ZandICo 08-14-2008 02:47 PM

Elizabeth Grace Design Giraffe Fitted
I’m selling it because it is not absorbent enough for my LO. It has 1 layer of OBV and woven print on the outside, and 9 layers in the trifold soaker. I would consider it 2nd quality because of some sewing flaws. It’s a medium front snap, T&T fitted, no stains, EEEEUC only used twice. 15$ plus shipping

sewing flaw
Griffinsmom 08-14-2008 05:24 PM

Re: Elizabeth Grace Design Giraffe Fitted
So it goes like this: bash the wahm who made it, then leave ridiculous feedback, then make a profit selling the diaper. Nice.

I saw the last time this was listed, but the thread moved to fast and poof, it was gone… figured I’d get in early this time.

  1. tntdynomite says:

    I saw the WAHm show this off on craft chat and thought it looked great! I would be happy to put it on my bebe’s heiny!

  2. Maeghan says:

    I don’t get it. Whats wrong with the diaper? It looks fine? I mean do people really expect perfection??

  3. Stacey says:

    Why does it look all wonky?

  4. tntdynomite says:

    I would buy it but I be broke right now! I love the comment about getting it for half off cause it is a “second” lol

  5. theboardbitch says:

    it looks all wonky cause of the way the mama folded it. EGD makes excellent dipes… and this nutjob didn’t even contact them before they started bitching about it on DS (I am on another site with the EGD mama)

  6. McMamma38 says:

    Wow–looks like a totally awesome diaper too me! Guess you cant please everyone.

  7. The Bored Bitch says:

    I am far from non-bias on this one.
    I have several EGD items. They have been stellar.

  8. volbaby07 says:

    i can’t believe this whackjob thinks she can sell a used diaper for the same as she paid for it. she paid $15 with free shipping and expects to get 100% of it back? that’s laughable.

  9. Zandieatswaffles says:

    She paid $18ppd for this dipe, got a $3 discount from the WAHM for her bitching (way generous IMO because there is NOTHING wrong with that dipe), used it, washed it. She is now trying to MAKE money on it by selling a USED diaper for more than she freakin’ paid for it brand new.

    All the while talking about how crappy the dipe is. Another mama offered her $10 for the dipe, Zandi said it would be $17.02 with shipping. When the fuck does it cost $7.02 to ship a diaper?! ZANDI is the freakin’ scammer here! Unreal.

  10. Crystal says:

    Ooooooh shiny 😀

  11. Jenn says:

    looks great to me too.

  12. Me says:

    And lets not forget that the WAHM refunded her $3 of the $18 she paid and she had free shipping. Therefore this chick is trying to sell the dipe that’s used for the price she paid. Not cool.

  13. thewhiteninja says:

    I love that print. ::drool::

  14. The Original Ashley says:

    Well hell if that diaper is so obviously flawed why in hades should someone pay her full price for it, especially since she has already used it.

  15. sammy says:

    She’s so stupid it’s hard to fathom.

    The diaper isn’t flawed, it’s basically wrinkled from the dryer. She decided she prefered Goodmamas, it says so in her siggy. So she made a big production about this diaper to screw the maker out of a few bucks and is now selling it for more than she paid.

    She’s drawn a lot of attention to herself. She’s got a hc, I think Karma’s gonna be a bitch.

  16. HidingBehindYoMama says:

    Ok… seriously. Seriously? Going around bitching and moaning about how a diaper sucks, cs sucks, and all the bs associated with her fb, and then trying to PROFIT off of the diaper? What a fucking wad.

  17. The Bored Bitch says:

    If I were a WAHM, Id be adding her to my “too busy to do biz with” list.
    Right along with Peach.

  18. Zandieatswaffles says:

    She paid $18ppd for this dipe, got a $3 discount from the WAHM for her bitching (way generous IMO because there is NOTHING wrong with that dipe), used it, washed it. She is now trying to MAKE money on it by selling a USED diaper for more than she freakin’ paid for it brand new.

    All the while talking about how crappy the dipe is. Another mama offered her $10 for the dipe, Zandi said it would be $17.02 with shipping. When the fuck does it cost $7.02 to ship a diaper?! ZANDI is the freakin’ scammer here! Unreal.

  19. tntdynomite says:

    I get so sick of these mamas that seem to have it “out” for the WAHMs! Between this thread and the Peach one..(insert roll eyes smiley here)

  20. Maeghan says:

    AND who takes a pic like that anyways? She made NO EFFORT to even TRY and make the diaper look decent. WHo does that? She wanted this negative attention. I do agree. She is stupid.

  21. tntdynomite says:

    I am so tempted to buy it so it has a good home 😀

  22. Zandieatswaffles - faker says:

    Oh wait, I’m retarded and can’t do math. 15+ shipping would probably be 17.02. Wow I’m brilliant.

