Harper Drama? Bullies? Huh?

Posted: May 6, 2008 by THE Drama Mama in Just Drama
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DSDM2 and I got some emails regarding the fact that Harper will no longer be stocking or in business. All posts on DS regarding this have been deleted, so I really have nothing on it…

Anyone care to share details/links/etc? I’ll add them up here.

  1. giggle says:

    From what I understand, Rachel got really sick after her last stocking (which oversold like crazy however rachel was nice enough to honor those that oversold and custom made appliqued pf’s). Anyway Rachel (and her family including 5 kiddos) got really sick, so sick she couldn’t function. During this time several of her online acquaintances called her, but she did not call back within a “timely” manner. Bare in mind she has on numerous occassions sent these people who she thought was friends, gifts, free merchandise etc. Anyway, those she didn’t call back in a “timely” manner got upset with her. Even going so far as to report her “hungry caterpillar” sets to the author of the book (which resulted in a cease and desist letter).

    Ironically those waiting on the pf’s didn’t appear to be overly upset, she even sent an extra with their orders because of the delay.

    After her being ill for so long, her husband wisked her away for 3 days of much needed R and R.

    The rest is pretty much history… nasty emails, slandering her on a private forum, threats and the like….. just not nice and understandably scary considering some of these people knew her address.

    Rachel’s feelings were hurt, so she decided not to do harper any longer…..

    Of course this is just one side of the story…. I’m probably missing something, but this is what I’ve heard from numerous sources.

  2. The Bored Bitch says:

    I cant tell if the bullies are actually bullies or people giving constructive criticism or perhaps a little of both.

    Of course, it *is* HC so there will be the self appointed quality control folks policing the various products. I can only imagine that dealing with them might be perceived as bullying.


  3. giggle says:

    I would def. qualify threats, reports and the like to bullying…. it’s on DS more than HC…. and from what I have heard those “bullies” are just recently added DS mods…. so I can understand her hesitation.

    From what I’ve seen Rachel made good on all her orders and made up for the time off from her being sick with extras in those orders…..

  4. liljoeysmom says:

    This is bullshit! She’s MIA with something obviously more important than being online and because she doesn’t return a phone as quick as someone would like, she gets dragged through the mud on DS? By mods no less? Is running WAHM out of business a requirement to be a mod? I didn’t see that on the application. It does make sense, since they bash WAHM on their private board.

    And wait! Why isn’t Kim getting C&D letters for her crappy caterpillar skirties?

  5. onlygirl says:

    Hey being a mod on DS is a very important job people. There are chocolate laptops at stake here!!! you all are just haters i can tell.

  6. Sarah says:

    This makes me both mad and sad. Rachel did beautiful work and was super generous with throwing in extras.

  7. Maree9304 says:

    LMAO Cherie!!

  8. Maree9304 says:

    So everyone who is making something out of the caterpillar fabric and selling it, is that illegal?

  9. Birdie says:

    Well, I won’t speak for those on the other side since I’m not directly involved. But, there is much more to the story that Rachel hasn’t told anyone because that’s how she is. I happen to know that she did some pretty awful and hurtful things to people that thought were her friends.

    I’d like to know.. how are Mods involved and what threats took place? This is the first time I’ve heard any of that.

    It’s a really unfortunate situation all around. 😦

  10. Madre says:

    Birdie share your info. Let the truth out…

  11. Birdie says:

    It’s not mine to share. But I will tell the people I know that were involved about this post and maybe they will come and share.

  12. Erin says:

    I love my harper set, and regardless of her personal ethics no matter which way it goes, she did provide top quality products.

  13. cdlover says:

    I feel I need to be one to voice the other side.

    I spent many months being what I thought was a good friend to Rachel. I did her dirty work (posting in threads defending her, starting random rave threads, etc when she asked me to). I sent her many free things (w/o expecting anything in return b/c I thought we were good friends – I don’t mind gifting to friends, EVER).

