A decision has been made not to allow the posting of personal information on this blog.  If you would like to link to this information off site, or you are willing to be the contact point for people that want the info, you can give them your email address.

Legally, repercussions for posting of personal information, such as full names, addresses, and background information that may or may not be public domain, is not something we are interested in studying up on.  It is much easier to just ask that you not post that information here.

Thank you.

  1. The Bored Bitch says:

    Spamalot giving you a hard time?

  2. theboardbitch says:

    Bored ~ that was my first instinct too…

  3. Frazzled says:

    Jenny – 867-5309…doh

  4. Stacey says:

    Jenny – 867-5309…doh


  5. DSDM2 says:

    No, we haven’t been contacted by anyone.

    We have talked a lot about it, and I guess we find that to be “the line”.

    We aren’t 100% sure what the legal line for posting personal information is. Feel free to link/email information around though! And PLEASE email it to us 😉

  6. not tellin says:

    i would think any information available to the general public on the internet would be the legal limit, wouldnt it? Of course im SO not questioning your decision, its the right one IMO, im just putting in my 2 cents. But it would probably be a liability to you to have that information posted here, so your announcement makes perfect sense 😉

  7. sara thats me. says:

    better safe then sorry.

  8. Yes, this is a better safe than sorry. Neither of us have received anything regarding it, but we really don’t care to either. I would rather spend time doing fun stuff, like blogging, rather than worry about legal stuff.

  9. Carol Lakin says:

    This is “fun stuff” for you? Trying to destroying somebody for no reason? What are you going to do when your stalking and lies finally push somebody over the edge and they kill themself? Will that be the icing on the cake for fun? I swear to goodness that if something like that happens to my family because of the actions here I will hunt down each anyonomous person here and take the appropriate action for each and every family involved in this.

    You guys have crossed a line with your stalking and lies. I am telling you that you need to back off.

  10. Mama Manda says:

    Oh hell.

  11. MatildasMum says:

    If someone offs themselves over a silly blog then they have MANY more problems then this.

  12. TL says:

    Oh that was funny, gave me a good laugh. I usually only lurk and read, but sorry Carol that was too good not to comment on lol

  13. Shopaholic ~ Thats me! says:

    Who the heck was that? Threztening my family….watch your back lady!(dude?)

  14. Shopaholic ~ Thats me! says:

    threatening…yes I CAN spell

  15. The Original Ashley says:

    Oh my gawd Carol is back! Duhn duhn duhn! To save the day and bitch at us all! Wooot, just what I wanted! I am just SURE that THIS blog is ruining your life. Suuuure.

  16. not tellin says:

    :yawn: carol, keep babbling, we’ve all heard it before

  17. DSDM2 says:

    Shopaholic, that is Scammy Sammy’s girlfriend. Check out the blogs on her (yes more than one).

  18. The Annoyed One says:

    back to scammy’s ass you go…. go on now.

  19. theboardbitch says:

    oh… look… Spammy’s asspuppet showed up!!

  20. Angie says:

    Simplest solution ever. Stop. Scamming.

  21. maree9304 says:

    What ever happened to:
    “I was just stopping by to thank you guys for the free advertising. Keep up the good work! You are better than a paid spot on any site!”

    “This was just a short note to say thank you for driving the traffic for our website. You guys really thought it out well. I could not have advertised better myself at such a great price!”

    “To my point and do try to keep up: This blog and Bat Girls alone have given us over 600 hits in less than two months. That is what I call free advertising.”

    At that time, you seemed to have liked this stuff. Free advertising, remember?

  22. Grogwench says:

    Watch the threats, Carol. The words you spewed are here forever. No edit.

  23. DSDM2 says:

    Carol, what actions will you take?

    If someone kills them selves b/c they can’t stand themselves for being a scammer and being horrible to other people, how is that our fault? I mean IF Sam is suicidal, maybe she needs some help? It wouldn’t be anyone else’s fault if SHE chooses to do that.

  24. Peachy Keen says:

    Just a note that DS mamas are not the only ones who can read this blog. The information I have seen given out on here is not stuff you can access simply by googling. Regardless of whether you like the person or not do you think its fair to possibly endanger their family by giving out full names and addresses? There ARE tons of perverts and crazies online and who knows how many of them access this blog.
    As far as I have seen no one has given out any pertinent information about Sam (ie address, full name, etc) so I don’t understand why she is all upset about it.

  25. veganthug says:

    Look at the famous scammers in the world.. oddly enough, a few of them did kill themselves..

    Stop scamming, own up, change your ways,… & maybe you wont have to worry about people talking about you.

  26. The Original Just Me says:

    ooooooooo a threat over the internet! Well sheesh, I’m just quaking in my boots now Carol!

  27. The Annoyed One says:

    I agree, peach. there’s a lot of crazies out there….

  28. Carol says:

    No one has been scammed. Scamming is when you take someones money and they never receive product or a refund. Slow shipping is not scamming. Being disorganized is not scamming. Co-ops may not be as organized as they should be and some get a little wonky but no one has been scammed. You cant name names because there are none.

  29. Carol says:

    Especially since someone already threatened to fly out here free and “handle her business” This was after she got her refund because the WAHM I guess told her there was no co-op yet was e-mailing us that the products where being made and almost ready to ship.

  30. NotMeAtAll says:

    I have to agree with peach! Posting someones personal information could endanger their whole family and I know I would not want that on MY conscience!

  31. DSDM2 says:

    #31, that is why we has established the new “rule”.

  32. theboardbitch says:

    Peach, Spammy’s address is out there as public access on at least one of her 400 registered domains. public access… get over yourself.

    and the asspuppet shows her face again

  33. Stacey says:

    Actually, I think being disorganized can be scamming. It may not be intentional scamming, but taking someone’s money and not getting them their product in a timely manner is scamming. Plain and simple.

  34. Tiff says:

    No,actually Carol I said I would handle my business before my refund.Confused/disorganized/lying again?Whats you alls new names over at DS so I can show you myself?All of this can be verified as it’s all dated on DS.Well,maybe not anything you erased on DT.Lying,unorganized,major confusion,sick kiddos.Whatever you would like to call it,looks shady when you take money and have no answers.And I guess the wahm who said she feared a scam because she hasn’t seen a dime(even though Scamalot clearly stated monies were sent weeks prior)was also extremely confused and got a huge case of amnesia because she doesn’t remember the many emails that Scammy has.Also,what wahm does a complete order for a coop without ever seeing a dime?Don’t be upset with me if through your mass confusion/disorganization/lying,there was a statement made on 7/20 that the order was sent/paid for and once questioned,I was told that Scammy won’t send the money now since she didn’t know what was going on.Now,I personally can’t call anyone a thief on DT as I did get my money.But there is some very clear shady business practices going on over there.

    So what have we learned here?The coop host stated the order/money was sent,weeks later the same host confirmed that the items would be done in 2w,I find masses of people who have been screwed/scammed by said board/host and decided to checkout the coop I paid for,the wahm who’s items we paid for clearly stated “she feared a scam”(still have the email if you would like to see it again),called out said coop host where she then says she won’t send the money out and issues a refund???There are weeks worth of confusion/disorganization/lying going on there.When you take money,you should be better at being honest and doing the best job that you can to ensure that everyone gets what they pay for.I find it hard to believe that a person who logs on daily can’t give a quick update.Especially an important one like ummmm…..I didn’t place the order or send the money.When you say monies have been sent and orders will be done soon and none of it’s true,it’s a lie plain and simple.Thats just plain freaking preschool education here.If you meant to lie or not,it’s still a lie.Don’t be upset with me about it,K!!!

    Oh,and you shouldn’t play with peoples money.My statement upset you,no?Remember that next time you all ever think about being that disorganized again.It’s not that hard.Ask your other coop hosts how to do a better job at hosting a coop.They were awesome.

  35. Sheila says:

    Well said Tiff. That’s pretty much exactly what happened with the bad co op they did on my site too. Not necessarily a scam, but maybe money borrowing or something.

  36. umm huh?! says:

    if you can google it, i think its fine. but if people are scamming others i could careless about their “personal” infomation

  37. It wasn't me says:

    Yes, theboardbitch, it is out there and readily available



    and there’s many many more domains she owns, to name a few:


  38. Jade says:

    Oh my goodness! Sam is playing the poor me card again. Sam did it all to herself and gets everything she deserves. Karma is a bitch. If little scammy spammy poses a risk to herself and Carol does nothing about it, she is held responsible. We already know she poses a risk to others!! It is a ploy for attention and I wouldn’t be surprised if Sam wrote that as Carol. Oh, and I perceived being hunted down as a threat by Carol..they are both a couple of whack jobs!!

  39. Jade says:

    I mean seriously, if Sam really is suicidal, she needs intervention. She is putting herself and her children at risk. I mean what if she kills herself while home alone with Kendall? I think somebody should call in some professionals to help her because having a severely depressed person around children is not safe. Remember Andrea Yates? Her 4 kids could have been saved if only she got the help she needed in time!I could care less if Sam offs herself but her kids need to be kept safe!! From what Carol wrote, it does not sound like a healthy situation for her family.

  40. Tiff says:

    It is a cry for attention and sympathy and I have none.If everything is an honest mistake,then own up to it.By getting angry and nasty just shows your guilt.If a person is suicidal and I’m their “friend”,do you think I would be babbling online?Either stop doing coops because you can’t handle them,or get alot better at keeping people informed because seriously,it’s not that hard.

