3-17-2008 01:43 PM

Have you ever gotten negative FB for NOTHING?
I traded with a mama, a highly coveted diaper, for another equally coveted diaper. The other person was new (zero FB), so I was going to hold her diaper until mine arrived.When it arrived, hubby said “that’s a seriously girly looking dipe. sell it so we can get another that’s not so feminine” So I put it up for auction. I really loved the diaper I had traded for it, but wasn’t going to go back on my trade agreement with the mama. So I shipped the diaper I had agreed to trade and left positive FB for the mama.Then she got her diaper and left negative FB for me because she was angry that I had auctioned the one she sent me. She accused me of making money off of her, when in fact, I could have sold the diaper I traded her for just as much. So if anything, I’m down a diaper, because I have to stalk to get another one that I can use on my boy, and she goes and leaves me crappy feedback.That just sucks! What’s a girl to do?…

Seriously? Are people that petty to leave negative feedback because they don’t like what you do with something after you get it? How childish.

  Traded Ice Cream GM & She SOLD it at auction the same day she received it.
Trade lunarain25 (9) 03-17-2008
  1. MN sunshine says:

    That is HOTT. Who left the neg feedback?

  2. I just updated it. I forgot to paste it.

  3. stacey says:

    Imagine if she had let her kid take a crap in that GM! The nerve.

  4. OK, you almost made me spit out my applesauce.

  5. MN sunshine says:

    So, will they(powers that be) take that neg off as nothing more than a garbage feedback? I sure hope so. And the very least, a ‘strike’/spaking for lunarain!

  6. blsimpson says:

    I would think that they would. At least, I would hope they would. Once that trade was agree’d upon, and that diaper left that mamma’s hands, she had\has no say in what happens with it. just my :twocents:

  7. FireMom says:

    LOL. I saw that yesterday. Negative feedback for dumb reasons is insanely classy.

  8. theboardbitch says:

    omg, they think they can control what you do with something that they gave/traded/sold ???

    how kindergarten is that?

  9. Amanda says:

    If that neg gets removed I am going to have ALOT of bitching to do since I still have a neg from 3 mos ago and LEE flat out told me they are not required to do anything about FB issues AND cowmommy told me they are too busy to deal w/ FB issues…..

  10. MN sunshine says:

    Hmm that would be a good reason to BST elsewhere if they can’t handle dealing with FB issues. On the grand scale of things, I would think these the easiest to resolve. For pete’s sake put one mod on the subject! I think there are a couple of people that would be willing to take on that title…

  11. blsimpson says:

    I think it depends on the situation, and Amanda I dont know yours, but this one seems like it should be reversed.

    Its also only admins that change feedback, but yes, they should dedicate someone to it. They should actually dedicate mods and admins to a lot of things, but thats another subject. 🙂

  12. lilgamoma says:

    That’s awful it happen, I do hope they can have it removed. I agree though, the trade was done & it doesn’t matter what you do with it after that..use it, sell it, wear it on your, it’s YOURS

  13. I'm Just Saying..... says:

    This is not the first time this has happened on DS and it won’t be the last. Certain sellers seem to think they have an inalienable right to determine the entire future of any diaper they have ever owned. It’s beyond stupid.

    Just another reason to be wary of b/s/t at DS. you may get hit with the never-ending previous owners rights clause.

  14. blsimpson says:

    “Just another reason to be wary of b/s/t at DS. you may get hit with the never-ending previous owners rights clause.”

    I dont really think it is fair though, to blame this on DS. This could, and Im sure does, happen everywhere..

  15. I'm Just Saying..... says:

    I’m not blaming it on DS, just saying there are quite a few people there who do this. She isn’t the only one. I’m just saying, be careful who you b/s/t with. I don’t have a lot of experience anywhere else, and have only seen this happen on DS, so based on my experience, that is where I see it happening.

  16. cassie says:

    i find it interesting that there are feedback issues that lee and juan are refusing to look into. serious, how more asshole can you be? let’s think about this: the whole POINT of that board is buying and selling diapers. it REVOLVES around feedback! and yet they say they aren’t “required” to look into it? Oh. Em. Gee.

  17. I'm Just Saying..... says:

    If they won’t deal with it, I think the mama who sold the diaper at auction should seriously consider leaving this other mama some feedback based on the after-transaction experience she had. Warn other people of what a PITA she could become. I mean, if it’s okay for one to leave feedback for a non transaction related event, why not others? We could go crazy with this! I can think of a couple people I would love to leave neg fb for just because I didn’t like something they did that had nothing to do with a transaction we were involved in.

  18. blsimpson says:

    I completely agree. They should task someone with just FSOT admin stuff. Maybe a couple people..

    As for the leaving neg feedback, she had already left feedback, on 3/9 (prolly when she recieved her end of the trade..)

    “Sweet mama! Quick shipping! Would b/s/t with again! cakemaven”

    It would also be perceived as retaliatory negative feedback, and she could get in trouble for that.. The best thing for her to do is bring it up with an admin, and fight to get it removed. We have all already seen, if you put up enough stink, things can get done… 😉

  19. Another Mama says:

    wow! that is BS! Can’t you get banned for false/undeserved feedback? Wasn’t that a rule for a while?

  20. cassie says:

    it still is a rule. whether or not juan and lee will ENFORCE it is a completely different question… they seem to be more concerned with siggies and letters nowadays…

  21. cakemaven says:

    Oh but it gets better… since others warned me that the admins would never take care of fixing the feedback, and I had already left FB for her, I took it upon myself to hijack her “FT Only” post to make sure warn others that they better be DAMN sure they want that diaper if they trade with her:

  22. I'm Just Saying..... says:

    Why don’t we all report this feedback comment as “bad feedback” if they get 100 requests that it be removed, they can’t ignore it, can they?

  23. Amanda says:

    yes they can ignore it. they have been ignoring mine since January. mommyof7 is my username FB link is in my siggy. I have quit posting there because I refuse to change my siggy.

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