Some of you can tell, the blog has slowed down.  I just haven’t been on my computer much these last few days. Unfortunately, that means I miss the drama. And that’s no fun. But, I found bitching ABOUT the drama.  Almost just as good, right?

Bugaboo Bottoms      02-23-2008 07:35 PM

I am getting really tired of people on this board sticking their nose in where it doesn’t belong. Getting upset with people for stupid things…being rude and mean to people for no reason…not even knowing the person and they are just nasty.

People on this board need to get some decency in them.

I’m not talking about everyone, but some people….they just cross the line….

Decency may be a lost cause for some mamas…

spacetygrss     02-23-2008 07:45 PM

Originally Posted by IndieBambino (Post 2863253)
I think for alot of people its very easy to be rude or judgmental because this is a virtual world, you dont have to look anyone in the eye.


I’ve seen people call people poor, stupid, neglectful parent, etc on this and other boards and I just can’t believe that they would have the nerve to say that to a person in real life. Some people have no class.

Yeah, just because you’ve got a few dryer balls doesn’t mean you should act like they’re made of steel.

tararaboomdeea     02-23-2008 07:52 PM

Hi Pot.

Meet Kettle.

Welcome Kettle!

Griffinsmom     02-23-2008 08:13 PM

I almost never see the mean/drama threads but somehow always see the “people are so mean. why can’t eveyone play nice?” threads. And I’m bored enough that I could use some drama and nosey enough that all I think when I read this is “someone direct me to the drama so I can decide for myself”.

That’s what I’m saying.  Where’s the drama? I feel like I’m letting my readers down.

Bugaboo Bottoms      02-23-2008 08:18 PM

Originally Posted by onlygirl (Post 2863518)
just wondering, if it was handled privately, why the post??? i agree message boards get way out of hand with the mean. i have seen enough blow ups in the last couple years on other boards. most people would not say the things they say irl. i decided to not say anything i wouldnt say in real life, i am pretty ballsy so that gives me a bit of room, but i still try to be respectfull. after only a few days here, i see a lot of people looking down on each other for not doing things their way. how boring if we all did things the same way.

Because this is just a spill off of the “I’m better than you becuase….” junk that keeps getting posted all over this message board. I am so sick of people cutting other people down over STUPID IGNORANT things. I really really am.

For God sake, there is a war on, out country is in a recession and on it’s way to a depression…people are dying every day, soldiers in other countries, rape, murder, robbery, child neglect, tons of people losing their jobs….so, so many things to be worried about and the people who have these moralistic values on this board get sooooo stinkingly stupidly upset about a STUPID DIAPER.

I’m sick of it and I am telling you, you all need to really get off your clouds and join us humans on planet earth. It is really ignorant to get upset over a diaper enough to be mean to another mama who is just trying to care for her children and her family.

Alright, you lost me here.  Diapers are NOT stupid. I personally have quite a few Genius diapers. 😉 I think Cottonbabies would agree with me here.

Anyway, WTF did I miss?  Can I get an email? A comment?  Is it just the regular rude, snarky, bitchiness of people that don’t know how to keep their trap shut or what? I mean, people think this blog is mean, yet I see meaner things on DS almost every day.

I’m extending an open invitation to anyone that wants to say anything about this situation, under the premise that it will not be deleted, even with threats of legal action. (Although that did boost my hits up quite well last time.)

  1. ~Peach~ says:

    Basically transaction gone bad. Someone who had no business getting involved in said transaction decided to butt her nose in and tell OP how much she should sell something for.

  2. ~Peach~ says:

    Oh and she was harassing OP as well I should add.

  3. ILikeDrama says:

    Hmm. Guess I missed it too.

  4. Birdie says:

    Oh, Peach! Did you get your info from Kellie herself? If yes, I wouldn’t trust her as far as you could throw her. She’s notorious for telling half truths. I have all the faith that the DS mamas will come here and really say what this thread is all about.

  5. Kellie says:

    I’m notorious for telling half truths?

    That’s funny! I don’t even know who you are?

  6. Mamatutu says:

    I hope so birdie, although I do agree with the pot and kettle bit that tararaboomdea posted.

