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McMamma38 07-07-2008 09:25 PM

WTH!! What do I DO–I’m at a loss literally!
Ok I purchased 3 Fuzzy Bunz w/ inserts(2 ginham print and 1 lilac)off the FSOT 2 weeks ago or so.
Well the last I heard(after I had to pm her–to see if she got my personal check)was that she was recovering from surgery(I believe wisdom teeth removal)and that she’d deposited my check and her grandmother was mailing them out.Ok–cool.
So I pm her today–because I hadn’t recieved said dipes.Her response–“:cry: –I’m sorry but my husband has stolen your check out of my purse,were in the process of getting a divorce,he’s being a witch or something to that effect–and he was supposed to mail the pkgs!”:banghead: :banghead: She goes on to say that none of the other mamas that bought diapers from her have recieved them because this husband of hers has supposedly ‘DONE”something w/them.WTF?!!

I’m so sick–I know I’ve been scammed.This is my first bad transaction after many on here.I’ve alway’s sent check payments because I dont have a pp account and are old fashioned.
Never again–I’m done w/FSOT and feel sick to my stomach.It was $27.00 or so pp(my offer-she accepted)

I’d try to be understanding–BUT the first story about her grandmother sending them out because she was recovering from surgery and all–I understood.Plus w/ me writing a check–I knew it had to clear first before mamas send my items.Never a problem before.
This mama has good feed back–no negative and is on here(not just to sell)

I pmed her–I want the right story!! I want my diapers–:cry: 😥
Why the hell–if your divorcing would you trust a husband to mail your FSOT diapers out?!
What should I do mamas?
Anyone else getting this sob–scam story?!

McMamma38 07-07-2008 09:44 PM

Re: WTH!! What do I DO–I’m at a loss literally!

Originally Posted by Kylie&Logan’sMommy (Post 4085115)
pm me and i will see if i can do anything:goodvibes:

TY–Pmed you.
I’m so upset!This mama stated in a pm(after I contacted her!)on 6/27 that my check had been deposited and that the diapers were going out that day.Her grandmother was shipping them out.No mention of a scum bag husband running this errand.:banghead: And most importantly of all–no mention that the said check was in her purse and stolen as she claimed today.
She has no idea what happened or where my check or the pkg of dipes is!! As does a lot of mamas she sold too!
She has 33 ratings and 735 posts on here.I’m sick.Guess live and learn.:banghead: :banghead:

If this is a scam(wich I think it is!!!)please help get her banned or whatever.

If I’m wrong about this mama–I’ll be the first to apoilogize.I have a horrid taste in my mouth though.It just doesn’t add up or make sense.

McMamma38 07-07-2008 09:53 PM

Re: WTH!! What do I DO–I’m at a loss literally!
Oh God–I HAVE NO IDEA IF THE CHECK WAS CASHED!:cry: 😥 :banghead: :banghead: –I’m sick.
I’ll be calling the bank first thing tomorrow am–to do just that(stop payment on it!)I literally just logged on to DS late after finally getting my dd to bed and find her pm in response to my early in the day one to her as to where the dipes were?!
My dh will be so upset–he was leery of me purchasing of here.I’ve come to love all the mamas on here and this community–still do.
This one just sours me to FSOT.
McMamma38 07-07-2008 10:10 PM

Re: WTH!! What do I DO–I’m at a loss literally!
No–no automated banking acct.Dh and I have been together over 18 yrs.,never an issue or problem.Were just old fashioned–:blush: :giggle: Still here w/ no cell phones,digital camera or automated banking!
At least we have a computer–:giggle: I’d be at a real loss without my Diaper Swappers!~lol.

The mama pmed me just 5 min.ago stateing that her husband or soon to be ex–did deposit the check and that he said he’d mail the diaper pkgs($500.00+of mine and other mamas stuff!)since her grandmother is in her 70’s.
She stated that she has a lot on her plate and is not scamming anyone!
That if the diapers do not arrive by the end of the week–she’d refund me.
She said she really needs the money from the sales–I’m sorry for her,just really upset that I do not know what story or who to believe.She called her husband a liar–GREAT!!:banghead: :banghead:
She’s looking at refunding $500.00+ dollars to a lot of angry mamas–if said story is correct.
Why me?!!

McMamma38 07-07-2008 10:24 PM

Re: WTH!! What do I DO–I’m at a loss literally!
Yeah–you and me both!
This mama just pmed me again–stateing that her dh stole $60.00 out of her purse recently.Great–and to let her know what my bank says.She says she cannot recall depositing my check like she said in the pm on 6/27 and that she was pretty loopy out of it from the oral surgery–drugs afterward.Great.

I’m just praying I get a refund.She is hopeing my diapers and those sent to others will arrive soon so she’s not refunding over $500.00 worth of stuff.

I’m truely not a biotch and looking to smear her image or cause a raucus.I’m just feeling very upset and leery now.If this is a scam or problem–I needed to get the word out there.Hopeing to prevent anyone else from this mess.

McMamma38 07-07-2008 11:30 PM

Re: WTH!! What do I DO–I’m at a loss literally!

Originally Posted by schend (Post 4085867)
It worries me that she keeps PMing you all these different weird stories.

I really hope it all works out for you mama. :hugs:

God-I know right! In one of her last pms she’s stateing that oh yeah on the 27th of June that she had had surgery that day and didn’t remember pming me that the check had been deposited and the diapers sent.
She wants to make it right–that I could keep the diapers when they came(IF they come–doubtful!)and she’d refund me.But was unsure as to how to refund me since I dont have a pp acct.
I’m like duh–send me the cash or a money order!She’s concerned about her new wahm business and reputation–and not having ppl angry w/ her!She’s also hopeing the mamas involved recieve their diapers.

I’m just so mad,hurt and upset.I’m NEVER sending personal checks out again and am off the fsot for a good long time–if not forever.This is unnerving and sickening!

So, I know who this is. I know lots of things about lots of people, especially since they like to run off at the mouth about almost everything in their lives. So, as soon as I read this, I remembered a thread I read earlier today, so, I went and looked at the thread, and things matched up, 33 feedback, 735 posts. I was actually surprised at how quickly I found it out. I guess I’m getting good at this.
So, the question is… can you guess the scammer with the same information?
  1. amegrl520 says:

    LOL I know who it is! She is very annoying. I was on a “mommy” board with her and she was so damn annoying I had to leave. FWIW though I think she really does have probs with her dh. Lord knows she posted a new vent about him everyday on that other board.

  2. toomuchtimewastedhere says:

    oo oo! me! me!



  3. What a wanker says:

    I know who it is too……what do I win?

    Maeghan is her first name!

  4. What a wanker says:

    LOL! I’ve never paid attention to this check before, but I find it quite funny that she post a question on 7/5/08 saying that she is a new sewer with questions, and yet she opens up a new WAHM business sewing stuff.

    Do people not know you need to practice A LOT before you have enough experience to be a professional sewer?

  5. What a wanker says:

    When I said “check” I meant “chick”!

  6. Sarah says:

    Just freakin’ wonderful, it’s MaeghanAlyson isn’t it? I guess I’ll never see my diaper or my $35 again! I should know better than to fall for sob stories…GAH…never again!

  7. DSDM2 says:

    dingdingding! good job ladies! 😀

  8. IAmWhoIAm says:

    Just reading some of her recent posts I’d never sign up to be a tester for her, let alone buy from her. Not to knock McMamma or anyone else because I’m sure this situation is recent, but there’s something to be said about having your ducks in a row before starting something new. :/

  9. riot says:

    Awww. ]:

    Thats shitty.

  10. toomuchtimewastedhere says:

    Guess I was wrong. Sucks there’s yet another douchebag scammer there.

  11. The Original Just Me says:

    Aww that sucks!

  12. The Bored Bitch says:

    I think The Blog should have a weekly feature of ‘Pin the tail on the Scammer’.

    Yes? No? Anyone?

  13. DSDM2 says:


  14. riot says:

    TBB – awesome idea. Love it.

  15. sassy1 says:

    definately! LOL!!

  16. haha says:

    Okay now here’s what seems shady. She says she doesn’t have money yet apparently bought a 100 dollar diaper!



  17. Damn, you ladies are just as good as I hoped. I think we can make this a regular contribution to the blog. 🙂 I wonder if any of the testers will be backing out?

  18. What a wanker says:

    I can’t keep track of if her husband is living with her or not, or if he has a girlfriend or not or what is going on. My head is spinning. I can’t take it anymore!!!!

  19. DSDM2 says:

    So, um, yeah… the $100 diaper might just be the “nail in the coffin” for her company/her…

    She is sooooooooo not telling the truth. All that material, and the GM… not good for her…

    I hope she gets banned for scamming if it pans out like it looks like, last I saw a lot of moms are talking to the OP about being in the same situation as she is…

  20. siriusmama says:

    Just a little tip for “friends”-never post in the transaction forum that you are friends with the person in question, the first thing everyone will do is check your recent posts to find who you talk to *lmao*

  21. The Bored Bitch says:

    Yer missin’ the AngieBBB-esque-BFing-makes-me-exempt-from-obeying-the-law threads.


    The stupid will make yer eyeballs burn.

  22. illrememberthisname says:

    i read that last night and almost choked laughing..give me a freaking break..

  23. I thought that was gone, I saved the links to all 4 of her threads and they were broken this morning. Thanks for the new link!

  24. the mom says:

    thats the girl who i got a a gm from them she said I couldnt have it because I might have to sell it.

    good to know info!

  25. crackin' up says:

    i bought from meaghanallyson once and had to go to mediation with her. it was horrible….she FINALLY came through—but only after a long time of mods prodding her.

  26. DSDM2 says:

    So, boo hoo hoo, she has 2 kids! and has to get away for the PO?

    Come on! I have more kids than her! And I get to the PO 3-4 times a week if I need to. It isn;t that hard to pack kids and boxes. Geeze… now the PO will misplace or steal them…

  27. the genius says:

    oh brother…this chick is something else. is her dh living with her…or not? and im wondering where she has all the money for $100 goodmamas, bamboo velour prefolds, and loads of fabric, if shes a student.

    yea…no scams here.

  28. Kate says:

    Registered Users

    “holy martyr card… Why don’t you climb down off that cross OP, Jesus said you’re crowding him. ”

    Thank You elabela! I think this has to be the best comment. Had me ROFLMAO at work with the coworkers staring at me like I had a something growing out of my head.

  29. Kate says:

    Well Damn posted in the wrong comments section. Sorry about that!

  30. haha says:

    No the PO won’t steal it because I thought I read that her DH, ex dh, bf or whatever stole the packages AND the money??

  31. McMamma 38 says:

    I am absolutely loving this site! My post was deleted as I thought it would be.
    I’ll be leaving my update on this here then.
    I’m just sick reading everyone’s comments.This mamas(yes you all guessed right!)is wanting to send me a diaper bag tester–totally free.How in God’s name is she going to sew this–she’s a new sewer right?Egads–this is a mess.