  41. Frazzled says:

    Totally OT but what the hell is the “offensive” siggy that everyone is talking about on T&F? Are we talking difference in beliefs or offensive to the majority?

  42. MamaGeek says:

    Jeez, I don’t even know. Someone thought the fly-by nursing smiley might be offensive!

  43. umm huh?! says:

    i think all the “rules” ds has are subject to each mods and admin interpertation. one mods says one thing, and another flips the script, and said something else.

    yestereday i posted a tread about what i have to do to get my siggy back, then around 11pm a mod said she pm’ed the mod who took my siggy.

    then that b pm’ed me and told me i broke the “no outing” rule,a nd that i need to re-read the rules to forgo further stirkes and possible banning.

    i mean i posted in that “Ask the pros” forum cuz i was asking a question.
    does anybody know who decides what is against the rules, or do these bs just do want they want

  44. Frazzled says:

    What was wrong with your siggy that got it removed in the first place?

  45. umm huh?! says:

    1st i had 1 extra line and 1 extra image, then the font or something was too big, then the blinkie was “bashing” then mods and the admins.

    honestly i dont think this is bashing

  46. Tiff says:

    Whats wrong with that?I don’t get it at all.I think each mod has their own interpretation of the rules.

  47. The Bored Bitch says:

    *This is “fun stuff” for you? Trying to destroying somebody for no reason? What are you going to do when your stalking and lies finally push somebody over the edge and they kill themself? Will that be the icing on the cake for fun? I swear to goodness that if something like that happens to my family because of the actions here I will hunt down each anyonomous person here and take the appropriate action for each and every family involved in this.

    You guys have crossed a line with your stalking and lies. I am telling you that you need to back off.*

    How very, very interesting.

    Carol has arrived to attempt to drive home how terrible it is when someone tries to destroy a person/family via the interwebz.

    How very curious, ladies and gents. I believe we are seeing karma coming full circle.

    Hold on, Carol, while I weep into my Wheaties at the thought of you and/or Spammy having to feel the squeeze of the internet drama imploding in your lives.

    (Okay, so not really. Im not really weeping. Rolling my eyes, perhaps.)

    How does it feel, Carol, to fear for your families safety because of people on the world wide webz ‘crossing the line’?

    Its is terribly unpleasant, isnt it.


  48. DSDM2 says:

    If she is suicidal, which her housemate/partner has admitted, should CPS be called? Are the children in danger while Carol is at work?

  49. The Bored Bitch says:

    A very good question, DSDM2.

    Perhaps Carol was simply giving a hypothetical…being that she is vastly more intelligent than the rest of us….in her mind at least.

  50. not tellin says:

    im new to a lot of the sam/carol crap, but do carol and sam’s child even exist? Or are they figments of Sam’s imagination?

  51. mel says:

    I think everyone needs to lay off. While all of this could be hypothetical it very well could be real and turn out to be very tragic.

  52. cassie says:

    peach, i will admit flat out that i have posted a number of informative links on here, but not one single thing that i found and posted has NOT been from a completely, explicitly and OBVIOUSLY public site. i do not know these people from Adam, but iʻm still able to track down this information. iʻm sorry, but if something happens to their family, i simply am not willing to take the blame for it when THAT PERSON is the one who put their personal info out there in the open for God and everybody else and their mama to see and read and exploit. if they want to bitch about the safety of their family and waah waah, then FIRST of all, donʻt post your bidniss all over the damn web, and THEN, donʻt turn around SCAMMING people, thus giving them reason to track your ass down!

  53. haha says:

    to whoever said people are “stalking” people across the internet (my guess is Carol) WTF lady. The internet is PUBLIC. It’s not like anyone is peeking in her window to get information. She put it out on the very very public internet and someone found it. No matter how they did it if she didn’t want the entire world to know she should have typed it on the screen.

  54. The Bored Bitch says:


    And I will quote the words of Carol:

    *What are you going to do when your stalking and lies finally push somebody over the edge and they kill themself?….. I swear to goodness that if something like that happens to my family because of the actions here I will hunt down each anyonomous person here and take the appropriate action for each and every family involved in this.*

    Carol does not point blank say a specific person is suicidal.

    She suggests the actions she would take if such an occurrence were to happen to someone she cared about but again, no specifics.

    We are merely speculating and deducing from Carols own words, given her rather blanket statements about this request by the DS Drama Bloggers.

    Now, she is welcome to come back and let us know that we are far, far off base.
    That she is just throwing out a ‘what if’ scenario but methinks she wont because it affords her the opportunity to attention grub again.

    She knows she doesnt have a case against the Bloggers and their commenters.
    She is attempting to divert attention away from the clusterfucks that the co ops are turning out to be on her forum.
    She seems to forget though, that people lose sympathy when they are out money….or have their money delayed for no apparent good reason other than someone couldnt be bothered to follow through.

    At the end of the day, Mel, one could suggest that Carol and Spamalot are on the receiving end of the bad karma they set in motion by attempting to destroy the lives of others.
    Fortunately for them, those emotionally healthy individuals are showing amazing restraint in the face of two women who think nothing of destroying families and lives.

    If anyone needs to lay off this crazy interwebz crap, its Carol and Spamantha.
    What goes around comes around, right. Harsh but true.

  55. The Original Just Me says:

    Well said BB!

  56. mel says:


    Well said. Karma is a bitch and they will/are getting it back %100. I would just hate to read the news and hear of any tragedy coming because of it.

  57. DSDM2 says:

    OK ladies (and gents), NO ONE here wants harm to come of anyone. We have established this rule to prevent harm in many forms. If you post links, someone will have to take action to find the information themselves, you are just making it easier, and that is ok. But giving an address here is just taking it a bit too far and making it too easy.

    HOWEVER, I in no way believe that there is anyway that someone who is sane and not already suicidal would commit suicide over something in a message board/blog. IF someone were to do this, there are underlying issues and no one but that person themselves is at fault. If someone feels such extreme guilt and internal dismay over their inadequacies and scamming/stealing that is something that they have put on themselves. It is called KARMA when you start to feel that guilt over what you have put into the universe.

    I would HOPE that someone who is talking that way would be given the help from their SO that they need and that their children would be taken from them until they are well. No child EVER needs to go through that. Carol, if Sam offs herself, and you knew it was possible, you should feel some guilt for not getting her help. I sure hope those children aren’t there IF she does do it or is inclined to.

  58. NotMeAtAll says:

    I don’t know how to send a new thread but I will post one:


    It’s another WAH my kid was disrupting someones business and they told them NO!

  59. Truth says:

    Sacramento County Child Protective Services(CPS) investigates child abuse and neglect and provides services to keep children safe while strengthening families. CPS also trains foster parents, acts as an adoption agency, and licenses family daycare homes. We are committed to serving our culturally diverse community with respect, dignity, and excellence.
    24 Hour Child Abuse Hotline:
    (916) 875-5437 (875-KIDS)


    I think somebody might want to direct them to this blog to. Maybe having somebody check in on Sam could prevent a tradegy but it probally should be looked into before something happens. At this point it sounds from what Carol wrote a home visit and professional help may or may not be in order but we can’t really make that determinaiton on the internet. Let’s think about those kids and everything we have seen Samantha write and her past behavior all over the internet. Let’s let a professional make the determination instead of worrying of the true intentions.

  60. just wow says:

    Just WOW. Is it posted somewhere about Sam possibly being bi-polar? Doesn’t she show alot of those signs and compulsive lying? I know people who are bi-polar and go untreated or off their meds often commit suicide. Either way, she needs to get some help if an internet blog is making her want to off herself.

  61. Sam says:

    Wow you guys know it is against the law to file false reports right? I am amazed that you guys would stoop this low to get at me. When drama leaves the internet and you set out to harass people by filing false reports that is a shame. So the hell here is a DR? I do not have bi-polar ( I guess Jackie was right to fear you guys calling CPS because someone is bi-polar) or any other mental disorder. I am perfectly fine thank you very much.

    This whole blog is irritating because it is full of lies and made up shit. This is harassment and I intend to find out what I can do about it. I know that there have been threats here and I have the names and addresses of those that have done so.

    All of this because you guys have nothing better to do? That is sad. Try getting off the internet and playing with your kids instead of acting like holier than thou internet trolls.

  62. Peachy Keen says:

    You know what Sam obviously some of it was true. Why else would I have been banned unless you were afraid I was going to out you on your lousy ass white trash version of DS??????
    And exactly what is made up? We’ve heard from MANY mamas who have been ripped off by you or had problem transactions with you so its not like its just one person and getting blown out of proportion.
    If you want this all to go away then stop acting like a scammer and get your act together. And stop making scammers from DS mods on your crappy community. It really is tacky.

  63. NotMeAtAll says:

    Which Mods are scammers from DS?

  64. The Bored Bitch says:

    #62- Clearly not Spammy…. given the lack of typos.

    Lets go back, shall we and look at threats, Spam.
    Your girl friend is the only person making threats here. I see concerned citizens pondering your emotional well being, perhaps your state of mind and/or the safety of your children.

    The only person I see threatening here is Carol.
    Again, I quote: “I swear to goodness that if something like that happens to my family because of the actions here I will hunt down each anyonomous person here and take the appropriate action for each and every family involved in this.”

    Its not enough to threaten the anonymous posters.
    Carol takes it a step further by threatening their innocent families as well.

    I dont think you will have to look far to find out what can be done about harassment, Scammy, given how people are sending you cease and desist letters.
    I imagine you are quite well versed in it right now.

