This isn’t the first thread about this in the last 24 hours. I noticed one yesterday too, but it seems to have “vanished” (big surprise).

I am ASSuming that this is the mama in question:

Or is it this one:

What is it with allowing these women to stay at DS? Why can’t the rules actually be the rules? I mean, if you are going to have them, shouldn’t we all have to abide by them?

Why isn’t this mom banned? MommyPatton521 has negatives, 3 actually, all in a short amount of time. No matter what her feedback was, she is scamming now. We all remember the Dixie/Michelle/Dixie Drops thing. She had great feedback… then turned scamming bitch.

What about this one:


Why is the feedback about the scammer not posted?

Yesterday a member left feedback about a scammer in the wahm feedback section. Very shorty after I left a good review about another wahm. These have to be approved first. Mine was up in a very short time. Where is the feedback in the wahm section about the scammer? Am I missing something?


DS needs to stop protecting the scammers. OUT THEM. Let people talk about it. It will make for a safer community.

  1. mamaofthezoo says:

    A member claimed yesterday to have posted feedback about her in the WAHM section but told us it had to be approved. A mod came back and said this was just so people would follow the template and that Neg feedback in the WAHM section does get posted.
    Almost 24 hours later, it is still not posted. Yet mine is. The feedback I posted about 2 minutes after this other member posted. Mine was a positive about another member.

  2. sassy1 says:

    that smells fishy IMHO.

    they need to get a mve on posting that kind of thing, or at least hire more mods to help work on it. I hate how things take forever (or never) get done on DS.

  3. LindusandGrace says:

    This is such bullshit. i posted the first thread in question and did report it to a mod, not that anything happened by it… i think they should have some sort of suspension or something for these things being “reviewed” i wish just one thing on that website could be cut and dry. 3 negs = banned. no questions asked.

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