Muttaquin Baby (

Ooey 03-30-2008 11:07 PM

Muttaquin Baby
Approximate date of purchase: paid on 10/5/06

Where did you purchase the item(s) from:

What did you buy: 3 custom diapers + Embroidery

How was the customer service: communication was not very good.

Review of the product: Never received. Refunded on 12/4/06

Any additional comments: About 2 months after I placed the order I emailed to ask if the diapers had shipped and she replied that they hadn’t been stared and that she needed to refund me. A prompt refund was given the next day. As I understand there were extenuating circumstances with her family that prevented her from getting to my order, but I would have liked to been kept up to date on what was going on, as well as given another option besides a refund, such as a rain check or substitutes for other diapers, as I REALLY wanted them. I was also disheartened by the fact that she stared selling other diapers on hyena cart just a few days after she refunded me.

Would you do business with them again? Maybe…I am still kind of bothered that I waited so long and never got my order, but her diapers and quality are excellent, so I may buy from her as a BIN, but I don’t think I would ever order a custom again.

WAHM response (if we are provided with one): (added 4/1/08 by Harmony96) I can certainly understand your frustration about your custom order being cancelled but I do feel that I explained why very completely and I’m not sure why this is being brought up after nearly 2 years. I was at the end of my pregnancy and was having troubles with my heart condition. I was trying my best to get through with the rest of the custom orders I had on hand when my then 1.5 year old broke her leg. I just could not deal with one more thing. The rest of the people who were on my custom list at this time were refunded also. I did not give another option because I knew it would be a good 5 or more months before I would be able to get back to finishing things up. I cannot hold onto someones money that long and feel okay about it. I’m actually dissapointed that someone was so offended by this as to post about it so long after the fact. That was a very rough time for me to get through. I am sorry for the trouble I caused you.

I get being upset about a transaction.  I get wanting to post about your experience. But why post about something from 2 years ago?  I mean, you got a refund as soon as you asked what was going on.  You were informed of extenuating family circumstances.  And instead of making a post about it then, you wait until her diapers are extremely popular and sought after and the talk of DS? Let it go! Why are you still this bitter after 2 years, over a diaper order, that you were refunded for?
  1. DiaperTwatters says:

    Yeah, Ooey’s a fucktard.

  2. cassie says:

    wow, that’s really kind of stupid to bring something like this up after a year and a half, almost. especially with the WAHM explaining the situation… it just makes Ooey look petty and vengeful. how ridiculous. she was 9(ish) months pregnant, with a heart condition, and a toddler with a broken leg. or maybe she would have rather waited the 5 months for her custom order.


  3. Stephanie says:

    The situation sucks, but she was left for 2 months with no communication about her order. People are always saying be sure to leave feedback, even if it’s a popular WAHM with all positives. The feedback forum didn’t even exist back then, so should she just forget it ever happened?

    Personally, I’m glad she left feedback. She wasn’t bitchy about it. She said she was told after asking that there were personal problems going on. Maybe she just would’ve liked a reply with options, rather than a refund with no choice to wait a few more weeks or months.

  4. What a wanker says:

    Eh, I guess she “can” leave the FB if she wants. I don’t think there is any statute of limitations on FB, but it won’t matter really. Michelle has fab CS and is super quick. I don’t think anyone even checks her FB anymore. FB is more for those untested WAHM’s I would think.

  5. Madre says:

    Almost 2 fuckin’ years ago? Are you serious?

  6. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    But Ooey’s comment says “I emailed to ask if the diapers had shipped and she replied…” ” A prompt refunds was given…”

    How can she complain? I mean as soon as she contacted the WAHM, she got her refund and communication. How is that bad CS or even warranting of something like this 2 years later? I would have understood this post in 2006, even a few months later, but come on? Seriously? After 2 years, she should have been able to let it go. The WAHM had well known health issues, there was never a question as to whether or not she was scamming, she wasn’t. She responded and refunded.

    Isn’t Ooey on the GM train? Could that be why she did this? GMs loosing resale value?

    Off to look.

  7. subpariq says:

    I think it is odd to wait two years to leave FB. But I would be unhappy about that too. If someone can’t complete a project that they have been paid to complete, two months is an unaccetpable time to issue a refund. Michelle should have issued a refund or had someone she trusted do it long before Ooey asked about the ETA. One of the things that bothers me about ordering from wahms is that some of them seem to feel like they are exempt from normal rules of business. It reminds me of the GM mess going on right now. Not cool. Not cool at all.

  8. jess says:

    good lord hold grudges much??

  9. subpariq says:

    One can complain because it shouldn’t be up to the customer to have to take the communication initiative. It is up to the wahm to let her customers know about delays and to do a refund immediately. I would be really upset if someone sat on my money for that long and then didn’t even give me the option of the product. I’m not a bank and don’t make interest free loans to wahms. If I pay you, I expect my product within a reasonable amount of time or I expect to be refunded immediately.

  10. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    Sub Par, I agree, and her feedback would have been appropriate at the time, but not 2 years later.

  11. Lilo says:

    There were plenty of places to leave feedback 2 years ago. (The Pin, HC…) I find it petty and ridiculous to bring the issue up after so much time has passed. It’s one thing to be completely screwed or have your $$ stolen, but you got a pretty good explanation and a refund. Granted it took 2 months, but you knew when you ordered that she was a popular WAHM. Would you had still complained that it took 2 months if you had gotten your diapers? I think not. Grow up and get a life. Diapers do not make the world go round.

