My diaper is better than yours *vent not brag* PIC OF DIPE ON PG12

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My diaper is better than yours *vent not brag* PIC OF DIPE ON PG12

So I took Syrus to the park up the road and he was crawling around on the grass playing with his toys and another mom comes in and, since her baby is around Syrus’ age, she put her daughter down next to him. I was like 5 feet away, if that far, and she came over to me to watch them interact. It was really cute, truly it was, but then I noticed her daughter had fleece shorties and I asked “is she cloth diapered?” and the lady, I’ll call her Mary, looked at me shocked and said “why yes, she is, how did you know?” and I told her that Syrus is too. Upon hearing this she looks at him more closely and realizes his camo “shorts” are really a camo dipe and she goes “oh, what kind of diaper is that, it’s darling!” I said “oh, it’s home-made.” Now I would take that to mean that the diaper was made at home, but Mary looks at me puzzled and said “I’ve never heard of that company, are they any good?” I stifled my laughter and explain that I make all his diapers and showed her the others in the diaper bag. She looks at me even more confused and says “why do you make them? don’t you know Good Mama’s are the best?” Now it was my turn for a puzzled look. I asked “are all ur DD dipes good mama’s?” and Mary, thinking she was sounding smart I guess, said “yes, and I think every CD’ing mom should have a whole stash of GM’s”. I just let that roll off my shoulder and we walked over to the kids to make sure there weren’t any bugs on them and as we sat down I said “well I prefer my home made ones, though I haven’t tried anything besides them and prefolds, but they haven’t leaked yet :goodvibes: ” and Mary says “well they will GM’s are just better” I was about to pick up Syrus and leave, but instead I, trying to play nice, said “well that may be the case for you, but some diapers just don’t work for some babies” and Mary, in all her glory, turns and says “well you sound a little jealous that my diapers are better than yours”. At this point I want to smack her, but I looked down at the kids and laughed and said “well if GM’s are so great, why did ur DD just take hers off” :giggle2: . Mary looks at me all annoyed and says “well it could just have easily been your son to take off his diaper” and I know she’s right, but then she decides to just put a new dipe on her DD and she pulls disposable wipes out of her diaper bag and I said “wait, you CD, but with disposable wipes???” and she said “well yeah, how do you clean him, ur hand” and I said “no, cloth wipes with a spray bottle of water (with a drop of soap)” and Mary looked at me like I was from Mars and says “well that’s gross, now you have poop on 2 things to wash” I really did want to smack her, but as she was closing up her DD dipe she says to me “Face it, GM’s are just better, plus, they are waaaaaaaaaaay prettier than the thing on your son”. I didn’t let her get the last word in though. As I picked up Syrus to leave I said “well yours may cost more, but at least his are made with love.”

Have any of you ever encountered such narrow minded stupidity??? I know that GM’s are supposed to be amazing, but they are waaaaaaaaay too pricey for me. I also know that some CDing mama’s do use disposable wipes, but this lady had no idea cloth wipes even existed.

PS~ I am not knocking GM’s, that lady was just getting on my last nerve

This thread became much more interesting after GMlovah! created her account.  And much more amusing too. Kudos to you, GMlovah! Too bad she’s been banned for trolling.

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Re: My diaper is better than yours *vent not brag* PIC OF DIPE ON PG12

OMG! That was you at the park???
How embarassing for me to be outed like this. But, you know… GM’s are da’ bomb, yo. SRSLY. For realz.

Oh, and I know EXACTLY who you are talking about in the bathroom at ‘da Walmarts. She confronted me TOO! Except she wasn’t so friendly and didn’t offer to “quickly” go buy me some sposies. She grabbed my huge, lucious stack of GM’s out of my Petunia Picklebottom bag, and told me that I was a TERRIBLE mother for using cloth diapers. Then she goes into this outrageous story about how I am hurting the economy because Proctor & Gamble and Kimberly Clark, like, have employees that have families to feed. And I’m all like “Seriously, lady? I spent like a gazillion bucks on those diapers! I could feed a small third world nation on what those cost!” And then she SNIFFED my diapers, and said “Well, at least they seem clean, I’ve seen some real smelly ones in this here bathroom” (I think she must have saw you first, yk?) And I was all like, “Um okay…well I AM a GoodMama, so my dipes are clean”.
With that she sneered at me, the most evil sneer. And she had a bit of puppy fur stuck in her teeth…so I knew I was messing with a quite menacing CD hater. Then I noticed that my baby (she’s 9 mos BTW) had crawled away during this whole convo- would you believe she was under a stall, practicing her advanced calculus on the toilet paper? I won’t tell you WHAT she was writing with *shudder* but yeah…you noticed her mad dexterious skillz when she got that diaper off. Totally MENSA material. Or stripper or both! teehee

So, anyways. It was nice meeting you- we should plan a playdate. Hey maybe we could show each other our stash, make sure you bring your hoemade dipes. I really thought they were so…well, industrious. Good on you. Sorry if I seemed snobby. TOTALLY not my intention. I was still just a little rattled from my experience in the WM bathroom earlier in the day. I hope I never run into HER again!
She was like…pathological, or something!
Anywho! Shoot me a PM, my friend! We can get together and talk “fluff”!!!!!!!

