With all the scams on DS, maybe we should be The Scammers of Diaper Swappers…


What’s wrong with this:

For those who couldn’t tell:

  1. She says she’s selling a Goodmama only accepting MO or RME.
  2. She claims she doesn’t have a paypal account.
  3. She actually DOES have a paypal account, per another post of hers.
  4. She’s ALREADY SOLD this diaper on DS before… and is using the same picture.
  5. Someone on the thread mentioned it being sold on JM (Just Mommies?) already

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  1. umm huh?! says:

    thanks for posting. i saw this last night and just had to email it to you.
    she sooooo stupid. i mean last week she sold the same diaper, now she is using the same pic.

    what any idiot

  2. The Original Ashley says:

    DS needs to be renamed Scammers R Us. Oh wait..that’s DT. It’s starting to feel like there’s no difference anymore. 😦

  3. veganthug says:

    Hmmm.. my comment went poof?…

  4. lilypop'smom says:

    The only way I can see her getting out of this is if the original sale fell through. But then, OBVIOUSLY, she should have updated with that info. And I can see someone with a premier account not wanting to use pp (esp a newbie), but lying about having a pp account? And running from the thread when it gets accusatory? So even playing devil’s advocate, this all adds up to yet another scam. I feel so lucky to have over 150 transactions on DS and another 80 on TBW and I’ve never personally encountered a scammer. Amazing.

  5. DSDM2 says:

    vegan thug? Here or there? I didn’t delete anything.

  6. Kali Ma says:

    Very shady. I’d love to see how she is going to explain her way out of this, if she even bothers too.

    Her screen name at Just Mommies is -Supermom-

    Profile: http://www.justmommies.com/boards/index.php?showuser=36090

    I believe you have to be a JM member to see profiles, here’s what it says in her info:

    “My name is Mychia and I am 22 years old. My birthday is October 4, 1985. I was born in Chicago but raised in Michigan where I am currently still living. I have 2 sisters who is 26 and 7 and then I also have 2 brothers who is 25 and 16 and we are all really close. I’m going back to school this September majoring in Medical Administrative Assistant and will be graduating in September of next year. I want to give my kids a better life and future and I know that going back to school and getting a career is a start. I met my DH in high school and we quickly fell in love. I got pregnant when I was 16 years old and he was 18. We decided to get married and now 6 years later we have 5 beautiful kids together! Their names and ages are Tristen 5, Dylan 4, Ryan 3, Aubrey 1, and Aiden 7 months. We are truly blessed to have 5 beautiful and healthy kids and couldn’t ask for more. God has truly blessed us and even though there may be times when things get rough God is and has always been by our side and continuously blessing us each and every day! We may not have much but we have just enough and that’s all that matters to me.”

    And not that it means much but she has a rating of 3 out of 5 stars over there.

  7. Stacey says:

    veganthug, your comment is under a pic. I saw it while looking at the pics. Not sure how it wound up there!

  8. Stacey says:

    Ya know, I just read all the comments on her fsot post. I find it so irritating the comments like “well, we’re just all paranoid” and “but her feedback is positive so far”. People are just too dang trusting for their own good.

    Is it paranoid to think it’s strange she only accepts money orders and RME but accepted paypal previously and has sold the same dipe multiple times? No! That is not paranoia. That is smart shopping!

    Trust on fsot is not given in my book, it’s earned. I don’t randomly trust people I”ve never even seen irl and expect them to be honest upstanding citizens. I’m not going to randomly send someone pp and expect that they are trustworthy. They have to EARN my trust! How do you earn it? High feedback, high post count, good pictures, no funny business.

    I’d take a chance on a newb any day… but a newb that has a low post count and doesn’t accept paypal? Give me a break. Yeah, you’ve had a total of five transactions. Let me stick a money order in the mail. Come on people! That is craziness!

    I’m just so tired of everyone acting like the nice thing to do is give someone the benefit of the doubt. I think I’m a really nice person… but when you are sending strangers money, niceness doesn’t have anything to do with it.

    Imagine this… you walk into a random store in town and they are sold out of something you want. A guy who works there says “leave ten bucks on the counter… we’ll send it when we get it”. How many of us would do that? But on DS, it’s paranoid to think someone might be scamming us, polite to give them the benefit of the doubt, and rude to call them out as a scammer. And of course, it’s against the rules to out scammers at all. Because we’d hate to falsely accuse someone. So, lets let them scam away.

  9. Molly says:

    Veganthug your comment ended up under the picture entitled “Scammer 3”.

    Here is the link for anyone interested:


  10. veganthug says:

    (oh DH’s laptop)

    okay, I was like.. wtf? i knew it wouldn’t get deleted, I emailed it also, because I was not sure.

    Anyways.. VERY FISHY. I had a bad feeling about this lady from when she first started posting.

    Does anyone know who bought it the 2nd time? I wonder if they got a shipping notice or a tracking number?..

  11. cassie says:

    dude, first isobelle_gavynsmom, now this chick… wth? does anyone have an update on the first? this one didn’t actually sell the GM again, did she? please tell me people caught on before sending funds?