  7. Heatherly says:

    For goodness sake, “there are children starving in Africa….”! *That’s* a new one!

    Hey you ladies have been slacking — stop that business! I am sick and need entertaining! LOL!

  8. Liljoeysmom says:

    So let me see if I understand. Kellie can dish it out but can’t take it? She goes on a tirade after she can’t score a diaper and takes it out on the WAHM. Sells off that brand of diapers and then is right there at the next stocking trying to score again. Drama never seems to be too far behind her. I hope the other side of the story comes out!

  9. onlygirl says:

    i still dont get the point of posting it if the story wasnt going to be told. if you have the balls to go that far, then finish it. the i will get deleted response wasnt good enough for me. it sounded to me like even if she could have she wouldnt have, just me though.

  10. Kellie says:

    I never went on a tirade against Suzy! Honestly, and for the millionth time I was disappointed that the only things that were offered were wishboxes and violet OBV diapers! That’s it. People came into the thread and made it about MUCH more than it was….I was never MEAN to anyone, I never called anyone a liar or a scammer…I didn’t stick my nose in where it totally didn’t belong. I have no problem with Suzy.

    I stopped posting to that thread very early on and people kept getting overly ridiculous and reading things into my post that weren’t even there….just because others say it, doesn’t make it true.

    The issue I am dealing with now is very personal and was a very real person doing and saying very mean nasty things. I can certainly take it if someone wants to say “hey Kellie, you know that wool spray you used on my longies, I really think it smelled bad! You might want to try something else!” I can take that…I can not take someone calling me a liar and a scammer, and actually having the gall to email incorrect information to other people.

    But I am taking it….yesterday and today….I wonder how you would feel?

  11. sbolen says:

    I’m with Onlygirl. I just didn’t understand the purpose of the post. You had drama on one thread and so you spilledi t out to another thread for hugs, but can’t say what happened?

    “People are mean, but I can’t tell you why, but I’m going to post and hint about it just to make you wonder what’s happening.”
    I call it – intentional drama – 5 yard penalty – first down

  12. Kellie says:

    HERE is the thread where I was talking about the stocking…

    Yes I was disappointed and frustrated, but I DID NOT go on a tirade about the stocking.

    Read my posts. You will see what I was most upset about is the SAME THING I am upset about not. Mama’s jumping down other mama’s throats for no good reason

    Also notice I did stop posting and everyone just kept going on and on and on.

    Reality check please….

    And yeah, I sold 2 GM’s, more because I needed the money than anything, plus I was afraid to let my boy poo in them, and now, I don’t need the money and have a better washing routine….and I’m getting some more GM’s.

  13. onlygirl says:

    if what you are so upset about is very personal, what was the point in stirring up the entire board over it. come on.

  14. Kellie says:

    I’m getting tired of the meanness…I’ve said this a million times. I am TIRED of mama’s being so mean to other mama’s just to be mean. Obviously I am beating a dead horse. It is more important for you to get the drama and the dirt than the meaning behind what I am saying….forget it, you will never understand it seems…..

  15. monkey'smom says:

    Did you re-read what you posted?

    ” This is stupid
    All this hype for that?
    I’m not wasting any more of my time on this….I’m going to get some work done and spend time with my kids.

    Maybe I will even sell the two GM’s I have. I’m just not impressed that all she seems to be offering is a few measly “accident” diapers and a TON of wishboxes. She could sell WB’s till the cows come home and not send any diapers out for two months.”

    you sound angry and bitter not disappointed.

  16. onlygirl says:

    oh i understand mean, been on the recieving end of enough flames on other boards as a newbie, i really dont care about the dirt, i just wouldnt post about something that happened that had me that upset if i wasnt going to say why.

  17. Kellie says:

    “you sound angry and bitter not disappointed.”

    Maybe it came across that way to some. I wasn’t angry or bitter, said it a bunch of times, people just wanted it to be that so it was to them….I was very disappointed that I had wasted my day like that.

  18. Kellie says:

    You know, I’m done with this. Obviously the only people allowed to say anything are those who say and do it like “you” (general “You”) would. No one is allowed to do or say things any different.