  32. kay says:

    Yup I’m in the scammed-on victims boat too. But here’s the clincher…I’ve actually done two other transactions with her (MaeghanAlyson). One where she bought from me (just when she was starting cd’ing in Feb/March). She paid me quickly. It was an easy transaction. She contacted me in May for a trade offer. I accepted on a Friday. I mailed her diapers out the following Monday. She took over a MONTH to mail my trades to me. And gave me a song and dance about how her kids were sick and how she couldn’t get to the PO. I fell for it then.

    And now, well fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice? shame on me. I’m really feeling like a fool now! I should never have bought from her. At least it was her auction on Spots (which she heavily pushed and promoted on DS) and I paid via paypal. So I’ll get my money back, one way or the other.

    It cracks me up that she’s offering people custom OBV prefolds and diaper bags when she just starting out with sewing! That’s some nerve!

    I know she’s going through some hard times. But she needs to get her act together. I hope McMamma keeps us posted on how the mods are dealing with this.

    I hope she gets banned!

  33. McMamma 38 says:

    Oh you can bet your sweet asses–that I’ll be keeping everyone updated! I still have yet to hear from the Mod who said she’d check on this–and this was this am!UUGH–cannot win for loseing.
    I’m really curiose to see if the diaper bag will be shipped! It probably will be crap–since she isn’t an experienced sewer from the look of her crappy wash clothes.(She is on wahm info.and product testing now–pushing the prefolds and wash clothes!)Two mamas have backed out as her testers–I know as a result of pming me personally.
    There’s no mention on her testers thread of her ever offering a diaper bag! Oh and the kicker is==she’s putting OBV prefolds in it.
    Ty Kay–for posting your story.

  34. just me says:

    I was supposed to be one of her testers and even thought she has said they are FFS, at this point with the way fsot is I can’t even afford to be out the 3 dollars it costs to ship 😦 so I am backing out.

  35. just me says:

    I meant though not thought stupid me:D

  36. McMamma 38 says:

    Yeah–I bet a lot of folks back out of her tester spots now!Lol–I saw that too.She’s really back peddling at this point.
    In some of her pms to me yesterday–she said on numerouse occasions”to Shut my big fing mouth!!”–in regards to my post in transactions section.She knows her reutation and word(new business)is threatened by this! She became very threatening to me.
    Now she’s back to being sickening sweet nice–saying to expect my beautiful diapers,that it would be alright–all good.
    Yeah–I’ll believe it whe I see it.

    I told her that I was very pissed off that she waited(and after I had inquired about)to even let me know that her dh or whoever the sckum sucker is(Lol)had stolen my freaking check!!–Wich later she claimed he was lying about and he magically came up w/the reciept of shipping(wich she has yet to show me a copy off of course).
    She claims that she had every right to wait and gather all the facts before pming me!
    WTF?!So basically I’m to not know about it until this asshole runs w/ my personal info abtained from the check.
    I called the Bank–and my check was deposited into her account–so it did go in.After pming her this goody of info.–she magically comes up w/–Oh my dh has finally told me.
    The stories keep on coming as do the excuses.
    Great!!–So beware.I’m praying and hopeing she’s banned.

    My dh is just in utter amazement and has been great–offering his support and hugs.He’s also loving this awesome Blog! How the hell else can people learn of potential scammers and problems–if the Mods on DS are so slow to do something–but fast to delete folks posts and feedback transactions?!

  37. kay says:

    I hear ya McMamma! And if she knew that there was a problem with any of the shipments, why didn’t she inform *ALL* of her buyers of the potential problem. Or at least start checking with people to see if they got their dipes? She was just waiting for people to ask her, trying to get away with it.

  38. McMamma 38 says:

    Beacause she’s knows the shit will hit the fan!
    She kept saying she needed to know more before letting me know and another “story”was that she was so “out of it”due to the drugs she took after her overdramatized post about her wisdom teeth removal(never let on that this was happening BTW!)
    Lots of stories about her kids being sick,her ‘PROBLEMS”w/this so called Josh(dh I assume-Lol).That this wasn’t the first time he’d stolen money,lied,etc.
    I’m just sick…

  39. McMamma 38 says:

    Btw–my original transaction w/ her was on 6/20/08.I never hear from hear again until I inquire if it’s gotten to her–this is in a pm on 6/27–she finally gives me tons of excuses and fesses up that her dh has stolen my check and doesn’t know what he’s done w/ the pkgs.(claiming that over $500.00 is involved–that she fears having to refund)–but this “little confession”comes after her lie that the check WAS deposited that day on 6-23 and her g-mom mailed the diapers.
    Yesterday late she finally admits that this dh scumbucket admitts that he found the reicepts for shipping and the stuff was mailed out on 7-3–but he gave the receipt to g-mom-whom she claimed lost it!
    My bank said my check was put into her account on 6-30–BTW.
    She is insensed that I’m ruining her business or will–I keep insisting I want the truth at this point–forget the diapers.
    If I can help another mama avoid this train wreck of a mama–then I’m glad.

  40. McMamma 38 says:

    Ooops–adding she fears the $500.00+ that she’ll owe to all the other mamas combined.I’m included in that as we all know.

  41. McMamma 38 says:

    I digress after rechecking my pms–on 6-27 pm she states that she has deposited my check and the diapers are shipped.No mention of anyone else shipping them but her!

    When I finally pmed her to inquire why the diapers aren’t here–she fesses up to the dh stealing the check and doesn’t know where my diapers or the other mamas are.This was the pm yesterday that started this whole mess and my op.
    Please forgive my flub.It was a very long day yesterday–fulll of her pms as well as several other mamas pms alerting me of their problems w/her,etc.

    I’ll update when and if things are resolved.

  42. McMamma 38 says:

    Great–reading her posts and threads(she’s been on )Something I should of done BEFORE buying from her.
    Anyway she has posted on Off Topic under Teen Pregnancy(not judgeing her for this!–so no flames please)
    But in her thread she states she had (had–yeah right!–this doesn’t just go away ppl!) severe clinical depression,was cutting herself,involved w/several ppl.—UUGH.
    if only I had “my ducks in a row”like the other poster on here stated–I’d of avoided the drama and mess I’m involved in now.

    Clinical depression(and severe at that) is scary–not good.It’s an illness–and I’m sorry for ppl that suffer from this.I’m just not excited about the background here.
    She also stated she has had problems w/drugs back then.She’s a young mama–I believe 19 or 20–so that wasn’t too long ago.
    I know I’m in for it now–this will be a long drawn out problem.I was wondering why she kept pming me like nuts(after not for so long!)–and was waffeling between a nice sugar sweet person –to Shut your fing mouth–and threatening me! Now I know why!
    Scary! Why me!?

  43. DSDM2 says:

    She is too young to have a business IMO. If things are this hard for her, she needs to wait until she ” grows up “. (Not all young moms are in this catagory, she is just to immature/moronic to be a WAHM and such.)

    After being around DS and the community as long as I have, I have learned a lot.

    She isn’t going to make it and there are good reasons why. She will get in over her head and be a scammer FAST.

    Here are my concerns:
    1.) She doesn’t practice on her own with less expensive fabrics. (HUGE waste of start up funds) Just digging a hole before even getting up and going.

    2.) Didn’t check her “company name” before starting… umm ever hear of google? DUH.

    3.) Has no idea how to use fabrics/machines (as per her posts on DS lately with all the questions)

    4.) Has too many issues when selling her personal stuff, let alone adding sewing, shipping etc. for a company to that.

    5.) She isn’t mentally stable. (Not that people with problems can’t be wahms, she just has WAY too many and doesn’t seem to focus)

    6.) She spends all of her funds before she even ships or makes sure her customers are happy.

    7.) She has BAD money management issues. Just go look at her posts.

    8.) Too many ” family issues”

    The list could go on… I’m just going to sit back and watch the train wreck. She will be banned before long.

    Someone should link her here so she can tell her side/let us poke at her.

  44. McMamma 38 says:

    Please dont link her! OMG–she’s not stable and I dont need anymore crazy pms or problems from her.
    This is for my protection! Remember I still do NOT have my diapers or any resolution yet.
    Lets all just watch her go down–it will happen sooner rather than later,INMOP.

  45. DSDM2 says:

    LOL, You can post all PMs here. if you take a SS of them and then also CP them, I will post them.

  46. DSDM2 says:

    What a dim whit. Reading more of her BS

  47. McMamma 38 says:

    Giggle(blush)please share!

  48. Kate says:

    Saw a post this morning asking about Celtic Cloth and buying fabric from them. She has money for fabric but is worried about refunding the mamas. SHe needs to put everyting on hold before she invests money in fabric. Go to Walmart and get some cheap flannel to practice on first!
    McManna I would try to change your bank number in case her DH has that info. He supposedly opened 2 credit cards in her name without her knowing and maxed out one already. Sounds like he might have some sort of addictions problem if you ask me.

  49. MajKitab says:

    McMamma.. there is no protection here, sorry. That is what anonymity is all about and you blew that in your first post.

    She’ll be linked here sooner or later.

  50. DSDM2 says:

    There are so many things that I want to say to this chick… man… I really hope she does come here. Although I am sure she is too dense to hear what I have to say.

  51. Maeghan says:

    Hello there! 😀

    Just so you know, I’m not that new to sewing. Yeah, It’s been awhile and i’m rusty. Though, I’m not a fabric guru so I don’t know that much about fabric. I didnt invest alof of money in fabric. I did however go and buy bamboo for my prefolds. Those are the only prefolds we can use. Yes I practiced making prefolds with other material first. I’m not a total idiot. But just bc I didnt tell you about it doesnt mean I didnt fucking do it. I’m sorry, I didnt think I had to give every detail of my life. I do know how to use a machine. And Yes, I had every intention to make you that diaper bag. Not any more though. You call me crazy but yet your the one who says one thing to me and runs your mouth to others and says something totally different. You didnt give me a chance to rectify the situation before you turned into an attention seeking bitch.

    Yeah, I’m clinically depressed. Was diaganosed a LONG time ago with it. If you knew my child hood, you would understand but really its none of your buisness now is it. I have it under control and its been years since since the depression has reared its ugly head.

    Yeah, I have alot of problems in my life right now that all stem from my douch bag husband. Lieing, manipulative, evil asshole. Yet again, thats none of your buisness either. For clarification, He did not steal your check and I verified that. No worries there.

    I didnt realize I had to tell you that someone else was dropping of the package. Its none of your buisness as long as it gets to you. I had no choice but to sell all of those diapers. All that money went to my surgery. I didnt find out till that monday before that I had to fork out $700 that firday for my surgery. So I sold every diaper I had except for my prefolds and a couple pockets for night time.

    Yes, I have had shipping problems before. The first time I did, DD was in the HOSPITAL! She went in three times with a kidney infection. SHe was vomiting, dehydrated, and had a 104 fever. I’m sorry but thats more important than anything else. The second time, I asked DH to mail the packages bc I couldnt get out of the house to do it. YOu honestly think there is a way for me to carry a two year old and a six month old to the PO with 10 packages? Yeah fucking right. I’m not about to risk my childs safety. Sorry. I did fix the situation immediatly though. Guess that does say anything about me though huh? Yet all of the bad stuff defines me right?

    Go to hell morons. 🙂

  52. DSDM2 says:

    So first off, you made it everyone’s business when you posted it all on DS.

    Second, if this is how you treat customers, you really need to think. She is your customer, used diapers or not. I for one will never buy from you and hope others see your stupid ass post here.