  12. veganthug Says: August 4, 2008 at 1:06 pm e

    Heres some info.. She bought the diaper used off CM.. on July 8th, sold it on JM on July 18th…

    I think she doesn’t use PP anymore because she was overcharged or double charged.. it was very fishyyy.

    I wonder who bought it, if they got a shipping notice?…

  13. umm huh?! Says: August 4, 2008 at 1:02 pm e

    thanls for posting this, i saw this last night and had to email it to you. she is going to be in alot of hot water.
    i mean she used the EXTACT same pic., lol

  14. Kate says:

    I was looking at her post this morning and she bought a diaper pail off someone in WAHM that does not accept RME only paypal. So I am guessing she has a pp account just doesn’t want to have to deal with the disputes when someone doesn’t get a diaper.

  15. Ashley says:

    There are way too many scammers on now. UGH.

  16. shanmaries says:

    I left a comment on the other pic scammer 2 but I will repost it here.

    I just wanted to say that she posted these for sale on JM after she got a little bashed for being approved for Miracle diapers when she was buying GM’s and Mutts. So she sold them. I dont know why she is putting them up again unless she got screwed by a buyer. Nice to know though….

    Also, here is a screen shot of her FSOT on JM that was edited on 8/2 and she had taken all the pics out and marked them all sold but the pics on DS is the exact same that was posted on JM.

  17. Kali Ma says:

    She just posted about 15 new diapers she got in the mail at Just Mommies: http://www.justmommies.com/boards/index.php?showtopic=1211156

    She has the time to take pictures and post threads but not answer any questions. Nice.

  18. umm huh?! says:

    oh man, does anyone know who bought the gm 2nd?
    how in the hell did she get approved for MD and still have money to buy gms?

    she sounds like a “poor me” scammer, i bet she scammed MD and ws going to sell those on FSOT as well

  19. shanmaries says:

    See, most of the people on JM’s CD board were a little put off because she applied for Miracle Diapers that help you CD when you wouldnt otherwise be able to. And she got approved for both her kiddos which is fine as long as you cant afford a stash, but apparently, she can and I dont think its fair to other mamas out there that really want to CD but really truly cannot afford to.

    Here is the thread on JM I am referring to…

  20. shanmaries says:

    “umm huh?! Says: August 4, 2008 at 8:21 pm

    oh man, does anyone know who bought the gm 2nd?
    how in the hell did she get approved for MD and still have money to buy gms?

    she sounds like a “poor me” scammer, i bet she scammed MD and ws going to sell those on FSOT as well”

    I totally agree with you and I think many other mamas do to.

  21. Stacey, I totally agree. I don’t think we’re just paranoid. Especially when there’s signs that this person is being less than honest. I’d rather be considered paranoid than scammed out of my money. Sounds like she’s on a scamming spree. Maybe someone should report her at JustMommies.

  22. logansmommy says:

    The scamming and drama is neverending over at DS… I feel sorry for the mama that bought this dipe… and I totally agree with the previous poster who said you shouldn’t “have” to give newbies the benefit of the doubt… You have to protect YOURSELF first and foremost and be smart about who you buy from. If things seem the least bit shady, just stay away.

  23. frazzled says:

    With all of the scams lately I tend to watch an item for a while now to see if any drama arises. I also do a search on the persons SN to see if they use it somewhere else. I also have decided I am not above asking if they have any feedback elsewhere. I have yet to be scammed but at this rate I feel like it is just a matter of time.

    Damn Crazies!

  24. Lori says:

    I would assume she won’t use pp so no one can file a claim, right?

  25. MD representative says:

    I just thought I’d let everyone know that this person was reported to us by someone on JM and she will not be receiving diapers from us. If at any time you discover anyone else trying to take advantage of the program, please send one of the CEO’s an email.

  26. Kate says:

    @ MD: I’m glad to hear it. It’s a sad day indeed when people try to scam CHARITY programs. *shakes head*

  27. frazzled says:

    It appears she has an explanation now and I actually feel bad for dumping her off in the “scammer” pile. This is all the scammer’s fault, now we don’t trust anyone.

  28. frazzled says:

    Although she totally should not be getting charity dipes if she has GM’s laying around.

  29. shanmaries says:

    Frazzled, that is my issue too. I agree that there is a little discrepancy in her posts, but she did edit her post on JM on 8/2 that everything was sold so if it didnt really sell and the sale fell thru, I dont know why she would leave it at that. I am not buying it anyways but still….

  30. not tellin says:

    at the risk of sounding bad… i dont think having ONE gm means she has a whole slew of them… they’re what $40? i dunno, i dont have any, but maybe she asked for it for her bday or something? im not saying theres not something fishy happening, but having 1 GM doesnt necessarily mean shes not in need.

  31. Frazzled says:

    I also want to retract feeling sorry for her because at the very least we know that she went to MD yet has GM’s which doesn’t fly. I don’t know what to think. One would have to assume she has the GM or she would not go to the explanation in front of everyone that she has. I don’t freaking now what to think. Where are the CSI team when you need them?