  23. sara thats me. says:

    That diaper is cute. I have never heard of the WAHM but I like the look of her work.

    some people always trying to get something free.

  24. Teeniebean says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but the stitching at the top looks a little off. It’s cute otherwise, though! That said, I don’t agree with the seller trying to get what she paid for after using it, complaining, and getting a discount.

  25. jeruco says:

    It does look a little off on that stitching. I would think that would make it a second.

    Anyhow, can someone clue me in on the peach ordeal? I missed that.

  26. Ashley says:

    What a scunt rag! That is way messed up to do to a WAHM.

  27. tntdynomite says:

    While I agree that the stiching may be a bit off on the top, it still doesn’t make it right for her to war it on her son TWICE and then decide to sell it for more than she paid! I think the current seller is low.

  28. veganthug says:

    Who is the WAHM who made this diaper? I would love to get a cute OBV dipe like that!!

  29. Zandieatswaffles says:

    Somebody posted as me, that was cute. Ummm the mom offered Zandi $10 for the dipe. Zandi came back and said it would be $17.02 with shipping. That’s $7.02 for shipping, assfuck. You are retarded, do the math…again.

  30. Zandieatswaffles says:

    Oh and here is the quote from the mom who offered the $10, with Zandi’s reply.

    I thought the high road chick was refering to her stating everything about the diaper and not hiding this supposed flaw.

    I PM’d her. I asked her if she’d take $10. she said it’d be 17.02 with shipping. I believe she included the good vibes smiley….twat.

  31. Zandieatswaffles says:

    Oh you know it’s not me because I’m not too lazy to use the $ sign in front of my numbers. Idjit. If you’re going to try and copy me, do it right.


    Since this poster didn’t use the same email addy as the other Zandieatswaffles, I have added faker next to her name.

  33. sbolen says:

    Hee Hee
    I’m the mama that asked her for $10
    Here was her reply. I guess she read this blog 🙂

    Registered Users
    Formerly: keaunu

    Join Date: Oct 2007
    Location: Sunny Ca
    Posts: 1,260
    Ratings: 20
    Feedback: 100%
    My Mood: Re: Elizabeth Grace Designs Fitted


    Just to clarify, 17.02 is the 15 + shipping, meaning, no, I’m not interested in selling it for 10$, and the fact that you really think I would take a 33% off of it is offensive. Have a nice day.

  34. lilypop'smom says:

    It’s offensive? Really? What a loon. She could just say no thanks.

  35. cassie says:

    didn’t she originally try to sell it for $20?

  36. Shanmarie says:

    I dont understand selling a used diaper for as much as you paid for it. I mean I know sometimes diapers are still really great just like when you bought them, but they have been used even more and more wear and tear on them by being washed and dried. That warrants AT LEAST a dollar or two off the price you originally paid for it MINUS shipping. The fact that the diaper was being sold for exactly what she paid for it is crazy and I would never do it. But that is just me…

  37. Nicki says:

    And the Do NOT BST list grows…that dipe looks great for a t&t. What a poopyhead.

  38. becka says:

    she claimed she paid $20 for it and was selling for $18ppd
    here is the c&p of the original post (though it was after she edited)

    Registered Users
    Formerly: keaunu

    Join Date: Oct 2007
    Location: Sunny Ca
    Posts: 1,044
    Ratings: 18
    Feedback: 100%
    My Mood:

    Elizabeth Grace Design Giraffe Fitted
    *Pending*Super cute and soft and stretchy, EEEEEUC, I’m the first owner and it has been used twice with no stains(never been poo’d in), I’m selling it because even though DD is a light wetter, she pee’s right through it the first pee, 9 layer insert, it’s a second due to some sloppy stitching although it was sold to me as a first, trying to recoup on it 18$ funded PPD (I payed 20).

    (EDIT)I’m being HONEST in my description of this diaper. If you don’t like what it says, then you are adding to the corruption of this website. Would you like me to say, THIS DIAPER IS AMAZING!!!! IT NEVER LEAKS!!! THE STITCHING IS PERFECT!!! and then you get it and you see the wonky stitching, and DD or DS pee’s through it instantly? And then I get a message and you expect a refund or more. No thank you, I’m going to say how the stuff I put up on FSOT is. If you are interested in this diaper, please PM me with any questions

  39. becka says:

    oh, and mediums sell by EGD for $18ppd, so her claiming she paid $20 was BS automatically
    THEN the $3 refund she really only paid $15ppd

  40. haha says:

    Personally the whole diaper BUT the wing looks good. The wing just annoys me. And that’s not a folding problem but a construction problem.

