what do i do? Paypal Dispute against ME

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what do i do? Paypal Dispute against ME

a mama received a diaper yesterday that she purchased from me and she has filed a claim with paypal (unauthorized charge). i even invoiced her through paypal per her request. what do i do?
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Re: what do i do? Paypal Dispute against ME

Originally Posted by JeDeeLenae
Have you PMd her here and the mods/admin?

i pm’d her but not a Mod. she said that she was disputing PP b/c they were suppose to take the funds from her CC but took them from her checking account instead. idk

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Re: what do i do? Paypal Dispute against ME

UGHHHHHHHH she got me in the same ridiculousness. I just sold another dipe to another mama and they took that money and gave it back to the woman who has had my dipe for over a week and resold it/traded it. So now i can’t even SHIP that new mama’s dipe because paypal is holding my money hostage. i’m on the phone with paypal and have been on hold for like 15 minutes… this is ridiculous. I was on hold for 15 minutes before this and they picked up and got disconnected. UGHHHH this is stupidity. All because someone clicked the wrong effin button. how is that MY ISSUE??? i’ll tell you!! It’s NOT

I guess the scammers really like this game…. any guesses on who this is?

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Re: what do i do? Paypal Dispute against ME

Originally Posted by MatildasMum
Doesn’t sound like she’s a scammer – just sound like she’s an idiot.

I am embarrassed to even reply but I feel like I should. The above post is absolutely correct. I am not a scammer, just an idiot! So this is what happened… I have been happily shopping and paying with paypal over the last few weeks. Somehow my checking account got attached to my pp account. (maybe DH?) It has always been attached to my AmericaExpress Gift card. The reason I use this card is because my employer pays my commission on it, and it is my “fun” money. Anyway I checked my checking account today (I haven’t been using this account so I haven’t checked in in about a week) to discover that some of my purchases had gone through from my checking account and not my CC. I didn’t know how to get it corrected so I filled out the form on paypal. I clearly put on the form that I was not disputing the purchase, I did receive the items. I also put on the form that I was just trying to correct the funding source. Nowhere on the form did it say that they were going to hold any funds from the seller. Based on the form I saw no reason they would even contact the seller, but just to be safe I emailed and PM Mary and Rebecca. I let them both know I was not trying to get out of paying for the diapers, but I had filed a dispute with PP to correct my funding source. I was away from my computer from 4 pm to 7 pm. When I got back to my computer I saw that Rebecca had sent me and email saying they locked up her account. I immediately sent her a payment, to help until I get the issue resolved. I also PM’d Mary and when I didn’t get a reply I sent her a payment too. I then went to PP and canceled the disputes. It was never my intention to cause anyone any trouble or “scam” anyone. PayPal never refunded the money to me, and still I payed for the diapers for a second time. I am just an idiot, I have no idea how pay pal works and I feel horrible that I upset so many people.

On that same note I hate PayPal!

  1. sara thats me. says:

    wow that’s sad. another reason to double check before you send money.

    looks like it might be that person same type of question.

  2. natural~mama says:

    wow i didnt know i could dispute that (not that i ever would now since i see what could happen to the seller) but ive SWORN i hit credit card 4 times now and went through the menu that asks you if youre SURE you want to do that and still they took it out of my credit union account and made me overdraft each time since i dont really use that account. luckily they let the charge slide every time but now i do it twice or 3 times to make sure they know i mean credit card.

  3. umm huh?! says:

    i knew this was going to be here. i think she is a scammer. its her mistake, NOT the sellers. suck it up and stop the pp claim.
    sheesh.. some people

  4. natural~mama says:

    i agree. if i disputed it it would be to paypal, never to the seller. it is completely the buyers fault even if it was an accident and if she has learned that paypal took the money from teh seller AGAIN then she should be honest enough to send it back

  5. haha says:

    I talked to marymom and how interesting that this mama filed the dispute AFTER she got her goodmama diaper. That’s right folks she waiting until the diaper was in her sweet little hands to file the dispute. So “if” the transaction was going to make her go in the hole doesn’t one think it would have cleared her bank by the time the diaper came??

  6. Peachy Keen says:

    Wow the mama totally admitted she was an idiot:O

  7. Madre says:

    why doesn’t the idiot just cancel the dispute (since it has nothing to do w/ the sellers) and speak w/ someone at paypal. Sounds like a clueless scammer.

  8. The Original Ashley says:

    Eeeediot. *adds to the list* Man I’m gonna need a pack mule to start carrying my list around for me soon.

  9. marilynloewen says:

    The mama that made this mistake has sent a new payment to at least one of the mamas that this happened to that I know of. She didn’t mean for it to go down like this at all and feels really badly about the trouble it’s caused.

  10. “marilynloewen Says: August 1, 2008 at 3:37 pm e

    The mama that made this mistake has sent a new payment to at least one of the mamas that this happened to that I know of. She didn’t mean for it to go down like this at all and feels really badly about the trouble it’s caused.”

    Good, because at face value, it looked like someone who spent money, filed claims as unauthorized, and was trying to get their money back while they still had the items. I would feel bad too if I’d caused people’s accounts to be frozen/held because I didn’t want my DH to find out about how much money I’ve spent on diapers.

  11. the mom says:

    why not just put money is your friggin checking account!

  12. Ashley says:

    Wow! I hope the idiot gets banned from DS. You know what? There should be a big public do not B/S/T list. Seriously.

  13. jnl2006 says:

    I had a PP issue due to bank fraud and everyones accounts got frozen- major screw up.. Anyway- all this mom has to do is hit the CANCEL button and itll undo the disputes and money will be released again.

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