Banned for Trolling
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Re: My diaper is better than yours *vent not brag* PIC OF DIPE ON PG12

Originally Posted by cdmd1023
I totally agree with you, but I dont like to think anyone would ever make up something like this. I know somenoe who acts like this so i can believe it, but yeah, wow!

No, this is totally a true story. I’m the “snobby” Goodmama that she met at the park. I posted the whole story, feel free to search my posts.

And, anyways…you guys who say I am horrible don’t even know me in real life!!!!!!!!! Maybe lay off a little bit!!!!!!!!! Just because I can buy whatever I want whenever I want and have a baby with higher than average intelligence, does not mean I am not a GOODMAMA!

I am sensing some serious jealousy here.

PS thanks to those of you who sent me the pm’s in support . Still waiting for Ashley to pm me though.

Banned for Trolling

We shall miss your humor and wit.

  1. Peachy Keen says:

    So Im a bit blonde but Im guessing that GMLovah was not the woman that she met in the park but rather someone messing with the OP? At least I am hoping as she sounded rather dumb in her posts.

  2. Christine says:

    That whole GM story sounded like BS from the beginning.

  3. Peachy Keen says:

    Ok up to speed. At first I sort of believed the OP but as it went on it became even more unreal. I have yet to “run” into another cd mama especially one that knows of anything more than prefolds and BGs/FBs.

  4. Angie says:

    Are Mary and Ashley the same person?

  5. Sarah says:

    OP’s story is total BS. She could have kept it simple and it would have been believable. Like, this mama said that her gms were better and left it at that…but she had to keep on w/her story about the girl getting her diaper off (that’s a lot of snaps for a 9 month old to get off!) and her disgust over cloth wipes like she’d never heard of such a thing.

    I’ve known lots of people in my life who like to make up stories (LIE) just because. Whatever her reason for writing this story, I love the direction the thread went it. GMLovah! was awesome!

  6. Angie says:

    Interesting thread. I think Ashley should be banned for trolling too. How lame of her.

  7. maree9304 says:

    Sounds like an attention-whore.

  8. sassy1 says:

    thats exactly my thought, someone is lacking attention and needs to create her own. sad. I mean really are you that desperate to get your diapers known? 😛

  9. Sarah says:

    Check out post #231 before it gets deleted. LMAO!

  10. natural~mama says:

    LOL, when i read it at first I believed her also. I still believe a 9 month old can un-do a GM because DS could at that age, but probably not under fleece shorties as well. Aside from that, the rest of the story is just too much like a script in a soap opera.

  11. maree9304 says:

    OMG Post 231, cracked me the fuck up. That was some funny shit!

  12. Peachy Keen says:

    BAHAHA!!! Christine cracks me up.

  13. EmmJay says:

    And here I was coming to see if there was any dirt here, and so there is 🙂

    I’d like to congratulate GMLovah…. great job Mama (or papa)

  14. Nosey Neighbour says:

    Ooooh post 247 is hilarious.

    I must say…..and the drama crown goes to……..


    I think someone was hoping she would get some, “can I get some of your dipes” PMs. Shameless self promoting IMO!!!

  15. Sheila says:

    Geeeeeez I can’t believe how many people bought that story AND how many didn’t catch on to Mary’s sarcasm. Not too quick. LOL

  16. mysterymommy says:

    hehe, too funny. Seriously though who has the time to make this crap up?

  17. mamacake says:

    oh this is funny! Thanks GMlovah for a great laugh! I feel kinda bad for Ashley- how bad has your life become when you are making up detailed stories about “diaper snobs” berating you in public for not using goodmamas…And all those sweet DS mamas supporting the OP with statements about how there are lots of wonderful diapers out there, and how her camo diaper is just beautiful, so much more wonderful than a GM, blah, blah…

  18. mamacake says:

    oh- i just found post and am laughing hysterically–

    Re: My diaper is better than yours *vent not brag* PIC OF DIPE ON PG12


    Originally Posted by elemonj
    I am shocked that anyone would insert their “openion” as fact! Her openion is that GM’s are better. I use pockets and some prefolds. Don’t mind eithor. I would never pay $45 for a diaper my DD is just going to crap in.