    I bought sets from her full price and never once got a “harper” freebie – EVER. I got used and abused diapers for free, but nothing new or “harper”. Again, that was fine at the time b/c I thought we were good friends.

    She spent a LOT of time gossiping about people from DS (in particular a “crazy canadian” and an annoying customer that had purchased from her several times) and how much they drove her nuts.

    Then, all of a sudden, she stopped returning phone calls/emails/messages even AFTER many were left worrying about her safety/health/etc. After talking to her every.single.day all day long, I got worried. Even my DH wondered if she had died. Honestly. I’ve been sick. Very sick even. And I would have sent an email or made a quick call if someone was THAT worried about me – especially if it was someone I told constantly was a very good friend!!

    Turns out, during her “hiatus”, she spent lots of time talking to the “crazy canadian” and the other “annoying customer” – their posts on DS proved it.

    Finally, I got called back after I left her a message saying people were talking about filing PP claims against her b/c she had communicated with no one. She flipped out on me . . . shot the messenger one could say. Told me she wasn’t planning on speaking to me again/being my friend b/c she couldn’t handle the DS drama and that is where our friendship had originated from. As one could imagine that seriously hurt my feelings . . .

    I realized then that she wasn’t someone I’d want to be friends with. I learned w/in the next week or so a lot more crap about her.

    I know she lied about not getting emails/being able to get into her emails. I got an email from her THAT NIGHT (after she had lied to me about her email being shut down) from the “old” email address. I don’t like liars. And to be honest, I don’t like her.

    About giggle and hungry caterpillar stuff, not sure where that came from. No one I know . . . I just hope this is the last we hear of “harper” and her drama-licious life.

    I had no plans of sharing any of this until I read Rachel’s craptastic lie on the DS thread. Thinking about all of this opened up the feelings again . . . I don’t care if that sounds lame, but I had plenty vested in that friendship. It’s a shame b/c she is one talented chick!

  14. cdlover says:

    You know what else I find a little humorous? The fact that before anything happened, she didn’t want anyone to know about her having 5 kids b/c it made her “un cool” (her words). She wanted to be hip, and being a SAHM to 5 wasn’t so hip she said. But now that all this happened, she’s pulling the “I have 5 kids and am so busy” card.

    O I could keep going. This just upsets me to no end . . .

  15. Kelly says:

    I think lil miss harper is just using these so called “bullies” as a way to generate sympathy for herself. Oh poor Rachael. No one ran her off, she was pissed off that people requested customs that weren’t her style or taste, she couldn’t keep up with the workload she took on and obviously had to blame someone.. She didn’t get her way, boo freakin’ hoo. There is oh so much more to this story, and Rachael is just using this drama with her former friends as an excuse.

  16. Shawnah says:

    Well I’ll share. And I’m not here to bash Rachel. She was my friend. I truly adored her work and her friendship. She added me to her custom’s list and was really busy. I’m more than patient and told her to take her time. I bought two brand new Goodmama’s and Rachel wanted to try them out. So we decided to do a trade….two Goodmama’s for one harper set. Was it an even trade… no but I liked her and that never mattered to me. I told her that I had two on the way from a mutual friend’s wishbox and I would have her send them directly to her. I told her to take her time (because I knew she was busy) on my end of the custom.

    She received the Goodmama’s and a few weeks later she told me she had sold them. Was I mad no because they were then her’s to do what she wanted with then but of course I wondered about her end of the custom and felt sad.. She even joked that eventually she would get to mine. I’ve always tried to help and if I had something she was ISO I would just send it on for free. I didn’t expect anything in return. Well a few more weeks went by and still no word of anything. It was then going on 8 weeks since she received the GM’s. I didn’t say a word about any of it. That’s not my style.