    I would suggest that if you do not like reading a blog “full of lies and made up shit” that you simply cease coming to read here.
    No one is forcing you to read here. To click links leading to this blog.
    You choose to come.

    My guess is that if you had intended to press libel, you would have done so already.

    My guess is also that for something to be libel, it has to be untrue.

    Im going to go out on a limb here and say the reason you/Carol come to this blog and huff ‘n bluff is because you know you can not do a damn thing because you two cant keep your mouths shut.
    You have run your mouth to one too many people and you know it will come back to bite you in the ass if you try to push the issue.

    Rather than coming here to whine at a blog, Scamantha, I would suggest fixing the mess that is your life and DT.
    Dont worry about the blog. Fix your messes, then come whine. We might be more inclined to listen.

  65. Grogwench says:

    TBB, I wub you!

  66. Carol Lakin says:

    I am pursuing the issue. We will see where we land. But why? Why be so hard headed? I just hate the enormous burden that it will place on everyone that has families to care for. And that is the honest to God truth. But so be it. We have nothing to hide so that is why we thought that the threat of harassment by CPS was funny. That and Sam’s mom was the Director of Health and Human Services for 35 years. Anyway…

    Here it is, first my life is not a mess. So no worries there. My life model is right on track. Starting my MBA in January and my son has straight As and is in Choir and Band. Who could ask for more?

    As far as the accusations, I will ask again, list who Samantha owes money to, and I will personally address each and everyone. So far not a single one of you here can come up with anything other than Sam is disorganized. So I am asking again. Let me know who Samantha owes money to and I will address each and everyperson on that list.

    BUT in return for my willingness to address each and every person that Samantha owes money to, if no one comes forward with any names that have founded claims, you remove the accusations of her being a scammer. See, I am going into this with the blind faith that I would know if we had any “hidden money” anywhere. We don’t.

    Is that a deal or do you just have too much fun blasting somebody with out giving them an opportunty? If that is the case I sure the heck would not consider calling anybody else a “whack job”. You say you want her to clean up her messes. You say that you guys are rational thinking grown-ups. Here is the chance for you to put my money where your mouth is.


  67. theboardbitch says:

    The Bored Bitch….. AMEN

  68. Here’s the deal:

    1. I don’t give a damn about Sam and DiaperTraders.
    2. If you get scammed on DT, it’s your own damn fault at this point.
    3. Whether Sam and Carol have any legal rights regarding this doesn’t concern me, I don’t have time to deal with it, and really, it’s just not that important to me. I’ve got kids, and better things to do than worry about petty legal squabbles.

    So, let’s just leave it at that.

  69. 4NobleTruths says:

    What happened to the other posts? Have they been removed?

  70. The Bored Bitch says:

    Out of respect to THE Drama Mama, I will leave it alone.

    This is the Drama of Diaperswappers, after all, not Diaper Traders.

  71. The posts were locked temporarily. I’m trying to decide if I’d rather just keep them locked or if I would like to take this up with my lawyer. I really don’t feel like shelling out money for my lawyer over a blog that brings no profit. So, for now, they are just locked. I am sure there is more information out there about Sam and DiaperTraders. You can check out http://www.thebatgirls.com and I’m sure they’d point you in the right direction.

  72. Carol Lakin says:

    Ok Guys,
    I do suggest that you contact a lawyer or both sites are in jeapordy. I have asked for the people that are on your blog and you specificlly to provide the names of the people that you have accused Samantha of “scamming”. I let you know that I would address each and every founded claim personally. You have provided no such evidence. So what you have done here, is defame, libel and committed an envasion of privacy. I am sure that you are tired of hearing from WordPresses parent site. That will only continue.

    We are continuing to work with some of the smaller owners of sites where those here have decided to libel, defame and envade our privacy. They have been more than helpful when presented with the alternatives. We are working on IPs as we speak (with help) and that may make some here especially uncomfortable because they have something to hide, Raven and Meleesa.

    So again. I am offering to review each case of alleged wrong doing on Samantha’s part and correct each situation that is founded. If not remove the blogs that contain any mention of Samantha, myself or Diaper Traders.

    But understand this. Until such proof is offered, this is absolutely libel, envasion of privacy and defamation of character. And honestly, you should be calling a lawyer.

    I am offering a way out and a way to save face.

  73. Carol, there is nothing on this site about you or Sam that was not volunteered or participated in with you as well. Per my previous comment, they are temporarily locked. Obviously this has gotten to you, as have the many people who think Sam is a scammer and DiaperTraders is dishonest. But, really, saving face is not my concern.

  74. The Original Ashley says:

    Carol, look! This is me, rolling my eyes at you.

  75. Carol Lakin says:

    So, should I understand that the allegations are unfounded? The way you have allowed these libelous accusations to be published on your blog (by you and others) and the way that you have posted it on other review sites, I would believe that you would readily have a list of names readily available. Please supply these names so I can fix whatever problems may be out there. Is it you don’t want the situation fixed? Or is it there are no names? Either way you look pretty bad.

  76. theboardbitch says:

    Carol… I have nothing to hide. and I have made no accusations. bye now.

  77. Carol Lakin says:

    Oh, I see. You (and I will say in this case you as the collective) can go forward libeling, defaming and envading someone’s privacy but when called out your solution is to say go away? Is that what you two did? No. You not only put it on this blog but multiple blogs. So you can understand that because you were so prolific I would expect that the names and situations would be easily posted so that the situation can be resolved. That is what a reasonable person would do. I am starting to feel that I had no reason to ever doubt Samantha when she said…”Carol these people are full of crap!”. So, as I suggested let’s resolve this now before it goes full turn. I am going to err on the nice side today and assume that you posted here the libelous claims about Samantha because you had names and situations and wanted them resolved. What other reason could you possible have had, other than resolution for these unknown but to you, to take it this far?

    The other option is to say: “I am so sorry I got carried away. I have no names”. You should try it. It might work.

  78. theboardbitch says:

    Carol, all i have ever posted is OPINION… I have never claimed to have proof of her scamming. I post opinion. Until the US becomes a communist country, opinion is not libel, and is still perfectly legal.

  79. The Bored Bitch says:

    DSDM, can you give me your email addy one more time. 🙂 I need to touch base with you about something.

  80. The Bored Bitch says:

    FWIW- I would not remove anything from your blog, ladies.
    I would take the time and $$ and consult your attorney.

    I would not cave to these folks. You have a good thing going here with the Blog and if you cave to one set of bullies, you will have to cave to them all.

    I would advise you to call your lawyer. Find out exactly where you stand because odds are, you dont need to worry about any of these idle threats.

  81. TBB
    I don’t plan on removing anything. I’ve already printed everything out and will be contacting my attorney on Monday. You can contact me at dsdramamama@yahoo.com. Add me on Y!M and we can talk.

  82. The Bored Bitch says:

    Thank you, darling. I will do so now. 🙂

  83. Shanmarie says:

    I am not part of any transaction that could be considered a scam, but I do read this blog and this just keeps bugging me.

    Carol, why is it your problem to solve?? Why doesnt Sam take care of it?? If she was sooo worried about all of this, you would think that she would be willing to take care of it, not send someone else to do her dirty work. As for a list of names…how about going to the Juicy Apple report and fixing all of those claims first before you start saying that people are claiming scams when nothing has happened. There is a lot of people unhappy out there and just because they dont list there name here, doesnt mean it didnt happen. Im sure that there are a few people that have posted here that they were taken in a transaction by Sam…go back and read the comments. I do recall quite a few people saying that whenever they tried to find out information from Sam on DT that they were banned…now how in the hell would they get any resolution from her or you for that matter, if they were banned?? Like I said, I have nothing to gain or to lose from all of this as I havent been taken for a ride yet, but to me its about principle and I dont think it is right for anybody to take anyone elses money on false pretenses. Period.

  84. Carol Lakin says:

    I am not doing anyone’s dirty work. Just as when your husband pays your bills he is not doing yours. I need to know what they are before I can address them. And by the way everyone is running about bellowing scammer I would assume (there’s that word) that the names would follow. Everyone on the Juicy Apple have been taken care of. They are just not adult enough to state as such.

    So sincing banning is a long road from scamming what is the issue? Boo Hoo you are banned from a site that you have run arounded and bad mouthed. Who cares right?

    But do let me know who we banned that had and still has an outstanding transaction with Sam.

    Bet you can’t name a single one.

    So back to the orignial question, who do I need to make things right with?

    The accusations are clear, and without proof. Yes I would get a lawyer if I didn’t have the proof to go with how much I ran my mouth. Times are changing ladies.

    I am now going to assume that you have no names.

  85. theboardbitch says:

    and I am now going to assume that you are Spammy’s asspuppet

  86. The Bored Bitch says:

    Shanmarie, its pointless. This is how it goes. Scam, whine, Carol comes to bluff, more bluffing.

    Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

    Sit back and enjoy the show. Methinks the bluffing this time is being fed from a rather rabid sense of desperation.

    How amusing.

  87. theboardbitch says:

    who has the jr mints?

  88. Shanmarie says:

    Damn, I just finished my popcorn. I guess I need some more…oh well.

  89. The Bored Bitch says:

    Id take it a bit more seriously if Carol could learn to spell her threats better.

    Its invasion. Not envasion. Is that like a cross between invade and evade?

    Oh, I forget…when you cant get it right…make up your own words. Noted.

  90. yestheyareallmine says:

    Oh for fucks sake, it’s INVADE. INVASION. INVADING. Spell check. Most helpful when trying to sound smart.

