So, I have been sitting on this one for a few days, I have enjoyed reading the OP’s posts for the most part and I know that we all have bad days and can make asses of ourselves, but after this “VENT” thread (which was deleted BTW), this particular mama has made my “Do NOT B/S/T list”. Sometimes you really do need to take a step back and stay off the damned computer before you make an ass of yourself and look like a fool.

~Peach~ 03-27-2008 10:56 AM

I just need to vent

I am apparently having the worst week money wise. I’ve had my first bad transaction. I paid for the diaper on Monday. I was notified Tuesday for some reason the mama wouldn’t be able to ship thru paypal and she offered no reason for this and also told me she wouldn’t be able to get to the PO til Thursday. I said well fine refund cus I can find other things to spend my money on. So she did. Well it didn’t even send as an e check or anything, its just pending in my account when I go to look at the details. I asked her wth happened she said paypal does that always. Well I know for a fact I’ve had a partial refund go thru instantaneous so I called paypal to ask about that transaction and another transaction on my account. Apparently the mama didn’t have the money to cover the transaction in her account so I got screwed!
I am so mad as I paid in funded and I totally expected to get funded back. Now Im stuck waiting another 3-5 days for my money to get back into paypal all the while she is free to sell the stupid diaper to someone else. Im just really really angry right now about this.
Does paypal really send e checks? Or is it just because someone didn’t have funded in their account?



~Peach~ 03-27-2008 11:01 AM

Re: I just need to vent


Originally Posted by crystalkicks

Its b/c someone didnt have funded in their account!! So sorry mama!! Hopefully you get it back though!!

Oh I will I hope and Im just ticked cus for one I paid in funded paypal promptly and two I never would’ve bought had I known she wouldnt be able to ship for another 3 days. Completely avoidable had the seller been upfront. I might have been less annoyed if I hadnt had to contact her to see when she was shipping them.


~Peach~ 03-27-2008 01:26 PM

Re: I just need to vent

Its not the banks fault. Technically its hers becus she spent the funded paypal I sent her. Meaning I had paypal in my account when I did the transaction. All paypal could tell me was my money was spent and thats that.


~Peach~ 03-28-2008 12:37 AM

Re: I just need to vent


Originally Posted by Jenifer

Wow… i am going to be honest here.. give the mama a break a little bit, i am one of those mamas that doesnt have a scale and cannot ship through pp.. also, we have one car. i am VERY upfront with my buyers and i tell them, i go to the po one day/week and thats that.. i would have cut her more of a break mama.. she was being honest with you, things come up…

chances are she spent/transfered the money bc she wasnt expecting you to want a refund… and playing devils advocate here, she may have TRANSFERED the money, not spent it, generally i tranfer the pp to cover shipping costs since i cannot print out labels at home, and honestly i dont trust the PO worker picking up my packages, i like to drop them off and have them directly scanned in..

it sounds like you have had a bad day, maybe step away for a bit and reevaluate the situation and apologize to the mama.. chances are she is pretty hurt…

Im glad she is hurt cus Im POed! And I have a right to be. Mind you I paid monday and she said for some reason she couldnt ship thru paypal for my item which I dont get. Why should I give her a break? She’s not the one whos stuck waiting for the damn money to get back in her account. Oh and I dont even have the luxury of an e check it just says pending so for all I know she could clear out her account and take off with my money. Im sorry but I expect my stuff to go out within two business days or at least LMK beforehand. I had to pm her in order to get any of this out of her. So side with the person who has my money and tell me to give her a break. Ive refrained from leaving feedback but Im almost positive she sold the dipe and yet STILL I dont have my money back. So no I wont give her a break.


~Peach~ 03-28-2008 12:43 AM

Re: I just need to vent

Not only that now she has sold it to another mama and miraculously she is able to ship thru paypal to that mama.

