says:

    Sally’s siggy is ginormous. There are 3 different huge siggys in this one thread

    Seems like they’re doing selective siggy banning/strikes to weed out the people they don’t like.

  120. sassy1 says:

    I heard through a friend of mine that the reason they shut the GM thread down yesterday was because someone who doesn’t normally post on it, got on their and posted something that isn’t allowed in the EF forum.

    One time it was someone who was getting ready to list all their Gm’s for sale (spam) & posted about it, and the other time was someone bashing GM’s I think…..I’m not 100% sure but I do know it isn’t the GM thread regulars that are causing the problems, its others. Still they shut the thread down anyway. I think the new one I saw this morning stated clearly to read the first post and rules before posting in that thread, my guess is to avoid more problem because they are threatening to not allow them anymore. (mods admin etc)

  121. sassy1 says:

    oh nevermnd I see the question was already answered lol!

  122. Ashley says:

    It still souldn’t have been for the one’s who are regulars

  123. Sarah says:

    I found it quite ironic that the “on the wagon” mamas got in trouble for buying and selling, so it stuck in my mind. lol

  124. umm huh?! says:

    # 98, bitch my name is umm ANISA, GET HE SHIT RIGHT 1ST.
    yes i see you follow the rules, so do i when I KNOW WHAT THEY ARE!!!

    when they change from person to person, no one can keep them straight.
    i see you come on here to talk shit, and keep sweet on ds. you’re internet thug, irl your probly just some little twat who is afarid of her own shadow.

    dont start something you can finish!!!

  125. umm huh?! says:


  126. MajKitab says:

    Check out post #4

    Maybe she has been the “ban-happy” Mod.

  127. Sarah says:


    Wow, just wow!

  128. prairiegirl says:

    yes, I have also been wonering about the siggy line limit, because i’ve seen several mods with more than the limit lately

  129. indiebambino says:

    Wow I missed alot of chatter….now tell me who is on CafeMom, I just joined, is there a FSOT on there as well? AshleyB — is that your UN on cafemom?

  130. AshleyB says:

    I’m on Cafemom (and everywhere else) as mikoto127 and there are a few diaper b/s/t posts, but no feedback system so it’s VERY MUCH buyer beware (you could always make a new DS s/n *just* for b/s/t as long as you change your IP address, which isn’t hard and I can help you find everything there if you want! Just leave a comment in my chatter box or PM or something =D

  131. the mom says:

    hmm…I just got a pm about spamming but no strike, guess im on the good list today!

  132. ScoobySnacks says:

    118, can you post what that says? Some of us are Banned 🙂

  133. prairiegirl says:

    124 . She banned someone by “accident” so she was just letting everyone know it was a mistake

  134. ScoobySnacks says:

    What a…. _______ Fill in the blank 🙂

  135. prairiegirl says:

    #124 heres a c&p lol of it
    I have to appologize to everyone who has seen this thread or looked up this momma today. I accidentaly banned her earlier. This was totally a mistake, she did not deserve this at all. It was my stupidity .

  136. prairiegirl says:

    oops lol . that was supposed to say c&p of it…lol

  137. ScoobySnacks says:

    whats the mod name, Oh but wait, I thought we were told Mods couldnt ban??? 😛

  138. prairiegirl says:

    shes an admin . its kylie&logansmommy

  139. Ashley says:

    Ugh is all I have to say

  140. Stephanie says:

    Mods can’t ban. It was an admin. At least she was woman enough to admit her mistake and apologize. Admin isn’t perfect, either.

  141. IndieBambino says:

    funny, so ban happy that you can “accidentally” ban someone. Who was accidentally banned btw?

  142. Ashley says:

    Such a mistake….yeah right!

  143. Sarah says:

    Yeah, how exactly do you “accidentally” ban someone?


    it was tinyblackdot

  144. IndieBambino says:

    ahhh, funny they all must have had a power meeting and pumped eachother up so hard that they started banning everyone in sight

  145. prairiegirl says:

    indie rofl, that was funny. also your lil monster looks constipated lol

  146. the mom says:

    ok, so can we get a list of who was banned?



  147. Sarah says:

    #138–add to that


  148. indiebambino says:

    omg I was just thinking he looked a little like he had to poo, thats a total concentration face! LOL

  149. Sarah says:

    Forgot one:


  150. indiebambino says:

    wow, I didnt realize it was that many, what bastards

  151. Sarah says:

    And all but barbles have been since last Saturday

  152. scoobysnacks says:

    and peach, for what thats worth

  153. prairiegirl says:

    damn, ban happy MUCH

  154. IndieBambino says:

    Oh well, at least now I know I wasnt the only one singled out. Im starting to wonder if its going to be bad for me selling on spots, I hope no one thinks I’m a scammer!!! I swear Im a good mama (lol)

  155. JustPeachy says:

    I swore I would not come back to this blog but then a little bird told me that there has been a rash of bannings on DS. I do think they are watching the regular posters who inevitably seem to get entangled in drama very closely. I received notice at 10:10 pm Friday that my signature and avatar privileges had been removed. It was totally my intention to get banned as I was getting upset and frustrated with the way things were going on that community. However rather then post (I was infuriated and it would’ve come out like gibberish) I simply changed the custom user title that I so graciously gave DS 30 bucks for, to censorship at its finest. Now apparently thats DS bashing.

  156. jsg724 says:

    What was DS’s “reason” for banning all those people? Those are all names I recognize as people who post quite a bit.

  157. JustPeachy says:

    I got banned for ds bashing but when I tried to log in just before I got banned it said excessive strikes. Now I want to know did the rules change to where they no longer had to notify you when you get a strike or what?

  158. prairiegirl says:

    all different reasons.

  159. IndieBambino says:

    apparently they changed the strike rule, because I had only one that I knew of

  160. JustPeachy says:

    Oh and don’t forget Nick aka zayvir’sdaddy got banned as well.

  161. JustPeachy says:

    Mindy so did I. Unless they kept the strike that I got for something that got misinterpreted.

  162. Sarah says:

    I had 0 strikes.

    Why was zavyirsdaddy banned?

  163. prairiegirl says:

    excessive strikes

  164. prairiegirl says:

    well thats what it says in his siggy…..but it appears from all you banished that isn’t always the case lol

  165. Sarah says:

    Just noticed that Birdof1985 has a temp ban too

  166. Sarah says:

    Oh yeah, Nick was definitely targeted

  167. Sarah says:

    And mamaof3cuties is also banned

  168. JustPeachy says:

    Why did Celeste get banned????????

  169. E says:

    I read somewhere (here maybe?) that Bird was banned for ‘questionalbe fsot deal’?

  170. Sarah says:

    Celeste’s is the ever popular reason of:

    “Multiple rude hateful posts disrespecting admin and diaperswappers in general”

  171. AshleyB says:

    Quick question to those who were banned: if you were a site supporter, do you get a refund for the months you paid and are banned for?

  172. Ashley says:

    I got banned for outing a scammer in PM’s…i’m masonsmommy06

  173. Erin says:

    Wow. Long time reader, 1st time poster. This whole “banning” for stupid reasons is so upseting. I’m not sure I’m ever going to back to DS again.

  174. JustPeachy says:

    No 171 you do not. Its non refundable. I paid for mine in full in March and I apparently didn’t think that through enough. Luckily Im only out 30 bucks.

  175. Sarah says:

    Same here JustPeachy

  176. jsg724 says:

    The fact that they would ban someone for trying to protect other members from being scammed is just ridiculous.

  177. themaeghan says:

    So you can’t get you rmoney back if you are banned? That is fucking rediculous. Maybe someone should take the admin to court lol

  178. Anastasia says:

    What happened to Peach? She was bashing DS? Did anybody see it?

  179. prairiegirl says:

    177 read 155

  180. AshleyB says:

    That’s insane! If anyone you paid with your CC, do a chargeback on their asses for that. You should get a partial refund if they ban you.

  181. DSDM2 says:

    Geeze, this is one heck of a banning spree…

  182. indiebambino says:

    181: drunk with power they are (thats my Yoda impression, like it? LOL)

    Its f-ing insane to ban long time members who have daily post averages of like 6-10, why ban members in good standing who have never screwed anyone over and never would? Sounds like most of us were banned for not falling in line. Personaly, I see nothing wrong with pm’ing (PRIVATE messaging my ass) someone when they ask a question or to try and protect them from a scammer or terrible WAHM customer service. When you start policing a community so stringently you only alienate members and create a weak community of members who only come on infrequently to sell something and dont care about the welfare of the community at large.

    There, rant over. sigh.

  183. prairiegirl says:

    yes exactly, why ban the long time members who are OBVIOUSLY not scammers……hints the good fb. but protect the scamming ppl

  184. the genius says:

    so indie…tell me…who did you tell? just curious as i had a few pms. maybe well catch a snitch, eh?

  185. prairiegirl says:

    yes…do tell lol. I read several ppl asking for a pm in the “mutt” thread about a wahm with crappy cs , and I almost pmed but just had a bad feeling about it. it sucks ds protects the scammers

  186. indiebambino says:

    Honestly I pm’ed two or three people, whoever asked actually, I pm’ed them, I guess I’m very naive :blushing: Truly I thought I would be protecting new mamas from bad WAHM service, I cant tell you how much I regretted ordering from Mutt after the debacle I went through and I just wanted other mamas to know ahead of time like I didnt, kwim?

    I should have only pm’ed the members I knew. I wonder if it was a trap so they could catch people breaking the rules, you think? Seems kind of nefarious but its possible.

  187. DSDM2 says:

    People are out to get others banned lately. I am wondering if they aren’t trying to become mods or something.

  188. indiebambino says:

    that almost made me pee. It’s the poor bladder control after the forceps!….

  189. rlsadc says:

    yea because that brown shit on their nose will look good in their avvy right above their new title.

    i was pretty damn sure that some people were out to get others caught up…whatev. i was just wondering if everyone else was having the same issues ive been having lately. i fully didnt expect for there to be that big of a response. apparently michelle has alot of splainin to do.

    i even got an apology from her…and a discount coupon. no real excuse as to why she thought she was god for a few weeks there. ridiculousness.

  190. the mom says:

    sarah, ashley, indie, and peach-im sorry to see you all go, I enjoyed chatting with you over the past few months, sarah-you gave me some awesome diapers and if everyour selling more (sweetiebums) contact me.

    if you all move to a different community, let me know!

  191. Stephanie says:

    Ok, here’s the thing. I know I’m hated by some just because I’m a mod. It doesn’t make much sense, but whatever. I’m a nice person and have always been that way. However, I want people to understand maybe a little more than I understood before becoming a mod. When someone clicks on the little red triangle in the corner of a post, they type in a reason for reporting it and we get a message. We look at the post and if it’s breaking a rule, we have to PM the member who broke the rule. Whether it’s a siggy, bashing, spam, whatever. If they already have a strike on file, they get another one. If they have two, they get a third and get banned. We don’t make the rules, we don’t target people, we don’t report threads. We just look at ones reported by others. So if you see someone getting away with something, REPORT THEM. We only have so many eyes and can’t catch everything, so it’s not about letting ‘the people we like break the rules’ or anything like that. It’s just because we haven’t seen it and no one has reported it.

    If you think the rules suck, the best way to get them changed is to be respectful. Making up a second username and saying ‘DS SUCKS’ won’t get you anywhere but ban-ville. Posting in Ask the Pros about a specific rule and being an adult about it will go a lot further. Ultimately, it’s Lee’s decision, but I can promise if you bash his site while asking, it won’t help your case.

