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Don’t worry, the blog is not being censored, but there are a few DSers getting a note to boot their avi, because it’s “inappropriate.” Can we say, “GROW UP!”

Javamama 02-21-2008 06:02 PM
do some avatars bother you?

this is stupid and i am sure that i may be the only one to wonder why some avatars are in use….anyone else out there?

normally, i think all of the avatars are cute, but some are very interesting….to say the least.

chrisnsteph1022 02-21-2008 06:04 PM
Re: do some avatars bother you?

Yeah, yours annoys me.

:giggle: j/k! I think some are amusing. The only ones that really ‘bother’ me, I guess, are the very exposed bf’ing ones when I’m viewing at work. Someone walking by would NOT get the right idea from that. But on that note, guess I shouldn’t be on DS at work. LOL

I’ll second the “shouldn’t be on DS at work.”

cowmommy 02-21-2008 06:10 PM
Re: do some avatars bother you?

in all seriousness if you feel it is something offensive hit the report button and state what’s wrong with it….we do allow the bfing ones though:thumbsup:

So wonderful we’re allowed to have the BFing pictures. I guess that means people report those too.

Mommyof2Princesses 02-21-2008 09:06 PM
Re: do some avatars bother you?

YES! There is one that just seems obnoxious to me, and annoys me. So I added that person to my ignore list. I don’t want to chance my 7 yr old reading it and asking me about it. But I’m not gonna be a prude and cause an uproar about it, just so everyone knows I’m not flaming or anything.
I think the bfing ones are beautiful and love seeing everyone’s cutie’s!

Now there’s a thought! Don’t like it, just put them on ignore. Then you won’t have to see it. LOVE your thinking!

zavyirsdaddy 02-21-2008 09:29 PM
Re: do some avatars bother you?

My avi says it all about how I feel about this subject.

I guess people don’t like knowing that straight people are the ones making gay babies. What a shame you got your hand smacked.

Just for Zavyirsdaddy.

Kelolsen-and-Padawan 02-21-2008 10:06 PM
Re: do some avatars bother you?

Hmmmm I know mine bother people!!!!!! I think some are too sensitive to the truth maybe? LOL Now its censored.. for your convienence. 🙂

And yet again, someone is unnecessarily censored. What was the PostIt this time?

My best bit of advice, is to grow up! This is not high school. What are you? 12? What if I said someone’s baby that had tubes was disturbing and wanted it removed? What if I said your baby was ugly, and wanted it removed? What if I was disturbed by preemies? What if I just thought your avi was stupid? Do you see my point? Where do we draw the line? And, since there’s no RULES stated about avatars, how do you know what’s appropriate? Just guess and wait for someone to get their panties in a bunch? Grow up ladies (and gentlemen).

So, I was given a screen shot of the original… how can I NOT post it, now.

CanAmCircus 02-18-2008 07:53 PM

does anyone feel they have to cencor or explain way too much
So I posted on here the other day my thread “the dreaded day” or something like that. I went to make dinner and realised as stated in my thread that I had nothing my 3 and 4 year old would eat. so i was going to cancel my long distance and internet services until things got better.

On a different note, I have been depressed for many different reasons, one of which my husbands checks got messed up, so I had a friend who not only lent me some money today to buy some food that 2/4 of my kids would eat(I have done this for her in the past) and also decided she would buy me a goodmama diaper.

Now the goodmama diaper was offered the other day. So I got so excited got into the chase of them yesterday and when I didnt get one I posted for some.

Well today my husband and I were discussing the things we would be doing with our tax refund, and we decided together that I work very hard in this house and dont really have any hobbys and that once everything was paid off, money put down on our house, money in savings, that I could have a bit of money to buy myself half a wish box if I could find someone to go in on it with me. He knows how much exscitement I get.

Well some mama on here decided it was her business to point out and even link to my thread about canceling my internet service, that I should probably do better with my refund.

#1-she doesnt know how much I ma getting back
#2 she doesnt know why our situation has been so bumpy lately
#3she doesnt know what other things we are spending our tax reefund on

other mamas chimes in, some were agreeing with me that it was rude and none of her business, but others agreed with her.

