Someone is off their rocker…

Posted: June 11, 2008 by THE Drama Mama in Just Drama
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I’m sure they’ll all be deleted, but:

this is candy i’m having fun





i pretend to wahm so my husband leaves me alone about mooching off him!


pay attn to your kids, fcukface

Today, 03:30 PM #1
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this is candy i’m having fun

As fully expected, I was banned for…speaking. How dare I speak the truth!

Listen to me mamas, LOVE YOUR CHILDREN. Get yourself out of your chair and go play with them. Go teach them. Go love them. Stop trying to get cheap cloth diapers that have been used before. Look at what happens! Your child ends up with a rash from improper laundering. I’ve seen it happen to more than one person in this community.

Oh Noes! My ban will be lifted NEVER. wtf is that? Who cares? I hope the bad things that you’ve done here, will follow you forever. I hope your children see through your false exterior. I hope they see who you are – an internet mommy blogger. Our parents were better parents because they didn’t neglect us for the internet. Too bad you can’t say the same.

multiple user ids

I think you all get the picture. It’s the same post, different title, spammed on DS. My only question is… who are you?

  1. cooldudesmama says:

    Yeah I saw that. Very bizarre. Maybe I am online during naptime? And, maybe, it is the only time I sit down during the day (rolls eyes)

  2. Ashley says:

    Hmmm…wth? I wish I could use smilies here, I’d use one of a crazy person. And then some eye rolling. The crazies really are out in force on DS.

  3. Sweetpotatoesmom says:

    anyone know who it is? or who she is talking about?

  4. lala says:

    Damn, I missed the good stuff. I love post and runs!

  5. puddin says:


  6. MatildasMum says:

    LOVE it! Someone is having a bad day.

  7. just me says:

    I wonder who that is directed towards.

  8. agrace says:

    someone has their panties in a wad for sure

  9. Lisa says:

    Here’s the first one they posted. Amusing fo sho. I am LOL that they have time to troll around, make up multiple usernames, post their rant in multiple forums, yet chastize us for posting on DS. Pot, meet kettle. You’re posting too dumbass! And what is the deal with the term “WAHMs”??? Uhh… when did we claim to work at home? I think someone is one can short of a six pack.

    Original rant:

    “First question: Why is it that this site is full of incompetent women who claim to be “WAHM”s? Why? Why don’t any of you log off the Internet and interact with your children? Why do you have children in diapers who are unsupervised while you play on a diaper forum? In what world is this acceptable behavior?

    Second question: Why do you all behave like high school children? People like sheleighya lie like a child. Lie about her husband getting her evicted – she supposed is living in a homeless shelter right now with her cloth diapered babe, yet she’s been online…for 9 hours. What homeless shelter are you at, Mama? Free internet AND shelter? WOW! I’m jealous. Here I am, paying a mortgage and cable bills! Silly me.

    Oh, that’s right. This place is full of liars. It’s also full of gullible, judgmental, neglectful hags. People who ban paying supporters of the site. People who “mediate” much like a high school math teacher. This is nothing more than one more clique in the world. And I’m nothing more than the emo kid from Drama Club here to give you a reality check.

    But the reality is, you’ll think I’m being a *****. You’ll think I’m wrong. You’ll delete my post and not give it a second thought. “Oh, another troll.” But see, that’s the beauty of it all. You ARE wrong. You sit here, b/s/t diapers for children who you neglect. How many of you send your kids to daycare while you sit at your computer and “WAHM” aka type away on a forum? How many of you are only on here because it’s naptime? Perhaps you should be cleaning while your child naps, that way when it wakes up, you don’t neglect it to clean. Oh, is the babe watching TV? A+ parenting, Mamas. I hope your children grow up to see how selfish and immature you all are. The rest of the world already does.”

  10. my2sons says:

    LOL!!!! Someone forgot to take their meds this morning.

  11. not tellin says:

    wow, what crawled up her ass? lol

  12. sara says:

    wow I didn’t know I was a WAHM.
    I think someone is PMSing a wee bit maybe?

  13. Wow.. Just wow.. Maybe this person is feeling a bit guilty for their own actions they are just taking note of? Can we say counseling.

  14. Surfin says:

    Wow, I became a Wahm today!
    Go me. Does anyone think this is linked to the Kim bannings?

  15. elusiontx says:

    dude, ds doesnt ban the scammers just the people scammed by the scammers.