  91. yestheyareallmine says:

    Damn it, TBB beat me to it. I spent too much time chuckling between reading and typing.

  92. Invading yo blog says:


    envade is NOT a word

    just sayin….

  93. The Bored Bitch says:

    Now, now, YTAAM, Carol is going green.

    Its a hybrid word.

  94. A Mom says:

    hmmmm…so based on Carol’s theory of operation, I can do whatever I want transaction wise and get reported on the “watch dog” sites, but if I make it all ok I shouldn’t be held accountable for my actions? Didn’t we just have a post about someone on DS who’s Mom/DH was trying to “make it right” and we all said it wasn’t ok? Did you not learn anything from that one???

    Are you my step-son’s Mom? Because I’m currently fighting this mindset with him…see this is something most parents teach their children when they are very young…consequences.

    Carol…you are an enabler for her. Until Sam takes responsibility for her actions and then CHANGES HER WAYS to something acceptable to society as a whole (which is not likely to ever happen), then you will continue to deal with issues such as these.

    Shouldn’t you be making a concentrated effort to help her change her behavior so you don’t have to deal with those pesky “Cease & Desist” letters?

  95. theboardbitch says:

    wait wait… my translation of Carol….

    you bad speek us.. you contact your lawyer, I sue you… I know law… I used to be a lawyer… for pretend.

  96. A Mom says:

    TBB…she played on….

    in her mind….

  97. A Mom says:


    “on” s/b “one”!!! Typing too fast! lol

  98. The Bored Bitch says:

    Boston Legal attorney. Its my favorite kind.

    Followed close second by a Law and Order attorney.

  99. The Bored Bitch says:

    We are so gunna get spanked by the bloggers.

    *bends over*

  100. theboardbitch says:

    Bored~ maybe if we spank each other they won’t have to???

  101. yestheyareallmine says:

    “Now, now, YTAAM, Carol is going green.

    Its a hybrid word.”

    Oh, right, I get it! It’s a combo of Scare-ol and Scammy’s 2 most favorite words! Invade and evade. I can see where they might become mixed together after awhile.

  102. A Mom says:

    I’m waiting for the show to begin! lol

  103. Shanmarie says:

    OMG I cannot stop laughing…

  104. A Mom says:

    Oh Shanmarie, this is par for the course where we are normally at. lol

  105. Carol Lakin says:

    Listen when you are reduced to picking on a typo you are grasping. I could go down the road that when *you* don’t have facts you make up your own. But I won’t.

    The fact is I am not bluffing. I have given you the required option of showing evidence or retracting. That is my obligation. I have even pleaded with you to supply the information that would turn this away from libel. But you cannot. And that is just it. You can’t.

    You are backed into a corner. Now you are hoping that I haven’t been saving this blog into PDF format for my health. You are hoping for a bluff. I can promise that a lawyer is going to tell you that you are in the wrong and need to retract. PROMISE. And make sure that you include all the blogs when you show them to your lawyer so he can be prepared for a criminal case as well. That is the kicker once the criminal case is complete the civil case is a default. So think back on all those little blogs and reviews that you posted on and ask yourself—Would they protect me or would they fork over the information about me to protect themselves? Ponder that. I know two people here that should be pondering deeply.

    Right about now I would be asking myself, if I were the people that posted here and libelous statements on other venues, if it is going to be a good long run decision sticking to the made up accusations.

    Well, like I said, put up or be an adult and apologize. Being an adult can be pretty simple. I am willing to fix any problems that are out there (but by now I am doubting that there are any) but are you willing to be an adult as well?

    So I will check on this again tomorrow, and update the PDF collection that I have. If you guys can get it together in the next 24 hours that would be acceptable resolution. We all know that in this niche we thrive on reputation. Just because you don’t like somebody is not a valid reason to make up lies designed to directly impact their business. What I want is an admission that you guys took this way too far and did not have any facts behind your accusations.

    If there is no list in 24 hours then I will understand that to mean that there are no facts to back up this nonsense and I will keep the ball rolling.

  106. The Bored Bitch says:

    Oh noes!

    More threats!

  107. A Mom says:

    nite-nite sleep tight! sheesh

  108. Invading yo blog says:

    A typo…The term includes errors due to mechanical failure or slips of the hand or finger, but excludes errors of ignorance.

    I think not

  109. The Bored Bitch says:

    Oh noes!

    Carol is talking to herself again! I sure hope she follows her own advice!

  110. A Mom says:

    TBB: Ya shakin’ in yer boots…I can feel it from here!

  111. The Bored Bitch says:

    Oh noes.

    I forgot to be a-feared.

  112. A Mom says:

    Dammit…it’s a-skeered…can’t ya git it right?

  113. theboardbitch says:

    threat, threat, baseless threat, threat, deadline, threat

    did I miss something??

  114. A Mom says:

    sorry…dd is hitting enter before I can get my “lol”s typed!

  115. Carol Lakin says:

    I do have an honest question. I know that everyone here has my address correct—so why is it that I have not received “all these” letters you guys are speaking of? Honestly.

    Oh I wanted to mention that I have seen a common mistake on some of the posts—-when referring to many moms there is no little ‘ so it would not look like this “Batgirls is a group of mom’s that ….” But correctly “Batgirls is a group of moms”. Plural not possessive.

    Just thought since we were trying to revert to pettiness to change the subject, I would join in too. Kind of fun being petty I can see how it may snowball.

    I wil be back in 24.

  116. A Mom says:

    tbb: btdt, huh? teehee

  117. The Bored Bitch says:

    Dammit, A Mom….now you are just a-graspin’ for something to pick on.
    Next youre gunna be envading my privacee.

  118. A Mom says:

    Hey, my privy is outdoors and doesn’t have room for both of us mom’s. Yur gonna have to wait yer turn!

  119. theboardbitch says:

    mom… yeah, been there done that with baseless threats… and the madlib lawyer crap

  120. A Mom says:

    No…this time…it’s for realz! I pinkie-swear it!

  121. The Bored Bitch says:

    Now you are just taking all the fun out of it, Mom.

    Whatever shall we do?

  122. A Mom says:


    carry on!!!!

  123. theboardbitch says:

    Pinkie swear… definitely a case of I used to be a lawyer… for pretend.

  124. The Bored Bitch says:

    Hey, check it out! A reference to http://www.thebatgirls.com

  125. theboardbitch says:

    Thanks for the free advertisement Scarol…

  126. A Mom says:

    http://www.thebatgirls.com ??? Wow! What a neat name!!!

  127. The Bored Bitch says:


    for those who are wondering. 🙂

  128. yestheyareallmine says:

    OMG, bwaaahhahhaaaaa! Why don’t you give pettiness a good ole college try, Scare-ol? You never know, you might like it better than making terroristic threats to innocent children and spouses. I doubt it, but you won’t know until you really try 🙂

  129. A Mom says:

    I wonder if http://www.thebatgirls.com is a place for scammers? Or will my money be safe?

  130. The Bored Bitch says:

    Tisk Tisk, YTAAM.
    You are not showing adequate amounts of fear.

    Shame on you. Ill be back in five minutes to see if you have learned your lesson and are willing to grovel.

  131. theboardbitch says:

    Scammers are not welcome and are quickly banned at http://thebatgirls.com

  132. yestheyareallmine says:

    “Tisk Tisk, YTAAM.
    You are not showing adequate amounts of fear.

    Shame on you. Ill be back in five minutes to see if you have learned your lesson and are willing to grovel.”

    You’re gonna have to give me longer than that. I’m not sure I’m gonna be able to muster up adequate fear for a bully that threatens “families”. Cowardice and spite doesn’t exactly leave me shaking in my boots. Obviously I’m not alone.

  133. A Mom says:

    So…hmmm…let me see if I have this right so far:

    1. http://www.thebatgirls.com is scammer-free; and
    2. It would appear that you might be there, which would lead me to believe that http://www.thebatgirls.com is a fab place to hang out!

  134. theboardbitch says:

    wait… is you gonna call cps on me?? I’z quaking in my bootz.

  135. A Mom says:

    tbb: Don’tcha know…Sam’s Mom was Director of Health & Human Services (ffs) for 35 years. that’s gotta mean something….

    …to somebody


  136. theboardbitch says:

    is this the same (imaginary) mom that ran the diaper charity?

  137. A Mom says:

    ASSOLUTELY!!! Wait…no…That was Gramma!!!

  138. theboardbitch says:



  139. The Bored Bitch says:

    Okay. Im back now.
    Epic fail, YTAAM, on the groveling. Shame. On. You.

    Mom, I feel confident in saying that Carol will be back in 24 hours to drive home the importance of Scammys mothers employment record.

  140. A Mom says:

    hehe…you said “drive home” lol I totally had this weird mental image of Carol standing on her desk, pounding the keys as she types!

    Then it moved into *ahem* adult territory….in a very juvenile way.

  141. theboardbitch says:

    [Mom, I feel confident in saying that Carol will be back in 24 hours to drive home the importance of Scammys mothers employment record.]

    and reinforce the status of the charity…

  142. theboardbitch says:

    [hehe…you said “drive home” lol I totally had this weird mental image of Carol standing on her desk, pounding the keys as she types!

    Then it moved into *ahem* adult territory….in a very juvenile way.]

    damn, now I have that in my mind… thanks…

  143. theboardbitch says:

    pass the brain bleach please..