I am sorry but I really dont think its anyones business how I am spending my money. I wasnt begging for prayers or food or money…… I could see if I was begging people for things…But I wasnt

too often I find we have to censor what we say, or go way too far into details that are really no ones business

ok i feel better now that I have vented*

Think twice before you get too personal on the internet. I do have the original post in my email, but, since I didn’t see it and can’t confirmed it wasn’t edited, I can not in good faith post it here. But, there was lots more there.

02-18-2008, 07:00 PM

Re: does anyone feel they have to cencor or explain way too much
Sad to say, but you make it other people’s business when you post about it publicly on the internet and you’re not always going to get support.
If you don’t want input positive or negative about your finances, make it a point not to divulge that information. That’s why I never post talking about how much money I make or financial woes
because I don’t want others’ input.

02-18-2008, 07:01 PM

Re: does anyone feel they have to cencor or explain way too much
Like I said on the other thread, it’s no one’s business.

However, when a mama sees another mama say she’s going to cancel her internet because she can’t afford to get food her kids will eat, then the next day post that she wants to spend $175+ on diapers, it worries some people about the kids. No, you don’t have to post an explanation, but if you post pieces of information that make it look like you don’t know where your next meal is coming from, yet you want $33 diapers, you WILL have people question you. If you don’t want to explain, don’t, but I’ve also heard of people calling CPS (child protective services) on mamas online based on stuff they’ve said.

So the moral of story? Be careful what you say and know that someone will always connect yours posts for a bigger story.

02-18-2008, 07:19 PM

Re: does anyone feel they have to cencor or explain way too much
Let me add my two cents. One I would never publicly post asking for an expensive item then come on here expecting a pity party cus I had to shut off my internet. And I do know its none of my business what u spend your money on but I cant help but comment on the fact that apparently its more important for you to buy a diaper then it is to feed your children? Thats a somewhat messed up mentality if you ask me. Now Im trying not to be critical bcus Ive been in financial binds before. However to be saying stuff like you are trying to buy a 30 dollar diaper (like you were a few short days ago) and then say your kids dont have food?
You wont find hugs here for that kinda thing and Im honestly starting to think you just come on here for ppl to help you out which isnt a bad thing and all but when you repeatedly post these pity posts then ppl see u buying expensive stuff on FSOT or u post about buying expensive stuff then ppl are less apt to be sympathetic.

02-18-2008, 07:54 PM


first, i hate online confrontations. i think they are stupid for the most part.
but i DO see both sides. do you have to post all the details, nope. is it “technically” anyones elses business, nope.
but circus, put yourself in others people shoes.
you see these posts, in this order. and tell me what you would “assume”.
– i won’t be online , need to feed my kids
– i am looking to buy a goodmama
– i can’t wait, i am going to be buying a wishbox

can you honestly NOT see how people would raise eyebrows at this?
no, you are NOT paying for the goodmama. you don’t HAVE to explain where the money came from. but the point is you just posted that you can’t feed your kids.

do you know how many kids go unfed because their parents want to buy other things instead. i’m not saying you do or did. but you don’t know what these other posters stories are either. maybe THEY were neglected as akid cause their mom or dad wanted to buy other stuff instead.

i’m just saying, your getting mad, but look at the other sides point of view from the ORDER of YOUR posts, and NOT giving an explanation cause “it is none of their business

So, the moral of this story is this. If you feel you have the right to post whatever you want, personal or not, about your life, expect to get comments on it. If you don’t want the comments about your life choices, do not bring an entire forum of people into those personal problems.

OK, this thread has my nomination for the funniest shit on DS ever!

It’s like everything I want to put in the blog, but don’t have time to search out each thread. It’s a seriously funny read. There’s a LOT of pages, but if you can get through it, you’ll have pissed your pants by the last page. (At least once.)

So, here’s the task, go there, find something funny, and post it in the comments. I’ll be back later with my own.


Not finding out sex of baby….
So my DH and I decided, that we really dont want to know what the sex if this baby is….

Who else has done this… ??? Were you just as happy as if you would have known??? DH wanted to know so he could “prepare” but really the first clothing items a child wears are pretty much neutral anyway… So… I dont see the use in finding out…


Re: Not finding out sex of baby….
We did with DD, are doing it again this time, and will do it with all of our future babies. For me, even though I’m a control freak planner and have to know things ahead of time, especially when it comes to our budget (buying gender specific clothing, in this case), it’s NOT worth it for us to find out. Just too wonderful of a surprise. It was SO exciting to find out DD was a girl once she was here, we could hold her, have no doubts if she was really a she, etc. Like a lot of people say…there are very few REAL surprises left in this world, and personally I think this should remain one of them, unless they obviously and unmistakably flash you during an u/s…then you must have been destined to know. LOL

I’ve also heard that the anticipation gives some mamas an extra “push” (no pun intended) in labor!


