OK, this was posted by Birdof1985 (http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?p=3515464#post3515464)

feedback question

I purchased something from a canadian mom almost 2m ago on here. She didnt have anything to show me she actually mailed the item when i asked. I told her id be happy to wait and she even gave a refund, i didnt ask- she offered. I told her id wait til mid May ( i gave her the exact date id wait for the item) and at that point it would of been 2m from the date of sending money and then id leave neutral fb.. well still no item, but do you think i should still leave neutral FB?

OK SERIOUSLY? This is coming from someone who had HUGE paypal issues over the last few weeks and expected mamas to cut her slack?? (for reference: http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=396222 )

The mama she has decided to leave a neutral or negative, hasn’t yet, for OFFERED A REFUND WITHOUT BEING ASKED. What else can she do? Send more product and a refund? Would that make Birdof1985 happy?

Not too many people think she should leave neutral or negative feedback, but she has decided NOT to listen to the masses and is going to “going to leave what i feel is fitting to the end of the situation”.
Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.
She has made my Do NOT B/S/T list for sure. What else could have been done? Isn’t just no feedback better in this case? Or positive with details?
We all know how bad the Canadian Post is… and how impossible it is to track or get insurance.

I just feel bad for the seller. I hope she leaves a negative for Bird.
  1. Ashley says:


    Sorry. I just get sick to my stomach when I see more and more people like that on DS.

  2. Madre says:

    She’s either an idiot or a wannabe scammer

  3. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    It is kind of ironic that we decided not to blog on her other issues and now this comes up. I really suggest you all look at her past before buying from her, and now before selling to her.

    Birdof1985, you are on a LOT of Do not B/S/T lists by now, just to let you know. That thread makes you look like even more of an ass than you did from your other issues.

  4. monkey'smom says:

    This post will probably be pulled:

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    You sent me a PM to hide from a public situation. I hope all those who had money on hold for you go back and leave you a negative or neutral because you have no tact when it comes to these situations. You deserve the same treatment you are giving this member.

    By the way did you tell everyone who dealt with you and didn’t leave a positive that the great cancel button only gives back members their money if the owner of the paypal account said the transactions were UNAUTHORIZED? If paypal had filed then the cancel button would not have worked. Just curious if you still would have got the same feedback. I would never B/S/T with you after seeing what you are doing to this member. You probably have her package. Just seems to fit your character.

    The only reason you made this post is you were hoping to get support in your neutral decision so you could place the blame somewhere else for you unfriendly and unprofessional practices.

    And I don’t care who doesn’t like my opinions here.

  5. mamaofthezoo says:

    LOL You guys are fast. I was just coming here to see if you guys seen what she was doing. I worked for paypal for 2 years before my last child was born. That cancel button is available whether paypal filed or the member filed. BUT it only cancels the transactions if the owner of the paypal account filed the unauthorized transactions.

  6. kewidoll says:

    Wow Bird sure has a lot of drama. Another person to steer clear of.

  7. Stacey says:

    Bird has long been on my do not buy list. I used to hang out in the transaction forum a lot to try to keep track of who might be scamming. My understanding is that she has had past negative feedback changed to a neutral because she basically stalked the member and harrassed them until they changed it. She has terrible b/s/t practices. Buyer (and seller) beware!

  8. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    hmmm… the plot thickens…

  9. giggle says:

    So who has the blogspot list of do not b/s/t?

  10. Stacey says:

    I was wondering the same thing? Which is the one run by a scammer??

  11. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    Sam from DT (see the other post about her) runs one.

  12. The Bored Bitch says:

    This Bird is not the same Birdie commenter is it?

  13. Birdie says:

    I’m not Birdof1985. Promise. 😀

  14. The Bored Bitch says:

    Phfew. Was worried for a sec. 😛

  15. Maree9304 says:

    Sam from DT (see the other post about her) runs one.
    Oh the irony!

  16. Stacey says:

    Okay… somebody has got to post me a link to the Sam scammer site! That just sounds too good not to go look at, lol!

  17. goingbuzonkers says:

    *formerly giggle*

    LOL no kidding!!

  18. mom3divas says:

    She’s a twat(can I say that here?) I knew her on another board for about 2 yrs she was crazy psycho. She finally got banned after scamming some moms.
    I’ve let Mods on DS know what was going on twice but so far she’s still there.

