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Posted: February 14, 2008 by DSDM2 in Just Drama
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In follow up to our last post about the “Wall of Shame” aka “banned users list” we noticed some drama beginning on DS about it…. Seems like mamas are wondering if DS the new “Big Brother”? Following our every thought and making sure we don’t tell our BFFs in real life not to trust a scammer?
And FTR, even though we are told that “no one has access to your PMs”, there is a way for it to happen through a “patch” that can be bought for the board that only admin and owners would know about. So, even if they are reading our PMs, we just wouldn’t know.
Posted by gvroach on DS this morning (14-2-2008) http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=337809
I don’t understand the Banned User List

First, I dont appreciate the threat that if anyone else on here has a list, they can be banned themselves for passing it around privately. That seems unnecessarily hostile and punitive. Some mamas have been compiling for a while, and might have additional information that DS does not have. Mods are saying that these mamas essentially have to pass their efforts on to DS, or they will be banned.Some mamas have blogs dedicated to diaper scammers, and also post on here. Do they need to delete their blogs and cease their blogging hobby? Also, people have formed relationships on here that extend beyond DS. I email and pm a few mamas to talk about all sorts of things, and we should be able to talk about what we want to, or pass on information that we want to. Again, its our private right to do so.How does people passing on their own lists, which could be helpful, harm Diaper Swappers or the public list? The overall goal is to protect mamas from scammers. This is censoring potentiall useful information, and censoring it in a private domain. Again, many mamas have been doing their own investigating and created lists. Their hard work must now be ignored, passed on to DS, or they will suffer banishment??? When they are only trying to help?I understand preventing mamas from posting their lists publically on DS. Mods have every right to censor the public forum as they see fit, and we have to abide by their rules. It is more concise to have one public list, less confusing and a one-stop-shop so to speak.But if mamas want to privately pass around lists or tips, that is their PRIVATE right to do so. Mods are now not only censoring what we say in a public, but also what we say privately. And that in my opinion, is wrong.Also, what greater use is this new list??? It names banned users. And in being banned, they cant post on DS. So, we wont be doing any transactions with them on here. The most useful aspect is listing those under investigation. That way, we can review and decide FOR OURSELVES based on the information, if we want to continue dealing with a mama who is still active. For example, if a mama is under investigation for “unfriendly family remarks”, I might still buy something from her, depending on her comments. But is she is banned for not sending an item, that is entirely different.

Again, in my opinion.

Whether ths list is useful or not is debatable, and ultimately, not my point. I personally dont find it helpful, but some mamas might, and that is why a list like this is certainly needed. However, I think the stipulations around it, especially banning mamas for passing around a private list, is unacceptable. I take REAL issue with that.

Yes, I am a bit steamed. I have residual Catholic school anger in me, and I get very grumpy when I feel that people are being punished unfairly. Im sure I will get flamed, but please think about it: Is it right for DS mods to censor what we talk to each other about privately, that is, not in one of the public forums???

On a side note, I have a sneaking suspicion this thread will be deleted or I will be banned, so I am saving it in a word document. I spent a long time thinking this over and writing this, and I hate it when threads are deleted without warning, so hard work is wasted. I do hope I am not banned, because I do love this forum.

and Maddie

Wow… need we here at TheDramaOfDiaperSwapppers really need to say more?
But I am going to ask a few questions on top of those raised in the thread:
**How are people BANNED if they are under investigation?
**How did you decide who to ban? B/C the list is … shall we say far from fair or complete.
**How are : “questionable ethics” or “Suspicious Activity” or even “you have already been banned” legitimate banning reasons?
**Are we back to perm bans? No more 3 month slaps? When did the board find this out?
  1. Dude! says:

    Gee that was fast lol. I posted on it before the mods jumped in and I was just coming to send that link to you guys.

  2. The Bored Bitch says:

    Count down to the poster’s banning….

  3. Dude! says:

    I was thinking the same thing….poor gvroach….love her too.

  4. That blows… And I bet they’d pull the “multiple usernames” as a reason crap.

  5. Laura says:

    I know a mama who got banned for the multiple usernames thing. She had no negative transactions. She wasn’t logging in under the original username.

  6. Jerae (aka A Mom) says:

    I think it’s gone….I can’t find it. Still looking….

    This is an interesting one tho. One of the mods did finally come on to say that they aren’t trying to dictate what you can or can’t talk about off the forum, just not to use DS PM system to send lists around. But still…they could have worded it better.

    It’s funny tho how this “Hall of Shame” popped up so quickly after this site and Diaper Scammers got up and running. I think there’s a lot of “beep-beep’s” (backup warning sounds from trucks..lol) going on while everyone there is backing up and trying to look proactive. It’s such a reactionary response to a rampant problem, and it really doesn’t address the issue.

    Too big for their britches…THAT’s a big problem over there.

  7. Jerae (aka A Mom) says:

    My bad..it’s there, just way down the list I guess. I really thought it would stay at the top longer.

  8. ILikeDrama says:

    Hopefully DS won’t become, dare I say, like the nazi controlled Fertility Friend?! *gasp*


    I for one don’t believe for a SECOND that they don’t read PM’s.

  9. Well, it’s no like they’re “losing” anything by any of these other sites being here. Drama is shunned on DS, we kinda like to talk about it and laugh later. Scammers are hidden on DS, for the most part, and DiaperScammers lists them out. I don’t think any of this “hurts” DS. Do you think anyone is going to come across one of these sites and decide not to go to DS anymore? I would think people wouldn’t leave DS just because there’s drama posted here.

  10. DS Drama Mama 2 says:


    This was sent to us by a “helper”. Interestingly enough the “protester” was banned shortly after. You would figure that the admin would let this go, she was quite obviously not going to use the name protest1 to scam.. 😉 What BS.

    2cute2cover was her other name and she was banned for :created a second username, protest1, to bash mods after being warned 4 plus times to stop spamming in chat forums

  11. Kelly (and Padawan) says:

    Just keep giving me my doses of Soma and I’ll be content.

  12. onlygirl says:

    as to reading pm’s i have my own very small board, of some moms from another board who got sick of the crap, and i can read pms if i choose to. i dont choose too but i did put it out to the people on the board that admin could if they wanted to. so the ability is there.

  13. dsmember says:

    Just want to say I was told if I left a neg. feedback for a mama who left me neg feedback b/c she never got pkg she ordered but I sent it even got dc# didn’tmatter anyway I could get banned aint that bs.

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