  192. themaeghan says:

    Okay so if your a paying member and get banned they won’t even give you a partial refund? Am I reading that right?

    Seriously that is fucked up. That is something that needs to change and if I was one that was banned I would be doing something about it.

  193. E says:

    Indie- there were a couple of ppl in the CS thread that said “someone please PM me who it is” and then the very next post was “umm yeah that what I thought” so it was kind of obvious. I’ll take a guess and say those ppl are your culprit OR that mods checked their PMs

  194. Sarah says:


    And I was banned w/no prior strikes because??? According to the DS rules:

    Violations that count as a strike:
    10. Unsolicited personal message spam. Mass PMs to members is prohibited.

    Penalties at a Glance
    4. 3 spam violations and you are temp banned for 1 month, or if deemed appropriate, a permanent ban

    That’s not being targeted how?

  195. JustPeachy says:

    FWIW I don’t hate you Stephanie. I do however think the mods need to learn to differentiate when someone is being targeted and when something is actually a problem. I mean how hard would it be on DS to get a group of ppl together and say well I don’t like this person lets report such and such thing (say there avatar) and get them in trouble? And I know that on DS that sort of stuff happens because its like high school on there.

  196. JustPeachy says:

    Oops grammatical error I meant their.

  197. JustPeachy says:

    I would think the reading of PRIVATE messages could constitute a lawsuit right there. Are there any rules stating that private messages can be read by the mods/admins?

  198. Sarah says:

    They say that they can’t read pm’s but they obviously can and do. I suppose their argument would be that pm’s are the property of DS and not the individual member.

  199. Ashley says:

    I still think it’s bullshit that my person PM’s were gone through and it’s a invasion of privacy IMO….
    Also, ANY site that protects the scammers and not the people being scammed is not a site I wanna be apart of.

  200. DSDM2 says:

    Ashley, hate to say it, but once you press send, just like mail, it isn’t your property any longer, it belongs to the recipients to do what they wish with.

    Keep things off of DS if you are worried about it.

  201. Stephanie says:

    For those who believe your PMs were read-can I ask specifically why you think that? Feel free to email me privately if you don’t want to post here.

    Sarah-I don’t even know who you are/were on DS…

  202. JustPeachy says:

    But then they shouldn’t call them PRIVATE messages. Obviously they are not private.

  203. DSDM2 says:

    What it looks like to me is that the person you sent the PM to turned it over to the Mods. It was private. The recipient made it not so.

  204. Ashley says:


    I asked every mama I helped and they said they didn’t…

  205. illrememberthisname says:

    i’m almost 100% certain DS is talking out the ass, they can read PMs..this has been brought up before somewhere I think. I call bullshit

  206. Sarah says:

    DSDM2–that’s probably true in some cases. But I still find it suspicious that I’ve had certain pm’s deleted out of my pm box after I’d already read them.

    Stephanie– I’m ~sarah~, surprised you don’t remember me. Ask your bud backyardigan mom to refresh your memory 😉

  207. JustPeachy says:

    I still don’t think that should be allowed. I mean members aren’t allowed to share pms so why the double standard?

  208. Ashley says:

    I agree with #207

  209. jsg724 says:

    I have a question for the ladies who were a part of the daily GM chat thread:

    I heard something about one of the popular members there actually being a scammer – making trades and then not sending her end. Is that true? Is outing her why some of you were banned?

  210. Ashley says:

    I know who you are talking about. She was not who I was talking about. Supossedly she is moving across country but IMO she should have sent her stuff first since she has her part and they don’t.
    She as I have heard traded a ICC for a FCM yet she sold a ICC on spots for $60. Neither have recieved their end.

  211. Ashley says:

    I forgot to say that was around July 31st

  212. Backyardiganmom says:

    So may I ask why I am supposed to remember anyone? I mean I know the names that regularly appear on the gm thread or those I have traded with… I only know One person personallt and that is Katie

  213. Backyardiganmom says:

    I was just as shocked to come on the thread after being gone for a few days and see a number of “regulars” gone. I personally had no problem with any of them that I know of.

  214. jsg724 says:

    Ashley – apparently there are others she had traded with (in the beginning of July) who still haven’t received their ends. When I heard about this situation I suspected she was a scammer so I was just curious if she had actually been outed yet. Hopefully my suspicions are wrong and people will get their diapers.

  215. Ashley says:

    I hope they get their diapers but I wouldn’t plan on it….so glad I never traded her. She needs to be reported to a mod!

  216. pony says:

    #210 and #212
    Can you say who it is you suspect?

  217. Ashley says:


    Will it get me in trouble?

  218. Backyardiganmom says:

    Yea I got a Strike for WAHM bashing cause I showed that 5 of my 7 dipers from a GM stocking were less than acceptable and I posted pics of what I was talking about and asked if anyone wlse was having the same quality Control issues. So I was striked for WAHM bashing. Now apparently I am not liked my some GM mamas and I am not sure if this is the reason why or what the reason is..

  219. Sarah says:

    I believe that they are referring to Cassidysmommy

    I’m already banned for life so I can’t get into any more trouble. lol

  220. Ashley says:


    Supossedly you do since you said you would report everyone for going to another board you weren’t accepted too

  221. Sarah says:

    Yes, what Ashley said.

  222. Backyardiganmom says:

    OK And you know your sources are 100% correct? I happen to know for a fact thet the person who told you that is not so truthful herself.. Why don’t you ask all the mama’s who have pending claims thru pp that are not paid.

  223. jsg724 says:

    Yes, I was referring to cassidysmommy.

    Sarah – you always seemed like a peacemaker in all the threads I saw you post in – I’m still shocked that they banned you.

    I just checked the GM thread and it’s almost all new people.

  224. Ashley says:


    What are you talking about?

  225. Sarah says:

    You are right, Danielle, I don’t know how reliable she is. At this point it doesn’t matter. What’s done is done and I suspect that no one will ever know the whole truth about everything that has gone on.

    jsg724–IDK who you are, but thank you. 🙂

  226. Backyardiganmom says:

    Did anyone bother to ask themselves? I have not played any games, I have traded many regulars for stuff in their ISO. and I have been fair when selling what I have sold. I have offered to stalk for mamas and have even gotten stuck with an extra diaper cause the mama got one herself. I am not one to screw everyone and also just so you know they person you all are referring to is not so innocent, she too plays the cards in her favor and is just as friendly with the mom I am told I am such good friends with. Really are we adults or in High school. I mean ask me if someone has a question. I will answer you. Yes I said something to ONE person to see if that ONE person that I trust my kids with was going to say something. So I do know WHO told you that and I Knew that one person was going to say something and I needed back up before I could confront her. Thank you for that proof as I will no longer be trusting my children with someone who will start crap just be stay on someones good side.

  227. the mom says:

    I cant imagine cassidiesmommy would scam, she seems like sucha sweet person, but i guess you never know.

    steph-I read you want people to email you if they think there pms were read-do you think there is anything that can be done about it?

    oh, and I thought I would let everyone know, I am cdmd1023 on ds.

  228. the mom says:

    oh, and can we see those bad gm pics? Im curious.

  229. Backyardiganmom says:

    I really do not have a problem with anyone. Was I upset for not being accepted. Yes because I had no reasoning why just told that everyone didn’t want me there and I had no clue what I did. Now apparently I know that someone was saying crap about me. Someone who was supposed to be my friend. The rude email I recieved afterwards however was very uncalled for. I do not say derogatory things about other people’s children and I will NEVER allow someone to say something like they did about mine and not fight back. Noone here knows me from adam and for someone to “attack” my children it is NOT Right.. You have a beef with me be an adult and bring it to me DO NOT involve innocent children. Diapers, GM or not are not worth my children! My 10 year old saw that email and was crying. Does that make the mama who sent it feel good to know she made an innocent 10 year old child feel so bad about herself that she was crying about it?

  230. Backyardiganmom says:

    Can I post them here and how do I do that? What code? Also do not get me wrong I love my goodmamas I am just annoyed at some of the quality lately.

  231. Sarah says:

    fwiw, the person who sent that is not a mama, nor is she one of our group. And yes, it was rude and uncalled for.

  232. cassie says:

    just so you all know, you canʻt get in trouble at DS for what you post here. itʻs a totally different website, and they canʻt control EVERYTHING.

    and to whomever says PMs canʻt be read (STEPHANIE), V-bulletin has a hack that admin or mods can implement to read private messages. DT does it all the time. google it. so itʻs very possible that your PMʻs are being read. i wouldnʻt put it past them for a second.

    and also, stephanie, there are MANY times that certain people have been reported over and over and over and over and over and over and… am i making myself clear? and NOTHING has happened to them. i have reported scammers again and again, BEFORE they have stolen money, and find that they donʻt get booted until nearly dozens of mamas have been ripped off. so donʻt say mods take care of cases that get reported, because thatʻs crap. the bullshit flag is waving high.

  233. Ashley says:


    That is so sad that they are reported yet still scam 😦

  234. barbles says:

    backyardiganmom – I know you are trying to talk about me in #229. I didn’t email you. I don’t care if you believe me, but I would never talk crap about people’s kids in that way. Did I laugh? Yes. So sue me. I’m going to hell because my co-worker thinks she’s funny. And I don’t even know you or your kids. It’s the internet, everything isn’t nicey nicey and if you are upset by something some ONLINE person said, then you need to grow some balls.

  235. JustPeachy says:

    I’m of the mindset that if there is suspected scamming then ban now ask questions later. Too many times do the mods wait and sit on their hands while these people make off with thousands of dollars in merchandise/paypal.

  236. cassie says:

    sorry, backyardiganmom, maybe iʻm the only one completely confused, but you seriously seem to be off on a tangent, talking completely to yourself…

  237. JustPeachy says:

    #236 yes I am confused right now about what she is talking about?

  238. Stephanie says:

    I have been assured that admin cannot and would not even if they could, read people’s PMs. Don’t you think a lot more people would be banned if that were the case? Just sayin’.

  239. illrememberthisname says:

    like I said before, not the first time the whole PM thing has come up in talking about DS. If they can’t read PMs then a LOT of bannings were just PMS because the people banned did NOTHING wrong on the was all PMs. So the whole can’t/won’t. bullshit *coughcough*

  240. cassie says:

    they CAN read PMʻs. period. the hack is there and available, and itʻs not like lee doesnʻt have the money to buy it. donʻt be dense.

  241. Sarah says:

    idk cassie, perhaps he already blew his whole budget on chocolate laptops? lol

  242. barbles says:

    Mmmm.. chocolate laptops.

  243. JustPeachy says:

    I want to know what’s up with the chocolate laptops. Apparently I missed that.

  244. the mom says:

    whats this other iste? can I join?

  245. the mom says:

    choc. laptops? wha?

  246. Backyardiganmom says:

    I was responding to post 212. Those involved knew what I was talking about.
    Barbles I hope you understand that is a mothers instinct to protect her children. I am sure you do understand that. So my first instinct was to fight back. I do know it is Online but they are still my kids and noone knows what thay have had to go thru for the past few years.
    I am a person who likes to get along with everyone and Like I said was just trying to figure out what I did to everyone. I now know it was one person talking crap not only to you but also to me and actually am glad it is out now so I can confront that person. So I am sorry I took it out on you all but I hope you can understand where I was coming from.