  32. Frazzled says:

    not tellin….but even if she has 1 GM, selling that would allow her to purchase a nice stash of used diapers so one would argue that she was not in need as someone who did not even have that available. I know there is a range of “in need” and since her GM is fairly new and it was mentioned she just bought some other expensive dipes she may be at the low end of “in need”.

  33. haha says:

    That 40 dollar diaper can be sold for a dozen prefolds…then there’s her etsy diapers she bought a few months ago that could be sold for covers. It’s in bad taste to apply for MD and not need the program.

  34. Go look her up on Just Mommies… look at some of her posts. She’s not just buying 1 GM. She’s buying GMs AND Mutts. That’s about $70 for 2 diapers. Look up prefold packages now… If you can afford GMs and Mutts, you can afford NOT to use Miracle Diapers. Just in bad taste.

    And, I don’t feel sorry for her. Her story was fishy and scammy, and still is IMO.

  35. frazzled says:

    Holy Crap! Look at all of those dipes. She is a scammer if for no other reason than she sought out charity for diapers. Disgusting. She has a fancier stash than I do and she supposedly is in need?

  36. Zukey says:

    If you look at her posts on DS, they’re almost all in the FSOT buying diaper stackers, diapers, etc. If I were truly in need, I would opt for diapers for my kids before a cute diaper stacker. *but hey, that’s just me*

  37. shanmaries says:

    Not telling, she didnt get it for her birthday. She bought it from another mama on JM that was selling some of her GM to mamas that hadnt tried them before. As for the Mutt, I believe she bought it new, but dont quote me on that. I have nothing against any mama that wants to have GM’s but for me, I would much rather buy more diapers for the same price, but that is just the frugal mama in me.

  38. umm huh?! says:

    i just looked at her fluffy mail JM. all that stuff was custom? even if it wasnt all those diapers arent cheap.
    is she on any other boards?

    i wish we could out scammers, so many mamas would be safer and us newbies wouldnt fall victim to these “people” for lack of a better word

  39. Anastasia says:

    I buy a lot of Katnappies and talk to Kathy a lot. I could e-mail her and ask it she’s made these lately.

  40. Anastasia says:

    SM25 just updated her FS listing.

  41. Peachy Keen says:

    Not to be rude or anything but is it possible she applied to MD before she came into some money? I know I applied in Dec 07 and was approved but thru some mix up never received my loan agreement. By the time I realized I had been approved we had gotten our taxes back and I just used that money to get diapers. Maybe thats what happened with her and she just forgot to let MD know?????

  42. veganthug says:

    Yeah, I’ve seen maybe 30-40 diapers from her “fluffy mail” posts.

    It makes me sick really. When I first started CD’ing I considered MD, but once I put my stash together, I even DONATED some stuff. And I don’t have a large income.

    I agree 1 GM = a lot of other cheaper things.

  43. DSDM2 says:

    1 GM = 37+ prefolds from the current co-op. She can afford a stash of her own and not of MDs.

  44. umm huh?! says:

    peachy, i dont think that i what happened. i almost appiled for MD before i got my stash, but i saved up and started my own stash.
    i seriously doubt that “she just forgot” to go back to MD and they they nevermind. she seems like one of those people who are looking to get whatever they can get for free.
    trust AND RESPECT is EARNED.

  45. veganthug says:

    #45, I couldn’t agree more, you need to earn it! Especially these days!

  46. becka says:

    I agonized over needing to apply for MD-and ended up got denied over a $10 pr of longies i got on fsot! but in those 3wks it was from app to denial circumstances had changed tremendously (from living in fl above what i could handle to moving to mi and staying with my sister a few mts for no cost) so it was all good, -i hadn’t emailed them yet sinc it had only been 3-4days since it all went down. but denied for $10! and i couldn’t have gotten hardly anything for that! a gm though can get you a *lot* more-people willing to trade they’re body parts to get one of them im sure would be willing to trade enough for a day of dipes atleast probably

    but i thought md were being more diligent about who they approve………

  47. Madre says:

    you can get a dozen flats for $12

  48. Peachy Keen says:

    Becka that sucks hard core. I don’t think I had even started buying on FSOT unless it was FFS stuff when I got approved. But I had already planned on sending anything I received back when we got our taxes in March so I guess it saved me 38 bucks:)
    That really sucks though that she tried to scam MD. As if they dont have enough ppl asking for help as it is now they have to sit there and make sure these ppl arent lying about needing help?

  49. not tellin says:

    you’re all right, i was just playing devils advocate TBH.. but i fully agree, if i was in need that bad, i’d forego 1 GM for several pfs/flats. which i do, lol.. i have all flats and gdiapers, with some FSOT wool thrown in.

  50. drama queen says:

    I think it’s people like her that make it harder for people that need diapers to get approved for MD. Even if she’s not scamming with the goodmama, she was scamming MD.