~Peach~ 03-28-2008 12:16 PM

Re: I just need to vent


Originally Posted by Jenifer

ita mama, and honestly its SAFER to take them to the po, they scan them in (atleast mine does!) which shows PROOF that the package left your hands, kwim?

also, peach, you should but that you will only purchase from someone who will ship through pp if that is the case aswell. did you inform the mom of your “rules” for her as a seller?

everyone has lives outside of mailing diapers, i was just trying to help you see that, maybe something came up in her personal life, something she chose to keep personal… kwim? before ranting about someone i would get the whole entire story, and i would also give someone a break…

For one the original reason I am irritated is becus of the refund being pending. She spent my money so therefore couldnt ship thru paypal thereby telling me she would have to go to to the PO and couldnt get there til thursday. Now had she not spent my money and been able to ship thru paypal none of this would’ve happened. And this is my fault how? Wouldnt you be irate if you got a refund and ummmmmmmm u have no idea if its actually gonna go back into your account? Cus I guess some of yall missed that I DONT EVEN HAVE MY REFUND! NOT EVEN A STINKING E CHECK! I get if you don’t have a postal scale but cmon now its not that freaking hard to take it to the PO. I have 3 kids and a dh who works full time and I still somehow managed to get my items out within two days of a transaction.
But thats not the point. Had she shipped thru paypal everything woulda been gravy. She couldnt cus my money was already spent and now Im out a dipe and so far 33 dollars which seems to be just my luck lately.

Is 2 1/2 days after an order really considered too late to ship? And is bashing and being mean to a mama for something that is paypal’s fault really appropriate? I mean, Peachy had the nerve to be GLAD she hurt the other mama’s feelings b/c she was too impatient to wait one day extra for her to ship? Are you shitting me? This is so incredibly juvenile and rude that I think people need to see this….

  1. ~Peach~ says:

    Sorry that I expected my stuff to be shipped within 48 hrs which isnt completely unreasonable IMO. Funny how sellers have these expectations of buyers to pay within a certain amount of time but will sit on your items for days.
    Apparently you and several other of the mamas are as dumb as a box of rocks. If you had read the OP you would see why I was mad. And yes I was getting madder and madder but how the hell would you feel if your money was spent and gone and you had nothing to show for it and everyone else told you oh well put up and shut up.

  2. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    You still MISSED THE POINT.

    Let me spell it out for you…


    So whether or not she had the funds in the account is not the issue. You sent her money for a diaper. She got ready to ship the diaper, spent the money, no harm no foul. YOU CHANGED THE DEAL. Don’t get pissy, you just look worse and worse.

  3. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    Oh and, if EVERYONE ELSE was telling you to shut up about it b/c you were wrong… don’t you think you would step back and re-evaluate the situation? You were wrong. The seller did nothing wrong. Should she have to sit on your funds for 2 weeks to make sure you didn’t want a refund after you got the diaper?

    48 hours is unreasonable. Most stores, wham and not, take longer.

  4. ~Peach~ says:

    Maybe and maybe I should clarify a few things because in my anger I get flustered.
    This is not just about her per se tho mainly it is iykwim.
    I am tired of the laissez fair attitude sellers take towards buyers. Oh and I should add when I paid for the item I paid for it to hold my spot so she wouldn’t sell to anyone else. She promised pictures never sent em. Thats what I get for buying sight unseen.
    And FYI refunds don’t take 5 days. As I said three times in that stupid post, I had gotten 2 refunds INSTANTLY. Oh and paypal verified that if the money is in the account the refund should go thru instantly. Sorta ties in with the she spent my money so she couldn’t ship thing.

  5. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    Please note the UP TO:


  6. Madre says:

    After reading this & then her “woe is me” thread about her wcw being the same color (Oh no!) I’m so over this mama.

  7. Birdie says:

    Peach- Most likely this was YOUR own fault. IME, the ONLY time I have not been able to print a label in PayPal has been when someone marked “services” instead of goods. It’s a really easy mistake to make, and that’s probably what you did. That person could have refunded you and you could have re-sent it right away, marking goods, but she didn’t offer because you were SO rude to her, and she was afraid of negative feedback and being called out-which you did anyway. I know that mama, and she wouldn’t lie. Why would she?

    You really need to calm down, and take a step away from DS. You’re so negative in many of your posts and you called that person out on another thread that had NOTHING to do with your transaction. I really don’t think asking for a refund because someone didn’t ship your item within 48 hours is reasonable. Most internet companies don’t even ship that fast, and for you to expect a Mom with a child/children to do so is unreasonable. And just because you have that little line in your siggy asking for people to ship within 48 hours doesn’t mean people will comply. You’re on my Do Not Buy/Sell list now, and I know several others have added you because of your immature temper tantrum.

  8. Michelle says:

    I think the problem is that Peach never knows when to shut her mouth. She’s always saying stupid things and that’s why she’s been on my do NOT b/s/t list. She’s actually been on it since the whole FFS thread.

  9. Me says:

    This isn’t the only tantrum she threw this week. God forbid somebody send her a soaker and pair of shorties the same color on a SURPRISE slot. She’s been on my do not b/s/t list for a while now, this just confirms she’ll stay there.

