Ugh. WTH. I can’t even load a page… blah. Every. single. time. I. log. in.

Damn it, with all the money we get in ad revenue, you would think we would have decent speed.

  1. Me says:

    I am so glad I am not a supporter, I would be very pissed off.

  2. liljoeysmom says:

    The only thing worse than the site being slow is wasting your money on the slow site!

  3. giggle says:

    I wonder if they downgraded their server to save $$???

  4. lysol says:

    “I wonder if they downgraded their server to save $$???”

    I would bet they did. And added all the stupid ad cr@p on the right hand side of the page (which my FireFox blocks)

  5. Stephanie says:

    OMG, this is driving me nuts! It’s SOOOOO slow. WTF is going on?!?

  6. jackie says:

    LOL try reading something with over 30 pages not worth it if it takes me 2 mins to read a page and 10 to lead each one

  7. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    I think he is getting ready to flip the site to someone else now… or at least that is what it seems like… The contest drew enough attention that he needed to get things “professional looking” IE like they make money….

    I can’t even load anything. And I KNOW it isn’t me… lol.

  8. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    Notice, no Admin are responding…. Just a mod who really has no clue. Nice eh?

  9. Madre says:

    This is getting fucking annoying. I need to spend money on shit dammit!

  10. Birdie says:

    You ladies are funny. You bitch about how much you hate that place, but when it’s down, you bitch about how you can’t get on. Make up your minds! My guess is Lee doesn’t know himself why it’s running slowly, so he’s not answering. Oh, and he doesn’t care about the members. But we already knew that.

  11. Madre says:

    I don’t hate the place. Just some of the people.

  12. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    Hey, I have fun with DS, if I didn’t we wouldn’t have this Blog 😉

    I need to be able to get on if I want drama to blog…

  13. Me says:

    Now when I click on a message is giving me this:

    Warning: Memcache::connect() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in /includes/class_datastore.php on line 285

    Fatal error: Unable to connect to memcache server in /includes/class_datastore.php on line 287

  14. Me says:

    Wow I refreshed the whole forum and now that’s all I see.

    Am I the only one?

  15. Me says:

    Now is back, weird.

  16. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    I got the data base error a few times when I tried.

  17. giggle says:

    It seems to be working okay for me now that I have right clicked and chosen “block all images from *********” on my firefox :thumbsup: Maybe that will help some of you? I was watching on the bottom during loadings and saw that it was the ads that was screwing with it :thumbsup:

  18. giggle says:

    Of course now that I said that it laaaags 😦

  19. Madre says:

    Is it odd that certain “WAHMs” piggy back off of other WAHMs success. Cake had GHMILY prefolds & another WAHM made some. Clothmopolitan had the hungry caterpillar & another WAHM is going to be making some ugly crap w/ the same idea.

  20. lysol says:

    It depends. Sometimes it’s easier to follow the diaper trends than come up with original ideas. I’ve seen some interesting and original ideas that didn’t do well for certain WAHM’s. Maybe those WAHM’s are just trying to make a quick buck and use the trend to their advantage.

  21. jo mama says:

    Since I can’t ask on slow ass DS, I’ll ask here-

    what is GHMILY????!?!?!?!

  22. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    Damn site is totally down for me now…..

  23. Madre says:

    DS is gay lately.
    GHMILY= guess how much I love you

  24. TL says:

    So anyone notice kims post about miley Cyrus photo? aparently she thinks posing a 15 year old half naked is a beautiful photo.

  25. lysol says:

    Has anyone else noticed Diaper Chatter overrun with snooty b!tchez?

  26. lysol says:

    Not to mention the Goodmama drama we haven’t seen for a couple weeks is returning.

  27. Madre says:

    lysol what snooty bitches? I’ve hardly been on b/c of how slow it’s running.

  28. giggle says:

    And now it’s timing out for me 😦 Ugh!! Why do I even bother???

  29. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    It’s such a PITA. It will work for one second and not another…

    Damn, get a new fucking server Lee. There are enough stupid site supporters and ads to cover it.