    That said wasn’t there a T&F thread about this same diaper a while back? And how the hell is NINE layers of BFT not enough absorbency for anyones kids. She should have just said I’m a douche bag, created a bunch of drama about this diaper and now I want to profit off it.

  41. ItsJustMe (also Zandieatswaffles - faker) says:

    Ok, I’ll feed the trolls. I don’t know where to start with all your ranting, but first, haha is right it is a construction problem, not a folding problem, and its annoying. 2, I did genuinely think I paid 20 and got back 3, thats 17 so I was asking 18 for the shipping. They deleted the thread but after looking into my PP at that point, I saw that, and if someone had paid me 18, I would’ve refunded them the difference. Apparently everyone loves this diaper, so I see no reason to lose money on it, just like 90% of the FSOT posts, including GM’s. After that thread got deleted, I had a senior mod word my post so it wouldn’t be taken as bashing, because although I did have a problem with that WAHM, I just want to be rid of the thing and the drama that goes with it. I don’t have it out for her, I don’t really care how many people are happy with her. Also, I did contact her before going to DS, and when I was at DS I didn’t out her in the slightest, I posted a picture of the wing to get other peoples opinions of if I should bother the WAHM or not. I don’t know how I’d be making money off 15 + shipping, also it wasn’t firm, I would’ve knocked a couple bucks off if someone had asked. I fixed the pictures to try and make them look nicer, I was in a hurry when I took them and figured people would get the jist of what I was selling, I’ve seen worse pics. Sbolen was offensive to me because she offered 10$ and then ran over here to tell ya’ll about it. I don’t know why the 9 layer soaker doesn’t work, I think its mostly that it wicks onto the sides between the leg because there is no elastic casing between the legs.
    But all in all, I guess you’re right, I’m so stupid that you can’t even fathom, I’m a douche bag, a scammer, a poopyhead(? are you serious???) a loon, and oooh, a fucking wad. That’s my favorite, since I haven’t heard that since I was in elementry school. I’m glad I was your entertainment for the day, I’m glad Ms. Griffen was banned for harrassing me, I’m glad I was introduced to this fabulous site where ya’ll don’t have anything better to do then find drama and bully people. Peace out, I’ll be praying for ya’ll 🙂

  42. umm huh?! says:

    am i the only one who thinks she proposly making the daiper look worst then it is to make it seem like she is giving the buyer and “steal”?

    and not absorbant enough is total bs. if she only washed it once or twice, its not going to be, …. duh.
    i think we all know obv/ft needs to be washed and few times to really hold.

  43. Nicki says:

    Aww sweetie! Prayers for me???? How benevolent of you. For real…Save em’ for yourself. Pray for some class, Ms. McPoopyhead. <—- Mine was the best insult, come on, admit it!

    And WHO hears fuckingwad in elementary school? Surely not. Get serious.

  44. The Original Ashley says:

    Well considering that ZandICo lied about the diaper, lied to the WAHM, lied in her feedback to the WAHM, and THEN lied in her listing of the diaper, I don’t think there’s too many people willing to look at HER cart and buy her crappily sewn prefolds. I sure as hell wouldn’t buy embellished prefolds with such a crooked embellishment. And no way in fuck would I pay the outrageous price she is charging.

    I’m pretty sure everyone is remembering ZandICo’s name, and it’s not for a good reason. Too bad her plan back fired. Elizabeth Grace Designs has not had their name ruined, and she didn’t even have to resort to defending herself on a blog.

  45. lilypop'smom says:

    1. People chatting on a website/blog that they frequent are not trolls, but thanks for the snack.

    2. DS dramas like yours are exactly why this blog was started, so I am glad you were introduced to it too. Maybe you’ll learn something.

    3. Please, PLEASE don’t pray for me.

    4. There is no apostrophe in pees.

  46. veganthug says:

    Sorry, I don’t believe in the lord.. praying wont save my soul.

    Oh, & on top of that.. I’d say you’re a cunt too. A smelly one.

  47. Maeghan says:

    LMAO This is halerious.

  48. The Original Ashley says:

    Actually Maeghan, it is HILArious. And if I was you I’d probably stay out of any discussion regarding sewing skills. Or spelling. Just sayin’.

  49. checkinthedrama says:

    anyone happen to notice this cunt is actually a man?

  50. checkin says:

    isn’t this “mama” a man? the siggy says “James”

  51. sammy says:

    It’s Griffin not Griffen but we already know you can’t spell by your posts. I sent you a pm worderd “immortalized together forever on the infamous diaperswappers drama blog” I find it hilarious that you find that to be harassment and went running to a mod.

    I haven’t been to DS in months except to laugh at morons like you luckily thanks to this blog I can still do that 🙂

    Have fun trying to sell the worst sewn embellished prefolds I have ever seen after bashing and bitching about other wahm’s, leaving the most moronic feedback I have ever read, trying screw someone on the sale of this diaper and then impersonating someone on this blog.

