At least shmer is persistent.

Posted: May 30, 2008 by THE Drama Mama in It Got Deleted
Tags: , , , , , , , , (It’s been deleted, thanks to shmer outing herself… twice.)

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does this warrent neutral fb?

Ok, let me just say that I have never had any problems selling/buying here. I guess I have been jaded thinking that all ds Mamas are sweet and not shady

So more than a week ago I bought 2 items from a Mama here. When I contacted her she told me she was on vacation but the items would ship that Mon. when she returned. I offered to pay on Mon. but she assured me it wouldnt be a problem, she would remember. I paid promptly.

Days later she pmed me saying “hey I just realized that one of the items is stained, do you still want it” I do and she was kind enough to refund $2 off that item. I again asked when they should ship since it was past the time she stated originally. Again she said tomorrow.

Fast forward to today I get a IMO nasty pm saying that I should include what ive purchased in the subject line, because she didnt have time till now to figure out who I was and what I bought Well im confused. It clearly says “—–” in the subject line of all my pms.

This really upset me, I mean I have been really nice and understanding to this lady and she has not only been really nasty but has lied to me.

Ive never given neutral feedback before and I really dont want this to ruin my fb, so what should I do.

Do you think it warrants neutral?

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Re: does this warrent neutral fb?

I’d wait and see what the products look like first.

Regardless, I’d put her on my no b/s/t list. What a jerk.

I couldn’t agree more.

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Re: does this warrent neutral fb?

First of all, my pm was not nasty- I am more than happy to post it here to see what other mama’s think.

I have know idea what you mean about vacation as I was not on one and I don’t recall making you wait to pay.

I was nice enough to repay you when I found a stain and felt terrible.

I am a mother and my son comes first! I am sorry I took 2 extra days getting them out. I had to shuffle through 4 mama’s on here who did not put what they bought or their DS name on pp and I needed to figure out what went where.

Again, I was never trying to be rude.

If anyone has any questions regarding who was correct on this I will absolutely post every pm between us- I was not wrong or rude!

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Re: does this warrent neutral fb?

I am sorry mama, you need to leave whatever YOU feel is warranted. IMO she shouldn’t have gotten Rude at all, she is the seller and should’ve made sure everything was good to go before even listing for sale, secondly, she should’ve checked the pp payment and had she done this she could’ve figured out sooner nd Pm’d you to match you to the payment. ftr, i like to add the iinfo and my username to both the notes and message of the payment, sometimes it doesn’t show up though pp i am not sure why btu i leave it in both spots now too. if you paid immediately, she has no reason to leave YOU anything less than a positive feedback no matter what you leave her.

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Re: does this warrent neutral fb?


Originally Posted by cherisbabies View Post

Look it was never my intention to hurt anyones feelings, because really my were hurt by the pm. I would have never called anyone out either.

I just checked my email notification and clearly stated is the items bought, so I did state it on the pp and on pms.

That em notification was from when I refunded you the $2 and wrote what it was in the subject line….I sent you the link to what I received and in the subject line is your real name and in the notes it says thank you.

Somehow, I don’t think shmer is going to be happy leaving anything close to a positive for this buyer. I, for one, would like to see the PMs… even though they are private and not to be shared per the rules of DS. (insert eye rolling smiley here)

  1. agraced says:

    I read that….hmmmmmm

  2. yeah, it was more interesting and funny than anything else.

  3. tiredmama says:

    I’ve dealt w/shmer before and she sent me many nasty pm’s. She has been on my do no BST w/list for a long time

  4. I’m always soooo curious what the PM’s actually talk about. I’d love to be a fly on the wall to see how they bash all of the members.

  5. becka says:

    i get annoyed when ppl dont put what they bought oratleast their un in the message portion of paypal…selling multipe things trying to figure it out
    when you receive the email notification it gives you the subject….the subject’s not shown on the actual page through paypal, which is what i look at when prepping things to ship
    a good way to do it is put what it is in the subject line, then again in the message box with your username, takes less than a minute and reduces frustration a lot for a seller

    and i have a theory shmer outed herself purposefully to get it deleted…anyone whos been on ds for a little while knows the ‘no outing oneself’ rule fcol!

  6. Sheila says:

    Why don’t they just delete the posts of the person outing themselves rather than the whole thread?
    I think I’ve heard that about schmer before too somewhere.

  7. Michelle says:

    That was HILARIOUS!!!!

    Sheila the reason they deleted the whole thread was because the mama kept outing herself over and over again. They would delete her posts and she would respond again. She responded about 5-6 times after each of her posts were deleted. She wasn’t getting it, so they trashed the whole thread.

  8. Sheila says:

    Oh well THAT is funny!

  9. Sheila says:

    Ya know vbulletin has this neato add on feature where you can ban a user from a specific thread. DS should look into that.