    “You honestly think there is a way for me to carry a two year old and a six month old to the PO with 10 packages? Yeah fucking right.”

    Umm, Yeah I do expect it! I do it with more than that. It is called a bag, put the packages in the bag and tie the baby on. That leaves you 2 hands free for the 2YO.

    You are too fucking dependent on everyone else doing things for you. If you can’t do it yourself, don’t sell it.

    PO comes to your home too you know…

  53. DSDM2 says:

    And for what it is worth, you don’t impress me that much, I have read your threads…

    You put a lot of shit out there and dig your own holes. You might want to think before you run that mouth of yours. Especially if you are attempting to be a wahm.

  54. DSDM2 says:

    And FWIW, I just saw your post about your DH moving out and causing your depression to be worse…. So there is another lie you are in.

  55. MajKitab says:

    And the show begins!

  56. maree9304 says:

    I’m so sorry you’re going through so much right now. Maybe you should get pregnant, you know, since having children solves problems and all.

  57. Maeghan says:

    Am I allowed to be upset bc my husband lied to me and moved out? Yeah, I think I am. BTW I said that my depression is under control. The situation makes it harder to keep it that way. I never once said that it was worse by any means.

    I don’t have a scale to ship things from home. THough, I did plan on buying one soon. And no, Its not possible for me to strap my 6 month old too me for one bc I dont have a carrier any more. And two, My two year old is CLINGY. Just like any normal two year old. Shes also shy. W/e Enough excuses. I’m just not going to risk my childs safety and comfort. BTW I didnt ask DH to mail those packages.

    Ack. I dont have to tell you all my life story. Even if I did you wouldnt believe it. You will choose to believe what you want wether its the truth or not.

    I was treated unfairly in this situation and that is that. I should have been able to rectify the situation before it went to this. This is childish. I’m done defending myself bc and honestly I’m done with DS. You all are mad at DS bc they try to keep it a clean nice community. With bitches like you, It will never be that way. What happened to ppl being FAIR? Hmm well….fairness doesnt exsist in a fantasy world.

  58. boom1128 says:

    omg DSDM1 & 2, i think i love you both. i just spent a boring nap reading about the crazy DS drama. you make naps fun!! i even baked cookies for it!!

    and maeghan will now be added to my do not b/s/t list. too many holes there.

  59. boom1128 says:

    oh and honey if you can afford a $100 diaper, you can afford a scale. they’re pretty cheap.

  60. Maeghan says:

    Umm “honey” That diaper was given to another mama who wanted to buy it from me.

  61. boom1128 says:

    i am just going to go ahead and agree with post 43. **insert smiley here**

  62. McMamma 38 says:

    Well for one–you CAN take like 3 yds of fabric and tie the baby on your hip,place the other 2yr old in a stroller(placing pkgs in the basket on stroller or in your hand) and mail those pkgs YOURSELF!! No store bought baby carrier required.
    They’re oh so easy to sew up btw,

    Second of all–you didn’t tell me that story on messing up on shipping(on the other mamas orders)You said that your husband had forgotten to mail pkgs for you and they were in the back of your car.What’s the truth?!

    You are responsible about communicating when diapers ship–that you have an actually dc# to give out to your customers–you follow up every freaking step of the way to make sure your customers are happy.It only reflects on you.

    You can get shipping figured out online and have the PO pick pkgs up !

    I’m sorry if you have all these problems in your life—BUT please do me a favor Learn FROM THIS.


    I wasn’t expecting that diaper bag tester to come.This was supposed to be my refund–since you said you had no other diapers to send me or $–in fact you didn’t know how to send me a refund since I had sent you a check.
    I’m not expecting anything—Actions and words DO SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.
    Who’s calling the kettle black here?!!
    I was not being a “bitch”–I was not turning this around.I was civil to you up until I started getting pms from mamas about you.
    Last night–I wanted to NOT have the fight and ugly pms because we were getting no where.So I called a truce.

    A mama on DS -whom I’m forever grateful too pmed me this blog link.I needed somewhere to vent–and update the post!

    So this is our resolutuion–You just shot yourself down honey chile!

  63. DSDM2 says:

    Maeghan… so what is the truth? There are too many stories…

    and you are going to refund aren’t you? I mean as a wahm you better… reputation is everything….

    And FTR, right now I do have multiple children that have to go to the PO with me. I wear one, push one and have the others holds hands.

    If you can’t manage your kids at the PO you have no business being a wahm at all 😀

    And man, I haven’t gotten bitchy yet 😉 Just wait “honey”.

  64. haha says:

    Scales are what 20 bucks? You put the initital 100 bucks out there for said diaper (according to your previous post) instead you should have just bought the scale!

    I totally understand not wanting to risk your child’s safety HOWEVER you sold the diapers without anyone making you do it. When you accepted the mama’s monies you told them that you would mail the packages out. Therefore it was YOU that you can blame for having to make the trek to the PO.

    And next…if you don’t want to tell the entire world about your problems don’t post about them on a public board. I’ve been on DS for over 3 years and I bet not 1 person know’s my “real” name or any personal information (okay I lied since my cousin and 2 best friends are on there…but you get the point). Selective information. If you have problems in your life DS is so totally not the place to vent about them!

  65. DSDM2 says:

    You are making quite the name for yourself on DS, I just saw that you are having testers pull out already…

  66. DSDM2 says:

    Also, before you go and write that paper you are starting, you might want to work on using better argumentative techniques; yours are sorely lacking.

  67. McMamma 38 says:

    Oh another thing–you only told me that your dh stole my check–because you couldn’t find it and it hadn’t been deposited and he wasn’t telling you where the pkgs of diapers were After I had to inquire about the status on my diapers.
    That you honestly had no idea–it was a loopy couple of days…
    You’d previosly said that my check had been deposited and the diapers were on the way(had in fact shipped!)

    Then after I posted my post about this transaction and my concern!! Wich was warranted–it was not to bring you down or be a bitch.Believe me!! Your pms became nasty as a result of course –because you were not likeing how this post thread was going!
    That’s when you said–your dh admitted what he had done-that he had lied and did in fact mail the diapers out on 7-3.
    I was glad you got this out of the jerk!
    You also said your g-mom didn’t mail them because Josh mailed the for her–since she’s in her 70’s.She was given the receipt on shipping from Josh–then you or he claims it was lost.
    Please just come clean–get your story right!
    Tell the truth.
    I was most pissed off in last night pm when you said that the reason you didn’t pm earlier about Josh stealing the check,etc(you later recanted–or he fessed up–wich is well and good)
    was that you weren’t sure.
    This warrants an immediate pm–there is our whole financial and personal lives at stake here!
    I hate to think that you would be getting away w/ this–now mamas can see for themselves.
    You owe it to yourself,your children and everyone to be 100% honest and responsible.
    I AM NOT OUT TO TAKE YOU DOWN–just expose the truth.

    If you knew me(as many on DS do)you would know I’m such the oposite of a bitch.I was rightfully upset,scared and very concerned.

  68. DSDM2 says:

    McMama, he still had your financial info. Whether the check was deposited or not. She put your identity in a position to be stolen by her DH.

  69. McMamma 38 says:

    BTW–please dont diss this site.
    I for one am grateful it’s here.There’s also a bad apple blog as well.Be careful–these mamas do not play! We protect each other.

  70. McMamma 38 says:

    TY DSDM2–i am aware and protecting ourselves.Dh is on board as well.I appreciate the concern.

  71. McMamma 38 says:

    I didn’t start posting on here to keep this drama up btw–Yes I hope you rectify the situation.
    I was contacted by a friend/fellow member on DS–who gave me this Blog Link–so I could update this post(because it had been deleted by a mod)
    I need a way to update this if and when you “rectify” everything–IF not mamas are made aware-wich is good!

    I did not request that this post be copied or pasted on here–btw.There’s folks watching behind the scences on DS–wich comforts me.

  72. DSDM2 says:

    We don’t need requests. 😀 We know drama when we see it.

  73. Just so you know, I’ve got the entire thread C&Pd on my computer in case I need to whip out some posts. 🙂

  74. Ashley says:

    There should REALLY be a list of all the scammer mama’s or at least the iffy ones.

  75. McMamma 38 says:

    I whole heartedly agree Ashley!
    The drama mama–I’m so glad you do!
    DSDM2—Yay! Rock on,,Lol.

    I’ve been contacted by the involved Mod–and am happy.I’m thinking of going in the mediation room.She’s aware–I’m so glad she’s seen this blog.(i didn’t reveal this great blog–she knew about it without me )Yay!

  76. McMamma 38 says:

    Oh–I know you dont need requests,Lol.That was mentioned more for Meaghan Alyson’s benefit!

  77. cassie says:

    there is a blog called diaperscammers… i believe it’s on blogspot. ravyn runs it, and i think she still needs help digging up all the scammers if anyone is interested;)

  78. the mom says:

    what a mess!!!!

    mcmama-you di nothing wrong! i hope you get your money back. :hugs:

  79. dsanddpinmama says:

    Re: #57 and the comment about not having her own carrier?

    “…no, Its not possible for me to strap my 6 month old too me for one bc I dont have a carrier any more.”

    Well apparently she *does* know how to make one, a nice one in fact, and cheaply:


    See page two for her response and pic of her wrap. Oh Maeghan…and again, another hole in your many sob stories and excuses…

    So now I have to ask, why couldn’t she put the baby in that, push the toddler in a stroller, put the packages in the basket, or a bag and haul all of our packages to the PO herself….before the surgery even took place? Most of her HC auctions and DS transactions were done a couple days before it.

    Oh what a tangled web we weave…..

  80. Maeghan says:

    I don’t understand why I wasnt given the chance to rectify the situation before you went on a bitch raid. Thats all. I should have been given the time to fix it before my name was slandered like it was. Yes, I didnt make the best of choices but I CLEARLY apologized for it and yet I am STILL getting hell for it. And thats fair? AND I promised you a full refund AND a free diaper bag bc of what your going through. I never said I didnt have money to send you, I said I don’t have checks and asked you HOW you would want me to refund you.

    BTW, If i’m correct, which if I’m not please tell me, I supposedly told you on the 27th that your check was cashed right? Do you realize I went in for surgery that morning? From what my grandmother told me, I wasnt even awake the rest of the day. I was even so messed up I fell down the stairs and messed up my back. But NONE of this I remember. If I told you that, I must of TRUELY thought that is what happened. Which is why, When you msged me later on in the week, I told you I don’t remember cashing it and I think my DH might have taken it out of my wallet bc he took the $60 I had out of my wallet that morning. After spending like an entire day trying to figure out what happened, my grandmother let me know that after my surgery I gave the check to josh to cash. WHich is WHY I don’t remember it. It’s not as messed up as it seems. Look, I have alot of problems in my life…yes…each I’m working on day by day. My life has always been a fucking novel. I vent on public forums bc I dont have anywhere else to vent. I would rather take my frustration and sadnes out on the internet rather than at home around the people I love. I can’t keep stuff in or it makes things worse for me and harder to deal with. I let it out and its better. Thats how I have always been.

    Look lets stop this drama bc its stupid. Honestly. I get why your mad and I get this is a huge mess but i’m gonna fix it and you will see.

