gave an item from hc as a gift now its being sold wwyd (

mum0fthr33 04-05-2008 03:33 PM

gave an item from hc as a gift now its being sold wwyd
So I had a Mama place an order for a diaper on hyenacart but she did not pay for the item. I emailed and asked if she would be paying with check or RME she emailed me back said she could not afford the diaper but just wanted to see the total cost. I emailed her back and let her know if she wanted to send me her address I would just give her the diaper as a dift. I look on fsot board today I did a search for Luvease like I always do to make sure I have no bad diaper issues I need to fix that I don’t know about and I find her post for the diaper being sold brand new never washed never worn. I have only made 1 of these diapers in this color and check my emails and sure enough its the same Mama what would you do? I did pm her and let her know I felt the diaper should be free for shipping as it was a gift.
ecomother 04-05-2008 03:39 PM

Re: gave an item from hc as a gift now its being sold wwyd
Ooooooooh that is totally NOT nice of her. Of course she owns it now and it was a gift and people can do whatever they want with their gifts, but still…that would really bug me.

ETA: Curiosity got the best of me so I did a search for your diapers on here and I think I know which post you are referring to. Now she’s requested to have it deleted.

So, usually, I’m saying “it’s hers, she can do what she wants.”  But, this time, I kinda feel like “damn, that was rude.” I guess I think it’s mean because the WAHM gave it to her trying to be nice because she couldn’t afford it.  She thought she really wanted the diaper.  Now this lady didn’t even use it and turned around put it on FSOT? I mean, yeah, technically she can do what she wants with it, but if she didn’t even really WANT the diaper, why not say that? Just seems dirty to me.
  1. silver says:

    I got a brand new diaper as gift once (not from the maker, but from a friend). I wound up not liking it. I don’t feel right selling it, as it was given to me for free. So instead it sits at the back of my stash.

    It seems really bad that the mom selling the diaper didn’t even try the diaper before deciding to sell it. I would understand better if she tried the diaper and it didn’t work out for her child.

  2. cassie says:

    hands down, it’s a slap in the face for the person who gave the gift. it’s exploiting their generosity so they can make a buck. it’s wrong. period. true, if it’s their property, they can do what they want with it, but it wouldn’t have BEEN their property if that mama hadn’t been so gracious.

  3. Diapermama says:

    That’s not cool.

  4. pregodego2 says:

    i know this is old, but i wanted to add that i recently wone a gorgeous wool/PF/embroidered shirt set on HC in a raffle drawing. it was to raise money for riley. i realize this srt will eventually not fit my baby anymore and will need to leave our home. i had a hard time realizing what i should do..sell it? FFS? give it away as a gift? raffle it off? so i decided i would auction it or raffle it off and then give the money to the cause (riley) that i originally won it from.

    in situations where you are given items for free, FFS or win them, it is really is your item to do whatever you want with, but show courtesy and respect for how you received that item and do something good with it. if someone blessed you, bless someone else. it will all come back to you.

    i think this mama was trying to use her resources, it seems she needs money, but overall it wasn’t the best decision and she really should have FFS’d it to someone else if she didn’t want it.

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