    Before any of the sickness she had mentioned a few times she was done with sewing and annoyed with custom orders. I could sympathize because I know how hard it must be. I have a lot of kids myself. So now hearing that bullies chased her off seems crazy to me when it was said way before. Then she got sick and people started to worry. I finally emailed her just saying I knew she was sick and asked about the custom. I did mention that others were hurt but that it wasn’t my business. I felt she should know. I heard back a few days later and she apologized and said she would still make it. At that point I knew she didn’t want to and a few friends were going through their own issues with items and I just asked for a refund.

    I never bad mouth… bashed or bullied her in emails to her .. I didn’t want to see her stop sewing. I always supported her and defended or just listened when drama would come up.

    She did refund me and make things right. And in this situation I have sent her a few things for free because she was my friend. It wasn’t the other way around. She never sent me anything for free. So I just wanted to clarify that. What my friends went through is up to them to share. But that’s my story. I only wish her well and told her that in the email I sent to her. Bully isn’t what I did or do.

  17. Heather says:

    Ok, here is my side of the story. I was friends with Rachel, I even did a couple of collabs with her. When she started having all her problems with sewing and sickness, I tried to call her, but never could get her to answer. I really didn’t think much of it because yes, we were friends, but not really close friends. I knew that she had blown others off and really hurt them, but I still was trying to support her. One of our collabs sold and she had the stuff for it. So, I tried for several days to get in touch with her about it. I was finally able to talk to her and felt that she and I had a good conversation. I did not know at that oint that she was no longer going to sew. She mentioned to me a couple of times that she was tired and I suggested that she take a break.

    I knew about the issues that others were having with her, and the customs orders, but I never brought that up with her because I didn’t feel like it was my place to do so. I did not agree with the way that she was treating people, but I felt that she needed to deal with it herself.

    I was one of the ones that purchased a prefold slot from her. Yes, I did get my prefolds and yes she did put an extra one in there. That was the one and only time that I got something from Harper that I did not pay for. Everything else I ever got from her, I either did a trade with her for it or I paid full price.
    I never expected her to give me anything. In fact, everything I with the exception of one mutual trade that we did, I got from stalking her site.

    I was the owner of the Hungry Caterpillar set, one of them anyway. I sold the set on Spots. Plain and simple. I posted it up and someone purchased it. That was the end of it for me. I never reported her to anyone. I simple sold a set that no longer was being used so that another mama could have it and use it.

    End of story for me. Do I agree with the way that she has treated her friends, no. Did I bully her, no. I feel that we are all adults and all able to take care of our own problems. Do I support my friends that had problems with her, yes. Of course I do. But have I done anything to her in a bully manner, no. That is not my style and it never will be. I do all that I can to avoid friction/drama in my own life.

  18. MatildasMum says:

    Tara/tararaboomdeea asked me to post this because she is getting an error message when she tries to post a reply.

    “Rachel and I met through DS and were great friends for a while. But as the popularity of her store grew, so did her head. She used to sit behind the scenes and look at posts about her store and her and ask me to post updates and replies for her. If anyone said anything remotely negative about her, she’d flip out and go on a rampage.

    When she got sick, I felt awful for her. We had dealt with the flu in our house, so I felt her pain. But as the weeks went on and she was no where to be found, I started getting worried. Then the PM’s started on DS. People asking me if I had heard from her. Asking if they should file with PP for money she had taken, but not sent items for. I myself couldn’t get in touch with her, so all I could tell people was that and to file if they felt they should. I called Rachel every day and emailed her trying to check on her and to this day, I have never heard from her again. She just quit communicating with me.

    So, I started talking to some people asking them if they had heard from her and I was shocked at what I found out. She really screwed a lot of people over and I had no idea. I won’t speak for them or name them, and it is my hope they will come post here so that the other side of the story can be known. Rachel didn’t personally take any money from me, but she did from some of my friends and she did from others, and that is wrong. Yes, in the end, she made it right. But I have to wonder if she ever would have if people didn’t start asking her questions and asking for their stuff or some money.