    Really it doesn’t matter what “you” (general you) would do. I did what I did and that’s that. If you want to judge me, well then step in line. You obviously won’t be the first my dear.

  19. onlygirl says:

    i was only asking why, not judgeing or trying to be mean, i dont know you so i asked why thats all.

  20. Kellie says:

    “i was only asking why, not judgeing or trying to be mean, i dont know you so i asked why thats all.”

    sorry, I feel like I’m being attacked from every side just because I’m sick of mama’s being mean to each other…I apologize if that wasn’t what you were doing….

  21. onlygirl says:

    nope i am not into attacking people, but i am very curious.

  22. ~Peach~ says:

    I personally know Kellie so yes I do believe her more than I believe some person I know from online. For one I dont get why anyone would call Kellie a scammer when a) she made diapers for moms who could otherwise not afford to cd and b) I have received many diapers and other items that she graciously gave to me when she could’ve sold them online. And Im not talking like one or two diapers either.
    It just boggles my mind. Its one thing to point out hey u spent x amount of dollars its a complete other thing to continue on about it after someone explained yes I did but i added y and z to said diaper. Sorry I tend to feel that if you added something to something you should be able to sell it for more. Plus rather then bicker over refunding the money she refunded it. WTF do you want from her?

  23. ~Peach~ says:

    And FWIW do any of you remember exactly how much you paid for all your diapers??? Cus I sure as hell don’t!

  24. ~Peach~ says:

    Oh and way to bring the drama to the blog!

  25. monkey'smom says:

    ~Peach~ Says: February 24, 2008 at 8:17 pm
    Oh and way to bring the drama to the blog

    Isn’t that the point of this blog?

  26. onlygirl says:

    so she refunded it and still got her ass chewed??? thats not cool. if the momma agreed to the price to start with that would be on her not kelly anyhow if i am understanding it correctly here.

  27. Kellie says:

    I did a partial refund (BEFORE this all happened). I also included a soaker with the diaper made from Organic cotton fleece and topped with BV with the diaper. When I received the diaper it didn’t have a soaker. The person who reemed me out was not the person I sold it to, but the person I bought it from previously because I sold it for more than I purchased it for. $5 more after the refund.

  28. *I* brought it to the blog. Since it would have gotten deleted from DS, and there’s obviously something going on, there needs to be a place to hash it out and let people make their own decisions. I welcome both sides of the story so people aren’t in the dark and coming up with their own sides. Carry on. 🙂

  29. onlygirl says:

    oh hell once you buy something the market determines the worth, you didnt do anything wrong selling it for more anyhow.

  30. sbolen says:

    Okay, so I think I have it figured out.
    Kellie gets mad over goodmama’s. The goodmama police freak out and call her a leper because of it.
    Then, because of that….people called her a scammer or something….
    And then last night she posted the “steam steam steam” thread because she was mad about that.
    Man, goodmama’s are like religion….they start more wars!
    I’m glad I don’t do fitteds.

    Okay, I understand your anger Kellie and I’m sorry that people are crapping in your Cheerios on a daily basis, it seems.

    I was just annoyed because I hate these threads that get started about some fight that no one will talk about so one half is guessing and the other “in the know” half is giving hugs.
    It just seems to add to the drama in my opinion.

  31. Kellie says:

    Oh, and for the record, I had purchased a TON of diapers off FSOT during the same time frame and I kept track of nothing. I couldn’t remember what I paid for hardly anything, so it’s not like I purposely set out to get more out of the diaper than I paid….and really, I didn’t after making the soaker and shipping to the new mama’s home….but I am a liar and a scammer…that’s me! LOL!

  32. Kellie says:

    It wasn’t even a Goodmama! This person apparently just felt she had the right to determine the price after she sold it for the next person too! She actually emailed the mama that I sold it to just to see how much she paid for it!

  33. Kellie says:

    I didn’t really want to get into it too much, but I think my dear friend Peach (luv ya girl) may have had people even more confused since she didn’t want to share too much, but wanted to defend me, so I shared my story in a nutshell.

