Racism on DS?? Say it ain’t so!

Posted: June 23, 2008 by THE Drama Mama in Just Drama
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I was so DISGUSTED at chucrch this monring that I…. (http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=464162)


06-22-2008 09:47 AM

I was so DISGUSTED at chucrch this monring that I….

Gathered my kids and LEFT!!!! 😥

I don’t know how to take this all in. To start off we are kinda new there, only been a hand full of times. My landlords are the ones who got us going there. They are members. This is a Good ol’ Southern baptist church and until now I loved it there.

So we are sitting in our sunday school class and the preacher starts off as usual, then he goes on to tell a joke. To me the joke was fine at 1st, then it became a racial joke. :jawdrop: !! I was just beside myself!

The joke went like this. Please don’t take offense to my posting this. I just need to make SURE that I am getting it right and that I am not wrong to be totally disgusted by this.

” A man goes gulfing and desides to use the robotic feild. So he goes in sets his balls down and starts to gulf. The robot says you don’t use that club for that one, you use this one. So the man continues and when hes done he says man this was my best game yet! I did the best I have even done.

He then comes back the next week and asks for the robot again. The man says I’m sorry but we had to get rid of them. He says well why? The man says that the silver chrome on the robots was causing the other gulfers to be distracted by the shining. So the man says well why didn’t you just paint them black? He says well I tried, but it didnt work out, three of them went on welfare, one laid out for a week, four of them robbed the station down the road and one is running for president.”

:gah: :dunno: :reaction: :nervous: :puke:

Worse part, 1/2 the room laughed. The other 1/2 just sat there.

I was so disgusted that I left the room, got my kids and we left.

Was I wrong? Did I take it the wrong way? I’m so against anything of that nature… I could just cry right now. 😥


06-22-2008 09:52 AM

Re: I was so DISGUSTED at chucrch this monring that I….

HAHAHAH THATS A DAMN FUNNY JOKE THO!!!!!!!…..guess you’d have to have a sense of humor to laugh…..OR not be threatened by race……i guess its just me—-none of my friends would be offended…….NOR are they all white…so …..


06-22-2008 10:03 AM

Re: I was so DISGUSTED at chucrch this monring that I….

i really dont care whether you are black or white…red yellow or frickin GREEN….i guess im comfortable with the colors of the world and could care less–lighten up….

YES IT WAS INAPPROPRIATE TO TELL AT CHURCH!! AND TOA GROUP OF PPL- YOU DONT KNOW COULD BE OFFENDED ONE WAY OR ANOTHER>>..you are right there.—absolutely NOT ight to tell at church..AND …HAHA it was the pastor??…..pffffft…now thats comical in itsself!


06-22-2008 10:05 AM

Re: I was so DISGUSTED at chucrch this monring that I….

and yes…i have a twisted sense of humor….SO WHAT. yall dont have to be SHEEP and follow suit cuz someone is gonna think differently of you.


06-22-2008 10:13 AM

Re: I was so DISGUSTED at chucrch this monring that I….

no…not drinking…..i guess its not what people wanna hear….so ASSUME what you please…

i guess what im trying to say….is WHY do people see color in everything..im trying to say i dont care what color anyone is-it makes no difference to me….as people were throwing around…my kids black..my DH is black….SO?…that makes no difference to me…i dont look at people with color in mind—-being a certain color doesnt make you who you are…..


So, I didn’t want to give this chick what she wanted.  She obviously is a HUGE fan of the blog and just was hating that she never was worthy of it… but you all have convinced me.  Here she is in all her glory.

  1. Comments left earlier:

    # subpariq Says: June 23, 2008 at 1:56 pm e

    Someone want to tell me why ds seems so set on protecting racists? Closing that thread when nobody was out of line really showed which side of the fence they sit on when it comes to racism. Shouldn’t really be a surprised given their refusal to make a diversity forum when they have a subforum for “women that pick their noses and eat it.” I am really disgusted by the fact that ds seems to be making no efforts to hide their racism. The stupid fucking mods do the little reprimand, “there are better ways to get your point accross.” Go fuck yourselves. Why not reprimand the fucking assholes that spew racist shit. “There are better ways to be a decent human being.” They wouldn’t recognize that though. They volunteer for a known bigot. The mods continue to associate with a known bigot. You are the company you keep. Just sayin’.

