Today, the wonderful moms from DS were graced with a brilliant post by Juan M. (BTW, nice avi.)

Juan M
The Wall of Shame

This board is very marketplace-driven and we want our members to feel safe when engaging in transactions or trades. Because of this, we have compiled a list of those people that have been banned due to scamming, having multiple usernames, and/or having questionable ethics. This is the official list.

With that said, any other list that is in existence needs to now be deleted. Please do not PM other lists around as we now have the official one. Those who are found passing other lists around will be banned. We do not want members “black-sheeped” or isolated because of speculations or false/unproven accusations.

If you have any names that you feel need to be added, please PM an administrator for review. We will look into each inquiry and investigate. If the user in question is found to be guitly, they will be banned and added to the The Wall of Shame.

There are a few interesting things that I’d like to point out:

  1. If you have your own list, you don’t have to trash it. Just don’t pass it out freely.
  2. Didn’t they just say this was a no no?
  3. Does this mean Ravenonyx of DiaperScammers will be banned for not deleting her blog? Although this list does make it easier for her now.
  4. If things will be investigated before they are put on the list, why are there several banned members “under investigation?” Seems a little unfair, right?

You be the judge. Go by the DS “official” list… or stick to the unofficial, unfounded, unsubstantiated, gossipy blogs. I think I like the blogs better, they have a better reputation.

  1. letthebuyerbeware says:

    Well, if I do get banned for it, so be it 🙂 The blog stays!

  2. Kelly (and Padawan) says:

    I have my own list. I will not delete it. Its mine.. its full of mamas who are scammers, think formula is rat poison and Moms should get milk from a bank (Aka those who voted “yes” in that post from hell), moms who just really bug me, moms who seem psychotic and nuts, and moms who I see on the “transaction and fb” forum who seem waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too picky or annoying to want to do business with. Its my list. You can’t take it from me! You’d have to pry it from my cold, dead fingers first, Juan! Its MINE!!!

  3. Dude! says:

    All I can say is:

    JUAN = LIST.


  4. theboardbitch says:

    I was banned, for no reason, still no reason given, they will never give a reason for banning me, they just wanted me gone. I am SO over the way DS tries to police your everythought.

  5. JV says:

    Who the hell is Juan?

  6. Dude! says:

    Juan is one of the admins of DS. He basically runs behind the scenes. But I guess he also runs our private lives.

  7. JV says:

    Hmmm…thought it was Lee’s significant other.

  8. theboardbitch says:

    I just have to say.. how will they know if such information is being passed via pm unless they are monitoring PM’s? and Yes, it CAN be done….

  9. funnierthanMDC says:

    Yep, despite what everyone is saying, PM’s CAN be read on a Vbulletin board. It is possible. Maybe just for Juan, depending on the board settings he has, but it can be done.

  10. JV says:

    My guess is that they are hoping that the adults on the board will start being snitches.

    Way to boost board morale! Woot!

  11. Kat says:

    Generally speaking you “blackball” or even “black list” someone not black sheep. That just seems slightly absurd.

  12. theboardbitch says:

    very good point Kat, I really ought to know about that, as I am the Black Sheep in my family…

  13. DS Drama Mama 2 says:

    You too BoardBitch? Same here 😉

  14. letthebuyerbeware says:

    *sniffle* Jaun called me derogatory and confrontational.
    That was me being *nice*!

    BTW updates to DiaperScammers are delayed, my DH went in hospital today for pneumonia. I’ll get it back on track as soon as I can.

  15. Hope your DH gets better soon.

    So, that’s you being nice? Now I really need to keep up with your blog. May I add you to the blogroll?

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