Sounds like DS needs a Grow Up Rule.

Posted: March 3, 2008 by THE Drama Mama in Just Drama
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(This is typed by me from a screenshot I received via email.)

Indie Bambino writes:

Here’s my :twocents: on the subject….if you have a problem with someone’s pricing, dont leave a comment on their FSOT post, take it to chatter or off topic or feedback discussion, there is no point in clogging up FSOT where others are trying to bump and sell things by making negative comments.  You have no idea what that mamas situation is, so please please please just take it elsewhere.

I’m a bit torn.  On one had, people should grow up and just ignore things like this that bug them.  Seriously, DS is being clogged up by posts? I can think of lots of things clogging up DS.

On the other hand, people do need to butt out.  Who cares what you think of someone’s prices? When you go to the mall and see a tank top for $29.99, do you go tell them you can get one at Old Navy for $6.99? Last time I checked, sellers aren’t price matching here.  Don’t like the price, move on.

Either way, people are going to have to grow up.  Some days, it gets so bad I start thinking about what other forums are out there that maybe aren’t as… clogged up.

  1. Jeni says:

    Maybe if she wasnt so greedy nobody woulda said boo. This is the mama that tried to sell her fake fbs on FSOT a few months back after she was refunded by the ebay seller.

  2. The Bored Bitch says:

    I could tell ya what is clogging up DS…allowing twatwaffles to run a muck.

    Thats what is clogging up DS.

    BTW-Did you hear about the mom who bought a diaper that had size clearly stated and then demanded a refund because it was too small???

    email me if you want the details. This one deserves a special hall of shame moment in your blog.

  3. Birdie says:


    I am literally laughing out loud over here. That’s a fantastic word, and I shall incorporate it in to my vocabulary.

    Thank You, The Board Bitch, for making me smile today! 😀

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