  10. Stephanie says:

    Shame on all of you! Don’t you know you’re not ‘allowed’ to have your own Do Not B/S/T list??


  11. Birdie says:

    As long as we don’t share it (our personal lists) via PM or have any letter possibly alluding to it in our siggy’s, we should stay under the radar.

  12. What a wanker says:

    Peach seems to have some real anger issues. I am so sick of hearing her constant bitching, complaining, holier than thou, I have a right to bitch, but you don’t attitude. I’m sorry you are having such a rough week, but honestly, I think you bring a lot of it on yourself. If you couldn’t be patient and wait THREE WHOLE DAYS for someone to send something out you have major issues you need to deal with. You are constantly asking for refunds over stupid stupid stuff.

    Nothing you can say can change my mind, I’ve seen you spiraling out of control since the FFS thread and I am so ready to put your ass on ignore. Everyone is sick of you. People are making fun of how ridiculous you are. You have HUGE entitlement issues. You are extremely immature and you need to get way over yourself. I know I am over you and so are a lot of other people.

  13. What a wanker says:

    Oh, and by the by. IF and I say a HUGE IF the refund doesn’t go through, THEN and only THEN do you have a reason to be upset. But I can bet a million dollars it will go through (or has) and you are nothing but a fool.

  14. becka says:

    #1-in fl, i could get to the po just bout daily…there was one right down the road from my house, from my dd’ school, from my dads house, and one i had a po box at…i drove near them about daily, shippig by the day was easy….NOT anymore….there are 2 po’s, both VERY out of the way and i just cannot go nearly as often

    #2-i do not hand packages to the mail carrier, i dont even hand letters nor put them in my box! it’s not that abnormal to only go to the po (and i do print through paypal usually)

    #3-what makes you know it was spent? she very well couldve been transferring the $ to her bank account so she could ship it, if she doesnt have a premier acct w/ debit card then she might not’ve had the $ for shipping

    #4-not everyone has a printer and/or a scale to print through paypal

  15. mamapixie says:

    I find it hilarious that peach had the money to buy a WCW set, yet she doesn’t have the money to buy her children proper carseats. Which makes her look like an even bigger ass than complaining about someone not shipping thru paypal and taking more than a day to get to the post office. Whiny bitch.

  16. What a wanker says:

    “I find it hilarious that peach had the money to buy a WCW set, yet she doesn’t have the money to buy her children proper carseats. Which makes her look like an even bigger ass than complaining about someone not shipping thru paypal and taking more than a day to get to the post office. Whiny bitch.”

    You caught that too?

    Apparently HC diapers and $50 pants are more important than getting your child in a proper safety seat in the car because you just can’t afford that extra $20!!!!

    Oh, sorry I mean becus.

  17. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    becus, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Me says:

    Did anybody catch her rant about not liking people listing things for trade beacause it made her not want to go to fsot? But what did she do with the shorties? She listed them for trade. Chick can’t make up her mind.

  19. monkey'smom says:

    “I find it hilarious that peach had the money to buy a WCW set, yet she doesn’t have the money to buy her children proper carseats. Which makes her look like an even bigger ass than complaining about someone not shipping thru paypal and taking more than a day to get to the post office. Whiny bitch.”

    I saw that! If she wasn’t already on my list I’d be putting her on now 🙂

  20. Take a chill pill hon! says:

    ~Peach~ You are making yourself look incredibly foolish. I have no sympathy for you because you are bringing this on yourself.

    Seriously take a break and CHILL!

  21. Green~Mammy says:

    She sure is a real Peach isn’t she.

  22. the annoyed one says:

    Seriously, she’s acting so ridiculous is starting to be highly entertaining. Definately in my do not bst list, not with a 10 foot pole!

    oh and if i read “becus” one more time…. oh so help me!!

  23. PeachyKeen says:

    Sweetie, please don’t say people are as “dumb as a box of rocks” when you keep spelling because “becus”. That is your PSA for the day. Thank you. That is all. You bought something sight unseen. That wasn’t very smart. You trashed her for what is paypal’s policies – again, not very smart. I think you need to evaluate your criteria for “dumb as a box of rocks”.

  24. Real Diaper Talk says:

    Yep, this is one of the “drama follows me” mama, ALWAYS needing something to complain about. That FFS thread was a trip. I missed the car seat one, but not surprised AT ALL. Huge entitlement issues, HUGE.