    Oh and just to add, I also missed a stain on the outside of the diaper….I didn’t want it to seem like I am telling half truths, I just forgot to add that on in my earlier comment.

  34. sbolen says:

    So now the pieces come together.
    Okay, people really get waaaay too freaked out about FSOT. Its a used diaper. I mean if I buy a used diaper, I expect maybe a thread to be pulled out of place, a pill’d fabric here and there. And, if I sell it to you….I don’t care if you resell it for more. I applaud you at your business skills. I do it all the time when I buy discount clothes at a store, mark it up, and sell it at ebay. Am I taking pooor poor mama’s for a ride? No, I’m offering them a product at a price they are willing to pay.

    The code of ethics on DS is really screwy sometimes. I really don’t understand it.

  35. onlygirl says:

    regardless, you bought it, it was yours, and the reselling wasnt up for debate any how. thats what i didnt get about sticking noses in where not belonged. you were right to be steamed over her e-mail to the buyer. out of line.

  36. Kellie says:

    I guess maybe I should have shared so people would understand-I really wasn’t just being ticked off for no reason….

    thanks for getting it and yes, I was ticked…esp after being called a liar and a scammer…

    I’m done with it now. I know who to NEVER even attempt to purchase a diaper from again…

  37. Birdie says:

    Hmmmm. I think you’d remember a diaper you paid $8 for when you went to sell it for $18, and failed to disclose it had stains and was in less than good condition. It’s one thing to forget about a few dollars, but $10? I don’t think so. And you say you needed the money from the GM’s you sold. Why did you go and buy a bunch of diapers then? Nobody cares what you buy or sell. But when you say you need the money, you look dishonest. And when you throw a tantrum about diapers you can’t get, and then 2 weeks later spend an entire day waiting for the SAME diapers to stock, you look foolish. I think you need to think a little more about what you say because it always seems to come back and bite you in the @ss. If you’re getting THIS upset about what strangers on the internet are saying about you, then you really need to step back and take a look at your priorities. Plus, these rampages you go on are affecting your business. Just something to think about.

  38. Kellie says:

    Well, I guess we know who Birdie is! LOL!

  39. Kellie says:

    Although I dont’ think I should have to, I will explain:
    1. My DH was working in Dec/early January. We weren’t having money issues then.
    2. DH lost his job early/mid Jan and his boss decided not to pay him for the last two weeks-we are still dealing with that.
    3. We just got our tax return which was much bigger than anticipated and it was discussed and we decided that I would spend a certain amount on diapers.
    4. I am not lying and I am tired of you accusing me of lying about remembering how much I paid for the diaper. YOU may FEEL I should remember, but I didn’t.
    5. I am still extremely busy and if they people who decide they don’t want to do business with me are as judgmental and mean as you-I don’t want to do business with them!

    YOU may want to think that you might not know everyone’s story better than they know their own before YOU open YOUR mouth….My priorities are perfectly in line…Just because I am sick of the mean people that frequest DS doesn’t make my priorities out of line.

  40. ~Peach~ says:

    Sorry Kellie! I didnt wanna tell the whole story but felt it needed to be somewhat told. Birdie you had no business getting involved in the transaction. Esp not to the point of emailing the woman who bought the diaper. She was happy and Kellie was happy with the resolution. Now becus you got involved the mama who was happy with the diaper is no longer happy and is trashing Kellie which I dont think is cool. She got a nice diaper and a new soaker to go with it. Sorry but Kellie is right you cant buy new soakers made with those materials any cheaper then maybe 8 bucks ppd.
    God help us if we cant remember exactly how much we paid. Why dont u just go bother some of the other mamas who are selling their GMs for 60 bucks a piece?
    And while you are at it grow up!

  41. Kellie says:

    The soaker was newly made by me, but my son did use this diaper with the soaker a couple of times…it did have a little bit of staining. It wasn’t brand new, but it was an improvement over the diaper I received.

  42. onlygirl says:

    so she was the dirty birdy. LOL you should have kept your beak out of it.

  43. idoeyes says:

    who the hell cares what kellie sold HER diaper for?

    once you sell it, its no longer yours…so you have no say.

