Not finding out sex of baby….
So my DH and I decided, that we really dont want to know what the sex if this baby is….

Who else has done this… ??? Were you just as happy as if you would have known??? DH wanted to know so he could “prepare” but really the first clothing items a child wears are pretty much neutral anyway… So… I dont see the use in finding out…


Re: Not finding out sex of baby….
We did with DD, are doing it again this time, and will do it with all of our future babies. For me, even though I’m a control freak planner and have to know things ahead of time, especially when it comes to our budget (buying gender specific clothing, in this case), it’s NOT worth it for us to find out. Just too wonderful of a surprise. It was SO exciting to find out DD was a girl once she was here, we could hold her, have no doubts if she was really a she, etc. Like a lot of people say…there are very few REAL surprises left in this world, and personally I think this should remain one of them, unless they obviously and unmistakably flash you during an u/s…then you must have been destined to know. LOL

I’ve also heard that the anticipation gives some mamas an extra “push” (no pun intended) in labor!


Re: Not finding out sex of baby….
I will never find out!! Its a special moment for you to be in awe of what just happened!! Plus…(although I had c-sections) they say it gives you that extra incentive to push the baby out!! B/C by then you really really really want to know!!! Im sure you will be happy either way you go!!

Rest assured, ladies that find out the sex of your baby in utero.  You will not be worried about the sex of your baby when it is time to push.  You will be pushing because the shit hurts. That is all.

  1. sbolen says:

    Ha Ha Ha!
    No shit! After pushing for 3.5 hours…wondering if LO was a girl or boy was the last thing I was thinking of. I was thinking “Get this F&*%ing Baby out of me NOW, I’m hungry.”

  2. Nosy Nelly says:

    Looks like y’all missed some stuff – good thing I saved it for ya. There was no where else to contact you, so I’m just posting to the last post here.

    PS, when you’re copying threads, it’s much easier to click on thread tools and show printable version. It cleans it up nicely for cutting and pasting, as well as giving you the option to save it before deletion. 🙂

  3. Thanks Nosy Nelly. So, what did you find?? Send it to 🙂

  4. Laura says:

    Hehe… how funny.

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