    And about my buisness, I didnt plan on opening it any time soon. I realize I have some things to fix before I open my own shop and buisness. Thats the whole point in getting testers and getting opinions from others. I do want to open it though bc I would much rather stay home with my girls then get a full time job and have someone else raise my children. I’m going to take advantage of the time I have with them. I realize just how important I am to them bc of the mother I never had but always wanted. IDk

    I’m done with this. Just chill out and let things get fixed and stop all this drama plz.

  81. McMamma 38 says:

    Again!!Sigh–I was free to post that post because I was quite alarmed by what was going on! Like I stated this /was my first possible bad transaction on DS or anywhere.
    I was quite alarmed and freaked out about where this is possibly headed.–Still am frankly.
    I wanted a place to hear ppl’s opinons and feedback.

    Yes–you said on that day(your surgery day apparently)w/no mention of this surgery to me.I later would read of it on the site btw–and even offered you my sympathy NEVER realising the mess we’d end up in.Anyway–that is the day you told me the diapers were shippped and my check was deposited.You had to of been really messed up then!
    I posted that post as a pure reaction to my pm from you after I inquired if the diapers had shipped out yet and you stateing that Josh “stole”not the less alarming term you chose to just use(“took”)my check! It was alarmist to say the least–then the long rant about your troubles and Josh.
    Who the hell wouldn’t post something in transactions and feedback!My God–I hope you’d do the same if it was you.

    So am I going to get a straight answer about the shipping? You have still to tell me(after being asked)if the diapers were shipped priority?And where is the delivery confirmation#.
    BTW–no diapers today.Well see.

  82. Maeghan says:

    Yes, You had every right to post but you had no right to post every little piece of information about me. Which is WHY that post got deleted. The whole point of that forum is ask for advice w/o outing the other party. You gave EVERY piece of info about me (intetionally).

    LIke I siad, I have no recolectoin of Friday or Saturday. THe only think I knew was I asked my grandmother to mail the packages for me. Then come to find out she asked Josh. But w/e I FINALLY got Josh to talk to me and tell me the date he shipped. IDK if they were shipped priority bc he won’t talk to me. The ONLY thing he said to me was they shipped on the 3rd and he would bring me the reciept (which he never did) He Supposedly got DC and gave them to my grandmother which she supposedly lost. Or that was the story I got when I sat them down to talk to them about this. BTW Another mama involved in this transaction got her package to day so I have all the faith in the world you will get yours.

    Yes when I saw my money and your check were gone out of my wallet I FREAKED. Which is WHY I said what I said to you. Would you have rather me not cared at all?

    Why don’t you calm the fuck down and let all of this drama die down? Obviously I’m far from a scammer. If I was one, I wouldnt be doing this right now.

    BTW, This crap is TOTALLY ruining my half way decent day. I got a 92 on my english midterm and a 100 on my math test. Despite all of the crap going on am home and despite the stress that this has put me under, I am still determined to do well and focus on whats important.

  83. McMamma 38 says:

    OMG–If you cared you would of told me the day you realised that Josh stole my check!Not waited until I contacted you w/an inquiry as to what was going on!
    Oh I AM CALM!

  84. MajKitab says:

    How about you calm the fuck down ya stupid bitch (Maeghan)!

    McMamma has every right to feel any damn way she pleases. Her money is gone and she has nothing to show and you can’t provide any information about her package. Screw you asshole.

    I’m sure you give better blow jobs than customer service… Something to think about when considering your next line of work after your pitiful attempt on DS fails.

  85. the genius says:

    lmao…youre full of shit maeghan. on the 27th you were quite active on diaperswappers. asking about how to sew…complaining about your mouth…all kinds of lovely posts. incoherent my ass. quite frankly i think your better off shutting the fuck up right about now, becuase you keep coming with more and more blatantly obvious lies that dont take a genius to figure out are false. if you had the money to send these people, you would have already sent it. youre a scammer…simply put.

  86. McMamma 38 says:

    BTW–i DID not out you–if I did it was not intentional!
    People have brains you know.
    It was pure venting on my part and to see what other’s had to offer in the way of feedback!
    I had a pm from a friend today saying that she saw no reason the post was deleted!
    Anyway–this is my first post about a problem transaction.IF I did anything wrong –it was not intentional!
    All the mod said that deleted it was that it contained sensitive stuff.
    So IF I messed up–I did ,but only as a newbie to posting on that forum.
    Again–I will be glad to update if and when the diapers come.
    I just have learned an awful lot and will never be so naive again or trusting.Your certainly showing your true colors tonight.

  87. What a wanker says:

    God, I really wish this chick would stop calling it surgery like she had a tumor removed, or was in a hospital under general anesthesia for major invasive surgery or something.

    You had wisdom teeth extracted. This is not exactly what I would call surgery. I have had them extracted (3 of 4 at different times each-two of which were embedded in my sinuses) and while not the funnest time in my life, I wouldn’t call it surgery. You were loopy because you chose to take drugs to deal with the pain. It’s a tooth extraction! Not major surgery. It’s like you are trying to garner major sympathy for your surgery and sweetie, I just can’t do it for a tooth extraction.

  88. DSDM2 says:

    So now you want to be a midwife huh? Good luck with that.

  89. DSDM2 says:

    post 88, I agree! I went to work (was 21 at the time) after getting 2 out and having a root canal in one day. All I took was Tylenol.

    And Meaghan, you are still a VERY stupid child yourself and NEED to grow the fuck up. But “w/e”

  90. McMamma 38 says:

    LMAO!! TY everyone!

  91. McMamma 38 says:

    I’ve also had my wisdom teeth out–while not fun,I was able to manage on tylenol afterwards.I didn’t consider it surgery either–it was an extraction of impacted teeth.

  92. Maeghan says:

    *sigh* WHY must everyone think they know everything about me by a few posts? Just bc I post SOME informations in a few posts doesnt mean you know the ENTIRE situation and esp. it doesnt mean you know everything about me!

    Have yyou ever been on pain meds? I said I was loopy. Yes, So why does that mean I couldnt have been active on DS? lol I probably was very active on DS esp. since I have a laptop in bed with me. I certainly don’t remember anything though. lol Pain medicine does that. It also keeps me wired. I don’t do well with it so I don’t take it that often. Plus, It takes 24-48 hours for anesthesia to completely wear off. And I had more than jsut my wisdom teeth removed but tahts none of your buisness and I don’t plan on going into details about it. And I sure as hell don’t need sympothy from any for it. THis is one of the less major surgeries I have had.

    I told everyone who has been in this transaction that if they didnt recieve their diapers by friday I would be more than happy to refund and thats exactly what I plan on doing. How does that make me a scammer? It really doesnt. You are the only one who made this big of a deal about it. IDK How many times I Have to say that I’m sorry and I made a mistake before you will open your eyes and actually read it. *sigh*

    I tried to calm the situation down and this is what I get?

  93. Maeghan says:

    And about your check yet again, I told you immediatly after I searched for it. Liek I said before, YOu msged me and asked me about it, I looked for it, My money and your check was gone, I freaked and told you. How is that me not telling you about it?

    And everyone is calling me childish when I was the one trying to diffuse the situation. Sorry, I’m keeping my cool unlike some others on here. Looks like i’m not the only one that needs to grow up. BUt then again, you don’t know me well enough to tell me to grow up so I guess I can’t do the same to you can I? hmmmm

  94. the genius says:

    lmao. listen chick…you post your life story all over diaperswappers…we only know what we read. and theres alot to read, trust me.

    what else could you possibly be getting done thats so awful…at the dentists office? or excuse me, the oral surgeons office? lmao…youre a piece of work kid. like i said…stfu. trust me..a little silence would go a loooong way on your end kiddo.

  95. Maeghan says:

    how can u know my life story by two posts about my husband? yeah okay……not quite lol

    and how in the world do you even know I was at the office? you don’t…..

    your making ASSUMPTIONS

    wrong ones at that

  96. Maeghan says:

    And WHY is everyone getting so pissy?

    I thought ppl wanted me to apologize and for me to learn from my mistakes?


    I DID apologize and admit I made some bad choices so obviously everyone here is just seeking drama. *sigh*

  97. MajKitab says:

    Let’s see… This isn’t a drama blog… Is it?

  98. CM says:

    Why are people getting pissy?

    Because you are STEALING FROM OTHER PEOPLE! DO YOU UNDERSTAND THIS? You are lying through your allegedly pulled teeth and blaming anyone and everyone that you can when the truth is YOU ARE A SCAMMER. And you have scammed more people than what has been brought out here

    I really hope that your BS attempt at being a WAHM blows up in your LYING, NO GOOD, STEALING, WHITE TRASH LOOSER FACE! And I really hope it happens before you fuck over any more people.

    Guess what? I could careless if we ruined your happy day. Who gives a shit if you did well on some test? Not a single person here and not a single person that you screwed over!

    Grow the fuck up and come back when your an adult that can conduct business like an adult!

  99. Maeghan says:


    how in the world do you KNOW i’m a scammer? WIll you be eating your words when she either 1 gets her package or 2 gets her refund?

    I don’t get how i’m stealing from anyone if I fix the situation.

    do you honestly not see how stupid this is?

  100. CM says:

    Regardless if she gets her package or her refund I GUARANTEE that I WILL NEVER take back calling you a scammer. Because SHE IS NOT THE ONLY ONE YOU HAVE DONE THIS TO. AND YOU CAN NOT BACK PEDDLE AND FIX EVERY SITUATION NOW THAT YOU HAVE BEEN CAUGHT!

    You need to get your shit together! What kind of example are you setting for those girls when you are stealing from other people! You are taking money away from other people’s babies!

  101. Maeghan says:

    OMG. LOL This is so rediculous. The reason other ppl are having problems is bc I SOLD $400 worth of diapers that were all shipped AT THE SAME TIME!!!! lol I told them ALL the same thing!!

    If you don’t get your package by friday, I will refund.

    That in NO WAY makes me a scammer. lol

    Say a mama took a package to the PO and forgot to get a DC. You go a week and still no package and msg her. SHe doesnt know what happened. After another week, she assums the package was lost in the mail and refuded for it. Does that make her a scammer? Just bc the package got lost in the mail? Doubt it. I’m not taking money from anybody. Everyone will either get their packages. Which honestly I hope they do bc some of those diapers were REALLY speical to me.

  102. CM says:

    I love how your so fucking clueless! I’m going to enjoy watching you go down. Regardless if you manage to come out of this without being banned from DS, you’ll never make it in the wahm world. You have screwed over people! You change your story fifty million times. Your telling so many lies that you can’t even keep it straight! A little tip for you for the next time you try to do something like this, make yourself a cheat sheet so you can keep track of your own lies!

    Anyone else enjoying how she’s already planned for these packages to get lost in the mail?

    And everyone will either get their packages or what? You never did finish that comment. How about or they are just shit out of luck because you’ve already taken their money and spent it at celtic cloth and other stores buying things that you can’t really afford in an effort to give you a way to screw over even more people? Oh and FYI you FUCKTARD, Celtic cloth is closed 2 days right smack in the middle of the week so most normal people expect a slightly slower shipping time table. Add onto that that last week there was a holiday so they were closed 3 days last week not counting the weekend! So quit bitching and moaning that you didn’t get your order yet!

