Make way for the benevolent sister…

Posted: June 30, 2008 by THE Drama Mama in Just Drama
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Would you be grossed out? (


06-28-2008 08:02 PM

Would you be grossed out?

My little sister is here visiting. She’s got two kids–one 2 and one 6 months. She owns 24 Premium prefolds and her 6 month old is moving into that two dozen diapers. She and her husband are poor and they spend what they can on diapers–which isn’t much.

First of all, she put her diapers into my diaper pail. I’m not sure why, but it bothered me. Her diapers aren’t as pretty as mine–they’re all stained and ragged looking (like torn and shredded!). Her covers are completely shot–I don’t think that bummis are designed to be used for 3 years straight with 3 in rotation–on two kids. They’re like gray and yucky looking and just sag around the waist and legs. My diaper pail NEVER stinks… but with her diapers in there, it was FOUL! Since we have three babies in diapers I have to wash every day–so it wasn’t more than 7 hours that her diapers were in the pail before I opened it to wash!

I put them all into my washer and washed and washed and washes on hot… until the suds stopped. Her covers look WHITER–and she said, “OH, you can put those in the washing machine?”

She’s been washing them BY HAND for 3 years.. no wonder they look so gray!

I gave her 6 more diapers that I don’t really use—and gave her a couple of stuffers for pockets to use as doublers, because I can afford to spare them. I also just ordered her 3 of those clover diapers (they got sent back, but should be to them this week).

Maybe I’m a snob. I know I shouldn’t be–because she’s doing the right thing, and she’s really getting her money’s worth/the life out of her diapers.. but still. I don’t want them in my pail with my pretties!




06-28-2008 08:14 PM

Re: Would you be grossed out?


Originally Posted by chataine (Post 4004061)

this is kind of amusing to me.. i probably wouldn’t care that she put her dipes in my pail..but i would probably be a little perturbed she didn’t ask first.. does she know about sun bleaching? anyway.. thats really sweet of you to give her some of your dipes you’re not using!

Yeah, I don’t want to be a snob.. but the whole time my diapers were being desudded along with hers–when they didn’t have SUDS… and I didn’t know, but they were already in there–I was feeling like my perfect diapers had gotten a virus and had to wait it out in the waiting room or something! I told her to sun her diapers—I suggested soaking them all in OXY-clean and putting them wet, soaked diapers in the sun–because I did that with a dozen infant prefolds she sent me before this baby was born–and they were SO STAINED.. and they were SO WHITE after I was done with them.

I think it’s great that she’s being responsible.. but, not machine washing a cover for YEARS? Blech!


06-28-2008 08:25 PM

Re: Would you be grossed out?


Originally Posted by lirpasirhc (Post 4004188)

if her diapers needed stripping, then it would bother me. i’d rather strip her diapers separately to avoid extra wear and tear on my diapers.

Yeah.. it’s like she brought her sick kids to my house when she knew they were sick… then she mixed up their cups between uses!


06-28-2008 08:46 PM

Re: Would you be grossed out?


Originally Posted by MamaOf3Cuties (Post 4004379)

Maybe you should teach her how to care for her diapers rather than coming here and dogging her about it????

I did give her some instructions. I told her to get some BAC-out. And I explained that boiling won’t get out the stains–she knew the diapers needed to be stripped because she boiled them–to no avail. I’m totally trying to help her. I bought her the original SEVEN DOZEN infant prefolds she had because she didn’t have a washer in her apartment and would have to go to the laundromat. To say I’m generous would put it lightly.. but it’s just frustrating–but, as other people have suggested, it may not be just about the diapers.


06-28-2008 09:36 PM

Re: Would you be grossed out?

OMG seriously? The nerve of some people!! How dare she put her dirty diapers in with your dirty diapers. Doesn’t she know diapers need to be separated in order to keep the ugly ones from leaking on to the pretty ones? I wouldn’t let her back into your house until she can afford better diapers. You should post pictures so we can all point fingers and laugh at her.


06-28-2008 10:19 PM

Re: Would you be grossed out?

Keep yer stained, tattered, and dingy poor excuse of CD away from my pristine high quality dipes and out of their pail/bag.