  247. JustPeachy says:

    IDK 244. I tried to join Syber Moms but never got my activation email so ah well. I’ll just stick to parenting weekly where the mods aren’t so all up in your face.

  248. Sarah says:

    lemme find the choc laptop thing lol


  249. Stephanie says:

    Cassie-I’ve only been a mod for 2 weeks, but we don’t ignore ANY reports. We look at them all. Does that mean they ban someone the instant someone says they’re a scammer? No-what if they’re lying to get back at someone because they’re mad at them? How would you feel to log on one day and find yourself banned for scamming? Then if it’s found untrue, you come back, but everyone is scared to b/s/t with you because there’s always a hint of doubt. It sucks, but as soon as there is PROOF of scamming/stealing/whatever, they are banned.

    Like the person mentioned above who is worried she’s being scammed and everyone is saying, ‘no she wouldn’t do that-she’s just moving, etc.’ If she came to me and gave me the story, I’d look into it, maybe wait until the lady logged back on after her move, find out what’s going on, etc. If she was automatically banned in the meantime, some of you would be mad that they banned her without even getting her side. See the dilemma?

  250. Jenna says:

    Sarah! You were banned!!??? That makes me so sad. 😦

  251. barbles says:

    Sarah sent me a chocolate laptop.

  252. JustPeachy says:

    I don’t see the dilemma Stephanie. Better safe then sorry. And FWIW they HAD proof that buildadiaper aka mycrunchykids was a scammer and they didn’t ban her. Turned out she was b/s/t while she was SUPPOSED to be in mediation.

  253. Sarah says:

    #250–Are you my online BFF Jenna?

    Yep, banned for life. I am too evil for DS lol

  254. the mom says:

    sarah-what did you do wrong?

    barbles-why were you banned?

  255. barbles says:

    backyardiganmom – not a problem. I know I am connected to it on my ban on DS because we have the same IP. People just have to understand there can be hundreds of people on the same IP. I won’t apologize for anyone else’s drama, I don’t care what other people do.

  256. barbles says:

    the mom – I was banned for having the same IP as someone else who posted. Because we work in the same office. Duplicate accounts or something. They wouldn’t fix it because Juan M. said that it didn’t make sense. I guess they don’t know enough to know that my whole office building has the same IP.

  257. Jenna says:

    Yes, yes…tis me. Kidpsych2be. WTF happened???

  258. Stephanie says:

    Ok, well I’ll just continue in my naive little world believing they can’t/won’t read PMs until someone can prove otherwise. I honestly don’t think they can/do.

  259. Jenna says:

    Scared the crap out of me…I got PM’d about having “multiple accounts” last week. Turns out one was my sister who is also on DS and two other zero posters…maybe stealing my internets? Those bahstahds.

  260. whoopee says:

    If myrunchykids had been banned when she started scamming I wouldn’t be out $30 right now. I would have seen the NEGATIVE info BEFORE dealing with that nutjob thief.

  261. Jenna says:

    I definitely think Mods/Admins can/will/do read PMs. C’mon. Although I called out Suzanne of GM via PM to a few people and never got bitched at for it? I got bitched at for duking it out with ShabbyChic.

  262. Backyardiganmom says:

    I actually feel better talking to you about it. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. I was just as suprised by the current string of bannings as everyone else.. and am sorry to see some people I chatted with gone. That is the only reason I followed the link Katie sent me.

    Someone talk me back into loving cloth cause this whole ordeal has turned me a bit sour. Being PG doen’t help either which is why I am a bit more sensitive than I normally am. Sorry Barbles for assuming it was you.

  263. cdmd1023 says:

    new name-was the mom

  264. Jenna says:

    Hey cdmd – you’re North Star Creations tee shirts yeah?

  265. cdmd1023 says:

    jenna-were you banned?

  266. cdmd1023 says:

    its me!

  267. prairiegirl says:

    yeah, I think they can/will/do read pm’s

  268. JustPeachy says:

    backyardiganmom I felt that way after I was banned but then I thought about it more. Why stop now? I’ve invested so much time not to mention a bit more money than I had intended to spend in my stash. Granted not being able to chit chat about your stash and show off your cute fluff has taken a bit of the fun out of it but I didn’t even really show off my fluff on DS anyways.

  269. Jenna says:

    No. Not yet anyway. lol.

  270. barbles says:

    Jenna – at least you got pm’d. I got banned when I was on another computer. We were both logged in at the same time, I presume. Juan M is an idiot.

  271. Jenna says:

    My tee shirt for Gianna rocks, cdmd. It washes up well. Too small for her now but it’ll be good for the next n00b.

  272. Vannawhite (same IP as barbles) says:

    Oh backyardigan. I wasn’t making fun of your children. I was making fun of your inability to produce perfect ones like Barbles.
    And just why would you deliberately show your ten yr old an obnoxious email from someone you do not know? I think either your lying or you ARE a bad mom. Maybe you should think about protecting your existing children instead of having 10 kids that you obviously can not even keep from being exposed to hateful things on the internet. This Is the internet. And people on the internet don’t give a shit about you. There you are. Now stop blaming Barbles for your inadequacies.

  273. cdmd1023 says:

    Jenna Says: August 25, 2008 at 6:29 pm
    My tee shirt for Gianna rocks, cdmd. It washes up well. Too small for her now but it’ll be good for the next n00b.

    yay! thats great to hear. did you check out my new website? I plan on having a full in stock store as well as open custom slots.

  274. barbles says:

    backyardiganmom – don’t stop cloth because of the drama. It’s better for the kids. And the environment.

  275. cdmd1023 says:

    if this is not allowed please delete

  276. Sarah says:

    I was banned for pm’ing some of my gm thread friends about a new site where we could chat at. Never did I say that they should abandon DS for it, but it’s nice to have a site w/a chatroom to talk in in addition to our daily gm chatter on DS.

    I was on DS Wednesday night, woke up Thursday morning, tried to get on DS and was greeted w/a box on my screen saying that I had been permanently banned for “unsolicited pm spam”

    I had never received any strikes or warnings for anything prior to this.

  277. barbles says:

    cdmd – you make shirts? Link!

  278. Backyardiganmom says:

    Justpeachy – I get you on the $$. I am broke as hell but I have some awesome Diapers!! LOL. we might not be able to eat but as long as we can still s*%t we are good! LOL
    Barbles – so how do they ban those with roving IP addresses?? I do not have a static IP address I have a different one each time my computer connects.. Makes you wonder huh?

  279. Sarah says:

    I can’t find the chocolate laptop link. Basically there was a link to an interview where Lee (DS owner) said that he gave his employees chocolate laptops as Christmas bonuses…if I’m remembering correctly.

    Someone else must remember this right? lol

  280. barbles says:

    backyardiganmom – Are there roving IP addresses? I just know my one at home and my one at work don’t change. I don’t even know how to check what the ip address is honestly. Maybe if I turned my modem off. Isn’t there something called a proxy they can ban by? Like all of cox or something. I think that’s why places just ban accounts usually.

  281. Jenna says:

    Sarah SHUT UP. That is insane! Since when is that against the rules??? Just telling someone about a different website? Wow….I’m just amazed at the audacity of DS.

  282. Sarah says:

    And I’m still dying to know the scoop on your feud w/shabbychic, Jenna! 😀

  283. Backyardiganmom says:

    # 272 shows how much you know, I have not Birthed all of my children. In fact I have taken 3 who were abandoned by their mother but that is not something I normally tell everyone. In my heart they are all “mine”. As for showing it to her. My daughter uses my computer so I did not show it to her she saw it..

  284. Vannawhite (Same IP as barbles) says:

    Thats hot

  285. Jenna says:

    cdmd – bookmarked!!

  286. Vannawhite (Same IP as barbles) says:

    Want mine to? Mother Teresa.

  287. Jenna says:

    LMAO. That one almost got me a strike! FTR Meg and I have called a truce. But yeah….it was a lot of fun when we were littering threads with BFF love.

  288. Backyardiganmom says:

    Barbles yes there are some Internet provider that link you to a different IP address each time you sign on. You have the same Gateway or portal but a different actual IP address.

  289. Sarah says:

    Tis true.

    Oh well, a little birdie told me that a better CD website was in the works. 😉

  290. cdmd1023 says:

    it amazes me how much shit goes on behind the scenes

  291. barbles says:

    backyardiganmom – I wish mine did that! At work we’re on the same thing in the whole office from the network.

  292. Vannawhite (Same IP as barbles) says:

    Backyardigan, maybe I don’t know about you but I do know you ARE a pain in the ass.

  293. barbles says:

    I want a peek into the lounge. I bet it’s filled with some amazing posts.

  294. cdmd1023 says:

    im pretty sure mine is a new IP everytime too, it keeps your computer safe I guess.

  295. Crazymomto3 says:

    Sadly no matter what board you are on who ever *owns* the board does have access to the PM’s and emails. Something like this went on over a year ago on another Diaper Board. *pin*

  296. Ashley says:

    I wanna peek lol

  297. cdmd1023 says:

    barbles Says: August 25, 2008 at 6:42 pm
    I want a peek into the lounge. I bet it’s filled with some amazing posts.


  298. Backyardiganmom says:

    You can also call your ISP and have them change your IP address. Tell them someone hacked into it and they will change it..

  299. prairiegirl says:

    I heard if you unplug your modem and plug it back in , it gives you a different IP…IDK, thats just what i’ve read

  300. Sarah says:


    I tried that and it didn’t work for me

  301. Vannawhite (Same IP as barbles) says:

    I’m sorry Backyardigan. I’m just jealous because I do not have any children. I’m jealous of all of you.
    You see, I have a rare disease . One that makes my insides rot and hang out of my vagina.
    Also, My vagina reeks of sewage.

  302. barbles says:

    The lounge is where the moderators chat

  303. cdmd1023 says:

    so who is duggarlady88?

  304. cdmd1023 says:

    l would be a mod, but I wouldnt want everyone to hate me

  305. cdmd1023 says:

    we need a chat room

  306. Stephanie says:

    “l would be a mod, but I wouldnt want everyone to hate me”

    Hopefully not EVERYONE hates me just because of a title. 😦

  307. DSDM2 says:

    Barbles/Vanna come on, I have to change the name every time. Please stop, it is annoying me, you go into the moderation que and I have to approve you when you change names on the same IP

  308. barbles says:

    DSDM2 – 2 seperate computers/people/same IP. Sorry ):

  309. cdmd1023 says:

    I love you steph and would never hate a mod unless they deserved it 🙂

  310. barbles says:

    I wouldn’t want to be a mod because I’d like to ban too many people.

  311. cdmd1023 says:

    barbles- i have a question for you but want to ask your privatly, can I email you?

  312. cdmd1023 says:

    so any other drama?

  313. AshleyB says:

    Sarah! What’s the better diaper site in the works? I want to know!

  314. JustPeachy says:

    I want to know of this site as well if thats cool. Im not as dramariffic as I seem I swear. I just have an issue with assholian authority:)

  315. indiebambino says:

    You ladies move fast….
    I am positive that they can and do read pm’s, there is no other way I could have been banned because nothing I said on board was negative toward Michelle. And yes, whoever posted after me in that thread about “Oh yeah, thats who I thought it was…” totaly dicked me and is probably the reason why they read my pm’s. Im guess the mama just didnt know the rules, she seemed pretty innocent, but I could be wrong.

