Breastfeeding photos are OK, Pregnancy ones aren’t.

Posted: July 23, 2008 by DSDM2 in It Got Deleted
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OK, so this isn’t the first time that DS has pulled pregnancy photos from their site. Apparently it is ok with them to have a nipple covered by a baby’s head but not by a mom’s hand in pregnancy photos.

This happened a few months ago with another mom who emailed us about it. That time we didn’t get a cashe/screenshot. This time we did.

Cowmommy pulled the entire thread, and then pulled the thread where it was reported/talked about.


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Pregnant Belly Pics ~ Past or Present!

So the UNO thread in EF made me think of how I’d love to see a whole thread of pregnant belly pics, pro pics, home pics, anything, pregnant ladies make me smile! Here’s two of my favs:

IndieBambino WetBags

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  1. DSDM2 says:

    The other pictures in the deleted thread from a few months ago were even less “risky”. That mom was told that they were unable to tell if she had on underwear in a shot (they couldn’t tell either way, whether she did or didn’t.)

    How is this any more inappropriate than a BFing shot with a baby’s head covering the nipple?

  2. sara thats me. says:

    I don’t get it those a really nice.
    so the only way to show ones breast is to have a baby on it.
    ahhh DS and there rules

  3. Maeghan says:

    Yeah, thats rediculous. The person taht reported that is an idiot as well. Those pictures are beautiful and I dont really think they show that much. They are just pregnancy pictures. Plus, Everyone knows when someone asks for professional pregnancy pictures that MANY women get pictures made like that. How stupid.

  4. Janna says:

    damn, I wish I looked that good preggo!!!!!

    ::::::::::::::::27 weeks preggo, eating a bag of Oreos:::::::::::::::::::::

  5. Christine says:

    Have these people complaining ever seen the cover of Vanity Fair magazine? So, these are too risque to post on diaperswappers, but you can see the same thing while waiting in line at the supermarket checkout? WTH?

    Nothing is showing and they are artistic, beautiful pictures.

  6. DSDM2 says:

    “damn, I wish I looked that good preggo!!!!!

    ::::::::::::::::27 weeks preggo, eating a bag of Oreos:::::::::::::::::::::”

    Hell, I’m not pregnant and am half way through yesterday’s bag 😉

  7. Rannensmom says:

    The first pose looks a little racey to me, but not because of the breasts. Just the pose in general. Even so I’m not sure it warrants deletion

  8. lilypop'smom says:

    Wow, IndieBambino is a hottie! Those are awesome pics. And as usual, DS needs to pry the gigantic stick out of its ass.

  9. Stacey says:

    Wow! IndieBambino… you look amazing! It’s pretty sad when somebody’s pregnant pics can motivate me to go to the gym today…

  10. Always a lady says:

    Wait – let me get mine!

  11. momofdivas/mom3divas says:

    I kind of agree #7 and could be why DS pulled them,but either way IMO the human body is beautify especially during pregnancy.
    I love both pregnancy and breastfeeding pictures.

  12. mamapixie says:

    Someone post who reported the thread so I can put that idgit on my every growing ignore list.

    And I agree, she looks great in those pictures, I wish I’d looked that good at 27 weeks pregnant.

  13. The Bored Bitch says:

    I dont see a problem with the pics. *shrug*

    I browsed her store and she has great taste in fabric.

  14. maree9304 says:

    Hawt damn! I’m jealous! If I was a mod, I would have deleted them, too! hahaha

  15. Peachy Keen says:

    I think the first photo is not so much racy as it is artistic looking. I love it and I like the others wish I looked that hot when I was pregnant!

  16. Stacey says:

    LOL. Wonder if this thread will be good for her business. I’m browsing her shop now too!

  17. Nicki says:

    Hawt damn, mama! Indie….you seein’ anyone? *wink wink*

  18. Kaymadmom says:

    gorgeous pictures! I think it is really bizarre that those pictures caused a thread to be pulled.

  19. luvsmesomedrama!! says:

    This is my favorite that Ive seen. I had it on my myspace when I was last pregnant with #4 and everyone proceeded to tell me how great I looked, …alas…it is not me. I did tell them all that also 🙂 Dont know who it is, but wish I had the confidence to take a shot like this pregnant!!

  20. luvsmesomedrama!! says:

    *Sorry havent posted a pic here before*

  21. DSDM2 says:

    that is an awesome shot. so people can just click it.

  22. luvsmesomedrama!! says:

    Thanks 🙂

  23. DSDM2 says:

    yeah, I’m not sure we can set it up to allow photos, I’ll check with TDM to see. Until then, just post the link. Most of the readers click on them 🙂

  24. The Original Just Me says:

    Just another reason DS sucks monkey balls!

  25. Sherry says:

    I think the shots are beautiful…not sure why DS has the double standard and baby’s with a nipple in their mouth are ok but pg shots are not.

  26. umm huh?! says:

    i cant believe they pulled those. they must be some jealous bitches

  27. Enchanted says:

    Wow, those pics are amazing! I sure with I looked half that good pregnant.

    So, I wonder… if they were deleted because they couldn’t tell if she was wearing underwear or not, will photos get deleted if they are just head and shoulder shots? I mean, you can’t tell if they are wearing undies, right? LAME

    And yes, beautiful store. I know where I’ll be getting wet bags next time I have a kiddo!

  28. Emily says:

    My sister did both of these maternity shoots. I wish I felt a fraction of the sexiness they portray in these photos while I was pregnant! I think they’re beautiful and it’s rediculous that DS would consider deleting things like this. Is there something wrong with showing the beauty of pregnancy?

  29. Emily says:

    Ugh, the links didn’t catch where I wanted them to…you have to scroll down. Sorry@ June 1, 2008 and July 23, 2007 are the dates on them.

    These little monster men just keep on getting weirder and weirder!

  30. I Like Truth says:

    I think they look very nice. Tasteful and well done to!

  31. You Hate Me Cause You Wish You Knew Me AKA MadreJoyce AKA Willow says:

    I wonder if its not just jealousy.. After seeing the many photo’s they pulled – its really annoying..
    A beautiful pregnant woman is no less beautiful or tastefull than a beautiful breastfeeding baby.
    DS needs to quit being nitpicky.. I could understand if someone was deliberately posting porn or something but sheesh, people grow up- they are beautiful professional pics of a beautiful pregnant woman.

  32. You Hate Me Cause You Wish You Knew Me AKA MadreJoyce AKA Willow says:

    O & IF you cant tell if they are wearing underwear & you have to look that hard to try to tell, what the heck is issue?? You cant obviously see enough to decide if there is fabric there- but somehow its inappropriate.. Please.. Leave the pics alone, quit being weird.

  33. Ashley says:

    That’s nuts. That pic is gorgeous and shows NOTHING, but I’ve seen MANY a BFing pic with the nipple half out of the babies mouth!

  34. IndieBambino says:

    Wow, thank you ladies for the many nice comments, it hurt me alot when they pulled those pics, made me feel like I was dirty or something. They finaly banned me last night for “wahm bashing” (? I think its because I pm’ed 2 or 3 people who asked about who was giving bad CS in the “Ever had a bad experience thread” and I told them straight up, beyond that I have no clue why). Pregnancy is beautiful, and I stand by my pics!!

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