  144. A Mom says:

    ewwww…not with Carol tho……ewwwwww

    That’s what I get for riding the C&C railroad whilst trying to be smart! lol

  145. yestheyareallmine says:

    “Okay. Im back now.
    Epic fail, YTAAM, on the groveling. Shame. On. You.”

    Eh, what are ya going to do? These things happen. I mean, sane people with a modicum of common sense don’t let their crazy hang out like Scare-ol does, and they certainly know better than to threaten innocent children and spouses. You’d think a lawyer would know that, but I guess crazy overrides all that lawyer learnin. I’m long past being scared of Teh Crazee. And once again I feel the need to point out that from the looks of things, I’m not alone.

  146. theboardbitch says:

    YTAAM ~ nope. you are not alone. Scarol isn’t as scary as she thinks she is.

  147. theboardbitch says:

    YTAAM ~ nope. you are not alone. Scarol isn’t as scary as she thinks she is.

  148. A Mom says:

    Halloween is coming soon….maybe she can dress up?

  149. theboardbitch says:

    can we throw water on her if she does?

  150. A Mom says:


  151. theboardbitch says:

    how does that go???
    Ding dong the witch is dead

  152. A Mom says:

    I was thinking more like we’d need garlic and a wooden stake….

  153. A Mom says:

    Or maybe the song is….

    “Who’s afraid of the big, bad wolf?”

  154. theboardbitch says:

    silver shot in a shotgun is faster, head and hear.

  155. theboardbitch says:


  156. A Mom says:

    Well, it’s all theoretical anyway.

  157. A Mom says:

    “if she only had a heart”

  158. theboardbitch says:

    True.. wishful thinking… like that computer I keep wanting to design that only allows certain people to see a single page that tells them they are too stupid for the internet and to turn off the computer.

  159. Just a mommy says:

    Better watch out, Carol might think your typing death threats *LOL*

  160. A Mom says:

    Ohs-noes….she’s gonna be after me next! lol

  161. A Mom says:

    tbb: DH is wondering why I’m laughing at words on a screen. I can’t even begin to describe this to him!!!!

    Jam: We had the same thought!!! lol

  162. The Bored Bitch says:

    *Eh, what are ya going to do? These things happen. I mean, sane people with a modicum of common sense don’t let their crazy hang out like Scare-ol does, and they certainly know better than to threaten innocent children and spouses. You’d think a lawyer would know that, but I guess crazy overrides all that lawyer learnin. I’m long past being scared of Teh Crazee. And once again I feel the need to point out that from the looks of things, I’m not alone.*


  163. Sam says:

    The Bored Bitch~

    The only threatening that has gone on is the bloggers here towards myself and my family. No one has threatened you guys and you are the one that found it funny that there was danger for my family. I guess it is the drinking night for you guys so while you drink and wallow in your own crap you will at least be happy. I love the way you try to divert from the subject at hand which is to put up or shut up.

    Then again I am not sure how you would shut such large pie holes.

  164. 4NobleTruths says:

    Did somebody throw water on Carol? She disappeared!

  165. The Bored Bitch says:

    Bummer. I was so looking forward to our date in 24 hours.

  166. Just a mommy says:

    She’s gone where the goblins go……below, below BELOW

  167. Bloo♥ says:

    Nothing to say except for I have bipolar it is a daily battle and I do NOT think Spammy does. I think she is a liar but I do not think she has bipolar. I get very upset when a space cadet gets the label of “oh maybe she is insert what ever mental illness of choice here”. What Sam does is very controlled and calculated IMO.

  168. Carol Lakin says:

    Ok guys.
    I now understand that you do not have any evidence to support your claim that Samantha “scammed” anyone. You have been given a reasonable amount of time to produce the names or situations and you have not. I will assume that you (the collective *you*) were trying to injure Samantha’s reputation and Diaper Traders through libel. Not to mention the many other detrimental, illegal posts here.

    I am unfortunately going forward since there was no offer of evidence, apology or a retraction.

    BTW if you guys want I do have PDFs of the posts that were deleted here. Just ask and I will send you a copy.

  169. The Original Ashley says:

    So unfortunate Carol. So very. *roll eyes here* You’re loving this. You feel so powerful. Whatever floats your boat. At least it will be a fun ride. 🙂

  170. yestheyareallmine says:

    Oh, is this the part where you’re going to start hunting down families and taking “appropriate actions”?

  171. cassie says:

    carol. why should we dig through the various posts that were made in regards to the women who were cheated out of money? they have given their stories in previous posts. feel free to go back and look through them by your damn self. or, look up the Juicy Apple Report. or, you can go to http://www.thebatgirls.com and read about all the crap she’s done to mamas on that board. of course, you may not last too long before you get a mudhole stomped in your ass (proverbially speaking, of COURSE), but feel free to try.

    and let the record show that in my opinion (that of one professional human being), i believe that Scamantha, oops, i mean, SAMantha, is a liar. i believe she is a scammer. of course, i have not done personal business with her, thank HEAVENS, so i can’t pass this off as TRUTH, however, judging from the TERRIBLE encounters so many have had with her, i don’t believe for a millisecond that she is honest or has a shred of integrity in her bones.

    where are the flocks of people rushing to declare sam ISN’T a scammer? where are all the people testifying to quick and stress-free transactions? seriously, if she was that damn amazing, people would be over here in droves defending her.

    coincidence that they aren’t? methinks NOT.

    shoo fly… don’t bother us… shoo fly, don’t bother us…

  172. Shanmarie says:

    Good luck with your libel case….I dont think you stand a chance in hell personally, but that is just my OPINION!!!!!

  173. Carol Lakin says:

    Since you are a professional I will address your assumptions. First, since business in this industry thrive on reputation, most of the input is that people will not get involved out of fear. Now there is something to be proud of attaining. So your percepection is one that is based on libel. So be it.

    Secondly, I have spent hours working on this. At first I wondered why these people, if they felt wronged would not post under their real name. Doesn’t that make you wonder just a tad? What I have found is that there are no unaddressed issues out there period. That is why I have the confidence I do when asking the question, supply a list. I have also found with the help of some site admins is that it seems as if it is 4 people posting under multiple user names to make the situation appear differently than it is actually. You may even end up surprised to find who does it on this blog (can you say hypocrite?). Really it didn’t surprise me. And the interesting thing is that almost all the people involved had something to gain when injuring the reputation of Samantha and Diaper Traders. Which makes for a very solid case.

  174. Carol, nothing has been deleted. Since you have pdfs of the password protected posts, you have every thing you need. I have any information I need. And, have not seen anything libelous in the comments. I am speaking to an attorney on Monday, as I have said before. So, continue on with your threats, really, I don’t care.

  175. Carol Lakin says:

    THE Drama Mama,
    Either you have no idea what is going on on this blog or you’re a hypocrite. It was right around post 142 when The Board Bitch theatened to shoot me in the head and heart. Then thought better of posting that and *poof* your blog becomes hypocritical. Post gone. All the better for me. Again I say…Would you like the PDF file?

    Another curious thing is that I posted a comment that was moderated and never approved. BUT several different user names responded to the comments that the post contained. Things that make you go hmmmmmmm……. Help me out with that one!!

  176. The Original Ashley says:

    It’s a conspiracy Carol. We all just hate you and Sam and wish your lives to be miserable.

  177. cassie says:

    lol, oh ashley.

  178. Shanmarie says:

    Carol, you posted that you would come after innocent families, so whos the hypocrite now??

  179. Carol Lakin says:

    Since you are a professional I will address your assumptions. First, since business in this industry thrive on reputation, most of the input is that people will not get involved out of fear. Now there is something to be proud of attaining. So your percepection is one that is based on libel. So be it.

    Secondly, I have spent hours working on this. At first I wondered why these people, if they felt wronged would not post under their real name. Doesn’t that make you wonder just a tad? What I have found is that there are no unaddressed issues out there period. That is why I have the confidence I do when asking the question, supply a list. I have also found with the help of some site admins is that it seems as if it is 4 people posting under multiple user names to make the situation appear differently than it is actually. You may even end up surprised to find who does it on this blog (can you say hypocrite?). Really it didn’t surprise me. And the interesting thing is that almost all the people involved had something to gain when injuring the reputation of Samantha and Diaper Traders. Which makes for a very solid case.

  180. Carol, please stop posting to my blog. You know the email address, use it.

  181. Carol Lakin says:

    Appropriate action is legal action. Criminal charges. What would you think appropriate action would be? I guess I just don’t think like you guys.

    Why do my posts go up, then into moderation then never come back? Is that kind of like deleting them?

    So no list of people that have been scammed. Shame. That combined with deleting posts hmmmmm….

  182. Shanmarie says:

    Carol, refer to post 164.

  183. Carol, I said it before. Stop posting to this blog. ALL of your posts will continue to be moderated, not deleted. Pursue whatever legal action you want. I can provide the necessary information when requested. With that, have a nice day.

  184. Carol Lakin says:

    In Ref to 176—-
    Everything you did was very public. Don’t you think that I would pursue this the same way? Are you worried that people will know the truth?

    I will do this legally on a public forum. The same forum format that you tried to destroy Samantha and Diaper Traders with your lies.

    Now, you accused Samantha and I of banning people for telling the truth.

    Isn’t that what you are doing? What are you hiding from?

    You my dear friend are a hypocrite.

  185. Carol Lakin says:

    Oh and all my posts will be posted on DT since you are denying the people that read this all the facts. PDFs are a wonderful tool.

  186. umm huh?! says:

    i dont even know you and i dont like you.

    GO AWAY!!!!