  30. giggle says:

    No Shit! For crying out loud I wish he’d just sell the site and move on to destroy something else! I’m sure the new owners would be more up to listening to it’s patrons.

  31. Birdie says:

    Ditto lysol, on the snooty bitches. I hate Diaper Chatter. It’s such a “Look at me! Look what I have!” contest. And I’m about to smack ashleykaymay. Yep. We know you’re pregnant. Yep. We know you have a custom Mutt order. No, we don’t care. I don’t think Rick cares, either. Poor Rick. She really needs to grow up.

    No surprise that Kim thinks Miley Cyrus’ pics aren’t in bad taste. She’s the President of the Miley Cyrus fan club. She probably got a personalized nudey pic with an autograph.

  32. lysol says:

    IAWT Birdie. The “whose stash do you want” thread is drenched with snooty.

    Madre: Nobody in particular. Well. Okay. A few. One of them is a mod *cough* and the other handful just have sticks up their butts. They would be the handful who are constantly seen giving their unsolicited opinions on every thread. Usually the hype dipe threads.

  33. lysol says:

    Unsolicited opinions combined with cr@ppy attitudes + offensive remarks, I should clarify.

  34. Niiiiiice comments, “ladies.” So what. She’s excited that she’s pregnant, and she’s excited that she’s got a custom Mutt order. Big effin deal. If you’re gonna “smack” her, and you’re sick of her why you hiding behind an anonymous nick? Put up or shut up.

  35. lysol says:

    I’m hiding behind yo momma.

    Did anyone see the anatomy worm thread in craft chat? OMGLOLBBQ.

  36. Madre says:

    I thought I was the only oned annoyed by ashleykaymay…

  37. Me says:

    It doesn’t bother me one bit when people are showing off their stashes in chatter, isn’t that what it is about?
    You have to talk about something and if that makes a person happy who cares.

  38. Ashley says:

    I think it’s awful sad that you guys feel the need to pick on a pregnant woman has done nothing except be excited about her Mutts custom. She’s not bashing anyone, she’s not being bitchy, or copying other WAHMs, or anything like that! She’s excited. If you don’t like it, there’s always the option to NOT open her threads.

  39. Birdie says:

    It’s kind of hard to not read her posts since she posts in every.single.thread. And the ignore feature is a joke. If someone quotes her, I can still see her bragging… I mean, replies.

    I get that she’s excited, but she’s taking it way too far. And, IMO, she’s being pretty insensitive of those women on DS that are struggling with TTC. She mentions the pregnancy in every reply almost, and it’s a bit much. My sister that’s in middle school is more mature than she is. That’s all I’m saying. I wish I could call her out on DS, but as we all know, that’s not allowed. We all have to pretend like we’re BFF. Besides, it’s more fun to have a little drama anonymously here on the blog. Even the authors are hiding behind Yo Momma. So, no, Madre. You’re not the only one. There are many more, too. 😉

    I’m also not bothered by people showing off their stashes. But there are some that feel the need to constantly brag about what they have and whine about what they didn’t get. They’re diapers, for crying out loud!

  40. Ashley says:

    Oh yes, it’s so fun to have anonymous bashing here of people who did nothing wrong. So fun!

    Just curious, none of your super fab mature anonymous ladies here wouldn’t happen to be named Michelle would ya?

  41. Madre says:

    I didn’t bash her. I just said she’s annoying. If that’s considered bashing, you need to get out more often…

  42. Ashley says:

    You’re right. I do need to get out more. But that’s hard to do at the moment with only 1 vehicle.

    However. Generally bashing = putting down. She was put down. It was said people didn’t care about her Mutts custom (which is fine, you don’t have to) and that people felt bad for her husband because he probably didn’t care either. You don’t know that. And to say you want to smack her for her posts about her pregnancy and Mutts custom? That’s just not nice. I wouldn’t consider that something worthy of being smacked.

  43. HidingBehindYoMama says:

    Hey coooooooooool! So we can bash people that annoy us here?! WOOOOOT! Genesis&AbramsMom annoys the FUCK out of me, and it takes a LOT to do that. Let the bashing begin! Who else is annoying on DS?