OK, maybe if they are on par with our stash it would be ok. But seriously, I wouldn’t feel very good putting some less than stellar dipes alongside ours. Maybe its snobbish but hell, we spend a lot of time and effort to keep our dipes in impeccable condition and I just wouldn’t want to co-mingle them.

I wouldn’t park a Mercedes next to a beat up Buick in the parking lot, I’d be selective as to where I would leave it unattended.


06-28-2008 10:53 PM

Re: Would you be grossed out?

Wow, I’m getting seriously bashed her when, from the get-go, I admitted that I realized I was being a little silly.

I wasn’t frustrated about her diapers–actually–more about the fact that they were covered in a layer of suds. I only use bamboo and only washed with Bac-out and Biokleen. I don’t know what she used to wash her diapers–but when I had to strip her diapers–I was concerned that the soap residue would be on my diapers, too. THAT was why I was irritated about the diapers. I didn’t really care about her diapers being dirty… I did notice it.. and realized they weren’t as ‘pretty’ as mine. But, I certainly wasn’t judging her. I think it’s cool that she uses her cloth up.

For diapers–the need to get stripped IS like a sickness in your diapers. IT’s somethign that needs to be treated until it’s all better– THAT was what I equated to a virus. Not the ugliness of her diapers..

HOWEVER… she’s poor, yes, but she chooses to buy stuff she doesn’t need (like high speed internet access and $60 worth of gas to drive to my house) when she doesn’t have enough diapers for her two children. If her diapers are so covered in residue that she can’t get it out with boiling.. then she needs to spend some funds she spends on eating out on Bac-out or something like you guys suggested for CURING diaper woes.


06-28-2008 10:59 PM

Re: Would you be grossed out?


Originally Posted by JeDeeLenae (Post 4005257)

Oh the horror! She spent $60 in gas to see her sister…

My point is that you have to make good choices… and she makes some good ones, and some less than good ones. But if she’s concerned about her diapers being in bad shape, she should spend the $5 to get some bac-out.


06-29-2008 07:56 AM

Re: Would you be grossed out?

1: I hand wash only and my dipes sparkle / no suds
2: I cd for health\money reasons so only prefolds here
3: Baby Poo is Baby Poo – I’d wash it all together np
4: A little more compassion would be nice
5: See – anything can be turned into a status symbol


06-29-2008 09:20 AM

Re: Would you be grossed out?

Wow, I’ve never made so much fuss of something before.

When I put my sister’s diapers into the wash.. I told her to just use my diapers. I showed her where the goodmamas and fussybutts were. I only have OBV flats… and she doesn’t do pins, so I wasn’t sure that she could use them. I washed her diapers–and told her to use my PUL covers… it was fine with me. I really wanted to wash her diaperrs so they wouldn’t be gross when they go back. She has to pay $4-6 to wash/dry her diapers.. and I guess she does it daily or every 36 hours. I was happy to help her.

My point about being frustrated was that my OBV–which wears out much more quickly than cotton (which can survive A LONG TIME, obviously)–had to run through the 4 or 5 washes on hot. I would think that any of you who spent $20 on dyed OBV.. and they got worn out in the wash because they got soap residue on them… you would be upset. THIS IS NOT ABOUT HER DIAPERS BEING DIRTY.


And, the only reason I have GMs and expensive diapers is because I saved my money and chose not to get a new lap top like my husband did. We live on a one income budget. I count how much I spend on stuff. I did send my sister diapers. I bought her entire newborn stash–with the exception of covers–which I got together with her father and told him what she needed.

I’ve sent her diapers when I could. I’ve ordered her the diapers I had the money to buy. But, really… and since there’s always more to a story than everyone knows… I really can’t spend my whole life cleaning up after my sister’s poor choices in life. Í have spent THOUSANDS of dollars taking care of her in her life.. and she’s never once been grateful or appreciative(sp?) of it.

I feel like letting people send her diapers… is just enabling her to depend on other people to buy her stuff and make sure she doesn’t have to plan out things like this.

Oh yes.. and she was complaining to me about having too few diapers–and my mother, because she thinks/knows that one of us will buy them for her. And that is a really unhealthy attitude to have.


