What makes a WAHM a WAHM?? (http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=386023)

piscesmom1979 04-05-2008 10:43 AM

What makes a WAHM a WAHM??
I’m curious mommas, what do you think??

If your product is no longer made by you, if it is outsourced somewhere in “America” not specified north or south, so it may not even be being produced in the United States, let alone your home,can you still be concidered a WAHM??? Or are you in fact just another owner of a corperation at that point??

IMO a WAHM means that you actually WORK AT HOME making your product (whatever that may be) and once you send your work elsewhere to be produced by others, that you have never even met IRL, you are no longer a WAHM. Now if your outsourcing is done on a small scale, by other mommys that you know, I would still concider that a WAHM product. But if your product could possibly be being produced by children in sweat shops, no longer a WAHM..

Personally I try to give WAHM’s as much of my business as I can. I have much respect for the WAHM, and understand that they are trying to take care of their own children and support their familys.. This is a wonderful thing! But it seems to me that some people claiming to be WAHMs are in fact NOT, and are doing the above mentioned…. Personally I have taken a vow to try and be more carefull and make sure I know the WAHM I buy from, actually made her product.

What do you guys think? No uglyness please, I just want to hear other peoples opinion and possibly a perspective that I may be missing.

Since when was WAHMing not obvious enough. WAHM = Work at Home Mom. Now there are people who have never left the HC bubble or DS bubble and really think a WAHM can only have that title if she is handcrafting something. So, if you are a retailer, and run an online store, you are NOT WAHMing. If you are lucky enough that your business needs help, you are NOT WAHMing. If you run the office for your non hand-craft based business, you are NOT WAHMing. What kind of sense does that make?
ktmelody 04-05-2008 10:51 AM

Re: What makes a WAHM a WAHM??
I think a WAHM is just what it means, work at home mother.

If a mama can work at home and make money and be able to be with her children, i don’t care how large or small the business is or if the product is made by her. A lot of time goes into working at home and running a household.

I consider myself a WAHM. I don’t make anything. I run my family landscaping business from my home office. It allows me to be with my children daily. Just because it is a large business, does not mean anything IMO. I support mothers who work from home and want to be with their children.

Just my :2cents:

jkbcitro 04-05-2008 01:12 PM

Re: What makes a WAHM a WAHM??
For me WAHM that sells things means that you are working at home selling things….i.e if you sell clothes, diapers, hairbows, lotion, perfume, arts and crafts..then you are physically making them. If you are paying others to help you make them then it is not really a WAHM, but a Work at home business.

If a person is paying someone else to help make their items to sell then I would say that they are a retailer and not a WAHM.

WAHM tend to be smaller scale, more one of a kind items or unique items that are harder to mass produce. JMHO.

Took part out because it was not conveying what I was trying to say.

kimanne4 04-05-2008 01:35 PM

Re: What makes a WAHM a WAHM??

Originally Posted by jkbcitro (Post 3235913)
For me WAHM that sells things means that you are working at home selling things….i.e if you sell clothes, diapers, hairbows, lotion, perfume, arts and crafts..then you are physically making them. If you are paying others to help you make them then it is not really a WAHM, but a Work at home business.

People that run offices at home or services-i.e. plumbing business, answering services, data entry, report writing etc. Is considered WAH ,but on a different level.

ok so if you don’t make your product you are a WAH but not a mom? b/c that is what your post is basically saying…
you are taking the mom part away from them! which to me is so sillly! are they working out of their homes? yes
are they moms? yes
so why- just because they don’t make something, do they lose the mom part of WAHM and become WAH ?

i don’t get it…

cngeike 04-05-2008 01:36 PM

Re: What makes a WAHM a WAHM??
I think that a person who Works out of the home is just that. But, I also think that if you say the products are made by you and they aren’t, then you are giving false advertising.
I make slings. So I guess I am a WAHM. But I make those slings, I do the transactions ect. I do it all. If I hired someone else to do that then I just worried about the $ part, I wouldn’t think of me as a WAHM.
I think if I were hiring people then I would have to say, these items were made in such and such place. So I don’t give the buyer any false opinions on my stuff.

I consider people who have things like photography, or landscaping businesses, to not be working at home. You may run the phone part at home, but you aren’t making the product at home and I would consider that to be different.

Anyhow, very interesting post.

amie815 04-05-2008 02:22 PM

Re: What makes a WAHM a WAHM??
In my opinion a WAHM is someone who makes their products themselves in there own home. If someone runs a business from their home, like having the office at their home but all their products are made elsewhere by other people, then they are not a WAHM. They are just running their business from home. I think the difference is who makes the product.

Also in my opinion I think HC should be for WAHM that don’t have their own website. If you have your own business website then I think it would be easier for customers to have one website to keep track of. I also think if your product is not made in your home by you, then you should not be on HC.

Again just my opinion.

kimanne4 04-05-2008 03:07 PM

Re: What makes a WAHM a WAHM??
i think it is weird that people think you have to actually “make” something to be a WAHM. like if you aren’t crafty and making something you don’t qualify.