  44. onlygirl says:

    i am really shocked that you all are trashing her over the fact she is mentioning her pg. Seriously? because others are ttc, it is insensitive?? that is a crock of shit. i am fat, so if i lose 10 pounds i should not brag on it because some other fatass gained 10 that week??? good god, ash is a nice girl, and she is excited over her baby and her mutts. maybe if ds is that boring from the no drama rules, you all need to get out more and get some real dirt to trash on.

  45. cassie says:

    how sad. being pg is a time for joy, why shouldn’t she want to tell everyone on the block. others’ fertility issues, while unfortunate, have nothing to do with her! should she keep it a secret because her neighbor’s having trouble conceiving? that doesn’t seem very fair to her. wasn’t she trying to conceive for a while? ashley is a good woman, a sweet friend. let’s talk about someone who is actually drama mongering, shall we?? *said sans snark*

  46. lysol says:

    I don’t really care who is pg or what they want. I’m just tired of diaper chatter having so many people bragging about their expensive diapers and stashes in every. single. thread. The people who can’t afford the pricey diapers are feeling left out and having their diaper questions go unanswered. So are the newbies for that matter. There is a thread about it in OT.

    That is what I mean by snooty. DC just seems less concerned about helping mamas out and more about who has the most expensive stash.

    But hey, whatever, just stating the obvious.

  47. onlygirl says:

    lysol, i do not see anywhere on this thread that you mentioned anyone by name, nor did you say you wanted to smack anyone. to be tired of endless threads is one thing, but to point out one person, who is kind by nature, and say she wants to smack her, makes me want to grab her by the hair and clam kick her a few times. i dont see where you said anything mean at all. you just said you were sick of a few things. the other shitbird, is out of line and needs good smack herself.

  48. HidingBehindYoMama says:

    “I don’t really care who is pg or what they want. I’m just tired of diaper chatter having so many people bragging about their expensive diapers and stashes in every. single. thread. The people who can’t afford the pricey diapers are feeling left out and having their diaper questions go unanswered. So are the newbies for that matter. There is a thread about it in OT.

    That is what I mean by snooty. DC just seems less concerned about helping mamas out and more about who has the most expensive stash.

    But hey, whatever, just stating the obvious.”

    Yeah I do see your point there, but then again you got the whole people wanna show their stuff off to people who appreciate it. Just a little while ago I made a thread because I got a new pretty diaper in today. It’s hard to share these things with my husband because he works in the oilfield so is only home half the month. So it’s really nice to be able to share my excitement with people that “get it.”

    Also when I was a newbie to DS I learned a lot from those threads where people showed their stuff off. Granted, I can’t afford to get as much as some mamas, but I am blessed to be able to have a nice stash. I do buy a lot, but I also sell a lot.

    I agree some mamas are rather snarky to mamas who can’t afford all those fancy stashes, but AshKayMay is not one of those.

  49. Stacey says:

    Huh? So, how often is somebody allowed to talk about their diapers? Let’s get some more rules in here cuz I love me some rules! I propose:

    If your diaper retails for over $20 you can talk about it once, if your diaper retails for less than $3 you can talk all you want. If your owning a certain diaper affects another members level of personal satisfaction in their own stash/life you can’t talk about it at all.

    Oh! If you are pregnant you should keep your joy to a minimum, even though your ability to conceive and carry a pregnancy has nothing to do with another woman’s fertility. On that note, please limit you signatures to only one child, its only fair.

    Also, before sharing anything in Diaper Chatter you must find 5 newbies with questions and thoughtfully answer their questions no matter how many similar posts are created daily/hourly. Newbies are not actual adults and therefore must be coddled.

    Lastly! Stop being so damn happy. Some people at DS haven’t gotten a good lay in years and its hard to be surrounded by happiness all the time.

  50. onlygirl says:

    Stacy that was awesome LMAO!!!!!!

  51. lysol says:

    Stacey, marry me. I want to have your babies.

    But I won’t brag about it when I do, K?

  52. lysol says:


  53. HidingBehindYoMama says:

    lol stacy. Methinks me loves you.