  51. MYCHIA says:

    Man! I can’t believe I find this site where people are talking so much crap about me!! I did not scam MD! I applied for it a couple months ago when I needed the CDs. They told me I was going to be on a waiting list and I did not know for how long. I bought all my diapers through income tax money and the stimulus check that everyone got. You can think all you want about me for I do not care what you think about me. All I know is I am not a scammer!! SO PLEASE STOP CALLING ME ONE!! A lady already bought the diaper from me. I am waiting on her money order now. I am also doing a trade with a WAHM mama on DS. I sent the diaper today and gave her confirmation. Might I add that I am sending the diaper to her first to prove to her that I am not scamming her or anyone!!!! Once she gets her diaper I will have her come tell you all herself that I sent her the diaper and when the lady who bought the GM gets her diaper I will sure have her come tell you all too! Thank you and have a nice day!

  52. Crystal says:

    I really don’t know what to think but I am not buying her diaper so I guess it’s not my problem. I will say though my dd will not wear prefolds. She completely flips out if she sees one i ahd to get rid of them all 😦 Anyhow so prefolds, flats ect isn’t always an option but 1 gm could by 3-4 decent pockets on fsot 🙂

  53. Kate says:

    @ MYCHIA: I totally understand your MD situation – that you needed the diapers, it took months to be approved, and in the mean time you got your tax refund/stimulus and bought diapers. I don’t think anyone here as an issue with that. The problem is that when you finally did get your approval, THAT is when you needed to tell MD you’d been able to build a stash so that they then could move on to the next needy family.

    When you got your approval, you knew you no longer needed the diapers, but you were still going to take advantage of the charity anyways. THAT is the issue we have here.

  54. A Mom says:

    @ MYCHIA: I can’t believe you “found” this site either. I’m sure someone pointed you this direction.

    Instead of coming on here, acting all scammerific by protesting, you could have stated the part about the transactions you are currently involved in. If they are completed successfully, this issue will be cleared, but honestly, by then, no one will care. You’ve already made many DO NOT b/s/t lists and your comment here made me add your name to mine in ink, not pencil.

    Exactly how many of the same GM print DO you have?

    Take your crazy elsewhere, we’re all full up here. mmmkay???? buh-bye…thanx for playin’

  55. Shanmarie says:

    “# Kate Says: August 6, 2008 at 4:52 am

    @ MYCHIA: I totally understand your MD situation – that you needed the diapers, it took months to be approved, and in the mean time you got your tax refund/stimulus and bought diapers. I don’t think anyone here as an issue with that. The problem is that when you finally did get your approval, THAT is when you needed to tell MD you’d been able to build a stash so that they then could move on to the next needy family.

    When you got your approval, you knew you no longer needed the diapers, but you were still going to take advantage of the charity anyways. THAT is the issue we have here.”

    I totally agree with Kate on this one. As soon as you had your stash built up, all you had to was send an email to MD and let them know to take you off the waiting list. But you didnt. You even posted on JM asking for her to check your status on the list. This was when she made the announcement that they were going to be opened back up again. AND you were excited as I am sure any mama would be to get diapers for their LO, when you knew you already had a stash from the stimulus check. Sorry, I dont have any sympathy there at all. I may be a bitch for that, but you still took advantage of it. A simple email on your behalf would have solved this issue a long time ago.

  56. Frazzled says:

    You know, I still call BS on this. If you are “NEEDY” to the point of applying for charity diapers then a tax return or stimulus check goes to paying bills and putting gas in the car, keeping food on the table and a roof over your heads not buying fancy ass diapers. The people who have the luxury of using tax returns and stimulus checks on fancy diapers were not needy to begin with.

  57. Kate says:

    @ Frazzled: This is based on the assumption that people have their priorities straight. Clearly that hasn’t been the case in the situation…

  58. mamapixie says:

    Wow, she went on my list too. What a loon.

  59. Crystal says:

    totally OT but mom2joshkayleighaubrey annoys the hell out of me. i would put her on ignore but I can’t help but watch her stupidity

  60. mel says:


    I could not agree more. UGG!

    OT- WTF is wrong with DS servers?

  61. Roxanna says:

    What an outright lie. She sent a PM on JM on July 23rd (still have it, in fact) asking about her status. That was well after the economic stimulus check and income tax returns would have come through. I would like to keep my mouth shut, but this is not acceptable.


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    JM Platinum Super Mommy

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    Hi Roxanna! I am just PMing you regarding your post about mirable diapers. I applied a few months ago and just wanted to know what my status was. My name is Mychia [last name removed] and my email is mychia_chang@yahoo.com. Thank you so much!”

    I don’t know and don’t care if you scammed someone trying to buy a diaper from you, but the evidence shows that you were trying to scam diapers from a nonprofit organization and trying to scam other applicants out of well deserved diapers!

    You can say you don’t care what other people think, but what we think is really not the issue here. I don’t know how you can live with the guilt you must be experiencing. This is immature and dishonest and… boy, I would like to say a lot more, but I think I will just hold off on saying anything further. What I’ve said is enough and for anyone to even try to argue the evidence would be asinine.