    # Mamatutu Says: June 23, 2008 at 2:17 pm e

    Check this out LMAO someone posted this on her MS page

    # Mamatutu Says: June 23, 2008 at 2:18 pm e


    # subpariq Says: June 23, 2008 at 2:29 pm e

    Who’s page is that?

    # Mamatutu Says: June 23, 2008 at 2:36 pm e


    # Ashley Says: June 23, 2008 at 3:19 pm e

    Disgusting racist shit. What is wrong with people.

    # subpariq Says: June 23, 2008 at 4:29 pm e

    I am furious with ds for supportig that shit.

    # Madre Says: June 23, 2008 at 4:32 pm e

    i thought she said her dh was black

    # Jennifer (ferrferr) Says: June 23, 2008 at 6:12 pm e

    She did say her husband is black. She’s a lying sack of shit. I screen capped it all too .. you know in case anything gets deleted. :p

    # subpariq Says: June 23, 2008 at 6:28 pm e

    You know I don’t really even care about that asshole so much as I care that DS as an organization is promoting bigotry by reprimanding people for pointing out racism and allowing ignorant assholes to spew their hatred. We saw what a bigot Lee Dodd is with regard to LDS. Refusing to have a cultural diversity forum when it is so obviously needed is really a thorn in my side. And all the mods and admin that volunteer for this bigot make me sick. Maybe I should email all Lee’s advertisers a link to the bigot article and start an online petition for people to sign.

    # Mamatutu Says: June 23, 2008 at 7:29 pm e

    Doesn’t look like he is “black” to me.


  2. DSDM2 says:

    Thanks DSDM. I’ll make some comments in a while 😉

  3. Anon. says:

    She said “.as people were throwing around…my kids black..my DH is black….SO?…”

    She never said her DH or child were black. If you’re going to attack someone for being/saying/doing something, take a moment to read it correctly. You may not agree with her point of view, but she has not lied.

  4. sara says:

    hmmm if that’s what she calls black then my DH is also.

    I think the joke was wrong no pastor should be saying things like that.

  5. subpariq says:

    What about all of the assholes who think it is wrong just because it was church. Or that it was only wrong because he is a pastor. Or how about the ignorant bitch that claims that she is not racist but that it is a funny joke. Not the one quoted above. If ds represents a cross section of our population, I am very scared.

  6. maree9304 says:

    Exactly what I was thinking subpariq. It doesn’t matter who said it, it’s a fucked up joke. Would you say that joke a black person? I bet NOT. It’s fucked up and this has nothing to do with being able to “laugh at yourself”.

  7. Lin says:

    Whatever you may / may not think about any of this, I don’t think it’s cool to be going and hunting someone down on MySpace for any of this. Her MySpace wasn’t listed on her DS profile, so someone obviously hunted down that URL with malicious intent.

  8. subpariq says:

    #7 when you put your personal information on the internet, you need to expect that it will be accessed by anyone. And when you act like a racist piece of shit, you can expect that people might not whisper sweet nothings on your myspace. I hardly think it was an act of god to hunt her down on myspace. And if malicious intent means calling a spade a spade, you’re just right. It is her own fault that she fits the bill as a racist. And it is her own fault that she made her bigotry public. Surprised that you would defend her.

  9. Lin says:

    I’m not defending her or her viewpoint. I’m defending a person’s right to privacy on the internet. Surprise of all surprises, it does exist, regardless of having an account on MySpace or not. And, actually, she posted the URL in a place that has restricted access to that particular information. So someone who knows her and is on the same forum went in with the specific intent of getting that information to post it here. Which, in point of fact, is illegal.

  10. subpariq says:

    #9 or it could be as simple as her myspace name is the same as her ds name. If you put your information in a public place that is not security enabled (like your user name) there is nothing illegal about cross referencing it. Don’t try playing armchair attorney when you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. Be careful. When you lay with dogs (your racist friend), you get fleas.