  54. onlygirl says:

    Hey coooooooooool! So we can bash people that annoy us here?! WOOOOOT! Genesis&AbramsMom annoys the FUCK out of me, and it takes a LOT to do that. Let the bashing begin! Who else is annoying on DS?

    BBBBBBWWWWWWWAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! omg, i am almost bawling here over that one. this could be like the what topics do you hate on ds thread, only irritating people. darn it i wish i was still there so i could be someones irritant!!!

  55. HidingBehindYoMama says:

    Ha you and me both. I know that I prolly get under people’s skins. I don’t really TRY to get under people’s skins though. I just live and let live for the most part. If you bug me I’ll say you bug me, but it’s not like I lose sleep over it. At the same time, if I bug people I don’t lose sleep over that either. Shrug…

  56. onlygirl says:

    i sleep better if i bug people, at least i know they are thinking about me.

  57. Birdie says:

    Ohh, ok, I’m sorry. I was a little harsh. I apologize for the smacking comment-out of line. I guess the duckies and bunnies are now hanging out here. 😀

  58. onlygirl says:

    yeah not really, not feeling to ducks and bunnies when i want to twat rock you.

  59. HidingBehindYoMama says:

    Twat rock. Haha! Ok… I can come up with some good shit, but yeah… that’s a good one. Nope. No ducks and bunnies here, but yeah that was a pretty bitch thing to say. I can be a real big bitch, but yeah to say you wanna smack somebody for talking about her pregnancy and diapers on a mom’s board….. uh yeah.

    However…. if you want to bitch about somebody lying because ohhh sayyyyyy they lie about broken bones, needing surgery, and they talk about neglecting their children on a regular basis… yeah. Be a bitch to that person *cough cough*

  60. onlygirl says:

    why, whomever could you mean???

  61. Ashley says:

    ^^ is dying of laughter right about now.

  62. HidingBehindYoMama says:

    Hmmmm what do you mean whoever could I mean *cough Michelle cough*

  63. onlygirl says:

    oh come on, she posted pics of her not broken broken leg, what the hell do you want from her??

  64. HidingBehindYoMama says:

    LOL Yeah with NO bruising. LOL

    Wanna go into how she doesn’t really need surgery after all? LOLOL

  65. the annoyed one says:

    what huh what? who broken bones? you mean it’s not ok to let a baby cry with a wet sopping dipe for 16 hours? hmmmkay.

  66. HidingBehindYoMama says:

    yeah. That was fucking NASTY! I can’t believe she was like “Dh won’t do it, and I can’t change his diaper because my leg hurts.” ummmm Yeah ok. I was in a wheel chair with a baby when I DID break my ankle (got the scar to prove it), and I still managed to change his diapers. Stupid girl.

    I swear she’s the biggest twat rocket.

  67. onlygirl says:

    umm, if she can get banged and ttc with her broken/not broken leg, she can hobble her ass in and change a dipe. i saw her say she managed to ttc the day she “broke” her leg. what a cumguzzler.

  68. HidingBehindYoMama says:

    Haha… if she was a cum guzzler then she wouldn’t have gotten preggie. She is a ho though.

    I still can’t believe how she shit all over ashkaymay for not changing E’s diaper OVERNIGHT because he was SLEEPING. She bitched her out saying, “OMG! You should wake him up to change him.” And then she’s a total hypocrit going not changing Abram til FOUR IN THE AFTERNOON when he hadn’t been changed since THE DAY BEFORE!

    Stupid ho

  69. onlygirl says:

    back to our reg scheduled program of bashing pg moms who buy dipes and talk about it.

  70. the annoyed one says:

    really ashleykaymay.. how DARE you be happy. i’m gonna give it to ya… bend over 😀

  71. HidingBehindYoMama says:

    Why? I like talking about people that say they’re Christians, but then turn around and do shit.

    Not to mention she says she keeps her house clean, but ugh… did you see her carpet in her fluffy mail post yesterday. YUCK! Right up there with the ashtray post! BLECK

  72. the annoyed one says:

    hey at least ash tray post was on a TABLE. maybe the measley 1000 dollars should be put towards a carpet cleaning job?

