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Ewww- my fluffy mail

do people not take pride in the items they’re selling? Am I the only one who finds it gross to receive fluffy mail covered in *human* hair, wtf? I don’t recall if the listing said pets or not but I assume even if people do have pets they take the time to remove any stray hairs before shipping an item. Only this isn’t just pet hair, it’s ppl hair too :yuck::yuck::yuck: This is the INside of the cover that came to live with me today. It’s promptly going in the washer :banghead:

Now this is just gross!! Who really sends out stuff looking like that? Yeah, that was a bad transactiion.

  1. just me says:

    Nasty! I hope that person leaves appropriate feedback.

  2. The Original Just Me says:


  3. Christine says:

    Anyone know who the seller was?

  4. haha says:

    odd man out but seriously it wouldn’t bother me. It’s hair. It’s not like it was pubic hair or anything. And I only see what 4-5 hairs at the most. Could be worse. Plus if it was lanolized that’s most likely why the hair “attached” to it. Either that or the seller rubbed the thing all over her head and stuck it in the envelope! LOL

  5. Sheila says:

    Isn’t that wool? I hope she doesnt throw it in the washer!

  6. Faye says:

    psh. I don’t see it as that big a deal. It’s a little bit of hair, it’s not like it’s vomit or something. I think people seriously get way to up in arms about things.

  7. sara thats me. says:

    yes hair can be annoying but really its not a huge deal.

  8. maree9304 says:

    I don’t see it worth leaving a negative for. With that being said, I shed a lot of hair so before I ship a diaper, I make sure it doesn’t have any lint or hair on it.

  9. just me says:

    The point is take pride in what you sell and make the best effort to keep it looking nice. Seller obviously didnt care much about it.
    Not only that but there are people out there who have hair phobias.

  10. Mama Manda says:

    I received a diaper through DS once that had a hair on it. I just plucked it off and threw it away… .

    (threw the hair not the diaper away)

  11. Faye says:

    I find it hard to believe that you would have that bad a hair phobia and be okay with buying a used diaper.

  12. Madre says:

    I have a hair phobia & would be up in arms over this! Yuck!

  13. Kaymadmom says:

    I guess I don’t think hair is gross, unless its in my food. Mystery brown, crusty spots….now that’s disgusting!


  14. Kali Ma says:

    For some reason I would find the human hair gross, but if it were pet hair I wouldn’t mind.

    I regularly buy from one WAHM and half the time there is a stray cat hair or two in my diaper or wool. But I like kitties so I’m okay with it. ^-^

  15. noisybean says:

    Hair on stuff is gross. Especially if its someone else’s hair. I think the most disturbing thing here is that the hair is all over the inside of the cover. How the hell did it get there? What did she rub it all over herself or drag it across the floor?

  16. not tellin says:

    as someone with super thick, LONG hair.. i could totally see me being the one that sends that out. my hair is absolutely, completely EVERYWHERE. I go through more vacuum cleaner spinny thingies than i care to mention, b/c it falls out as fast as it grows in… i think after years of my hair being on EVERYTHING, you dont notice if its stuck on things, ya know? since its everywhere, it doesnt stand out to those of us that are used to it. And, i wash and lanolize my wool inside out, so i can see the hair being on the inside.. but at least now i will think to doubler check and make sure my hair AND the cats hair is out of it, lol.

  17. just_my_opinion says:

    I think it’s gross for it to be in that condition in the first place (none of my son’s wool has ever looked like that), but to stick it in an envelope & send it to a buyer is just plain rude. Because of all the scamming, & receiving items like that (and worse), I no longer buy used. I only buy new.

  18. Christine says:

    #13 – Yeah, that is worse.

  19. umm huh?! says:

    how the hell did all that hair get on the INSIDE of cover?! it doesnt gross me out pr anything, but i sure would be pissed. it’s not like it was blond hair, i mean deep dark brown hair on a cream colored cover.
    what an idiot, i would leave neutral or negative feedback

  20. haha says:

    Negative feedback for hair on a cover? Maybe she’s a brand spankin new mama that didn’t have the thought to check the cover. It could have been a long time since she used it and just plain didn’t think about it.