    I’m logging off now because as a GOOD mother I will be getting up in 4 hours to take care of my children and go about my day NOT FUCKING OVER OTHER PARENTS!

  103. McMamma 38 says:

    Umm what happened to the $100.00? You told me that it was over $500.00 in peoples diapers.
    Your caught in your own lie!Please explain for me.

  104. McMamma 38 says:

    I’m waiting!–taps foot.

  105. McMamma 38 says:

    Morning! Another thing–you mentioned in one of your posts that your grandmother said you were out of it and slept most of the day after your “surgery”–yet in another you’re saying the pain meds keep you “wired” and that you were in the bed w/your lap top just posting away.You’re previose posts alone on this day show you very much awake and co-herant sweetie pie!
    Please explain that to us ok?
    Again lies and more stories.
    In your feedback(wich you just gave me early in the am hrs.this am)states what a sweet mama I am(no mention of a bitch here,Lol!)that I sent payment fast–and you hope I accept your apology!
    Are you fing kidding me?!! This is really an insult at this point.
    You mention in a pm early this morning titled –“Why” that you wanted this to be settled w/mods and just between us.
    Again are you fing dense–It is clearly stated as to why this is now going on on this blog.Wich yet again I tell you was a blog I never even knew existed and my op was copied and pasted by the watchful eyes of those behind the sceans.
    I am so grateful again.
    You also said it was cruel on here–well what did you expect.

    BTW–a little tip(positive feedback is given to buyers when you recieve their monies usually–it comes right away or has for me every other times my sellers have left it for me!)Just a tip for you.
    I will not be sending you yours until i RECIEVE my diapers–when and if.
    Dh said–it’s not worth the $28.00 at this point and you know he’s right.It is so beyond that now–It’s about exposing this for what it is.

    It’s so not about the $ or the diapers now…
    Like I said–I’m waiting–but not expecting resolution from you.
    Please don’t ever treat another customer or buyer like this on here or anywhere else ever again! Learn this lesson–and yes-that’s a cruel lesson.
    It’s a cruel world.
    I am absolutely livid!!
    And if this does turn out and the diapers come or w/e–I will update about it on here .If I was a such a bitch and so cruel–you bet I wouldn’t be updateing when I do get the items or the refund.
    You haven’t obviosly seen a real bitch then!! If I was –It would be oh so easy to not do the right thing here.But that is stooping to low for me–I am not that kind of person.
    My words and actions mean something unlike yours.
    Enough said on my part–LOL–FOR NOW.

  106. McMamma 38 says:

    Btw–Please dont send me positive feedback! It smacks of backpeddling.Just so you know–feedback is given usually the same day you recieve and get my $.
    You said I was a sweet mama in it and that my payment was fast–and that you hoped I would accept your apology?!
    Are you fing kidding me?!
    So now I’m being called a sweet mama–so I’m not the bitch then?
    In your pm very early this am–entitled”Why?” you wonder and have the audacity to ask why I’m doing this to you?My God woman–wake up.What an insult to my intelligence.You said it was so cruel on here–well yeah mama.Duh.
    I’m sick of explaining myself.

    Also–I’m loving the post about you being in bed all day sleeping or out of it as your post and your grandmother say you were after your “surgery”–but in another post you claim to be hiked up on the pain drugs and you took you laptop in the bed w/you–obviosly posting away on DS.Very much awake and NOT drugged up.
    I’m very irrate now.What’s your response to that?! Please enlighten us.
    I do stand by my word and will be posting the update or resolution when and if it comes.My dh said it’s so not worth the $27.00.He’s right. If I was a so called bitch out to ruin you and be cruel-you bet your ass I dont have to post the update if it pans out! Is that being a bitch?! I am so not that mama–I just want the truth to be known.
    Other mamas have been known to do just that–not update and post a resolution that pans out,

    You have really dug yourself a hole–please explain yourself now.

  107. McMamma 38 says:

    You’re feedback from me is coming soon.I’m waiting to see how this all comes out.You’re so lucky you haven’t gotten negative feedback from me so far.
    That’s the kind of person I am.Always honest and so not a bitch as you claim that I am.
    I have yet to call you a name–have you noticed that?!
    If I did–I’ll be the first to stand corrrected.
    So dont play around w/me or insult my intelligence.

  108. dsanddpinmama says:

    OMG! I cannot believe she left that fb! I mean, you should get positive fb…but who is she kidding? Herself? Does she honestly think that leaving you positive fb will make you forget all the smack talking she’s done in her pm’s to you and on here?

    McMamma…I am sorry that you are carrying the weight of this. I think you’ve handled it all really well. And nowhere did I ever see you call her *any* names!

  109. dsanddpinmama says:

    If….and it’s a big *IF* I ever get my dipe from her, the best I’ll leave her is neutral fb. She hasn’t been nasty to me personally. But the length of time between the auction and the actual delivery, along with the complete lack of communication, until *I* initiated with her is enough to warrant neutral fb in my book.

    And just seeing her responses here and how she is talking to you, McMamma, is really ticking me off. Apparently she’s not enough of a grown up to handle the situation with responsibility and common courtesy.

  110. haha says:

    If it was just ONE transaction that would be one thing but it’s apparently a lot of them for 400 bucks. And the fact that you say if they aren’t their by Friday I’ll refund you makes me think that you didn’t send them out in time (and possibly not until this blog hit)….otherwise you would be a little more upset at the thought of loosing 400 dollars in refunds AND 400 dollars in dipes.

    Furthermore because you are so defensive about it I think either a) you were just slow on shipping (which believe me lots of moms are okay with as long as you communicate with them) or b) you got in way over your head with your shipping and your a little stressed out by all the packages you sent out and instead of sending a few every day or so your just spewing excuses and lies instead of saying “I’m overwhelmed and am working on getting these out”

    The bottom line is (well to the people that I’ve sold to anyway) LOTS of DS mama’s are patient if you have an open line of communication vs just trying to ignore the problem and make it go away!

  111. dsanddpinmama says:

    By starting that thread on DS, you kind of became the unofficial spokeswoman for all of us that fell victim to her. So all the anger and frustration that she has about the entire situation is being taken out on you. And that’s unfair. I’m sorry that you are bearing the brunt of it.

  112. DSDM2 says:

    OK, this is why most of us are being so “mean” to you:

    YOU ARE NOT ACCEPTING RESPONSIBILITY. You are passing all the blame on others.

    In the 5 years that I have been around this community, I have seen more than my share of “good intentioned” scammers. You are one of them. You don’t realize that your actions make you a scammer even if you don’t mean for them to. You are already in over your head and are now trying to add more to your plate (how are you in over your head? We have read your posts, it is easy to figure out that you can’t handle school, work, kids, normal life, therapy, marriage, and selling personal items all at one time. Adding a WAHM company where you make things is going to make your like 10fold more difficult. You are going to take money from mamas, get behind, spend the funds, and end up scamming. Even though you don’t “intend” to do it.

    My MOTHER is 70. And guess what, she still goes on 3 mile walks every day and even mails things at the PO and gets her own groceries! SO I don’t buy the “my granny is too old” thing. MY granny is 102. She is still living, and even manages to mail her own items from her home… go figure.

    I have 5 children under the age of 6. I make it to the post office with ALL 5, and my packages. I don’t ask my mommy/grandma/baby’s daddy/so to help me care for my kids or my business. If I can’t get to something, I tell the moms BEFORE they pay that I can’t mail for x amount of days.

    It is children like you, who are having babies (not all young moms are in this catagory, just the unstable ones) that really screw it up for the responsible people. You couldn’t care for yourself, so you decided to have a baby to make YOUR life better. That is FUCKED UP. Your poor children are now going to have to live with your horrible choices and that is wrong. You need too much help too often to be a wahm.

    And let me tell you, I spend more time working as a wham than I would WOH. It is HARD and takes constant communication and TRUTHFULLNESS. You change stories more than my 2YO changes her panties. And it doesn’t give you more time with your children and takes YEARS, yes fucking YEARS to start making money if you are lucky. It also takes a LOT of investment costs to do it right.

    Trust me, wait 5 years and try then. You might have grown up enough to have a clue by then.


  113. McMamma 38 says:

    I have a newly turned 3 yr old dd and let me tell ya–some days there are a Ton of panty changes!Lol–that’s a lot of panty—er story changes.

    I have decided NOT to go into a mediation room.We’ll see what shakes out here and enough folks are going to see this blog–believe me!
    Try $500.00 dollars other poster–that’s what she told me.I dont know where she got $400.00 figure from.

  114. DSDM2 says:

    McMama, please send me screen shots of the PMs/emails.

    Thanks! dsdramamama2@hotmail.com

    Also, C&P them here so that others can compare. That will give other mamas some reference if they are dealing with her too.

  115. CM says:

    Now that I’m slightly calmer I’ll state this again. THERE IS MORE TO THIS STORY. If DSDM2 would like to discuss it in private I would love to but I am being vague on here to protect the INNOCENT people that she has screwed over.

    She is a lying scammer. And she can not make it up to every single person that she scammed. I really hope that those packages show up or that they get their money but that is not going to make up for everything that she did.

  116. DSDM2 says:

    Email me what you would like, I can keep things private for names/details and still give some details or insinuate things 😀 🙂

  117. What a wanker says:


    You are a sad little liar.
    First, in post #51, you say you are not a new sewer, but in this thread:
    You very specifically say you ARE a new sewer-which is it?
    “Can someone tell me what Cotton Canvas is and what fusible interfacing is? I’m new to sewing and i’m still confused by all the different stuff. LOL Linkeys would be nice” If you were not a new sewer, you wouldn’t be rusty on what interfacing is. Promise.

    In post #93 you say there was something else done besides tooth extraction? Hardly, you went into great detail on your thread to garnish major sympathy as to what you had done.
    “I cannot stop crying. I’m in SOO much pain. I had my wisdom teeth cut out today and I have a migrane from hell. I’ve taken my pain meds but its not doing anything. THEN I fell down the stairs on my back and my back is spasming and it hurts sooooooo bad. I wanna die right now.”

    And I hardly think that there is really anything you can share that would be so private and personal at a dentist office that you would make it “none of anyone’s business” cuz sweetie, you are good at sharing a LOT of personal crap about yourself.

    Listen, I know you are very young and you just don’t get it. I’m sorry and I do feel bad that you aren’t mature enough yet to understand, but I promise you, lying will never get you anywhere.

    and if you are going to lie about these things….I have to ask, what else are you willing to lie about? Obviously you are willing to lie to cover your young little ass.

  118. DSDM2 says:

    For the mama that was having email/PM issues, just copy and paste the information into an email, I (for obvious reasons :D) cannot give out my SN on DS, and I can’t email you back inorder to protect my IP 🙂

  119. DSDM2 says:

    Meaghan I have a question or two for you.