06-29-2008 10:27 AM

Re: Would you be grossed out?

I always find it “amusing” when someone posts a rant about another person and then when people don’t agree with what was said in the rant the OP continues to post more and more things that make the person look bad. Doesn’t seem quite legit to me, to be honest.


06-29-2008 03:27 PM

Re: Would you be grossed out?


Originally Posted by ~Peach~ (Post 4008356)

Ok for one you said shes poor. So maybe her complaining she needs more diapers is her way of getting the diapers she so desperately needs. Seriously if my sister said something like that Id do more than throw a few of my unwanted diapers her way. It really makes me sad that you feel this way about your sister regardless of what she has done.
My sister has done loads of evil crap to me but now that we are older we are closer then ever. I’ve already told her Im saving some of my PRETTIES for her baby and Id go out of my way to make sure she had more than enough to get her thru a few days.

I gave her 4 Sustainable Babyish flats with doublers and 2 Mudshrimps prefolds. I didn’t give her some crappy diapers that I didn’t want/couldn’t sell!

Wouldn’t the world be awesome if we had a sister like that, and a brother like that Good guy??

  1. tjsmommy says:

    wow. i’m glad your not my sister. how dare poor people think that they can just come into a relatives house and use their diaper pail filled with pretty diapers only. last i checked, the diaper goes on a BUTT. diapers don’t discriminate.

  2. Ok… Yeah… that chick cunt-a-riffic. Diapers don’t disgust me, but she sure does!

  3. Ashley says:

    ROFL! That OP is a twat. I would be mortified if my sister declared my kid’s diapers unfit to be washed with hers because they were stained. Especially if it was a public internet forum.

  4. The whole her diapers defiled my diapers attitude of a lot of mamas pisses me off. I admit it. I have some really gorgeous diapers, but for shit’s sake it’s a fucking DIAPER.

    This mama is really fucking dense, too. She’s STILL trying to backpeddle. She’s a serious fuckhead.

  5. Faye says:

    Like I said (I’m frgsonmysox) I can’t stand when people continue to post more and more things trying to validate why they were in the right and the other person was scum. It never seems legit to me.

  6. green~mammy says:

    This thread had me shaking my head and laughing. I feel really awful fro the OP’s sister though. I hope she never reads the words her sister wrote about her.

  7. Madre says:


  8. not tellin says:

    seriously laughable… personally (and this is just me) if it cant withstand 4 or 5 hot washes, i dont want it. and what does she think people did before washing machines?

  9. just_my_opinion says:

    I think she should have used it as an experience to teach her sister how to resolve her diaper issues. Then she could teach her how to properly care for them, so there would be no future issues like this. I think it’s sweet that her little sis would rather spend her money on gas to visit her sister, than waste it on pricey diapers (pricey diapers are great when you have the funds to do so).

  10. sara thats me. says:

    This post had me going WTF lastnight. Um its a used diaper in the pail. I think its great that the little sister is using cloth.
    I think the OP is a little crazy and has some issues.

  11. Nicki says:

    She SERIOUSLY irked my tater. Then again, I have a low tolerance for self absorbed sh!t-don’t-stink people.

  12. Jennifer (ferrferr) says:

    Since I’m banned and can’t reply on DS… Although I’d end up banned for what I’d say anyhow…

    Here we go..

    Meri – You’re a pretentious little bitch. You act like your sister is some low life charity case and you absolutely disgust me. All the pretty diapers in the world don’t mean shit if you’re ugly on the inside, and that’s just what you are. It’s a damn good thing you can’t see the inexpensive and stained diapers my child wears. Please pull your head out of your ass and take a whiff of reality, and while your at it instead of buying anymore expensive diapers you might want to save up to buy a clue. I’m not sure if you’re aware but children piss and shit in diapers. They’re not going to smell like roses or anything. :p

    Okay I feel better. 😀

  13. haha says:

    Wow! OP needs to pull her head out of her fartbox and realize she smells like ass. I like how she talks about how poor her sister is and THEN has to throw around the expensive diapers she’s has. That’s just shitty. In her head she’s thinking My sisters gross low income prefolds are mingling with my upper class goodmamas and going to make the resale go down on them.
    Seriously if she was that concerned about having to wash them so many times why buy them? It’s inevitable that GM’s will stay soft longer than asshat will be a good sister

  14. The Original Just Me says:

    OP needs to pull her head out of her fartbox and realize she smells like ass.