  73. Ashley says:

    Oh come on, $1000 is NOT enough for what I neeeed. I might have to declare poverty though. My church needs that $800 a month I tithe. But I am going to humiliate my husband till he gives me more of his bonus. Which is actually the same amount as some people’s yearly salary. But don’t mind me. I’m losing my mind from all the children’s TV droning out my son’s cries.

  74. the annoyed one says:

    oh dear ashley.. it’s all about being humble. PLEASE! can’t you see i’m humble? learn from me! gimme some credit, look at me everyone! me!! pay attention to meeeee!!

  75. Ashley says:


    Oh hey. I want this:
    Do you think they do customs? I should be able to squeeze that out of PayPal. I only have $59876 dollars in there. Hmmm. Must think of what to sell. Oh baby, where did you go?

  76. onlygirl says:

    oh come on, when i have something to give away, i am only doing a lotto too, and if you ask me, i will say, hey i am sick of giving my stuff away free to poor people who cruise ffs!!!! I WANT TO BE POPULAR ON DS DAMMIT!!!!

  77. the annoyed one says:

    pffff that’s it?? only 59876? you should like go on welfare already. so how is that gold dipe custom coming along?

  78. HidingBehindYoMama says:

    ROFL… I love y’all. Y’all are some funny fuckers.

  79. the annoyed one says:

    yeah.. i do fuck funny. just ask dh.

  80. HidingBehindYoMama says:

    And yeah… Ummm the whole lotto shit. That was fucking STUPID.

  81. Ashley says:

    Well, I had more in PP but ya know, I just HAD to get that gold nb dipe that has unicorn hair sewn in. DUH. It has that extra layer built in for 24 hour use. Geesh.

  82. HidingBehindYoMama says:

    Man….. I suck. Ya know… I shouldn’t have attacked Michelle (Genesis&AbramsMom) in this forum. That was wrong of me. She did not deserve to be attacked here today. I am a total bitch. I admit it. I had a bad day, and I lost my temper when I saw shit about ashkaymay so I projected onto someone that I’ve recently had problems with.

    Michelle… I apologize to you. I could have just IM’d you privately, but I was hateful in public therefore I will apologize in public.

  83. Birdie says:

    Interesting turn of events, ladies.
    First of all, I am not Michelle. And I am appalled that you all assumed that it was her, and went on a rampage. You got upset with me for making ONE comment about a “pregnant mama that likes to buy diapers” but look what you’ve all done for the past 30some comments. My comment wasn’t nice, and I will admit that, but these are just going way too far.

    Your words are really out of line and hurtful. I don’t even know her other than what I’ve read on DS, but it sounds like you have all posted some pretty personal things about her on this very public blog. My comment was made tongue in cheek and I apologized. And I’m even more sorry I said anything now because of this gross display of “an eye for an eye” going on.

    I’ll also be sure to stay in lurk mode forever and not befriend anyone on DS for fear that I may slip up one time and have my entire life displayed for all to see.

    Maybe the author will have some compassion and just erase this entire entry and its comments. I truly hope she/they do.

  84. HidingBehindYoMama says:

    I honestly hope she does also, Birdie. However, I doubt she will since that is not the nature of this blog.

  85. HidingBehindYoMama says:

    On a second note there, Birdie. Whether your comment was tongue in cheek or not it was still very hurtful to ashkaymay who I know personally, and she is a very kind person who would give the shirt off her back to someone in need. Perhaps we’ve all learned a lesson today.

  86. Sam from DT / says:

    Wow, this is top notch class here.