    Rachel is not what she seems to be. She has talked so much shit about some of the people on DS, and those same people now come to bat for her when any thread comes up about her. Terra-lilypopsMom… if you only knew what she said about you to me when she was making your custom Sushi set. I won’t say specifics, as they aren’t nice words, but she said you were the reason she was going to stop taking customs by email and you’re the reason she made a policy that people can’t request specific items anymore. She said so many times that all she wanted to do was refund your money, tell you to kiss her ass, and be done with you. And ypperin… she told me she used to screen her calls because you were stalking her. She told me you were so annoying and she regretted ever giving you her phone number. I sent you a PM on DS once about this. So, you can imagine my embarrassment when I posted on DS asking if anyone had heard from her and the two people she talked the MOST shit about replied saying they had talked to her. Talk about a punch in the stomach. I felt so betrayed.

    She hurt a VERY close friend of mine and that was the final straw for me. This friend was going through a terrible family issue and Rachel blew her off because she was too wrapped up in her own selfish world. When this person finally got in touch of Rachel to tell her what was going on. Rachel blamed her and told her she wouldn’t be friends with her anymore because all they had in common was cloth diapering. And since Rachel was going to quit sewing, then she wanted nothing to do with this person. I hope that this person comes and posts for herself. I think it’s important that we all tell the truth that we know.
    Rachel sold items that were given to her as trades for custom orders and kept the money. It was only when confronted that she finally made it right.

    Rachel has shared many personal things with me. And I will not share them here, but she is not what she seems. She has talked so badly about fellow WAHM’s and then asked for their help. She has talked so badly about the stores that she used to share a Congo with.

    To address “giggle”… I don’t know what Rachel has told you. But I know absolutely nothing about threats. I never once threatened her with anything. Why would I? And I didn’t report her caterpillar set. If she said I was part of that, it’s an outright LIE. In fact, when that was an issue on DS in December, I had her back and went to bat for her. If someone really did report that, I’d vote on Suzanne of Goodmama-she was all over Rachel for “not making her own art” and you can go find that thread.

    I did send Rachel an email the other day when she came and posted on DS. I was FURIOUS because she was once again playing the victim. She never EVER takes responsibility for anything. My email was far from nasty though. I was blunt and honest, but not nasty. She didn’t reply though-no surprise there. She’s a coward and won’t ever face anything. She’ll just talk about people behind their backs and act as if she has been so wronged and is perfect. Funny how she’s upset with people talking about her behind HER back, but it is OK for her to do? Sounds like a double standard to me.
    And what private forum has there been slandering on? Yes, Rachel was part of a small community with me and some other DS members. She never came back after being sick and when we all discovered the real “Rachel” her membership wasn’t reinstated (after 14 days of no activity, a membership is automatically deleted). There was discussion amongst us, but there is no slandering. How would she know if she’s not there? Just more stories from her so that people feel sorry for her.
    There WERE people upset about their items and I received numerous PM’s asking if I had heard from her because people knew we were friends. It doesn’t matter that she gave “free stuff”. What matters is that she completely ignored those people and claimed her email was shut down, so she couldn’t respond to them. I know for a fact that is a lie because she forgot her “story” about her email and emailed several people I am friends with from that very email account the SAME day she claimed it was shut down and said she couldn’t use it. The truth is that she didn’t want to deal with people asking questions. That’s how Rachel is. Too hard to deal with, so I’ll just block it out and pretend it isn’t happening. Just ignore it and eventually it will go away.
    And as far as what “free stuff” she gave to people? Well, it’s not as if she wasn’t the recipient of some gifts herself. I bet she didn’t tell you any of that though, did she giggle? People have sent her diapers, sweaters for her store, and other gifts. So I’m sorry, but that generosity card doesn’t apply here. She was also given things. And not because someone screwed her over and was trying to make it right. People gave her things because they were her friend and they wanted to do something nice for her.