  12. What a wanker says:

    I think the reason it was left now is because the DS FB forum has JUST started getting real use since the new WAHM bashing rule has been getting enforced. The forum is only a few months old too. I wonder if Ooey complained on board about it when it happened, but didn’t think about leaving FB then because DS didn’t have a FB forum then. Recently the “powers that be” have been forcing members to use the FB forum instead of posting issues. I mean, I don’t know, I’m just thinking out loud here.

  13. The Orignial Just Me says:

    Subpar I agree with you to an extent. Isn’t the normal turnaround for an in demand custom usually a couple of weeks at least? I ordered a couple of in demand diapers recently and the turnaround was 8 weeks for my custom! I think Ooey is just being a bit petty. No matter what business you are in there can be extenuating circumstances. I think being 9 months pregnant with a heart condition and having a toddler with a broken leg may actually be one of those cases where consideration should be taken into account. Ooey was promptly refunded her money. It is ridiculous that after so long she is leaving fb.

  14. dramaswapper says:

    “But why post about something from 2 years ago?”

    Because it’s Ooey. Not enough people not breastfeeding babies w/ cleft palates and no one with a baby in NICU to complain about so she needed to find *something.

  15. dramaswapper says:

    DSDM2 says: “Sub Par, I agree, and her feedback would have been appropriate at the time, but not 2 years later.”

    I agree with subpar, but I agree more with you, dsdm2.

    Lilo says: ” Granted it took 2 months, but you knew when you ordered that she was a popular WAHM. Would you had still complained that it took 2 months if you had gotten your diapers? ”

    Would she complain like this if her wishbox was late, too? Hell, those are taking OVER 2 months to complete!

  16. It just really surprises me. If something like this happened 2 years ago to me, and I knew there were extenuating circumstances, I wouldn’t leave feedback about it NOW.

    A LOT changes over 2 years. And, as an isolated incident, unlike the Bear Bottom Britches type thing, I wouldn’t consider it a common enough occurrence to warrant negative feedback almost 2 years after the fact.

  17. Carolyn says:

    To be honest, I didn’t have a great experience with Mutts cs either. I bought a diaper that got oversold, but I was never contacted or refunded until I emailed her a month and a half later to ask where it was. She then gave me the option to choose a different dipe or a refund. But I do think it’s stupid to post a FB two years later.


    So, this was brought to my attention. Apparently, Ooey DID make her feelings known back then. And Michelle came on and explained just what happened. The diapers she stocked as instock diapers had been made a while ago. It’s just silly to leave MORE feedback now.

  19. Stephanie says:

    What would be really funny is if someone followed your link and forgot the post is 2 years old and replied to it. Hehehe

  20. The Bored Bitch says:

    Stop the presses!

    Eewy is complaining.


  21. OFFS! says:

    I guess there was nothing purple to buy that day so she decided to complain about something that happened years ago?

  22. subpariq says:

    I can’t believe I am defending Ooey. But I don’t think there is an expiration date on fb. If I had a bad experience with company X, I might still mention it a couple of years later. Post it on a fb board? Probably not unless it was really terrible.
    TOJM: I have never bought custom diapers because to me diapers are functional and just to catch poop. So I don’t know what normal turn around time is. I am sympathetic to exenuating circumstances. But I’m sorry, it doesn’t take two months to realize that you’re not going to be able to complete a custom. The minute there is a question, communication with the buyer should begin. Promptly refunding the money to me would be a couple of weeks into it. Seriously, it takes like two minutes to do a pp refund and two minutes to send an email.

  23. No expiration on feedback, but at this point, it just seems petty.

  24. Kelolsen says:

    Well, IMO the maker said she was trying to get through her customs. Maybe she even expressed a turnaround time- like when you order she’s still making other customs, etc. Then she realized that the rest of the customs weren’t going to happen so she refunded people. I dunno… I side w/ the diaper maker in this case b/c it seemed like when she realized she was getting in over her head w/ what was going on, she refunded people. She didn’t say “I’ll try to do it” or “give me more time”. she just said, “I can’t get this done. Here is your money back”.

  25. Liljoeysmom says:

    It just seems strange to me that she didn’t leave feedback anywhere else when it happened then when there is a recent challenge to get your feedback posted for all the WAHMs she decides now is the right time to leave it?

  26. cassie says:

    i know there’s no expiration on feedback, but she had plenty of places to leave it… that particular WAHM’s website, or the diaper pin, which has very reputable feedback… but she chooses to wait almost 2 years until DS has the epiphany to open a feedback forum themselves?

    tacky. and petty. period. if ANYTHING, she should have left feedback when it HAPPENED, and if it was at another place, she could have simply copy and pasted, or linked to her feedback. i’m not against leaving old feedback in a new place, but only if appropriate feedback was initially left when the incident happen. seeing as she apparently didn’t do this, i stand by thinking she’s just going for low blows.

  27. subpariq says:

    Eh. If she didn’t leave fb anyplace at the time, that’s kind of shitty. I guess you’ve got to wonder what her motives are now. Ooey does sucketh the balls. I wonder what I was thinking defending her. I haven’t taken a bong hit in years.

  28. What a wanker says:

    Well, honestly, I don’t think Ooey realizes anything exists outside of DS, so that could explain why she didn’t leave FB anywhere else.

  29. Amanda says:

    Ooey ooey ooey…

  30. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    Ooey, ooey ooey ooooooooey….. Isn’t that a show on TV? I have some odd children’s tune stuck in my head now…

  31. cassie says:

    “Ooey does sucketh the balls.”


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