    And OMG wool is frickin sheep hair. What’s the difference? That maybe (with the exception of #13) sheeps are dirtier than humans (I sure hope they are anyway)

    I wonder what they call a hair phobia…off to google!

  21. haha says:

    How funny. There IS a hair phobia. Who knew. Trichophobia. So I guess we now need to ask sellers on DS if they have pets, smoke, ever washed said item, if the dog ate it AND if they have long scary hair.


  22. That’s not even funny. Yikes!

  23. umm huh?! says:

    umm, you SHOULD check things over before you ship it out. i am just saying something like this could not have been missed if the mama just looked at it before she shipped. like i would neutral OR negative feedback. i dont have problems with hair just with people not caring about the condition items are in before you ship things.

    i ,for one, check and recheck. i just sold something and said it was 21 in the pack, i counted and then counted again when i packed it and then counted again before i taped up the box

  24. Ashley says:

    I have a hair phobia too. I can’t clean my shower drain myself, and if for some reason I do, it causes me to panic until the hair is gone and my hands are washed. Just thinking about that is starting to make my heart race.

    One time I won a FFS lotto on DS. I was so excited. I got the box here and all the velcro diapers had hair in the velcro. I almost threw up. I had to pick the hair out with a toothpick. It was awful.

    You better believe I would be beside myself if I got a wool soaker in the mail and it was covered in human hair.

  25. Stephanie says:

    I like to wear my kids’ soakers as hats. So I can totally see the hair on the inside.


    But really, I look over items before shipping, but I could see missing a couple hairs on the inside. I’m just not sure how they could get there. After washing/lanolizing, I put items on a dryer rack in my laundry room. Then I flip them back right-side out and put them on the shelf. They don’t touch the floor.

  26. MajKitab says:

    I also doublecheck and recheck before I tape a package shut… But leaving negative or neutral feedback over stray hairs is really being an asshole.

    It’s *your problem* if you have a phobia.

  27. The Original Just Me says:

    It is nasty but I agree, it does not merit negative or neutral FB.

  28. Peachy Keen says:

    #16 I have that same problem and I have never had to pull more than a random stray hair off my own personal stash. I check and recheck everything before sending because I know myself I want things a certain way and if its not accurately described in the post, I tend to get a bit bent out of shape.
    #24 thats just icky. I have never gotten hair in my velcro just fuzzies and I try to pick them all out before sending anything off.

  29. Peachy Keen says:

    So is it just me or are we being moderated now?

  30. just me says:


  31. noisybean says:

    When my kids outgrow their soakers I like to dress up the cats. And rub it in so all that hair really gets in the fibers. When I’m done with that sometimes I take my own hair out of the shower drain, thread a needle with it and sew interesting patterns. People love embellishments don’t they?

  32. siriusmama says:

    She hasn’t left bad feedback and I don’t think she was planning on it. I would be absolutely mortified if i sent something out and found out it came like that!
    Ashley-I have the same drain problem, like I literally CAN”T pull hair out of it. When I try I end up having a completely involuntary reaction and running away. It must be soooo funny to watch LOL.

  33. sassy1 says:

    i have gotten fluffy mail before with a wad of hair inside of it, kind of like it somehow made it into the box accidentally. (it was several all tangeld up like it came off a brush)

    I was a little bit upset, but let it go.

    My thing is, I can see one, or two, but thats ALOT of hairs in that pic, AND with all things, don’t you check your stuff (double?!) BEFORE you mail it? I do, because I’d be mortified if I sent that to someone.

  34. luvsmesomedrama!! says:

    That is gross. I myself have long hairs and I find them EVERYWHERE. I have gotten a couple of shipments from a WAHM with black cat hairs lmost weaved into the fabric of a new dipe. Thats gross to me, especially since Im putting out the money for new…gross. But again, because Im passive aggressive I wouldnt leave N/N FB

  35. luvsmesomedrama!! says:

    almost* And I agree, people should deffinately check and check and recheck before sending anyone anything they payed their hard earned money for.

