Nevermind..plz delete (

bebeboy03 06-30-2008 06:07 PM

Nevermind..plz delete
I guess my post didnt have the magic letters in it **, so apparently nobody cares to see my cute kid in an awesome pair of shorties we got today, but me. Oh well, I think he is adorable!
Normally, we just ignore these posts, because they’re soooo dramariffic… but I can’t help it.  Anyone else not feel bad for someone that didn’t get responses to something?? Honestly, even if people respond, do you think they care? Probably not.
  1. not tellin says:

    you know, its dramatic, but shes right, IMHO. I’ve been on that site over a year and i get ignored just about everytime i post. But it seems as though if you dont have something to say about GMs, then everyone skips your posts.

  2. crackin' up says:

    this is true. i never get responses and it’s somewhat irritating. but i guess it’s how DS goes — if you aren’t in the “cool crowd” (like not tellin said, if you don’t talk about GMs) then you aren’t cool enough to be spoken to.

    oh well…..such is life on DS, i guess. but those of us who can’t afford GMs DO have things to say, too!!!

  3. sara thats me. says:

    well she did get the post with her woe is me.

    Yes I get skipped too.

  4. Madre says:

    i don’t even go into diaper chatter anymore. it’s a huge pissing contest.

  5. maree9304 says:

    I do feel a little bad for her. It’s disappointing when you post pictures and you get views but no response.

  6. Ashley says:

    I feel bad when people post, especially pics of their kids, and no one even responds. It’s like passively saying their kid isn’t cute enough or their fluff isn’t good enough for a comment. =(

    Once again glad I don’t bother there any more. If I could delete my account I would.

  7. sbolen says:

    I stay away from Diaper Chatter. They cool crowd only seems to comment on those that they know. I don’t even know what they are talking about half the time since I use boring old pockets.

  8. The Bored Bitch says:

    I take her at her word.
    If she wants me to ‘Nevermind and ignore her’ then I will.

    Its an online forum.
    If YOU think your child looks amazing in his/her new pair of shorties, then that is all that matters.

    Its somewhat sick to me that people feel this need to feed off the attention from a bunch of people they will never meet, especially striving for approval for pictures of their children.

    I would tell the poster to stop whining about how no one else appreciates her kid and to suck it up, pork chop.
    Your kid will be cute regardless of other peoples approval.

    Those post in which people whine about not feeling accepted or wanted, well did they stop to think that the whining is an instant turn off…even more so if its a repeated behavior?

    Bottom line is that DS is a cloth diapering forum not a popularity contest.
    It sickens me that people put pictures of their children out there for applause and whine when they dont get it as if somehow, their childs value goes up or down with the more replies a picture of their child gets.

  9. The Original Just Me says:

    ITA Bored Bitch! Seriously, my posts get ignored/have only a few responses all of the time. I don’t care though. I do not seek the approval of anyone really- let alone strangers on the internet. There are like a gazillion members on that board and not everyone feels like reading/responding to my posts. Big shit people!

  10. Nicki says:

    I completely agree with BB, coming on the board just for validation is super sad. I’m gonna go post my *AMAZING* stash now. I’m down in popularity ATM. LOL.

  11. haha says:

    I get so annoyed with the poor me posts. It’s not like she’s the ONLY one that gets ignored. Everyone does. You don’t delete and say nevermind…you bump it and say something like apparently no one wants to respond because everyone knows my kid is cuter than theirs…THAT will get you responses. not good ones but, like children negative attention is great when you aren’t getting any at all!

  12. just me says:

    The problem is not that she is ignored. Its the fact she’s ignored because her post isn’t about a: a gm question b:scoring a gm c:check out her gm stash or d:when will gm stock again.
    I hate that this new forum has become over run with this crap and I will be so thankful when gms become a thing of the past. They’ve had a good run but I’m ready to throw my computer monitor with the 7 threads about gms nowadays.

  13. Niblets says:

    Can someone tell my WHY suzanne is making it easier to get a gm anyway? From a business perspective she’s driving the whole thing right into the ground. You may not have to wait long for the ‘craze’ to be over anyway.

  14. you'llneverknow says:

    Totally agree witht he Previous person. its an attention thing with that woman. why even bother posting pics in the first place to a bunch of STRANGERS! even if someone says “oh he’s so cute or whaterver they are usually just saying it to be nice, not that they really care or mean it.

    get over yourself woman!

  15. The Bored Bitch says:

    That is what DS has become. Just a fact of life.
    She knows that though as evidenced by her reference to the lack of GM content and still posted wanting attention.

    If its not working, she should stop whining about it and find a forum where she will feel more included. Perhaps somewhere smaller, more personal.

    Whining about the lack of community on a mega forum set up purely to generate income for the owner is a waste of time.

    Better that she would be proactive than bitch about being ignored.
    Its not working for ya on DS?
    Okay find somewhere else to post.
    Odds are any one of the commenters on this blog could refer her to a forum that they favor for a more personal feel.

  16. sara thats me. says:

    Did you know that Jonasmommy is on Live journal.

    she has no friends but is part of the goodmama com

  17. I Like Truth says:

    I agree with post#8

  18. MajKitab says:

    #16 ~ Funny how somone called her out on the timeframe, and she responds with “it’s been a few days” when all the posts were made that very same day. What a dummy!

  19. You Hate Me Cause You Wish You Knew Me AKA MadreJoyce AKA Willow says:

    She isnt the only member to be ignored, and I do feel bad for her. She obviously has a bit of hurt feelings that I think she is entitled to.
    Some of us would prob not take it so seriously or to heart, but each of us is different & we all have the right to hurt from time to time.

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