    Where did you get the design/idea for making prefolds and becoming a sewing wahm? I mean that is a far jump from wanting to be a midwife…

    Also, just another question… Didn’t you post somewhere that you daughter couldn’t wear GMs anymore? Not that you were having surgery and needed to have money…

  120. the mom says:

    know whats funny, I had had times when it took me an extra 7 days to mail out a package because of personal reasons. know what I did? I PMED THE BUYER! not only did they not care about the extra wait, but they were happy to alteasy know the situation.
    all you had to do was explain from the beginning:
    1-i will be in “surgery” please allow an extra 3 days for delivery

    and dont spend money before its yours! until the items are reicived by all other paties, that money is not yours!!!!!

    you leanred a good lesson through all this, i hope. the only advice I can give you is make this right, now, stop talking about it, and take your wahm business elsewhere because no on ds will buy from you know.

    we may be a big community, but we are a close community, and any wahm that speaks to others the way you have would NEVER get my business. i have gone above and beyond to make and keep my “customers” happy, communication is key!

    we are all human, we make mistakes, I dont doubt that your like is absolute hell right now with everything, I was there with you online the night your dh left, I cant imagine how that feels, but you have shared that info with a HUGE community and everything you say and do now as a soon to be wahm is read by eyes of customers, so watch out! watch your mouth, be start acting like an adult!

    I am only 24 (25 in 2 weeks) and I would never dream of acting like this.

    good luck mama! you need to back away from the computer for a few months and get that life in order.

  121. the mom says:

    know whats funny, I had had times when it took me an extra 7 days to mail out a package because of personal reasons. know what I did? I PMED THE BUYER! not only did they not care about the extra wait, but they were happy to alteasy know the situation.
    all you had to do was explain from the beginning:
    1-i will be in “surgery” please allow an extra 3 days for delivery

    and dont spend money before its yours! until the items are reicived by all other paties, that money is not yours!!!!!

    you leanred a good lesson through all this, i hope. the only advice I can give you is make this right, now, stop talking about it, and take your wahm business elsewhere because no on ds will buy from you know.

    we may be a big community, but we are a close community, and any wahm that speaks to others the way you have would NEVER get my business. i have gone above and beyond to make and keep my “customers” happy, communication is key!

    we are all human, we make mistakes, I dont doubt that your like is absolute hell right now with everything, I was there with you online the night your dh left, I cant imagine how that feels, but you have shared that info with a HUGE community and everything you say and do now as a soon to be wahm is read by eyes of customers, so watch out! watch your mouth, be start acting like an adult!

    I am only 24 (25 in 2 weeks) and I would never dream of acting like this.

    good luck mama! you need to back away from the computer for a few months and get that life in order.

    sorry for the rant 🙂

  122. the mom says:

    sorry for the double post and typos, i was in a rush!

  123. The Bored Bitch says:

    *Obviously you are willing to lie to cover your young little ass.*

    Id like a young, little ass.

    Mine jiggles in an embarrassing fashion.

  124. DSDM2 says:

    Mine too! Well, actually its the boobs, my ass is fine…

  125. boom1128 says:

    *Mine jiggles in an embarrassing fashion.*

    OMG that seriously made me LMFAO!!

  126. siriusmama says:

    “Meaghan I have a question or two for you.

    Where did you get the design/idea for making prefolds and becoming a sewing wahm?”
    It’s funny you should ask that actually……..she bought some prefolds from a friend of mine and then grilled her as to the exact construction and layers (they are not just 2-4-2 prefolds, they are different) and my friend (being the sweetheart that she is) told her since she was supposedly just asking for personal use. And then look at that, now she is *trying* to start selling ones just like them…..trying being the key word since no one is ever going to buy anything from her now.

  127. toomuchtimewastedhere says:

    I love when people come on here to “defend” themselves and end up looking like more of a jack ass. Priceless.

    List added to.

  128. McMamma 38 says:

    UPDATE:–it’s 4:02pm est here and I have an announcent!
    I just got my pkg in the mail from Meghan Alyson–it shipped out priority mail and it contained the 3 small Fuzzy Bunz w/inserts.Yes–2 ginham prints and 1 lavender.The diapers are clean,no visible staining and the inserts look brand new–3 Rainforest babies sz S inserts.
    I am very surprised to get these.I will be leaving her nuetral feedback–only because she should of pmed me and been on top of things every step of the way–and not waiting to pm me until I contacted her about the where abouts,etc.
    There are obviose issues going on in her life and lots of concerned parties here.I hope everyone has/gets their resolutions.

    So Meghan Alyson–please learn from this.I know I did.
    So be it.
    I have lots of concerns still about what’s been brought to light.
    I degress.

  129. I’m glad you received your package. Neutral feedback is quite generous. Hopefully Meagan will learn from this and hold off on her WAHM business until the rest of her life is in order too.

  130. What a wanker says:

    I’m curious as to the postmark on the package. Priority Mail normally only takes about 3 days…which would be right around the time all hell broke loose. I’m thinking she didn’t really get them sent out like she said and only sent them out once the entire DS board came down on her.

    I could be wrong, but I’m very curious.

  131. McMamma 38 says:

    It’s so not about these diapers now.I have my resolution and hopefully other’s waiting will as well.
    May she learn from this as I said.
    I am sure wiser myself.The fsot will be treaded cautiosly through now.

  132. McMamma 38 says:

    Omg–didn’t think about that poster #131.Ok priority label says 7-08-08($4.80 to ship)
    I hated the shit I had to go through to get these and the stories as well as run around.

    I do NOT like that she has copied a wahm’s diaper idea(after giving this sweet hard working mama a sob story about her dd,etc..)Then has the nerve to use these as an example –to further her possible wahm business.This mama contacted me.mods,etc and this really disturbed and sickened me.
    This wonderful mama lost money and time on these.

    So I do not think this is the last well see of Meaghan’s troubles and it is good it’s out there.

    Believe me–she’s not getting out easily!

    She told me these diapers shipped on 7-3! This all started when I contacted her on 6-20 to buy them btw.The check deposited on 6-30(verified by my bank)–not the 27th she claimed they were shipped and my check was deposited.That was the “busy”day she had while recovering from the “surgery”
    She gave us 2 stories on that day–sleeping and drugged up and then quickly admitting,after being called on it that she gets jazzed up on the pain meds and doesn’t recall saying this too me.
    Neutral feedback is too good for her–I still have yet to give it btw.
    God–now I’m angry again.
    I just am ill.

  133. McMamma 38 says:

    God–I hope the eyes that see and know everything see my posts on here–as well as other’s.
    Yes–7-08 was when the pressure was on and the shit was hitting the fan!

  134. McMamma 38 says:

    We are both in the south too,btw.

  135. McMamma 38 says:

    Darn it–one of the ginham ones is a “newer”old style made in Mexico one and the other 2 I lucked out on and got made in USA old stlyes.
    Just a vent–it’s my oops for not asking her when I initially pmed her to buy them.

  136. yeah, that was the day AFTER you made your T&F post. Looks like her WAHM thread has been tossed.

  137. McMamma 38 says:

    Negative feedback left! You bet your sweet asses this feels good!
    BTW–my ass and boobs jigggle!

  138. DSDM2 says:

    I hope the wahm leaves her feedback too.

  139. What a wanker says:

    Yeah, I had a feeling she lied about when she sent them out. I’m concerned about how much she lies. This could be a very serious issue with her. Or she could just be your run of the mill scammer, or it could be her age. I don’t know, but it just seems like she is one of those people who we know we can’t trust.


    Because everything she says appears to be a lie.

    I really loathe liars.

    yes, and I bet I would win the ass and boob jiggling contest. Hell, I’m old enough to be this chick’s mom (and I wouldn’t have even had to be a teen mom to be so!)

  140. the mom says:

    so she’s closing down shop, huh?

  141. DSDM2 says:

    I didn’t see where she had asked to be moved there…(there being the trash folder)

  142. the mom says:

    DSDM2 Says: July 10, 2008 at 10:05 pm
    I didn’t see where she had asked to be moved there…(there being the trash folder)

    yeah, me either, link someone!

  143. the mom says:

    whats her screen name again/

  144. Sarah says:

    My diaper arrived today. It is in EUC, as described, and I am pleased. Thank you for coming through Maeghan.

  145. Maeghan says:

    Well I’m glad you got your package.

    So I guess DH Lied about the package being shipped on the 3rd the. *sigh* great….now another thing to fight with him about. I can’t help my DH lieing to me okay. Wish I could, If I could I wouldnt be in this situation. As far as I knew, those packages were sent the 27th.

    And, I didnt steal the other WAHMs idea. My prefolds will be 2X6X2 construction and will be turned and top stitched. lol IDK how that is “stealing” her idea. Her prefolds are different.

    And Just so everyone knows, I never lied. I just didnt know what was going on. *shrugs* I did learn alot but I also learned alot more about my DH.

    Enjoy your diapers. They were very well loved here.

  146. What a wanker says:

    There you go, blaming others and saying you never lied.

    I would never trust you.

  147. Maeghan says:

    How can I not blame my DH when it was HIM who lied to me? lol He was the one who supposedly sent the packages on the 27th. So Yeah, I kinda have to blame him when it was his fault. lol

    And I did admit I made some bad choices and aplogized. I guess there is nothign I can do/say to make this better bc you will believe what you want even if its not the truth.

  148. What a wanker says:

    You were responsible for the sales and getting the packages out, not him. You even said you had a postal receipt, when obviously YOU DID NOT.

    God, I have never seen anyone so blatantly caught in lies try so hard to continue to cover them up. Sick.

  149. What a wanker says:

    Anyone with a dead horse smiley, cuz I think we are beating one now.

    she might as well stick her fingers in her ears and say

    :na na na na na na, I caaaaan’t hear you!

  150. The Bored Bitch says:

    To be quite blunt with you, Maeghan.

    People tend not to care about your marriage issues when money has changed hands.

    They want their items, not a sob story.

    Thankfully your item arrived but people wont forget how this went down, including the blaming of DH. It just leaves a bad taste.

  151. Maeghan says:

    No, I said my DH told me he found the reciept and it said he mailed them the 3rd and would bring me the reciept that night. When he didnt bring me the reciept, I told everyone he didnt bring me the reciept. lol

    They arent lies. It’s just a major fucked up situation. Your right IIIIIII should have mailed out those damn packages BUT at the time, I thought I was doing the right thing so everyone would get their packages in a timly matter. That is all

  152. DSDM2 says:

    We only know what you put out there, and what you put out there are lies so far. Whether they are your fault or not, they are your fault for letting someone else ship your packages. (Kinda like in the airport, if you let someone else watch your bags, it is your fault if there is a bomb in them.)

    You lied to the WAHM who told you how to make prefolds, you don’t know how to sew, and without a serger you are going to run into problems with things. Also, interfacing is something even the most novice seamstress knows what is, if you EVER used ANY pattern, you would know what it is.

    Like I said, you will turn into a well intentioned scammer like so many other mamas on DS have.

  153. Maeghan says:

    OMG They got their packages! That in no way makes me a scammer. NOthing I posted was lies. NOthing I posted about me and DHs problem are lies. It’s not fair all of my personal problems are being thrown out there and made fun of. It’s not. DH no longer lives here and I went to see a divorce lawyer yesterday and I can only fucking take so much. I didnt plan on opening up my WAHM buisness until I got my shit together. I planned on sending out testers and getting opinions and fixing things. And no, I had NEVER used interfacing before. Mostly I have made simple dresses and what not and you don’t use interfacing for that. This is the first time I ran into that. SO no, not every pattern calls for interfacing.

