pinkflamingos77 03-11-2008 03:56 PM

This is just the first post…. I wasn’t sure how else to start the post…
supercalifragi 03-16-2008 09:37 AM

This is childish. Read the rules and if you don’t want to comply, go post elsewhere!
pinkflamingos77 03-16-2008 10:55 AM


Originally Posted by supercalifragi (Post 3052335)
This is childish. Read the rules and if you don’t want to comply, go post elsewhere!

Do not be rude to me or anyone else in this thread. This was posted a few days ago BEFORE the rules were changed. This was posted when all that drama went down a few nights ago. I was asking for clarification because EVERYONE was very confused with all that was going on. People are still very confused. No one is being rude in this thread, No one is causing issues in this thread. So please do not come here with your bad attitude and your childish remarks.. Thank you very much.

Tell me about it. People are just getting out of control. I really didn’t want to do another post on these rules, but I couldn’t NOT say anything. I think it’s ludicrous that other members expect you to just shut up and follow the rules, regardless of what they are. Especially when some are really silly. I would hope that if more silly rules were put into action, members would continue to fight them, rather than just go elsewhere. Although, it’s not a bad idea to leave, we shouldn’t have these arbitrary rules thrown on the masses just because the owner can.
Since when did we stop being freethinking adults?
  1. I'm Just Saying..... says:

    don’t even get my started on this one. the leave if you don’t like it posts are running rampant at DS. Cuz you know that those are the only options. can’t work to make things better, nope, it’s either like it or leave. no gray area, no thinking about things, talking about things, working with each other, compromise, nope. you no like, you leave. it’s about the most ludicrous, ridiculous and childish was to respond to a post you don’t agree with. not to mention completely without any intelligent forethought.

    come on people, get a little more original will you. you all sound exactly the same. can no one come up with something new to say besides “you no like, you leave. you not allowed to speak, you just leave”


  2. LeesAWanker says:

    I just wanted to point out, someone in that thread mentioned that they did explain those letters when people asked about them. Not all the time. I saw one person ask about them in that long-ass thread and someone replied “It’s a secret” with that little giggle emote.

  3. cassie says:

    my GOODness i wish people would just lay off about the damn letters! we have explained till we were friggin blue in the face about what they mean, but itʻs like whenever we offer up a meaning everyone puts on their earmuffs and starts singing mary had a little lamb!!! seriously folks, donʻt flip the frack out about it when weʻre sitting here offering an explanation! even dirty ashley has offered many many times to start a thread, to which lee ignored and then made some snotty bitch comment about “just take it down” because he “didnʻt care.” well we canʻt be considered elitist when weʻre TRYING to tell you what the hell it means.


  4. cassie says:

    lees a wanker (nice name, lol!)

    i think they were just joking, honestly… it has been told in a ton of different threads (4… off the top of my head) the main one has been deleted (the ever hated nightowls thread), but it basically means that big foot farted loudly on my laptop…. and some other stuff. think about the gail force wind escaping from bigfootʻs booty hole and it smushed down a bunch of numbers and BAM! youʻre left with “IATLNSIYAABFFDYWQGOMDNBFLFS”

    feel free to add it to your siggy. WEʻRE NOT A CLIQUE! we just all happen to agree!

  5. LeesAWanker says:

    When it was asked, it was before people had a problem with it. Like right before, that time.

    It doesn’t bother me. I can understand them wanting y’all to renew the thread once a week or whatever they wanted y’all to do but they went about it the wrong way by locking the thread without warning.

  6. cassie says:

    ohhh okay, yeah i get that then, i remember a while back i asked hacker what it meant and she never answered, so i just forgot about it until it came up in the nightowlʻs thread when juan or someone got all butthurt because he couldnʻt decipher bigfootʻs fart!

    oh yeah the thread thing was fine, we didnʻt have a problem with that, lol, it was when they suddenly appeared out of nowhere to slap our peepees like we somehow managed to create 20,000 posts behind their backs one night without them knowing about it! even though they were there the whole time. lucky for me, i miss all the big drama and always come in a day late (thatʻs why i love this blog! good for the slow folk like meeeee) otherwise my ass probably would have gotten banned back then! it totally makes sense to start a new thread every week (really, who reads back 2000 pages?), but it doesnʻt make sense that they trashed the original thread, like they were trying to hide something. then again, iʻm a bit of a conspiracy theorist *insert chuckle here*

  7. Ashley says:

    I for one am not taking my letters out. I got a PM from someone (who shall remain nameless but I wasn’t too impressed) who was like “Oh I thought the letters weren’t allowed anymore? Or did you just not get caught?” I wanted to ask her if she was reporting me. So far I haven’t heard from any mods about my siggy letters and I’m not fucking taking them out because other people don’t want to put on their BGPs and realize they don’t have to know what the hell everything means. It HAS been explained, and *I* am probably the one that keeps saying “It’s a secret, haha” because I am so SICK of being asked. To me, it’s more annoying that people can’t get over the fact they don’t understand them than it would be to me to see that in someone’s siggy. Get over it people!!!

  8. Amanda says:

    One of my fave aspects of the rules, is the whole “no cliques please”. With regards to the siggy letters.

    I cant think of the last time the issue of cliques came up in my ADULT life. Actually, yes, I can, never.

    Some people are friends, some arent. I dont give a shit if they have secret codes between themselves. And if a member does, they need to check their asses, because this isnt junior high. Feeling left out? Sorry, cant run to cry to your mommy anymore, we are all big girls now.

  9. zosiasmama says:

    Hey BTW if anyone wants to know why owls was REALLY shut down take a look at my comment on the drama blog’s Night owls thread. It was not shut down for the original reason listed. Last comment

  10. mysterymoma says:

    Here is a thought… You go to some ones house… aren’t u expected to follow their rules… same applies to DS.. and if you don’t like the rules then don’t visit it… Sorry ladies all this drama is making my head hurt because it is getting blown WAY up into something that shouldn’t be a big deal. take it for what its worth.

  11. Nina Bruja says:

    mysterymoma that is what Ooey says too! hmm…a mystery!

  12. cassie says:

    oh goodness mysterymomma, when i go to other peopleʻs houses they donʻt tell me i canʻt talk about someone elseʻs house! should i even bother asking where your big girl panties are that you canʻt manage to throw a smart ass comment out without hiding your name? that deserves a penis in the eye.

  13. Nicki says:

    penis in the eye, huh…I’ll have to remember that one!
    FWIW I AGREE with the fact that we shouldn’t be mindless drones to all of the new DS rules…

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