  11. maree9304 says:

    What exactly is illegal? Which law does it break?

  12. subpariq says:

    It breaks the law of common sense. You know, you aren’t allowed to plug her ds id into any other website or search engine. It also breaks the law of my friend the racist got caught being a total piece of shit bigot.

  13. maree9304 says:

    Does that mean Myspace is breaking the law by having the search feature where you can find people by display name, name and email address? LOL

    BTW, google xxxvolc0mxchikxx and see what the first link that pops up is.

  14. Lin says:

    “Individual states specifically prohibit defamation, no matter what form it takes. Defamation consists of false and unprivileged publication which results in economic damages. Financial loss is not necessary where the statement implies that a person is a criminal or has an unpleasant disease, or which injures a person in respect to his other office, profession, or business. A judge in Texas issued an injunction to stop defamatory posting by an Internet user. Hate messages sent by e-mail have also resulted in criminal penalties.”
    Source: http://www.netatty.com/privacy/privacy.html#invade
    Her URL was unprivileged information, as it was posted in a place that has restricted access.

  15. Lin says:

    I’m saying that I have a good idea where that information was obtained and that it was obtained illegally and maliciously. Regardless, you’re enacting the same kind of hate you purport to be completely against by staging your own witch hunt.

  16. Mamatutu says:

    Hey Lin I was the one who posted the MS link and her DH’s picture, you got a problem with Google? I posted a PUBLIC profile, and a public picture, NOTHING on the internet is PRIVATE. So you can turn your ass around and keep moving kthxbye!

  17. Mamatutu says:

    BTW, Google and Myspace do not have restricted access, as a matter of fact.

    And if I do say so myself if your gonna be an asshat make sure you don’t post personal info in a public arena mkay?

  18. subpariq says:

    I’m saying that you obviously haven’t plugged her user id into myspace or into google. Believe me it doesn’t take a descendent of matlock to figure it out.
    My question is, where is the defamation? Are you saying that she is not a racist? a bigot?
    Let me give you a little clue about how the law works. In order to prove defamation, it takes a small act of god. One has to prove that there was false malicious intent and that the opinion is not reasonable. Wanna show me where the false and unreasonable are? And then after that, assuming you can get past that which you can’t given her posts, then you are going to have to prove that she had a squeaky clean history. Take a look at her past posts on ds. Take a look at her myspace page. Good luck and have fun!

  19. Lin says:

    No, you know what? I can understand being angry with someone who has a different point of view, but how are you going to change that point of view with nothing but hate messages? How do you expect to achieve any sort of equality when your kneejerk reaction is to spew all this garbage in that person’s direction? Sending them hate messages is defamation, regardless of the “public access”. Honestly, it would probably do nothing but reinforce their opinion. If everyone is met with hate, how do you expect to get someone to agree with you? Just kill everyone who doesn’t agree? I’ve never once stated my opinion on whether or not anyone was right or wrong in this situation. But what I am saying is that it’s one thing to snark about something done on a forum, it’s a whole other vicious entity to start hunting them down with the specific intent of sending them hate messages. I mean, really, what posesses you to do that? What do you hope to achieve?

    If you’re going to be an asshat, make sure you’re able to take responsibility for the immaturity and insanity of your actions.

  20. Mamatutu says:


  21. Mamatutu says:

    Word was in reference to subpar not lin

  22. Mamatutu says:

    I haven’t posted ANYTHING hateful.

    nice use of asshat, and I think I have taken responsibility, though your little friend bigot girl hasn’t and managed to get her hateful self banned from not 1 but 2 forums today.

  23. subpariq says:

    Hey Lin how ’bout you do yourself a favor and shut the fuck up? You have no idea what you’re talking about and you sound like a damn fool. Defamation has nothing to do with hatemail.
    And don’t worry, there is no question about your opinion. Your association and defense of the racist bitch speak volumes.
    Start saving your pennies to sue me, it is going to take a small fortune to even bring it to court. Then the judge will laugh at you. And you will lose.
    I happen to know a thing or two about the law and your ignorant threats don’t exactly leave me quaking in my flip flops.