    I will not disagree that her items are lovely and very well made and I am sorry that she decided to close up shop. But I feel like she did this to get attention, and that makes me sick. Obviously she can’t hack it as a WAHM and deal with criticism, so that’s her own issue. I couldn’t be a WAHM, either.
    My issues with Rachel have nothing to do with me being a mod on DS. This started long before I was asked to be a Mod and I take offense to the accusation that I am only saying there are issues with her because I am a mod. And I really don’t like that you’re all calling Shawnah a bully. Shawnah was one to give Rachel free stuff.

    I was VERY hurt by Rachel. She’s not the only one in this situation that was hurt. She hurt me and she hurt some close friends and that is not OK with me. It has absolutely nothing to do with her being sick or not returning my calls in a timely manner. I have better things to do than to create drama with someone that I thought of as a friend. I have enough going on in my personal life and don’t need to create more.
    I know that what I have shared won’t matter to some of you because you’ve already formed an opinion. But I wanted to tell my side of the story and just be done with this. I hope that some others will come and share their side, too. I think they will. “

  19. Lilo says:

    Well, from what I have read since this started all I can say is that Rachel is manipulative. She uses whoever she can to accomplish what she wants at any moment. I know there are some who are sticking by her right now that were previously being made fun of by her. Yes you. Funny how things change. Realize it now and stop being naive. She doesn’t like you, you are a pawn.

    This whole issue started way before she got sick, that was total luck on her side. Gave her some time to dig herself out of the deep hole she created. A thread was posted on DS that her email was broken and that she couldn’t receive any of those messages, but somehow I emailed her that moment and received a reply within 5 minutes. Broken my ass. Just another lame excuse.

    Have you ever noticed that she never came to post about her broken emails or her sickness? Always had to have one of her pawns do it, b/c she’s too good to congregate with those who are obsessed with diapers. People like that are losers according to her.

    While I do give her credit in the creative department, as a person she is pretty much crap.

  20. Madre says:

    Sad situation…

  21. Wow… this is an entire can of worms that I wasn’t really expecting!

  22. Ashley says:

    This is all very interesting. The stuff that goes on behind the scenes, eh…

  23. Stephanie says:

    I appreciate everyone sharing their stories, open and honestly. It’s a shame we can’t do that on DS anymore. This has all been very civil and I’d love for Rachel to come share her side (her post was deleted before I got to read it on DS). It does sound like only one side of the story was being told on DS, which sucks.

  24. Amazing what happens when adults are treated like adults, isn’t it? 😉

  25. minimouth says:

    I have her response in my deleted emails

    “All that happened was I got really sick. I contacted my online friends and customers before I even returned my family’s phone calls. I have never screwed anyone over. I did fail to live up to some expectations that I will never be able to live up to. as far as the PP claim. I thought we werent getting emails because I’d signed up for too many yahoo groups and my already unreliable hotmail got even more unreliable which happened a few times…you even said you figured it was an email issue and seemed fine.

    Now that I am not a wahm anymore I can defend myself. I have not been shady. I got sick and people got upset. I honestly did the best I could do. for any feelings that got hurt I sincerely apologize I honestly just couldnt deal with anymore than what was directly in front of me. I am not a perfect person but where I come from you send flowers when people get sick not hate mail.

    Say what you will about my decision to not continue with certain friendships but the implications that I am dishonest need to stop b/c that is an absolute lie. I have never taken any money and run, as a matter of fact, I lost money on all the orders that were delayed b/c I threw in so many extras as an apology for the delay.

    I will not be checking this thread…I really dont want anymore drama. Life is too short. I did a lot of nice things and gave a lot of free stuff to these mamas who started spreading the rumors.”

  26. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    what is her SN?

  27. minimouth says:


  28. Lilo says:

    I think it’s Sanders76

  29. ypperin says:

    To be honest, I have spoken with Rachel maybe once in the past 3 months. Tara had sent me that info in a PM, and I’m sorry her feelings were hurt. I personally will not reveal any names of who or what was said by Rachel or any others for that matter, but only wanted to post that I believed that Rachel was a sweet Momma.