  44. Minimouth says:

    This just makes me totally sick. I don’t get involved with drama but I can honestly say I DO remember how much I buy sell things for. Especially if I got an awesome deal for $8. I wouldn’t forget that and jack up the price. That is just shady IMO. Yes your able to b/s/t for whatever you want. But a stained diaper $18.. what’s that about? S.H.A.D.Y!

  45. Jenna says:

    Someone PM’d me telling me come here. Whoever Birdie is, it ain’t me…but they have the right idea. Since you want to put everything on blast here…I had almost totally forgot about this but since you are so obsessed with the drama. I have absolutely NO problem coming here and saying it was me who PM’d Kellie about the diaper. I asked what she sold it for thus beginning a horrific PM battle. I sold that diaper for $8 because it was in crappy condition with no doubler. Hence the cheapiness. And I don’t give a hoot if the doubler was made out of God’s silk, it was STAINED. And staining pretty much wipes out the value if you ask me. It’s poop stains on an item, for Heaven’s sake. So NO it shouldn’t have been sold for $18. And what Kellie is failing to disclose is that she sold it for $18 and didn’t disclose the stains and when the mama who purchased it mentioned it, Kellie reimbursed her $5 bucks. That’s still $5 MORE than it was sold to her at. AND her kid wore it thus decreasing the value EVEN MORE. So because she threw in a STAINED doubler, that all the sudden boosts the value $5? GIMME A BREAK. She was wrong and now she’s pissed because I called her out on it. And I’d call ANYONE out on it too.

  46. Minimouth says:

    That is disgusting…….totally disgusting. Thanks for putting it out there. When you only get one side of the story it’s not enough to form your own opinion. That’s enough for me to never deal with her. YUCK. A WAHM at that.

  47. Kellie says:

    Actually, if you read back, you will realize I have already disclosed everything you stated. I said that I refunded $5 after the buyer pointing out the stain to me on the diaper. I said in the end I got $5 more for the diaper than I paid for it. I said the soaker was not new. I said that my son wore the diaper a couple of times. I haven’t misled anyone here. I have stated everything…Both sides are stated here in my statements.

    I find it very strange that you would even care. Seems if this is that important, that you have WAY too much time on your hands to be so concerned about this.

    Also, and this is funny

    First, you told me I got a GREAT DEAL on that diaper.

    Then you told me you sold me the diaper for what you thought it was worth.

    Which is it, because those are contradictory statements.

    Now you have brought this diaper down even more to being “crappy”

    Honestly, the diaper wasn’t crappy…You chose to sell it for what you sold it for, I chose to improve it and sell it for what I sold it for. End of story. If you are going to make a HUGE deal out of such a small issue you really need to think about why. Why are you so superior and why is the way you do things so much better? Why is it that you think you know me better than you and that you feel the need to constantly cut me down and be horrible over this? Why?

    You really need to get a grip and start taking care of yourself before you start buttin your nose in where it doesn’t belong. It’s really sad and I think most people can see that you have just gone way overboard…..over $5!

  48. Kellie says:

    “This just makes me totally sick. I don’t get involved with drama but I can honestly say I DO remember how much I buy sell things for. Especially if I got an awesome deal for $8. I wouldn’t forget that and jack up the price. That is just shady IMO. Yes your able to b/s/t for whatever you want. But a stained diaper $18.. what’s that about? S.H.A.D.Y!”

    GOOD FOR YOU! I’m very proud of you.

    I did forget….simple as that….and I’m not you….thank goodness for that.

  49. Minimouth says:

    If you were me you wouldn’t rip people off and be able to sleep at night. Or have the drama you do circling around you where ever you go. Even if you did “forget” how much you paid you sold it without disclosing the stains. Again I will say YUCK!