  25. NAK at 3am says:

    I have been cautious of her for a while now too.

    And Peach…. Hon, I am a mama that has great FB on DS and I cant always get to the PO on the days I think I can so I have to wait an extra day or 2 AND I cant always ship through PP because of low ink, low on paper etc. So you dont know excatly why this mama couldnt ship through PP. That doesnt meant that she spent your money !

  26. PeachyKeen says:

    did you get refunds instantly OR did she PAY you??? Those are very differnt things. I’ve had someone refund me by actually paying me. I felt bad b/c she didn’t get the fee back. Whenyou refund, fees are reversed too.

    What about when you whined about the lottery winner? She wasn’t “deserving” enough b/c she owned a GM????? That was the biggest bunch of immature crap I ever read. The mama giving them away had every right to choose who she wanted to give them to. You had no right to make those comments and you showed yourself to be classless and a poor loser.

  27. ARealPeach says:

    Just as a side note, I work customer service as a career.. and few understand the “UP TO” part of anything, I deal with angry morons like this daily.. someone who’s mad cause “all my other transactions worked this fast, so don’t tell me it takes such and such days to process”
    Listen when someone says up to, it generally means it could take anywhere from 30 seconds to the end of the listed time frame.

    Jeez, someone needs to get laid I think

  28. mamapixie says:

    Gee, she’s even a hypocrite.

    “Seriously I am gonna get so flamed and I dont even care. Im sick of going FSOT to see NIP dipes FT. And they stay up there for a good 2 wks sometimes. Its like wth if you dont get a trade within a day or two either a) use the dipe or b) SELL IT! Thats all and just to smooth it over ”

    Yet what is she doing?

    “Ok my semi custom semi surprise customs arrived today and imagine my surprise when I see they are both the exact same color. So Im offering this up for a trade for NIP small shorties in another color. Try me on colors. The only colors I hate are bright orange and yellow. Im looking for springy g/n or girly colors.

    These are BRAND new so I expect the same or EEEEEUC with no issues.
    I prefer to trade with someone with lots of positive feedback or if that isnt available Id expect my end of the trade first.”

  29. What a wanker says:

    she is the ultimate in stupid.

    she says last week or so that people should not continue to bump trade offers after 2 days. If it’s longer then two days, you should just use it or sell it.

    today she bumps up HER OWN trade offer for the 4th day in a row.

    someone points out her own words and she comes back with something like “well it’s cold here”

    What does it being cold have to do with the fact that Peach is a hypocrite I ask you?

  30. PeachyKeen says:

    Notice all the posts that showed how hypocrital she was being got deleted?

  31. Cantstandpeach says:

    I agree. peach is rude, mean, nasty, and doesnt know when to shut her mouth. she is immature and could use growing up.

  32. mamapixie says:

    And that is why I c&p’d some of them here.

  33. cassie says:

    i find it interesting that she had so much to say in the beginning but is now quite silent….

  34. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    She doesn’t have the balls to keep it up here. She knows she made an ass of herself. Just like she is on the current GM thread.

  35. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    “peach why do you get so worked up about it? what skin off your nose is it? just becasue you would not, does that make you better than those who would? i don’t generally get involved in these threads but i do see you continually getting worked up over the price of a diaper and i can’t understand why. it is not your money, no skin off your nose. suzanne stated on her site she had no problem with resale for higher than retail. but now she is all butthurt. once the diaper is purchased, she has no say how it is used or what is done with it. and again, no one is forcing these people to pay more. they are doing so willingly. it is their money. no one is getting screwed. it doesn’t matter to the person paying if the diaper was pooped in, so why should it matter to you??? if seeing goodmamas sell for higher than retail bothers you, there is a little red x in the upper right hand corner of your screen, use it.”

    hehehehehehe! Peach had her ass handed to her by boom1128 on the GM price thread, LOL!

  36. ~Peach~ says:

    Well you’ll all be glad to know YAGE. I guess BECAUSE I am not part of the popular crowd I am not allowed to be upset or even have a bad day.
    And fuck you all! I never said I couldn’t afford a carseat. I cannot afford a fucking 300 dollar carseat times 2 that will fit in my car.
    I wish I’d never found DS because all you guys do is sit there and pick apart other mamas and when someone else does it GOD FORBID. Have fun with your goodmamas and being fucking childish while telling others to grow up as well as stalking peoples posts and harassing them.:)

  37. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    Peach, CHILL. That is what we are saying. Take a break. You are no better than ANY of us. You tear other moms apart all the time too, and you have been making an ass of yourself for weeks now.