    What really transpired is beyond me however I have opted to just move past this. I have heard so many contradicting stories from so many people I have truly given up.

    As for dropping my name above…. personally I don’t think that was all that tactful, however, I can understand, considering what Tara has stated, that I, in her situation, would be upset, and most likely my fingers would be typing a mile a minute.

    Does it hurt my feelings…. no, I’ve moved on. Did I stalk Rachel…. LOL with 3 little boys (one special needs, one a baby), Fluff Balls, and dealing with immigrating my husband from the US to Canada…. I just don’t have time to stalk let alone call anyone daily.

    I truly hope that the parties involved have moved on as well, that things are more positive now than they had been, and that everyone can play nice.

    With all that being said, I have a wee one that needs some lunch 🙂 Time to let the past be the past methinks 😀

  30. Zukey says:

    I am not in any way associated with the drama, but I do have to say that she handled things pretty crappy. I was on the custom’s list but and was told it would be 5-6 weeks. Fine, I wanted shorts. I was very easy going and said “whatever you want to do, but I’d love a shorts set similar to another one that was already done but in pink”. Pretty easy, I thought. A pattern already done, just a color suggested. I passed up on several stockings because I knew my custom would be up in a week or two. Then she just stopped. Crappy service, crappy communication. She wouldn’t make a dime if she started sewing again now. I’m so glad she never got any of my money.

  31. Lilo says:

    Ypperin, what was the point of changing your name? We know you’re giggle…

  32. goingbuzonkers says:

    Though Erin and I talk at length, and yes she did tell me some of the details that I had heard about as I posted above, I am not ypperin. As well I doubt she would have any issues with posting on this blog.

  33. goingbuzonkers says:

    LOL ah, and I just signed up for a wordpress so don’t mind the name change 😉

  34. onlygirl says:

    i am confused as to why people change the user name on here?? why not say what you have to say with the username people know you by??? it is an honest question not directed at anyone on this thread, but i have always wondered why people do not use the same names as they have on ds or other places they are associated with.

  35. onlygirl says:

    oh are the avis automatic??? or do i need to thank someone, i love mine!! thanks in advance if it was given to me.

  36. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    ypperin isn’t giggle. She has posted under a different name though, but she isn’t hiding, I think she just used the wrong name.

    goingbuzonkers is giggle’s new SN.

  37. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    auto avis 🙂 cute eh?

  38. onlygirl says:

    yeah i like the avi’s, i wasnt talking about giggle i am just wondering about it. i loved giggles un it was cute. really it isnt meant to be bitchy or mean i am just wondering why people do it.

  39. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    LOL, my comment was to #31, lol.

  40. Lilo says:

    I could care less if she is the same person, it’s just confusing considering there is an identical post on this blog from giggle and on DS as ypperin. Whatevah.

  41. goingbuzonkers says:

    As I said I have spoken with Erin in the past, I did read what she posted regarding Rachel, though it did not mention bullying, the caterpillar set or the like. As I said in my original post my sources are “numerous” and that post was one of a few….. However there is nothing “identical” to her post and the one I posted, in fact after searching the only thread I find remotely close is this one:


    and to c/p it for you:

    As we all know Rachel was so very very sick, well I spoke with her briefly this afternoon, she feels so horrible about how long it took her to get on the mend, that she is finishing up the custom set she is working on, and actually adding on 2 more pf’s for those that hadn’t received theirs yet and STILL free shipping despite all the extra weight

    Now THAT’S what I call CS! The poor Momma is so very sick, and then goes above and beyond to add on freebies for something that wasn’t even within her control

    I’m so glad she pulled through okay though! She caught that horrible flu, which in turn caused an ear infection, and to top that she caught Strep Poor thing After getting a bit better her hubby took her away for a little well deserved R & R, and now she is working hard!! Her work is seriously the best on the market! We our Jack set

    I’m so glad she’s getting things back on track after that wicked virus though! Glad to hear you are getting better Rachel!!!