  50. Kellie says:

    ” it was me who PM’d Kellie about the diaper. I asked what she sold it for thus beginning a horrific PM battle”

    Actually, JENNA you did NOT ask me what a sold it for…You were a shady and PM’d my buyer and asked HER what SHE paid for it. When you PM’d me, the title of the PM was “I can’t believe you….” and the first line was “sold that diaper for $18”
    If you were asking ME, you couldn’t have titled it that way. If we’re all about honestly here, maybe you should consider being honest yourself. That was a super shady and downright low thing to do….why didn’t you PM me? Because you wanted something to be pissed about…why? I haven’t a CLUE! That was just too weird for me!

    “I sold that diaper for $8 because it was in crappy condition with no doubler”

    Not only that, but one thing I do remember about you selling this to me was that you listed it as having a soaker and did not disclose that it didn’t until I wanted to purchase it. I then told you it was fine because I could make one for it. I do remember that! And you didn’t lower the price any since you didn’t have the soaker after all…

  51. Kellie says:

    “If you were me you wouldn’t rip people off and be able to sleep at night. Or have the drama you do circling around you where ever you go. Even if you did “forget” how much you paid you sold it without disclosing the stains. Again I will say YUCK!”

    Again, I disclosed the internal staining. I missed ONE stain on the outside. I never said this diaper was in pristine condition….ever

  52. Minimouth says:

    Shady is my word…..go knit more crappy longies and blame it on the yarn while your at it.

    For $18 you are saying it’s worthy of pristine condition. $8 is saying it is not.

  53. Kellie says:

    I never said that! It amazing how the DS cliques like to put words into other mouths! I said I did disclose the internal staining…when I listed it for $18! How the HELL is that me saying it has to be in pristine condition for that price?


    And I don’t knit with crappy yarn anymore…learned my lesson there!

  54. kiwi says:

    1) I understand not being able to remember what one paid for a FSOT diaper, I can’t give exact figures on any of mine.
    2) After you sell a diaper, it’s no longer your business what is done with it.
    3) It’s nasty to sell a dipe with stains without disclosing it. If you look over your stuff before posting it, you should see stains. This is why people are starting to dislike FSOT.
    4) Honestly, what was the point of bringing this to the board again? You have an issue with TWO people. Hash it out with them. Posting ambiguous crap in OT does nothing but get the drama going and you know this. This whole thing is not portraying you in a positive light, victim or not, because of how you chose to pursue it.

  55. Kellie says:

    “3) It’s nasty to sell a dipe with stains without disclosing it. If you look over your stuff before posting it, you should see stains. This is why people are starting to dislike FSOT”

    I completely agree with this and I promise, I did feel bad that I missed it and I apologized to the mama left and right and asked her what I could do to make it right. She told me what she wanted and I gave it to her.

    When going through my dipes I was selling at that time, I was concerned about internal staining, I wasn’t thinking about external staining and I was selling off everything that didn’t work for us. that is how I missed it. It wasn’t intentional at all. That would just be stupid to intentionally not disclose a stain.

  56. Kellie says:

    “4) Honestly, what was the point of bringing this to the board again? You have an issue with TWO people. Hash it out with them. Posting ambiguous crap in OT does nothing but get the drama going and you know this. This whole thing is not portraying you in a positive light, victim or not, because of how you chose to pursue it.

    I haven’t posted there since yesterday….

  57. Jenna says:

    Oh excuse me. You are right there. I did PM the mama and ask where she’d gotten it to be sure it was the diaper I had sold to you. So I stand corrected because YES that’s what it said. And then I asked you why.

    And I never said it came with a doubler! If I didn’t say “comes with doubler” in the ad, why would you assume such ESPECIALLY since my pics CLEARLY didn’t have a doubler with it??? Now you’re just nitpicking. My point is you were WRONG to sell a diaper that was $8 originally to you BECAUSE IT WAS OLD, USED, STAINED, AND HAD NO DOUBLER to a mama for $10 more because of your nasty, stained supposedly BV doubler. Ugh. It’s disgusting. Your behavior PERIOD is disgusting. From the longies to the GM fiasco and now this. You are the one who is showing your true colors here.