  316. indiebambino says:

    And yeah, whats the better diaper site?!! I want an invite, pretty please 🙂

  317. indiebambino says:

    And the “lounge” sounds like a place where alot of Lee bj’s must go down, I cant even imagine the utter excitement

  318. E says:

    Indie did that CS thread get deleted? Do you remember who it was that posted and ‘outted’ you? Bottom line is no mod would have known WHO told that poster if they didn’t read the PM. DUH! How else would they know?

  319. JustPeachy says:

    Mindy that was just stupid on their part. I mean cmon why would you post that???????? Unless its to make it look obvious. Use a bit of brains if you are going to ask someone to out someone via pms.

  320. Sarah says:

    IDK if the owner wants the link given out yet. There is nothing there right now but as soon as it’s up and running then we will be putting the word out. 🙂

  321. indiebambino says:

    321: sweet

    319 & 320: agreed, I read it before I was banned and had a bad feeling but figured they wouldnt know who actualy sent the pm. But turns out I was wrong, they must have gone into my account — because you’re right , otherwise they wouldnt have had proof

  322. Mamatutu says:

    I haven’t read everything yet, but wanted to say, This is some funny ass shit!

  323. justabg says:

    DS protects scammers, and bans members if you don’t fall in line. They have banned over peoples religious beliefs, sexual preferences and whether or not they liked someone that particular day. Before I was permanently banned, I was a long standing member with well over 100 positive feedback, no neutrals, I hadn’t even seen the mediation rooms. I questioned a decision they made and they looked for a reason to ban me. I felt as a long standing member, and a site supporter at the time, I could pm a mod with whom I’d been friendly with and express my opinion about this decision.
    The only thread I participated in following that pm got me three strikes and banned. Please don’t ASSume that all people that have been banned are scammers, they tend to keep the scammers around.

    The bottom line is, these willy-nilly bannings have been going on for awhile, this is just the first time there have been so many at one time. They protect the scammers, I outed two scammers to Admin, at least one of which is still an active member, but the other has only been temp banned. The response I got was that there wasn’t anything they could do about it.

    Ban those with opinions on a diaper trading site but keep the scammers. That’s a fantastic idea! That makes people really want to Buy and Sell there.

    Steph, I don’t hate you for being a mod, but it seems that you’ve taken on a bit of the mod mentality since you’ve done so. The DS does no wrong and it’s all your fault if you got banned BS. I really liked you before and I’m sad to see you towing the line for them.

  324. JustPeachy says:

    324 I knew the bannings were coming soon. Seems like every 6 months they get bored and just go off on a banning spree. They did this back in March if I am not mistaken which is when journey and a bunch of others got banned.

  325. A Different Sarah says:

    I would really like to test whether DS Admin reads PMs. I think I will PM someone whom I *know* will not “out” me. The subject line will be “DS sux” or something equally ridiculous, and the PM will contain “strikeable” material. We’ll see what happens…

  326. DSDM2 says:

    #326, that will only work if you are on “the list” of folks being watched

  327. A Different Sarah says:

    LOL, well, I tried anyway.

  328. The Original Ashley says:

    A Different Sarah- you can try me on DS. I am silly_monkey00 on YIM. Hook me up w/ your DS name. I’m pretty sure I’m on the watched list.

  329. mel says:

    I would not be surprised if they had a filtering system of sorts for the PMs with keywords that highlight the PMs and those are the ones that are read along with the ones from targeted moms.

  330. Girl says:

    Stephanie–I asked this on the ask a pro page but didn’t get an answer. How many negative feedbacks can someone have before they get banned? There’s someone who recently started posting again that, last time I looked, had more than 5 negative feedbacks and lots of neutrals as well for never receiving packages, taking forever to ship, not as described, etc. Most were from several months back but still. I reported it more than once b/c I thought there was a 3 negs and you’re out rule but Iguess not. So how much DOES it take.

  331. CM says:

    Gees! Look what happens when I leave the computer to do today’s lessons with my kids! Over 330 messages, is that getting close to a record?

    So what I want to know is what happens if someone reports a mod/admin for an infraction? Like a signature twice the size of anyone else? Or openly being a bitch either in public or private? Do you guys sit in the lounge having a nice little laugh?

    And if they aren’t reading our pms, how the heck can they reply to a pm without the read receipt showing it was even read??

  332. Backyardiganmom says:

    CM – you can read a PM without it being actually reciepted as read. All you have to do is set it to send the PM notification to your email and you can actually read read it without going onto DS.

  333. I *heart* Sarcasm says:

    Interesting turn of events.

    Becoming a mod is like being accepted into the “in” crowd. The mentality change is inevitable.

    While amusing, this whole thing just shows how skewed the various POVs are.

  334. Teeniebean says:

    I have contacted the mods twice about the DS member that scammed me out of $130. They haven’t done a thing. And I know for a fact that she scammed at least one other mama (who also spoke to a mod). I filed with PP and everything, but there wasn’t anything left by that time, so I was out pretty much the whole amount.

    I find it sad that the mods will respond to petty reports about siggys, spam, and outing, but won’t do jack all about real problems.

  335. Backyardiganmom says:

    Can we make an Outting thread here on this site???

  336. Crystal says:

    people need to quit being site supporters and making them rich! Especially if you give them your money and they boot you no questions asked.

  337. cdmd1023 says:

    yeah, an outting thread would be awesome!

    backyardiganmom-I have never seen you on ds till today, are you new or just a new name?

  338. cassie says:

    #249, really? as SOON as you have solid proof you ban? kind of how mycrunchykids was wandering around DS AFTER she had 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 NEGATIVE FEEDBACK REPORTS? and she was reported as soon as she had 3 negatives. it wasnʻt until she had somewhere around 9 or 10 negatives that she was even forced into mediation, yet she was still allowed to FSOT? um, okay. so please. if youʻve only been a mod for 2 weeks, iʻm sure you arenʻt PERSONALLY responsible for the stupid shit that goes on behind the curtain, but donʻt walk around with the wool pulled over your eyes trying to blow smoke up MY ass because you obviously didnʻt see what the hell was going on before you got your badge of honor, kthxbai.

  339. cassie says:

    one more thing, stephanie, before i continue reading what else i missed, google: itʻs a beautiful thing. information on downloading software for vbulletin to enable PM reading is just a few keystrokes away:

  340. prairiegirl says:

    wow…just wow .

  341. cassie says:

    yeah, original ashley, you KNOW youʻre being watched *wink* you big bad night owl, you!

    and girl, the rule is STILL 3 negative feedbacks and youʻre banned, but DS mods/admin tend to be far too busy tending to their personal vendettas and blasting the mama who is .372 pixels over their siggy limit to actually deal with something that could actually destroy the website.

    remember when DT was DS Lite? it looks like DS is trying to model itself after DT now. how unfortunate *shakes head*

  342. CM says:

    333, I understand that, I myself will sometimes read the pm in my email and then respond later when I get more time, but how do they REPLY to a pm without it marking the read receipt as read?

    I’ve gotten replies from a mod yet the read receipt never showed that the message was read. Course the bs response I got was pretty clear that she hadn’t paid any attention to what I had said anyways.

  343. Backyardiganmom says:

    CDMD – I have been around on DS for about 4 months now. I kinda stuck on the Gm thread and FSOT and really mostly just bought stuff. Same SN as here..

  344. Backyardiganmom says:

    CM if you notice many times when they PM you back your original PM is not included. They can send you a new PM without Receipting that they read the last one.. Often it is over looked that your original pm is not quoted

  345. cassie says:

    oh for those looking for a new cloth diaper board, you can go to there arenʻt many members so the board is slow, but it will busy up if people sign up and participate! we donʻt tolerate scammers so asshats need not apply.

  346. umm huh?! says:

    used to be umm huh?1 until i was outed.

    i cant wait to be be banned, it sounds like sooo much fun.
    there are too many hidden bitches on there.
    i really havent been posting much, too sweet for no reason sometimes.
    no one ever speaks the truth because you’re worried about big brother.

    oh and what was up with that thread about being spanish or something, and a mod said something racist?
    i didnt get to read it was locked, did anybody get a screenshot or c&p?

  347. Molly says:

    Scammers are totally protected. I purchased several diapers from a mama for over $100.00. The pictures she had were NOT of the diapers she sent me. When I got them they were absolutely awful. They were literally falling apart.
    I PM’d a mod and tried to get some help with the situation after PP refused to do anything since I had received the product.
    I got absolutely nowhere. The mod in question basically sad “Too bad, so sad, Wow I never would have paid that much for such crappy diapers.” This was after I sent her pics and asked for her help.


  348. cassie says:

    who did you transact with?

  349. The Bored Bitch says:

    #346- Who runs the site?

  350. cdmd1023 says:


    im wondering the samething, how new is it?

  351. IndieBambino says:

    I think someone, perhaps me, should set up a mirror site of DS, and call it (unless that url already exists of course, lol) — that way when someone types it in google will always remember the URL first because of the alpha — think that would work?
    I like the set-up of DS, just not the assholes, kwim

  352. The Original Ashley says:

    I run the Cloth Addicts board. mama2cody on DS and I’m also on BGs. 🙂

    You watch, I’ll be banned in a few hours. LOL.

  353. scoobysnacks says:

    Be patient Indie dear, soon there will be a Better website, its in the works 🙂

  354. indiebambino says:

    🙂 It should be in my Yoda nature, shouldn’t it?

  355. AshleyB says:

    Seriously, once the better site is up, LET ME KNOW!!!

  356. CM says:

    345 ok totally makes sense, I didn’t think about that. Personally it seems like a sneaky maneuver considering it would be easier to just hit reply instead of starting a whole new pm. If they never open the original pm then they could potentially claim to have never received it.

  357. Zukey says:

    353, what is BGs?

  358. The Original Ashley says:

    BatGirls…but you have to be referred and since I don’t know if you’re nutso crazy I’m not telling you my name. Sorry. :p I’m not gonna get blamed for any noobs walking around with their head up their ass.

  359. justabg says:

    359, Thanks Ashley, I’m not so much up for another TT 🙂

  360. Zukey says:

    I’m sooo nutso crazy. Good decision.

  361. ScoobySnacks says:

    lol Zukey. the BGs are a bunch of snobs anyway, from what I hear, so I wouldn’t worry that your not invited to that particular “elite” group 🙂

  362. indiebambino says:

    IMO there are a few really nice mamas on BG’s, but during the brief time I spent there I found it a bit unpalatable.

  363. prairiegirl says:

    hmmmmm never been there.

  364. JustPeachy says:

    Not to be a bitch and all but I did notice the BGs are kind of cliquish. Like their members can do no wrong.

  365. maree9304 says:

    That’s because we can’t :b

  366. The Original Ashley says:

    That’s right. We are all big scary bitches. *ooooo run away run away!!*

    Yeah that is kinda blown out of proportion. If you show NOT during any major DS drama crap, it’s pretty cool. We are just so over having people show up to start shit or continue drama from other boards. Come by if you want. Say I referred you. I’m AshleyRox. Whatever. I dare ya. We won’t bite your freaking head off unless you are nutso. You’ll come for the drama and stay for the CL penii threads, I promise!

  367. The Original Ashley says:

    I should say that if you aren’t going to bother being cool, straight up, or share your name with us, don’t bother coming to BGs. Seriously. Be a nice, cool person and chill for a while and check your crazy at the door.

  368. cdmd1023 says:

    i joined bg’s but never went more then a few times.