  187. Carol, I’m sorry my simple instructions were too much for you to understand. You may post whatever you like on Diapertraders. I do not care. Do not post to this blog.

    Like I’ve stated many times, the blog posts are password protected for review with my attorney, and your threats and comments from earlier are also saved. I don’t see what’s so hard for you to understand. Nothing has been deleted or will be deleted until speaking with my attorney.

    As far as I am concerned. We have done what you have asked to an extent, pending legal review. There is no point in carrying this on further as I’ve already said I won’t be in contact with my attorney until Monday.

  188. Carol Lakin says:

    If you would like your blog to be a private blog, like a forum can be, then there is a way to do that.

    But until it is private—it is public.

    I did send you an email but one address bounced. Did you receive it? My address is simple, carol@carollakin.com–nothing to hide.

    I honestly think you lost your BGP. When you find them they may need some sun to get the stains out.

  189. The Bored Bitch says:

    I emailed ya, TDM, that info from the convo the other night.

  190. Carol Lakin says:

    So, not answering emails? You are really going to make it so to speak with you I have to bring it back here. Honestly I don’t want to be here anymore than I would want to be at bat girls but you brought it to a public open venue.

    So here is the content of my letter:

    You have not complied with what I asked. No proof; you need to retract or delete. Please, some kindly advice, when you see your lawyer on Monday, make sure that you include all of the documentation, including the posts that were deleted. Honestly if you don’t you are going to look like an idiot when my attorney sends your attorney what we have. You and your blog were clearly in the wrong. It would be easier to just admit it. But to let you know where I am coming from, I have backed off several times before, you took that as a weakness. It was not. I am done with the libel, the posting of personal information, the threats. My God you let Sam’s family’s name be posted on your blog. You don’t honestly think, with that in mind, with no evidence of any of your accusations, you are going to get any lawyer to give you any other advice than take it down.

    I wanted to also let you know that in this, if we do not come to an agreement here and now, I am including Word Press’s parent company Automattic and Matt personally. So how far with what you have posted do you really think that you are going to get?

    So, with the time I gave you to post the proof and you did not, my terms are delete or apologize. My lawyer is planning on asking for both plus more.

    Here is an example of some of what my lawyer has seen: (from The Bored Bitch)
    1. Hold on, Carol, while I weep into my Wheaties at the thought of you and/or Spammy having to feel the squeeze of the internet drama imploding in your lives.
    (Okay, so not really. Im not really weeping. Rolling my eyes, perhaps.)
    How does it feel, Carol, to fear for your families safety because of people on the world wide webz ‘crossing the line’?
    Its is terribly unpleasant, isnt it.

    =====I know that this is in moderation. what is the difference between moderating permanently and deleting? What is the difference between you using multiple user names and anyone else? Why are you and yours allowed to libel, and threaten ? Aren’t these all the things you blast other boards for doing? Aren’t you a hypocrite?

    Please some evidence!!!

  191. Carol, I have not received any emails from you. All of your comments are being moderated, which is my choice, as I’ve stated before.

    I will not be communicating with you any further about this until I’ve spoken with my attorney. I’ve said this numerous times. So, chill out.

    Again, nothing has been deleted or altered, so your pdfs should show exactly what I can see.

  192. Raven says:

    I’ve heard through the grapevine that Carol apparently thinks I’ve somehow “libeled” Sam.

    I do not appreciate your attempts at intimidation. I will post whatever is within the public domain and legal bounds on the DiaperScammers blog. That includes any and all publically discussed information about you and Sam, transactions involving money and/or goods, and other information such as I see fit. You’ll note it isn’t exactly updated often, with the last posts occuring in May. Researching Sam and her history has taken over 3 months so far and appears it will take much longer to gather all the relevant information.

    If Sam devoted half as much time to delivering correctly and on time with her transactions, as you do to threatening people with lawsuits, none of this would ever have been an issue. This is entirely an issue that the both of you have created and contributed to.

    What makes this so hilarious is that I’ve not YET posted anything – meaning you can do nothing. Nothing at all, except wail and gnash your teeth at a computer screen in impotent rage because you don’t know what I’ve managed to get ahold of.

    The truth has a way of coming out – and karma has a way of biting you in the ass.

  193. Carol Lakin says:

    Oh Raven, yes it does.

  194. Carol Lakin says:


    Here are those pdf files with the posts that were deleted. I would hate for you not to be 100% informed when you go tomorrow.

    You do know that in moderating and deleting posts here you take legal responsiblity for the content of the blog, no matter what your disclaimer may say…. Right?

  195. Everything is back to normal. All posts previous set to moderated are available. There were a few minor changes due to personal information being revealed.

    As far as Carol’s threat of this site being libel. There is nothing more than opinion stated, as far as I can see. If you would like to continue your libel case, so be it. People have posted their stories on here. There is the Juicy Apple Report. There are threads on thebatgirls.com, diaperswappers.com, etc. that corroborate these stories.

    It is not our job nor our responsibility to provide a list of people who have had negative transactions with Sam and DiaperTraders. That is yours. Have a nice day.

  196. DSDM2 says:

    Thank you all for bearing with us as we double checked everything. Enjoy the reading.

  197. theboardbitch says:

    hmmmm.. I was under the impression that the person supposedly wronged, or a legal spouse, could file legal action. anyone care to contradict that?

  198. DSDM2 says:

    I’m not sure what the laws regarding unions in CA are. They may be common law?

  199. theboardbitch says:

    ahh… but the thing is… charges have to be filed in YOUR state, not hers… ask me how I know…

  200. DSDM2 says:

    AH! Good point.

  201. cassie says:

    can i post a report from the juicy apple to shut carol up about “proof?” if not, please spank me :creepy:

    from angel_marie29

    “Name of business: Diapertraders.com
    Name of business owner/buyer/trader(first and last): Samantha Paige
    E-mail address: co-ops@… (spaige@… was already shut down by paypal)
    eBay user ID: non-ebay transaction
    Date ordered: 6/6/08
    Products/services purchased: Trainers in a co-op
    Price paid: $14.06 + 2.20
    Estimated turn around time: First amount of $14.06 was paid 6/6/08, then shipping of $2.20 was paid 7/20. (actually it was supposedly shipped on 7/20)
    Actual turn around time:
    Was product as expected? No, never got the package.
    If not why? My guess is she never mailed it apparently, she gave paypal a fake dc# when I file a dispute on the $2.20. They won’t do anything on the $14.06 because it’s been past 45 days.
    Did you contact the person about the problem(s)? Yes, she lies that the package has been sent.
    If so, how did they attempt to resolve? Not at all, there’s several others she has scammed in the past and others that need to step up to report her, but are afraid of her attacking their business. If a person leaves her bad feedback on her site, she removes it and then bans the person. This way the newcomes do not think anything bad is going on and get sucked into these fake co-ops. She’s already had one paypal account shut down from scamming people.
    Would you do business with again? Absolutely not!
    Today’s date: 8/6/08”

    so stick that in your juice box and suck it!

    but seriously. the reason why people post UNʻs instead of their real names is because we recognize others by their UNʻs. i have more anonymity in posting my REAL name than others have posting their UNʻs. *the valley girl in me is snorting “duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh” right now…*

    off to read the rest of the comments that have popped up since my last visit.

  202. Sam says:

    LOL Do you not keep up on things? She did receive this package. No one can be held responsible for the mail going slow. She then tried to lie and say that she didn’t order a trainer, then when she realized that I had proof she said she did.

    Juicy Apple is a crock of crap. The person being accused can not even post. They also don’t see to it that the reports are founded so just like the BGs they are a crock of crap that thrive on drama.

    Nice try though, try something else.

  203. The Original Ashley says:

    Yay! Sam’s here! NOW it’s a party!

  204. theboardbitch says:

    Que the poor mistreated me line….

  205. theboardbitch says:


  206. Onlooker says:

    I haven’t commented but have been somewhat following this blog. After going through everything Carol has posted, here is my OPINION on this entire situation:

    I think Sam and Carol have been setting up not only the owner of this blog but everybody who bought from the recent co-ops. It’s my OPINION and from reading blogs posted on Sams myspace, which led me to have this opinion, they are looking to sue anybody and everybody for libel.

    I think Sam screwed up in the past by burning her bridges so she ran DT into the ground on purpose with the intention of shipping just slow enough to get bad feedback and be called a “scammer”. You see Carol come over here on the blog, post things to stir the pot or open up a can of worms, then not post again for some time. I think she posted just enough to imply Sam may be suicidal to get people to file reports out of concern to, in turn, use it in their trumped up legal libel suit.

    I also think the timing of Sam’s HC store and joining up with momsoms.com is fishy too. She knew all of this would draw negative attention, and posts, to her.

    I think they are using all of this to run the ultimate scam and sue everybody for libel and get the ultimate payoff, while ruining everybodys lives and families in the process.

    I do not think Carol has contacted an attorney but is getting all of her info and “legal representation” from google. It’s my OPINION she may even go as far to be writing letters to other web site owners to trick them into thinking she herself, is an attorney by writing elaborate letters.

    I think it’s driving her bat shit not knowing who is posting what and she wants to get her hands on all the IPs so she can go after people to further threaten them.

    Any attorney with ALL the info who does a little bit of digging would never touch a libel case on Sam and Carols behalf. Not unless they are only out to take them for 20k. Besides, where does Carol and Sam have that kind of money?

    ……….Things to ponder……………….