  16. MatildasMum says:

    Kim bannings??? Am I REALLY out of the loop??

  17. icantwin says:

    “People like sheleighya ”

    I looked up her name on ds and saw the feedback from someone with the name of Elusion. Maybe it was her? Sounds scandalous!

  18. nicole says:

    mmm icantwin, not me. I got better things to do than go troll on DS. I might not like her, but yeah.. I was playing with my kid and being a wife when these posts were made 😛

  19. not tellin says:

    the kim bannings from like months ago?? i doubt its related, unless kim was banned again in the last week or so, lol.

  20. Aimee says:

    I was wondering about someone who was banned a few months ago too, since she mentioned one of the reasons she hates DS is that they ban paying supporters of the site…

  21. just me says:

    Well I did find the whole sheleighya thing weird. It screamed scam to me.

  22. the mom says:

    maybe jonnasmommy?

  23. lala says:

    Too well spoken to be jonasmommy. Although, the typos made it my first thought, her grammar was much much better than Tanja’s ever was.

  24. The Original Just Me says:

    Lisa Says: June 12, 2008 at 1:30 am

    Here’s the first one they posted. Amusing fo sho. I am LOL that they have time to troll around, make up multiple usernames, post their rant in multiple forums, yet chastize us for posting on DS. Pot, meet kettle. You’re posting too dumbass! And what is the deal with the term “WAHMs”??? Uhh… when did we claim to work at home? I think someone is one can short of a six pack.

    HAHA! I could not have said it better myself!

  25. icantwin says:

    You sure it wasn’t you Nicole? Why are you banned now? And why are you posting here with 2 names? You posted as Nicole and elusiontx?

  26. the mom says:

    I thought elusion something or other was one of the names used on ds by this crzy person….

  27. Per our IP checks, elusiontx and themom have not shared an IP addy and are most likely not the same person.

  28. icantwin says:

    No, elusion WAS a ds member, but now her profile says she is banned. Just a coincidence?

  29. icantwin says:

    You should check elusiontx and nicole though. That’s who I was talking about. 😀

  30. icantwin says:

    Hit enter too soon… because elusion’s profile on ds says she is in TX and why would someone other than her use that name here? elusiontx? But then I asked before if it was elusion and nicole, reply #18 said it wasn’t her, so I’m assuming that person is supposed to be elusion? Clear as mud?

  31. Nicole says:

    Its because I have a wordpress account as elusiontx and on my laptop I wasnt signed in when I posted, so I just filled out the little form. Its def. not me though.. I am banned now, because of sheleighya, but thats cos I left her a negative and the admins didn’t like it. *shrug* I dont care that much tho.. but I did wonder how long until someone assumed it was me. I think its funny.. but yeah.. Being banned doesn’t bother me enough to want to troll around and trash people. (And I think anyone that knows me would know it wasnt me)

  32. Kaymadmom says:

    wow, that poster has her own issues she needs to deal with. Step away from the internet, and go straight to your therapist.

  33. icantwin says:

    Looks like you left her retaliatory feedback, elusion.
    I still think it was you that made the posts that were deleted. You said almost the same thing here on the blog that the above posts says. You said you were busy being a wife and a mom when the posts were made. The above post was similar in statements made. Maybe you should take your own advice and step away from the computer. If you have so much anger over another person online that you feel the need to create false names and go on a rampage, you have a problem. You’re not a nice person. You have serious anger issues. I remember reading some stuff from when that whole thing with the swap happened. You left retaliatory feedback then too.

  34. nicole says:

    huh? my deal with sheleighya and this have nothing to do with each other. So what if I was banned? I really dont care. Im sorry, but, Im honored you think that it was me.. but Im not that great with words.. and really anyone that knows me knows my writing style. (Also, lets split hairs for a moment.. NOT MY IP ADDRESS.. and I dont have cable TV or internet. The OP mentions paying their cable bill.. Ive never paid one.) Plus I really dont have time to change my IP address and trash people I don’t care about. I don’t like confrontation and while i may vent in my own personal journal that none of you have access to.. I’m not going public with it and I never would.

    Sure i think its funny you guys think its me, but the DS admins KNOW it wasn’t me. I have friends that are mods and admins that have verified it. If It was me, Id own it. Believe you me.. I would definitely own it if it was me… I can’t take credit for this one, sorry. Next, please.