    I’m not the one who went running here to post all about how pissed off she was about this whole debacle. I’m not the one who made an ENTIRE thread about it in OT discussion. I was over it. YOU are the one banging on about it. And those are NOT contradictory statement at all. It was in fair condition and because of that I got a great deal. The process is…since you are so obviously not aware…when your kid wears a diaper, shits in it and you pass it along, you sell it for LESS than you bought it for…that’s how it goes. I got it for 10 or 9, I sell it to you for 8, you sell it for 18. See a PROBLEM there? And just because you added some crappy insert DOES NOT mean you jack the price up $5. I’m pissed over the principle, not $5. I am part of the DS community to take part in something better. Better for my daughter, better for my environment. I’m not there to rip off my fellow mommy friends. I’m not there to lie, to scam. I disclose EVERY possible problem. You left out the condition of that diaper on purpose and you know it so you could squeeze 18 bucks out of a mama you thought wouldn’t make a stink. Well I did it FOR her. Sometimes people need advocates for themselves to protect themselves against women like you.

    Now I know you’ve said you reimbursed her 5 bucks, I heard you there. However, only AFTER she said something to you. You would have been totally fine ripping her off if she’d never said anything. You’re awful. And you’re the reason people have to be oh so careful bst over on DS nowadays….

  58. kiwi says:

    My point was why did you post it in the first place?

  59. Kellie says:

    Yeah, I was pretty mad at being called a liar and a scammer and being treated so horribly by the other mama, and I am just tired of people feeling the need to be mean to other mama’s for no good reason.

    I guess I can’t save the world. it’s getting pretty obvious that people are always going to try to find something to attempt to make someone look bad if they want to. I realize now that I shouldn’t have allowed my hurt feelings to overrule my common sense and should have just hashed this out privately or punched a couple pillows. I made a mistake in posting to the board, we all make mistakes, but if my mistakes are ones that I will never be forgiven for then, I guess I have to live with that.

    I never thought I was a horrible person, but I guess people think I am just because I was hurt and angry over being treated so badly. I shouldn’t have posted, but I can’t take it back….

  60. Minimouth says:

    That poor dipe is dusted with *snark* It’s about time you admit you were wrong. And if I had the “BEATING A DEAD HORSE” smiley I would use it within every thread you post.

    “I never said that! It amazing how the DS cliques like to put words into other mouths! I said I did disclose the internal staining…when I listed it for $18! How the HELL is that me saying it has to be in pristine condition for that price?”

    Come on!!! You get what you pay for!! Pricing it for $18 says something as does setting it at an $8 level. I’ll cut you some slack since you obviously don’t think or remember much.

  61. Minimouth says:

    Where is the violin smiley? Geshh!

  62. kiwi says:

    Fair enough. But seriously, life is too short to let people on the internet bug you this much, kwim?

  63. Kellie says:

    You know, it really doesn’t matter.

    You feel the way you feel

    I feel the way I feel. I know what I know…

    I am really over it. I have admitted the things I did do wrong, I never said I was completely in the right here, not one time. But I will not admit to doing something I didn’t do just to keep you from being mad at me. Why you are so upset and mean, I don’t know, I guess it’s just something you want to be and do. This is all so strange to me…….

  64. Kellie says:

    That’s funny, I was writing what I wrote above when you posted that….and you are right. It’s time to move on and get over it.

    Those who know me, know who I am. I don’t need strangers over the internet telling me my thoughts or intentions. If others want to believe that they know my thoughts and intentions better than I do….that is their choice.

  65. Jenna says:

    Does anyone else hear the “poor pitiful me” dramatic music in the background?

    COME ON. You started it, now you want to bow out gracefully? Too late. You wanted attention and now you’ve got it.

    Be careful what you wish for? Moral of today’s story, yes?

  66. Birdie says:

    “Does anyone else hear the “poor pitiful me” dramatic music in the background?”

    Yes, and I turned the station.
    It’s no use–you can’t get through to her. She refuses to see that this isn’t *just* about the diaper. It’s about behavior. For people that DIDN’T know you before, Kellie, they sure know you now! Trust me, you were on plenty of “lists” before, and you’ll be added to a few more now. I am sure of that.
    You keep saying you’re done, so BE DONE ALREADY! You’re just digging yourself deeper and deeper.