  24. subpariq says:

    What other forum did bigot bitch get banned from?

  25. schmaela says:

    Lin, did you see the garbage that SHE had all over her page?

    You don’t know wtf you are talking about, so you should just quit now.

  26. Mamatutu says:

    Okay maybe I will give you the benefit of doubt for a moment,

    When you came on here and clicked the links did they show as private to you?

    At one point today these links were set to public, so if you came in at half time, you assumed the worse.

  27. Mamatutu says:


  28. The Bored Bitch says:

    1. Her Myspace page was not set to private thus making an claim to an expectation of privacy null and void.

    2. Its the internet. Nothing. Not a blessed thing is private.

    3. If she didnt want her Myspace to be read, she should have privatized it to begin with considered an alternate user name…not one that leads right back to her with a simple Google search.

    If she doesnt want her shit publicized, then she should not post it on the interwebz.

    Easy Peasy, no?

    Stand by for pseudo threat of law suit from imaginary attorney.

  29. Lin says:

    They came up as private for me.

  30. The Bored Bitch says:

    Yes, now they are because she finally wised up that bigotry tends to raise some heated emotions and opinions.

    Wish she had wised up a helluva lot sooner.

    Now, I wonder if she will wise up to the fact she seems to be a bigot….

  31. Mamatutu says:

    So you assumed wrong, her links were not private at the time that I posted them and I am not her friend nor did I post privileged info .

    All I did was search google by her SN and her PUBLIC profile was there, I clicked it and BAM there is was.

  32. subpariq says:

    Well Darling, they weren’t private this mornin’. So when you get you’re big old foot out of your mouth and the pole out of your ass, why don’t you do some soul searching. You are friends with a bigot. What does that say about you? You rushed to the defense of a known bigot and acted the damn fool by pretending to know squat about the law. You did this for a bigot. Is this because you share her views? It must be, otherwise you would be distancing yourself from your friend the bigot.

  33. The Bored Bitch says:

    Im all about The Law.

    I do watch Boston Legal after all….


  34. subpariq says:

    For real. Why do people that watch a little Boston Legal or Judge Judy think that they can threaten legal action with any credibility. Any layperson could blow holes in the drivel she posted.

  35. Jennifer (ferrferr) says:

    Hey Lin … crawl back under the rock you came from. You have no clue what you are talking about here, and frankly your staunch support of the bigot bitch isn’t making you look very good.

    And perhaps if she learned to type in real sentences then we would have understood the cluster fuck that are her posts.

    For the record – I have no problems saying out loud that I think this chick is a worthless douchebag who needs to have her little “sociopath” ass taught a few lessons on life and racism. *thumbs up smiley here*

  36. Mamatutu says:

    Gosh, I was really hoping for an apology.

  37. The Bored Bitch says:

    Oy, go gently knocking Boston Legal.

    Spader and Shatner are perfect.

  38. Ashley says:

    mmmm. foot.

  39. subpariq says:

    Apparently foot is quite a delicacy in the diaper swapper bigot circles.
    BTW, did anyone click on the sponsor of the ask the pros forum (Adorable Pregnancy). Apparently Lee has a new venture capitalizing on women’s interests. And wtf is adorable pregnancy?

  40. The Bored Bitch says:

    Who knows.

    We are talking about the man who tried to introduce Huggies products on a cloth diapering/natural living forum.

    He doesnt strike me as overly bright.

  41. Mamatutu says:

    Well I caught a glimpes of her blog before she disabled it.

    Bohobaby I won’t forget it.

  42. Mamatutu says:


  43. T~Lish says:

    Expectations of privacy? On the internet?


    Shhh don’t make me wake the kids 😉

  44. Best Parent Ever says:

    Here’s the weird thing. I haven’t been a member of DW for awhile, but I get a huge kick out of the comments. What a great idea starting this blog. It’s amazing the way women go after each other.

  45. Mamatutu says:

    Hey spammer knock your shit off.

