Wow, now this one totally backfired on you!

mommyof4es 02-26-2008 12:14 PM

Faulty Logic:
I know you all are probably sick of me complaining about the boy I watch, but this from his dad takes the cake. I was taking dc kid out of his infant carseat (MUCH too small) the other day and I was having a hard time getting the buckle undone. His dad got all concerned that I may have caught his penis in the buckle and I need to be careful of his “boy parts” with that buckle. This is the SAME dad that 1/2 the boy’s penis cut off at one day old thru circ. :headscratch: WHY be concerned about his penis now if you weren’t when he was a newborn?
Now, it doesn’t matter what side of the circ/no circ debate you’re on. I think we can all agree that regardless of whether the penis is circ’d or not, it should still be treated with care. YOU as a day care provider are in the wrong, and I have no problem telling you why.
  1. You should be careful about putting the kids in their car seats, and the father shouldn’t have had to be worried about you hurting his kid’s penis.
  2. If he’s not in the right seat, you need to say something to them, rather than bitching on Diaper Swappers.
  3. You could have a little more tact as a day care provider! Posting your gripes on Diaper Swappers is super lame.

Honestly, the only faulty logic here is you thinking it’s OK for you to hurt his kid’s penis because it’s circumcised now and not worthy of any caution. That’s just ignorant.

  1. onlygirl says:

    um yeah!!!! the thread title was just perfect, if directed at the op.

  2. ~sarah~ says:

    Whew…guess I never have to worry about hurting my son’s penis (or him hurting it himself during bath time and diaper changes) since he’s circ’d so it doesn’t matter anyway! *rolling my eyes*

  3. kiwi says:

    On what planet does that rationale make sense? So, if I went and kneed my oldest in the crotch, it would be okay? I mean, he’s already had half his penis chopped off, so I shouldn’t worry about hurting him, right? That’s seriously one of the stupidest things I have read over there.

  4. ~sarah~ says:

    kiwi, you made me seriously LOL w/your “kneed in the crotch” comment! I’m still giggling over here!

    And, I’m pretty sure that your son would be super-pissed if you did that…I’ll try it on my circ’d DH when he gets home from work tonight. I’m sure he’ll understand that it’s no big deal since his mom and dad already chopped “half” of it off when he was born, right!?

  5. Dude! says:

    Good lord. The OP is just ridiculous. But I guess if she wanted drama, she got it. Pissed me off to be honest, but I was nice. My son is circ’d and I just wanted so bad to make a bitchy comment. She needs to be more respectful of ALL people, regardless of what their body is like.

  6. Rannensmom says:

    I quite liked my spin off thread…which I should go label as a spinoff actually 😉

  7. Ooh. Totally missed the spinoff. This poster was a total lame-o. I would never send my kids to her.

  8. Mamatutu says:

    That thread ha it was classic. I soooo love the FF, vaxing and circ-ing threads they make for much entertainment.

  9. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    I love the “crunchier than thou” siggie that she uses on DS. She makes it a point that she DOESN’T do any of the things that the parents who leave her kids with her might do.

    All I see is a day care provider who was pissed off that a dad asked her to be more careful. 😦 She needs to step back. This dad did nothing wrong with circumcising. There are a lot of reasons to and not to do it. She needs to accept criticisms from her CLIENTS a little better than that.

    And, BTW, half his penis was NOT cut off at birth 😉 It is quite a bit less than that.

  10. “half his penis was NOT cut off at birth”

    Yeah, no kidding. All I could think when I was reading that was, MAN, DH woulda been HUGE if those damn doctors hadn’t cut off half his penis.

  11. Ooh! Sorry to be a comment hog, but I was just telling DH about his drama and he said (about the 1/2 off penis), “maybe that’s what her husband told her happened to him…” Ah ha ha ha!

  12. “Ooh! Sorry to be a comment hog, but I was just telling DH about his drama and he said (about the 1/2 off penis), “maybe that’s what her husband told her happened to him…” Ah ha ha ha!”

    LOL, that explains it!

  13. sbolen says:

    I’m confused. How can putting him in a car seat hurt his wee wee?

  14. “I’m confused. How can putting him in a car seat hurt his wee wee?”

    I don’t even think that’s what happened. I think she was being rough undoing the buckle, and the dad was worried about her being so rough in general around the boy’s “wee wee.”

  15. sbolen says:

    Is this the same woman who watches the kid whose father puts cola in his bottle?
    Regardless, yeah….that post totally backfired

  16. Mamatutu says:

    I think it is a different one, wasn’t the latte drinking one a girl?

  17. a reader says:

    Ha ha ha, I was JUST reading this thread on DS, and shot right over here to see if it made the blog yet!!

  18. ILikeDrama says:

    LOL! That was great. What an idiot. And she so totally walked right into it, too. 😀

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