  154. haha says:

    Okay go back and read your posts. First things were mailed on the 27th and then it was the 3rd and then by some strange alignment of the universes it was the 8th which is when THIS blog post was started. How interesting.

    You got caught. Leave it alone, turn your back and go away. I bet you will have a hard time selling anything from this point on because you can’t stop lying!!

  155. Maeghan says:

    Think what you want. My DH is the one lieing to me. I thought they were all mailed on the 27th until I got msgs on DS about them not getting there. After fighting with DH, he finally said he shiped them on the 3rd and had the reciept. Now, This shit. I called DH and he said “Well, I mailed them the 3rd and the PO must not have postmarked them and sent them till the 8th” Yeah okay. I can’t take any more of his bullshit and this is rediculous. I have never had a communication problem with anyone until this transaction. I have always let ppl know when I shipped their packages. This was the first situation like this and as far as I knew those packages were shipped the 27th.

  156. CM says:

    I know the wahm involved. I’ve read the pm’s involved here. And you seriously expect me and everyone else to believe that you didn’t order from her just to make and sell your own using her format? Get real!

    You ordered from her on the 26th. At which time you confessed to being new to sewing. And asked her details about her product construction. On the 30th you were notified that they were shipping and suddenly on the 1st your a wahm offering tester slots for OBF prefolds constructed exactly like the ones that you bought 4 days before. I don’t buy that one bit. And honestly either does she. You claim NOW that they are t&t but there is no mention of this in your tester thread where you describe them. And don’t bother running to change it because there’s already been a screen shot taken.

  157. Maeghan says:

    I LOVE those prefolds I bought from her and I planned on buying more. lol I didnt describe my prefolds bc I don’t have the material to make them. I had such a good response for testers that I decided to start the list. I planned on letting the testers pick the print they wanted. I am fairly new to sewing prefolds and I wanted to know how she did it. NOt to steal her ideas. Mine will be totally different but yet its still a prefold. After playing around with some old material i realized I liked T&T better same thing with my wipes. IDK how i’m stealing her idea if my prefolds are different.

  158. Maeghan says:

    I LOVE those prefolds I bought from her and I planned on buying more. lol I didnt describe my prefolds bc I don’t have the material to make them. I’m still waiting on my fabric shipment. I had such a good response for testers that I decided to start the list. I planned on letting the testers pick the print they wanted. I am fairly new to sewing prefolds and I wanted to know how she did it. NOt to steal her ideas. Mine will be totally different but yet its still a prefold. After playing around with some old material i realized I liked T&T better same thing with my wipes. IDK how i’m stealing her idea if my prefolds are different.

  159. CM says:

    Your thread:
    “They will be 2x6x2 construction. Outer layer will be your choice of knit print. Inner layer will be totally awesome OBV. The soaker strip will have 4 layers of bamboo fleece.”

    Her pm to you:
    “Infant sized prefolds made with an outer print to keep them snappiable and an inner layer of bamboo velour keeping them nice and soft and make the center with 4 layers bamboo fleece. It’ll give you a 2x6x2 that is snappiable, gives you the BV inner layer and a good absorbent soaker.”

    Yes there are only so many ways to make a diaper, especially a prefold but you ordered from her and in less than a week you are offering testers for IDENTICAL ITEMS!

    I don’t think it really needs to be said but I highly doubt she’d ever sell to you again. Besides why would you need to order something identical to what you are capable of making and selling to other people?

  160. the mom says:

    I dont think she is stealing her idea, there are only so many ways to make a prefold! just like there are only so mnay ways to make a diaper.

    I have asked other wahms all thier tricks, which they share, whcih we then discuss what i should do with my own product, and use thier suggestions, that they know will be used to sell.

    again, just be honest.

  161. DSDM2 says:

    the mom, that is the thing, she told the wahm it was b/c she was too poor to order more and wanted to try to make a few for herself. Being a wahm was never disclosed.

  162. The Bored Bitch says:

    Whoa, I missed the part about Maeghan being a WAHM.

    Dare I ask for a store name?

  163. DSDM2 says:

    I don’t want to mention the name she had chosen, b/c it is owned by another WAHM and I don’t want the confusion… but she was dumb and didn’t check to see that the name was in use as a domain, on HC and on Etsy.

    She doesn’t have a store yet… she is testing so that she can start one.

  164. CM says:

    People see something all the time and try to recreate it. It’s even usually acceptable to make them for yourself but when you order a product and then within days your trying to start a business making them yourself, that’s when the problem comes in.

  165. The Bored Bitch says:

    Didnt occur to Google the name to see if it was taken already?

    Not terribly impressed.

  166. haha says:

    I totally saw the store name in her signature and was floored!

    While I agree there are only so many ways to do a prefold, you don’t ask the wahm how to make them and then do it yourself and sell them. It’s fine if they just happen to be the same but come on.

    Who was the wahm she copied? I think I know I’m just curious

  167. DSDM2 says:

    haha, I can’t tell you, it is up to her. I would understand if she doesn’t want to say who she is b/c she doesn’t want involved…

  168. Maeghan says:

    I wanted the name LuvBug bc I call my girls my love bugs. Like I said, I wasnt planning on opening up a store yet. I am changing it if you didnt bother to read the thread. THe whole point in haveing testers and what not is to IMPROVE my products. There ARE only so many ways to make a prefold. Esp. an OBV prefold. If i’m correct, 2X6X2 is standard for a prefold. I also have some 2X4X2 which I don’t particulary like. THere are MANY WAHMs that make the same kind of prefolds. I also plan on making OCV prefolds as well. Before I choose bamboo fleece for the soaker strip, I ASKED many ppl what they use and what was most absorbant which I why I went with bamboo fleece. If this WAHM doesnt want me making prefolds like that, She should PM me and tell me her problems with it and I will chat with her about it. I don’t have a problem changing it somehow if she feels I “stole” her idea. WHich is far from what i’m doing. All she has to do is PM me and we can chat about it. It’s not that big of a deal. I have told many ppl to go buy prefolds from her. I just hope I can make mine just as well as she made hers. They are wonderful prefolds. I even posted a rave about them. Do you think if I “stole” her idea I would do that? Not quite. I just want to be able to sell some stuff and make a little extra money so I can stay home with my girls. That is all.

  169. CM says:

    Yes there are many wahms that make the same thing. How many of the other wahms did you order from days before starting your “wahm” adventure? And just who did you ask about it? Your business came out of the blue.

    The wahm involved does not want anything to do with you. She is hurt by what happened. She felt bad for you Meaghan. She sold these diapers at a discounted rate, busted her ass to get them out much faster than her usual turn around, lost money on shipping them just to see you testing an identical product the day after you were notified that they shipped to you.

    If you are having so much trouble in your life, and are capable of sewing then why don’t you keep your money and sew for yourself? Your certainly not going to make anything anytime soon as a wahm, it takes months to make it enough to turn a product and even then you might never. Alot of wahms give up because they get tired of sacrificing their time with their families or staying up all night sewing in an attempt to bring in a few extra bucks to help support their family.

    While I’m sure it would be easy to figure out who the wahm involved is, she is already hurt by this and wants nothing more to do with the situation. She is a fairly new wahm herself and does not want her name drug through the mud otherwise she would have posted here.

    As for myself, I am done posting on this subject. I have my own family to take care of. I succeeded in my goal which was to make sure people know what kind of a person you are and not to buy from you OR SELL TO YOU. If some people don’t see what you did as being wrong then so be it but you’ve made alot of people’s do not b/s/t list.

  170. Maeghan says:

    SHe was the only WAHM i bought from before I decided to start my own buisness. I wouldnt even call it a buisness since I didnt open ANYTHING. I only wanted ideas and feedback. That was the whole point of my thread. Yeah it was out of the blue bc I had to figure out SOME WAY to deal with this. I ENJOY sewing. I havent been able to sleep at all. I’ve been going to bed about 4 and getting upat 7:30. Guess waht I have been doing? Sewing. I enjoy it and I want to make products that others will enjoy as well. I also want to make and sell my videos. I am going to offer alot more than just prefolds. I’m not an idiot. I know it takes time and energy. I’m offering up my testers FFS. WHy? because i’m trying to get feedback about my products so I can perfect them and myself. And I do make stuff for my own daughters but why can I not take some of the stuff I make and sell it? I have every right to. I would much rather do that then get a full time job and put my children in daycare so someone else will raise them. Plus, I go to school full time as well. I’m trying to make the best choices for my family and trying to start up this buisness was one of them. I’m also working on getting a permit to sell my videos locally. AH Idk. I just think this is childish. I’ve done what I can to rectify this situation.

    And if the WAHM has a problem she should talk to ME! I cannot fix it or explain myself if she doesnt talk to me. It’s not right to talk bad about me to others when she didnt even bother to talk to me first. All it takes is a PM saying she isnt happy and I can fix it. Just like with everyone else.

  171. Grogwench says:

    Maeghan, from what I can read (it’s all there for you too, honey) is that the WAHM isn’t saying SHIT about you and she is NOT “talking bad” about you. She doesn’t want anything to do with you. I don’t blame her, the timing is too convenient here. She gives you info that she has learned through her own blood, sweat and tears, only to find out that a few days after talking to her, that you’re selling….oh, excuse me, “testing” …the same thing? She is probably hurt beyond belief. I believe that if she wanted to “talk bad” about you, she could and she has many ears tuned in here. But, she is taking the high road.

    Maturity. Meaghan, you’re doing it wrong.

  172. McMamma 38 says:

    Yes agree!She does have many eyes and ears on here as do I.
    Btw–in response to your pm just awhile ago–No I do not want to still be a tester(free or not!)
    I’m trying like heck to stay nuetral in my pm back to you–biteing my tongue here.You can keep the diaper bag for yourself OK?

    I also gave you a real ligite reason as well–I’m not the mama to ask this!Plus my dd is potty learned and we dont use diaper bags now.

    You have soo much to learn I see.
    Popcorn anyone?

  173. McMamma 38 says:

    Originally it was a yes–sure send it-to see if you’d come through and send it as my refund.
    You never responded in a pm I sent you btw–that I said to just send me a money order,since you told me you didn’t know how you were gong to refund me–since it was a check I sent you.I put ideas out there for you and decided to see if your words/actions were trustworthy.
    So this is old drama–put pertinent I feel.

  174. The Bored Bitch says:

    *if she feels I “stole” her idea. WHich is far from what i’m doing. All she has to do is PM me and we can chat about it*

    You are aware of the problem yet you still place the responsibility of your screw up back on the WAHM.

    Your ability to do the right thing does not depend on communication with this other WAHM.
    It depends stopping the behaviors that have caused the drama.

    As Grogs said- Maturity. Meaghan, you’re doing it wrong.

  175. haha says:

    Yes there is only one way to make a prefold. However when you ask someone how to make it and you use their measurements, thickness’s etc to a t then you negated the whole “they just happen to be the same” because you asked. Just like if I asked Michelle from Mutt how she constructs her diapers, then proceeded to make one according to how she told me only T&T then I still STOLE from her because she told me how to do it. Still only so many ways to make a diaper but it was HER way to do it.