  369. cassie says:

    bgʻs isnʻt a bunch of snobs. thatʻs just what the people we kick out say. and the only reason we send them off is because they showed us a side of crazy that we donʻt want to partake in. if you come by and are bitchy as soon as you step on our grounds, yeah. weʻll open up a can oʻ whoop-ass on you (metaphorically speaking of course). if you come and are honest and chill (“hey i heard about this board from the drama blog, just want to see whatʻs up and find a place that doesnʻt suck balls like DS”) then youʻll be well received. we LIKE new people, but we DONʻT like CRAZY, bitchy, troll-ish, drama-whoring new people. make sense? so yeah, come on over if youʻre cool. many of you seem like you are.

  370. cdmd1023 says:

    ok, I just left my intro on bg. when will I have access to the actual forums?

  371. maree9304 says:

    If that was you who just left the intro, go back and check that thread.

  372. pony says:

    I want to check out BG
    Can someone refer me?
    I’m not crazy 🙂

  373. cdmd1023 says:

    ashleyrox0-what the heck girl, not fond of me???? what did I do? lol

  374. The Original Ashley says:

    If you are planning to come to BGs, perhaps today is not the right day. And if you plan to use my name as a referral, seriously, don’t come in and start shit or act shady. I’m not gonna welcome you with open arms. I really should have thought before posting that this morning. Spread out the influx of noobs and we’ll be good, ok?

  375. cdmd1023 says:

    actually I joined a while back but didnt post because i got busy with other stuff 🙂 and someone else gave me the site, I think it was Trish? but im not sure, ill ask now.

    im not shady, i swear, just a girl trying to find someplace new since ds is crap now.

  376. pony says:

    Is Amanda (DS=gvroach) still on BG?
    She invited me a while back but I spaced

  377. The Original Ashley says:

    I don’t think Amanda’s been around for a while.

  378. cdmd1023 says:

    ash- I never knew you actually needed a referal, were the rukes the same back in may when i joined?

  379. maree9304 says:

    I’m pretty sure they’re temporary, but not completely sure. But no, in May we didn’t have that.

  380. cdmd1023 says:

    ok, thanks. sorry for the hijack.

  381. Janna says:

    I was invited to BGs awhile back but that was when there was some seriuos drama going on there and I wanted to stay WAY out of that crap….those 2 bitches are/were CRAZY!!! There is another site momsasone that has the same forum as DS but too many lukers imo….. I am more of a private loop kind of gal.

  382. Mamatutu says:

    If you are looking for a drama free place I know of one 😉

    But I won’t spam it here JIC I don’t wanna offend the dramamamas

  383. JustPeachy says:

    I signed up for BGs back in March and I didn’t need a referral. I don’t think I’ll be posting there anyways. I’ll stick to lurking everywhere else from now one.

  384. lilypop'smom says:

    Me too, I joined in April i think. I posted an intro and then got busy and never posted again. Now I can’t even see the forums, except the intro stuff.

  385. The Bored Bitch says:

    There are several great forums out there that would probably welcome the traffic.

    momsasone, amomshideout etc etc.

  386. cdmd1023 says:

    well my first impression of bg’s is that there not looking for newbies, but maybe im wrong. There are sooo many boards out there, im sure everyone can find they will fit in with.

  387. indiebambino says:

    387: You’re right, theres so many out there, but for me thats the problem, I was establish at DS, had over 115 feedback (and many trans than that that werent recorded with FB) and now it just feels like too much work to start all over again as a newb. I want to go to a site with mamas (like you all!) that I already know and trust.

  388. indiebambino says:

    Just had to say, I :wub: my new avi

  389. Zukey says:

    Indie, ITA. I used to spend alot of time on DS, but haven’t really lately. Too much drama, and too many newbies to be scammed by.

  390. AshleyB says:
    Anyone else notice something hilarious about this thread…or is it just me?

  391. jsg724 says:

    What? You mean the fact that the Admin with a 6 line siggy is posting in a thread about signature rules? I didn’t even notice. LOL

  392. E says:

    I love the disclaimer “depending on your own screen resolution, some may appear over the limit but may not be” I have a 17″ screen and it’s still over 4 lines by ohhhh, 40 something characters.

  393. Sarah says:

    I was a poster on BG’s a few months ago. There are some great women on there but that board is definitely not for everyone, nor is is CD centered.

    Like I said, we are working on a new CD centered board (we=lots of names you will recognize from DS) and I promise that we will be getting the word out when it is up and running.

    Although if we mention it on DS we will get banned lol

  394. cdmd1023 says:

    sarah- well count me in when its up and running!

  395. JustPeachy says:

    Count me in too. Im too afraid to sell anywhere else due to the fact no place else offers the ITRADER fb system which I liked.

  396. AshleyB says:

    Sarah–I want to join too! TOTALLY count me in! And, yup–the admin with a 6 line thing. BTW, her siggy doesn’t always appear to be 6 lines…as long as I am using my Wii to access DS on my 42″ plasma! I’ve yet to see a single person go over when I use the TV, so I’m guessing that’s the technicality that allows her to have the siggy from hell (and, I’ve reported sig’s/avatars that are just as controversial as Peach’s, and they have not been changed so I am positive DS did target her out…amongst others

  397. indiebambino says:

    The siggy thing was ridiculous anyway, I mean who the fuck cares anyway? Is it really eating up too much bandwidth? My guess is that they’ll start charging soon for sig lines, surprised they havent yet.

    As an aside, do you know anyone who knits socks for women for a reasonable price? (lightweight yarn, not heavy socks)

  398. mel says:

    #393- I have a 23in screen and its over the limit on mine as well on the forums but not on her profile like Manna00 said.

  399. JustPeachy says:

    Ashley they did because I usually keep my avatar as my youngest baby. The minute I changed it to show I had an opinion (in re: to the stupid obama thread) I got the book thrown at me. I changed it again to another anti abortion one which didn’t get me in trouble. Then in response to another mama’s thread about her viewing some ppls avatars and siggies as offensive I changed it to one about censorship and included a quote that was attributed to Francis Voltaire. That was the final straw and i was smacked on the hand and had my siggy and avi privileges taken away.

  400. AshleyB says:

    Peach, I saw your avatars, and I wasn’t bothered by them. It’s someone’s opinion either way for politics, abortion, and censorship….and the one I reported was anti-homosexual and it’s still up 😦 and I don’t mind political views, social views, religious views etc…but it DOES annoy me when someone has something advertising a very HATEFUL anti-homosexual movement (and I would be pissed if it was anti-anyone) but that avi/siggy is still up 😦 SO I’m beyond positive you were targeted, unfortunately…and I still think you should look into doing a charge back on DS if you can on your site supporter thing. They should not be able to do that, and it’s stealing. And, off topic, but did you get your crayons yet? I sent an email, but didn’t get a response so I was just double checking!

  401. cdmd1023 says:

    cdmd1023 Says: August 26, 2008 at 7:09 pm
    well my first impression of bg’s is that there not looking for newbies, but maybe im wrong. There are sooo many boards out there, im sure everyone can find they will fit in with.

    I apologize for this post-I am wrong. Guess I was just reading into things too much.

  402. not tellin says:

    401– whos siggy/avi is anti-gay? i wanna know, i’ll report it too, if i see fit!

  403. whoopee says:

    There will be an iTrader system on the new site, along with lots of familiar “names” I hope. It’s in the works, it’s not going to be a half ass free forum set up and all of the people behind the scenes will be community members.
    I wish there was more I could say but right now, it’s not ready for traffic. Soon though!

  404. The Bored Bitch says:

    Tisk TIsk Those big, bad mean BGs. Shame on them.

    Cant wait to hear about the new site!

  405. downy says:

    #393 I have a 19″ widescreen and that siggy still has six lines. IMO, if you have to have a 23″ monitor (#399) for it to be within the rules then she should just make it smaller. Duh!!

  406. cdmd1023 says:

    well I was banned-woohoo! that was fast. Guess ds will have to do, lol.

  407. AshleyB says:

    Her siggy and avatar are to “protect marriage”, so I checked out the video she has a link to, and proceeded to go check out the website that hosts the video…and it is NOT very homosexual friendly (usually the sites asking people to boycott and call it a disease are the ones with the supporters who key your car or hit you on purpose because you live in a small town with an openly lesbian mom…amongst other threats)

  408. The Bored Bitch says:

    They are welcome to you.
    You seem like a good fit for DS. You might also try DT.


  409. cdmd1023 says:

    #409 are you talking to me?

  410. cdmd1023 says:

    if so dt? wow. I wouldnt suggest anyone go there.

  411. The Bored Bitch says:

    Should I be?

  412. cdmd1023 says:

    I wasnt sure who you were directing your post to.

  413. cdmd1023 says:

    who is this to?

    The Bored Bitch Says: August 26, 2008 at 10:37 pm
    They are welcome to you.
    You seem like a good fit for DS. You might also try DT.

  414. theboardbitch says:

    #407, you asked and stirred drama, we only accommodated you…

    99% of those who say how big and bad and horrible that BG’s is are those who came to stir trouble and were run off…

    the other 1% just don’t find us to their taste…

  415. cdmd1023 says:

    I never said a bad thing about anyone or bg as a whole! I asked that if they wanted me banned that they do so. what do I care.

  416. cdmd1023 says:

    asked and stirred drama? if me joining was considered drama then wow. all i did was defend myself and answer questions. Im so not looking to get into it with anyone, i am done with drama, so maybe its best that I cant post there.

  417. cdmd1023 says:

    and your right, I am that !5 then, because the language alone made me not want to post.

  418. cdmd1023 says:

    sorry 1%

  419. theboardbitch says:

    meh…. next.

  420. JustPeachy says:

    I never said BGs were horrible but the only thread I’ve actually even read has left a bad taste in my mouth. I saw how they ripped apart Jessi for simply trying to be funny/cool.
    And Ashley YES I got the crayons! Saedra loves them and as I said her older sisters keep trying to steal em LOL. The email must’ve gotten sent to my spam folder or something so I am off to check it:)

  421. cdmd1023 says:

    nothing exciting on ds at all, huh?

  422. theboardbitch says:

    Jessi? not something I remember but didn’t you say you were around in April??? that was not a good time for us… troll wise and all

  423. JustPeachy says:

    I haven’t been on DS since I got banned. No sense in it as I can’t post. I’ve been lurking on the HC forums a bit.

  424. cdmd1023 says:

    no, I joined in may but never posted because it tooks weeks for my to get the email saying I have access, then I was just too busy to even get on and intro myself.

    clearly I am not a troll, what the hell would I would trolling for? I have made it very public who i am, i am not hiding anything.

  425. cdmd1023 says:

    this is how I see the site:

    your only welcome if we like you, and you can only stay if you saw what we approve

    am I wrong? after reading many posts it seems that unless mods and admin like what you have to say then your gone.

  426. cdmd1023 says:

    not offense to bgs, if thats how they want their board then awesome, but in the 6 or so hours i was a member it was not fun. I dont mind anyone questioning who I am and why im there, but to be down right nasty and curse is not needed, I dont associate myself with people like that irl, so i wont online. life is too short to have to be “approved” by people, I would rather just sit back and find my own little corner.

  427. The Bored Bitch says:

    You didnt realize there is cursing on BGS?

    I should not be laughing this hard.