    OMH! I think that is the funniest thing I have read since “twatwaffle” LMAO!!!!!!! I had to call dh and tell him that line!

    Anyway, OP is a total asshat. Since she has such a fabulous stash why didn’t she help out with more then a couple of diapers if her sister is so poor. I would be honored if my sister chose to spend money on gas to visit me. Knowing OPs sister is poor, imagine how long she had to save her pennies to get the gas money together. And I don’t care how “unappreciative” her sister is, those are still her nephews/nieces and I’m sure their bums appreciate some nice new soft dipes.

    Also *wheres the headscratching smiley* notice how OP is contradicting herself. In the first paragraph she says her sis & bil spend $$ on diapers when they can. Then later she says yes she is poor but she buys things she doesn’t need.

    WTG OP! You are one of the biggest twatwaffles *giggle* ever!!

  15. Aint no drama mama says:

    Wow Meri, you’re a piece of work.

    With every post you danced around what you originally said.. “Her diapers aren’t as pretty as mine–they’re all stained and ragged looking (like torn and shredded!)”


    You need a good kick in the arse, I would hate to be related to you. I hope your sister sees this & keeps you & your high class diapers out her life.

    Oh yeah.. we should all get rid of our internet & not drive so we can have high class diapers..

    dumb fawking cooze.

  16. Janna says:

    1st timer here…so go easy!!

    This thread had me seriously laughing….maybe if the bitchy sister would auction off a couple GMs and fussybutts her poor sister could get some new diapers….what a hag!!!

    ps I am banned from DS for calling the mods a bunch of crazy nazi wannabees….so I can’t reply there…but no lie this blog is so much better!!!

  17. haha says:

    If you like fartbox I have a bunch more for you! Stay tuned I’m sure some douche will make me call them something hilarious!

  18. Nadjarea says:

    Incredible. I would hate to be her neighbor.

  19. illrememberthisusername says:

    now apparently her sister went home with one of her precious pretty diapers~gasp..the horror
    post #10 is where she says it left with her sister..what a butt

  20. just me says:

    I wanted to post that I’ve seen her stash and her brag posts and she could afford to send her sister home with a little more than a few SBish flats. I mean she dropped 80 bucks on a Cloth Canoe. Oh and she so deserves to spend money because she didn’t buy a laptop but her dh did. WAAAAAAAA go cry me a fucking river.
    Meri you are a total fucking snobby bitch. You’re comment on how generous you are made me laugh so fucking hard I peed. I hardly call giving someone a dozen prefolds generous.
    Ugh I better stop now because this post made me so angry I am going to become incoherent soon:D

  21. haha says:

    50 bucks says she got all the prefolds through a coop too! And the other part that irkes me is that she gripes about her sister having only 3 covers for 2 babies…yet she did nothing about this? If her sis is having to hand wash some things why doesn’t she buy her some wool? That would be super easy for her sis to take care of. Crap someone get me sis’s address and I’ll mail her some wool as a way of saying “I’m sorry your sister is such an asshat.”

  22. just me says:

    Because then she would actually have to do something for somebody other then her snobby stuck up stupid bitch ass self. If thats the way she treats family, I’d hate to see the way she treats her friends. It really is sad and pathetic regardless of what her sister did.

  23. What a wanker says:

    Oh, wow, I think that’s funny that her sister went home with one of her precious pretties!

    Do I hear Karma calling the bitches name?

    Of course, she will probably be a double bitch and accuse her sister of “taking” it.

    She should just let her keep it since her sister obviously needs it.

  24. green~mammy says:

    I wish she would correct the implications peep’s are making that sister took it by repeating her #10 post which states SHE put it in their bag by mistake.

  25. I Like Truth says:

    Its so very sad how siblings and family members berate and belittle each other to boost their own self esteem

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