  62. Roxanna says:

    I also wanted to add that Becka, though you did seem to be denied for a weird reason, I am glad that things turned around for you and you were eventually able to get some fluffies. 🙂

  63. Peachy Keen says:

    #57 that is so not true. I did need the diapers but at the time my money had to go towards paying the bills and putting food on my table. Thats why I stayed in FFS for the longest time because we barely had any money to spare and what little we did went towards paying for ffs stuff or almost ffs diapers.
    However once we got our tax check in we had enough to where I could make a nice stash for my dd and unfortunately the higher priced fancy diapers are the only thing that works for us as dumb as it sounds.

  64. Frazzled says:

    #64…I guess you and I have VERY different ideas of “In Need” then.

  65. illrememberthisname says:

    our mothers/grandmothers used flats and they worked perfectly fine..they had to, it was the only option..or prefolds..rubber pants…they didn’t have goodmamas, mutts, or even an AIO unless you count the rubber pants..anything can work if you work at it..if you are IN NEED..you work with what you can afford/are given from MD..anything can catch poop if you try hard enough

  66. MD representative says:

    I whole heartedly agree #66.

    Peachy Keen, I wonder if you got any fancy diapers FFS or almost FFS? You had to have started somewhere and those helped you make do until you were able to afford the fancy diapers later on. That’s fine. However, if you already had the fancy diapers and then tried to apply for diapers from an organization that is trying to help someone in NEED, there’s something seriously wrong. It almost makes me think that people think we always give out brand new and expensive diapers, when we are limited to what is given to us by our donors.

    What’s more is… what would have happened if Mychia was sent these diapers. Would they have ended up FS? There are people that apply that have next to nothing. I know of someone that was struggling so much that she couldn’t even afford to wash her diapers at a laundromat. She washed them in her bathtub at home.

    I’m just sitting here shaking my head. How can anyone even try and justify this sort of thing.

  67. Peachy Keen says:

    No MD representative I did not own any fancy diapers until we got our taxes back and at that time I had notified MD that I no longer needed any help and even had contacted them about donating the diapers that we werent using anymore. I am not the scammy type whatsoever and I do believe in karma.
    Basically I had applied in November of 07 when we first started switching to cloth as I had a few prefolds and some kushies and proraps that were almost too small for my dd. By January things were looking up a bit as we got christmas money so I spent a little bit buying better quality things (not gms thats for damn sure).
    Not that I have to explain myself but I do want to make sure no one thinks ill of me:) As soon as I found out I was approved (which was after I happened to check the website and after we had gotten our taxes in) I contacted MD to let them know I would no longer need the diapers as I could afford a stash of my own.
    I think it sucks that people do this as I know there are tons of mamas out there who like me NEEDED to cd there LOs but just do not have the funds to start even with prefolds and covers.

    #64 my idea of in need I guess varies a bit due to what my situation used to be. If you have a LO who has pretty severe reactions to extended exposure to sposies but not even the 25 bucks to spare to get a dozen prefolds, I consider that in need. Sorry for rambling and all but I guess I am trying to explain what I meant by my previous post.

  68. So, Mychia actually PMd Roxanna on July 23rd?? Sounds like she was trying to scam someone to me.

    And Peachy, you weren’t denied over $10 longies? Per your last comment, you contacted MD to let them know you didn’t need diapers and could afford a stash of your own? I’m confused.

  69. Kate says:

    @ THE Drama Mama: I believe it was Becka that was denied over the $10 longies. Peachy’s was a completely different situation. 🙂

  70. Ah, thank you for clearing that up!

  71. Peachy Keen says:

    No I wasn’t drama mama and I felt bad as I was buying when I had technically been approved. But at the time MD was in shambles and I only checked the site because someone had posted about it and sure enough my name and zip was up there. Immediately following that I contacted them to let them know I no longer was in need as our sitch had changed
    And speaking of they just contacted me about a month ago about returning stuff which I was like wth do they not keep track of who gets their stuff?

  72. dmeg says:

    Scammers suck, and trying to scam a nonprofit for the sake of your own greed is just unspeakable. We’ve been flat broke for many months, and I’ve used receiving blankets as dipes when I had to sell off my nicer dipes to *partially pay* one bill(and by nicer I mean used few BGs and HHs and a few *affordable* fitteds) and even then I still didn’t apply for MD because I knew there are many, many mamas worse off than I was (at least I had some place safe and clean to live).

    #66-You are so right-ANYTHING can catch poop if you try hard enough. Higher priced dipes are not a “need”, ever. Is it possible they might work better? Yes. But when you are broke it’s a matter of “does it function?” not “does something else function better?”

    But, back on topic, Mychia is a twat for trying to scam MD- no two ways around that one no matter what story she tells. Scamming a charity is way worse than scamming on FSOT imo (tho scamming on FSOT is still shitty) and I don’t even want to be associated with a person like that. Karma’s a bitch, and hope she learns sooner rather than later. Has anyone looked for her on DT? Sounds like that place is about her speed…

  73. nodramadiva says:


    Here is where she openly admits she bought the mutt from a stocking. I didn’t like her story from day 1.. and trying to scam MD.. thank god roxanne caught wind.

