I got this hilarious email, unfortunately, the thread was deleted.  I’d seen it earlier today and it was hilarious.  I had to go out and by the time I checked my email, it was gone!! Thanks for the email, but next time, please include a link to the thread too. 🙂

RJmomof2 02-24-2008 10:38 AM

Get the sand out of your…
… vagina’s. Who cares if there are millions of threads about GMs its a hot topic right now and not everyone knows about the FAQ and yes alot of woman who dont have a sugar daddy or make a tri fig a year cant figure out why you can spend so much on a diaper that needs to be covered anyways. You dont have to answer you dont have to go in to the thread and rant and rave and say its been over asked.

I like GMs I think there cute and being OS make them even better(I even dream about being able to finally buy one) but the one thing I dont like about them is that it brings out the b!tch in the woman who buy them.

So ladies do me a favor and chill out go clean your snatch out put on a fresh pair of panties and try to not let them get in a wad cause like you getting sick of seeing the threads about gms I am sick of all the negative crap spewing from your chat holes.

Such a good message, wonder why it was deleted. lol
  1. lysol says:

    RJmomof2 ownz!

  2. onlygirl says:

    LOL i read this one it cracked me up

  3. ~sarah~ says:

    Oh man, I missed that thread. Too funny!!! 🙂

  4. Dude! says:

    I so missed that!

  5. kiwi says:

    Man, I missed it too!

  6. Mamatutu says:

    It was pretty offensive actually and a waste of my life reading it.

    She edited it, it was worse.

  7. Lydiajw says:


  8. Anastasia says:

    I so missed this one. Thanks for having it here.

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