  10. Mamatutu says:

    Really Sheila? I don’t think so, then DS members would have something else to bitch about.

  11. nini02 says:

    Why would they delete a thread if a person decides to out themselves? I can see deleting it if someone outs another person – but if someone *chooses for themselves* to let everyone know what they did, why would they delete that? That makes no sense at all to me…

  12. nini02 says:

    Wow, my monster needs lessons in putting on lipstick 😀

  13. Like Whoa says:

    Did you see this:

    So she (or others) are doing it on purpose…

  14. mamapixie says:

    “i get annoyed when ppl dont put what they bought oratleast their un in the message portion of paypal…selling multipe things trying to figure it out
    when you receive the email notification it gives you the subject….the subject’s not shown on the actual page through paypal, which is what i look at when prepping things to ship
    a good way to do it is put what it is in the subject line, then again in the message box with your username, takes less than a minute and reduces frustration a lot for a seller”

    You’ll be happy to know I had a first time DS buyer buy some diapers from me yesterday, and I told her to put what she bought and her username in both the subject, and message box on Paypal(she wanted me to walk her through paying with Paypal too). I broke her in good!

    shmer is an idiot, and yeah, another one I’ve put on my ignore list. I’ve found it’s easiest to just put the morons on DS on ignore rather than worry about a “do not B/S/T list”

  15. tiredmama says:

    mamapixie or anyone else that knows what else has schmer done? I’m very interested since I had a HORIBLE transaction w/her a few months ago. I haven’t left feedback yet trying to think of the best way to phrase it but I’d love to know what else she’s done.

  16. somewhat newbie says:

    you know, i’m glad i read this. i have been B/S/T-ing on DS for a couple months now but never even thought of putting my UN or item that i bought on the PP message! call me crazy, it just never occured to me. but it makes so much sense! i’ll definitely be doing that from now on!

  17. cassie says:

    tired mama, if you had a horrible experience with her, your best bet would be to alert a mod, tell them the whole story, simply say you’re going to leave neg fb (i’m assuming), and to please look out for retalitory fb, because she gives the aire that she might be that kinda gal. i know there’s like one or two mods over there who don’t suck, so maybe that will aid in getting shmer out of people’s hair for good. nasty people shouldn’t be allowed to sell.

  18. Now, outing yourself is a strikable offense! This should be fun to watch.

  19. becka says:

    i like that rule…as much as i like knowing who it is when they out themselves theres missed threads because of it, and with some investigating you can *usually* find who it is anyways 😀

    “I broke her in good!”

    awesome! hopefully she continues to do it even when not requested

  20. Jonesy says:

    Well, I had a TERRIBLE transaction with her! She bought from me…Jolly Roger Cranks…and I was nice enough to add some extras when I mailed to her. She didn’t ask…but I HATE to break up outfits. Long story short…the funds were taken out of my Paypal TWICE on the transaction. I did finally get the monies and keep them…but it was a HASSLE. GAH. I won’t ever go out of my way like that again unless it’s someone I’ve dealt with before and “know”.

  21. becka says:

    I might ad..i dont really like the ‘no outing’ rule, but if they’re gonna have it it does need to be enforced in a way that would discourage ppl from doing it…just deleting the threads might’ve just been making people *want* to out themselves then less people would potentially see it and find out who it was

  22. just_my_opinion says:

    I outed myself once, before I knew about the rule. They just deleted my posts. The mama was lying about details of the transaction, and accusing me of scamming, and the whole thing was a nightmare. I felt so helpless not being able to defend myself & tell my side. The mods told me I could start my own thread, but that just seemed petty & nonproductive to me. In the end she was big enough to send me an apology pm as well as tell everyone in the thread she was wrong, but I don’t think mamas should be able to just trash another mama without any proof of wrongdoing in the first place. I think transaction issues should be handled between the individuals & the mods.

  23. lysol says:

    What a stupid rule. How many more rules can they think of for idiotic cr4p.

  24. Grogwench says:

    I actually think it’s a good rule. I get so sick and tired of people outing themselves just to get a thread deleted. If a person can’t out themselves, the thread stays up, and the cyberdetectives always have ways of finding out who the offender is!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. maree9304 says:

    Woah woah woah, did I read that right?
    This chick buys a diaper
    does a chargeback
    sells the diaper
    leaves neg. feedback for wahm??

    What the fuck?

  26. maree9304 says:

    Someone said that the person was now banned, Birdof1985 is not banned, yet.

  27. just me says:

    That was hazeleyes536 and she is currently banned.

  28. Birdie says:

    My emails to the hotmail keep bouncing. My email and Hotmail mudt not be friends. 🙂 Did anyone catch this crazy post? This person has problems. The thread is now locked but it is a fun read!

  29. just me says:
    Someone apparently didn’t get the memo about shmer.

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