  207. cassie says:

    my perception is based on opinion and anecdotal evidence that i took the time to look for. libel has nothing to do with it. i did my research for myself, iʻm not about to do any more work for someone who is threatening to take me to court. tdm and dsdm2, kudos to you for standing strong.

  208. cassie says:

    or here, carol, take this website http://www.clothdiapersites.com/index.php?a=stats&u=samantha&all_reviews=1 and track down all the IPs of the people posting personal reviews of DT and Sam, since youʻre so into threatening site owners, iʻm sure theyʻd cooperate. or… they might laugh in your face too…

  209. […] Look here.. crazy starts with comment #9 and follows through all of that posters […]

  210. DSDM2 says:

    ACCORDING TO THE THREAD ON DS: One Juicy Apple was solved (sorta), the package was not mailed until AFTER the report was filed. It was mailed well after it was supposed to have been. So lies were told (She was supposed to mail 7-20, it was post marked 8-14). The mom tried to contact Sam over and over, but Sam ignored her and then got mad/was surprised at the JA report.

  211. lawandorder says:

    I love it when people throw around libel, slander and defamation when in reality have no clue what those terms mean. Anyone can toss those terms around to try and scare people. But, has anyone done their research on reputable legal research websites on the elements of libel in their state? I have and really, Carol, you are blowing smoke and crying wolf.

  212. Carol Lakin says:

    How about tort? Hmmmmm or implecation of fact?

    You guys have blogorrhea and some here are about to get an expensive does of Kaeopectate.

    I can hear the dinner conversation now…but honey they never did anything about it before…I thought that they were bluffing…God I would like to be a fly on the wall WHEN that conversation happens.

    Oh well some just don’t get a clue.

  213. theboardbitch says:

    and I can just hear the judge now… laughing you out of the room because you have no case.

  214. I Like Truth says:

    its “implication of fact” I guess you forgot to use your spel check

  215. Jennifer (ferrferr) says:

    Sam and Carol have been threatening legal action on people for the better part of the last year. Not once have they gone through with it, but they have been sent cease and desist letters on two seperate occasions. From seperate people.

    Implication Carol … if you’re going to use the word at least fucking spell it right.

  216. The Original Ashley says:

    You’re right Carol. Some people JUST DON’T GET A CLUE.

  217. I Like Truth says:

    Yes ferrferr and those would come into play to be used not in there favor neither. And depositions from all the people with bad transactions along with everything else they have done would come out and be public record

  218. lawandorder says:

    Wait a minute, Carol, you must be a licensed attorney somewhere because you know how to say “implecation of fact?” and the term “tort.” Do you even have any understanding of what these terms mean other than what you read on wikipedia? Show me your law license and then I might feign being scared. I should get you a bumper sticker that “I’m not a lawyer, but I play on the internet.”

    FYI, a tort is not a dessert.

  219. theboardbitch says:

    lawandorder…. didn’t you know, she used to be a lawyer……….. for pretend……in theinterwebz

    *disclaimer, I only post opinion, not fact* (this may have to be attached to all my posts from now on…

  220. lawandorder says:

    Maybe I should buy her a Black’s Law Dictionary to help her out in her make pretend lawyer life.

  221. I Like Truth says:

    when I grow up I wanna be a “Carol”, I mean “Lawyer”

  222. theboardbitch says:

    idle question… how many states would she need to travel to in order to file charges against every commenter here???

  223. 1. The blog did not damage DT and Sam/Carol. The transactions that left a bad taste in people’s mouths did.

    2. What has been posted is not libel. It is opinion. It is a popular opinion that there are plenty of scammers, crazies, and loons on DT, and that some of the Admin/Mods fall in one of those categories.

    3. There is no personal information posted on here. It was deleted for the very reason we posted this post. So, if you’re going to sue us for your personal information being posted on the blog, go ahead. It’s not here and we don’t condone that.

    4. You can cry all you want, Carol, but in the end, YOU have no legal rights here. There is nothing about YOU here. YOU are no one. YOUR threats mean nothing.

    5. This is getting old and lame. Grow up.

  224. DSDM2 says:

    Here Here TDM. I’m tired of it too.

  225. lawandorder says:

    Taking people’s money, being disorganized and then ignoring peoples PMs and e-mails for weeks if not months, surmounts to a scam.

  226. theboardbitch says:

    [YOU are no one. YOUR threats mean nothing.]

    bears repeating… several times

  227. yestheyareallmine says:

    #208, my opinion is the same as yours. They amount to nothing more than bullying cyber-grifters, IMNSHO. IMPOTENT cyber-grifters. (Thank you Raven, for my new favorite adjective).

  228. anonymous says:

    ummmmm this is bullshit! I’ve posted around on this blog and now face being sued?

  229. DSDM2 says:

    #230, no one is being sued. Carol and Sam have no justification. Everything here is opinion or has been backed up by other sites.

    Also, you have a roaming/shared IP , so you match 20 other posters IPs. We can’t prove who you are 😉 Not to mention we won’t disclose anyones information.

  230. anonymous says:

    I don’t know much about IPs but had to put in my email in order to post. Theres no way Sam or Carol can find that out? I really don’t want them to come after me 😦 Hell, I don’t ebven know them!!!!

  231. yestheyareallmine says:

    #230: Sued for what? There is nothing to be sued for. Scare-ol and Scamantha lawsuit threats = Epic Failure.

  232. anonymous says:

    i’m sorry I put anonymous for my email this time after reading the legal stuff. It really sucks big time you have to worry about being sued for posting on a damn blog!!! Especially when they can pop off their mouth all they want about everybody else!
    I also saw Carol posted she is sending everything to her lawyer. I’m sure I’m not the only one whose a little worried. Thank you for keeping our infomation private 🙂 🙂

  233. yestheyareallmine says:

    Bullshit. LOL, I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering if anonymous is Scare-ol or Scamantha 😉

  234. DSDM2 says:

    #235 She isn’t.

    #234 There is nothing to worry about. 🙂 Have fun, read, post and enjoy the blog. That is what it is here for.

    If someone is concerned about their website, then they should have done more for their image.

    We just report on DiaperSwappers and the Drama there. If another site is reported on DiaperSwappers as being shady, we talk about it.

    This is not the Drama of Diaper Traders.

    FTR, TDM and I will NOT be releasing any information about anyone. There is no libel here. Carol and Sam are nobodies. Again, just have fun, read, post and enjoy the blog. That is what it is here for.

  235. yestheyareallmine says:

    DSDM2, thanks for clearing that up for me 😉 And thank you for your cool head. Common sense looks sexah on you.

  236. DSDM2 says:

    Oh, I am sexy… you should see me when the real shit hits the fan, not just the made-up shit.

  237. anonymous says:

    she is one to talk about libel after what I read here…….


  238. anonymous says:

    c&p so you don’t have to click on it since she has a tracker

    Posted by Samantha on Aug-25-2008
    Check out my friends blog on this pathetic people. Carol’s Take on the BG’s and that stupid blog.
    Now she is on to something. These women find it funny that after they post your name, address and threaten you that you may be worried about your families safety. This is the Board Bitch who took over the batfucks site, bad decision on the boards part to make this lady owner, all drama after she took over.
    How does it feel, Carol, to fear for your families safety because of people on the world wide
    webz ‘crossing the line’?
    Its is terribly unpleasant, isnt it.
    I find it just unbelieveable that a mother (if she is one) can be so cold hearted as to make jokes about someone fearing for their childrens lives. So basically what this group of trolls does is go around trashing other mothers, calling CPS to file false reports, call moms scammers and then when asked to provide proof they can’t.
    I think if you are on their board you are asking for trouble. Look how fast they turned on Peach, she was cool one minute then they turned on her and are now thrashing her (one of their own).
    Their board is all closed up, see they use to leave it open because they had big girl panties”, seems they all crapped in them and lost them when they hung out to sun. I think someone needs to donate some more big girl panties to this group of people.

  239. MajKitab says:

    That is some funny shit! Thanks for the link!

  240. theboardbitch says:

    my response to that blog

    [learn to read you moron, I didn’t say that the Bored Bitch did.
    and get your facts straight… The Batgirls has never been open to the public, you always had to join to see anything.
    Peach has never been a member on our board. That idjit Kim was for a short while, till they let her back on DS and she turned her back on us.
    hm… talk about lies and libel.]

  241. DSDM2 says:

    From WordPress:


    Defamation, abuse, threats

    If you find defamatory, abusive or threatening content on a blog, you can report it to support@wordpress.com. However, please first take a look at this Electronic Frontier Foundation page on defamation law. Note that negative personal opinions are not considered defamation. In other words, someone calling you names or insulting you on their blog is not grounds for shutting them down. Instead of asking us to suspend such a blog, please consider either responding in the blog’s comments or on your own blog/site to set the record straight, or simply ignoring the issue (blogs who use insults and bad language tend to have low credibility and low traffic in the first place). When reporting defamatory or abusive blogs, please provide specific links and/or quotations of the offending material. If the blog is written in a language other than English, make sure you provide a translation.

  242. cassie says:

    lol nice.

  243. In regards to that blog:

    Yawn… next.

  244. theboardbitch says:

    *insert eye roll here* what a liar!

  245. Raven says:

    Unlike some idiots pretending to be lawyers on the intarwebz, some of us actually *have* attorneys.

    I actually know what a “countersuit” is, to start with. And also “harassment”.

    Carol – UR DOIN IT RONG. FAIL.

  246. DSDM2 says:

    yeah, that blog was a bit anti-climatic for me.