  46. DSDM2 says:


    Looks like maybe DS is going to do something? I highly doubt it though. This all goes back to the POC forum too. I have a lot of things I want to say about the whole race issue on DS and wont.

  47. Mamatutu says:

    I know how to fix it, stop going there.

    I stopped going and already feel much better.

  48. Madre says:

    they’re not going to do anything…

  49. Lin says:

    I never said I shared her views. She is a friend of mine and I thought it a bit invasive that people were tracking her down on MySpace, public profile or not. I’d heard before that it was illegal to take information from restricted access pages. Personally, I was hoping for an apology considering I never used any foul words toward anyone here and yet that’s all I had received in return. And I did get overreactive and I do apologize for that. I’m not sure what you want me to say aside from that. I had intended to not comment any further but assumptions are being made about the type of person I am simply because I said that it was a bit too far to be posting someone’s MySpace in regards to something that happened on DiaperSwappers. Think what you will in regards to my being friends with her. Just because I am doesn’t mean I share what’s assumed to be her views. Maybe it means I’m trying to take the peaceful way of going about things. At least that’s what I’d thought. I don’t know. Yes, I did disable my blog, because I didn’t want hate messages coming to me for any of this. I’m sorry that I commented in the first place. Obviously, I’m not the type of person who should be commenting on snark.

  50. Lin, she directed bigoted words at others. Her myspace page was not a private access page and a link to her myspace page is not private access. Now that her page is blocked, she controls who goes there. She spewed hate on boards, and now WE should be understanding and apologetic? She doesn’t care who she offends, why should anyone offer her anything better?

    And “too far” is her persona. She likes going too far.

  51. maree9304 says:

    It’s invasive to google someone or to look up their myspace? If they don’t want it seen, don’t put it out there.

  52. The Bored Bitch says:

    Peaceful way should not mean justifying a bigots words.

    Peaceful way to resolve this should not mean hand slapping people who take offense to bigotry.

    If you want to hand slap in the future, start with your bigot friend. She sounds like she needs a reality check.

  53. Green~Mammy says:

    The only thing I don’t get is why everyone thinks she said her husband is black. she never said that what she did was try to quote what people SAY when accused of being racist. As in they always say “oh my kid is black…my husband is black” but sadly she didn’t use quotes SO people didn’t get what she was trying to say and failed epically.

    Not that it matters she is a twat waffle for thinking bigoted/stereo typing/racist jokes are comical. I just think someone should clear that up a bit, that on that count she was not lying she was just misunderstood due to her inability to type coherently.

  54. haha says:

    OMG twat waffle. Holy shit I just spit Lemonade all over my computer!

  55. Mamatutu says:

    It must be Twatwaffle Tuesday.

  56. Green~Mammy says:

    Crap I made a typo while saying someone else can’t type. Isn’t that always the way the cookie crumbles LOLZ!

  57. A friend of Erin says:

    You all are no better than the people you criticize and call a racist. You call her a bigot, but do you know what that means. Here is the definition, NOUN –a prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from his own. Sound familiar. I think you all need to take you stupidness and shove it!

    Erin said she thought the joke was funny, how is that different from any comedian telling off color jokes. Yeah maybe it was wrong for a pastor to tell that kind of joke, but that doesn’t mean the joke wasn’t funny.

    Learn what words mean before you use them and sound stupid ok. You are being a bigot yourself just because you don’t agree w/ Erin.

  58. Get a life... says:

    I am totally in shock at how you all are behaving. You are mothers I assume and act like children. Why do you CARE? For real. You are all closet racists in some way. You all have some preconception about other racists. If you say you do not then you are a LIAR!

    But back to the original problem. SHE LAUGHED AT A JOKE! SO FLIPPING WHAT!

  59. Nadine says:

    I saw someone say twatwaffle on my other forum the other day and I loved it.
    Sigh. At any rate if hunting down people’s myspace through google is illegal I’m going away for a long time

  60. subpariq says:

    #57 & #58 Were either of you born anywhere near a nuclear reactor? Your posts had me wondering.

  61. The Bored Bitch says:

    So cute when the trolls come to hand slap the masses while engaging in the same behavior they are hand slapping.