  52. The Original Ashley says:

    Her name is James. She’s not a man.

  53. Janna says:

    fun times!

  54. sbolen says:

    Crappy embellished prefolds…sense of entitlement….Kimbellishments Part II anyone?
    And Zandi…I didn’t RUN to the blog to report what you said….I kinda leisurely strolled.

  55. not tellin says:

    shes an idiot if she thinks a troll is what we do here, a TROLL, is what she did, by posing as “zandieatstwatwaffles” and saying stupid shit. THATS a troll you fucking disease.

  56. The Bored Bitch says:

    My understanding is that she was offered a full refund by the WAHM.

    So, basically, the one accusing us of drama whoring is only posting these threads to stir more drama.

    Kudos to the Bloggers for taking note of her sorry ass. I figure there are many DSers now adding her to their do not FSOT lists and rightly so.

  57. theboardbitch says:

    I have also heard rumor that this nut tries diapers on herself… *cough*specialkindofcrazy*cough*

  58. Shopaholic ~ Thats me! says:

    wait a minute….is that the one that put a GM on?

  59. theboardbitch says:

    Shopaholic ~ from what I understand.. YES.

  60. Nicki says:

    Woah. LOL. No words.

  61. MamaGeek says:

    Maybe I’m feeling generous, but what’s the problem with trying to get her money back if there is obviously enough interest? $15 (covers her actual cost) + shipping (so she doesn’t lose out).

    Then again, I’m in a good mood today. =P

  62. Anastasia says:

    Did you see the WAHM feedback she left for this? I was shocked that a WAHM would bash another WAHM so openly. I know that’s the point of the WAHM board, but negs on there tend to be a little rude.
    She also complained that the neg wasn’t posted for a long time. It wasn’t because Harmony had not approved it yet because she was on vacation.
    So the question I have, why didn’t she sell this diaper for the full price she wanted before the WAHM feedback was up? Wouldn’t she stand a chance of getting a better price then?

  63. MamaGeek says:

    Nope, I never saw it. If it was that bad, then I totally understand the ragging…because I definitely didn’t understand if it was just about the $, you know?

  64. Shopaholic ~ Thats me! says:

    Boardbitch~ I read that too! lol

    And wait a minute…how come you get your own special parking spot sign lol

  65. theboardbitch says:

    Shopaholic ~ cause this is my blogging id and I set my avi for that…

  66. Maeghan says:

    ” The Original Ashley Says: August 16, 2008 at 3:23 pm
    Actually Maeghan, it is HILArious. And if I was you I’d probably stay out of any discussion regarding sewing skills. Or spelling. Just sayin’.”

    Just Sayin’ no need for your snarky comments. I never said anything about selling or sewing so you pulled this comment out of your ass.

  67. theboardbitch says:

    Maeghan…… Snark sells… get over it.

  68. haha says:

    Did anyone read the feedback she’s left for others? This one disgusts me

    “popped my GM cherry without emptying my wallet!!! Thanks! would B/S/T”

    ugh. She also took new pictures of the diaper

  69. Justsaying says:

    Her PFs ARE ugly, and yes, I can pass them by. I am a novice seamstress and I could do way better than that.
    And whatever, no need for her to bash Kori and her “cause.” That pissed me off.

  70. dmeg says:

    # theboardbitch Says: August 17, 2008 at 6:02 pm

    I have also heard rumor that this nut tries diapers on herself… *cough*specialkindofcrazy*cough*
    # Shopaholic ~ Thats me! Says: August 17, 2008 at 8:06 pm

    wait a minute….is that the one that put a GM on?

    Yep that was her skanky ass-
    ” I tried one on it snapped on the very last snap, and I’m 130lbs!!! it was just so soft!!!”

    I just found this post of hers funny-

    “Hey ya’ll, I suck at prefolds, and I have small-ish babies (… was 6lbs 11oz) and theres no way a GM will fit the next one for at least a few months, what should I try to get? a couple NB and smalls?”

    Soooooo you embellish them, but can’t figure out how to use them?? Yeah no wonder they suck! What a twat!

  71. Shopaholic ~ Thats me! says:

    ” I tried one on it snapped on the very last snap, and I’m 130lbs!!! it was just so soft!!!”

    Yea…thats pure crazy right there..

  72. The Bored Bitch says:

    She tried on the diaper?

    Oh…I cant…I just cant imagi…okay I can imagine. Bwahahahahahaha!

  73. theboardbitch says:


  74. The Bored Bitch says:

    *snickers* Erm…her crazy is hanging out there a little bit…lots….*snickers*

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