  36. Peachy Keen/ just me:

    When you change your name, it automatically moderates the comment. You should be good to go now.

  37. McMamma38 says:

    wow-i had no idea there was a hair phobia! How funny.
    She should just pick the hair/hairs off the cover and get over it!
    Leaving negative feed back for that is just stupid and bitchy!

  38. MajKitab says:

    noisybean “When I’m done with that sometimes I take my own hair out of the shower drain, thread a needle with it and sew interesting patterns. People love embellishments don’t they?”

    lol… Looks like somebody already beat you to it!
    http://www.etsy.com/view_transaction.php?transaction_id=8960094 Or this?

  39. MajKitab says:

    lol.. Oh I read that wrong. Instead it looks like somebody had the same idea!! lol… I’m laughing either way.

  40. Peachy Keen says:

    I thought I was moderated due to the past drama:) Thanks Drama Mama.

  41. Peachy Keen says:

    How is it bitchy to leave neutral when she obviously was not satisfied with what she bought?

  42. DSDM2 says:

    Aww Peachy! We won’t do that! 😀

  43. umm huh?! says:

    thanks peachy. if the buyer is not happy shouldnt her fb reflect that

  44. FatCat says:

    It’s just a couple of HAIRS. Pick them off.
    It isn’t the ideal way to recieve a USED item but it’s not like someone threw a bunch a pubes in the cover and sent it off.

    I wouldn’t dream of leaving bad feedback for something that trivial. I might PM the mama and let he know that she should be more careful…. but bad feedback and posting it out in the open? Please.

  45. sassy1 says:


    LMFAO! I thought I had seen it all, apparently I have not!
    thank you for sharing that.

  46. Peachy Keen says:

    I wouldn’t leave negative or possibly even neutral over that. However I would note in the comments section that item was received covered in hair.

  47. The Bored Bitch says:

    Its a sad state of affairs when I look at that pic and think its not the worst thing Ive seen on a purchased, used CD or CDing related item.

  48. I Like Truth says:

    What a snotty little bitch to post that picture! Doesn’t she realize the person who sent it JUST MIGHT see that and have their feelings hurt? What a way to ruin a good mamas reputation! WAIT! Speaking of goodmamas, look at her siggy. Why the hell is she buying used soakers? She can afford all those goodmamas then she can afford to buy brand new soakers and shut her trap!

  49. Grogwench says:

    “I Like Truth”….where is the venom coming from? Are you the mama?

    Anyway, no one is outed, so no one has “ruined a good mamas reputation”.

    Chill honey!

  50. FatCat says:

    I like truth is right… she should have handled that privately.

  51. The Bored Bitch says:

    Guilty conscience, methinks, Groggy.

  52. SSB says:

    Personally the last thing I do to an item before it leaves my house is run a lint roller all over it, just in case.
    But I would not be bothered by a hair on something, it’s just life, and if you want your items hermetically sealed and sanitized go to a mass chain, like that one with the yellow smiley face.
    I certainly hope the seller does not receive negative feedback for that because, coooome on. How nit-picky can you be when you’re buying a used item?

  53. Peachy Keen says:

    Oh so I guess since she spent money on a used item she doesnt have a right to bitch about it??????? Sorry but if I spent my money on it, you bet your ass I’d be bitching as well.
    Not only that but I know that several ppl probably know who the seller is and will never buy from them again. I know I wouldn’t buy from someone ever again if I had a problem with something they sold.

  54. What a wanker says:

    I guess we aren’t allowed to even be human anymore. We must be SUPERhuman and everything MUST be absolutely perfect and pristine.

    I have sat on this, not saying anything for several days on this subject because so many people were just totally grossed out.

    Honestly, I think many of your are blowing this up into being something MUCH bigger than it is.