    ETA: I forgot to mention that she has had some major issues with her email. When her inbox got overloaded, it started bouncing them, so she has missed and is missing bunches etc… so if you were trying to get ahold of her and she hasn’t gotten back to you, she has a new email address that she has set up on her store and blog

    ETA again – it seems she missed updating on her sites…. it’s Rachelsanders76@gmail.com

  42. Lilo says:

    goingbuzonkers/giggle whoever, I’m not talking about a post from this thread. It’s from a different one, thanks for clarifying I can read.

  43. goingbuzonkers says:

    I am not going to deny that Erin and I are friends, in fact I believe we already discussed that, and yes, we have spoken about this site, and the posts that I have made here, however, though we do tend to think on the same plane, I have yet (after searching this morning) to come across a single post in which Erin copied me verbatim….. though if she had, it was probably something that we both agreed on, so no point in her posting about it here, and I’m not a frequent poster on DS so I doubt I would have bothered posting there.

  44. lilypopsmom says:

    First off, sorry for being late to the party. I haven’t checked in here for 2 weeks or so.
    Wow. Wow, wow, wow. I will admit to being a huge Rachel supporter all along. We became friends before Harper blew up, so it wasn’t really about that. We talked about music, kids, cooking, etc. I did buy several things from her, and she made my a shirt for my 5 yo dd and some baby shirts for a friend. I paid full price for everything, but she gifted me the 2 newborn shirts. Of course, I never ever expected anything free, our friendship wasn’t about Harper.
    There were some times when we wouldn’t talk for a week or 2, but I was never really out of the loop. She sent me her new email addy as soon as she had it. As soon as she was well, she wrote, saying I was the only person who asked how she was without any bitching. She claimed all along that I was the only “real friend” out of the bunch. She did a lot of bitching about other DS mamas, by name. Tara, she talked about you a lot too. She complained about almost every custom she did, but I just thought she was being Rach. She’s got a fiery temper, which I used to fund amusing. She definitely had things to say about many other WAHMs and I tried to always support her bc we were “friends” and I just really believed that if she was that upset there must be something to it.
    Ok, on to the the part that made me actually gasp out loud. Tara, I am in shock that she talked shit about doing my sushi set! In shock. All I asked for in that set was black pants and a shirt with a piece of salmon sushi. That’s it. I didn’t have any other specific requests, colors, anything. She talked about it all the time while she was working on it, saying it was not perfect enough for her, she couldn’t find the color she wanted, it was haunting her, etc. I swear that I never nitpicked that set! I never even saw it or heard a description until it was done, and I loved it! I did ask her advice after getting it though bc the chopsticks were peeling off. But I sewed them back on, no biggie.
    And she said I caused her customs policy?? This infuriates me more that anything bc I wrote that fucking thing for her! She asked for my help, and I’d heard all her complaints about doing customs. So I wrote the customs policy to help her out bc she asked me to.
    I know maybe it shouldn’t, but this really has hurt my feelings. I really thought we were friends, and still talk to her about once a week or so. I think I should just let this “friendship” go. I don’t make close friends on-line often. I really only have one other on-line friend that I consider an irl friend. But I gotta say, I didn’t know Rachel at all. 5 kids?? 5? Is that for real? She always said she had Jonah and Harper and that’s it. We talked about them a lot. Ahhh, this thing is just so weird and makes me kinda sad. I really tried to stick up for her, and now I feel like an ass.

  45. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    “THE Drama Mama Says: May 7, 2008 at 12:33 pm

    Wow… this is an entire can of worms that I wasn’t really expecting!”

    I was just thinking that! This is awful that someone who owns a company would do something like this or talk about people like this!

    So she doesn’t have 5 kids huh? Just 2?

  46. lilypopsmom says:

    No, apparently she has 5! I guess she didn’t want everyone to know. How can you lie about your own children? I’m still just floored and saddened by the whole thing, trying to let it go though.

