~sigh~ I just don’t like cloth!
My home business is making and selling cloth diapers, and everyone raves about how fabulous they are. I’ve sold hundreds upon hundreds to very satisfied customers, and we now have a 2 week old baby, and I was SO excited to use cloth on the babe, but now that I’ve tried, I just don’t like cloth!

Even with covers or wool, everything gets soaked, he’s fussier, and honestly, it’s way more work. I want to switch to sposies, but I feel SO GUILTY even contemplating the idea!

If you love, love, love cloth, can you tell me why? And what diapers/system you use? I really want this to work, but I’m feeling SO frustrated! I don’t have a lot of extra $$ (okay, none) to buy new dipes, especially if they’re no better. Any suggestions?


This WAHM makes diapers that hundreds love and adore, yet she can’t find a diaper that works for her? Am I the only one that finds this odd? If this is her way of getting her name out, she went about it in a real funny way.  I for one won’t buy a diaper from a WAHM that can’t seem to get it to work right on their own child.  If the maker can’t get their product to work, what makes them think others will be willing to give it a shot? I haven’t figured out what diapers she makes yet, but I’m working on it.

  1. Dude! says:

    Uh yeah, I thought that was fucking weird. I mean, come on. You make something but won’t use it? What the hell. It was just weird.

  2. letthebuyerbeware says:

    to be honest, I can’t judge her for this. Not every diaper works for every kid, and she probably feels she shouldn’t change her pattern if it doesn’t work for her kid but IS working for lots of other people’s who would complain if the pattern changed. Maybe she has a super-chunky thighed baby, or a skinny waisted baby, or even a real supersoaker – something the majority of people using her dipes might not be dealing with.

  3. Krystallees says:

    My daughter was too tiny to use cloth at first I had to wait until she got bigger to try them. Now she is big enough we are going to give it another shot.

  4. anyplace777 says:

    I love all in ones. They are as fast and easy as disposables and I just throw mine in the wash at night before heading to bed then either hang them on the line or throw them in the dryer in the am. I currently use thirsties aio hybrids and drybees hybrids but would love to make my own or use a WAHM. Try a new material.

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