  428. theboardbitch says:

    the ‘approval’ thing is temp. because of other trolls happening over the last couple of days.

    in May we were a bit paranoid, we were facing a moron who sent a madlib legal letter and consulting with an attorney, so were very leary of new members.

    not excusing the way we are. but normally are not so up tight about new members

  429. theboardbitch says:

    yeah… the thought that someone was unaware of the language on BG’s before they joined makes me laugh so hard I can barely breath… that is on of the things we are well known for… being yourself and no language filters… unlike other places… well… that and being the Devil’s Bedroom…

  430. cdmd1023 says:

    i knew nothing about bgs, I dont mind cursing, but I dont speak that way.

  431. The Bored Bitch says:


  432. theboardbitch says:

    we don’t say you have to… but we don’t keep you from it either…

  433. cdmd1023 says:

    yeah, i got that. it doesnt matter though, im sure many people are happy there, good for them, I dont really need another distraction from school and family anyway.

    may I ask what your u/n is there? I dont know who im talking to.

  434. theboardbitch says:

    Me? I don’t mind, I am Promethea. I am an Adminimatrix, and most people know my alter ego (boardbitch)

  435. cdmd1023 says:

    ok. thanks

  436. matildasmum says:

    tbb – are you also on Punky Moms?

  437. theboardbitch says:

    Me? No. I am on BG and Ravelry, and a small birth board from 8 years ago, that is all the boards I have time for… and for blogs, here and my own are all I comment on regularly, though…. mine has the links to those I read.

  438. The Bored Bitch says:

    bored or board?

  439. matildasmum says:


  440. matildasmum says:

    Promethea – tbb 😀

  441. The Bored Bitch says:

    We confuse ourselves.

    Its fun.

  442. JustPeachy says:

    Promethea I was referring to JessisaurasRARR. I joined back in March just for the hell of it and never posted so all I can see is the intros. Frankly that thread alone scared me off from posting at all.

  443. matildasmum says:

    The Bored Bitch – I would refer to you as TBB – capitalized.

    *taps head*

    Not just a hat rack.

  444. matildasmum says:

    I don’t remember when I was on BGs but there seemed to be a LOT of drama. I suppose it wasn’t a great time for the board. 😦

  445. The Bored Bitch says:

    Yeah, that is one of our finer ones, Peach.

    Smack my ass, then we will talk, MM. *wiggly eyebrows*

  446. The Bored Bitch says:

    Drama? On BGs? No…you are surely mistaken. 🙂

  447. theboardbitch says:

    ahh… the one who was evasive? not bright to be evasive when we have people trying to troll us and we are leary.

    MM we go through periods of drama… we are considering Seasonale for VBullietin so we only have to go through our pms once every 3 months instead of every month… but think about it, a place that full of women, and doesn’t edit and delete everything out, there is going to be drama… we try not to let it leak all over the board, but once in a while it does….

  448. matildasmum says:

    LMAO. Seasonale? Brilliant!

  449. The Bored Bitch says:

    Seasonale…you slay me.

    Said in a joking manner lest that be taken as a threat…never mind.

    Or libel.

  450. theboardbitch says:

    I am also working on a Krazy *tm hack for VB, once I get it fully functioning it will filter all new members and automatically dump the krazies at another not so sane board that I won’t name here…

  451. invading yo blog says:

    cmd you didn’t stay out of the drama portion long enough to buy a clue.

    Seasonale…made me spit coffee from my nose.

  452. cdmd1023 says:

    JustPeachy Says: August 26, 2008 at 11:38 pm
    Promethea I was referring to JessisaurasRARR. I joined back in March just for the hell of it and never posted so all I can see is the intros. Frankly that thread alone scared me off from posting at all.

    yeah, I saw that. are you peach from ds?

  453. theboardbitch says:

    YEah, she is….

  454. cdmd1023 says:


  455. cdmd1023 says:

    so I can join but then bg can control where I post and what? interesting. you guys say ds is controlling? I didnt do crap wrong, I posted on that thread because I had someting to say, and all i said was I was shocked and sad sarah and indie were gone, big freakin deal.

  456. cdmd1023 says:

    what does it matter if someone posts on the drama threads? dont have it part of the board if its not wanted, right? and I had 40 posts in total, maybe 5 were in that thread.

  457. cdmd1023 says:

    but anyhoo, im gone from there so it doesnt matter what I think 🙂

    I really think something new has to happen on ds, its been so dead! has everyone left?

  458. theboardbitch says:

    you join… then once you are out of intros (usually 2 get to know you posts, unless you raise flags) you can post almost anywhere… but if you seem to our members like you are there to troll, they will attack you and our members are not kind to those they feel to be asshats. if you cause enough trouble on BG you will be banned. BUT we don’t remove posts, we don’t edit posts.. I will also say that noobs are given less leeway to cause trouble than older members.

  459. Newmama says:


    No one controlled where you posted. You couldn’t control yourself and posted when you got past intros only about DS. You were encouraged to do otherwise nicely, but had trouble getting it. Noobs are welcome, but not to dump their shit from other boards without adding anything. You just didn’t get beyond that very well and then you came on here commenting on Bg’s. That was the end of it. Persona non grata after that. Your own self-control is what made you unwelcome.

  460. theboardbitch says:

    meh… I am tired of cdmd and her harping on drama… like she didn’t come here and spread crap about us before she was banned…


  461. cdmd1023 says:

    I asked to be bannned. and what crap, please, show me!

  462. cdmd1023 says:

    what is trolling? I thought it was scammers and liars, is there more to it?

  463. theboardbitch says:

    trolling is going somewhere just to cause trouble… and to see what trouble you only have to scroll up…

  464. invading yo blog says:

    All I hear is wah wah wah wah wah….

  465. cdmd1023 says:

    whatever, im over it, and I know your sick of it, so lets move on.

    question-who won the heli gm auction? and for how much?

  466. twatwaffletuesday says:

    #425, I call bullshit. That is all

  467. theboardbitch says:

    GM= Goodsheeple Maker

  468. The Bored Bitch says:

    The chick on BGs was right. cdmd1023 has playing dumb down to a science.

  469. theboardbitch says:


  470. cdmd1023 says:

    good lord, get over it already!

  471. The Bored Bitch says:

    Oh, tbb, pass the Seasonale! Somebunny needs a wee dosage.

  472. cdmd1023 says:

    how do you get screen shots?

  473. The Bored Bitch says:

    Very carefully. I find they are usually followed by threats of libel.

  474. JustPeachy says:

    Print screen then copy it to your paint program and save it to screen shot.
    FWIW I already know I am not welcome on BGs due to the few threads I had started that caused drama so no way in hell am I going to post only to be flamed for stuff that happened a while back(or recently either)

  475. cdmd1023 says:

    yeah peach, i wouldnt either.

  476. The Bored Bitch says:

    For what its worth, Peach, that is probably for the best.

    We did enjoy your visit earlier, though.

  477. theboardbitch says:

    *rolls on floor laughing*

  478. JustPeachy says:

    Eh I saw that. I thought it was kind of lame that the best one girl could do was make fun of my username. As if the reference isn’t obvious enough. I would’ve thought with a bunch of elitists who seem to know EVERYTHING someone would’ve caught that but I guess that was too much:)

  479. The Bored Bitch says:

    You give us far too much credit.

    We are a bunch of elitist who know nearly everything.
    We are working towards everything.

    Ill like the sound of elitist. It has a fancy ring to it that heartless bitches doesnt.

  480. theboardbitch says:

    they really weren’t making fun of your username.. it is an inside joke but since you aren’t gonna get it…

  481. cdmd1023 says:

    so you take pride in being nasty? is that who you want to be? is that what you want your children (if you have any) to grow up to be?

  482. invading yo blog says:

    Yes, but we are the elite class of heartless bitches. It’s good to be on top.

  483. theboardbitch says:

    no, we take pride in being ourselves and standing up for our friends, and yes, that is something I want my children to grow up to be.

  484. theboardbitch says:

    what I do not want them to grow up to be is whiney brats like you.

  485. The Bored Bitch says:

    Are you asking me what I want to be when I grow up?

  486. Mama Manda says:

    Serioulsy, honey. Just drop it. So you didn’t fit in. Who gives a shit? It’s just a board. And we’re only chicks you’ll never know in real life. We’re not nasty. We just don’t cater to bull shit and drama. Can’t handle it? Deal with it. Grow some big girl balls, and get the fuck out.

  487. theboardbitch says:

    #483… you spelled it rong… it is supposed to be Envading….

  488. twatwaffletuesday says:

    Ohhh no….twatwaffle pulled the “what kind of roll models are you being for your children” card. Like we havent heard that one before…

  489. invading yo blog says:

    #488…I didn’t want to be sued for libel *wink*

  490. invading yo blog says:

    Next we’ll get the “get off the internet and spend time with your families” line. That one hurts, it hurts so bad *eyeroll*

  491. The Bored Bitch says:

    Ill have some tort for dessert, please.

    And invading, you beat me to it. *sizzle*

  492. theboardbitch says:

    either that or they will YAG…

  493. cdmd1023 says:

    call it what you will. I could care less if I am not wanted or fit in, I dont do things to please other people, and obviously you (general you) dont either. i completly agree with standing up for you and your friends, thats awesome, but doing so in a mean way doesnt get far. its just as easy to be nice and still get your point across.

  494. cdmd1023 says:

    invading yo blog Says: August 27, 2008 at 1:51 am
    Next we’ll get the “get off the internet and spend time with your families” line. That one hurts, it hurts so bad *eyeroll*

    not from me!

  495. theboardbitch says:

    but it wouldn’t be BG;s if we censored ourselves to be ‘nice’

  496. The Bored Bitch says:

    How does one tell someone to f*ck off nicely?

    The age old question.

  497. cdmd1023 says:

    so in real life when you disagree with say, the mail person, do you call them a twatwaffle?

  498. maree9304 says:

    all the time!

  499. The Bored Bitch says:

    Who doesnt?

  500. cdmd1023 says:

    lol. it is a good one, Ill give you that.

  501. theboardbitch says:

    yep, I have called my sister a twatwaffle among other things…

  502. The Bored Bitch says:

    It just rolls off the tongue.

  503. invading yo blog says:

    Why is twatwaffle not an acceptable term for others? Who knew?

  504. The Bored Bitch says:

    The waffle part is derogatory.

  505. twatwaffletuesday says:

    cuntmuffin? Is that better?

  506. invading yo blog says:


  507. downy says:

    Thanks for hijacking. I was much more interested in the original topic. Any chance you could take it somewhere else?

  508. The Bored Bitch says:

    For the mail person?
    No, thats for the cable guys when the say they are coming between 8am-12pm and show up at 5pm.

  509. Mama Manda says:


  510. AshleyB says:

    SO, after reading your guys little bit here, I think I want to join BG…and honestly I’ve called my mailman a *lot* worse than twatwaffle (the scuntrag steals my mail *all*the*time*)

  511. cdmd1023 says:

    pussypie, I actaully laughed out loud.

  512. The Bored Bitch says:

    510-that one made me laugh out loud. DH wanted to know why.


  513. theboardbitch says:

    I am *so* glad DH is not home tonight… he would be giving me dirty looks for being loud

  514. invading yo blog says:

    508–Because the mod angle hasn’t been worn out yet?
    C’mon laugh it’s funny shit up in here

  515. cdmd1023 says:

    yeah, the mod stuff is boring, same old crap on a new day. im glad to have given you all some entertainment, but im off to bed.

  516. theboardbitch says:

    the mod crap, especially that mod, being a bitch is so not new… we got rid of her snarky bitchy ass a year ago

  517. twatwaffletuesday says:

    downy, what crawled up your ass? Or are you another BG reject? Maybe a resident of our lovely PR?