  74. Mychia says:

    You all can say whatever you want. I am no scammer and everyone that has bought from me has recieved their item. You all can be idiots and post on here and talk trash about people because you have NO LIFE yeah karma is a bitch and you will get yours for talking shit about people you don’t even know!!!!! Thank you and have a nice day and a nice life! I don’t need this BS. You guys can be low lifes and come on here and talk all your shit because at the end of the day..GUESS WHAT??? I DON’T GIVE A RATS ASS!!!!!

  75. Frazzled says:

    Hmmm, apparently you do care or you would not be here.

    I think we have gotten past the fact that you were not actually scamming with the GM on DS but it obvious at the very least that you lack character and integrity for STILL seeking free dipes from a charity just a few weeks ago.

  76. Peachy Keen says:

    Mychia you still dont get it. Instead of pming whoever to tell them you no longer needed the diapers you pmed her to ask if you had been approved AFTER you had already gotten some $$$ fitteds. Thats why people are saying you are a scammer.

  77. The Original Ashley says:

    *adds to list* Geez this thing is getting a little heavy to carry around. *sigh* Glad I don’t have the need for new diapers at this point. I can stay far away from FSOT.

  78. Megan says:

    Scammers suck, and I don’t care what she says, Mychia is a frakin’ scammer. I don’t care if everyone she sold diapers to recieved them. She’s immoral and a nasty person, and she’s only out to get every last thing she can from anyone and everyone…. like low-lives who live on welfare because they can live better on the government than on an honest living. She’s a user, and that’s scamming in my book. If she can afford even ONE GM and a couple Mutts, she has enough $$ there alone to buy my entire stash brand new, and our stash is MORE than adequate. I scraped for months to get enough diapers together to CD DD full-time, even though I was washing every day, and I never once thought about applying to MD, because I knew I could do it myself. Anyone who has the gall to buy even one luxury diaper has no right to apply to MD, when I personally know multiple mamas struggling just to put food on the table, and are on a waiting list a half-mile long to get a healthier and more affordable diapering option for their LOs.

  79. Kate says:

    @ MYCHIA: Oh, do grow UP! No one is even talking about your GM posts anymore, but I do love how you refuse to address the MD issue. If you don’t care, then GO AWAY.

  80. Kali Ma says:

    ITA with Kate. You claim you aren’t a scammer but you sure as hell just tried to scam MD.

    I just looked up other threads and on July 9th you were stalking Goodmamas and the only reason you didn’t get one is because it sold out while you were trying to check out. Nowadays those go for $39+ with shipping. I also saw you received an OBV fitted, a Goodmama, and 10 pocket diapers all during the week of July 11th. Then the other day at JM you posted photos of a large custom order (placed several months ago) that you just got in. The photos show 15 diapers, all pockets and AI2s.

    These are just some of the items I know for a fact you have told us you received in the past month. And who knows how many other diapers you have. You have plenty of diapers, more than enough to go a couple days between washes. And yet you still wrote to MD on July 23rd inquiring as to when you would be getting diapers.

    What makes you think you are in need of charity from MD? You have a complete stash honey. The economy is tough for a lot of people right now, but it clearly isn’t that bad for you to be buying what you are. If you were truly in need flats or prefolds would be a much more economical option. Instead you are buying pricey diapers and customs. You are NOT in need of charity.

    There are so many babies who could benefit from Miracle Diapers right now. How could you try to take advantage of an organization that is trying to help out babies in need? Babies who are completely defenseless and rely on us for every aspect of love and care! Did you forget that? You are a mother and should know better! To think a mother could be so inconsiderate to the needs of babies other than her own is disgusting. I’m blocking you at both DS and JM and I hope other moms at these sites no longer buy/sell/trade with you.

  81. Kali Ma says:

    Oh and on June 30th I see a thread about a $45 diaper bag she purchased off DS. Maybe I’m cheap but my diaper bags always cost around $30. Lol.

  82. DSDM2 says:

    Kail, my bags were free from a yard sale (I think the hospital gives them to moms too)

  83. Kali Ma says:

    Good point about the hospital bags. I held on to mine, its not the greatest but I use it as my emergency diaper bag that I always keep in the car. I keep it filled with extra diapers, clothes, etc “just in case”. Unless she had a home birth I’m sure she got a freebie one from the hospital, not to mention those are pretty common baby gifts.

  84. MD representative says:

    Peachy Keen, I wasn’t trying to accuse you and I expect Mychia to have done what you did when you didn’t need diapers. I hope you didn’t think I was trying to pin something on you, as that was not my intention 🙂

    Mychia… I don’t even know what to say to you except, as a previous poster said, obviously you do care if you’re coming here to read and to post. You said in #52 that you didn’t care and yet you came back on #75 to say the same. One of the responsibilities of being an adult is admitting when you’ve done something wrong. At least then your conscience is clear. Is this the type of value you are going to teach your children?

