TRADE ONLY: NIP Red OBV Goodmama *Traded* (

cakemaven 03-17-2008 06:30 PM

Re: TRADE ONLY: NIP Red OBV Goodmama

Originally Posted by lunarain25 (Post 3065804)
I traded cakemaven a NIP ice cream print that she *had* to have and the very day she received it, she put it up on spot’s on auction. She made a decent profit and honestly….it was seriously in poor taste. I thought long and hard about what I should do about this situation because I felt scammed. I have 100% feedback. I take my feedback very seriously.

First off, I’m not the first person to decide that this print is too girly IRL. Secondly, I have something like 15+ GM prints, so my ISO list is pretty small. It makes trading really tough when you already have everything you want!

I would have made the same profit had I sold my NIP red/blue stripe, not paid shipping and insurance to trade with you. SO stop acting like you did me some sort of huge favor. We traded. I got my dipe, you got yours and you left inappropriate feedback. I have 100% feedback from almost 10 years on ebay, and I had 100% feedback here till you got trader’s remorse.

Oh yeah… and you found out about that red OBVs stocked because I POSTED ABOUT IT… so yeah, you did me a favor and I scammed you… whatever…

lunarain25 03-17-2008 07:16 PM

Re: TRADE ONLY: NIP Red OBV Goodmama *Traded*
I do apologize. I was wrong to leave negative feedback. I’m a newbie here and still learning the ropes.
cakemaven 03-21-2008 11:17 AM

Re: TRADE ONLY: NIP Red OBV Goodmama *Traded*
can’t say I ever actually got an apology (and I have given her a couple of days to do so), so I doubt that this person will actually seek to have the feedback corrected… sad that someone will apologize here to save face but won’t actually send a PM to apologize to the person they harmed…

So, this STILL has not been corrected, but at least the person leaving the negative realizes it was wrong to do so.  However, cakemaven is still screwed with a 98% feedback rating. Even after this thread, admin has done nothing.  Is there only 1 Admin/Mod that can fix that?? That would seem pretty darn ridiculous.

  1. cakemaven says:

    I don’t expect that it will ever be removed, as they are too busy instututing (and then repealing) communist rules, raising “site supporter” fees and finding ways to help people with no willpower stay “on the wagon”…

  2. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    Yeah, feedback is not a top list thing there, even though they are a site based on BST

  3. Kelolsen says:

    personally, her apology and the “I’m new” doesn’t make a darn bit of difference to me. Ask first… find out what common practices are first.. ask a mod if a negative is warranted in this case (which of course it is NOT). Lunarain, youcan apologzie all you want but you certainly made my personal do not b/s/t list. I’d never do business w/ you. It took a massive smackdown and you defending yourself over and over and over before you apologized, which leads me to believe its total BS.

  4. Not to mention she has not apologized directly to cakemaven.

  5. cakemaven says:

    My feedback has finally been changed… to neutral instead of negative :/

  6. Kelolsen says:

    Neutral??? For the same reason? I think it should be removed all together but I guess they can’t force someone to leave positive.

  7. What a wanker says:

    Eh, it’s not so bad

    The comment wasn’t left, now it says

    “Determined unwarranted(leaving feedback that had nothing to do with trans.) ”

    And her FB is now 100% as it should be.

    Seems kind of silly to leave it, but it’s not going to hurt her as is.

  8. cakemaven says:

    I’m just glad to have it corrected and no longer affecting my FB rating, as I know that there are people who won’t b/s/t with a person who has less than 100%

  9. giggle says:

    Yeah, “neutral” is the practice, they won’t change it to positive….. I believe that was in one of their huge lists of “new rules”

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