  19. just_my_opinion says:

    I was scammed by luv2recycle, but since she’s got friends, she is still on DS. DS even changed the wording of my negative f/b to make it seem like she didn’t do anything! She has several negative fb now, and probably more with come out & leave negatives once they realize they’ve been scammed. Apparently if you are friends with a mod you can do whatever you want. Meanwhile i’m out a lot of money. I haven’t been on too much lately. Have there been any threads started over her yet?

  20. Maree9304 says:

    luv2recycle has 4 negative fb’s and a neutral one because the buyer found a moldy cracker stuck to one of the items. *gag*

    Sorry you got scammed just_my_opinion.

  21. Grogwench says:

    FYI: luv2recycle has been banned from DS.

  22. Maree9304 says:

    Good to hear!

  23. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    “FYI: luv2recycle has been banned from DS.” That is interesting… I wonder what sparked it?

  24. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    By sparked it, I mean why now…

  25. Kelolsen says:

    dude, Birdof1985 has been on my do not b/s/t for a loooooooooooooong time -e ver since she told a customer onthe boards to “LEAVE ME ALONE”. that just rubbed me the wrong way.

  26. just_my_opinion says:

    I wonder if someone read this discussion & it led to her being banned! I was starting to get seriously ticked that she was still around.

  27. Maree9304 says:

    I can’t believe she was still posting with that feedback. I’d be embarrassed.

  28. mamaofthezoo says:

    I might be new to DS but I don’t know that I would recommend it to anyone. I have been chewed out twice now. The first time it was in response to birds ad, I believe my post is up in the beginning of this thread. Told the past is the past. Tonight the lady she gave neutral to was frazzled in a response, so I told her not to worry, that person probably has a lot of people putting her on the do not b/s/t list. I got another mod message saying the past is the past, it has been deleted and it doesn’t concern me.

    Sorry, I didn’t know letting a known scammer with bad ethics was the vibe DS was trying to send out. If they allow Bird to continue and stick up for her, how many others are out there? How many people have to be taken advantage of before they stop it?

  29. Molly says:

    In response to Mamaofthezoo: “how many others are out there? How many people have to be taken advantage of before they stop it?”

    There are quite a few out there I’m afraid. I made quite a large purchase on DS. The pics in the listing were of like new diapers with no stains.

    My package came about a week later The diapers were awful! They weren’t even the same diapers that had been shown in the pics. Same brand but not the same diapers. They were stained horribly, and the outsides were all mottled and stained up. I can’t even describe how awful these were LOL. I wish I could post pics here.

    I contacted the seller and she never would respond to me. I then contacted a mod and was basically told I was SOL and that she wouldn’t ever have paid as much as I did for those diapers.

    Really? I wouldn’t have paid that much for them either if the seller’s listing had been accurate.

    So I lost $150.00 and have some awful diapers to show for it.

    Of course this was a long time ago and I’ve had nothing but good transactions since then. However, the person who scammed me is still on DS to this day.

  30. Grogwench says:

    Molly, who was it that scammed you?

  31. mamaofthezoo says:

    This is the message I got this morning from a mod. I guess the scammers are allowed to roam freely, while the rest of us have to keep our lips shut and let new and unaware people get taken advantage of. A big applause for Diaperswappers admin and mods. You guys are rock stars!!


    I spoke with one of the Admins and she advised me to issue you a warning since you were asked once to please leave the issues with Bird alone. There was mediation, and all of the issues were taken care of to the best of our knowledge. So, this is a warning for you and if you discuss the situation again about her on the board, you will be issued a strike.”

  32. The Bored Bitch says:

    Hey Bloggers,

    Did you see that Lee is spamming Huggies products now?

    BGs has the cut and paste if you want to see.

    Hey Lee, if you read this- You own a CLOTH DIAPERING website.

    It bears repeating- CLOTH DIAPERING.

  33. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    LOL!!! Can you email it to me? Screen Shot preferred.. I’ll try to make a link and post it, or better yet PhotoBucket it for me and send me the link… I feel a blogging coming….

  34. The Bored Bitch says:

    Linky- http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/…d.php?t=423847

    Cut and paste:

    Lee’s Avatar

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    Huggies brand Clean Team products review
    Thought you all might enjoy this!