  85. Shanmarie says:

    Mychia, it is NOT about the GM. I think you really need to go back and read ummm the last 30-40 comments?? Its about the fact that you have had a stash and STILL inquired about your status on MD and posted that you were accepted and you were going to get the diapers, KNOWING full well that you had diapers already. That is just plain shitty. Yeah, it is about Karma and you may not have scammed anyone about selling diapers, but you certainly were scamming MD. Period. There is NO WAY you can get around that at all. It doesnt matter what you say or what explanation you think you might be able to come up with. The truth is out and you cant lie about it now. That is still scamming…

  86. Peachy Keen says:

    Thanks MD rep but I just wanted to explain as it did look a bit bad when I first posted. The last thing I need is ppl thinking I tried to get a free ride when I didn’t need it 🙂
    And FWIW I have 3 diaper bags. On cost me 10 bucks the other 7.24 on clearance and another that I got for 17 and all function perfectly for their applications.

  87. What a wanker says:

    Oooh! I have three diaper bags!!! One cost me $4 at a garage sale and is gigantic. The other two are the hospital Similac bags! They all work, well, just like diaper bags! It’s really amazing. How DO I live without a $45 diaper bag, I just don’t know. But I’ve been doing it since my first child was born and they are all almost potty learned. So I guess it can be done by those who can’t afford more.

    (ummm, yes that was sarcasm, because I know there are those -Mychia- who just won’t get it)

    And for the record-Mychia is a piece of shit. Scamming MD is pure and simple shitty. How low do people need to go?

  88. becka says:

    I did a lot of *making* anything i could work-it’s whachya do-minus an allergy-which she fortunately didnt develope till months later, lol!

    yep Roxanne-it’s all good 😀 I woulda emailed to be taken off soon anyways-just hadnt had the chance yet-being a matter of days and still in a spin of what had gone down. im just surprised i got denied for buying something so small that others seem to have been able to so easily go around buying much more and still get approved

    I have 2 diaper bags-which is crazy cause i wasnt gonna have any! one someone sent me when i was preg-i wasnt planning to have one cause i couldnt afford one but it was a huge blessing-i had forgotten how nice it was to have one-lol! then when she was 4-5ish(?) mts i got another in a reverse swap-but cause i wanted something else in the package-now that im thinking about it i need to pass it on
    I didn’t do a hospital birth so no bag was comin from there!-the bag i got from my ds from the hosp had broken within a few months and it was tiny anyways

  89. Christine says:

    I agree with others who have said that the main issue here is scamming MD. If you would inquire about your free diapers after buying plenty of expensive diapers that is scamming.

    People should not trust you, b/c if you would rip off a charity, what’s to stop you from ripping off a mama in a transaction?
    Once a scammer, always a scammer.

  90. Roxanna says:

    Unfortunately, it happens. Back then, we had several people processing applications and the peson that would have approved you wasn’t the one processing on that day. There were a lot of disagreements about who should and shouldn’t be approved. Now we have just ONE processor and things have been going very well for us 🙂

  91. Roxanna says:

    OOPS. I meant PERSON not peson. 😉

  92. alison says:

    Scammers alley it seems to be.

    Seems like the mama who claimed her dog ate all her dipes may have been a scammer (it’s hard to tell, since one has to be vague when reporting thanks to the no outing rule)


    and there’s also a very hard luck story in Diaper Chatter right now that just does NOT ring true at all… Dude is waaaaay to down with the lingo, and the writing style is off…


    I could be wrong, but…


  93. Mychia says:

    First of all I don’t have “a couple” mutts I only had one which I sold because I am not a big fan of fitteds. I also sold my GM diaper. I honestly didn’t think I was scamming MD when I asked about my application process and what not. I just thought I could use the diapers and sell my stash since I got approved. I know this sounds dumb but I never once thought it would be consider scamming. But now if I think about it then yes it would be scamming but it was not my intentions at all. I have never tried to sell anything and then take the money and run because I know that is wrong. And when I was trying to get the MD I didn’t think it would hurt so many people or anything like this. But I know whatever I try to say it won’t matter because you will still call me names and call me a scammer. But I just wanted you all to know that I really was not trying to scam MD or thought I was doing it. Whatever you think of me is your decision because I know I am not a scammer but I know what I was trying to do with MD is wrong now and I am just glad I didn’t get the diapers. Because I know it will be going to someone else who may really need it more than I do.

  94. Shanmarie says:

    Why would you sell your stash when you would get the MD? Dont you or didnt you realize that you would have to give them back? I still dont believe it because that is completely idiotic to think that you would take loaner diapers and sell off your stash. Whatever.

  95. Mychia says:

    You don’t have to believe me I already knew no one would. But I knew I had to give it back when I was done with them but why would I still need mine after I would be done with MD though? So there would be no point of keeping my stash ykwim?

  96. veganthug says:

    Back peddling bullshit, you got caught, and I’m sure the mama thats going to get those diapers instead of your greedy ass is happy.

