Could there have been enough of it today?

If it’s not loving it, it’s hating it, or mad that the cart crashed. Whatever it was about, it was annoying! I’m talking almost 20 threads about Goodmamas today!!!

So what’s the long and short of it?

Goodmama has not stocked, but there are mamas up at the crack of dawn, stalking. They keep refreshing, waiting and waiting. Goodmama says, “knock it off.” People stop refreshing. Then they start it again. They talk and chit chat. Talk about how they’re prepared to get a Goodmama this time. Someone mentioned sitting up for 20 hours!!! On and off with her partner.

Meanwhile, people start threads, looking for others that aren’t into the craze of Goodmama. It, as usual, turns ugly. Goodmama lovers jump in to defend the madness. Don’t want to be called crazy, and whatnot. And the usual back and forth goes. Eventually the thread is overpowered by Goodmama threads again.

“Look what I got.” “I got a switchbox.” “Server crashed!” “I’m mad, I got nothing.”

I really could care less either way, but it DOES look crazy. If people were talking about Diet Coke, you would think it was nuts to stalk the vending machine for that Diet Coke. However, I’ve come up with 2 rules that might help people out:

  1. Don’t like Goodmamas, don’t go to the threads.
  2. Don’t like mamas that don’t like Goodmamas, don’t go to their thread.

You can live peacefully together without being total poopy heads.P.S., no threads this time… there were too many to list. I’m sure they’re not hard to find though.

  1. a reader says:

    Amen to this! I am so, so, so sick of ALL the Goodmama posts. blech.

  2. DS Drama Mama 2 says:


    I am so freaking sick of it too. Honestly I don’t care if someone puts one on their child’s butt, but that is all it is, an ass cover. So if you do/do have one, who the hell cares.

    I didn’t even get on DS today b/c I didn’t want to see the 12 + threads in new posts every.single.time I tried to surf.

  3. Rannensmom says:

    I love them, as a night time dipe for DD. But I don’t stalk. I have to say I prally went all little overboard with the excitement of the first one I got, but it’s leveled out 😉

  4. sbolen says:

    We don’t do fitteds. Not daycare friendly. So I don’t give a rat’s ass about Goodmama’s. I swear every other post is about them. I dont’ even go to diaper chatter anymore.

  5. DS Mama says:


  6. Amie says:

    I think I am going to boycott GMs. I mean why can’t she just stock them like a normal person instead of posting all randome times and no rhyme or reason on her website. I mean I have better things to do all day, like spend time with my daughter than spend it on the computer trying to buy a stupid diaper. I mean get real. I entered the lotteries, but why on earth would someone enter a bid of over $100 in an auction for a frickin’ diaper?!?!? It holds poop people, poop!!! Okay rant over. 🙂

  7. onlygirl says:

    not for the people that dont want them pooped in, that was the wierdest thing i have ever heard, oh gasp, the baby pooped in the diaper LOL

  8. cakemaven says:

    Oh but it gets better… since others warned me that the admins would never take care of fixing the feedback, and I had already left FB for her, I took it upon myself to hijack her “FT Only” post to make sure warn others that they better be DAMN sure they want that diaper if they trade with her:

  9. uhidesocani says:

    I can’t get the link to work, though it is on DS, so probably got deleted.

    Anyhow, I hate the GM Drama, I think she really needs to get her priorities straight….perhaps send out the Janurary orders, still left hanging ?

    I could be wrong, but any other WAHM would be hung for having such shit customer service, late orders and people WAY past the pp deadline to file against her. Not to mention that she literally sucks up every INCH of cotton fleece she can find, so that pisses other people off too.

    I also hate that she has “defenders”. She doesn’t even SEW these diapers, she has a staff. WTFE, she needs to go away.

  10. CM says:

    This thread could get interesting.

    ” Are Goodmamas a PooPockets knock off?
    I wouldn’t have thought so either, but the pictures are pretty incriminating.

    I’m new here, so I don’t think I can post the link – but I saw this on a yahoo group I belong to. My jaw hit the floor.

    www (dot) newconceptions (dot) com / copyright (dot) htm

    Obviously remove spaces and replace (dot) with a period. I keep seeing discussions about this get deleted, so hopefully this won’t just because I’m new. I’m not being inflammatory just shocked and interested in what others think.”

  11. CM says:

    And like that, it was gone.

    Too bad, I would have liked to see how that one played out.

  12. Yes, it was deleted… while I was looking at the thread… new post is on its way.

  13. Melly says:

    I don’t understand the goodmama hype…so I bought one. I could care less about the “drama”, I just avoid it. So really, I’ve never seen it! It seems that DS is inundated with GMs after a stalking, so there is no real reason to stalk…at least not for a casual observer such as myself.

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