  87. ashleykaymay says:

    ok i am finally going to step in now that this has died down. thank you for your apology birdie but your comment was very hurtful. i was very shocked to read that. i have no idea who you are on DS but please feel free to PM me if i do seem to be bragging too much or you think i am upseting TTCers and we can discuss it like adults in private…i really wish you had from the start. i would have understood your pm. sometimes i do worry i talk too much. but i am friends with mamas that have been TTC for a while….i try to watch out for those kind of mamas before i talk about it. your name will stay between you and me…i can promise that. and i keep promises.

    also, i am sorry this got so out of hand. don’t think you shouldn’t befriend people just because of it. i have met some amazing people on DS. my friends just got really angry and they admitted it. i really want this to all go away now and i, along with the rest of you, hope this is all deleted.

    that shopping thread was not meant to be snotty…it was meant to be funny. my friend called dibs on something i hadn’t bought yet and i had to laugh that we were shopping each other’s houses before the other owned the stuff. and i mean it…if anyone has an issue with me, please pm me instead of posting it on here. it really upset me to see it on here and i have no idea who i have hurt or upset…i would like to fix it.

  88. Ashley says:

    Eh. I guess it’s ok for Birdie to say what she wants but HEAVEN FORBID anyone else do the same. Whatever. I am glad you’re not Michelle. But hell, you sure do sound a lot like her.

    And I don’t recommend any one befriending a single person on DS. We are all crazy batshit who will rip you a new one if should ever step out of line. 😉

  89. Madre says:

    Who’s Michelle & what’s her story?

  90. Ashley says:

    Let’s just say that if I treated people the way Michelle has treated my friends, I’d expect a public ass whoopin so I’d remember not to do that again.

  91. Ashley says:

    Imagine that. Scammy appalled at low class actions. *roll eyes*

  92. dramaswapper says:

    Crawl back under the rock from which you came, Scammy. Your nose is in too many places. You need to worry about your own family and where you’re going to score your next scam (run any co-ops lately?) before posting here bitch.

  93. HidingBehindYoMama says:

    Giggling at Ashley and dramaswapper. This forum really does provide entertainment.

  94. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    Dramaswapper, yes she is running a bunch of co-ops right now. Some from well known scammers too!!!

    Co-ops on

    Running Now
    Mother & Maiden –
    Dixie Babies –
    BHS –
    Ecousable Water Bottles


    SMJAE –
    Snack Sacs
    Mei Tei co-op –
    Poly mailers-
    Ear Candles
    Daisy Doodles-

    State swap

    squeaky shoes
    Bumble Bear
    Just tomatoes


    Others coming just finding exact dates and info
    No Squeeze
    wrap dresses
    Amaretta Oh’s

  95. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    Ladies, I am going to ask that we leave mamas who haven’t done anything wrong out of this thread. I received an email and although I won’t delete what was said, some was pretty uncalled for. Let’s remember others’ feelings 😉

    Back to Scammy Sammy now…

  96. Ashley says:

    Holy cow. Looks like Sam will be rolling in the dough this summer.

  97. HidingBehindYoMama says:

    Ducks and bunnies are here to stay, ladies.

  98. HidingBehindYoMama says:

    Oops… Hit the enter key…. I also meant to say sooooooooooooooooo Scammy Sammy…. Gimmee some scoop on that Ms. Sweetness. Should I join one of her coops? :giggle:

  99. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    let’s go here to talk about Scammy!!

    Off to post you a little info on her 😉

  100. Ashley says:

    LOL. Quack quack, I mean.

  101. DSDM2 “Ladies, I am going to ask that we leave mamas who haven’t done anything wrong out of this thread. I received an email and although I won’t delete what was said, some was pretty uncalled for. Let’s remember others’ feelings ;)”

    I agree 100%. Let’s not bash someone for being excited about a pregnancy. That isn’t cool by any stretch.

  102. What a wanker says:

    Umm, To Birdie

    I’ve seen you say some pretty nasty things about a lot of people in comments on this blog, many of them undeserving and really downright scummy. You seem to be on this crusade to be the nastiest, meanest commenter. Every time I see your name, I cringe to think what you will say next about someone.

    Sorry to say, but you have a nasty attitude and a horrible disposition. It doesn’t surpise me that you would say something so nasty because **gasp*** someone is pregnant, likes buying nice diapers and is **double gasp** HAPPY! How dare she!

    I think you lurking and not trying to be friends is a great idea. Glad you came up with it.

  103. The Bored Bitch says:

    Hmmm…Im behind on this particular post so Ill just extend my congrats to the preggo.

    May you have a safe, happy and healthy pregnancy.


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