  97. Shanmarie says:

    “Mychia Says: August 9, 2008 at 7:18 pm

    You don’t have to believe me I already knew no one would. But I knew I had to give it back when I was done with them but why would I still need mine after I would be done with MD though? So there would be no point of keeping my stash ykwim?”

    Why would you need MD if you ALREADY had a stash?? I agree with Veganthug, back peddling BS!!! You got caught and you are just trying to make up some lame excuse as to WHY you were still pursuing MD…

  98. Frazzled says:

    Mychia; So, I guess what you are saying is you prefer us to think of you as incredibly dense rather than a scammer?

    Would you go to a food bank charity if you had a pantry full of food? These charities are there for people in need and people like you make it harder for those who really need the assistance to get it. I hope you feel good about that.

  99. DSDM2 says:

    No, she is an idiot.

    HOW THE HECK is it better to sell your stash, and pocket HUNDREDS (which would fund 5-6 stashes) and keep the diapers from MD???!!!!!!! IF YOU HAVE THE MONEY FROM YOUR DIAPERS OR DIAPERS YOURSELF, YOU DID NOT NEED THE DIAPERS FROM MD.

    You are a lying idiot who got caught.

  100. Not Me At All says:

    # 93 that dad is banned already!

  101. alison says:

    Yeah, I saw that… Happened last night… But not before a bunch of mamas sent some diapers “his” way… He was a banned mama who came back with a new UN… Blew her cover by using her kid’s real names in her siggie which her pretty unusual and thus easily google=able…

  102. Roxanna says:

    I find it hard to believe that you would sell your own stash of super fancy diapers for a set of prefolds that you would have received from Miracle Diapers.

    If you were in need of diapers, you would have bought something economical with the money you spent on the GM, Mutt, Minky, etc. We are totally cool with people accepting our loan and then building their own stash, as this is what our applicants often do. However, in one of your JM posts, you even mentioned that you had cancelled concert tickets. I don’t know about anyone else, but I sure wish I had that luxury right now.

    My fiance hasn’t had work in months, I’ve been interviewing for work ON TOP OF what I do for MD, I go to school and I would like to see that I’m putting a lot of hours into something that’s helping people that truly need it. The donations don’t just appear on my doorstep. It takes a lot of work to get them there.

    How could you have thought you were in need when there are mamas using ripped up towels on their babies?

  103. pregodego2 says:

    mychia, i really would love to stand up for you since your a JM sister and all, but inquiring and pressing for your MD diapers when you already had a very expensive stash…not cool. i would never ask MD for diapers and i don’t even own a GM. i let it go on JM as to not stir the pot on an innocent board and because i wasn’t too sure of all that happened yet, but after researching and reading on it i see what happened and i don’t see where you are not guilty of accepting a free stash from a charity when you already had diapers. most mamas who recieve MD are using recieving blankets, birdseye, rags, or homemaking stuff the best they can, not buying mutts and GMs.

  104. R says:

    Hi, this is offtopic (apologies)…

    I was wondering if anyone could recommend a better forum than DS? I’m just kind of sick of it… I can’t even go to the parenting talk forum because it’s just a bunch of crap! I haven’t been a member long at all but it’s wearing me out!

    I live outside of the U.S./Canada, so chatting with other mommies online is really important to me.

    I just (and isn’t this seeing what blog I’m on) can’t stand the drama anymore.

  105. R says:

    okay, that should have been “isn’t this funny”.

  106. pregodego2 says:

    from what i know, DS was the last ok place left. i dont go on any other FSOT places. now since DS went down the drain, i only buy new. that means i have to buy through seconds sales and lower priced diapers, but it’s definitely worth it to get less-stress transactions.

  107. Frazzled says:

    R, checkout cafemom.com. They have cd forums
    There is always going to be drama with a bunch of women together.

  108. R says:

    pregodego2 I haven’t had any transaction problems. What drives me nuts is that whatever question/opinion someone asks/gives everybody else freaks out about it. Like I said I’m outside of the U.S. so DS is the only English speaking mommy talk I really get. I want to talk about mommy stuff, but I don’t want to join the cast of “As the World Turns”…

    I guess this is why I don’t make a very good female, I just missed out on the catty/drama gene!

    I’ll check out cafemom.com

  109. R says:

    Oh, and thank you!

  110. MajKitab says:

    Do check out CafeMom. There are Mommy Wars all over the place there, but.. It’s easy enough to stay away because the whole site is “Group”ed. I’m sure you could find what you’re looking for.

    Here is another active board with lots to offer: http://forums.momswhothink.com/

  111. The Original Ashley says:

    R-You could also look into http://www.thebatgirls.com. Just tell us in your intro you found us on the drama blog. 🙂 We are much cooler than DS. DS sucks major donkey balls.

  112. R says:

    Ashley, you used the phrase “donkey balls”. I want to belong to any group you’re a part of 🙂

  113. pregodego2 says:

    R – i don’t really hang out in the discussion threads on DS. i just did FSOTing – but after some shady people and transactions in a short amount of time, i let DS go. i check my PMs but that’s about it.

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