    Dude, if you saw my daughter’s turds though…they are perfectly formed little nuggets. I could totally never let them fall onto anything but goodmama. That is my openion though, you are certainly entitled to form your own openion.

    Originally Posted by elemonj
    I DON”T crap my pants!

    This is VERY good to know.

  19. Stephanie says:

    Her story was just a little (ok, a lot) too unbelievable. Sounds like a ploy to show off her diapers. Or bash GMs. Or both. Whatever. Too bad GMlovah got banned. She was freakin funny. Did y’all read her other posts around the boards? Awesome.

  20. the mom says:

    this ashley girl is convinced her story is real.

  21. givepeasachance says:

    The best part is that she now updated the thread with a pic of the dipe, and changed the thread title, just so we all know to go look. All this is is a way to get people to look at her dipes, and ask her to make them some.

  22. Janna says:

    thanks to you ho’s I just spent an hour reading all that!!!!! I could have been NAPPING!!! LMAO

  23. Kali Ma says:

    Isn’t it interesting how someone is banned for “trolling” when they were just having a bit of fun, giving most of us a good laugh, and doing no real harm? And banned for it in less than a day? Then you have people like mycrunchykids who scams Lord knows how many mamas out of a LOT of money over the past several months and is only just now banned.

    Talk about fucked up administrating. Whoever is running that dog and pony show known as DS sux ballz.

  24. The Bored Bitch says:

    Best post on DS in a long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long time.

  25. Kaymadmom says:

    good stuff. I’m still laughing about GMlovah. The attention whore pic was priceless.

  26. The Original Ashley says:

    Ok I am sooooo not that Ashley, I swear!!

    That story is too made up to be at all believable. None of it. Not a word. She made it up and we all know it. Except maybe the ass kissers on there talking about how even though they own Goodmamas they aren’t that great, and how her diapers are so much better.

    Pffft. So stupid. How lame do you have to be to concoct such a ridiculous story. Seriously. Lame.

  27. What a wanker says:

    Looks like someone way of saying:

    A. Goodmama lovers are crap
    B. My diapers are cool! LOOK!!!!!!

    What a bunch of BS.

  28. Sarah says:

    Oh GMLovah…I wish you could reveal your DS alter ego w/o some one reporting you to admin. Dream on right?!

  29. GMLovah! #1 Fan says:

    If you want to meet the real GMLovah, visit
    You will probably have to register but it is well worth it!

  30. Douchebag Patrol says:

    I just strolled over here to find out if you had seen this one. I am so glad that I am not alone in this world – thanks so much for helping to root out the attention-mongers, truth-fabricators, and general morons out there. Cheers!

  31. sassy1 says:

    yeah she’s definately got a fucking screw loose.

    i think i’ve met her personalities online a few times, what a nut job.

  32. sara thats me. says:

    so who is Ashley and why does she need a pitty party?

  33. DSDM2 says:

    She KEEPS posting, lol. Poor thing is too simple to get it.

  34. umm huh?! says:

    @ # 29
    that i site keeps making me log in again and again. i cant see any post. can you post it here?

  35. Peachy Keen says:

    Ya wth is up with that mama drama thing? I can only see two boards? Do you have to have a certain # of posts or be a member for a certain amount of time to actually do anything?

  36. nikki says:

    can someone post the pic of her diaper?

  37. KJ says:

    What was on post 231? Missed it!

  38. The Original Just Me says:

    Wow I wasn’t aware a 9 month old could take off a diapers that was UNDERNEATH a pair of shorties!

  39. namaste says:

    You have to wait 24hrs to see other posts at Mama Drama, only to weed out spammers. Trust me, it’s worth the wait.

  40. Kelolsen says:

    Yeah, I call BS on that whole story. A woman as obsessed w/ GMs to have an entire stash would have matching GM wipes too and would know about “homemade” diapers since she buys from a WAHM. My BSometer is clanging here.

  41. the genius says:

    i find the whole thing rather laughable….

  42. Ashley says:

    I loved that! GMlovah was the best! Hilarious…though the post was very spammy (especially when she posted pics of HER diapers…)

  43. pregodego2 says:

    i thik the entire thing was friggin halarious. im not even sure i believe the OP was for real..maybe just spicing up the chatter board.

  44. Tiff says:

    Very funny.I don’t believe it,but it was funny.

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