    Hypocrite what?

  62. lilgamoma says:

    idk, I don’t think those kind of “jokes” are funny myself & def. not right that a preacher to be telling in church.

  63. Get a life... says:

    Troll? Um no, I don’t even go to Diaper Swappers except to sell something. Way too much Jr. High over there for me. I’m a grown up, I’m just pointing out the truth. The little vendetta thing you all have going on is LAME. Next week you will all attack someone else to give you some interest in your pathetic little life’s.

  64. Whatever...... says:

    You guys are hilarious…..and you seem to have a lot of free time!

  65. The Bored Bitch says:

    There we go with the hand slapping again.
    Tell me again, what is your point in coming to this blog?

    Oh thats right, to tell all the bad blog commenters how pathetic they are for criticizing someone else while doing the exact same thing.

    What was that, troll? I cant hear you over your hypocrisy.

  66. Ashley says:

    I have tons of free time. I just turn on SpongeBob Squarepants and it gives me hours to be a closet racist online. Once in a while I toss a pop tart his way and the baby’s good all day. 😀

  67. kiwi says:

    Next week you will all attack someone else to give you some interest in your pathetic little life’s.

    At least my pathetic little self is educated. Just FYI – it would be ‘lives.’ An apostrophe ‘s’ does not make a word plural. So next time you cruise by with your holier-than-thou handslapping, maybe you should try harder not to make yourself sound quite so stupid, hm?

  68. Ashley says:

    I always chuckle when the subjects of the blog entries have done something really idiotic and their friends show up to defend them.

    “Oh you”s all bad people here! ROFL You have dso much free time! Go back to you’re children and stop being mean online!!!@111! You have no idea how wonderful she really is, she is a wonderful person, and you are all just mean!”


  69. cassie says:

    looks like someone is sending their friends to defend them o_O

    no one mentioned this to lin earlier, but i’ll say, in reading through all these comments and looking through the links and the cache of google (it’s a beautiful thing), i didn’t once see anyone say “HEY! HERE’S HER MYSPACE LINK! I TOOK IT OFF A PRIVATE FORUM! LET’S ALL SEND HER HATE MAIL!”

    what people do with the information is their choice. it may not have been any of the commenters who decided to send her a message. she may have not received any messages at all!

    and ftr, “hate” mail is not defamatory. it is, at worst, harassment/cyber bullying as per MySpace.

    um, i won’t call the person of topic a “bigot” but i will say that IGNORANCE runs rampant. it takes lots of that to laugh at and ultimately perpetuate a negative stereotype of a race that has already been through quite plenty the last 300+ years and is busy trying to dig itself out of the hole it’s in. kthxbai.

  70. Mamatutu says:

    Ouch! I love my little life, I get to stay home with my kids, don’t have to work. Me thinks you are jealous.

    And yes I do think from her myspace page she is a bigot.

  71. DSDM2 says:


    OK, anyone else think Tara and ccowmommy sound like bigots themselves?

    I don’t see where this was a race issue. I see that the OP and the others say sexuality diversity too…

    But then again there are too many “christians” on DS to allow it eh?

    And I really bit my tongue not to add to JeDeeLee’s post and say “Yeah if the Admin doesn’t care, why should we”.

    Bull shit.

  72. lysol says:

    Cowmommy needs to get over herself.

  73. just me says:

    I do think its unfair that every other group gets their own for EXCEPT this group. However I don’t think they are wrong in their reasoning for it. But that could easily be remedied by closing down the 50 other useless forums they have and making room for the diversity forum.


    you got what you fucking wanted. IM BANNED from there….give me a fucking break people. Yet you dumb fuck FAT…..yeS, you dumb whores, i said FAT forum whores, like to play—-what you got? im a biggot? racist? whole different ballgame behind your silly lil screen. approach me in public and get you ass kicked, hide behind words and a screen……pffft GET OFF YOUR FAT ASSES AND GO RUN A FEW LAPS- might do ya some good. and keep ya off the computer……talking SHIT about someone YOU DONT KNOW….FUCK OFF.

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