Re: Not finding out sex of baby….
I will never find out!! Its a special moment for you to be in awe of what just happened!! Plus…(although I had c-sections) they say it gives you that extra incentive to push the baby out!! B/C by then you really really really want to know!!! Im sure you will be happy either way you go!!

Rest assured, ladies that find out the sex of your baby in utero.  You will not be worried about the sex of your baby when it is time to push.  You will be pushing because the shit hurts. That is all.


So I’m looking through some stuff on the FSOT sections and I keep finding things that people are selling that are more than the new cost? Seriously I found one that is almost $5 more here than you’d pay at wal-mart for the exact same thing? whats up with that? I keep seeing them lately and its not like they’re big demand items, seriously like I said you could just go to your local wal-mart and buy the exact thing cheaper and new? Just comes across as weird to find things like that, cause its not like anyone would pay that much for a used item if they can find it new cheaper?

Yes, I’ve seen this too.  Scandalous, indeed.  Hopefully people don’t get taken.  I hate to see this because people are always trying to be so helpful to other moms that are selling.  It’s too bad when you buy something for $12 and find it at Walmart for only $7, not on sale. And yes, shipping costs money, but you shouldn’t be recouping the original price in addition to the shipping for the item.  Selling used items for more than new is tacky.  People should really be calling out the people doing this. Is it appropriate? Probably not, but I’m sick of seeing used stuff being sold for way more than they would be sold for new.


~sigh~ I just don’t like cloth!
My home business is making and selling cloth diapers, and everyone raves about how fabulous they are. I’ve sold hundreds upon hundreds to very satisfied customers, and we now have a 2 week old baby, and I was SO excited to use cloth on the babe, but now that I’ve tried, I just don’t like cloth!

Even with covers or wool, everything gets soaked, he’s fussier, and honestly, it’s way more work. I want to switch to sposies, but I feel SO GUILTY even contemplating the idea!

If you love, love, love cloth, can you tell me why? And what diapers/system you use? I really want this to work, but I’m feeling SO frustrated! I don’t have a lot of extra $$ (okay, none) to buy new dipes, especially if they’re no better. Any suggestions?


This WAHM makes diapers that hundreds love and adore, yet she can’t find a diaper that works for her? Am I the only one that finds this odd? If this is her way of getting her name out, she went about it in a real funny way.  I for one won’t buy a diaper from a WAHM that can’t seem to get it to work right on their own child.  If the maker can’t get their product to work, what makes them think others will be willing to give it a shot? I haven’t figured out what diapers she makes yet, but I’m working on it.

Could there have been enough of it today?

If it’s not loving it, it’s hating it, or mad that the cart crashed. Whatever it was about, it was annoying! I’m talking almost 20 threads about Goodmamas today!!!

So what’s the long and short of it?

Goodmama has not stocked, but there are mamas up at the crack of dawn, stalking. They keep refreshing, waiting and waiting. Goodmama says, “knock it off.” People stop refreshing. Then they start it again. They talk and chit chat. Talk about how they’re prepared to get a Goodmama this time. Someone mentioned sitting up for 20 hours!!! On and off with her partner.

Meanwhile, people start threads, looking for others that aren’t into the craze of Goodmama. It, as usual, turns ugly. Goodmama lovers jump in to defend the madness. Don’t want to be called crazy, and whatnot. And the usual back and forth goes. Eventually the thread is overpowered by Goodmama threads again.

“Look what I got.” “I got a switchbox.” “Server crashed!” “I’m mad, I got nothing.”

I really could care less either way, but it DOES look crazy. If people were talking about Diet Coke, you would think it was nuts to stalk the vending machine for that Diet Coke. However, I’ve come up with 2 rules that might help people out:

  1. Don’t like Goodmamas, don’t go to the threads.
  2. Don’t like mamas that don’t like Goodmamas, don’t go to their thread.

You can live peacefully together without being total poopy heads.P.S., no threads this time… there were too many to list. I’m sure they’re not hard to find though.