  247. I made it all the way to post #200 before I decided to just go ahead & put in my $.02.

    At first- the comments started out pretty harsh and I was almost taken back- but now after seeing Carol & Sam behave like they have- I really dont feel so taken back now. They totally ask for it.

    Not really knowing a whole lot about the situation with Carol & Sam- here’s my take.

    Onlooker had it pretty well said I think.. There is something totally fishy about the two of them. Carol really spends so much effort in defending Sam that I wonder if she really knows the person she is defending? It seems like there is lots of upset people in regards to things Sam has done, and yet Carol is defending her like it didnt happen. Making herself look like a scammer or at the very least- ignorant of the person she is speaking so highly of. Before she really ends up with her foot in her mouth- if I were her- id totally shut up & investigate everything waaay further- as she seems to be clueless.

    I was very disturbed to read that Sam could or would possibly be unstable? I do believe that her own friend “Carol” made that clear, and perhaps as a friend should do- at the very least make sure necessary people are aware of Sam’s possible instability. This is a serious accusation- one in which Sam’s own dearest friend Carol has politely made on her own- publicly.. Hmm that could be defamation or slander right? (by her own friend)

    Anyways- instead of playing games my real thoughts.. after reading some 200 comments..

    If Sam Or Carol really had an attorney – their own attorney would tell them to stay away from this blog & keep their mouths shut.. The attorney would then be contacting the owner of the blog themselves & threatening action.. Isnt that the point of having an attorney?
    Not to mention Carol & Sams public behavior here is nothing shy of retalitory harrassment on this blog. Again- in which their own attorneys would have advised them against.

    Still prob not a bad idea for the owner to go ahead & get some legal counsel herself- perhaps she might find a clause to bounce the crap back on Sam & Carol for starting it to begin with? Since they are clearly the ones in the wrong for making threats.

    Just my .2

  248. One more thing..

    The wonderful net is full of forums & websites all full of billions of peoples babblings & opinions. If those sites arent getting sued for the general publics ramblings & opinons about other people & sites.. What in the world makes you think a public blog- which almost operates the same way would be legal grounds to sue or threaten? Its all freedom of speech- unless you plan to sue every website or person out there who has posted an opinion you dont like or agree with- then do yourself a favor, leave & quit looking stupid. Its all public information & right.. Nothing here has been slander or anything else you wish to find in it.. Sounds sue happy to me- and I would be totally surprised if any attorney wouldnt laugh you out of their office.
    Its clearly obvious by your response & actions you either dont have an attorney- or your attorney is ripping you off by not giving you legal advice you should take of yourself & your actions.

    Ok im done now.. LOL

  249. Onlooker says:

    I’d like to inject my further opinion if I may after the reading of Sam’s blog. She seems very reckless! Carol posts a blog, Sam links to it and libels another person while at the same time, Carol threatens libel law suits on this blog owner.
    Does Carol not know what Sam is up to or are they both that stupid and reckless?
    Now, it does make one wonder if Carol posted inplying Sams suicidal tendencies because maybe Sam is playing her like a fiddle after reading the previous post. Seriously, it seems Sam is all over the place playing the constant victim and Carol comes in to clean up her messes. I also don’t get what her mom being the head of human services has anything to do with it. CPS calls are confidential and protected by whistle-blowing type laws. If there is a serious danger and they don’t place services for somebody, they are held accountable if her mom knows ANYBODY! You are obligated to report if you have reason to believe children are in danger, which Carol clearly implied on a public blog.
    These two bitches confuse the hell out of me LOL
    Bottom line, either they are “that smart” or they are “that stupid”

  250. A Mom says:

    You Hate Me Cause: Don’tcha know….in this game, it’s all about Sam & Carol. There is no big picture, the world revolves around them and only them.

    Their blogs would be more fun if they got their facts straight.

    I do a better job in pro-per than any “attorney” Scamarol purports to have! I can, at the very least, get my terminology correct and use the proper terms.

    Here’s a little diddy for you…. (sung to the tune of “Do You Believe in Magic”…oldy, but a goody)

    Do you believe in Karma
    in your messed up life
    how your actions come back to bite you
    where ever you alight

    And it’s Karma
    if these words are for real
    They’ll get used against you
    with ev-ery deal

    Believe in the Karma
    it will set you free….
    talking ’bout the Karma
    (do you believe) do you believe in Karma

  251. The Bored Bitch says:

    *How does it feel, Carol, to fear for your families safety because of people on the world wide
    webz ‘crossing the line’?
    Its is terribly unpleasant, isnt it.

    This is my quote- Not The Board Bitchs.

    It is not a threat but a query.

    Im merely inquiring as to how it feels to have the interwebz drama cross into ones personal life.
    There is no threat there.
    Now, if its true, that is not my issue. That is something you two should square away.

    I then go on to state how I would feel having seen it play out for others victimized by interwebz drama crossing into personal lives-that it is terribly unpleasant.
    Again, my opinion. Im sure most people would agree that dealing with CPS is not pleasant in most cases.

    The ‘boo-freaking-hoo’ is reflection of my opinion that I am not impressed with the whining.

    Now, on to address why http://www.thebatgirls.com is private.

    It is a closed board because we want it to be. End of story.

    Its our forum. We will do as we see fit with it…just as you and Carol are free to do with DT and have done in the past.

  252. Finallyseenthelight says:

    Why is it even a question as to why the Batgirls Forum is private what does that matter. Last time I checked Spams forum that I do not wish to name is also set to private. My own board is set to private as well, it is for the saftey of the members to keep scammers and trolls away. Sam and Carol it is in my personal OPINION that the 2 of you are looking for drama. If you were not you would not keep coming back here. It is also in my personal OPINION that you are just looking to stick it to someone so why not throw around some threats of suing and what not to see who you can get to bite. Go back to your own forums and your own blogs. noone here wants to read your posts about how smart you are and how much better you are. If that is how you feel so be it be the better person STFU and GO AWAY!

  253. theboardbitch says:

    anyone notice that all of scammy’s sites are gone???
    DT, her blog and scarol’s blog are all 403’s

  254. DSDM2 says:

    Very interesting. I did get and save screen shots… hmm. Carol deleted her MySpace too.

  255. The Truth says:

    Could it be we are finally seeing karma come full circle?

  256. Bloo♥ says:

    I don’t know about the rest but Diaper Traders is still there.

  257. DSDM2 says:

    #259, yes it is back up. I was logged in yesterday.

  258. 4NobleTruths says:

    It’s dead as heck though. If you turn your speakers up, you can hear the crickets.

  259. So.....sue me! says:

    It’s my OPINION Sam needs a life and I hope DT is finally done for good so no other mamas have bad co-ops or get screwed out of money Let DT die already………..*insert bag pies here*

  260. So.....sue me! says:


  261. DSDM2 says:

    My OPINION concurs. 😉

  262. 4NobleTruths says:

    #263, I have to agree with your OPINION. It looks like DT already has one foot in the grave. The majority of the mods seem to have stepped down and the members have moved on.

  263. 4NobleTruths says:

    Oh, I hadn’t seen that. Thanks for the linky, I’ll spread the word!

  264. Anonymous says:

    It is my OPINION after posting comments about bad transactions that never showed up on thedramaofdiapertraders webblog, it could be Sam and carol who own it. It is my OPINION it could be to get people to post comments so they could get IPs and run them to figure out who is saying what about them. It is my OPINION not to put it past them to do something underhanded like it since it is my further OPINION they do not have a libel suit against anbyody here.

  265. DSDM2 says:

    It is MY OPINION that the IPs don’t match.

  266. DSDM2 says:

    The blog owner is a regular poster here. It is linked in her name.

  267. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for clarifying 🙂 It had me worried for a sec

  268. DSDM2 says:

    😉 It crossed my mind too

  269. Bloggitybloggity says:

    I may just be a lurker, but I wanted to add my thoughts about the new policy.

    I find this blog as hilarious as the next person… but I have to agree with post #25 from Peach. Dancing around the boundary lines of what is “right” and what is funny is all well and good. However, putting extremely detailed personal information on this site (which could potentially endanger the families involved) just smacks of crossing THE LINE. Yes, technically that information could be found on the internet anyway… but to put it on here next to all the “twat-waffles and cuntcakes” type comments just isn’t safe. On a side note: that phrase never fails to bring a smile to my face, LMAO

    It’s for this very reason that I don’t use my regular username on here. I adore the fact that I can come on here and be as explicit as I please, without the uber-sensorship of DS… but I honestly don’t want my “mommy-image” to be associated with a webpage that has the word cunt thrown in practically every other sentence. Not because I’m worried about what people may think, but because the perves that google words like Cunt, Ass, and Fuck (just for kicks) are exactly the type of people I don’t want to know ANYTHING about me.

    As for Carol, and the Spammy, Scammy, Sammies or WHATEVER… Honestly? If someone is going to off themselves because of a silly drama blog… then they have WAY worse issues than what can be pinned on locals round here 😉

    I am glad about the new “no personal info” rule. Now I am free to enjoy my drama guilt-free! LOL

    (If only the same could be said for that 1/2 gallon of Chocolate-doomsday ice cream that’s calling to me from my freezer… *Le Sigh*)

  270. Bloggitybloggity says:

    LMFAO. I guess I was a little behind the times with that comment.

    Am I to understand that this policy has been retracted??? I’m a recent-ish lurker and I have seen personal info posted.

    Now I’m confused. Oh well :p

  271. DSDM2 says:

    No, you can link to info, just no phone numbers or full addresses

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