  47. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    wow 😦 that is sad, really sad!

  48. cdlover says:

    She for sure has 5 children. I know for a fact – I’ve talked to her oldest 2 (twins) and have heard the older 3 boys coming home from school etc, when I used to talk to her. She said she didn’t like telling people she had 5 kids b/c it wasn’t “hip and cool” to have 5 kids. People would know she was old and people only want a young person sewing/designing/etc for them.

    The more I read, the more upset I am. I’m sorry Terra 😦 Liars suck and the truth always comes out, yk?

    *not saying Terra is a liar lol, just that I’m sorry she was yanked around by Rachel for so long*

  49. Birdie says:

    “How can you lie about your own children?”

    Wow. No kidding, right? My kids are my life and I cannot imagine keeping them a secret. I feel sad for her children.

    “She said she didn’t like telling people she had 5 kids b/c it wasn’t “hip and cool” to have 5 kids. People would know she was old and people only want a young person sewing/designing/etc for them.”

    That’s the stupidest thing I have ever heard. I don’t think anyone would not use a talented WAHM because of their age, marital status or number of dependents. She is more off her rocker than I thought before. I guess we all know where her priorities are/were. Her business and self image and not her family. How vain can you be? 😦

  50. minimouth says:

    This makes me sick. She needs help.

  51. just me says:

    She for sure has 5 children. I know for a fact – I’ve talked to her oldest 2 (twins) and have heard the older 3 boys coming home from school etc, when I used to talk to her. She said she didn’t like telling people she had 5 kids b/c it wasn’t “hip and cool” to have 5 kids. People would know she was old and people only want a young person sewing/designing/etc for them.

    Well if she paid attention to anything she’d notice that Amy from PB&E has 5 or 6 kids and that hasn’t affected her popularity any.
    I agree that its sad to lie about how many kids you have and even sadder is the reason behind it.

  52. What a wanker says:

    Sounds like Rachel may be just a little too high strung to be a WAHM. Sounds like she just can’t handle the pressure. So sad that she had to lose friends over this. Obviously she doesn’t know the importance of friendship.

    I don’t know how “old” she is, but she really doesn’t sound very intelligent either if she truly believes how old she is or how many children she has would affect her business. Everyone knows that quality items combined with excellent customer service is what makes a business thrive. But honestly, if that is what she thinks, not only is she ignorant of the truth, she sounds like she has an incredibly low opinion of herself in general. No one else would think that, but she thinks that of herself….sad, really sad. Sounds like therapy may be needed.

  53. Suzanne says:

    Excuse me Tara? Trust me, I have better things to do than report a wahm for copyright violation. Those things always get found out by the companies that have buildings full of lawyers working on just that thing.

    I knew you didn’t like me but please don’t point fingers where you obviously have no idea. Seriously!

  54. SuperSquid says:

    I remember the first drama thread a saw dealing Harper.


    The mama had asked, innocently enough, about copyright issues. She got jumped on immediately by Rachel and some of her cronies and I remember thinking, “This bitch is nuts.”

  55. beth says:

    http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=292345&highlight=harper that one bothered me too…I always thought Tara got WAY defensive when it came to harper. Now I see that she was more than likely posting about things they had been talking about, since she said Rachel slammed other WAHM’s. So sad.

  56. Shannon says:

    I truly think it is a shame that she allowed her business to go into the toilet. If any of you know me, you know I am the first person to try and help other wahms when I can. She would ask questions and I would respond and be ignored. She would have her so called friends start “anonymous” threads about “anonymous wahms” crying copy cat. I am still trying to figure out what exactly was copied and what “piece of the pie” I was trying to take since my pie was not big enough. Apparently no one else could figure this one out either without the help of pm’s. And wow to the shame involved with number of kids you have. What better thing then to be surrounded by kids. I can honestly say I wish her the best and hope she is able to find some stability in her life.

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