    I believe the buyer should have absolutely brought this up to the seller in private if she had an issue with it. If not she should let it go and get over it.

    It’s hair, it’s not poop, it’s not pee, it’s not puke, it’s not old rotten food, it’s not bugs, or snakes or any other live things. It’s hair. We ALL lose hair every single day of our lives. All of us.

    Not only that, but depending on the sellers hair length, this could be only one or two hair. Really, seriously. So NOT worth being a pissy, bitchy mess over.

    Geez, can people get more petty than this?

    And no, I don’t have a dang thing to do with this transaction. I just think the buyer is a baby who wanted something to complain about so she could make friends.

  55. What a wanker says:

    Peachy Keen Says “Sorry but if I spent my money on it, you bet your ass I’d be bitching as well.”

    Uh, yeah, Peachy, if you are who I think you are, I have no doubt about this as you are always bitching about something. Really, doesn’t surprise me that you would bitch about this too.

  56. Peachy Keen says:

    For one wanker I am not always bitching about something. For two its her right to be pissed off. Sorry FSOT isn’t always going to be ducks and bunnies.

  57. McMamma38 says:

    I agree with poster #44 and What a Wanker(love the UN btw!)
    Yeah it’s not like it’s covered in hairs or pubbies–it’s 1 hair that I can see.
    It could be alot worse!
    Just pick it off and wash it if it’s bothering you,but to leave feedback and make a big deal out of is just silly drama and would hurt the seller.She’s just wanting to be bitchy.

  58. veganthug says:

    Negative feedback? No.

    This mama should be lynched and banned, human hair? The horror!

    Now this mama needs to strap on her chemical suit & get these horrible infectious hairs off her cover!

    Seriously – this mama should have just sent it back if she was so unhappy. I found a hair or two on a diaper & I couldn’t have cared less. When I pull out a cover, my daughter likes to play with it before I put it on her, that could possibly be maybe baby hair?

    However, I do think this is incredibly funny, hair phobias? I really hope some of these mamas aren’t as bitchy when they’re going out to eat or else hair would be the least of their worries.. LOL.

  59. bugabear says:

    Did anyone see this? http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?p=4225977#post4225977

    You’re afraid your 10-week-old has been injured, and your first thought is to post on DS to ask what to do? Really?

  60. Sherry says:

    Hairs wouldn’t bother me, but I try to be pretty careful when I am shipping something out to make sure it is in pristine condition. Maybe the momma just didn’t see it because it was on the inside? It’s a beautifully made cover, at least that’s a plus!

  61. Peachy Keen says:

    Bugabear I am just going to assume you have no clue what that woman is going thru and not rip you a new one. She was probably frazzled as she has taken in 3 more kids including a toddler and a 10 month old due to her sister being stabbed.

  62. bugabear says:

    I stand by my statement that posting on DS is not even remotely the first thing one should do if they think their infant is injured.

  63. veganthug says:

    Most of the time a doctor wouldn’t even tell you to come straight in unless there was obvious injuries, bleeding, bruising, swelling, being lethargic, etc. If they cry & get over it.. chances are nothing is wrong. They just tell you to keep an eye on them. This thing happens a lot, & 99% of the time mothers over react. I have. I’m sure that baby is completely fine & asking for a little help once the crying is done is not horrible. Message boards make it easy for one person to get tons of answers to one question in a short time.

    My 2 cents.

  64. haha says:

    wow peachy that was totally uncalled for.

  65. DSDM2 says:

    ITA with Peachy on #61.

  66. Peachy Keen says:

    Every once in a while I guess I get it right:)

  67. momofdivas says:

    I think if you in general have such a hair phobia then buying used diapers/clothing might not be the best thing to do.

  68. You Hate Me Cause You Wish You Knew Me AKA MadreJoyce AKA Willow says:

    Like I said on the original thread on DS… I dont see the big deal.. Nothing to get super upset about- its not like you cant wash it or take a lint roller to it.

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