  67. Wow, looks like we’ve got both sides, now. Thanks!

  68. The Bored Bitch says:

    The average human head weighs eight pounds

    Heatherly-YIM me sometime, m’kay?

  69. ~Peach~ says:

    No clue that you could really truly “know” someone online. You can say what you like about Kellie but I personally know her and I think shes wonderful.
    I dont get why the hell you felt it was your business to pm somebody about a diaper that was no longer yours, Jenna. WTF does it matter how much sl paid for it? She was content with the resolution so you should kept your thoughts to yourself. Plain and simple. Oh and SL you might wanna think for yourself too.
    You were perfectly content with the resolution to the issue until someone else went ahead and said you shouldnt be. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

  70. anothermama says:

    All I know is that when you sell a diaper… it isn’t yours anymore. This means that it doesn’t matter if the mama you sold it to sells it for $8, $18, or $180!!! KWIM??? What does it really matter to anyone? I am NOT saying that it was right for Kellie to sell a stained diaper to a mama without telling her about it, even if it was one stain that she missed. But… If the mama that bought it from her was willing to spend $18.00 on a diaper that was described as such then too bad mama!!! Really, I don’t like getting scammed, but I don’t think that it was any business of Jennas to get involved in this. Unless it is your money that you are being “scammed” out of, then stay out of it. Just my 2 cents!

  71. Jerae (aka A Mom) says:

    I’m a little late…had my own family drama going on at home, but from reading JUST from here…

    1. If you choose to sell a used diaper, you should list the pedigree, including price you paid for it, where you got it, how many times you used it, if it held pee or poo or both (and what did you feed your kid so that we know what kind of pee or poo may be involved (heaven forbid I get a diaper that once held asparagus poop….’cuz I hate asparagus!!!)), your washing routine, if you dry in dryer and if so, how long at what setting (and dammit, you better have an accurate temperature too), if you line dry, how long, on what day, what was the weather like, was the moon in Jupiter’s house and post a horoscope for that diaper.

    2. It is wrong to make money and we should all take losses on our diapers….even if someone chooses to pay the “scammer price”. There’s plenty FSOT on DS and other boards…don’t like my price…find another one somewhere. DID YA GET IT CHEAPER THAN NEW???? DOES IT WORK? Than quit yer bitchin’!

    3. I will no longer offer anything FSOT on DS because I cannot always remember who I bought things from, how much I paid for it, how often it’s used and what was in it. I am BUSY and I may miss a stain on the OUTSIDE of the diaper (which is usually covered anyway ). I sun my stuff and occasionally (gasp) use bleach! But yeah, my DD’s poop stains sometimes and I don’t really care if there’s a stain on what I use. It’s been washed before it goes on her butt…really…it’s THAT BIG OF A DEAL????? I mean, jeez, don’t y’all wash used AND new diapes before you slap ’em on your kids’ butts???

    Yeah…the drama is pointless. I don’t know either of these ladies or any of you. If you have a product FSOT or are a WAHM and it’s a product I want at a price I’ll pay, then I’ll pay it.

    If I FFS an item to someone and they decide….FOR WHATEVER REASON….to sell it…OH WELL! Or if someone buys something from me and then turns around and sells it for more…GOOD FOR THEM! I probably undervalued it…that’s MY bad.

    I think IMHO that #1 seller of the diaper is pissed she didn’t ask for and get more $$ for it when she sold it to Kelly. Need the little jealous guy here…and THEN the dead horse! lol

    Really….these types of posts and the ensuing drama just turns those of us…who are really new to CD and learning and trying to build our stash and use different diapes to figure out what we want and sell those that just don’t work for us…want to run away screaming. I guess it’s great to know-all, be-all and have all the answers about business and ethics and whatever else you all are trying to call into question here.

    If this is what CD’ing and DS’ing turns you into…I’ll continue to stay away as much as possible!

  72. La-dee-da says:

    I think more and more people will see Kellie for who she really is. With her crappy attitude and abrasive personality, I’d rather buy from a hobo! She’s rude, nasty and judgemental and I would highly rec people to steer clear of her. YUCK! So glad to see a few of you can see her for who she is.

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