  518. The Bored Bitch says:

    I figure we are just providing some lighter reading for the Drama Mamas.

  519. DSDM2 says:

    Ladies, as amusing as this is (and it is VERY amusing) I would rather not have to mark our blog as adult content…

    Just Sayin…

  520. The Bored Bitch says:

    *bends over for non-kinky spanking*

  521. theboardbitch says:

    *hangs head*
    I will be good…

  522. invading yo blog says:

    Blame TBBs. They are the only BGs anyway

  523. DSDM2 says:

    Oh, the spankings can stay kinky… *raises eyebrows* but please act like young ladies….

    ROFL, I can’t even keep a straight face…

  524. The Bored Bitch says:

    If you ever join BGs, I know what your title will be-

    *Oh, the spankings can stay kinky*

  525. The Original Ashley says:

    No actually there are 2 other BGs besides the TBBs. Didn’t ya know- the whole board is only 4 people.

    Oh hell I couldn’t even type that with a straight face LOL.

  526. Shopaholic ~ Thats me! says:

    Whats a BG? I didnt read all . . 523 posts. Well thats not true but Ive done it over the course of at least 3 days so…BG? Refresh me. And you Bitches are alright in my book *insert thumb here* Ive been kicked off too many a forums for actually speaking my mind, damn sugar coaters. But yea all of this DS drama has me at a loss since Ive only been there 3 months.

  527. theboardbitch says:

    a BG is a batgirl we rock… all 4 of us

  528. Shopaholic ~ Thats me! says:


  529. Teeniebean says:

    Do you have a link for BG? I’m not really much of a shit-disturber, but I’m all for being able to speak my mind! Oh wait, I guess you need a referral? I don’t think I’m cool enough, LOL. (Coming from the highschool drama geek!)

  530. theboardbitch says:

    right now you need to get an existing member to talk to one of the admin about setting you up an acct if you want to join… but for general public, we are closed to new members for the time being.

  531. AshleyB says:

    Oh 😦 If you guys open up to new members, I think you sound like fun!!

  532. theboardbitch says:

    we will in a while… once the current rash of trolls dies down.

  533. NotMeAtAll says:

    The language at BG’s is worse than a navy base and the last time I saw a group of “women” act like this I was 15 and they were cheerleaders attacking some poor special ed student. Now you know what they grew up to be! It’s just a site for a few elitist snobs to go bash everyone while cussing a lot. Remind anyone of high school where cussing is SO COOL? A bunch of vultures. I say skip it!

  534. twatwaffletuesday says:

    Wow, another BGs reject. PS, your bitterness is showing.

  535. mamapixie says:

    If you’re smarter than peach, you’ll be able to figure out Sybermoms, just remember to check your bulk email box for the activation email. We have even worse language than BG’s, and are always open for new members.

    And if you’re looking for the diaper board, it’s in the review section. It’s not hopping, and there’s no major diaper trading/selling going on, but it’s there.

  536. AshleyB says:

    …I was a cheerleader in middle school actually, but wasn’t “wholesome” enough for it in HS :/ I’ve toned down a bit since becoming a mom (especially to a toddler repeating EVERYTHING he hears) but I think I could handle it…and it sounds fun! And if it’s not my thing, I’m sure they aren’t going to put a hit out on me for dropping out

  537. AshleyB says:

    Checking out Sybermoms now! I’m tired of the censored shyt at DS, and while Cafemom is fun enough, it’s the same drama threads OVER.AND.OVER. again!

  538. invading yo blog says:

    # 534–Still smartin’ from your BG spanking?
    If all of that whining was supposed to be insulting…yur doin it wrong!
    BGs are an elite group, your fail of a post above is why you wouldn’t fit in.

    Gimme a B Gimme an A Gimme a T Gimme a G Gimme an I Gimme an R Gimme an L Gimme an S

    What does it spell?

    You suck!

  539. GMLovah! #1 Fan says:

    My fav board is mama-drama.
    No modding, no banning, no censorship, own your posts. And while there is swearing, it’s not at the 8th grade level of sybermoms. Anyone is welcome. There’s a few threads about DS on The Plot Thickens.

  540. BGrrlzRHawt says:

    #407- why whine about being banned- you asked to be banned- so someone did so for you. If you would have just answered the ??’s you were asked in an intelligent manner instead of being rude and defensive- you would have been welcomed. When someone fresh in the door gets moody, they are usually not welcomed anywhere. If you came onto my front porch and your first visits were filled with defense and you would not answer a few questions with respect why would I want you to come further into my home/life??

  541. The Bored Bitch says:

    MD is another great board!

  542. cdmd1023 says:

    I answered all questions asked 🙂

    this is BORING!

  543. Mama Manda says:

    I was not a cheerleader. Evah!

  544. cdmd1023 says:

    I was a cheerleader for 4 years and loved it, I got kicked off my third year though.

  545. NotMeAtAll says:

    Didn’t stick around long enough! I was shocked at the behaviour of so called adult women. Using language like that may have been cool in middle school but as an adult it just makes you all appear uneducated. It shows a lack of creativity and intelligence to fill your conversations with foul language. I don’t WANT to be a BG, I have to much class!

  546. theboardbitch says:

    #546…. a 1%er…

    for the record. in my IRL life, I rarely cuss, in order to hear things like that out of my mouth you have to really really piss me off. online I get to let loose and have fun… sometimes that is part of it, but not all that often.
    I just don’t feel the need to censor my members. they are free to speak their minds and do so in the manner in which they see fit… you will not have rainbows and bunnies shoved up your ass at BG’s. if you do something we find stupid, we will not hesitate to inform you of it.
    We are not a sanitized world, we are reality. if you need ducks and bunnies, BG is not the place for you.

  547. The Original Ashley says:

    Too much class?? omh I am dying laughing here. We all have klass, dontcha know! I am tres fucking klassy.

  548. The Bored Bitch says:

    *Didn’t stick around long enough!*
    So, classy equals uneducated judgments? Good to know.

    Im okay with not being classy.

  549. twatwaffletuesday says:

    I wasnt a cheerleader either.

  550. BGrrlzRHawt says:

    #546- I am a BG and I do not believe I have ever typed a curse word over there. So before you are going to start making ill informed blanket statements you may want to check your facts. And yes if you are only coming to the board to read venting and such – then of course you are going to read ‘bad’ words. However YOU are in control of your computer screen, hit the back button and do not come back. It is ignorant to assume that just because a female is venting or letting loose a little among other adults on the internet that they all of a sudden have no class. Classy is not defined by censorship. Besides all that who goes to a forum to show off how ‘classy’ they are anyway. I go to unwin, to have a fun time, and not be so serious for a minute. We have kids, cancer, bills, education, work, ect to worry about in rl- so I think that acting a little laid back in a forum will be perfectly okay and I will still be the classy womyn that I know I am – whether logged on or not.

  551. Janna says:


  552. matildasmum says:

    What if I WANT rainbows and bunnies shoved up my ass?


  553. JustPeachy says:

    Seriously can you guys not argue without calling names???????? Im getting fed up with being called stupid and a moron by people who barely even know me save for a few posts.

  554. NotMeAtAll says:

    553 THAT is the funniest thing I have read all day (cuss word and all) ! I laughed so hard I spit coffee all over my monitor! Thank you for a much needed bit of humor!

    Rainbow and bunnies…..LOL I was thinking more like sunshine and kittens but they have claws so bunnies are a better choice!

  555. Jenna says:

    Ooh rainbows and bunnies. I’m with you MM.

  556. Jenna says:

    And it doesn’t make much sense to mention a board on a not-so-private blog and not expect to have an influx of trolls. Should have considered where they are coming from, ya know? *good vibes*

  557. cdmd1023 says:

    wow, still talking about bg?

  558. Sarah says:


    I tried to sign up there weeks ago and am still waiting in the moderation queue. 😦

  559. The Bored Bitch says:

    Lucky for us, Jenna, we figure most of the blog readers are decent folks.

    We figure we will just wait out the asshats to make room for the decent folks who want to join.

    BGs is not hurting for members.
    If we get noobers, so be it. If we dont, so be it. We dont care.

    Peach, I would advise reconsidering the drivel you post if you wish to make a better impression on people.
    Whining about not getting a hand written note with your order? Lame. Hence the moron comments.
    Now, post something of substance and odds are the opinions will change. Easy peasy.

    Matildasmom, I say whatever floats your boat. heh heh heh. If they all fit and you can find a forum to cater to that fetish, Im all for it!

  560. mamapixie says:

    “JustPeachy Says: August 27, 2008 at 6:00 pm

    Seriously can you guys not argue without calling names???????? Im getting fed up with being called stupid and a moron by people who barely even know me save for a few posts.”

    Well, maybe you shouldn’t have complained about having to keep your child safe and how expensive carseats were, while at the same time buying $30-40 poop catchers. And then posting about where to find a free/low cost carseat. Dumbass

    And peachy, you really wouldn’t fit in at SM’s anyway, we’d eat you alive. I’ve heard Ivillage has some great boards for people like you though, why don’t you try it out? M’kay?

  561. cdmd1023 says: is also a great site, I have been there 2.5 years.

    bg girls-I want to apologize, I was in a major funk yesterday, sorry for stirring up trouble. Not everyone fits in everywhere, thats life, I really dont take it personally if I am not liked by all, so say what you will about me. I get along with just about everyone I meet in real life, its hard to show my true personality on the net, but I like to think Im a cool chick 🙂

    yeah I have had my share of drama, but hey, when you get 40 moms together all raising kids of the same age, your bound to disagree about something. just saying.

  562. The Bored Bitch says:

    Bygones, Cdmd. 🙂

  563. theboardbitch says:

    ok, this is old, what else can we discuss…

    any new drama???

    any new morons???

    come on… play with me here..

  564. mamapixie says:

    No new drama that I can find. 😦

  565. cdmd1023 says:

    maybe this will turn into something good.

  566. cdmd1023 says:

    just tried to post this, so sorry if this is a double post.

    this might get good

  567. cdmd1023 says:

    we could always make some

  568. theboardbitch says:

    Nah… not one to start shit, though, I don’t mind participating once it is started.

  569. cdmd1023 says:

    ok, well i tried to link it 2x, but the cheasy toast sc collab thread on ds might get juicy.

  570. downy says:

    #562…funny you would mention, another site where you are a drama mama. *eyeroll*

  571. JustPeachy says:

    Mamapixie please move on. I have. And the issue wasn’t about spending the money on the car seat in all actuality. It was about the fact that most of the seats recommended could not be found in stores and I had no way of “testing” them to see if they would even fit in my car without them being squeezed in there. Thats the last I’ll speak on this carseat thing because its old news.

  572. cdmd1023 says:

    downy- my ask you who you are?

  573. cdmd1023 says:

    if im considered a drama mommy then you must miss alot.

  574. Justsaying says:

    cdmd, get a life. take your kids outside, do something other than hit refresh all day long. You cause drama on PO (you were made unwelcome on TWO birth boards and if you can’t tell by now, most of the posters on the cloth diaper boardhave you on ignore now too). You cause drama on DS. You get BANNED from batgirls and now you’re rubbernecking for drama here? Move on.
    Oh and learn the diff between your and you’re.