    We had a chance to review Huggies brand Clean Team products for toddlers, I’d like to share the review with the moms here.

    I recently had the fortune of receiving a package from Huggies which included samples from their “CleanTeam” line of products. I was a bit skeptical about some of them, but sure enough, they have won me over. Please continue reading and allow me to share my experience with you!

    Do any DS moms use or have experience with these products? What did you like/dislike about them? Did it make bath time any easier for you or your toddler?

    You will have to grab the screen shot. I have to run some errands.


  35. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    link didn’t work 😦

  36. The Bored Bitch says:

    Try Off topic chat.

  37. The Bored Bitch says:

    and the follow up…..

    Lee’s Avatar

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    Re: Huggies brand Clean Team products review
    Originally Posted by camdensmommy View Post
    So how much did you get for doing this?

    Seems totally inappropriate.
    Hahahaha. We didn’t get a penny. We just had one of our employees right up a review for the product they sent to us. This is all a test and I figured I would get your feedback on the review. The review wasn’t posted at DS since it isn’t related, but I still thought you might have an opinion.

    I saw right! LOL!

    Why is he the admin of a cloth diapering board again?

  38. Birdie says:

    “Why is he the admin of a cloth diapering board again?”

    Because he can be. Unfortunately. Nice idea for a joke. I wonder what he would have said if the whole thread would have been full of “Yeah, those are great! We use a whole box of them with each bath!”

    Nice try Lee. Any bets on how long it will be until Huggies ads start appearing? And Golly!! They just don’t know how on earth they got there! Kinda like those nasty booty shaking ads. Just a mistake. Sure.

  39. littlebooger says:

    I was wondering if someone would catch that thread. I stayed off it, thought maybe it was a trap to get strikes for bashing a company ya know 😉 Its crap that he even posted it and then laughs it off. It was spam, what a (insert your favorite descriptive word here….)

  40. Mamatutu says:

    Does anyone not see the link between canamcircus and momofthezoo ?????????

    Hello, I do!

  41. DSDM2 says:

    Mamatutu, go look at the next bad transaction thread! She has been banned 😀

  42. Mamatutu says:

    She is an ass wipe! I just saw that other thread just now, great job to Stacey!

  43. not tellin says:

    bird has been on my b/s/t list for quite some time… she annoyed me so much she was briefly on my ignore list, along with WonderMom, but people like that are like car accidents– you just HAVE to look! im glad others are seeing her snakey-ness coming out like i did long ago *gag*

  44. Mommy2two says:

    Bird was a known troll back on another site I frequented. She has since been banned by the mods. I’m sorry so many of you are getting scammed by her. It’s a shame DS is turning a blind eye to this scammer. She’s been scamming on the net for at least 2 years now, that I know of.

  45. Sarah says:

    She’s appointed herself as siggy police now…http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=443221

  46. DSDM2 says:

    I saw that!!! LOL. My opinion is that she is pissed b/c she had a ticker that she had to pull or something… jealous.

  47. jnl2006 says:

    good to know im popular, lol.

    btw i wasnt banned from pregnancyweekly.com for scamming. i was banned for a post in the debate board and annoying the mods. I will gladly post the Email from the Mod at Pregnancyweekly if youd like – it clearly states why i was banned.

    and any questions about any transactions- just be up front and ask. Im a big girl and you are too.

    about the above transaction– it was settled and i didnt leave anything mean,nasty or negative towards the mom in question.

  48. jnl2006 says:

    here is PROOF iwas NOT banned from PW for scamming
    Flag this messageRE: preg weekly/banningWednesday, August 13, 2008 2:07 PM
    From: This sender is DomainKeys verified “naudia” Add sender to Contacts To: birdof1985@yahoo.com

    You were banned for creating an unnecessary workload for the moderators.


    so take it and be happy– spread the word. Im not lying

  49. JustPeachy says:

    I know this is old but how the hell does one get banned on pw aside from being a troll??????? I was way worse on pw then I was on DS and I never got banned.

  50. jale says:

    I was banned because of the debate board, a girl and I got into it and i ran to the mods like a snitch and baby, very immature of me and I was quite annoying to them.

    I also had asked times before that for my SN to be changed. Def NOT a good idea on my part. I can see how that was seen as hiding, etc.


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