    Maybe you just need a break.

  38. onlygirl says:

    hey look, she spelled fuck right!!!!

  39. mamapixie says:

    What $300 carseat? No one EVER told you to spend $300×2 on a carseat, over-dramatic much?

    IIRC, you were recommended to buy one Sunshine Kids Radian(for $200 or less) and then 2 Fisher Price Safe Voyage booster seats, for $29.99 at albeebaby. That’s $260. Or even just the booster seats, and just keep the baby in the seat you have.

    If you SELL that damned WCW set(how many of those do you have anyway? I’d like to think your childrens’ safety was more important than some overpriced wool, but apparently not) that’d be $50(or more) you’d have right there. That’d get you one of the booster seats, and almost the second one. Problem solved, then you can stop whining.

    BTW, Goodmama’s are over-priced pieces of shit. I’d rather spend $20 on a one size diaper that has hidden snaps, and a trifold soaker.

  40. What a wanker says:

    She just doesn’t realize for some reason that everyone feels the same way. So I guess it must be us, couldn’t be her. She’s fucking perfect, especially when she does the same crap she’s always bitching about other people doing.

    Peach-HELLO! Get your head out of your ass for 2 seconds. It’s YOU! YOU need to get a clue. YOU need to be NICE. YOU need to learn when to SHUT THE HELL UP!

    She’s never going to get it! She’s an immature selfish inconsiderate bitch. Nothing more to say here then that.

  41. boom1128 says:

    ok first i must say i am LMAO that my post is on here.

    YAGE away peach. you has the issues, you needs the help. you do have alot of entitlement issues. did you ever consider that the WCW mama did your custom that way so you could mix n match? and you could afford taht carseat if you laid off the dipes. take that money you would use for a diaper, tuck it away, save it and then buy the good carseat. buy them 1 at a time. i have 3 of them and i did not buy them all at the same time. WCW customs are a want, safe carseats are a need. you are on my do not b/s/t list and you have been for awhile now. in fact you honestly are the person that prompted me to start a real list. i wanted to be sure i never did business with you cause you are a PITA.

  42. What a wanker says:

    Car seat thread and quotes from Peach

    “While Im one for safety I am none too happy about this. I get why they are doing this but ummmmmm I cannot afford a seat that will fit in my tiny focus for my 2 older girls. Is the state gonna buy me a new car to fit my carseats in or provide me with a seat that will actually fit in my car?”

    “Ok Im getting that but if they dont fit then what? And dont say oh well reposition them becus Ive btdt. Im actually a bit infuriated by this not becus Im anti using car seats for my girls but what of the people who have teeny tiny cars? I remember not long ago I posed this question on another carseat thread and someone said they fit 3 sunshine radian 80’s I think in their focus? Well thats all well and good but where do I get the 900 dollars its gonna cost me to get 3 of those? Im seriously wanting to know what to do about this becus I cant see any other way around it and since I am toting the kids around all the time and another vehicle is not in the foreseeable future wth do ya do?”

    Because 3 Radians IS the only option ya know!

  43. brigadoon says:

    where is that goodmama thread? i wanna read what on earth is going on over there.

    p.s. good on you boom for speaking the truth. but i can’t help but wonder if your post has been deleted over there by now. they seem to like deleting anything that isn’t sunshine and rainbows directed at this girl, even though she’s bringing it all on herself.

    and i hear that you, peach, are a really nice person in real life, and that makes me even more sad, that you can be so cool in person and so psychotic online. only one of you can be real, and methinks you’re just afraid to act this way in public because people would read you the riot act just like they’re doing on the computer. please get a counselor, i think you need to talk to someone and sort your mind out.

  44. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    This was todays “locked thread” drama. Get some popcorn, it’s long and annoying.

  45. ARealPeach says:


  46. ARealPeach says:

    don’t forget the E

  47. Stacey2 says:

    Peach just comes off as a very immature person with an inability to manage her finances. I think the real reason she asks for refunds is because she feels guilt over the purchase. I love the whole “stop picking apart this poor momma” coming from a person who has no problem bitching in a public forum about others moms. I get irritated every time I see her post.

  48. your mama says:

    wow this lady is WACKED OUT!! All she does is bitch and complain – and I’m a newbie so I haven’t even been on DS for more than a week. What a psycho – its crap like that, that makes me really want to look for a different CD site. Why has she not been banned since apparently this forum is so ban-happy?

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