  575. cdmd1023 says:

    first of all I left those boards because I wanted to. secondly, I only get online when either the kids are busy or sleeping.

    clearly your someone I know hiding behind the keyboard, why not just be honest.

    and when the hell did I cause drama on ds, seriously?

    and no, your wrong about the cd board.

    clearly you have issues if you follow me around knowing what i do, maybe it is you who needs to get a life.

  576. cdmd1023 says:

    feel free to email me anytime. clearly you are from the cd board, if you have something you want to say then say it, dont tip toe around me anymore.

  577. GMLovah! #1 Fan says:

    Speaking of Stinky Couture. How come that scandal never made the blog?

  578. Justsaying says:

    I love it! It took all of three minutes for you to reply. Smashingly good show…thanks for proving the point!

  579. cdmd1023 says:

    well since both my kids are napping I have some mommy time, oh im soooo bad!!!!!!!!!!

  580. cdmd1023 says:

    and really, I would love to know who yu are since clearly your too fake on PO to tell me how you really feel.

  581. grammar police says:

    You are = YOU’RE not YOUR

  582. givepeasachance says:

    cdmd-your attempts at stirring shit up failed at BG’s. You seem to be on ignore, or kicked off many other boards. Take the drama whore-ific tendencies elsewhere. You don’t need to be followed by others. Your special brand of crazy makes you well known.

  583. cdmd1023 says:

    good lord people- you all crack me up. You dont know anything about me. intead of just following the others and believing what they say, why dont you try to know who I am first.

    I have enough friends to know that I am not a drama whore. I just dont let people talk shit about me and get away with it.

    lets name this thread “everyone secretly hates catherine but doesnt have the balls to actually tell her”

    its been fun, really. lol I love how no one can just be upfront with me.


  584. grammar police says:

    When people are upfront with you, you don’t get it.

  585. BGrrlzRHawt says:

    *giggles* Nice language #581 😉 tsk tsk

  586. The Original Ashley says:

    I don’t know you “Catherine” but from what I can tell, you are right, not many people like ya. 🙂

  587. The Bored Bitch says:

    #576- Wouldnt mind seeing how that would play out. I bet a lot of people have no idea how many scammer names she operates under.

  588. DSDM2 says:

    CDMD, links go into our spam and when we get in, we get them out. The links are posted now. (this isn’t our rule, just our spam blocker.)

  589. cdmd1023 says:

    now I have to know…please do tell!

  590. cdmd1023 says:

    #585-is being upfront pretending to be cool with someone only to talk shit under a different name? I think not. I dont care if people have issues with me, but I would appreciate some honesty and atleast having a chance to discuss the issues.

    thanks all, Im done with that.

  591. prairiegirl says:

    this thread need re naming, its no longer about mods but about BG’s and all their drama. this is getting dumb

  592. Mamatutu says:

    Isn’t the owner of SC on BG’s?

  593. AshleyB says:

    Just curious…but is this the longest thread here? Or is there a longer one…wondering if it was going to be a record or something!

  594. AshleyB says:

    #594, that is GROSS!!! EWW!!! I didn’t experience barn crotch during my pregnancy, or ever for that matter

  595. theboardbitch says:


  596. cdmd1023 says:

    stinky coutor

    and I think the jonnasmomy thread is longer

  597. The Bored Bitch says:

    593- Not that Im aware of. I know her email addys have been run with no matches yet.

    (Stinky Couture, tbb)

    592- I think the majority of BGs are over the CMD stuff. I have no idea why it is still going on.

  598. cdmd1023 says:

    664 was the longest, as far as I know.

  599. cdmd1023 says:

    what was th drama with sc? was it about stolen pictures or something?

  600. Sarah says:


    From what I’ve heard, she was banned from DS for creating multiple usernames to give herself and her diapers good reviews and feedback.

    I don’t believe that she is a scammer in that AFAIK you will get your diaper if you buy from her.

  601. Kali Ma says:

    I thought it was about a stolen design maybe? I forget now, it was something shady…

    And I’m sorry but that cheese toast set she is auctioning right now is ugly as hell. I mean, cheese toast, really? Yuck.

  602. AshleyB says:

    Yeah, I don’t get the toast thing either…but whatever. To each their own.

  603. cdmd1023 says:

    I dont get what cheese, toast, and toasters have to do with babies? I’ll admit- I like the jolly rogers, but toast?

  604. theboardbitch says:

    someone known to be a scammer does not last long at BG. one of the advantages of not backing away from drama is the ability to call out those morons

  605. What a wanker says:

    This is about the most boring bs ever on DSDB

    Seriously, BG’s get over it! Lordy. Nothing like requiring that you be right in every single instance. She has apoliged, she has asked that you move on. Move the F on already.

    Much funner when were were talking about Tara.

    And yes, I’m a registered BG and yes I read the intro and other threads and YAWN. I think you all were looking for someone to ban to be honest.

  606. givepeasachance says:

    Daphne (SC lady) lied about where she got fabric, acted like an asshole to get said fabric, made up multiple UN at DS, SM and HC to give false feedback and create false hype about her dipes. She took stabs at Suzanne Dunford and other WAHMs in the false feedback. Basically, acted like an ass.

  607. theboardbitch says:

    hey, wanker… catch up, we are on to new stuff… :duh:

  608. The Bored Bitch says:

    607- *I think the majority of BGs are over the CMD stuff. I have no idea why it is still going on.*

    Just to reiterate.

  609. The Bored Bitch says:

    Hey Peas, is the SM Sybermoms or Sewingmamas?

  610. theboardbitch says:

    and here I thought SM was Swinging Mamas…. *hehehe*

  611. NotMeAtAll says:

    Barn crotch ROFL

  612. invading yo blog says:

    Hey Wanker, it’s too bad they didn’t find and chose you to ban. Ah well at least your user name is appropriate.

  613. theboardbitch says:

    Fluffy Dog anyone?

  614. prairiegirl says:

    IDK, I like the “do you pee in the shower” poll myself rofl

  615. AshleyB says:

    Yeah, the peeing the shower one is good…but the post on Mothering about crotch stink and one mama with barn crotch nearly made me pee laughing! WHO posts on the internet they have poor hygiene?!

  616. theboardbitch says:

    617, obviously, the chick on MDC posting about Swamp Crotch

  617. prairiegirl says:

    IDK, but I keep seeing it all over….from mari’s bleeding sores on her scalp and her dh’s skid marks in his undies lol, the list keeps going on and on

  618. prairiegirl says:

    but the peeing in the shower one was funny

  619. prairiegirl says:

    but the peeing in the shower one was funny I think

  620. prairiegirl says:

    oops posted twice

  621. givepeasachance says:

    sewing mamas.

  622. Mamatutu says:

    So this might make it to be longer then Sammy’s thread.

  623. Me. Myself and I says:

    #624 😦 maybe that thread should grow some more then?

  624. prairiegirl says:

    wow…its quiet today. lol

  625. cdmd1023 says:

    yeah that sc thread did nothing for me.

  626. I’m looking, just not seeing much lately. Guess everyone is scared to be banned.

  627. IndieBambino says:

    Just a random comment on a few earlier ones….

    Yes, cheese toast on baby stuff, I dont get it either, but then I’m a fan of skulls and others aren’t. Personaly I think cheese toast is fatty and gross, but then I love pork rinds.

    This thread WAS more fun when we were bashing Tara. Isnt there any a-holes on DS lately? I mean come on, I love chatting with you ladies.

  628. JustPeachy says:

    I did email Lee about getting half of my money back for my site supporter membership on a sidenote. We shall see how that goes. Hasn’t emailed me back but I’d recommend that others do the same.

  629. maree9304 says:

    I doubt you will get it back. On the site supporter page, it says they’re non refundable under any circumstances.

  630. JustPeachy says:

    I doubt it too but that doesn’t mean I can’t have fun being a pita to Lee:)

  631. jeruco says:

    Here is the stinky couture stuff:

    In addition to that she was using the fake DS screen names to ask about other WHAM diapers and how they snap ect…

  632. prairiegirl says:

    someone posted in the thread that daphne was contacted by heather ross and thats why she pulled the auction right as soon as it was over. IDK how true that is, but it was said anyway

  633. cdmd1023 says:

    anyone else having issues with this site?

    anyway, the gm chatter blog could get interesting 🙂

  634. cdmd1023 says:

    oops, not blog, thread!

  635. JustPeachy says:

    Sorry Im not a sheeple so nothing GM is interesting to me:)

  636. cdmd1023 says:

    yeah, doesnt do much for me either, but its better then nothing, right ? 🙂

  637. JustPeachy says:

    cdmd check out the HC forums. They are actually pretty nice. Its like college as DS is to high school IMO.

  638. cdmd1023 says:

    thanks for the info. I have posted a few times, I find myself checking out all the goodies people make them i go stalk thier

  639. DSDM2 says:

    Not much of the GM stuff interests us at all…

  640. umm anisa says:

    damn, no drama?! whats going on?!

  641. AshleyB says:

    Yeah, I haven’t seen any drama…don’t worry, it will come!

  642. jeruco says:

    634. Its true.

  643. prairiegirl says:

    244…ahhh really LOL, glad to know

  644. prairiegirl says:

    shit….meant 644

  645. pregodego2 says:

    yay – drama blog you make it possible for me to be even happier than the day before for not participating on DS anymore.

    oh wait, will i get banned now? whhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    (i’m in a sarcastic mood today apparently)

  646. InAfixx says:

    I’m late to the party, but holy shit! The plot thickens by the minute. I’ve been having quite the runaround with the Mod Squad on DS….and it’s interesting that I’m not alone.


  647. Susan Lousie says:

    Couldn’t really read much of this discussion but figured out was about the power hungry clueless certain individuals that are the “diaper swappers mods” OOoooh, the title is even scary.

    What is sad is the ones that are unfair, unjust, predatorial, and ignorant are ruining it for alot of people.

    They gang up on you like a pack of wolves. They don’t even ask questions first or later, they just rip you to shreds.

    It is sad because Motherhood is supposed to be a wonderful time. The diaper forums are great for reaching out and providing support for new moms and moms facing new challenges in their little ones stages.

    These certain “mods” eliminate any of this for many. It is harsh punishment for crimes never committed. It is random internet mental beatings and “why”???

    I have a theory about grocery stores….anyone crabby shouldn’t be a check out person. Period. Some people only get out of the house once in a long while and that one person they talk to could just really bring that person down even farther.

    Moms are reaching out, getting involved, feeling apart of the rest of the world when they are on these forums. Motherhood is often times isolating when you do not have a good social group or Moms group. These “Hitlers” of Diaper Swappers pick and choose who they are going to “destroy” with no rhyme or reason. The “Hitlers” should be identified and eliminated from these groups.

    I would hope the companies who advertise and keep this group going would be made aware of this everyday occurence and ban their site.

    I don’t want to part of a “blood bath” that so many times happens on these internet sites. There has been too many women that have been cruelly treated by their ego-tripping ways.

    Go back to high school to your little cliques and get a life. Grow Up!

    PS Before I was banned I had “called” them on their lies about why I wasn’t able to be a Wahm Wahr. I posted their email which flat out showed they were LIARS and poof! I’m banned. There is no diplomacy, no fairness, no legal rights, just POOF!
    I have better things to do and I hope others who are treated this way also do as well.

    Susan Louise
    CushytOOsh Cloth Diapers

  648. DSDM2 says:

    Susan, we have read some of you posts on other boards… you might want to search around and see where we have discussed you. Also, this thread is long buried, you may want to post on a more recent one.

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