    If we want to go on about sheleighya’s scamming.. lets start a new topic, because I’m happy to chime in on that crazy chick. But this post and that have nothing to do with each other. But that said, I dont consider the feedback I left her more than “she deserved that” cos that transaction was WHACK from the beginning and she was pissed off my car got smashed up and I didn’t ship on time. I offered her a refund and she lost it. Of course, she only let the mods see what she wanted.. so.. *shrug* we can only hope karma does its thing.

  35. nicole says:

    PS: Witch hunts are so last year.. how about you find the person who actually made the posts and e-lynch them. lulz!

    If I could actually muster up enough anger about my lack of DS (a board I rarely frequented outside of the FSOT), then maybe, but Im not nuts.. and I really don’t care what other people do with their time.. or whether or not they are good parents.. really 🙂 Anyone that knows me, knows why I think its so funny that ya’ll think its me… and Im pretty sure they’d all agree that its not me. Better luck next time, though.

  36. empressmiaka says:

    >>> You said you were busy being a wife and mom when the posts were made. >>>

    I think it’s pretty clear that she was being sarcastic in reference to the troll’s posts. lol

  37. Sheila says:

    Nicole whether it’s you or not, the last two posts may you sound a bit crazy. I’d just stop now if I were you.

  38. Sheila says:

    Oh I just re read everything. It’s totally you! Gave yourself away with the trash talk on sheleighya and saying you were being a “wife and mom” while those posts were made. And then the babbling rants up above me.
    Good call icantwin.

  39. Like Whoa says:

    # Sheila Says: June 13, 2008 at 10:49 pm

    Nicole whether it’s you or not, the last two posts may you sound a bit crazy. I’d just stop now if I were you.

    Yeah, the more you say the crazier you sound and the more it sounds like you did it…

  40. Like Whoa says:

    # Sheila Says: June 13, 2008 at 10:49 pm

    Nicole whether it’s you or not, the last two posts may you sound a bit crazy. I’d just stop now if I were you.

    Yeah, the more you say the crazier you sound and the more it sounds like you did it…

  41. the mom says:

    not having the same ip addy means nothing!!!! I have access to like 10 different computers, how easy would it be just to get on another one and make a fake account, anyone could do it, so thats not a good arguement.

  42. just me says:

    Not having the same IP means jack as I can just unhook my router and plug my modem directly into my computer and it changes my IP addy.

  43. Mamatutu says:

    OH MY HELL, Look who’s calling crazy, crazy.

  44. maree9304 says:

    .. but Im not that great with words..

    Neither is the OP, but I’m sure she’s flattered that you think she is!

  45. the annoyed one says:

    ooooh looks like someone lit the fuse on her tampon. meh, i’ve seen more entertaining trolls, this one was L.A.M.E.


  46. Jen says:

    Although I was on the computer at the time those messages came up…..My boys were napping LOL…

    I definetly think it was off the wall to post something like that, but sometimes I have to agree that I see the same people posting all day long. Like for instance with the GM stockings this week I read the threads and there were a few mamas posting all day long… Where are there children… but who cares I guess its there life not mine

  47. Sweetpotatoesmom says:

    She’s back!

    Same momma right?

    Registered Users

    Join Date: Mar 2008
    Posts: 1 Re: UGH! Bringing Home Baby on TLC right now…sigh.


    CIO = abuse? You ladies are ridiculous!

    We just got our 9 month old out of our bed and you wanna know what the ONLY method was that worked? Yeh, CIO.

    I WISH we had done CIO sooner!

    To even insinuate that Waitingtobe abused her child makes me think you all are evil, judgemental and just horrible people. How can you say that?

    Maybe you moms should spend MORE time with your babies and LESS time worrying about mom’s on TV or on message boards.

    Hmmm, I think I can hear your LO’s crying from here

  48. Lindsey says:

    I dont know who wrote it but I have to agree that Shelighya is a little odd.

  49. I Like Truth says:

    It was me! It was me! Now seriously, somebody made up a stupid ass post to get a rise and maybe make it to the blog for attention.
    Maybe it’s the troll with mental problems…..who cares

  50. cdc says:

    I LoVE this blog! I was a part of some DS drama recently, had my posts removed for outing a scammer. I was just trying to warn others as the mama had moved on to other sites and was scamming them….but slamming is not allowed. whatever. Your blog is addictive, and ridiculous. 🙂

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