    Instead of coming up with LIE after LIE after LIE again just say Shit I screwed up I’m sorry. Won’t make it right but it will make you look a whole lot better than blaming your DH for your lies (I like that. DH made me lie. Whatever), and blaming her for this and her for that. the HER is YOU.

  176. Maeghan says:

    DH LIED to ME!!!! I only told others what I knew!!! I admitted I made a mistake asking someone else to ship my packages BUT at the time I thought I was doing the right thing so others would get their packages in a timely manner. I didnt ASK DH to LIE to me about the situation. Geez

    And no I did NOT use the same measurements as her. Mine ARE going to be different. I learned how to make a prefold from a seperate website even. She did not tell me how to make a prefold. lol Plus, LIke I said before 2X6X2 is standard for a prefold. So how in the world is that stealing from her? I don’t get it. Plus, I said if she was upset she should MSG me so I can talk to her about it and fix it.

  177. What a wanker says:

    We know you don’t get it, we are trying to get you to understand, but first, you have to want to understand and you clearly just want to be RIGHT.

    I’m bored with this chick.

  178. Maeghan says:

    Clearly you don’t understand. I never lied. IF I did, I would have admitted it by now. I can’t stand all this drama and fighting. The fact is, I didnt lie. I admitted I made a mistake and apologized for it and thats all I can do. Enough of this.

  179. DSDM2 says:

    Meaghan, you haven’t learned yet??? Drop it. You keep making yourself look worse.

  180. The Bored Bitch says:

    #180- The more she blabs, the greater my resolve is to never buy from her.

    The other WAHM is wise to remain nameless.

  181. haha says:

    But see here’s the problem with your LIE. You asked the mama how she made HER prefolds and then your’s are exact. You asked because you didn’t have the money to buy and and then here you are selling them. Are you related to Bill Clinton?

    Secondly apologize already. I don’t know if your mom taught her what an honest apology is but it doesn’t go “I’m sorry but…..” or “Sorry but I won’t risk my child’s safety”, “Sorry but that’s more important” or my personal favorite “Sorry how many times do I have to say it before you open your eyes and read it”.

    So tell us where exactly you apologized?

  182. AnotherDSMamaNtheLoop says:

    Wow! Some people just thrive on drama and making a bad situation worse don’t they? I am shocked to see how childish some of my fellow DS Mamas are behaving and the language you are using towards each other. Your behavior is degrading, not only to your reputation, but the entire DS community’s. I hope everyone has learned a valuable lesson from this matter and in the future will be more considerate to others in a rough spot and find more mature ways to handle things, as in, not slandering someone’s name all across the web. From just seeing how some of you, namely the buyers, have reacted to the issue, I would likely refrain from doing any business with you. You’re all a bunch of inconsiderate brats.

  183. toomuchtimewastedhere says:

    Right. Because DiaperSwappers has such high regard that it is THIS blog and it’s reader who are making it crap. riiiiiiight *roll eyes*

  184. I find it highly unlikely that your DH would make a point to lie to you about when he shipped out your package and then after leaving you, still ship the item only a day after things explode. That just sounds funny.

  185. The Bored Bitch says:

    *Wow! Some people just thrive on drama and making a bad situation worse don’t they? *

    Unlike yourself, of course, who is posting to a DRAMA blog as the beacon of righteousness.

    Pot meet kettle….

    *I am shocked to see how childish some of my fellow DS Mamas are behaving and the language you are using towards each other. *

    Im shocked that you think we actually care what you think.
    How exactly are we behaving?
    Being critical of an unpleasant situation?


    *Your behavior is degrading, not only to your reputation, but the entire DS community’s.*

    Note to all you pesky commenters, your reputation revolves around DS…even off the site.

    Oh and btw, DS doesnt need help screwing over its own image. They manage just fine on their own.

    We just find it funny to watch.

    *I hope everyone has learned a valuable lesson from this matter and in the future will be more considerate to others in a rough spot*

    -in my best Super Nanny voice-
    “’cause you have been very, very naughty.”


    *and find more mature ways to handle things,*

    Oh, say like letting a scammer lie and take advantage of ya.
    Word to the wise, yo.

    *as in, not slandering someone’s name all across the web.*

    Anyone else want to chime in with the “Its LIBEL, ya moron”????
    Slander is spoken.

    *From just seeing how some of you, namely the buyers, have reacted to the issue, I would likely refrain from doing any business with you.*

    Ill, tell ya what, darlin’, you go ahead and cough up your DS screen name and Im sure a whole laundry list of people will gladly avoid doing business with you.
    With pleasure.

    *You’re all a bunch of inconsiderate brats.*

    Funny you should say that, I was just thinking to myself that you are a clueless, self righteous twat who I will gladly point and laugh at.


  186. Grogwench says:

    TBB, have I told you lately that I lurve you?

  187. The Bored Bitch says:

    Aww, Groggy. The feelink is mutual.

  188. McMamma 38 says:

    I think I lurve her too!Rock on TBB.

  189. Nosey Neighbour says:

    I’m guessing you guys have her on iggy, but I think this is pretty funny!!!


  190. Stacey says:

    It’s gone… what was it?

  191. JeDeeLenae says:

    Was that the LOLOL thread?? They either didn’t like our biracial baby pictures… or they didn’t like that the blog was linked. I’m thinking it was the blog link.

  192. C-town mama says:

    Wow, I miss all of the god drama! So glad I found this blog, now I have another person to add to the mental do not b/s/t list. Between scammers and all of the GM crap, DS can be pretty annoying.

  193. C-town mama says:

    How creepy. My little alien is heart shaped and looks really angry!

  194. umm huh?! says:

    oh yeah i saw that and jumped on here.

  195. McMamma 38 says:

    What was it? I couldn’t pull it up.

  196. McMamma 38 says:

    What is IGGY? Please educate me.

  197. Nosey Neighbour says:

    She was quoting your pictures and saying how beautiful your babies were. And then she put her own up. She was sucking hole big time!!!

    I wish I had known how to take a copy of the screen like you guys do, I would have done it.

    Iggy means ignore.

  198. What a wanker says:

    “She was sucking hole big time!!!”

    I”m sorry, but what does this mean exactly?

  199. DSDM2 says:

    sucking hole is majorly kissing ass.

  200. What a wanker says:

    Thanks! I’m an old fart and don’t know all this new slang….LOL!

    Dang, did anyone get a screen shot????

  201. umm huh?! says:

    i see she is selling tester wipes now. why dont the mods just block her wahm stuff

  202. luvsmesomedrama!! says:

    Im glad someone actually posted a link to this on DS. I find it very informative reading 🙂 Now why, more times then not, when someone puts up a link “look here” etc it says Im not allowed to view that?

  203. DSDM2 says:

    #203: Most likely it means the thread has been deleted by the Admin/Mods

  204. McMamma 38 says:

    TY nosey neighbor! You mean she was commenting on MY babies?Confused here–I only have 1 pic up(it’s my avi of dd).
    We dont have a digi camera or scanner–I know shocking in thos day and age.Lol!
    I did see the post of her 4th of July pics of her children.Strange.
    My avi pic was one I mailed to a good friend who then scanned it and sent it to me in a e-mail so I could save it and figure out how to get it uploaded for an avi!I’m hideing here–Lol-I’m such a pc newbie.Learning fast though.
    I’m just grateful to have an avi!Dont ask how long it took to actually figure out how to get it uploaded to DS.At least my friend was patiebt w/me and my many pms w/questions!

    Strange I had replyed to a mamas post on transactions and feedback–just to give her a big hug nothing more said or anything–now the post is gone.
    DSDM2–Thanks again for this blog site and your hard work.

    Umm Huh–yeah I know!It’s way way back on the “trash”forum though.I agree it needs deleeted.

  205. McMamma 38 says:

    Sorry for the typos–tired!! I need to be sleeping…sigh.

  206. McMamma 38 says:

    I decided to go in the mediation room on DS to have my part of this told.Cowmommy has been forwarded all the pms that I had(well the ones left after I stupidly deleted a full pm box—Waa,that is)from Meaghan Alyson.
    She’s the one that invited me to the mediation room a few days ago.It bodes better for me to not just update here.
    I will be on here reading behind the scenes.

  207. The Bored Bitch says:

    *It bodes better for me to not just update here.*


    And another one bites the dust.

  208. McMamma 38 says:

    Oh sorry–I will update when mediation is over.
    I was way tired last night when posting that–I’m in need of some seriose R&R,this has been very stressful and tireing to say the least.
    I’m still here–just lurking(since it’s in mediation)
    You bet ya–I’m going to be posting soon.

  209. McMamma38 says:

    Updateing here as I am out of the mediation room myself after stateing my side of this transaction w/MaeghanAlyson.Other mamas are finding their own peace or resolution with her–I’m not commenting on other’s business dealings with her as it is not my place or business.

    Mistakes and poor judgement and choices were made on both sides here.I admit I should of went into mediation sooner instead.

    Maeghan is fully aware of her part and actions on this as I am as well.May we both learn from this.

    I reacted in a rash way and was very alarmed about being the victim of a possible scam or identity theft.Thankfully that didn’t happen and the diapers did arrive and in the condition she listed them as.

    Maeghan is forgiven in my eyes–while the communication could of been better and the trasnsaction smoother this spiraled way out of control.I never meant it to turn into this huge drama or to hurt anyone.

    Yes while I want her to learn from this–I realise I’m not God,a MOD and need to climb down off my cross,soap box or whatever.Dh is amused that I was claiming to be SO RIGHT.I reacted too quickly here.

    I never wished it to be copied and pasted on here and never wished for her to be judged.She’s young and I do know there is too much on her plate right now and she has acknowledged this to me and apologized.I accept her apology and wish to move on.

    I cannot speak for the others invoved with Maeghan–but do know 3 of us that I know of have recieved their packages on the same day I did.

    I’ll be happy to sleep at night now.It has really bothered me that I have hurt someone–who obviosly is going through things I cannot imagine.
    I wish her a better tomorrow and my sincere apology.

    Please accept my apology to all you bloggers.I truely was not in this to raise a huge ugly mess.

    I reacted in pure fear of all the possible things that could of went wrong here.It was a post originally to get feedback,update on and ask questions as I had never had something happen like this before.

    Maeghan accepts all responsibility and has told me she deserved my negative feed back.

    Speaking for both of us here–we are relieved and ready to move on.I’m also looking forward to sleeping better as this has made me quite stressed and upset that I may have hurt someone who while made mistakes,has issues in her life and is young.

    I’m sorry for the whole thing.Next time I contact a MOD right away,and do so many things differently.

    With that I say my peace.I speak only for myself.


  210. The Bored Bitch says:

    *Maeghan accepts all responsibility and has told me she deserved my negative feed back.*


  211. DSDM2 says:

    ditto TBB.

  212. Maeghan says:

    “Mistakes and poor judgement and choices were made on both sides here.I admit I should of went into mediation sooner instead.

    Maeghan is fully aware of her part and actions on this as I am as well.May we both learn from this.”

    *hugs* 🙂

  213. The Bored Bitch says:

    *Maeghan accepts all responsibility and has told me she deserved my negative feed back.*

    Worth repeating.

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