I do the book keeping for our ranch- at home – in the office- am i not working at home with my kids and being a mom?

why do you actually have to make something – like a diaper or candle- to be a WAHM. I think if you went out on the street and asked people outside of this “diaper community” the majority of people would not think that a WAHM is someone that actually crafts something. they would think that they do some kind of work out of their house…

Anyone with me here? Are we really talking of stripping away the WAHM title just because they don’t make something by hand? Does that mean that once you hit it big as a WAHM, you might as well quit because you’ll lose the support of so many that try to ONLY support WAHMs?? Or you don’t give a crap about them and just get big anyway, like I would do if I had any marketable WAHM skills?
  1. becka says:

    ummmm..if you work AT home…then you’re a wahm…whether it’s makign an item or selling something or just work taking calls for some company for customer …seriously people?! it’s work at home, not handcrafting at home!

  2. Liljoeysmom says:

    I can’t take that thread any more! My head hurts trying to figure out some of their wacked out logic. Seriously is someone saying you only can be a work AT home mom if you make something anything else you’re a work FROM home mom? WTF?

  3. FireMom says:

    Uh, what about the mothers who work out of their home that don’t “craft” anything with their hands. They run businesses out of the diapering/childcare/etc word. Freelance writers. CEOs. What about moms who run childcare centers in their home?

    Stupid. I work my rear end off at home but don’t have a crafty bone in my body.

  4. silver says:

    I think the question was worded poorly. It sounds to me like the original poster is trying to get at this:

    At what point do the warm fuzzies of buying from a WAHM go away? Some people love to buy from WAHM because they like the idea of another mom lovingly crafting the item, and doing it to get money to support her family that she stays home with. If the diapers are mass produced in a factory, then the warm fuzzies aren’t quite the same. You’re supporting a larger business then, not an individual mom. It’s kind of like the difference between shopping at a local craft fair, shopping at a local boutique, shopping at a local chain store, and shopping at national chain. I’m guessing the original poster feels that WAHM means warm fuzzies. And that buying a mass produced diaper does not produce the same warm fuzzies, even if they are made for a mom-owned company that is run by one person out of her home. I think she’s equating WAHM with “little guy”. When does a WAHM stop being the “little guy” and start being a business or corporation?

  5. Yeah, but why should someone stop supporting this person we’ve help go from little guy to a big business or corporation? That just doesn’t make sense to me. “We’ll support you as long as you’re struggling, but once you’re doing good, you’re too big for your support.”

    I get not supporting because of bad customer service, but not supporting someone because they’re not a “little guy” anymore is silly.

  6. Mom23 says:

    Very well said, DSDM and I couldn’t agree more.

    Just thought it might be interesting for blog fans to know that many of the posters on this thread who are of the opinion that a WAHM can’t be a WAHM unless she is handcrafting items are members of a private board. Note the low post counts of those that are supporting each other. It seems they must have a collective beef with GM with the not-so-thinly veiled references to wishboxes, but this thread was a waste of time and a shady way to go about dealing with it.

  7. Annoyed says:

    Just FYI – this isn’t an innocent question asked by one member… this is an attack on the fitted maker mama(s) alluded to in all the talk.

    Honestly, the original poster and her buddies make me ill.
    They’re not just casual posters on Ds.. they have other connections outside of Ds.

    They have a personal issue with the Wahm(s) and want to damage their reputation(s) and business(es).

    Oh.. and look at all the back pedaling when Amy of Crankypants joins the conversation … Lol!! They don’t want to chance their opportunity of maybe scoring a custom in the future.. Lol!

    But, it’s ok. Some of them are even dumb enough to leave their HC stores and congo names in their siggy. I know where *I* won’t be shopping.

  8. TaterTots says:

    My friend that works from home doing data entry for an insurance company and calls herself a WAHM isn’t one then? Because she doesn’t make something by hand? Please. She’s Working. At. Home. and a Mom. That qualifies.

    And little guy vs. big guy…if you don’t like mass produced products and don’t want to buy from the WAHM selling them, DON’T. It’s that simple. If you don’t like that she calls herself a WAHM, get over it and shop somewhere else. Get your warm fuzzies where you need to and let it be.

    Everyone hung up on technicalities needs to get a life and stop worrying about what constitutes a WAHM.

  9. silver says:

    I’m not saying that people aren’t WAHM if they own a larger diaper business. I’m a WAHM, I do part time work, from home, for a company–I don’t own my own business.

    And it is possible for a small company to become something so large that you might want to avoid them because of their business practices. I’m not saying it happens in the cloth diapering world, but it happens. Eli Lily (the pharmaceutical company) was a “garage” start up company. Does that mean that I should question their business practices now?

    I don’t care where my products come from. I don’t get warm fuzzies from buying from WAHM–I actually prefer mass produced in stock diapers to custom made wait times. But some people do get warm fuzzies and there’s no need to bash them for it.

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